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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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milberg is live in south carolina as the democratic presidential candidates get ready for this weekend's primary. we have team coverage on the race to the white house. e now at 4:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: rig off the top on local10 news at 4:00, teens under fire. this 17-year-old was shot and killed outside an apartment comple in liberty city last night. >> calvin: and not far from that scene 16-year-old day qian gordon was injured in shooting in northwest miami-dade. >> laurie: that surviving victim now recovering in the hospital. >> calvin: and gordon's family members say the double shooting is connected. local1l1news reporter terrell forney live now in liberty city with a rally that's being held in just a little while fromow. terrell. >> terrell: laurie and calvin, that rally is set to get underway in about 20 minutes or so northwest 71st street and 14th avenue, and the scene of thisy latest shooting ended here in the court yard of this
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detectives at this point say that this is again considered another unsolved murder. another day, another young life lost. >> he didn't do nothing to nobody for nobody to take his life like that. 17-year-old david ghoul bourn would be targeted by a gununn shot multiple times in broad daylight on wednesday in the courtyard of this liberty city apartment building. someone posted this photo of david's lifeless body on facebook. a relative said it happened in front of his 12 and 14-year-old cousins. >> we just want justice, like ere's nothing else our family can do. we just took a loss in january. >> terrell: we know david was walking with a friend 16-year-old ka day qian gordon at the time. gordon was shot in the leg but survived in that same shooting. >> they not even 19. i'm 53 years old, and they not even going to make it to be that age. you know what i'm saying? and it's sad. >> terrell: today that surving teens family has been by his
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him endure a surgery while hearing from the streets that the beef behind the shooting apparently born on facebook. >> i tell the parents, please, your kids, if they have a facebook -- >> you need to go on the page. >> -- you need to go on the page and look through it. french and daequan's condition is stable at this point. we understand doctors implanted a rod in his leg because a bullet shattered his bone, but again he is expected to be okay. as for that rally, daquan's family will be here as well as the family of that 17-year-old who was killele we will be here and bring you the. let's we arelive in liberty city, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: righthtow a traffic alert, a car fire on the palmetto causing chaos. >> laurie: let's get to jenise fernandez right here for you. where on the palmetto, jenise? >> jenise: this is right around miami lakes drive, right aroundd the big curve. take a look at because you can see crews were able to put out that car fire but we still see heavy y oek in the area. we obviously had the emergency
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looks likthey have stopped track of for the moment. this is on the palmetto as you're heading nth right around northwest 163rd street, so it had looks like right now all lanes are closed while they work to put out that car fire. as you can imagine, some pretty heavy delays in that area. as we zoom on in to our maps that car fire right around miami lakes drive, and speeds right now weren't really moving.we're looking at 19 miles per hour speeds as the traffic does pass that car fire. so as we zoom on out we are starting to see those delays right around i-75 and it looks like those delays a a not going to last for about one mile. but as you saw from our picture, lanes are closed while they work to put outhat car fire. we'll bee continuing to monitor the situation and let you know when those lane reopen. >> calvin: we're following breaking news this afternoon out of pompano beach where a death investigation is underway. our victor oquendo i i the newsroom now with more on this one. >> victor: and we should be getting an update from the broward sheriff's office any minute here on this death investigation. but here's what we can tell you so far. it was a aund 2 25 this
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about a shootin thehe location 130 northeast 25th street in pompano beach. that's a home between dixie highway and i-just north of copans. i-95 just north of copans. all we can tell you is that they're conducting a death investigation, no word on the victim, the shooter or any suspects at this time. but again an update should be coming any minute now. we have a crew on the scene. shyann malone is there. so you can look for her reports later on right here on local10. and from pompano beach we where a car crashed right into a house this afternoon. the address 1244 northwest 18th avenue. now, fort lauderdale fire rescue says that somebody was hurt pretty badly here p. they had to be taken to broward health. with no updates on their condition or the cause of the crash, but we got a pretty close look at that car. the airbags did deploy so the impact had to be pretty strong. llowing from fort lauderdale and pompano beach. any updates we'll bring them to you.
