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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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explosion and a fire.& what neighbors witnessed just after that blast. i'm the only one in the state that's hired people. >> fight night on the campaign trail. more of the verbal sparring between candidates and last night's g.o.p. debate. 6:00 a.m. on the dot. hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. if you're still under your covers and you haven't gotten out of your bed yet, you're in for some definitely winter weather. >> if you have to weather authority meteorologist julie durda let's you know what the day is going to look like. >> much cooler thanhat we woke up to yesterday all thanks to that northwest breeze. it does feel nice and refreshing but cool for us south floridians. nice, 54 degrees in pembroke pines. our coolest spot, homestead 53. 56 right now in miami and 54 in ft. lauderdale.
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between 7 and 11 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. tomorrow's going to b be even colder. so get prepared for a weekend. northwest breeze moving in anywhere between hour. that cool air connection will stick around all day long. as the kids head to their bus stop, they are definitely going to need a jacket or sweater. temperatures will only be reaching the mid 70s. well below average for this time of year for our highs and lows. how long will it last? i'll have details in the forecast. good morning, everyone. the ride into broward looking fantastic. northbound lanes right there to the distance. our broward drivers double thumbs up. if you want to sleep inn a little bit, i'm giving you permission to do so. it's miami-dade county that has a few accidents that will slow y down. southbound don schula exessway. partially blocked this morning causing some
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traveling on u.s.-1 southbound way down soutut at southwest 272nd street. we have a crash on u.s.-1. we are seeinglight slow downs. if you're traveling south on red road, 57th avenue, as you're approaching u.s.-1, we have a crash there as well. this is where ben kennedy is live this morning. we have police activity affecting our northbound lanes at fourth and ninth street. if you typically take lejeune north to get to the dolphin,ou may want to head up at 27th avenue. continue to follow breaking news out of the city of miami this morning. constance just talking about that.we learned an officer was shot at during a& traffic stop and now several are in custody. ben kennedy is live on the seen with what we know so far. >>reporter: police do confirm shots were fired at an officer during araffic stop and four are in custody.
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road and northwest ninth street. it is a very activiv scene at this hour. the four guys being questioned are still here. we just saw an officer walk t t of them out of a squad car in cuffs. itit still not clear exactly who pulled the trigger but detectives are questioning the group. the men were behind the wheel of a high up -- hyundai. police have searched that vehicle non-stop as they continued to investigate back live to this very activiv scene. back live, it's completely blocked off. traffic is beingdiverted from this area. there is also a second scene at northwest fourth street. that is about five blocks from where i am standing. again police do confifm an officer was shot at during a traffic stop. it looks like that police officer did not get hurt. again, theublic information officer is headed to this scene as i speak when they brief
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share those with you. reporting live in mime, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thank you. into our news room, a third suspect in the shooting death of king carter has been arrested. you may remember six-year-old carter was shot and killed on saturday. boom, boom, boom. i proceeded to go into the building. >> we are learning more about the deadly workplace shooting spree inside a kansas workplace and the gunman police say 38-year-old cedric ford shot 15 peoplet a lawn mower plant killing three of them before himself being killed in a shoot-out with police. >> layron livingston is live in the videoport with more on our top ories. >>reporter: the shooter lived in kansas but according to his
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is)from here in miami. 38-year-old cedric ford, he was ultimately sh and killed by police thursday afternoon and that was after kansas authorities say ford shot and killed three people in heston, kansas. that's just north of wichita. of course as you mentioned, more than a dozen people were injured as a result of this shooting. investigators say ford hopped into a car, started driving around and started shooting at random. he pulled into the parking lot of a cell industry where he worked. he ran down and shot a his co-workers before he was taken down by a police officer. >> decided toook down the hallway and he got shot. we were all just taking off running because that's what you do when you think there's a fire in the building. >> i started seeing wounded people come out. some close people, friends, i don't know, never in a million years, something you
