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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> calvin: sky 10 live off the top showing you a highway hazard that took almost all day to fix. part of a bridge on i-3 p 95 broken and workers race to repair it ls and that led to a huge traffic backup that has lasted almost all day long. it all started about 7:30 this morning. >> calvin: and the broken bridge led to four cars getting flat tires and lots of frustration on this busy friday. local10 news reporter hatzel vela live now with the repair work and good news for us, too, hatel, right? >> hatzel: that's right, calvin. second ago we were told that the kai highway has since repopped we're talking about 395 and we're on the off-ramp that takes to you downtown mimii. you can see the cruiser coming down the off-ramp here. that's a sign that these folks, commuters will be able to finally come down 395. such a headache as you mentioned. let's take you to some live pictures from sky 10. you can see traffic slowly starting to move here.
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seconds ago folks on the highway were removing some of those cones, and now hopefully traffic will start to move. this is a headache that started around 7:00 this morning and it took hours to fix. we were there as crews finally got it out. it's called a bridge joint, a long piece of metal which this morning came loose, causing quite a mess on 395 eastbound near the downtown exit. >> we got a call that vehicles were running over something. >> hatzel: at least four cars got flat tires, others had damage to the undercarriage and rims. highway patrol had to immediately close the highway, causing backups at one point that reached all the way to 87th avenue past the palmetto. crews spent all afternoon clearing the damage and filling it with what they call flexible concrete. the binge bridge, built in 1970, gets inspected every two years. state officials staih this rarely happens -- say this
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at this point they say they don't know what cause this had joint to come loose. >> if you're on 836 get off. use flagler, eighth street, coral way noir other way that takes you east. >> laurie: and it is likely that you should still follow -- >> hatzel: and it is likely that you still should follow that advice because even though this is what we wanted to see, relief for a lot of commuters' cars now finally able to travel on 395, especially fhp telling folks to take it easy because it's going to be quite the commute this afternoon, and remember we have wine and food festival happening on south beach, so a lot of the concern was over that, how folks would be able to get to the beach to get access to this festival. but now, as you see it, traffic is back flowing. for now reporting live in downtown miami, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: good to see, hatzel. >> calvin: this highway hazard moves to traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> laurie: she was a different
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a sense of roads right now. >> jenise: the good news to hear that just at the start of rush hour that it has since repopped we are talking with the dolphin x-ray expressway between 95 and 395 but it looks like things are starting to run smoothly like hatzel mentioned, we're still going see a backup, speeds clocking in at at 31 miles per hour. the big concern was the south beach wine and food festival, people worried they would not be able to get there but the other letter alternate is the julia tuttle causeway. a lot of people are probably taking the julia tuttle. speeds on the julia tuttle are at 29 miles per hour. >> laurie: thank you. a new stopt road to recovery fore a little boy who was hit by a cop car. he's now home from the hospital. local10 news reporter erica rakow is live with the very latest for us. >> reporter: antowain lawson wheeled out of the hospital a few hours ago, still nursing a broken femur and a broken pelvic
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one step closer to his recovery. more than a dozen balloons tied to his wheelchair, this loved little boy is six-year-old antowain lawson. he's leaving the hospital. flashes a s,ight grin. he is excited about it. >> what are you going to do when you get home? what's the first thing you're going to do? >> play. >> reporter: antowain has been in the hospital since february 3rd when he was hit by miami police officer while riding his scooter on northwest 5th avenue just west of northwest 58th street. >> it's been a long road to recovery. and we're still taking it one day at a time. >> reporter: police say the boy appeared between two parked trucks making it impossible forster to see the boy before the hitting him. family and friends crowded the street. they recorded all of the aftermath. >> we told me that he looked both ways, he didn't see a car. as he proceeded to cross the street, he just heard a loud enginene that was it. >> reporte it's beenen long three weeks at holtz children's
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>> what was it like staying here? >> boring. >> reporter: he's still in a body cast with a broken pelvis so even fights not back to riding his scooter, antowain is looking for forward to back to his video games. >> he's been wanting to go home since the first day we got here. >> reporter: his stay not all that bad. made the best by the nurses. he, of course, made some friends. his cast filled with autographs from his nursing staff here at the hospital. coming up right here on local10 at 6:00 let you in on the investigation were this crash involving a miami police officer p in live from holtz children's hospital. >> laurie: great to see. thank you. we want to tell about youu another arrest in the case of a little boy who was shot and killed over the weekend. now three suspects in all are behind bars in the death of six-year-oldld king carter. local10 news reporter liane morejon is live with the latest. liane. >> liane: laurie, three suspects behind bars, all of them teenagers.
