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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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we are et anding word there are four people dead including the shooter, 14 people injured, in multiple shootings and now, we are learning the gunman may have strong fies to soulh florida the shooting was an employee in exxon industries. he got into a car in that area, and starting driving around, starting shooting at will, he gets to excel industries and reportedly gets out, chases his coworkers, shooting more people before being shot to death by police. the local a.b.c. aphid yale identified this man. looking into his past, a video where he is shooting a gun out into a field. apparently showing off therere songs about revenge, the page says he lives in kansas but is from miami, witnesses say this man, caused pure cos. >> we thought it was just met fall falling oen the ground, and then the doors opened people starting screaming coming out.t.
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said no he is out front so everybody was going to the back right over here. >> we found records for him living here, who also once lived in this myanmar apartment building. also relatives here, in south florida there's a lengthy criminal record for cedric ford down here, who racked up drug charges and weapons charges as well. this investigation just beginning, so far they have now idea what the motive may have been. i will send it back to you. >> at developing wle a community comes together demanding an end to gun violence, another alleged shooter is under arrest. children and teens under fire in south florida. >> and tonight a break in at least one case. local 10 news reporter is live tonight. >> anchor: the community coming out to say they are fed up. we are talks about three different young people, three different victims of gunshot
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only one of them would survive, he is here and there is some encouraging news tonight, the announcement of yet another arrest it is time to start caring again. >> from marching through the streets demanding change to praying for it, the community coming together after three young people are guns downn three separate shootings in just five days time. the laidest just yesterday. 17-year-old david gold barn shot and killed in this complex, the spot of today's gathering. >> to make sure that every time there's a killing the keep's devastated. >> they took a loving family it. >> the parents of 10-year-old dequan gordon who is now recovering after being shot in the leg minutes before in the
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>> it is sad it is very sad. we feel her pain. >> that could have b been our child. we really feel her pain. >> police have yet to say if the two are connected but say they have made one arrest in the attempted murder of gordon. antwan gilbert is behind bars with more arrests likely. >> you willing to do that, sir? meanwhile two teens, appeared in front of agonal today answeriri charges related to the saturday shooting death of six-year-old king carter. >> right now with all these students going on, parents need to start checking their sons bedrooms, they need to start checking their houses for guns and they need to take responsibility as well. >> so tonighthtres have been announced in two of the cases as for the killing of david, no arrests have been announcnced in that case. if you have any information on of those, give crime stopper as
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the news. >> okay, thank you. breaking news and live pictures from ft. lauderdale where firefighterred responded to an explosion in a home, the address is 1531 norlhwest 11th court. just north of sun rise boulevard and east of, i 95. in was an explosion and a wall of the home has collapsed. subsequent flames have been extinguished as this investigation what caused the explosion begins, we will of course have a u uate on the morning news at 4:30. discovery. >> police investigating the shooting death of a man there, victor working the story for us live from the scene. calvin and lori, the police tape still up behind me garths are still here, they responded to a call of shots fires and when man inside the home.
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inside a home. >> it is just very shocking. >> calls of shots fires at 130 northeast twenty-first street, when they arrived on scene they discovered a body and a homicice investigation is underway. neighbors nervously looking on. >> i see a lot of m mes hanging out around the clock. was not -- i don't know them personally. >> we are told the man didn't live there, but other people were inside the e me at the time, and they are cooperating. >> we live across the street from the ghetto, so it isn't the safest place in the planet, but all the neighbors are nice and no official cause of death has been released we are told that the browards sheriff office is working to notify the family, this investition is on going. several streetsts flooded forced to cause, all caused by a waiter main break.
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the street. police had t block off several streets while crews worked todeal with all the water. >> caught on camera, a first person and dramatic l lk at the firefighter entered a burning home, sky 10 was over the scene about a dozen people are now looking for a new home.take a look at firefighters work their way inside the burning home. one firefighter was equipped with a go pro camera on his helmet. giving you a look at the intense scene. firefighters were able to put up the flames before it spread, no one was injured. >> vote 2016, candidates facing off in houston with the final debate before super tuesday. and while they trailed in texas he leads big in many states. >> hillary clinton taking no chances in south carolina, campaigning hard there. while bernie sanders has alrdy paid his attention to super
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your election station has team coverage tonight. >> we begin with janine stanwood and tonight's debate. >> donald trump is leading and tonight was a sluggest. to chip away at his momentum. >> you are the only person that has been fired for hiring people illegally. >> i amhe only one that has hired people. >> the gloves came off early on immigration it is a three man fight, with marco rubio and ted cruz taking shots at front runner. >> by the way marco is right that a federal court found guilty of being a part of a comparety to hire people ill legally and entered $1 million judgement against him. here is a guy that buyed a house for $170,000 he sells it to a lobbyiest for $300,000 and then tegislation is passed. tell me about this guy.