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people you work side by side with every day just in a panic, you know, and what do you do? i don't know. >> we did some digging into ford's south florida background and found an oldddress in miramar. records show he livid at that apartment until around 2011. he also has an extensive criminal record at a broward county for things like theft, drugs and weapons charges. auorities say this is not an act of terrorism but they are still workon trying to find a motive for this situation. something you know we'll pass it on to local 10 and layron livininton, local 10 news. he was very scary. people was coming out of their door. you know what i'm saying. >> new for you this morning, there we are hearing from neighbors after a house fire and an explosion in ft. lauderdale. this is the scene happening at northwest 11th court justt north of
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a wall of a home collapsed. neighbors say the blast could be heard from several houses down. >> it was a loud boom like that. but other than that, it shook everything, shook people's houses. >> still unclear exactly explosion. new this morning the u.s. justice department and the city of miami have settled a civil rights case stemming from shootings from 2008 to 2011. that agreement follows an investigation which found a ptern of excessive force. under the deal the city ofake changes to minimize officer-involved shootings and better investigate them. former police chief to make sure the department complies with the agreement. deputy peter perazza claims he was in the right. a judge sided with the state ruling his defense team c't question a
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jury. >> whose daughter was arrested by bso deputy for d.w.i. and asked to determine the fate of my client who is a duty. >> the judge disagreed. he shot mcbean at and oakland park complex after responding to ports of a man with a gun. mcbean did not respond to officers' orders to drop the weapon. that's because he had ear buds in and never heard those commands.s. you're the only person on the stage that's ever been fined for h hing people to work on your projects illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired peoplele >> now to vote 2016, it was debate night for the kansas. donald trump, senators marco rubio and ted jabs. texas is one of the very few states where donald trump doesn't lead the
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he raised eyebrows when asked about his plan to build a wall on the mexico border. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. >> that new threat coming off former mexican president fox angrily declared mexico will not pay for the wall. the candidates focused on super tuesday just days away. the new poll finds marco rubio is behind here in his home state trailing donald trump 44-48%. ted cruz and john kasich round out the top four. hillary and bill clinton maming the push for last-minute voters in south carolin bernie sanders has moved on to those super tuesday state. the clintons split up to cover as much ground as possible in south carolina. local 10's glenna millberg will have live reports all weekend long from south carolina. tune in here to local
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you'll see all your election updates. a call christina exclusive. we're getting an upcloselook at how federal officers make sure the times you're buying are safe before they hit shore shelves. low 60s for you down by the keys. i wouldn't be surprised if the temperatures dro a few more degrees by sunrise. wait until you see our overnight lows for tomorrow morning. i'll have those details coming up. later on a magical chase. we'll find out what haened when police cross path was a unicorn. we're following that big breaking news. an officer shot at during a traffic stop. this is affecting lejeune road between fourth and ninth street which is now blocked offby police. constance will have more details on that. she will help you get around it and we'll let you know exactly what's
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exactly when we come before many products make it to the store shelves, first has to make it to a port of entry. >> it is a font line in consumer products safety protection. you're getting a first hand look. >>reporter: on this stormy afternoon while being pelted by rain, customs and border protection officers at miami's sea port are scanning incoming cargo. >> verify the seal, we'll verify the structure of the door to make sure they aren't tampered with. >>reporter: making sure has in these containers match the manifest. >> they have several signs they look for if the balls have been brought in a little bit.
