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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> constance: right now to a big traffic aler this noon headed into miami. that exit ramp at 395 is shut down the mack a ter causeway to i-95 after a bridge joint came loose and fell off. right now crews are woworking to
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>> kristi: as you can imagine, is causing major delay on that roadway. local 10's hatzel vela is joining us from miami with more on what you need to know. hatzel? >> reporter: kristi, i can tell you and show that you crewsws right now are frantically working trying get this bridge-joint fixed. what happened is we are told around 7:00 this morning, this came loose and cars started runningng over it. at least four cars had some flat tires. other cars had undercarriage damage. another one had rim damage. obviously you can kind of see the kind of damage a metal pole can cause. se it for yourself. live pictures. you can see crews tryinto fix this and get this done. i have joe sanchez with me of florida highway patrol. joe, talk abobout how long did this start? it started in the morning. what kinof troubles did we see? >> started at 7:40 and of course rush-hour traffic and we were faced with a situation where people were tied up in traffic.
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traffic to i-95 northbound and southbound and kept the traffic going as quickly -- kept it flowing as much as we could. >> reporter: we know it is still a mess. talk about the t tie-ups that go back all wait to where? >> at one point 97th avenue and 136th. >> reporter: the goa is to get this fixed though?h? >> absolutely. what we did we basically got -- we escorted the crew in quickly to fix the roadway and we realized the impact to miami beach as they celebrate food and wine. we are doing everything as possible with miami beach. an advisory put out to visitors of alternative roads to use and we are hopewe are hoping to get this opened up as quickly as possible. you can see they are opening -- working hard to open the roadways. >> reporter: alternative roads. >> i-95. the on-and-off ramps to the beach are open at this time. the only thing we are asking motorists to aoff of 836
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>> reporter: joe sanchez with miami beach patrol. you can see crews now trying to joint. basically a large piece of metal that came loose and causemetal that came loose and caused this trouble early this morning we are going to stay on the groundndut before we leave you, toss it back to constance jones our traffic expert in the morning and she will give you sort of a wider look as to what is happening when it comes to traffic, constance. >> conststce: thank you for that update out in the field because it is obviously good to know to not take the dolphin afteron. it. a live look at the mcarthur causeway. cameras facing west, east here for anyone trying to head to the beach, especially for the wine and food festival. it is going to be a major problem. take the julia tuttle causeway. closures in place. it starts at the dolphin expressway eastbound from 7th avenue all the way over here to t-95. that's where we have the closures in place. you heard the trooper mention
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we got to travel w wtbound, eastbound this afternoon. traffic forced off of 7th avenue and take 441 to head back north or take flagler street to head eastbound, westbound instead this afternoon. also the julia tuttle causew is going to be your only route for those folks headed toward the beach. >> kristi: thanks a lot, constance. new at noon, a third person is in custody in connection with the shooting death of a 6-year-old little boy. king cart he was shot and killed playing outside of his miami-dade home. local 10's sanela sabovic is live in miami, and sanela, what are we learning about this latest, the ird suspect? >> reporter: good afternoon, kristi. another teenager only 16 years old. he has been identified as tamar he has been identified as tamar teems arrested in connection with little king carter's shooting. no stranger breaking the law. he has been arrested in the past on grand theft charges. we caught up with his mother
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changed his life and he was nochanged his life and he`wasnowhere near the scene of the crime on saturday. miami-dade police announcing a third arrest in the shooting death of 6-year-old king carter. tamar teems was taken into custody this morninfrom his miami home. police say the 16-year-old provided a detailed confession to the crime. they say t+ eems along with two other teenagers, erven pressley and adams got fight with media. the three drove to an apartment complex last saturday at northwest 12th avenue to go after ju ju. at that point that king was caught in a shootout when to the group, dying at ryder trauma center. teems mother who didn't want to appear on camera said her son had no involvement with the shooting andd visiting a friend. she said her son was beaten to confessing to this crime when she was at the police station a claim that the miami beach
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denies. teems co-defendanan and before a judge on thursday facing first and second-degree murder charges. now police are still looking for the getaway vehicle used in this crime. it is a 1999 black lexus with intentwith intented windows. possible temporary tags bm g8 25. bmp 6457. back out live now, the teens will appear in juvenile court around 1:30 this afternoon. carter today. tomorrow. reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news >> constance: all right, sanela, thank you so much. nother man is behind bars after being involved in a shootingngthat left another teen injured and one other dead. antow gilbert was arrested in the shoting death that left a teen killed. also involved in the deadly shooting of david goldarn.
