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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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coverage this afternoon. hatzel vela is live at miami police head carters in doral. >> laurie: and we have neki mohan live in west miami-dade where the shooting happened. hatzel, let's begin with you. >> hatzel: i c c tell you this afternoon police have released the identities of two men, 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwen pressley, both being charged with first and second degree attempted murder. pressley we're told when he was arrested, they fouou a gun that he later told police was used at the crime. they also say he was wearing an ankle bracelet which police use to trace him back to the crime scene. >> every shooting we're going to track you down. >> hatzel: a strong message from miami-dade county mayor carlos gimenez to those out there instilling fear in our communities. it was a shootout between three men that ended the life of six-year-old king carter. investigator say 18-year-old leonard adam and 17-year-old irwen pressley were in a social media battle with a guy yamada ju ju.
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to the blue lake village apartments in northwest mild, find the guy, and allegedly start shooting at him. during the shootout, six-year-old king carter who was walking through the parking lot to buy candy was hit in the chest by the bullets. police say pressley and adams got in the car and took off. cyberbullying is the latest trend they be say, between gangs, and guns are used to solve those problems. >> on the facebook saying droge toye entry comments to each other and starting a feud hatred. in. in this case outraged community involvement and good old police work is what led to these arrests. >> the meanings got out there and immediately we started to get leads. >> hatzel: this case is nowhere fever so police are putting out this information. they're looking for an earlyly 2000 model lexus black in color. they say it likely has some bullet holes. by the way, pressley was out on pration for for robbery and battery. we're going to explore why next
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but for now report p live in doral, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: let's continue our team coverage now withhocal10 news reporter neki mohan. >> neki: laurie, for a mother in mourning this offers little consolation. the father of theittle boy actually got a call from one of the young men being questioned in this. >> i love you, daddy. it won't bring him back but i love him. >> neki: monica smith reacting solemnly to the news that suspects have been arrested in the murder of her six-year-old son king carter. carter was killed last saturday while playing outside his northwest miami-dade home at 2:00 in the afternoon. one of the young men being questioned the in case called king's father and apologized. >> he is saying he's so sorry. he was crying, yelling tthe top of his lungs, he's so sorry. >> and he was turning himself in. >> you're a nice guy, all i hear is nothing good about you. i don't only help the community and do things for othth people's kids. i'm sorry it happened to youou
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boy sparked outrage the in community, mavs and a call f/r justice. we caught up with king's mother shortly after she left the funeral home where she was making arrangements to bury her son. >> it starts with us, parenting. we got to do better, and as parents of these kids, it's easy for anybody to get a gun. >> neki: here is the information for the viewingy the memorial for king carter. this friday, february 26th at friendship missionary baptist church from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the memorial service will be from 7:00 to 8:00. the home-going service is saturday, february 27th at newburg cathedral of faith that will be held a 2:00 p.m. again, this little comfort to the father and mother of this six-year-old boy. the mother simply summed it up as "we are hurting." i'mm live in northwest miami-dade, neki mohan, local10 news. >> calvin: we're all hurtingover this one. thank you very much. miami-dade school superintendent alberto carvalho has spoken about the rest.
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their help in the case but said there is still more work to do to help bring others to justice. >> we take comfort in knowing that this murderase that devastated our entire community through the senseless killing of baby king is in the process of being resolved, but we should not take any comfort over the fact that since that murder there have been three shootings in miami-dade impacting young people. >> calvin: and once again, this is the car that hatzel was talking about at the top of broadcast here that police are searching for, an early 2000 model lexus black in color with bullet holes. if you have seen this vehicle, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. that's once again 305-471-tips. >> laurie: turning to thebage story of the day the weather, pensacola residents are cleaning up after a tornado rippe through the city last night causing widespread damage. governor rick scott touring that hear that was had it.