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you know where he would be right now selling watches and handbags. >> he also addressss former mexican president profanity laced pack la makes, that mexico will not pay for a walll at the border. >> how are you goingng to make them pay for the wall? >> i will, and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me the debate also turned to the supreme court and religious lib beforety. john kasich under pressure from some to get out of the race, striking the most moderate tone. if you are in the business of commerce, conduct commerce, and if you don't agree say a prayer and hope they change their behavior. >> afteruper tuesday, a new poll finding marco rubio behind here, with donald trump leading 44 to 28%, folws by ted cruz, and john kasich, but the camp has been selling this as@a two man race, and he acted the part tonight.
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>> all right, thank you. and let's turn to the democrats now that's where both hillary clinton and bill clinton have been crisscrossing the state, glenna take it away? >> calvin, lori, from the capitol to the cotton fields they are campaigning so heart for the african-american vote, that is a critical demographic. to win saturday's primary here. >> as amemeca can't live up to it's potential, unless we remove the barriers to let every american have a chance to live up to his orr her potential. >> hillary clinton did the mid lands a solid base of support. >> i have lost my voice in the service of my candidate. >> becomeecome swept the upcountry on her behalf. into the night after all day, they chris crossed the cotton fields and church communities she specifically shoring up the african-american vote critical
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primary, with intimate q & a. >> can you give us an ideaf what you would do. >> our farmers are suffering. >> what would you do for pets. >> bigger rallies left in ohio and flint michigan where senator bernie sanders chose to campaign thursday, focused on better numbers there almost all of those polls have us beating trump by wider margin hook here in south carolina the first primary for the democratics on saturday is seen a a litmus test for bernie sanders to see if he can play with the african-american vote nationwide, he will be back here tomorrow, the clintons are back at it again, chris crossing the state heavy campaigning the last 24 hours. live in columbia,a,outh carolina tonight, local 10 news. >> glenna we will know you wilil be right there for us, thank you. >> back here at mom the man
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tries to escape cususdy. john carlos seen here in bond court on tuesday for a different charge is behind a whole string of burglaries. he is shooless when they caught him, police say late today while he was inside an interrogation room, he actually stood on a chair, remove add ceiling tile and began pulling himself up. it is a big weekend on south beach, eses specially if you love to eat, let us be your ticket to the wine and food festival, we are serving up fun. >> no match for rough surf off the coast of new york. some incredible rescues just ahead" >> sweater weather out there tonight, for many of you. 61-degrees the current temperature. i will let you know how chilly it will be for the rest ofthe weekend. >> yeah, they would open the door allh the time and women who take offer their clothes behind closed doors now local 10 investigation is getting more attention from police.
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>> a south florida businins owner claims random prostitution and other illegal activity forced him to move out an officer building and he claims the landlord and police did nothing about it. >> a hidden camera investigation exposed what goes on behind closed doors in several treatments. >> shocking allegations allegations allegations from a man that worked in one of those buildings. here is the follow up investigation. >> i saw your story, and i saw that door, and that 302, and i knew exactly what it was. >> his engineering firm was right down the hall, eddie martinez says the illegal activity we showed you earlier this month made working here
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his female employees were often approached by men seeking sex,ment who went into the wrong office. >> yeah, they would open the door all the time, to ask is this the place where i get the massage. >> based on a tip last month, we went undercover, inside 11 fort west 50th street and right into suite 302. the sign on the door said p.n.h. hialeah, inside it was a revolving door of men, coming in and out we were eventually greeted by a woman in pullen jerry who said for $260 we could do whatever we want toddler, she offered us condoms, in her goody bag. >> my female employees when they go to the bathroom, those working ladies would be in the bathroom, and they would be almost bathing themselves in a booth room that doesn't ve shower facilities. >> she says what was even more shocking is when he did an online google search for escorts in hialeah.
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i clilied on it it gave the suite number. >> provided local 10 with several letters. martinez says he@ called sonia who he says is the building manager they said it was my duty to inform t police and get them out of there, so we did. >> the girls in my office called hialeah p.d. numerous occasions. >> did you ever see police? >> no. >> we called sonia as well and each time she h!ng up. >> why do you keep hanging on me? >> cameras no cameras. >> you aren't asking me to leave. >> you can talk to me -- why rant you answering some questions you know about the prostitutien. >> remember when mr. martinez calls you. >> okay. >> that's her. and she knows everything about it. >> stateares show 1140 towers investmemts holding owned the building he too hung up when recalled his cell.