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tamar teems. he was not present in court today. he is now behind bars. meanwhile, we are in front off the church, friendship missionary baptist church here onorthwest 58th street off of 7th avenue where friends and family are preparing to say goodbye to the victim of this murder. six-year-old king carter, in fact, we just took some video moments ago of king's tiny casket being wheeled out of the hearse and into the church. right now a line of folks great-to enter the church to say goodbye. 16-year-old tamar teems is now the latest teen charged in the shooting death of six-year-old king carter. teems' appearance was waived in juvenile court this afternoon by his court-appointed lawyer. his mother and two family members present in the courtroom. teems was taken into custody early this morning from his miami home. police say teems provided a detailed confession to the crime. teems now faces charges along
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arrested earlier this week, 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18-year-old leonard adams. cops stay a facebook fight with someone named ju ju prompted the trio to drive tie northwest miami-dade apartment complex to look for him. king carter was caught in a shootout between the group at died at ryder trauma center. off-camera teems' mother said that her son had no involvement in the shooting and was visiting a friend when king was killed. in fact, she says police beather son to force a confession, a claim that miami-dade police strongly deny. and back out live outside of the friendship missionar baptist church where friends and family, loved ones, members of the community are lined up outside getting ready to enter the church to say their fin farewells to six-year-old king carter. the family has requested their privacy today though they've been very vocal throughout the investigation, but todod they
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grieve. reporting live in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> calvin: and new details about the mystery of a missing teenager, a father arrrrted in connection with the boy's disappearance talks with local10. our shyann malone spoke with him today and, shyann, the father appears to be out on bond? >> shyann: calvin, as you can imagine, the father very emotional today when i speakak with him. spent the last four weeks behind bars for something see hesays he did not do, and at the end of the day he wants his son augusto return home. >> certainly i want him home, and there's been a groundswell of support from the community, from people we deaton know -- don't even know, and he's got a lot of friends out there, so please come home soon.
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you'll be safe. liane: this all started when aage jgensen and dad bruce got in an argument. the two were in the car and aage got out. bruce admits they had gotten into fights before and he figured he would wal it off, cool off and return home, but he never did. knowing that his son had run away several times in the past, bruce continued to search for him but was arrested for deserting his child of boarding a flight to new zealand for cork. another live look out hor, this is the latest flyer they have made. this is a picture of tague jorgensen. they are now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone about information on where aage jorgensen exxonoming up on mcconnell local10 news at 6:00 we'll hear from dad a some of the reasons why he thinks his son is still out there. reporting live in rt lauderdale, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: let's move to vote 2016 now. new jersey governor chris christie showing his support for donald trump in frump's
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christie endorsed trump at a press conference in texas today. he says there is no one better prepared to lead the country than republican 2016 race. christie also said, "donald trump is someone who when he makes a promise, he keeps it." but trump's credibility was under assault last night at a republican debate hosted by cnn. both marco rubio and ted cruz hammered trump on his positions such as trump's call for government-funded health ce and his support have planned parenthood. one of the sharpest exchanges came when discuss be trump's past use of unimmigrants to work on his building projects. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fine forward hiring people to work on your projects illegaly. >> no, i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> marco iss exactly right, that a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a conspiracy to hire people illegally and entered a $1 million judgment against him.
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now a dozen different states vote in republican primaries on tuesday. it's super tuesday. those states will go a long way in determining whether trumu can maintain his lead in delegates. >> calvin: and for democrats both candidates are campaigning and counting down to the final hours before saturday's south carolina primary. hillary clinton stopped by a soul food restaurant in charleston earlier today. clinton maintains a large lead in south carolina polls thanks in part to strong support among african-american voters despite controversy this week stemming from clinton's past use of the term "super predators." bernie sanders meanwhile held a rally in chicago, illinois last night. sanders spoke at chicago state university and front of several thousand people, and the vermont senanar ramped up his criticism have clinton on issues of free trade and the iraq war. illinois, along with the state of florida, will hold its primary march 15th. >> laurie:e: big bust after a federal raid. coming up, what the feds found after a major crackdown. that story at 4:30.