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>> most important thing that the sheriff wld say, emergency management teams, the mayor will say is we're here to make sure everybody gets back to living a normal life as quickly as we can. the city is going to do their job, the county, the state is going to do their job, and we're going to make sure any resources that we e n get from the federal government we make that happen. >> laurie: severe storm video also in pensacola. about 70 homes destroyed% at at least people hurt. utility poles brought down, cars flipped over. and the severe weather moved across the gulf coast states. three people killed, 30 others injured ar severe weather ripped through the south. look a these images. at least 27 tornadoes were reported in five different states yesterday. and take a look at this video of a funnel cloud. a viewer sent us this from vero beach. severe weather is looking to move soared south florida later this evening. >> calvin: and right now beats take a look at south florida here. theeiami tower cam, you see the clouds hanging ash, the puffy good-looking for clouds but have
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>> laurie: after all the warnings you've given us,etty, what do you think? >> betty: we're in wait and see mode right now, laurie. we're tracking this line of showers and storms as it sentenced from the west c cst of florida raining now around napes you at no the gulf of mexico.this line is going to continue to head toward the east, and the question becomes what's left of the line by the time it gets here and will t line get even stronger as we do have warm moist air in play and a cold front on the way as well. this forecast model showing that at around 7:00 we could have some showers and storms crossing broward. we may see a break in the line but even from miami-dade to the keys, we want to make sure we're paying attention to weather between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight, certainly starting around 6:00, should say, between 6:00 and 9:00. we push that line through, and by 10:00 it looks like we'e' be on our wayay to a clearing trend, a cooling trend as well, and i'll be back in a little while to talk aot more about it. weir we're quiet for now but still keepeng a watch on the radar. calvin.
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administration loday setting some tough new regulations for local bort owners who may be considering a trip to cuba to fetch family and friends. >> laurie: the white house warns `any american who takes au.s.-registered boat to florida could be subject to arrest. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom now with the latest. michael. >> michael: laurie, calvin, this prok lo makes from the president prohibits american to taking their boats to cuba to bring back cuban refugees. the white house wants to prevent another mar yell boatlift. the 1980 free-for-all at sea that brought 125,000 cubans to south floriri. it happened when president jimmy carter allowed americans, mainly cuban americans, to take u.s. registered votes to cuba to pick up family and friends. fidel castro gave her mission for any cuban to leave the island, and also amendment his jails and mental hospitals. emptied his jails and mental
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the result was a quote i can and at times dangerous through tilla. today the president declared an proclamation that described improved relations with cuba but also warned americans they can't use their boats for a mass my immigration. the unauthorized entry of united states registered vessels into cuban materiality water is detrimental to the to the foreign polygamist of the united states. >> to remember four exceptional human beings, to remember carlo coat you want alejandro, jr., mario la pean yeah and pablo morales. >> michael: ironically today marks the 20th anniversary of the shoot-down of the bros to the rescue which led to the original proclamation on cuba by president bill clinton. prprident obama today said he will authorize and dect the secretary of homeland security to make and issue such rules and regulations as the sectary may
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anchorage and movement of promises today's proclamation comes just weeks before the president visits cuba, and the timing is no coincidence. we are in the newsroom this afternoon, calvin, send it back to you. >> calvin: and local10 news will be there when president obama visits cuba next month. look for our live team coverage of the president's historic trip coming up in a matter of weeks. now to the ross for the white house. republican presidential hopeful donald trump won the nevada caucuses, mong it his third straight victory. >> laurie: he is pumped. and on the other side hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're getttng ready for the south carolina democratic primary. stow let's get to janine stwood to run it all down in the video port. >> janine: dond trump celebrating his biggest win yet, with a 22 point victory in nevada in the caucuses last night that saw the biggest turnout yet. the winner by a large margin, donald trump celebrates hours before the runners-up in nevada where even declared -- were each declared. >> i grab and grab and grab.