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while hanging out in f@ront of a porch near northwest 19th avenue and 75th street on wednesday. police say the two victims may have shot someone over something that was posted on social media. and developing n ow at noon, a miami police officer was am busched and shot at several times during a traffic stop earlier today. and thankful flee that officer was not shirt. police made several arres right after that shooting and local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is live in miami with the latest on this one. ben? >> reporter: yeah, kristi. a close call for this police officer sht at several times. he did not get hurt, and the ones behind this crime, did get caught. in fact we just got this surveillance video. take a look. the system does glitth a bit but shows the scary moments. you can see the squad car with flashing lights pull over the hyundai and then a door opens and someone shot at that officer. and the car thenook off.
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to catch four people, two guys and two womewho were cuffed and taken in after detectives said they shot at a police officer. >> we don't know why this violent action, but,, you know, it is something that has us very worried. >> reporter: it happened at 4 a.m. on friday when an officir pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop atouthwest 5th street and 43rd avenue in miami. its there that someone in this hyundai pulled the trigger aiming at the policeman. >> the danger that law enforcement faces something as simple as a traffic stop. >> reporter: the officer did not get hurt and called in as three passengers took off and pulled over on northwest 9th street. detectives have questioned the group to see why they shot at a cop. >> this could have easily turned in something else. this individual are facing a slew of charges, very serious charges, and again a very open investigation and we can't@ get into some of the details.
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eight hours since that shootingeight hours since that shooting. you can see behind me lejeuneroad is back open at this hour. the police officer did no@t return fire because it happened so fast. we are waiting for the names and charges to be released. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> kristi: all right, ben, thank you so much. another shooting that happened this noon this one in miramar. one man was shot in the leg. sky 10 above that scene at south doug also road earlier. the motive of that particular shooting is really just unclear. developing right now at noon, students returning back to class after several bomb threats at several elementary elementary schls in broward county. now police say that a call came in with bomb threats for west heights, also for darkdale and oreo elementary schools early this morning. sky 10 was over the keen at westwood heights elementary in ft. lauderdale. students and staff evacuated standing right outside the campus happening along
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street. and also at larkdale elementary school in lauderhill, the students were evacuated to a park nearby while polic checked out the school along 31st avenue and west sunrise boulevard. the scene the same also at the lakes. you can see the police and the bomb squadhere. police say all three schools were cleared. right now we e learning more today about a man who went on that shooting rampage at afactory in kansas. he has south florida connectionhe has south florida connections. cedric ford once lived in miramar. he has history of arrests in broward county and charges of burglary and grand theft and fleeing from police in 2000 and fleeing and eluding police in pembroke pines that also happened in the year 00 and possession of burglary tools thax napped miramar in 1997. cedric ford was served with a protection notice from abuse order that was about 90 minutes
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he killed three people before he was shot and killed by police in that shootout. >> reporter: investigators are getting closer today to understanding what led to the terrifying shooting rampage in a small kansas community >> the gun was strapped to him. he was rey to go. >> reporter: gunman now identified as 38-year-old cedric larry ford just before 5 p.m. thursday, officials said he open fired from hs car on other driversounding two in separate locations. then he drove to his workplace. >> the shooter then takes that victim's car, travels on up here to where xcel is. >> reporter: ford arrives to xcel industries in heston armed with a rifle and handgun. he shot one person in the parking lot of the still have plant before goi inside. >> everyone was trying to get out of the shooting. >>eporter: three people killed and four others injured