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we have a preview of hollywood's bibiest night and what could be in store for sunday. >> announcer: and today starting at 5:00. >> we're looki for narcotics. we're looking for anything that's terrorist related. >> announcer: keeping unsafe products from getting in your hands. >> you guys are also ming sure that dangerous or unsafe product don't make it onto our store shelves. >> announcer: christina vazquez
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today starting at 5:00. >> laurie: to the music week the oscars are just two days away, the biggest stars in last year's movies are all hoping to walk away with hololwood east true golden boy. the red carpet is out and it is ready for s sday night. >> calvin: let's get right to hollywood now at left coast and brandi hitt with a look ahead at the big awards show that's coming up this sunday. brandi, nice to see you. >> reporter: nice to see you. hi calvin, hi, laurie. this is the oscar red carpet. you can see it's covered in plastic but you can see
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going up. in 48 hours this is going to look completely finish you're questioning going to s s celebrities on the red carpet. it's going to be backed with international media, everyone anticipating who is going to take home oscar gold. the red carpet is out. and final preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> yeah, i feel so lucky. >> reporte this year eight films are nominated for best picture. the rev nent leads the pack with 12 oscar nods including leonardo dicaprio with his fifth acting nomination. >> i'm just a fan of film. >> reporter: fororest actress cate blanchette against bree larson, and two others. many anticipating what wheels leading ladies will be wearing. >> it's a great with a for me to express what's happening on the inside. >> reporter: inside the governor's ball celebrity chef
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preparing 50 dishes for 1500 guests including a doughnut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry liquor and then we flame then. >> reporter: black stage final rehearsals are underway fortwo-time host chris rock. >> it's nig anybody's guess what he will say. >> reporter: for a second year in the row all 20 of acting nominees are white. the spotlight this year shining bright on who will be and won't be walking the oscar red carpet. and when it comes to oscar's fashion you can expect some wow moments from several presenters including char lease they areon, kerry washington will be here, also lady gaga and sofia vergara walkg the red carpet. reporting live in hollywo, brandi hitt. calvin and laurie. >> calvin: don't forget the oscars this susuay at 6:00 hosted by that guy right there toss going to be super fun web chris rock. you can only watch it right here
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>> laurie: calvin and betty and i laul be here with you for the late news. we want to talk about all the winners and have some fun. >>alvin: absolutely, have some fun. you never know what might happen. >> laurie: you never know. tty, we want to know what's going to happen with the weather thiseekend. >> betty: the weather is going to be great for hollywood, and it's going to be great for hollywood right here in south florida. this weather is really giving us life tonight. we look out through the lens of our mount sinai tower camera, our mallory square camera, everywhere, nothing but blue sky and sunshine all around. check that out. w would you look to be out in those conditions? maybe you have been out in that. probably wanting to take a sweater, though, because temperatures are a touch on the cool side. 70 now in miami, fort lauderdale at 72, hialeah managing to sneak up to 74 degrees. there will be some reinforcing cool air on the way for later tonight. but if you are stepping out for the evening, dry, chilly, by 8:00 some mid-60s out there, not a drop of rainfall in the forecast for the evening
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west-northwest, and with that more delicious air moving in. the air mass just so fantastic right now. high pressure has a good handle on the weather in the south. we're caught in the clockwise flow around that high. as i said, more reinforcing cool airheads in for tonight, and that's going to help cool our temperatures down even more through the overnight hou and we're expecting to start tomorrow morning in the upper 40s in some of your neighborhoods inland, and then closer to the coast around 50. so 50 the forecast low for miami or fort lauderdale. if you're up early, heading to the gym, you may want a light jacket as you're walking across the parking lot. the morning's going to be chilil. the afternoon will even stay cool with our breezee blowing in from the north. temperatures start to moderate by sunday. but the bottom line on this week forecast is that gh pressure in in control, temperatures will tend to run a bit below average. but overall we don't care because it's going to be a beautiful weekend, good for anything you have going on outdoors.