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elected mayor carlos hernandez have to say? after all, martinez is now the second person w o claimed to have notified police about the activity and nothing was done. in an email follow call 10 news, police say we are currently conducting our own investigation, and will not comment. the mayor's office said the same thing. >> chief can we talk to you? >> when we confronted the police chief a month ago he said this. >> we will be more than happy to exam wave you have. >> we do no police are reacting to the original story, because red evidence tape now seals the door, a card is taped to the door, and that sign that said pnl hialeah, is now gone. in hialeah, local 10 news. >> local 10 news has learned that hialeah police have been randomly check mag advantage parlors to see if they are
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at the breaking news where firefighters are responding to an explosion in a home. fire confirming the explosion and you can see right there the right side of the home has some damage. we7are told a wall collapsed. the investigation into what sparked the explosion that's just getting underway seven crew members are safe 56 being rescued from rough waters, the crews ship ran aground. it cost a coast guard boat to capsize while trying to help, a helicopter was used to lift the men out of their boat and those members they did make it to shore safely as welt talk about food now, theest wine and food coming together in one of the hottest spots, you know what it , and we are taking you there. comi up. >> first, a look at what is coming up after the news.
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>> we have a big show tonight, here is just a little of it. >> really just dustin with 150 extra pounds on him. >> oh man. good evening south florida, here with your traffic alert, here if you are traveling westbound, expect some lane closures between royal palm drive and venice drive.
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don't forget you can >> the wine and food festival finally began tonight in south beach. >> the italian event kickeddff the festival tonight. this is a major attraction here in south florida, the food
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also be holding events in ft. lauderle for the very first time, but the main event, of course, is miami beach. where there's a little something for everyone. 90 events, i challenge you to find an event that doesn't speak to what you love in food and drink. >> proceeds go to fiu, for a student chefs and others many the hospitality field. oh my. >> that looks so good. >> and what weather they have for it, perfect. >> absolutely. question are hoping for a duplicate monday and tuesday. >> it is. flip flops yesterday, and today, and maybe some boots tomorrow morning, right now, mrs. definitely something happening in the atmosphere with these temperatures a change that we are all feeling tonight. miami at 61, already seeing the 50's in kendal and homestead. we are 58 degrees showing on the temperature maps. by tomorrow morning we are forecasting a low of 53 in
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and this model still trying to take kendal downn into the upper 40's, either way you slice it, you will want some slelees if you are standing outside. writtens still making a differenceceonight, that's a cool flow, a cool breezeoming in around high pressure that is building aoss the center of the country, we will stay stuck in that flowver the next four to nearly 48 hours. sot mean as cool breeze, this means that our days will have temperatures running be elow normal for this time of the year. not only tomorrow, but also saturday it is going to be a sunny day but a cool day, if you are going to make tomorrow a beach day, but winds from theh northwest, ten to 15 miles per hour the rich current is moderate, taking boats out, small craft advisory thrgh tomorrow morning seas running about five toeven feet, a moderate chop on the bays now
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what is normal, low to midd 60's, and highs almost touching 80 degrees, we will be about ten degrees give or take a few away from those numbers so definitely not what we should be expecting for this time of two year but you know what the weather will be pretty to question will take it. lower 70's by the afternoon hours and then the forecast heading into the rest of the weekend saturday could be even chillier, forecasting a low of 50, so inland areas can see theupper how's, highs on saturday, reaching just 70 degrees sunday modest warm up highs in the hit 70's and noticic the rain chance we put a wrap on the month of february, and we start march. on a seasonal note we will say with morning lows in the m m 60's and the high around 80 degrees. your weather authority i i always watching and tracking
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here tomorrow, probably wearing boots because it is kind of chilly out all right thanks so much. >> next in sports pat rielly comments on the chris bosh health scare, we will give you a update plus, panther star and his return from injury to earn that spacesy sweatshirt. >> all right, thanks a lot, here is a look at@ your cash three, play four, and fantasy five numbers we hope you win, good luck. tomorrow at 11:00. >>ner out to make morn and some don't care it is not your imagine motion, taking on tow truck companies they may be on
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craig: laquinta! >> and now local 10 sports with will manso. >> a minor update tonight on two status of heat star chris bosh. team president while at a heat fund raising gala at the american airlines arena telling the sental that posh and his doctors are continuing to explore options but he would not comment on whether he will play again this season. up next, try to bounce back after that tough loss owhat is a great game, clay tmpson and steph curry burning the heat, wire, dwayne wade saying they
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intensity on saturday. >> question gave ourselves that chance, and a couple of things go our way, this has been very good win, but you know it takes nothing away from the way we performed we just have to bring this effort that we brought on saturday. >> meaeahile, steph curry and the warriors coming off their win over the heat aaron gordon, king flight, for the magic, man, can that guy get up, but at e end of the third quarter, gets the shot up, and he scores 51 points. and that after scoring 42 against the heat, also set ah nba record. 128 consecutive games with at least a three pointer. they are now 52-five. hostg the arizona coyotes. first game back from a concussion, good to see him back. down at the second, out the front. and scores. power play goal the cats have 2-1, and they are in the third


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