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>> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: hundreds of employees escaped the building. their family and f@iends anxiously waiting outside. >> oh, my god! >> i finally got to see him. i was just -- i didn't want to let him go. >> reporter: now safely reunited with hiswife, jared says ford was a hard guy to get to know. >> really quiet. he really didn't sayuch. >> reporter: months ago ford posted this picture and this video f himself on facebook firing an ak-style rifle. he had an extensive criminal record including arrest for burglary and battery. less than two urs before his rampage, deputyrampage, deputies served ford with a proteteion order at work. they said he was upset and he left the plant. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. also right now new at noon, south carolina. that is where a gunman was found dead after shooting a the
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that deputy was shot and hurt early this morning as she went out of her patrol car. the gunman took ofoff and barricaded him self in a home and that's where polie found him dead. the deputy is in serious but stable coition right now. you are the only person on the stage that has ever been fined for hiring people to work on your pjects illegally. >> i am the only one in the stage that has hirerepeople. you haven't hired anybody. >> constance: all right, publican presidential candidates takecandidates taking to the stage in houston one last time before super tuesday florida senator marco rubio was ready too debate. some political analysts calling him the winner over front runner donald trump. meanwhile, democratic presidential candidates are getting ready for southcarolina's primary tomorrow. >> reporter: gop front runner donald trump is flanked by rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> reporter: uploaded the opposition playbook on sfruvrp we are losewe are losing so much with
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>> i don't understand because your ties in the clothes you make are made it mexico and china so you will be tradechina so you will be trading a trade war against your own ties and suits. >> reporter: trump was accused of hhiring undocumented wwkers. >> only person whoever been fined for hiring people to work on your immediately. >> i am the only one on the stage that ever hired people. you haven't hired anybody. returns. >> i want to release my tax returns and i can't release it because i am under and awedspit he doesn't want to do it because presumably it is something in there that is bad. >> reporter: carson delivered a head scratching comment how he would fill the vacancy >> the fruit salad of their life is what i would look at. >> reporter: a charlie wilson concert ahead of the soutut carolina primary and talked race at a north charleston church. rnie sanders was on a midwest tour. his biggest crowd of the day was in president obama's homewas in president obama's
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>> constance: and again south carolina's docratic primary is tomorrow. local 10 news reporter glenna milberg will be there. she will have live reports for us all weekend long. a different elececon to talk about. the op snition jamaica won a naow victory in parliamentary there. largest english-speaking country in the caribbean. the labor party captured 33 pots in the 636-seat parliament. enough to form a government. he promises to create more jobs and improve economy and education and health care. porsche simpson miller@ predicted that the people's national party will retain their power.r. new for you at noon, no clear winner in the irst round of voting in the fifa election. caused a big surprise by pulling in the most votes. this the is first time voting for the presidential election has reached a second round since 1974. you may remember l the world football governing body and
12:17 pm
later banned from football for six years. this came after bladder was found guilty of fifa ethics region. also at noon, a florida appeals court is ordering the enforcement of a state law that requires women to wait 24 hours before getting an abombs. the appeal lifted an injunction to block the waiting period from taking effect with a decision of the three-judge panel it contended that circuit judge did not have enough facts or evidence to support blocking the law. a quick check of the stock market right now.dow down 10 points to 16,666. nasdaq up 5 points not too bad to 45 87. there. new at noon, the man known as the bare foot burglar is going before a judge. >> constance: what happened in court today and how he jail. and the oar is this weekend and you can only watch it right here on local 1. some predictions who can be the big winner this year. sunny and a cool 69 degrees
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actually cool, south florida. and it is such a glorious day with all that sun.n. weekend. you d d't want to miss the seven-day forecast. i will have all that when we return. and your traffic alert this afternoon. again 395 and exit at i-95 is closed. state troopers telling run about do not take the dolphin expressway. take flagler. the airport expressway. it will cause major traffic problems for anyone heading to