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now we're going to get greedy for the united states. >> janine: for the second time in a row marco rubio just bareliening outt ted cruz for second place. >> we feel good about our showing. we picked up significant number of delegates. >> janine: senator rubio is racking up the most endorsements. senatored the cruz hoping to gain momentum. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this exon. >> janine: trumpy keeping up his attacks on cruz. >> he is like a little baby. >> janine: and ready for another target. >> rubio. >> janine: rubio says waton attack but won't back down from a policy debate. >> anger alone isnot going to solve our problems. also have to know what you're going to do about it. donald ha than the outlined what he's going to do on any issue. >> janine: for the republicans ere is one debate and six days to go before super tuesday, that's w wn voters in 12 and one territory head to the polls. laurie. >> laurie: what a big night that will be. janine, thank you. and we wanted you to know that local10 news reporter glenna
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candidat on the campaign trail in south carolina right now. tune in for her live report starting at 5:00. >> calvin: ab up date on zeke awea fierce in florida. there are three new cases of pregnant women in the state bringing the number of cases to 32 in florida. e mexico borne advisers is said to have a link to microcephaly. the florida department of health has set up a hotline to answer your questions about the seek. the phone number on your screen (855)622-6735. >> laurie: and sticking with the numbers on thihi wednesday, look at that. that's the way to do it. the closing numbers on wall street, dow closing up 53 points to finish out at 16,484. the nasdaq and s&p 500 bethanying the day up. and just ahead, at 4:30 we continue our coverage of the death of hill king carter. these two people are now under arrest. police are looking for each more suspects. we'll have another live report ahead. >> calvin: chaos unfolding in a
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parent not children to blame. >> laurie: also surveillance video capturing crooks storminga shore and shooting a clerk. it's a violent robbery. >> calvin: and ever order something that realize it's all wrong when you rev have receive it? that's whatt happened to a local10 viewer when he got his golf cart, about it turns out he's is not the only one complaining about the company. it's today's edition of "call christina" and it's all new at 5:00. >> announcer: and tonight another 11:00 hot or not? >> this has no side effect. >> hot or not. >> most people don't know what they're getting. >> it just relaxes. >> you local10's michael
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>> laurie: there's the music and it's'slmost here. we're just four days away from hollywood's biggest night, oscar sunday. you can watch it right here on local10. the process of determining who wins an academy award, that is no easy task. >> reporter: a lot goes into
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years now price waterhouse coopers has counted the oscar ballots, so we're talking 2,261 ballots were sent out to the voting members this year. when they come back, they're kept in secret at an undisclosed where there's a specialized lock system, biometric locks and no internet access. a small team counts all 24 categories by hand, and those 24 winning envelopes and a duplicate set are then loaded into two briefcases, both are locked in a safe until oscar sunday. that's a lot going on there. head to the entertainment section of to take an oscars challenge. check out this year's s sbs and more information on the diversity debate, and see who we picked as well. don't count on it but see who we picked. forgetting, the oscars is this sunday night hosted by, of course, chris rock. you can only watch it on local10. the red carpet kicks off the 7:00 p.m. >> laurie: and let's take a life lookok from our fort lauderdale
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>> calvin: it's changing out there. >> laurie: it's a little ominous. >> calvin: let's check in with betty davis. i guess you said in about two hour or so, a little less? >> betty: we truly in wait-and-see mode. we're just going to have to wait and see if these storms are rong or not, but some of you will definitely catch some passing showers and they may be a bit on the gusty showers. if we get severe weather out of this line, the bigger threat will be for damaging winin and we will not rule out an isolated tornado so just keep that in mine as we're heading through the afternoon. we look through the lens of our miami tower camera and we are just loving that. nothing threatening about those skies. but the doppler radar telling a different story once iy show you what's happening just off the west coast. really warm day, dare i say who hot out there with temperatures in the low 80s. between now and 6:00 increasing the clouds, and right after 6:00 at around 7:00, 8:00 we could have some storms around. doppler radar right n n painting
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out from naples dn toward the gulf of mexico. not necessarily the worst weather ever as there are no warnings going on. this band of rain and storms yet. but we'll see what happens as it all continues to move toward the east. for now this is the view over broward county, just light raindrops in western section of the county. miami-dade and the keys not a lot happening right now but as i said, this is all expected to move toward the east. this forecast hold modedeshowing around 6:00 a band of showers starting to enter into northwest broward and over the keys as well. it shoxs the band sort of breaking it's a comes into miami-dade. doesn'tnecessarily have to play out this way. you just need to know the timing between 6:00 and 9:00 this evening. that's when we'll be on guard, and then once we push the front through, we'll have drier, cooler air moving in. and tomorrow be ready for a temperature change we're not getting into the 80s. it will be more like lower 70s for the highs. you will need the sweaters again. friday, saturday, some chill in the air and a mainly dry forecast. let's check the roads now.