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tomorrow morning around 50, and then the high climbs to around 70 degrees. that's about 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year. then check s sday. still cool sunday morning with lows in the 50s, highs in the mid-70s. by monday more comfortable weather as we're rounding out the month of february, and then starting the month of march, a we'll introduce the chance for a few showers, especially on wednesday as another cold front approaches, and that one could bring a little rain our way, and then we dry out again. more >> laurie: we're learning more but south florida ties to a shooting rampage in kansas. three people were killed, more than a dozen hurt and there is a connection to broward county. local10 ne reporter todd tongen has been working this story. he's live in the newsroom. >> todd: we now know just two hours before said rick ford went on that deadly mass shooting deputies served a protection order to him at work, and he left the plant extremely upset. we also know he was from south
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to police. police say it all began when 38 cedric ford oped fire from his car in two different locations wounding two drivers. they say he then drove to his workplace, expel industries north of wichita, kansas, driving one of the victim's cars police say he was harmed w wh a assault rifle and a handgun. >> the gun was strapped tow him help he was ready to go. >> todd: he shot one person in theock parking lot and thenned. >> the business. he kille three people and injured 14 others. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> todd: hundreds of employees ran from the building escaping the rampage, their family and friends anxiously waiting outside. >> oh, my god. >> i finally got to see him. i was just -- i didn't want to let him go. >> todd: months ago ford if posted a picture and video on facebook firing an ak-style rifle. he is from south florida and he has anxtensive criminal history here in broward county,
4:22 pm
theft. ford area mother and sister live in this apartment complex in homestead. >> do you have anything you'd like to say? >> no, not at this time. >> todd: her neighbors w we shocked to hear of a south florida tight killings. >> it's really surprising to see that it's so close to home. you know, you hear everywhere else, but whenn it's rig here at the door, it is really surprising. >> todd: n n, ford also has an older brother that lives in plantation, but it's in a gated apartment complex and we could not reach him for c cment. at the breaking news desk, todd tongen, local10 new >> calvin: a aad at 4:30 now, an officer ambushed. what happened when a traffic stop erupted into gunfire. >> will: i'mill manso. coming up in sports, how the miami heat may be adding a big piece to the playoff run, coming up. we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? what are fillers?
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>> will: the miami heahave reportedly won the joe johnson sweepstakes.
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reports, including one from yahoo! tonight that it's a done deal. to make the even sweeter the heat edged out teams like lebron's cleveland cavaliers. combed to the report j.j. has agreed to sign th the heat once he clears waivers tomorrow. that tops our sports shot hereat this hour. johnson reached a biout agreement with the brooklyn nets yesterday. we immediately became a a hot commodity. this year he is averaging only 12 points a gamee for the nets, a very bad basketball team. he's a good player, though, seven time all-star, a savvy vet capable of putting up quality production and quality minutes. the negative, j.j. is 34 years old, but then gen so is dwyane wade. if he does officially sign, johnson will n n be allowed to suit up with the heat until march 2n2n i mentioned wade. he and his wife gabrielle union d the rest of the team attending the fundraising gala at the american airlines arena last night. it's an early game tomorrow 3:00 in boston. here's what wade says about the match-up with the celtics.
4:27 pm
challenge. they've got individuals who are first of all, they're tough guys. you know and they have a great stem. and they play within that system very well. it's a tough outing for this team. they play very well lay lot of confidence we have to bring our a game for sure. >> will: he's great but not as good as this guy. that guy right there. catch up with legendary two sport star bo jackson. bo knows everything including burgs, and why he's in south florida this weekend. >> calvin: one of the best ever. i can't wait to see it, will. >> laurie: a lot of folks will dry tows burgers tomorrow. tonight, actually. that'll do it for us at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with victor andndanine with what's happening at the bottom of our. >> janine: here's what's comomg up all new at 4:30. a child porn crackdown in fort lauderdale. what the feds found and who was arrested. it's a one and only exclusive. >> victor: an officer ambushed when a simple track of stop erupts into gunfire. local10 uncovers what happened.
4:28 pm
burglar appears before a judge. what police say he tried to do while they were interviewing him.
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at 4:30. >> victor: right off the top a big bust in fort lauderdale. this is a story you will only see on local10 news. neighbors say theyere surprised at what they saw. >> janine: the stay darted with drama when the feds showed up. local10 news reporter derek shore live in fort lauderdale with this story. derek. >> derek: and what's most concerning to neighbors out here, this home actually sits btween a high school and a city park on the other side. now, today we tried to get a comment from those inside this home but we were told with some expletives to get the heck away. take a look at some video from a little bit earlier this morning. we're told some sort of search warrant was served on this home in connection to possible child porn, two men that seemed to be connected to the house were ushered by federal and local agents behind a fence and questioned but were not arrested. in the meantime, we saw investigators with the south florida internet crimes against children task force, fort lauderdale police, and broward
4:32 pm
the home excellent logging evidence, including what appeared to be computer hard drives. a neighbor who is a mother says she's freaked out. >> they was here, the child investigator told me what was going on here. >> what did he tell you? >> he was like, it's a child importanto going on here. i was -- porno going on here. i was like, wow you didn't know that i'm concerned because my daughter and nieces and news of come here all the time. it's very shopping to me. >> derek: shopping for a lot of people who saw what happened this morning. but again investigators at this point saying no arrested have been made, at least mon made public at this time. they say they'll be sifting through the evidence that they seized this morning and determined if any arrests are needed in the coming days and weeks. for now live in fort lauderdale, derek shore, local10 news. >> victor: now to a traffic alert. there's a problem on the palmetto. >> janine: traffic reporter jenise fernandez is here with the details.