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welcome back only here on local 10. a raid happening at a home in ft. lauderdale possibly involving child pornography. >> constance: local 10 news reporter layron livingston is live on scene with the latest. layron. >> reporter: good afternoon, neighbors tell us that northeast 5th terrace was completely bcked off as authorities involved to execute pornography investigation. the property interestingly enough sits between a park to the south aand ft. lauderdale high school just a couple of blocks here to the north. and here is some video we want to show that you we got once we first got here on scene. this is what happened. authorities had toget control of one of the men involved in this investigation who was not too happy about our camera being here on this street. he and another man were eventually escorted behind the fence. in the meantime, investigators
12:22 pm
imes against children task force ft. lauderdale police and broward county deputies were in and out of this house here collecting and logging evidence. and i spoke with a couple of neighbors watchg this unfold. one of them the father of a 5-year-old little girl who lives right next door to this home. >> whatever community you are living in, you know, you always have to monitor your cldren at all times. they seemed like very nice gentlemen and everything. real polite. real respectful and everhing, but like i say, hey, some people are like jeckyl and hyde. you never know who you are dealing with or who you are living around. >> reporter: back li here on northeast 5th terrace and ft. we are hearing this investigation began some time in january, and the neighbors tell us that this task force has been here at least until 7:00 this morning. they are still here and we are still working to get more information about this, and as soon as we have more information, we will definitely pass it alg to you on local 10 and so far no arrests have been made at this point.
12:23 pm
livingston, local 10 news. >> kristi: layron, thanks. a hialeah gardens couple accused of ewings fake money are in trouble. arrested now in key largo. police @ound close to 20 counterfeit bills in their wallet as well as a truck. the tip came in from a business where carver-hall tried to use a fake $100 bill to purchase some fishing gear. they believe they may be aroround similar crimes across the area. new at noon, the man known as the bare foot burglar making an appearance in court. we are also learning that he tried to escape while in custody. loloal 10 news reporter liane morejon is live in miami with the details. >> reporter: constance, we first told but this guyy yesterday, a serial burglar caught in miami beach aftet a night of burglarynight of burglaries. today he and before a bond court judge in the courthouse right behind me. and whave also learned that while he was in custody last night, he tried to make a run for it. >> everything came out on the
12:24 pm
>> reporter: john carlos cairo >> he has no name is this. he clearly indicated and gave himself the title of bare foot burglar and advised us he would be receiving media attention. >> reporter: better known as the bare foot burglar, cairo is back in front of a judge. the 19-year-old is facing several charges of burglary, grand theft and even attempted escape. >> i guess the police when he leaves the tennis shoes on the couch inside thhouse which isn't his. >> reporter: miami beach police arrest al qaeda row early thursday morning when he went on a burglary spree hitting at least four homes, including this one on prairie drive where a family slept inside. police say he left his sneakers behind on the couch >> the subject we nolearned first entered the parked bentley that was in the driveway, stole a few items from it and walked the perimeter of the home and entered through an unlocked window. >> reporter: while in custody at the miami beach police departments, cairo allegedly
12:25 pm
eiling. cairo who was homeless was already on probation for burglary when he was arrested on these new charges. >> reporter: cairo is being held on a total of $68,000 bond. he must appear in court once again on monday for that case he was on prbation for. we are live in miami this afternoon, liane morejon, local 10 news. it was very y scary. people were coming out their door and everything. we didn't know -- you know what i am saying. everybody just was shook up around here. >> constance: yeah, now hearing from neighbors this ternoon after a house fire and explosion in ft. lauderdaleand explosion in ft. lauderdale. it happened on northwest 11th court north of sunriss boulevard. take a look at this. the wall in the home collapsed after some sort of explosion. neighbors say the blast could be heard several houses down. >> it was a loud boom like that and then some. but other than that, it shook everything. shook people's houses.