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fernandez is here. >> jenise: thank you, betty. it was a pretty quiet start to that wednesday commute. right n here's the view of i-95 northbound. we've got two accidents that we are watching. but it does look like the regular lanes and the express lanes a a moving slowly but they're moving. so as ezoom on in to our maps leles take to you that first accident i-95 northbound right around northwest 95th street. speeds right now are clockckg in at 11 miles per hour. that other accident a bit further up, this time at northwest 103rd street, and it does look like speeds start to pick up right around that crash miles per hour. we've also got this broken down cart in dolphin expressway to te you about. this is as you're heading west right around northwest 27th avenue. there is a right lane blocked. speeds 14 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you.check out this bad behavior at a chuck e. cheese but it wasn't children who were calls the ruckus. a brawl broke auto in manchester, connecticut and it was caught on camera. victor's in the video port with what sparked it all. >> victor: laurie, this all
4:20 pm
birthday partied and there were at least ten to 12 people involved in this one. apparently it started what i woman bumped into somebody else and then things just escalated clinical. let's take you back to that chuck e. cheese. an argument leading up to this big fight here, and two young children including a one-year-old and a four-year-old suffered minor injuries. by the time police responded, the people involveve the in fight had taken off so no arrests were made. chuck e. cheese says that it will now have a security guard on scene from now on. but this isn't the first time chuck e. cheese. you may crawl this video from last year this is out of ohio. a customer got nigh fight with the manager and that's sparked a huge fight and other people joined in on that one as well. laurie and calvin, i'll sendt back to you. >> calvin: thanks a lot. coming up at at 4:30 now our top story. doves a six-year-old boy is gunned down in a drive-by shooting be, his alleged killers have now been tracked down and arrested. and police are still looking for more suscts. >> laurie: surveillance video
4:21 pm
crash lands on a roadway ending up hittingy several cars. >> will: the heat welcome the best team the nba tonight. i'm will manso live at the american airlines arena. not only the best team but they bring arguely the bless best flaherty league in steph examinin we'll check in on the the -- best player in the league
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i'll have that next in sports. >> will: the champs are in town, the golden state warriors not om the defending nba champs but the nba. they're avenging the 72 record by the chicago bulls of the past. but we start talking about the bosh. it is on the minds of so many. last night the heat tweeted out pictures of bosh, this is a party for the launching his own beer.
4:25 pm
including team mauts like dwyane wade was there but today yahoo is report p that bosh will meet with the heat some time in the next 24 hours to decide his status moving forward in the spontaneous accordinggo the report bosh would like to play while the heat would rather he not to take chafers health. the heat are disputing that. we'll wait for that to learn more about boss condition in the next 24 hours. we do know this official by the heat, you'd ray out for the year -- you'd ray. out unfortunately afterests were done it showed he has an issue with his foot and will miss at least three months because of the injury. it's a big blow for the heat who are going to be just ten act of players on the roster, one guy who better expect top act of now is joshid richardson. the rookie has played great defensnsfor the heat for the season. taking the point guard and shooting guard position but he should continue the get a lot of
4:26 pm
spontaneous we've much more to talk about on the golden state warriors including that plamer they of, steph kir. >> calvin: oh, yeah. the kid with that baby fe and can shoot from half court. >> laurie: he looks so innocent. >> calvin: the word tonight is defense. all right. that'll do it for welcome to the news at 4:00 l and we do want to take you to live pictures before we join local10 news at 4:30. look at this scene that has just occurred in h hlywood. a small plane has come down right in the neighborhood. let's get to janine and victor now if they of more details coming in. >> victor: we why were just handed a note. this plane crash happened at 72nd avenue and pines. te're told that the pilot is out, as you see right there, an incredible picture but no flames, no major d!mage. >> janine: and you can see fire rescue is also on the scene as well and this area has bn blocked off, but just look at the back of the plane up on that building right there. no doubt a very scary scene for these neighbors who live in this area, no doubt for the pilot as
4:27 pm
is out of that plane veg we have a crew on the way. we're working that stowre. we wililkeep you posted on that
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on local10 news at 4:30.0. >> victor: we continue following breaking news nonoof a plane crash in hollywood. >> janine: right now police fire rescue are on the scene. laurie ex-is in the newsroom with more. >> laurie: janine and victor, hook at this incredible scene. can you imagine being homo and all of a sudden a small plane comes landing right in your driveway. it's amazing that we have not seen smoke or flames, and the lot has survived. we are told the pilot is already out. off the thi coming to us from both hollywood and pembroke pinis police. the address got a little confusing but it is at 22 end and polk street in hollywood, and that is just northeast of the north perry airport. so whether this pilot was trying to come in for a landing or had just taken off it is not clear yet, but what a scene developing. there you see you the just to the north and east.