4:33 pm
has been a busy friday. we're watching in accident on the palmetto expressway. this is eastbound, and right now the exit raiment northwest 57th avenue is clolod while they work to end contract up that accident, and just look at the heavy congestion there. as we zoom on in to our maps you can get a better idea of those delays. this is the palmetto heading east at 57th avenue red road, that and it ramp is closed. right now speeds are clocking in at just 9 miles per hour. good news is as you pass that raiment does look like speeds start to pick up at 53 miles per hour. zooming on out so uk see how long the delays will last, it looks like they're going to last for quite some time, for about a mile. if you're on the palmetto pressway northwest 57th avenue is your normal exit, go ahead and get off at northwest 67th avenue instead. victor, janine. >> janine: danger on duty for a miami police officer. what started as a traffic stop ended with gunfire. local10 news reporter jeff weinsier is live in miami with
4:34 pm
>> jeff: it was a very close call for that miami police officer who has only been on the foe less than two years. as you said, he was trying to morning. instead, he was ambushed. it was just after 4:00 this unidentified miami police officer spotting a suspicious vehie in the area of southwest fifth tears 43rd avenue in an area known for prostitution. >> the officer attempted to stop the vehicle with his lights and sirens, and as soon as the suspect vehicle stopped,he driver exited and began firing. the officer was not able to get out of h car to return fire. >> jeff: the driver fled. the officer followed for about five blocks before his car stalled out after being hit by bullets. the tactical robbery unit did spot the vehicle again at lejeune road and 9th ser terrace. >> and was able to apprehend the driver and the other three passengers of that vehicle without incidt. the gun is still in the car.
4:35 pm
>> jeff: four are in custody, two men two two women. police say some are cooperating, some aren't. the officer ambushed has been on the force less than two years. >> there are no physical injuries on him but he's obviously shaken. >> jeff: police have not yet identified that officer. they have not identified thesuspects, either. right now charges are pending but whoever pulled that trigg could be charged with attempted murder of a police officer.( part of this incident was actually caught ooh surveillance camera, andou're going to see that all new at 5:00. for now we'reive outside the miami police department, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> v vtor: we'll see you then, jeff. thank you. a man accused shootg and injuring a teen appeared in bond court. an dajuan gilbertas put on no bond for allegedly shooting 16-year-old daquan on wednesday ninit. he is facing charges including aggravated assault with a firearm. he was shot hanging out on the front poach of a home on 75th
4:36 pm
gordons' parent believe their sound may have been shot over something posted on facebook. >> janine: another shooting in miramar, police say one man was shot in the leg. sky 10 above the scene along south douglas road this morning. right now the motive for this one is unclear. and the suspect known as the bear foot of burglar appeared in court today. local10 news reporter liane morejon uncovered what police say he tried to do while he was in custody. >> liane: you may remember we first told about you this guy yesterday, a serial burglar caught in miami beach after a night of burglaries, say police. today he appeared before a judge here in bond court, and we've also learned that while he was in place custody, he tried to escape. >> everything came out on the news last night. >> liane: john carlos cairo is well aware of his note right. >> he apparently has no shame in this. he clearly indicated and gave thumbs title of barefoot burglar and advise he would be receiving media attention. >> liane: better known tas
4:37 pm
in front of jud, the 19-year-old facing several charges of burglary, grant theft escape. >> i guess when he leaves the tennis shoes on the couch. >> liane: miami beach police arrested cairo early thursday morning after they say he went on a burglary spree, hitting ate least four homes, including this one on prairie drive where a family slept sniped police say he left his sneakers behind on the couou. >> the subject we've now learned rst entered the patrick bentley that was in the driveway -- parked bentley, stole a few items from it and walked the perimeter of the home with entered through an unlocked window. >> liane: once in custody at the miami beach police department, cairo allegedly tried to escape through the ceiling. cairo, who is homeless, was already on probation for burglary when he was arrestedd on these new charges. cairo is being held on $68,000 bond. he also must a aear in court once again on monday in regards
4:38 pm