12:26 pm
unclear what exactly caused that explosi. a boil water order for residents in north miambeach. affecting homes and businesses on this map along northeast 166on this map along northeast 166th street east of 35th avenue. crews will be from thaaarea repairing the water main all day long. in the meantim, residents are advised to boil their water for at least one minute fore drinking it and using to cook. the weekend is almost here. >> i can feel it. >> it is gorgeous outside>> it is gorgeous outside andd may be cold in the tour debroward. >> jennifer: kristi and constance, even though a lot of sunshine and temperatures are below average. and, yes, the cool weather is lasting into the weekend but, wow, it is gorgeous. when you see all this sunshine, you will want to head out to the beach, of course. so a lot of people are. of course, if you were underneathunderneath the sun, you will eventually warm up. underneath the shade you are -- holding ono the upper 60s.
12:27 pm
we can still warm up in the next hour or two. so we will hit those higighs in the low 70s. now winds out of the north and northwest up to 15 miles per hour in hooestead, so a little breezybreezier there. lighter breeze for ft. lauderdale and at 9 miles per hour. looking at the radar and satellite. not a cloudin sight. not even rain and nice and dry forfor rest of the day and clouds over the gulf of mexico and also over the atlantic.this is actually another front that is coming through latereon in just a few hours, but it is really weak. it will not produce any rainfall. what it will do is reinforce cold air behind it. we wiltalk about temperatures up north and friends in the panhandle becauseet this hour still in the e 50s.low 60s central florida and then right up about here is where you will see that cold front is because temperatures are into the upper 60s. so this is actually going to cool us down even more tonight
12:28 pm
a lot of sunshine in ft. lauderdale. if you were planning to head to the beach, that sunshine, slight rip current risk, the surf 2 to 3 feet, and out on the water small-craft advisory still in effect. the seas are 5 to 7 feet. the base with a moderate shop. so -- chop. so highs today getting to 72 degrees. this is well we low -- below the average. we should be in the 70s. tonight 51. clear and chilly and beautiful night to head out, bundle up. we continue with this cool weather throughout rest of the weekend. a lot of sunshine and pretty stable as we start off next week. your weather authority keeping you on track with the latest forecast. chief meteorologist betty davis will be talking about this cool forecast for the weekend starting at 4:00. >> kristi: thanks so much. well, a major milestone finishing high school. what do you do after that? that is also important. >> constance: a conference for miami-dade students considered role models and janine stanwood
12:29 pm
gentleman niece, what are these students learning today? >> reporter: well, constance, kristi, i think i speak for a lot of people when the college application process can be very stressful and sometimes confusing and that is what today was s ll. those students had an opportunity to ask questions and also meet with mentors who can help guide them through life after high school. >> reporter: jesus morel is a senior at northwest miami beach high school with dreams of going to college and playing baseball. we be the first of his family to go to college but the application process is something that can be overwhelmsomething that can be overwhelming and confusing. >> i come from a broken home as ll. my parents divorced. times you don't get the supporttimes you don't get the support. >> reporter: where 5,000 role models of excellence steps in. the program mentors young men like jesus helping to guide them through life after high school. jesus is able to focus on his study and weigh his many options for the future. >> i am a athlete. ma thank is my passion.
12:30 pm
i am also really interested in politics. >> reporter: florida memorial unersity hosted this annual event. the auditorium packed with 300 high school seniors listening to presentations, asking qutions, wanting to understand the college process more from admission procedures to financial aid. >> we think it is absolutely necessary for them to -- to have an outlet, to have sounding board, to have somebody to bounce ideas off ofsomebody to bounce ideas off of. >> reporter: the program is currently in 99 different high schools in miami-dade county. today not only about college but studentss were able to learn more about vocational programs, military life and what it takes to be a police officer or fire fighter. >> laying out the options for them and letting them know that there are individuals in their corner to help them make the best decisions for their lives. >> reporter: this program has seen a 96% graduation rate. so they have had a lot of success. and even once these students graduate from high schchl, does t doesn't really stop there.