4:31 pm
so that's what is happening in so that's what is happening in hollywood. thank goodness this pilot is all right. hehe going to have quite astare to tell. we have not heard of any othth injuries on the scene but obviously it's a very active scene police have blocked it off with their police cruisers rit now. fire rescue also right there for us. if we learn about any other injuries on a any more details, we'll get them right to you. >> janine: also on local10 news at at 4:30 man is facing some serious charges this afternoon after they was arrested in a hirsch crash that left a teenager injured in northwest miami-dade. this afternoon. >> victor: and local10 news reporter liane morejon is live in miami to tell us what happened in court. liane. >> liane: janine and victor, simen boykins in front of a dge facing serious charges. we're told he was using someone else's car when sheehey was driving on a suspended licensese and hit this 15-year-old. oddly enough he probably wouldn't'tave faced any charges at all had he just stayed on the
4:32 pm
now facing serious charges. >> simeon boykins page 8. >> liane: now wearing the red clothes ale jailhouse inmate 34-year-old simeon boykins appeared at hath his bond driver. >> good morning, sir. you were arrested a driving as a habitual traffic offender with driving without a license or with a suspended license while causing a bodily injury, a leaving the scene of of a crash causing serious bodily injury. of his family. >> we believe in doing the right thing, and the right thin was to ensure that simeon turned himself in to police. >> liane: police say boykins hit 15-year-old javier along the northwest 22nd would have avenue. a little more than after hour after the crash hey posted on facebook, damam i really blanked. you. he said he suffers therere bipolar disorder.
4:33 pm
>> and no driving, sir. >> i will not. >> good luck to you. >> liane: as for the victim, valdes, he still raiments jackson memorial hospital recovering from several injuries including severe head frahm m are live in miami tonight, liane morejon, local10 news. >> victor: developing this afternoon, these two men were arsted in the murder of a six-year-old boy. >> janine: but while these men face serious charges, police are still looking forther poem involved. >> victor: little king carter was playing outside when hoe waskilled during a drive-by shooting in northwest miami-dade this past weekend and local10 news reporter terrell forney is live now in northwest miami-dade with more on the two teens now in custody. terrell. >> terrell: yeah, this was a dispute that apparently all started on facebook. the two teens now under arrest and beingeled h hd here at tgk were apparently so upset that they went looking for another person with guns but that person was also armed, sparking a firefight that left one suspect grazed and the child killed.
4:34 pm
and still sporting a neck patch is described by police as the driver of a car that fled the scene saturday after its occupants unleashed a hail of bullets at this norththst miami-dade apartment complex. six-year-old king carter was caught had in the middle of gun battle fatally shot in the chest for a fight that had nothing to doith the child. >> what our youth is doing, which is the real issue here that we all got to work together to stop, is they're going to guns to resolve that issue that's happening on the social media. >> terrell: today cops also identified 17-year-old irwen pressley as the occupant in thecar. after loud outcries from the community and a sanitizable crimestoppers reward, tips started to pour in to police, and by this morning cops had this two story apartment building in opa-locka surrounded as they served a search warrant. no one was home when we stopped by but neighbors told local10 the street was shut down for hours and that dozens of bags of
4:35 pm
unity number 3 where pressley calls home. we now know among those items was 9-millimeter handgun that pressley allegedly told defect was involved in the child's murder. and police are still looking for that getaway car. it is described as an early model, earar 2000s model lexus black in color with possible bullet holes. so if you know where that car is, detective say certainly pick call. investigators at this poioi are not ruling out the possibility for more arrests. they say that they appreciate working with the community to bring into custody these two individuals, and they say that they still need the public's help in bringing together more possible individuals who may still be out there. we are live iny west miami-dade, i'm terrell forney. >> janine: once again we want to show you the type of car police are searching for. this is an early 20s model lexus, possibly black, with bullet holes. if you have seen the car, call police or miami-dade
4:36 pm
>> victor: a mistrial has beendeclared in the the case of weston podiatrist a used of molestation his 15-year-old babysitter. the trial of dr. augustine bollo just began yesrday but today prosecutors played part of an awed yes recording that was not supposed to be played in front of the jury. the defense asked for a mistrial and the judge granted. it the state will now have to start the case in front of of a different jury. >> janine: a somber innate cuban exile community. it's been 20 years since the shoot-down brothers to the rescue plane. todd tongen tells us more. >> todd: 20ers 20 years after these fouou men were shot down over international waters with family members and actctists gathered not only remember them but to remind the public that justice that is not been serveve and no one has ever been punished for their deaths. >> today is a day, first and
4:37 pm