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search is on for two thies who robbed a pawnshop in pembrokeke park. local10 news reporter michael seiden has our story. >> mhael: talk about a terrifying day. pawnshop. you can see investigators still at the scene after two armed men stormed into that business. frantic moments inside a afternoon. inions well us two armed men wearing ski masks stormed not people's pawn & jewelry after 2:00 p.m., demanding cash, fleeing from the scene before authorities arrived. an employee who works at scartt's a world famous strip club next door looked at surveillanan video telling us the two armed men stat in the parking lot for 90 minutes before storming the store. they go to say a security guard trtrd to stop the gunman from driving away but the driver crashed into multiple cars, even on a sidewalk. there are no reported injuries but people who work in the area are stunund by the violence and some aren't able to get to work because of the crime scene.
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trying to collectvidence. >> it never happens something like that here. that's why i'm surprised, i mean. >> laurie: let's meet move on to another story. we'll try to hook up with that story a butt later. meantnte a so-called barefoot burglar is behind bars accused of breaking into a miami beach home. john cairo is accused of entering the home while he was barefoot. the family was sound asleep inside and cairo allegedly stole items from a bentleyyley parkedin the driveway. police say he was committed similar barefoot crimes. >> calvin: now to vote 2016. to aew poll showing donald trump crushing senator marco rubio on his home turf in florida. >> laurie: janine stanwood is in the newsroom with the exact numbers. >> janine: the new polling coming out before tonight's republican debate, the quinnipiac university poll find
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race for florida f flowed by rubio with 28%. ted cruz and john kasich right behind the florida primary is set for march 15th but meantime it is debate night for the republicans. the stage is set. you can see nor tonight's republican presideial debate in houston, and there's senator marco rubio. he is checking out the stage earlier today. it is the final debate before super tuesday. donald trump is on a roll, three big wins in a row. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> janine: four rivals steek to stop him, and the frontrunner knows it. >> we'll be totally prepared. people have notone very well against me, so far everybody that's attacked@ me has gone down. >> janine: super tuesday is just five ds away. voters in 11 states will weigh in on the republican race. southern states are crucial to the course ted cruz charted buthe stumbled in south carolina saturday finishing finned marco
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>> history has shown nobody has ever won the nomination in modern times without winning one of@ the first three states. and there onwo people who have won one of the first three states, donald trump and me. >> janine: jeb bush's exit edged rubio closer to the establishment mantle but he lax a firstlace finish to back it p. rubio taking aim in a contest with a lot of raucous, nasty back-and-forth byyoting that a president needs to set the tone for the nation's political discourse. >> if i'm asking you to put me in that positio you deserve to know what am i going to do when i get there, not just what t t result is going to be but the >> janine: and so tonight this will be a chance for voters to compare each candidate and each approach side by side. there may be fireworks. in the newsroom, janine stanwood, local10 news. >> we've got a very -- we've got somebody saying here, we have to bring them -- okay. we'll talk about that. >> i'm note a super predator. >> we'll talk aboutt.
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people for mass incarcerations? >> laurie: the democrats you just heard a black l ves matter protestor n. interrupting a private fundrdrser for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. this is in char@es, south carolina last night. that protester was outraged over comments clinton m me about race and crime in 1996 saying, "i'm not a super predator." >> calvin: and hillary clinton has been out today campaigning in south carolina ahead of the primary coming up this weekend. >> laurie: we have local10 news reporter glenna milberg live for us in florence, south carolina, with the democratic candidates. glen. >> glenna: and if you listen closely, you can hear hillary clinton speaking at the cumberland united methodist church. we're in florence, south carolina right now.. she's on the loud speaker because look across the street. such an overflow crowd that they set up this speaker for people outside to listen to. this is a very friendly audience, no protesters here, just like we found earlier today at a similar town hall in kingstree about an hour from here.