he was already on probation for. reporting in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> victor: finishing high school is a major milestone but what you do after is also very important. today some students were honored as rolol models auto conference in miami gardens, and local10 news reporter jenise ferdandez was there. >> jenise: i think i speak for a lot of people when i say that the college application process can be stressful, and that's ally what today was all about. these students had an opportunity to ask questions and also meet with mentors who can guide them tprough life after high school. jesus morelle is a seniority a north miami beach high school with dreams of going to college and playing baseball. he would be the pirs of his family to go t tcollege but the application process is something that can be overwhelming and at times confusion. >> i know me, i come from a broken home as well, my parents got a divorce, so sometimes you do not have that core support. >> jenise: that's where 5,000
4:39 pm
mentor jesus h@lp guide him through life after high school. he is able to weigh out his many options for the future. >> i look -- i'm a baseball fan, i'm an athlete, and that's my passion, so i'm really following that but i'mell e. really interested in politics. >> jenise: florida memorial university hosted this event, the awed othertorium packed about with 300 high school seniors, listening to presentations with wanting to understand the college process from admissions procedures for financial aid. >> we think it's absolutely necessary for them to have an outlet, to have a sounding board, to have somebody who bounce ideas off of. >> jenise: the program is curreneny in 99 different high schools in miami-dade county. today not only about college but students were able to learn more about vocational programs, military life and also what it takes to be a police officer or firefighter. >> just laying out the options for them and letting them know that there are individuals in this err their corn is going to hehe them make the best
4:40 pm
>> jenise: they have seen a 98% graduation rate so they have had a lot of success, and once she is students graduate from high school, these mentors stay in contact with them, making sure they sight right path. reporting in miami garns, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> victor: still ahead, a face plant failed is caught on camera, a driver ordered to do a field sobriety test falls right on his face. >anine: it was a fairytale ending when a unicorn got loose in california. no joke. details on this one right after the break. >> announcer: and tighteny 11:00, feeling violated by the tow truck company. >> they're out to make money and it. imagination. taking on tow truck comnies p performance evaluation. they may be on the hook to give you a refund. local10 inve (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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>> victor: a massachusetts man hospital room after police say that he fell on his face during
4:44 pm
police say thomas mowhan is accused of hiking a pedestrian trial driving drunk. the victim was thrown into the compares still hospitalized in critical condition. he was surrender to his drivers license of course caught on camera a ship running aground in anderson actor caw league of dozens board during a blizzard. the australian ice breaker broke free from its moorings and drifted on the rocks. no want hurt, 37 people had to be taken to land. the crew will remain onboard to get that vessel floating again. no word on how long that's going to take but the ship is said not to have any damage. >> janine: this is one of the strangest police chases in california. officers in california spent hours tracking down a unit corp. it was just a pony d dssed up like the mythical creature but it escaped during a photo search. after more than three hours, police called in a chopper to track her down. still, she was able to's lewd them. >> she kind of blended into the scenery as well, and she's not
4:45 pm
be stealthier than we would have imagined. >> i was afraid, and then we had to catch her & in the dark. >> janine: who knew that a unicorn would be stealthy. despite all the police efforts, it was a accident on a horse who was able to ld the pony back home. can you imagine the 911 call? >> victor: we hear stander traffic autism tile. can you imagine, we've the guy urine corn on the loose. >> janine: i bet polic and highway patrol have hearted it all. >> victor: not that one. >> janine: we were ready to start the w wkend early, betty. this is just gorgeous. >> betty: let's get it going. hollywood beach is looking great right now. people are out on the broadwalk. i have seen the occasional longer sleeves, maybe not so much right now with this couple but by later tonight they're presentable going to be reaching for a jacket. temperatures in the lower 70s. winds from the west-northwest in miami sustained near 10 miles an hour.