remember four conceptional human beings. -- conceptional human beings, to remember keeler, armando, mario delouisiana pena and pablomorales. >> todd: it was an enormous news story with. a mig jet t@gether shooting down two brothers to rescue planes on a humanitarian mission. to the small band of family and friend it seems like yesterday even though it happened back in 1996. they say raul castro actually give the order to fire the on planes, and for president obama to visit that country and shake hands with t man who they say has blood on his hands is reprehensible. >> i believe that for president obama to go to cuba in the next month is going to be another offense to us, especially to these four young men it's going to be a philanthropist face of every one of them -- a slap in the face for every one of them
4:38 pm
the they played a memorial at the humane society where they flew from in opa-locka, and they said no mother what overtures are made by both governments, their deaths will remain a tragedy and a disgrace. >> and as we remember them today, we must not forget that 20 years later this crime remains and it is still unpunished. >> todd: family members and activists continue to b bt the drum and say that they will not forget and they will not forgive. they also went on to say like they feel they've been stabbed in the back by the obama administration as he is set to go and visit cuba and shake hands with raul castro. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: a woman accused of mutilating a man's penis with injections last year appeared in bond court today on new charges. mary gonzalez cash hall iseing charged for allegedly injecting a woman's but objection with some sort of substance that left her to be injured to the point
4:39 pm
cash hall was put oh a $15,000 bond. investigator say the 55-year-old disfigured a man's penis after injecting it with fillers back in august. sh was latery ready and put on a $100,000 wond. bash hall gonzalez faces several charges including practicing medicine without a license. >> victor: right now it's 4:39, getting really close to that afternoon rush now. let's get a check on traffic. >> janine: jenise fernandez has a look at how the roads are looking. >> jenise: we're looking at i-95 northbound this is northwest 95th street. you can see the blink offing lanes are on the right here but your regular lanes and express lanes are moving which, of course, is good news, and as we zoom on in to our maps we are seeing those delays but nothing that we don't normally see at this time. again this is i-95 northbound northwest 95th street. there is a right lane blocked. speeds right now are at 28 miles per r ur but as you pass 95th street, speeds do start to pick up at 60 miles per hour. as we zoom out, though, those delays are going to last for quite some time. look like they're starting to downtown. i'm and they're going to last for six miles but i wouldn't
4:40 pm
express lanes are moving nice lip take to you the dolphin expressway they are where there is this broaching down car. northwest 27th avenue. speeds there are clocking in at 23 miles per hour. >> victor: jenise, thank you. caught on camera, a violent robbery near orlando. four masked men storming a convenience store and pointing a gun at the clerk behind the counter. they fired a shot into the ceiling before shooting another worker who had taken out the trash and was trying to get back into the store. the crooks got away with cell phones and cash. the worker who was shot had to be taken to the hospital with a leg injury. a group of cuban migrants on their way to the united states have made it to mexico. a group of 145 migrants landed in juarez yesterday. another group is set to land today as well as tomorrow. they will then cross the mexico-u.s. border by foot entering el paso, texas. the migrants had previously been explained kosta rica after being denied prasage through nicaragua a.
4:41 pm
are seeing new footage of a plane that crashed on the streets of los angeles. you can see that isn't engine jet clip a car on the way down before completely losing one of its wings. the pilot the only person inside, later emerges unscathed. all of this happened monday at an intersection near the airport, and amazingly nobody was hurt. >> victor: coming up in our health cast, a new way for preventing and treating hearted failure, and it's being done right here in south florida. >> janine: local10 news investigate low income housing and why some families make be more than $100,000 a year are allowed to stay. >> victor: want to order something and realize it's all wrong when you receive it? >> that's what happened to a local10 viewer when he got his golf cart, but it tuns out he's not the only one complaining about the company. it's today's edition of all christina, and that's all new at 5:00. >> janine: and we continue to follow this breaking news at hollywoodf 22 end and polk of a small plane that made a landing. it's close to north perry airport so we're not sure if this was on the approach or if it was leaving the airport but
4:42 pm
amazingly got out uninjured. >> victor: that plane sitting right on top that of fefee, and it looks like police were talking to somebody, not sure if that was a witness or perhaps the pilot himself. we're following this ststy. we have a crew on the way. we'll keep you posted right here on lond. >> narrator: >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, pot or not? >> this has no side effects. >> announcer: pot or not? >> most people don't know what they're getting. >> it just relaxes you. >> announcer: local10's michael seiden investigates this new product quietly being sold all across south florida.
4:43 pm
tonight at 11:00.