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base, and that room sports coliseum filled to the rafters wiwi hillary clinton supporters. she there was preaching to the choir, really. her promise of a hand up, not a hand o o. resonates with people here who are out of work, farmers we heard who are struggling. the big issues i ink we're hearing affordableh. these have been supporters of clinton since president bill was in office in thing in the. you look around, you see the average age is absolutely not 20-something, the ones who joined the bernie sanders movement which leads to the question will south carolina see a generational split saturday. >> i think a lot of young african-american voters are looking at the free aspect of bernie sanders and not really the plans of what he wants to do. i think we've got to look more at the plan instead of just the words. >> glenna: you get the sense
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lotf work to do here to introduce himself to the voters of south carolina. he actually has gone to ohio and michigan today. those are states that vote next momth. but big states with big numbers that probably will be a little more favavable to him. he will be back in south carolina tomorrow. that is the latest from florence, south carolina today, i'm glenna mberg reporting live, local10 news. >> calvin: getting around the state. thanks a lot. more politics to talk about now, this time in the caribbean. it is election day in jamaica. voters casting ballots to either keep the people's national partied led bys-year-old porsche miller or voters be choose the labor party led by 43-year-old andrew holeness. simpson miller is said to be leading this race p the amen reporter saying there is heavy security at the polls a serers of shootings in the last month. we have an update now on zika fears this afternoon. three new cases have been confirm in miami-dade county, so the total is now 35 cases in the state, three of the cases in the
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and authorities will not reveal where those patients live. as for miami-dade, there are@ 13y zika virus cases and broward county has four cases which are said to be travel related. has set up hotline to answer your questions or concerns about the zika virus. (855)622-6735. >> laurie: let's check the closing numbers on wall street. that's a joy to see all green arrows pointing up as the dow jones has a significant jump, 212 points closing out at 16,697. the nasdaq up almost 40 points, and the s&p 500 up almost 22 points. just ahead for you at 4:30, two teenagers arrested in the murder of a six-year-old boy facing a judge this afterno. what we're learning about these teens. >> calvin: a dangerous drive for a fedex the rip current as it swerved into traffic put you go other drivers on alert. >> laurie: a dramatic rescue at sea as the coast guard rushes to a fishing boat but they would encounter their own trouble as
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>> jenise: one lane slowly getting by on the palmetto expresswayayt northwest 163rd street, all of this due to a carfire. i'll let you know how slow traffic is moving coming up next. >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00. office building or brothel. >> i wonder if i could caulk to you about what goes on here. >> announcer: women putting the strip in strip mall. >> you see people coming in every 30 minutes,very hour there is somebody. announcer: legit businesses heading to the exit. a building manager and police looking looking the other way. >> why don't you ask some questions. you know about the prostitution. >> announcer: local10's investigators jeff weinsier exposes this x-rated office
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local10 news.
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l we're just three days away from one of hollywood's biggest night, the oscars, and you can only watch it right here on local10. this years oscar nominated films feature some pretty top-notch
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>> calvin: and the stunt then responsible are protesting for the academy tot recognize their work. we're dozens of stunt men and stunt women took to the streetsy of beverly hills. like actors, editors and directors they want an osc cat gower for stunt coordinators. entertainment section of and there you're going to find out some oscar predesks, the highestaid oscar celebrities, and a whole line-up of nominations. >> calvin: don't forget the oscars show is this sunday night hosted by none other than that guy right there, the funnyman chriri rock. you can watch it on local10, and did red carpet six cakes 7:00 p.m. >> laurie: t`rning to weather news heartbreak from the waverly, southern virginia. 24 people were killed, including a toddler when a tornado tossed their mobile home. >> calvin: and more twisters spotted across the south and east here shredding homes in north carolina. the powerful storm system toppled a barn and damaged areas in lancaster, pennsylvania.
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frightening snowstorm just whiteout conditions and slick roads leaving folks and drivers there in illinois in the ditch. >> calvin: and in the northeast, blinding rain, downed power linesnd toppled trees, the winds strong enough to knock over a semi on new york citits george washington bridge. oh, my. look at our weather here. okay. what a drastic change that is. this is fort lauderdale, and, oh, my,y, what a gorgeous day this has turned out to be, though a boyt chilly side this morning. >> laurie: a little cool out there but you have to classify this as pretty a+, right? betty, you called it. once that system moved out, we have some nice weather. >> betty: don't we? it is chilly. yesterday this time we had a high of 86 degrees in miami, no 80s out there today but it is wallo-wall sunshine everywhere you look, including fort lauderdale. i think there's a cruise ship just waiting for us, waiting fours to hop on and get ready to temperatures right up from e upper 60s in many of your
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pembroke pines we're a 60s. homestead, you're that one spot at 70 degrees. we knew it would be a cool afternoon once we pushed that front through and essential living up to that forecast. by 6:00 tonight cool sixties, lower 60s by 8:00. grab a sweater if you're heading out because those numbers are going to drop even more. we have our winds coming in from the northwest, drier, cooler air is going to continue to filter in, and we're getting that change behind theh cold front and around an area of high pressure parked over the gulf of mexico. so low temperatures tomorrow. a lot of lower 50s showing up in many of your neighborhoods. pembroke pines, probably starting the day around 51. miami 53. fort lauderdale 52 degrees. and this model suggesting that you, kendall, could slip down to 49 by tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow getting into the lower 70s. it will be a northwest breeze all day long, so you will finitely want some winter weather wear as we're stepping