12:31 pm
with them to make sure theywith them to make sure they stay on right path. reporting liv from miami gardens, jenise fernandez. a model of "sports illustrated" magazine. >> constance: cheryl tiegs is>> constance: cheryl tiegs is blasting "sports illustrated" for putting a plus-size model on the ver. and karla has your tip to make your oscarsunday amazing. clinton with fuller house @odi sweeten and i am in the hot seat. com lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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sold between december of 2014 and january of this year. now the company says the adjuster button used to harness the button may be within the child's reaach; however, evenflo does know that there have been no reports of injuries problem. > on dr. oz moment, buililding your emotional health. we have some ways to improve itwe have some ways to improve it. >> hi, i am dr. oz. resiliency plays a major role in emotional health. here is how this build yours. establish a strong support system of family and friends. develop realistic goals. think of small tasks that you can complete daily and cultivate an optimimstic outlook by visualizeby visualizing what you want instead of focusing on fear. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weeekday afternoon right here on local 10. and former model cherylie g is criticizing"sports illustrated"from putting it and citing dr. oz.
12:36 pm
plus-sized model to do that. tieg said i don't like that we are talking about full-figured women because it is glamour rising them because your waist should be smaller than 35 inches. that is wht dr. oz says and i am sticking to it. ti geshtion s took to social media saying she would like to clarify some of those thoughts regarding body weight. i don't think being anorexic or bulimia or overweight can be healthy. all are connected to serious health issues. i want everyone to be as haley as they can be. a 23-year-old man is under arrest prending of all things to be a high school student. >> constance: and he even now has -- was on the honor roll?
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
school hoax after the br developing this morning, another deadly plane crash in nepal. officials say a small plane with 11 people on board crashed in western nepal just today. according toinitial reports, at least one person is dead at the scene. the plane and to have som technical gifts when it was
12:40 pm
you may remember on wednesday, 23 other peopl were killed in a plane crash in centralal nepal that happened midway through what should have been a 19what should have been a 19-minute flight. the black box for that flight has been found, anddow investigators are looking into exactly what caused that crash. a ship rounding a battleground leaving people aground during a blizzard. the icebreaker killing 68 pele broke free from its moorings and drifted on to the rocks. no one was hurt but 37 people taken to the land there. the crewmeers will remain on board to get that vessel floating once again. no word on exactly how long it will take, but the e ip is said not to have much damage. bill cosby has dropped a defamation lawsuit against one of his accusers. in her new book, model beverly johnson accused him of drugging and tried to raper back in the '80s. hehe won't be in the case because
12:41 pm
they plan to refile at a later date. a 23-year-old man is facing charges accused of posing as a high school student in pennsylvania and make the honor role. he pretended to be asher to stay in the country legally. he is a ukrainian man named arthur asamran. overstayed his visa. he came up with this phony alter ego complete with a social security card and a driver's license. he enrolled as a freshman four years ago and was just abobot to graduate. mean you have girls in the school that are minor and under age and off grown man misrepresenting himself. >> constance: he did have a 4>> constance: he did have a 4.1-point grade point average and inducted into the nationana honor society and an active member of the student governme and represented his classmates at a local school board and volunteered at the food bank. >> kristi: a crazy story. his one is the first for police.
12:42 pm
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well, a arizona family a back home after they say an allergic reaction led to them being kicked off their flight. the family was on a flight from washington sight arizona and their flight got delyed when their 7-year-old had some sort of allergic reaction. the family think because there was a dog on the plane. the flight attendant moved them to the back of the plane and had to kick them off. at one point they said other passengers applauded. >> i am sorry. i am crying. and it is not my fault. it is your fault because one of them had a dog and said, o waythem had a dog and said, no way, i am not getting off this plane with my dog, and so if he didn't, so we got deboarded off the plane. >> kristi: yeah. >> constance: what a cute little kid. the child's father has terminal cancer and they were making the
12:46 pm
family. the family has been in contact with the airline but they say compensation. >> kristi: what a story. >> constance: that is quite the story. >> kristi: a cute ltle boy. a strange story. one of the strangest police chases caught on camera. officers in california spent hours tracking down a unicorn. california. it was a pony dressed up like a party. it darted out in the street narrowly missing cars and tried for hours to catch the pony with a horn and caused in -- callele in a helicopter to track her down >> the calls coming down a unicorn out there running on the roadway.