4:46 pm
that we'll get some cooler air drififng in overnight, and by tomorrow morning temperatures bottoming out in the 50s. but mainly dry conditions out there. our sky cas model showing maybe a few clouds floating across during the overnight hours and that's about it. low temperatures tomorrow. check it out. we'll start is the day around 50 in hollywood and fort lauderdale, some inland areas could very well drop off into the 40s so we're forecasting a low of 47 for kendall, doral 47 degrees. i know you're probably going to turn, that heater on tonight, an fen if sure spending time down through the keys, lowsp tomorrow morning in the mid to upper 50s. temperatures, the rebound for the afternoon only at 70 degrees. so you probably will want to head to the beaches because there's going to be so much beautiful sunshine outhere, dry air in play, but still a bit on the cool side for us. if you're taking the boats out, no advisories on the waters, just a moderate chop on the bays. seas running between two to three feet. if you're going to be hopping on that plane and maybe heading into atlanta for tomorrow here's
4:47 pm
wall-to-wall sunshine and a high temperature near 60. washington, dc, looking great but pack a coat. there they will see a high temperature of 48 degrees. chalk looking good, tgo, 55 for the high temperature and nothing but sunshine there. so nice, dry weather, i really don't have a lot to say. let the pictures pictures do the talking. 50 in the morning. 70 by tomorrow afternoon.enjoy that northwest to north freeze. by sunday we will get a little milder but temperatures still will be running a bit below normallor so sunday we'll start in the mid to upper 50s. then check monday. it's back to work and school we that's going to be a delightful day, a high near 78 degrees. march 1st, it looks like we could touch 80y degrees but we'll also see a little better chance for getetng a few showers in here as well. push another cold front through, d then we cool down again as we're wrapping up the end of next week, but right now it looks like march may just come in like a lamb ininead of a lion? >> janine: yeah, we' take that. >> victor: we're good with that.
4:48 pm
we want to get back to our traffic liter palmetto expressway. >> janine: traffic reporter jenise fernandez is all over it. what do you know? >> jenise: i wish the traffic looked as great as the weather but the palmetto expressway this is eastbound. that exit ramp a 57th avenue red road is closedd due to an accident. they're working to clean up that accident. as you can see from that picture some pretty hea congestion there. as we zoom on in the palmetto heading east at northwest 57th parch speeds right now hardly moving at all p 11 miles per hour. so at northwest 57th avenue is usually your exit go ahead aet and off atorthwest seventh avenue instead. victor and janine. >> janine: a big update to a "call christina" investigation about a company that sures cold christina took their money for an alumni directltl book and then never delivered. the attorney general's office now has banned the company from selling alumni directories. christina joins us now. >> christina: the investigation started with a call into the call christina hotline. >> because you always get things done.
4:49 pm
dig deeper in jean bennett's' complaint. >> i don't can't want any more apologies or excuses crunk we found warnings about the pines-based company. wouldn't to their office do get a refund for our viewer and to get answers from ceo robert. >> you know this is an ongoing investigation. if no comment coral springs the at's judgment is for violations of the florida deaccept if i have havetive and unfair trade racks act and the florida telemarketing acteded they are accused of taking money from tens of thousands ofpeople across the country for directories that were never published. they are now banned from marketing or selling the books. earlier this month we went back out to the business to see if they were still at it. the doors were locked and nearby business owners told us the landlord had recently changed the locks. since our investigation, alumni research filed for bankruptcy. while we were ablbl to secure a refund for our viewer, it is now
4:50 pm
country will see a refund. the company is also required to disable the website, close bank accounts and disconnect any tides phone numbers. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: and it's that time of year again when south florida answered, the guy, we walk, we run, we ride all to help raise money for pediatric heart and cancer care. local10's medical specialist kristi krueger has the detai in today's health cast. >> kristi: children's hospitals e really vital to the health care of our children. often the first stop in a long journey for young ones who have chronic illnesses. that's why efforts like this weekend's seventh annuat tour debroward is so, so important. for the past six years on a sunday morning in februarar thousands of people have gathered alt miramar regional park, united by one common goal, to support joe dimaggio children's hospital at its annual tour de broward event. this year john insider will be
4:51 pm
>> i want to@ give back and get out there and do something for children. >> kristi: john lost his legs following a motorcycle accident in 20 through the adaptive sports institute he found out about the tour de broward event. >> this is our third year having a category specific willly for those who have physical disabilk and ray and john are using hand cycles. we have some who are being assisted in their chairs by runners. >> kristi: joint other competitors are lookininfor forward to showing the public that people with physical challenges can still compete with those whoare able-bodied. >> this race here just gives everyone that inning of how courageous, how brave some of these guys are and how they just keep going. they don't sit back and have pity parties. they're going. some of them are going to be the able-bodied cyclists. beat them. they're cited for that. >> don't find an excuse for yourself.go out and do it. don't find an excuse for yourself.