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saturday morning could be even more chilly with a low of 50 forecast for miami, a high of only 70, but lots of sunshine in this forecast. let's get a check on traffic now. here's jenise judges of weware still watching this car fire. the good news is that carire has baby put out but this is the palmetto heading north at northwest 163rd street. you can see here that one lane islowly getting by but we still have emergency crews out there, and the issue isn't so much when you get to 163rd street, t issue is before that because that's where we're seeing some heavy delays, and at some points traffic isn't moving at all palm you marit notice the purple. something tweet see often. that's because traffic is completely at a standstill as you're approaching that car fire zero miles per hour. as we zoom out you can get a better idea of where these delays are starting. it looks like at 103rd street and those are going to the last last three miles. call up your friends and family
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do not want to get stuck in this mess. take red road as an alternate. >> laurie: thanks for the head-up, jenise. firefighters battling a h hse fire in fort lauderdale today, and sky 10 was right there over the scene. it was northwest 10th avenue and lauderdale manors drive. this is video into our newsroom, helmet cam video of what firefighters face when they go into a home like this. this was just today. you can see the flame raging as the crew made its way into the house spraying it with water to put out the flames. everyone inside did make the out safely but what caused the fire is still u uer investigation. >> calvin: coming up at at 4:30 now a community remembering a six-year-old boy and the teens arrested in connection with the boy's murder facing a jge today. find out what happened in court. >> laurie: caught on camera, a affected driver swerving all on indanger. >> will: i'm will manso. even when you play at the top of your game, sometimes youou just get beat by the mvp. we'll take a closer look at the@
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>> will manso: the heat with a day off and they could use it after running up and downhe quoter defending champs, the golden state warriors. the splashsh brothers top our daily sports shot. the heat had the opportunity to hold gotten to state down and teamed their sixth loss of the season but clay thomas than the couldn't be stopped. he went nuts fourth quarter scoring 15 straight points, and if that wasn't enough steph kir was steph curry, nailed pair of long 3-pointers. the mvp was the difference in the final minute. curry had 42 points. he fell short 118-112. heatat fell short. it certainly wasn't all bad news for miami. how about the performance of whan coming off the bench. whiteside shaped, 21 points, 13 rebounds.
4:26 pm
break. the panthers have been lining looking good all season. they're back on home ice tonight taking on the affects coyotes at the bb&t center. one-year contract extension. let's back to they heat. even though they had that close loss to the warriors, the locker last night. clay ferrero has that part of the story ahead for you at 5:00. >> calvin: they played a great game but when you have an assassin on your team, that guy is really awesome. in person. what did you think, will, in person? >> will: curry is honestly the most unbelievable soter i have ever seen just on shooting ability alone. it's unbelievable to watch. >> laurie: we'll interview calvin's middle son later about it. >> calvin: he was uk running around the house acting like he was curry. keep working on that jump shot. >> laurie: that'll do it for as you us-441 at 4:00.
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victor and janine with what's happening at 4:30. >> janine: a lot is happening. this is what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> victor: two teens facing a judge in the murder of six-year-old king carter but police are looking for other things. >> janine: it is candy but it's made from cannabis. does it pass the dea's drug test. local10 investigates. is it pot or not? >> victor: the coast gart coming to a rest view after a fishing boat runs aground. >> janine: and weir following a death investigation in pompano beach. shyaya malone will have a live report in minutes. >> victor: also a traffic reporter with j%nise fernandez. we'll have another update on
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30 we're following breaking news this afternoon out of pompano beach. >> jasey: death investigation is underway. local10 news reporter shyann malone live at the scene with the latest. >> shyann: victor andanine, that's exactly what they are
4:31 pm
shooting. we're work okay more details let what's going on right now. you can see the sheriffs command center unit just arrived about deputies have been surrounding the scene going back and forth area. let's give you a look at the fru from up above, sky 10 showing you earlier. deputies were auld out here around 2:45 this afternoon, and this is a neighborhood right of copans road onortheast 25th street, and neighbors tell me this is a quiet resential neighborhood. they're stunned to hear of a afternoon. we have some more ground video we want to show you. when we first arrived here on the scene. we are waiting for the spesperson to come out and talk to us and give us more information. right now, though, we are learning that some type of shooting happened at a home. deputies again calling this a death investigation. as we get more details, we will get the information to you, both on and as well on the air. reporting liven pompano beach,
4:32 pm
in the murder of six-year-old king arter face aid judge this afternoon. this as a communityries and continues to mourn the little boy's loss. >> janine: little king carter was shot in a drive-by shooting this weekend. hatzel vela live in midwest miami-dade where that shooting happened. >> hatzel: we're live here because we are expecting for a rally to take place here at the corner of northwest 12th avenue andnd 103rd street. this is expected to take place some time at around 5:30 this afternoon,n,ut some new information we want to share with you, information about one of the suspects, 17-year-old irwen pressley who at 14 years old back in 2012 was arrested for robbery. we were able to get access to that documumt that also says mr. pressley was involved in gangs, one called young hot boys and one called young and bumping, and now we see mr. pressley back in court f/r the first time.