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the floor. >>reporter: using multiple screening techniques like x-ray imaging. they target high-risk shipments. >> we're looking for narcotics, anything that's terrorist related. >>reporter: and specialists are looking for counterfeit and dangerous products. >> you have officers that specialize in that. >>reporter: keeping unsafe products from ever reaching a store near you starts right here. >> we inspect all cargo vessels arriving in the united states. >>reporter: last month hundreds of hover boards that arrived here from china containing batteries deemed unauthorized and counterfeit. they believe the batteries coulul be why some are catching fire and they are keeping a close eye on imports of the popular product and last summer they seized more than $11 million in high-fashionounterfit handbags, knockoffs that look so good you might
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thinking you were getting the real thing only to learn later you were ripped off. to make sure dangerous toys don't end up under the christmas tree. >> the last line of defense. so once it goes through out, it goes to market. >>reporter: christina vazquez, local 10 news. here at home it is a cool start to your friday. look at that gorgeous sunrise creeping in over the horizon. >> i can't wait until that sun rises just a few minutes a away. 56 degrees to start things off on a friday. >> that will wake you up. >> sun ruse not until 6:50. wewere expecting temperatures to drop a few more degrees as we get closos to it. 66 degrees in miami. in key west. this is chilly out there. all thanks to that northwest wind anywhere between 8 and 14 miles per hour.r. temperatures in your
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waking up in pembroke pines, it's 54 degrees as you walk out thehe door. our coolest spot ishomestead at 53 degrees. wind between 10 and 14 miles per hour and that wind direction plays a huge part and provides fofo the cool air settling into south florida. just beautiful conditions, crystal clear skies. it's going to be a gorgeous start to the weekend. these are the weekend we enjoy and embrace here in south florida during the winter time. this is winter south florida style with temperatures in the 50s and highs today onlylyxpected to reach the low to mid 70s. these temperatures arebetween seven and 11 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. we are expecting the 40s here in south florida by tomorrow morning. that's right. so i you think this morning's cool, you haven't seen anything yet. we thank high pressure, our fair weather friend providing for clear skies and dry conditions because the winds are moving in from the north northwest. it will act as a road block kping the jet
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any systems that do develop, it will stay just north of us for the weekend. what we'll notice more than anything is the cool, refreshing change. you'll be able to turn off your acs. you may need an extra blanket, a heated blanket, low 50s near the coast. tomorrow cool and sunny. it's just going to be a beautiful weekend. we showed you clear skies and that's how it's going to look saturday andn sunday. highs will finally start monday. we'll see highs returning back to the 80s by tuesday. the ride into miami looking fantastic. from broward all the w down into downtown miami, no issues to report on the i. i-95 southbound. you see all these lights heading into miami, this glades. no issues reported there. however, i have a few to. we're still seeing some delays due to that u.s.-1 southbound at
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last time i'm going to mention this one. we were seeing slight delays there. if you travel off of u.s.-1 down south, you already know there's stop and go traffic with those traffic lights. red road southbound approaching u.s.-1. we had a crash reported off of 57th avenue. at this point in its clearing stages. finally the police activity is going to slow you down. if you live in this location, lejeune road shut down between 4th and ninth street. typically if you take this to get to the dolphin expressway you're going to face major trouble. you may want to travel north to 27th avenue to head to the dolphin eastbound or west-bound. we're going to give you a peak inside the mind of the shooter. plus actress eva longoria calling for a brown-out at the oscars. more on her diversity campaign is just ahead. it's time to say
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facebook friend of the day on this friday. it's sue. >> hey, sue. >> so glad you're up with us here this less isn't more. le is dull. but more... find fantasy shows. more is amazing. more says "like that? get a load of this."
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just his demeanor when he seemed depressed and down. >> last weekend's deadly rampage speaking out forthe first time. jason dalton's wife and parents breaking their silence about the killing spree that left seven people dead next were apologizing to the victims. attorney revealing dalton went to his parent's house after the first shooting telling
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sideswiped and needed to take his parents' car before heading out for the remainder of the killing. google is announcing that they will back apple in this debate over unlocking the iphone of a san bernadino shooter. the tech giant says they plan to file a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf. eva longoria is taking that message to the red carpet. she's asking people to wear a brown ribbon to call attention to the lack of latino representation in film. longoria urging the hash tags brownribboncampaign and memorialbrownout. an oscar appearance to make a call for sexual assault awareness. lady gaga will perform a song used as part of a cumentary about rape on college campuses. don't miss the oscars this sunday night hosted by chris rock.