12:47 pm
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horse managed t . crunch time. steven curry and the warriors. warriors beat them 130-114. they are now 512-5. what?t? and on pace to break the record for most wins in a season. > and the heat are trying to bounce back after their tough loss to the warriors. slade thompson and seth curry burning up the heat in the scorching fourth quarter. came down to the wire. a major update of the status of chris bosh with his blood clot scare. the team president pat riley told the sun sentinel that doctors are exploring options. we not comment whether or not season. and only a few days away from now the oscars. a big question in everyone's
12:51 pm
chris connolly has a breakdown of this year's contenders. >> reporter: "star wars: the force awakens" occupying everybody's end of the year contention and hashtag oscar is so white setting off a compelling conversation, chatter who have will win the academy awards has been on the back burner until now. in supporting actor, creed lvester stallone is the 6th actor ever nominated twice for playing g he same character, rocky baa boa. mark ryeland in bridge of. and mark ruffalo, impassioned in "spotlight. report and alicia de cantor in "the danish girl." katwinslet in steve jobs. >> i don't care if she put a
12:52 pm
>> reporter: h h "titanic" co-star leonardoicaprio is expected to take home the best actor for "the revenant." >> reporter: 26-year-old br ee >> reporter: 26-year-old br ee larsen in 2002, on track to earn a best actress academy award for "room." best pcture, "spotlight" has a great ensemble cast at the top of their game. >> when i say it is time. >> it is time. >> reporter: tackles a difficult subject with daring. and "revenant" has that bear. look for it. the highest grossing of the best picture nominees hunts down the top prize. >> kristi: that was my favorite. look how beautiful she is. eva longoria will take her message of the lack of diversity to the oscars and the
12:53 pm
she is asking people attending the academy award to wear brown to show lack of representation of latinos in film. to tweet brown ribbon cafe and ground out as well. don't miss the oscars all the fun and excitement on sunday night hosted by y chris rock. it will be great. you can watch it on local 10. the red carpet kicks off at 7:00. lookinforward to it. and looking forward to this beautiful shot out here. look at thi beautiful weather. we are playing beautiful weather to go with this beautiful weather. our miami tower cam, of course, where there is not a cloud in the sky and it is lookg awesome. we are in for a great weekend.
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well, held one of its most prestigious water 'vents known for massive waves that even some could not handle. [c[ceering] >> wow, that was one of many wipeouts during the quicksilver in memory of the contest bear. the event only takes place when ves top 20 feet. that has not happened since 2that has not happened since 2009. a lot of screaming the. yesterday it well topped over 50 feet50 feet. >> constance: do people kay cowabunga. >> jennifer: i felt those butterflies in my stomach. absolutely gorgeous across south florida. key west. a lot of sunshine.
12:57 pm
upper 60s for key west alrlrdy hitting those 70s for miami and ft. lauderdale. no rain. barely any clouds just a reinforcing shot of cold air as high pressure builds in behind it. the weather authority will keep you with the latest forecast. of course, yo can watch bett davis our chief certified meteorologist start agent 4:00. kristi. >> kristi: thanks a lot. have a great weekend. "the chew" is next.
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1:00 pm for your breaking >> announcer: have no fear, friday is here, and we are celebrating by serving up delicious "chew"-approved weekend eats. we're wrapping up "chewer challenge" week and putting mario to the ultimate culinary test. then, she's everywhere you look, and she's in our kitchen -- star of "fuer house" jodie sweeten stops by to cook up a dish you'll shout "cut it out." plus, michael visits a hot new restaurant that's serving up favorites with a sururising twist. >> that's crispy shiitake bacon. bacon that's made out of mushrooms. >> wow, that's really good. >> announcer: the weekend fun starts right now on "the chew."


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