4:33 pm
degree murder, no bond. countwo, attempted premeditated murder, no bond. >> hatzel: looks like these two are staying in yale. 18-year-old leleard adams and 17-year-old irwen pressley face a judge charged shooting death of six-year-old king carter. >> i just need to be sure that you're willing to let the public defenders' office represent you for this hearing. are you willing to do that, sir? yes. >> hatzel: investigator say adams and pressley were in a social media battle with a guy named ju ju, so they get in a car, drive over to the blue lake village apartments in northwest miami-dade, find the guy and allegedly is that right shooting at humming. during the shootout six-year-old carter who was walking through e parking lot to buy candy was hit in the chestnd killed. pressley and adams got in the car, and police say they took off. cyber bullying has become a new normal amongst gangs and guns are used to solve the problems.
4:34 pm
comments to each other and starting a fuel of hatred. >> hatzel: pressley already on probation for strongarmed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. state attorney's office is pulling their files to figure out how these two fell through the cminal justice system. and funeral arrangements for little king have been finalized. we understand his viewing will be tomorrow at the missionary -- the friendship missionary baptist church. but again, a rally expected to take place here at around 5:30. for now report p live in northwest miami-dade,atzel vela. >> victor: we want to remind everyonehat police are still looking for the others involved and this the type of car they're searching for an early 2000 model lex once color is flack and it has bullet holes. if you have seen the car call miami-dade crimestoppers 305-471-tips. and right now we have a traffic alert after a car caught on fire in the palmetto expressway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. jenise.
4:35 pm
car fire has been since put out. palmetto north at northwest 163rd street but as i step aside you can see that just one lane is getting by, crews are still working to clean up. it looks like theyeye towing that car away. as you can imagine we are seeing pretty heavy delays here. both of those delays coming asyou're approaching where that car fire was. again this is the palmetto heading north right around northwest 163rd street. that purple means there's no act of at all, so traffic sated standsdsll. and as we zoom on out and get a better idea of where those delays are starting, it looks like they're start can from us-27, and as we kind of veto of here, it looks like those delays are going to last for about fouou miles. so calm your friends, your family, tell them the palmetto is an area you'll want to a surprised go ahead and take red roro as an alternate. victor. >> victor: jenise, thank you. and there i was brief car chair in hallandale beach earlier today. sky 10 above the scene where the i ended. that white cavalier spun out and ended up facing the wrong direction.