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right here on local 10. why did the unicorn cross the road? sounds like a bad dad joke, right? >> yes, it does. but we'll solve the riddle for you and tell u how this beautiful, mystical creation ended up leading police on a chase. what happened here.
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constanc welcome back. it's 6 penalty .25. > 're laughing here because this is one of the straining gest police cases caught on camera ever. officers in california spent hours tracking down a unicorn. well, let's be technical. it was a pony dressed like a unicorn for a child's birthday celebration. >> in the interest of accuracy. >> we're t t news, we have to do that. it darted out in the
6:26 am
being hit by a car. >> the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway. >> they were probably like what! finally a resident with the horse managed to ing the pony back home with the unicorn horn still attached. >> the smile makes t all worth it. we continue to watch -- constance, what's happening? >> lejeune road still shut down northbound here between fourth and seventh street. here's a live look from this location, guys. you can see there's quite a bit of police activity. it's really going to be a major issue for anyone trying to get to the dolphin expressway.
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mess in a few minutes.
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news, a traffic stop turns into shots being fired. a deadly workplace shooting in kansas and we're learning the gunman has ties to south florida. what we've uncovered about his pasas a third arrest announced in the king carter murder case. how police track down the suspect whose even younger than hisis alleged teen accomplices. wow the sun is beginning to rise on this friday morning. the w ekend on the horizon with it. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. if that's a picture of what we can expect today and for the weekend, i'm on board. let's do it. >> julie durda, good morning. how do things look for the weekend? >> the picture tells the story how nice it works. wait until you walk out the door and feel the cool air, it's a double whammy. temperatures in the low 50s. homestead 54 degrees, pompano beach.
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we still have the 50s hanging on down by the keys but that could change tonight. we'll be talking 40s in some areas tomorrow morning with low 50s as well. embrace this beautiful picture of crystal clear skies thanks to the north wind and brighter skies. sunrise in 18 minutes and we will see lots of sunshine as you can see already indicated with the clear skies helping to bring out a beautiful bright sunshineie day. we are seeing temperatures anywhere between 7 and 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. by the afternoon we will expecting our highs only to leach the low to mid 70s. cool, dry, comfortable, refreshing, all those wonderful words you like to say. thank you, mother nature r a wonderful winter day here in south florida. that is just the beginning. you have the good news. i have thead news. still closed off of lejeune road. here's pictures sky 10 took for us just a few
6:31 am
anyone who typical takes lejeune road to get to the dolphin, you're going to face major trouble due to all of this police activity. if you're traveling northbound trying to get to the dolphin, you're going to face issues. instead you're going to have to truck i east, i would head east, and take 27th avenue north to get to the dolphin. probably the best bet for you. i wouldn't head west because you know all that congestion there atthe dolphin. we have other things to get to. we have a very busy morning in miami-dade county, northbound at the palmetto expressway right at 56th street we've got a crash there off to the exit ramp. those speeds at 31 miles per hour. traveling eastbound heading towards the beach this morning on the macarthur causeway, we have reports of a crash on the approach to the exit for biscayne boulevard. our eastbound lanes here to the distance. i suspect that big traffic sign might be blocking that accididt scene. eastbound lanes is where we typically see that congestion for our beach drivers. >> constance, thanks for that.
6:32 am
following breaking news. constance just talking about this out of the city of miami where a traffic stop led to gunfire. >> ben kennedy live on the scene for us with what we know so far. ben, still quite a big scene behind you. >>reporter: jacey, eric, you guys are right, a very active scene behind me. police just told me that the officer that was shot at did not get hurt. in fact, they say this was a routine traffic stop. the people pulled over shot at him several times but he walked away unhurt. the car that took off, this is the end scene here behinde in miami as constance was talking about northwest ninth street at lejeune is completely roped off. this is where the four people are now in custody. here is some video. we saw officers walk them out of a squad car. in fact, three people so far, two men and a woman.