4:52 pm
tour de broward has raised more than $1.9 million for joe dimaggio children's hospital. more than 5,000 people are expected to attend the seventh annual event in mayor mar, and that'll be at the regional park on sunday. i'll be there on my bike p come by, say hi. i hope to see youou there. >> victor: all new at 5:00, a wrecked road led to a lot of headaches on the highway. we'll show you the broken bridge that took almost all day to fixed. >> janine: another arrest in shooting death of a six-year-old boy from over. weekend. details on who is now in custody. >> victor: and after the break, the new movie edddd the eagle is soaring into theaters.
4:53 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
brought it to life >> victor: soaring into theaters th weekend ed at the eagle. the movie is about the true story of one of the most popular skium jars in olympic history. it was 1988, eddie the eagle became the first competitor to represent dreat britain in the ski jump. >> as long as i can remember it's been my ambition to become an olympian. >> eddie, you are not ann athlete! >> jenise: no matter what anyone told him british ski jumper michael edwards didn't take no for an answer. >> to discover a new kind of athlete. >> okay. hands up. that was my fault. >> jenise: infired spyder by true events edede the eagle is about an courageous man who never stopped belving in himself. and we got to sit down with the director and hilarious cast themselves. >> look at that. >> jenise: yes, that is how our interview got started. >> my favorite sun is where
4:57 pm
you support me and i grab it. and you fell down. >> jenise: the feel-good story directed by dexter fletch cher has hugh jackman and tarin taking the lead, and as expected they nail their performances, reminding you that everything anddnything is possible. >> i wasjust about getting destitute living in a car. thing had gotten really bleak hat that point. i'm better now but then it was like -- >> you mean it's a bigger car. >> it's a bigger car. >> jenise: the film takes through eddie's incredible journey and shows the importance of chattanoogagahoosing choosing the right peep to help you get to the next level. ed at the ceiling rated pg-13 and is already in theaters. janine, victor, there's nothing like a good underdog story. >> victor: jenise be, thank you. it's like a real life cool rungs. instead of bobsled, a ski jump.
4:58 pm
movies on my list that i have to see at i haven't seen yet. that's going to do it for local10 news fa 4:30. >> laurie: we all need to catch up. thank you both. >> calvin: and right now on local10 news at 5:00 police make a third arrest in connection with the murderr of six-year-old king carter. >> laurie: a traffic nightmare on i-395 after a bridge joint becomes loose and fell@ off. the road just reopened. >> and we're hearing from hemema here in south florida who knew the shooter that went on a deadlyorkplace rampage in kansas, giggle killing three people and wounding 14 others. >> laurie: plus, zika fears fueling a business boom for uncontractor who claims he can mosquito-proof your home. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioninghcompany >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 another arrest after a little boy was shot and killed while playing outside. the third teenager is now inh police custody. police arrested tamar teems.
4:59 pm
na adult charges for little king's death. mean tile six-year-old king carter is being remembered today. local10's s ane morejon joins live with more. >> liane: prosecutors in courttoday did express their intent to charge tamar teems as an adult. he is facing charges of premedicated attempted murder as well as second degree mder for the killing of the little boy who is lying in repose right behind me. this is friendship missionary baptist church, and just a little while ago the body of king carter was brought into this church. this is video taken about an hour ago as that tiny white casket was wheeled in. so much emotion in this church today. superintendent arshto carvalho coming to say booed i. goodbye to this little boy. friends and family gathered add
5:00 pm
carty lie in repose. carter's open casket surrounded by flowers, ninja turtles, even his own football field, a sight too much for some loved ones to bear. meanwhile 16-year-old tamar teemis now the let's teen charged in the shooting death of six-year-old. teems appearance was waived in juvenile court this afternoon by hisourt-appointed lawyer. his mother and two family members present in the courtroom. teems was taken into custody early this morning fromis miami home. police say teems provided a detailed confession to the crime. teems now faces charges along with two other teenagers arrested earlier this week, 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18-year-rld leonard adams. cops say a facebook fight withsomeone named ju ju prompted if trio to drive to a northwest miami-dade apartment complex to look for him. king carter was caught in a shootout between the group and died at ryder tuma center. off-camera, teems' mother says


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