4:36 pm
and northwest 2nd avenue and it its unclear what led to the pursuit and if anybody waste hurt. >> janine: one teen is dea two others in critical condition after a crash on i-95 in pompano beach. passenger 17 yield lakeisha whitey dale died after a car rolled over on the ramp to kobe answer road. police say driver lost control of the car and went off the highway. cash does not appear to be alcohol-related. it's still under investigation. there are new details in the kalamazoo rampage shooting that killed six people. the attorney for the family of the suspected gunman is speakingg out today. the family expressing shock and sympathy for the victims which their families. the attorney also says that they are even surprised at jason dalton's alleged behavior. lton's wife saying in the days leading up to the rampage she noticed sosothing was off. >> he seemed to be greed and down which was not his normal character. jason by all accounts was a fairly gregarious character, a good father, well-known in the
4:37 pm
was nothing to indicate that something like this would occur. >> janine: on the date of shooting officials say daln visited a gun store and bought a tactical jacket, the attorney also revealing adult op went to his parents' house after the first shooting telling him that his chevy had been sideswid and he needed to switch cars. that's when he headed back out in their car. >> victor: a stressful save was caught on camera in new york. the coast guard had to use a hecopter to save a group of fishermen after their boat ran aground. seven fisherman had to be rescued ando stears injuries were reported. that boat ran aground after it started taking on water, and it was an overnight storm that may have been the factor in the accident. the coast guard first used a boat to try to save the fishermen but that boat flipped over. the five crew members on that boat were all wearing protective gear and managed to swim to shore. >> janine: coming up a affected driver caught t camera surfing all over the road and putting other drivers in danger. >> kristi: and coming up on in our health cast, why are a growing number of children all
4:38 pm
with balance and dizziness? what you need to know as a parent. >> victor: and the new pot. shops can't keep in it stock and th feds can't keep up. we'll tell you all about thebrand new buzz >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00. office building or brothel? >> i wonder if i could talk to you about what goes on here. can i talk to you about w wt happens here? >> announcer: women putting the strip in strip mall. >> you see people coming in every 30 minutes, every hour there is somebody. >> announc: legit businesses heading for the exit. a building manager and police looking the other way. >> why don't you ask some questions? you know about the prostitution. >> announcer: local10's investigator jeff insier exposes this x-rated office buildingngtonight at 11:00 on
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, bybygnoring it. but that's how some presidential candidadas seem to beealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> a fedex driver equitying
4:42 pm
tampa. at one point they said that fedex driver was nodding off and slowing down before veering off into oncoming traffic. that's when the good samaritan to stop. >> come on, pull over, dude. it's all right. just pull over! >> i thought he was going to run westbound lane. ii think i saved lives that day, not as only somebody else's life life. >> janine: both drivers waited and pulled over for police. police do believe that fedex driver impaired but because he removed the keys from the ignition they wouldn't make an arrest. nobody was hurt. medical marijuana will be ba on the ballot this fall but some people right here in south florida, they're already feelingng the benefits through the secret of cbd. >> victor: it comes president cannabis plant just like marijuana stow the queueion is miael's michael seiden explains. >> michael: it's a saturday evening in miami's artsy wynwood
4:43 pm
this par bar is buzzing with excitement. everyone here to show support for legalizing medical marijuana. but some are already getting at relief through the secret of cbd. >> cbd coming from hemp is benefiting people. that is a fact. >> michael: hemp is the a cannabis plant like marijua but unlike marijuana hemp is high in cbd, n n thc. here are some of the products that are beingold all across south florida. now, at this store in fort lauderdale you're not going to find big lines out the door, in fact, you don't even need a prescription to buy these goods, but we wanted to find out how is this stuff legal. we checked with the dea, and they told us, "at present this material is being illegally produced and marketed in the u.s. in thehe violation of two federal laws." >> the feds are investigating. >> michael: but former prosecutor and criminal defense dorn mike eyeing larsh said
4:44 pm
>> bates comes from agriculture hemp which is legal, and also because they're selling it as a supplement, not a dg. >> i'm going to get three today. >> michael: so whose using this stuff? moms like jennifer nyack. >> my oldest son robby and be he's 11. he was born missing the center part of his brain but it looks like autism. >> michael: she started rob oh cbd and is already seeing a huge difference. >> it allows robby to function & in a much more calm way. >> michael: wend pottedler also swears by cbd.>> i'm always up in the night, and i am able to get a good night's sleep when i use it. you don't want to take pills and you don't want to be medicated, and this doesn't put you down like you're medicated. >> michael: , of course, it's big business. you can eat it, drink it and even wear it. >> it's the strongest cream we sell. >> michael: prices can range from $15 to more than $100 per product. and it only takes about 45minutes before you start to feel the effects. >> there have been several
4:45 pm
>> michael: but it's not without controversy. >> with hundred vials of liquid tht. >> michael: here in florida just last year investigators busted several smoke shops for selling product labeled cbd that actually contained thc. that's why businesses like holistic hope go the extra step of testing the products themselves. >> we have had a couple times where they matched and t t products never made it to the counters. >> michael: so if you're considering cbd, make sure you do your homework, research what you're buying. >> most people don't know what they're getting so they must shoot reputable places and demand to see lab reports that show what's in the substance. >> michael: customers who are usinin cbd are clearly satisfied. >> i use holistic stuff, too, like from whole foods, and i don'tt know -- i can -- i don't know how much anything is, whereas hereri can clearly read it. >> it just relaxes you, like calms you down. like if you had a glass of wine