6:33 am
who pulled the trigger but detectives are questioning the group. they were behind the wheel hamilton a hyundai. we have seen police search thatehicle non-op. there's also a second scene about five blocks from where we are live at this hour. this is where the traffic stop took place and that officer was shot at. their squad car was just towed away from thatscene. back live to where we are live off of northbound lejeune and ninth street, it's closed at this hour. we're told that officer that was shot at did not turn fire. in fact, he remained with his vehicle as that suspect's car did take off down the road. again, a very active scene here as detectives continue their investigation. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. this morning four
6:34 am
than a dozen others in the hospital after a workplace shooting in kansas. this is a man right here. now we know ford has ties right here in southh florida. layron livingston is in the vididport this morning with more on the shooting. >>reporter: this was not this gunman's first run-in with police and sadly three people were killed before the officer was forced to make the decision to tak a fatal shot to end all of this. cedric ford killing several drivers wounding two. >> to have somhing like this is tragic. >>reporter: around with a rifle and handgun ford started firing on his co-workers. >> i seeneople running out saying run, run. everybody started scattering out of the building and i didn't realize what happened and i started seeing
6:35 am
>>reporter: ford reportedly kept shooting until the first to arrive fired back. >> even though he took fire, he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero, as far as i'm concerned. >>reporter: four people including the shooter were left dead, more thaha a dozen injured. worried friends and relatives waited for news. >> i just can't believe that the guy that shot people up lived right across the street from us. >>reporter: 're waiting to learn more about the victims. ford has a rift of arrests since 1996. no one was home of we stopped by his last known address in miramar. we found videos of weapons and revenge songssosted to his facebook time line. police havenen released a motive. >> we're less than two months into 2016 and according to the gun violence archive, this
6:36 am
33 for the united states so far. we'll keep you posted on this information it. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. it's time to start caring again. >> people fed up with gun violence claiming young lives march in miami'i' liberty city neighborhood to say enough is enough. dos helps people took it the streets on thursday after the third shooting targeting young people in just the last five days. that protest came after the shooting death of david labarn on wednesday night. gordon's parents offered their condolences. >> we feel her pain, we really do. >> that could have been our child. we really feel our pain. >> police have not yet confirmed if the two shootings are related but they have arrested antione gilbert in themurder of gordon. police announced
6:37 am
third person has been arrested in the shooting deathf six-year-old king carter. leonard adams and irwin presley are also charged in the crime. they faced a judge on thursday. all three are charged with first-degree murder attempted murder and second degree attemptpt murder. a fire broke out at a ft. lauderdale home o o thursday and it was all caught on camera. firefighters worked eir way inside the home. one firefighter equippedded with a go pro camera on his helmet giving you a look at the i'm tense scene up close. that's really getting into the flames. firefighters were able to put out the fire before it spread to any other homes. no one was injured. sky 10 was over the scene at northwest tenth avenue. about a dozen people are looking for a new home because of it. a man known as the barefoot burglar tried to escape custody
6:38 am
police a giancar is behind a spring of burglaries on miami ach. he was shoeless of they caught him. he stood on a chair, removed a ceiling tile and began pulling he was eventually y ved to a holding cell. two armed menearing ski masks bursting in. police say they went into the people's pawn and jewelry on secondstreet and 30th avenue. one of the robbers tried firing his gun but it did not go off. no one was injured and those crooks did get away. frank freshwaters who spent 55 years on the run being before recanted in florida last year is now a free man in the eyes of the law. the parole board claimed the 79-year-old had turned his life around
6:39 am
freshwaters been livingunder the alias of william cox. he w wl highlight the significant progress the american economy has made since he signed the recovery a act. the vp told senior mexican officials the negative message was disturbing. both sides signed agreements to.. the cuban graffiti artist known as el sexto's exhibition set r a gallery in south beach. the exhibition will include paintings of those famous pigs as well a art that he
6:40 am
jail. when asked what he thinks about president obama's upcoming trip to cuba, he says if someone supports an assassin, basically you are an accomplice, end quote. the south beach wine and food festival is in town. see how the big event kicked off as we showed you all that happened last night. we're taking you under the moon and stars for a heat gala. the star-studded performance. you'll see it next. currently we have attempt in the 50s and the cool weather w wl be around for the weekend. gorgeous shot if our hollywood beach cam. it's only going to get better as we approach sunre. police say an officer wa fired at during a traffic stop. follow us on-air right here and on the web at