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>> janine: breaking news in hollywood where a small plane went down on top of a building and you can see that it looks like it's on top of some sort of fence or retaining wall but thankfully we understand the pilot is okay. >> victor: this all happening just northeast of north perry
4:46 pm
the pilot was ting off or approaching. but either way imagine what that ene must haves looked like. here is the video of the manpolice are talking to. you can see there's some sort o o about anage an his heady. manning what that have been would like bringing down that plane right by a house, by a fence and jumping out unscathed. it doesn't look like there's too much damage to that fence or anything at all. >> >> janine: no reports any of smoke or fire and no reports any of injuries on the ground. police and fire rescuer on the scene as you can see. we do have a crew on the way. but a small plane going down in hollywood northeast of north perry airport. as we get more details, we will will it know. local10 news has learned families mention more than $100,000 a year are living in publbl subsidized housing right >> and ever. >> victor: records shoppe you to 72 names in miami-dade, broward are considered over income but remain in public housing and is
4:47 pm
anyone can do to force them out. >> janine: local10 investigator jeff weinsier has the surprising findings. >> jeff: 31-year-old cherlene jojo has been on the waiting list for three years. this homeless mother of two lives if her car. un, communicates with her two ughters through a borrowed cell phone at the miami rescue mission. part-time work doesn't cover the rent. she can't get h h kids back until she has a roof over her head. >> it's stressing.. it makes you depressed. all i can do is pray. >> jeff: while she is praying local10 news has learned that you, the taxpayer, are har partially paying for families making $80,000, $90,000, even $100,000 a year to live in public housing? according to this u.s. office of respecter general audit, 297 families in the state of florida are over income, living in public housing. the hialeah housing authority
4:48 pm
household are making $100,000 or more. with the highest family in public housing making $121,000? >> what's the current rule in hialeah right now for public housing if you're over? >> there isn't any. >> if there's a family that's making $100,0(0, $200,000, $300,000, they will not get kicked out of public housing in hialeah. >> no. >> jeff: julio pubes, executive director of hialeah housing authority, says in many cases eyes thehe adult children still living at home who are makin the money, not the head of the household like the mother or thefather. >> i totally agree. public housing is meant to help the people who are in need. those people at onepoint were in need. and they wil probably continue to be in need once the kids move on in their life. >> jeff: miami dade public housing has 23 famies over income. one family is making $88,000 a year. >> the idea is that over income people should receive this
4:49 pm
want to change. >> jeff: michael liu was once the u.s. assistant secretary for public housing. he's now the housing director in miami-dade. he is working on new policy that would force over income families to move pout. the feds have encouraged local housing authorities to dohe same, but very few have. >> public housing should help that person get to thaha level, but once they get to that level, , they should be out in the open market. >> jeff: w wwanted to talk to those who are guilty but their names and addresses are blacked out and protected. housingg authorities do yearly audits. those who make more money do pay more. >> there's a very good shelter. >> jeff: as for cherlene john, she continues to w wt. >> it does make me angry but i can't do anything about it. i don't have that kind connection to stop it. >> jeff: jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> victor: and broward county
4:50 pm
authority of key west, and the deerfield beach housing, all have families over income but none of those agencies has implemented rules to kick them out. let's get back to breaking news out of hollywood where a small plane made a crash landing northeast of north perry airport. >> janine: local10 news reporter derek shore has more. derek, what do you know? >> derek: i can tell you the whole area is swarming with first responders. we have a.m. ambulances out we are huer was hollywood police. we are on 76th avenue rht off of pine, and we're obviously very close to the north perry airport, so airport operations are also here. we do understand a plane has crashed in the front of some rt of property. we are seeing someone who has a big bandage around his head. we're not sure if that was the pilol or not. we don't see any other transports or any other medics running around so that is the good news. tons of neighbors out here wanting to see what happened. and obviously very interested to know what happened. but that's the latest we have right now.
4:51 pm
the airport here, and at least one person appears to be injured. it's unclear whether or not that was the pilot or somody on the ground who may have been hurt when this plane went down. we'll bring you the lest as we get it perfect for now we're live in hollywood, derek shore, local10 news. >> victor: incredible looking at these pictures that nobody was seriously hurt in all of. i best if g. the next step is for everybody to try to furring out how to get that plane off the fence in hollywood. we'll bring you any information as we get it. >> janine: right now let's take a live look outside from our mount sinai medical center camera. what happened? it was really nice earlier today.y. now it's a little, you know, little -- there. was windy a day long. betty? showers. right now no severe thunderstorm warnings along that line encroaching poon our area but we are keeping -- upon our ear area but but we are keeping an eye to the sky.