4:46 pm
effect. >> michael: right now there are several b bls being considered by legislative committees in tallahassee that would remove cannabis from the schedule of controlled substances and allow certain universities to study hemp production. now, we'll continue to follow their progress in the legislatare. i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> victoto 23 states, even the nation's capital now allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. four states have fully legalized the drugor recreational hues and use and here in florida medical marijuana will be on the ballot as amendment 2. now to the big celebration for miami-dade county public schools and the united way today. >> janine: the school system raising $1.5 million making at this time number one united way school campaign, schcol system campaign. that money is invested in so many programs to strengthenn the community, and there i am honored to serve as the emeee this afternoon. a lot of selfless people getting awards today, including some very special kids. it wasust a great morning. and then afterwards everybody just wanted to g and play
4:47 pm
it's so gorgeous today. >> victor: i thought i spotted stanood there. >> janine: in a sea of wonderful people, betty. >> betty: hey, how is it going? i guess your tossing to me now. >> janine: we are. we're talking about weather. it was so beautiful outside. >> betty: and quay see a lot of happy people on the beaches today p it's onone of those days where the sun is so bright, you want to soak in the ray and is every once in a while youcatch a breeze. win from the north-northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour making all of this happen, that blue sky, slight swat in palm trees and meme are wearing the sweaters on the on the broadwalk, those sins winds sustained 10 to 15 miles an hour. we'll keep that northwest flow going through the evening and by 10:00 temperatures start to drop off into the 50s so you definitely will want a sweater or some longer sleeves if you're going to be spending any time outside this evening. maybe the kids have baseball practice or a game. high pressure taking control of our weather situation, and that
4:48 pm
getting ready for the weekend. it means we have dry weather, but we're also going to have some cool weather, too, in fact, we're looking at cool morning lows not only here b in all of our favorite cities from atlanta to cincinnati, thursday and friday morning waking up to the 20s there. and then as we check the forecast for the sunshine state, if you have plans to head to fort lauderdale or tampa we'llbe right back will be on the cool side. that's going to be the theme as we're steppingnto the weekend. the temperatures are cool but the sunshine is going to be really, really bright. so if you're going to make tomorrow a breach ai beach day it will be similar to today, northwest wind0 to taken. miles an hour, highs only getting into the lower 70. if yououe beaking the boats out small craft advisory through tomorrow morning, moderate shop on those bayness the keys and miami-dade and broward running five plus feet. temperatures in the morning. we're planning on starting in the 50s,forecasting a low of 53 for miami, and then we'll make that climb towarar the lower 70s. now, keep this in mind.
4:49 pm
the year 63 for miami, normal lie is 79. so we're almost ten degrees away from that. this is definitely a chilly change for us for this time of the year. notice on saturday and sunday still on the cooler side, but as we're putting a wrap p the month of february, the temperatures will start to rebound, and march 1st, can you believe it's almost march? we could see a high around 80 degrees. eventually we're going to get back to what's normal. let's check the trafficow. our traffic reporter jenise fernandez has that. >> jenise: thanks, betty p we are stiti watching this car fire on the palmetto expressway northbound at northwest 163rd street so that car fire, as you can see, has been put out. looks like they're towing the car away, but we still have emergency crews and only one lane getting by so we're seeing quite a backup on the palmetto, although traffic is starting to pick up which h good news. again this is on the palmetto as you're heading north at northwest 163rd street. right now speeds are clocking in at -- looks like they're not
4:50 pm
as we zoom on out those delays are stretching for mes and miles starting at us-27 and look like they're going to last for about four miles. so again, like i've been mentioned an area you will want to avoid all together so if you're watching on us your work computers is and you're ready to hit the road do not take the paletto expressway take red road as an alternate or the turnpike. janine. >> janine: topping today's health news, a large scale national survey finds that more than one in 20 children in the united states have dizziness and balance problems. lolol1l1medical specialist kristi krueger has details. >> kristi: the study found over 3 million children between the ages of three and 17 struggle every day with dizziness and balance issues which can have long-term effects if not identified and properly treated. dr. samuel osarair who is an otolaryngologist at joe dimaggio children's hospital said dizziness and imbalance can represent a number of different issues throughout our bodies. >> so a problem in our nervous
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
the screening protocol can lead to the diagnosis of other disorders that do need treatment, things like victor. >> victoto we have some more health news here sort of. mcdonald's adding some new healthy ims to the menu. the company is testing out 500 calories. one features egg whites and compo. their parfaits will be made with greek yogurt. the bowls are only available in cast nor now but mcdonald said the country. coming up at 5:00 teens understand fire. one teenager killed, another injured after shooting in south florida, and family membe say they're connected. >> janine: and then there's this, this kitten sporting what looks like -- yeah -- a mustache. we're going to explain more about this charlie chaplin cat. >> victor: then there's this pawless pup getting a new home.e.