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your updates. the case linked to the 2010 rig explosion and the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. prosecutors say he botched a negative pressure test and missed clear signs of trouble fore that explosion. the april 2010 blast killed 11 worke and caused millions of gallons to oil to spew for weeks. a package from a cruise ship battered by a major storm in the atlantic ocean, that lawsuit says royal caribbean knew orr should have nope for warnings for hurricane force winds before anthem of the seas s sail from new jersey. the 4500 passengers on that ship encountered 30 foot waves right off of north carolina. the propulsion system
6:44 am
crews returned to new jersey. passengers did receive a refund. the wine and food festival finally began. >> thehevent is a major attraction to south florida. the food network and the cooking channel will also be expanding their events and adding for activities in ft. lauderdale. they didhat wednesday night but the main event is in south beach where there's a little something for everyone. >> 90 events, i challenge you to find an event that doesn't speak to what you love in food and drink. >> the weather is going to be spectacular, so no reasov for you not to enjoy the food and wine festival this weekend on south beach. there's a lot of activities this weekend. i'm happy to tell you the weather's going to cooperate. it's cool out there. you're going to need a
6:45 am
56 degrees up miami. relative humidity 67% with a north northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. great shot over the horizon, ft. lauderdale. temperature 54. 54 is what it feels like as you walk out the door. 72% humidity and northwest wind at 8 miles per hour. we do have a temrature of 61 in the keys. we are expecting sunrise in about three minutes and it's going to be a beautiful day. temperature right now anywhere between 7 and 11 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. we expecting our temperature inland broward and miami-dade to reach the 40s. they will be dipping down to the 40s where along the coast we'll hang on to possibly 50 degrees in miami. we can thank high pressure for this beautiful weather we're going to have the next few days. because of that north breeze it is expected to keep us cool, keep us relatively more like winter for us here in
6:46 am
that's our dominant weather feature. it dries out the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere and that air settles down at the surface. unfortunately our friends across the northeast are dealing with yet still some snow from the great lakes and into the northeast. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. much of the nation feeling more like winter from coast to coast. they are waking up the 50s and microsoftly highs in the 90s. it will be warmer there than here in south florida. cool and sunny going into your saturday morning. highs will only reach the 70s across parts of south florida today, tomorrow and sunday. if you can't get outdoors today because you have to work, you can do so saturday and sunday. we'll see the warmup as we go into early next week. lows ithe 60s by tuesday and monday as well. >> all right, j%lie, thanks so much. we have a double traffic alerts in miami-dade county. off of lejeune road is where ben kennedy has been live all morning.
6:47 am
between fourth and eighth street. that activity happening off of northwest seventh street. for anyone who typically takes lejeune to get to the dolin, you're going to face major trouble instead. i would truck it a little further east. police will be here for quite some time. now to my folks who travel to the macarthur causeway eastbound. this is 35 eastboundjust as soon as you exit off of i-95. we've got an accent scene here. we've got at least two lanes blocked there and you see the mess from sky 10. even worse from here. that camera is right off of i-95. traffic barely getting by. that's right off to the exit ramp from i-95 as you're approaching that exit to biscayne boulevard. yikes, right. if you work on the beach and typically take this route to get to the beach, you're going to e some major issues. i saw the tow truck out there which is good. if you're saying
6:48 am
hurry this morning, just take the julia tuttle causeway and head to the beach. in addition to that, palmetto expressway traveling nthbound at 58th street, we've got a crash there as well. we're seeing a slowdown with those speeds at 24 miles per hour. broward county we've been accident-free all morning long. all right. let's talk a little sports. steph curry and the warriors coming off a big win in the heat. third quarter aaron gordon from dunk contest fame, but steph curry doing whate does. half court off the glass, 51 for curry. 128 consecutive games with a three-pointer. warriors get the win. they are 52 and 5 5 still on pace to break the record for most winss in the season. now to an update on the status of chris bosh team president pat riley told the sun c centinel,
6:49 am
whether b bh would be a loss for the entire season. american airlines arena rocking for uer the moon and stars gala. goran dragic on hand. to raise money for the miami heat charitable fund which sports several charities all across south florida. when we come back, in flight controversy. >> the family says they were kicked off ann airplane because their son had an allergic reaction. we told you about this cute little cat who ended up near naples way far from her wisconsin home.