4:52 pm
had to 86 degrees in miami. that is not normal for this time of the year. right now temperatures are in the lower 80s, and this is what the doppler radar looks like already. already we're at starting to see some showers come into broward county. as a mentioned so far nothing is severe. probably om very light rainfall from you now fm fort lauderdale up around coral springs and back into west broward over us-27. some pockets of heavier raindrops, we'll say. weapon keep an eye on all of this as it continues to make that move toward the east. most of miami-dade not seeing anything yet but the potential, that chance for showers, thunderstorms, we're not going to rule you the out. in fact, our sky cast model is showing that this evening between 6:00 and 10:00 we'll likely have some showers crossing some of your neighborhoods. now, if we get severe weather tonight, we have to be aware of the fact that mighttet some gusty winds, winds alone are already downright breezy but wind gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour and the tornado risk is low
4:53 pm
we've got to push that line through tonight. once we do that, we dry out, we cool down for tomorrow. by tomorrow morning you'll probably want to take that sweater the work, lows in the 60s, highs getting into the lower 70s. a northwest wind kicks in. thursday night's going to be chilly. we start friday with temperatures in 50s. guys. >> victor: betty, thank you so much. we want to get back to that breaking news in hollywood. looks like we just got fresh information from the faa. they said it was a cessna 152 making an emergency landing on 76th avenue at around 4:15 today. >> janine: that planes was deal on its way to fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport. the federal aviation
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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>> janine: one of the big stories of this afternoon this small plane that made an emergency landing here in hollywood. we understand it's a cessna 1 if you have 52. i had made a an emergency landing on its way to fort laudererle-hollywood international airport. look at that making its emergency landing, it is tail up on some sort of a fence. >> victor: and that pilot must have been pretty experienced because hey was able to walk away from this unscathed. we'll have a reporter on the ground and we have much more coming up on local10 news at fight of with laurie and calvin. take it weapon. what's next? >> laurie: and right now on local10 news at 5:00 we are coping to followt breaking news in hollywood. we'll check in with our reporter on the scene after this small plane crashes right into a neighborhood. >> calvin: police arrest two teenagers in the shooting death of six-year-old, king carter we're talking about, and investigators say more arrests are coming. >> he's so sorry.he was writing, yelling to the top of his lungs, he's so sorry. >> laurie: father of the little boy talking about getetng a
4:58 pm
targeted. we have livivteam coverage. >> calvin: and we're breaking down the encryption fight between example the fbi in today's hacked report. off the top at 5:00 breaking news from the city of hollywood where t ts small plane was crashed coming to rest you of against a house. >> laurie: let's get to derek shore who is on the scene of this developing story. >> derek: we are at northwest 76th avenue right rauf of northwest thirdtreet in hollywood. as you can see from video from sky 10 you can see that plane landed in what appears to be a driveway of a home here on 76th avenue. we believe that plane took off from nearby north perry airport. and as we can see, who appears to be the pil walking away from this plane crash with only some about an damages on his hand and bandages on his head. it's unclear if anybody else was onboard but what we can tell is you hollywood police are out here, north perry airport with pembroke pines fire rescue,
4:59 pm
tending to the scene trying to figure out what the next stete will be in order to move that plane from the drive waive that home. the left wing has been clipped but why the plane went down, still unclear. again, we are learning at least the pilot was only left with minor injuries in this plane crash in this hollywood neighborhood. we'll have the latest as it becomes available and we'll stay out here on the scene and bring it to you. live in hollywood, derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: derek, thank you. >> calvin: also at fight of now your weath tort authority tracking this potentially dangerous line of storms heading fosouth florida. that is the same system now blamed for spawning killer tornadoes we're talking in five states. >> laurie: the images have been credible so let's get to chief certified meteorologist betty davis tracking the radar. >> betty: hi, everyone. rain already starting to enter broward county but so far no severe storms or strong storms, for that matter, but this is the line we are keeping tabs on as it moves toward the east, and then note a few showers developing even out ahead of that main line here into broward
5:00 pm
so just off to the northwest of coral springs there is some rainfall. your skies will be opening up, some light rainfall it seems now around pompano beach, down toward fort lauderdale as well but this weather, it is not severe. we're still not going to rule out that potential for a gusty shower or storm. in fact wants we loo at what the main threats are expected to be for today, wind gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour and then a low risk for tornadoes. hopefully we won't have this happening but at this point i don't necessarily want to rule it out until we can push the line through. there's a cold front approaching. this model showing that between now and 7:00 showers crossing our area, and as i mentioned won't raoul out a gusty storm, but by 10:00 tonight we should be in the clear and we'll be looking ahead to drier, cooler weather. stay tuned for the seven-day planner. a temperature change you'll want to know about. guys. >> laurie: betty, thank you. >> this is a tragic crime, and something that we will not tolerate in miami-dade county.


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