4:53 pm
after it was abused. i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, 's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money
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4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> reporter: a of popoh with no paws starting a new life in arizona. >> janine: it was left for dead in south korea. rescuers named her chichi. she was found alive in a trash g after being raised for her meat. a butcher thought her meat wguld be rancid because her paws were no rancid and raw. she manages to still get around. >> she actually gets up on the stumps of her amputation and she walks and moves, and she moves across the room with somewhat ease. >> janine: nodated doubt she has a better life. chichi is being fitted for prosthetic legs so she can act like all the other dogs.s.
4:57 pm
in california that was dumped to a donation bin the at the salvation army. the fee line same seal ann sports one heck of a mustache. >> we think she's movie star potentl with that look or at least the next internet super sensation. >> victor: sally ann has been sprayed, she's getting the nutritional and medical care she needs, andhe should be ready for adoption in just a few days. >> janine: a big gift for a little bow in patching the kid who became an internet sensation when he was picked waring striped plastic bag with linguistically messy i's name and number on it. now he is the owner of the real thing thanks to the super starr. the five-year-old was given two autographed shirt and a signed futbol. that's a soccer ball for the americans from the iconic player.daddy says it was one of the happiest moments in his son's life. >> victor: great story. i think the boy is actually the
4:58 pm
messi not that big. >> janine: but big heart, though. love it. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back for the news at5:00. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 teens under fire, one shot and killed, another injured in northwest miami-dade. >> laurie: the two teenagers chard in murder six-year-old king carter going before a judge in miami today. >> calvin: a new poll finds donald trump crushing senator marco bio on his own turf right here in florida. >> laurie: plus,s,e have a one and only tour of jackie gleason's former south florida mansion which could be yours for an incredibly low price. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 more teens becoming victims gun olence. a 17-year-old shot and killed in liberty city while just blocks away, a 16-year-old was targetet. the families of the victims are telling local10 news these shootings are connected. >> laurie: and they alsls claim that all started with attacks on social media. local10's terrell forney is the live for us with the very latest.
4:59 pm
this is the second day in a rowow where we are hearing a feud on facebook ending in a spate of deadly gun violence. detectives say this this is part of a new during trend that they are seeing. right now protesters are just about to gather for a protest that is at the scene of the test incident, at the scene of the courtyard where the 17-year-old was shot and killed just one day ago. people have signs, they are gathering to say enough is enough. they hate seeing all of this gun violence and they want it all to stop. >> he didn't do nothing to nobody for nobody to take his life like that. >> terrell: family members hit by the tragic murder of 17-year-old david goulbourn have felt this type o@ pain before. >> we just want justice, i mean, like it's nothing that our family can do. we just took a loss in january. i mean, we can't lose no more family. >> terrell: that loss was david's 15-year-old kunz aulder hill shot execution stiehl style
5:00 pm
next to miami nororwestern senior high. in this latest shooting david and a friend, 16-year-old daquan gordon, were walkikg together tuesday evening when a gunman targeted the two. daquan was shot in the leg, david ran at least a mile before the shooter cornered and killed him in the courtyard of the liberty city apartment compl where he lived. >> we need to get him off the street, bad. i know the gentleman who done it. he have a couple of murders under his belt. >> terrell: today that surviving teen's family has been at the bed side of this teenage boy at the hospital helping him endure a rough surgery after a bullet shatter a bone in his leg while also learning the beef behind the shooting may have been born on social media. >> i mean, i'm still feeling it right now because i really don't know, w w don't know what to do, move. we really don't know. >> i just thank god that he's alive. ihank god for that. >> terrell: and so the relatives of that surviving victim will be


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