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fuzzy reunion next. less isn't more. less is dull. but more... find fantasy shows. more is amazing. more says "like that? get a load of this." dig`thrillers? here's a whole thrill ride. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win.
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you want more of it. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. an arizona family is back home after they say an allergic reaction led to them being kk off their flight. >> the family on a flight from washington ate to arizona and the
6:52 am
their 11-year-old had some kind of allergic reaction. they say the flight attendant first moved them to the back and then had them kicked off the plane. at that point when they were leaving other passengers started applauding. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm slrry. it's not my fault because one of them had a dog and i said no way, i'm not getting off this plane with my dogs. so we got deboarded off the plane. >> what passengers didn't know is that child's father@ had cancer and that trip was part of a bucket list. now to an especially emotional reupimillinois. we told you about this story yesterday, a cat finally back with her openers after being found hundreds of miles away if her home. nadia the cat was in wisconsin and fast
6:53 am
now she's in naples. they say they wish she could talk and tell them what the heck have you been up to. >> the first thing nadia will be like is where's lunch. >> don't worry about what i've been doing. i'm fine. i always was wonderingwhen people take their service pets and therapy ts on the flights, what if somebody was allergic, i wondered what can happen. >> for people to applaud. >> people can be mean. a stretch of lejeune road is still closed as the investigation continueue
6:54 am
6:55 am
straight ahead. breath taking, that's all i can say. screen.
6:56 am
look at that beautiful sunrise we have right now over ft. lauderdale tower cam. just gorgeous out there. barely a cloud in the sky. looking beautiful in miami as well. temperature are in the 50s. you're going to need a sweater and jacket. low 50s right now in homestea anywhere between five and 11 degrees cooler. highs today will only be reaching the low to mid 70s. traffic alert to get to this morning. ifif you are trying too head to the peach, we've got heavy delays in downtown miami. 35 east bound just past i-95. that exit ramp is partially blocked due to some police activity and an accident scene. traffic not moving at all this morning. also if you're traveling off of lejeune road, we've got heavy delays. northbound lanes still shut down between fourth and ninth street. instead take 27t avenue. top stories this morning, four people in custody after a traffic stop escalated to gunfire. police say and officer was shot at on lejeune road. the officer was not hit.
6:57 am
kansas is being connected to south florida. cedric ford who killed three people and shot several more once lived in miramar. he has a history of arrests in broward county. police have not released a motive but they are ruling out terrorism. also breaking this morning a third suspect in the shooting death of 16-year-old king carter has been arrested. a 16-year-old taken into custody this morning. he's charged with second degree murder and attempted murder along with two others. debate night for the republican candidates in texas on thursday. things got a little heated with donald trump. senators marco rubio and ted cruz trading js. the candidates are now focused on super tuesday which is just a few days away. the democratic primary is in south carolina. that's tomorrow. glenna millberg is there. she will have all your live reports. keep it here on local 10 >> the g.o.p. debate on "good morning america" continues now.
6:58 am
with a live, local news update. >> take us with you on or with the app. it's cold out there but beautiful. the sun is out. hope everybody has a fantastic weekend.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> weekend, here we good morning, americic breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworkss at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking t t make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joinc us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to


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