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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 530AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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sunday after the oscars >> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now 5:30. taking a live look out of our miami tower cam. 51 degrees ch crips and cool on this beautiful saturday morning but it mean it will be nice later today. >> todd: yes it was yesterday, you i had to work. >> you had the day off. >> neki: i did and it was gorgeous. >> todd: i was telling people i think this could be the nicest day so far this year. but now today could beat it it out. >> jennifer: i know. but today you know what, today is colder todd and neki as compared to yeched we're already seeing that this morning because temperature haveropped into the 40's. 49 degrees in pompano beach as well as in kendall and 48 in homestead and the keys, you're also in the the 50s. so yes t say cold one. and it isalso going to be a dry one. we haven't had muchry days this winter so far ch our dry season has been abnormally less and so we will enjoy this weather and it is so great that
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7 miles per hour wipped speed from fort lauderdale down to homestead.a little breezier than that for the the keys. no rain on the dramplet clouds not ththe. maybe a few clouds. the reason why. high pressure taking over bringing us that northerly flow so we'll continue it wt the north winds today fl ten to 15 miles per hour. temperate staying in the 50s all morning long. todd. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. breaking knew over night. police investigating the kidnapping of a 2-month-old baby in fort lauderdale. >> neki: police say the kidnapping was reportedly reported this them as a robbery. >> todd: now witness are going door to doors as they funt hunt for suspicious people. layron livingston live with the late breaking detail. >> reporter: and the deputy were here late last niem night. as you can see they are still here this morning chthe crime scene tape up still at northwest 14th court here and the scene stremplegseseseveral yards back. a crime scene van there in the background and more deputies and
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of the homes here on this block as the investigation is under way. want to show you video from last night. as they worked the scene on northwest 14-78g court in fort lauderdale going door to door even this large perimeter and pushed us pretty far back as part of their investigation here and the call originally came in as a robbery from where this 2-month-old was taken in this area from what we were able tolearn on scene, deputy say it's possible other family members maybe involved in this. and back live we're still working to confirm a number of detail here. who they are lacking for when it come to who may have taken this 2-month-old baby. what we heard was vague. a man and woman and possibly in a black nissan. the deputies haven't commented on what this boy is, if it's a boy or@ girl. just a 2-month-old child. they are still here on scen as far as we no no amber alert was issued avmentz be soons as
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to you. for now reporting le, layron livingston. local 10 news. >> neki: family and friend gathered last night to remember the 6-year-old boy who fell victim to gun violence while playing outside his home. >> todd: the funeral for king carter will be held today and then his body laid to rest. >> neki: meanwhile police continue to make arrests in connection to hi killing as loved ones try to cope with the tragedy local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live with the latest. good morning sa nel. >> >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. one ween week since the sense tre less transdy happened. since then pleem police working hard to reas several teen who are invved in this child's shooting death thcht a heart broken family getet ready to coming to and pie their final respects tie child who meant so much to them. >> a sad goodbye toy child who left a lasting impression ch
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remember and see 6-year-old king carter one last time. during the viewing on friday king's casket was surrounded by the thing he loved. from ninja turtles to football. for some just too much. >> and his family spoke at. >> and you want to find yourself holding your children a little longer and tight eemplet and king's parents sat quietly in the front row. dog. we have the bulul dogs. and carlos jimenez and alberto carvalho were there. >> and we'll forever treasure the mem or rif rif quing cter. this is a crisis. a week of terror o. >> and since the killing miami police have worked tirelessly to make arrest in the child's death and taken three teens into custody. 18-year-old presley.
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police arrested ta martin, only 16-year-old. the three accused of driving to an apartment complex where king lived to address a person they were tbiewgd p on facebook. king caught in the middle as they were exchanging gun fire. the community has had enough of this gun violence. >> this is a crisis, a tckel of terror. >> the message is don't do this. if you do this, we'll catch you and put way. >> king's funeral held be he mind me at the baptist church at 2:00 this afternoon. and reporting live from southwest miami-dade. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: and antoineawson was riding his skooter long northwest 5th avenue between two parked cars when he was tud suddenly hit by the police car. lawson was taken to the rider tra men center where he was treated for broken bones and other injuries. his mother spoke to eriri rakow.
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miami police? >> no. >> reporter: not anything? >> no. i just want him to recover. that's my main focus. everything else will fall into place. >> todd: lawson remain nay body caichts the officer who struck lawson has not been harnlgd and remain on the job. now to a story you'll see on local 10. an inmate claims he was roughed up by officers and he ha pictures to prove it. he says this happened while he was being treated at jackson memorial hospital. the mother says the doctor street treating him was upset to seat injuries. >> he was bleeding through the nose like he was strangled.. he said take pictures. he said the correctional officer beat him up. my concern is the inmates are treated like animal and they have rites. perez has noween charged and an arrest affidavit says teaks the correction all's officer. miami-dade correction is not
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>> todd: and a man dubbed the burglar has been charged after trying to escape while in police custody 19-year-old john cairo appeared before a judud and given a 68,000-dollar bond. police arrested cairo early thursday morning after they say he burglarized four home in the area including one where a family was still sleeping inside. family explained that cairo earned his neigh nickname because he has committed similar crime and removes his shoes once inside the hope. he is facing burglary grand theft charges. >> neki: new york yoko own no has been hospitalized in new york city. the 83-yeararld widow of john lennon experienced flu like symptom. other reports say she suffered a stoke. police say that speak person says that is not true. >> >> todd: and a shooting in kansashat left four people dead. the exgirl friend are charged in
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charged with giving him guns chh she faces up to ten years in prison if con vick oovmentd she knew he was a convicted felon and not thriewd have the firearms. ford killed three and bounded 13 others in the rampage on thursday. it started after he was served way restraining order at his workplace. he w originally from south florida. >> it's terrifying. 's scary. >> and to see it's so close to home you know. you hear it every where else but when it's right here at the door, it is really surprising. >> todd: ford also has a criminal history here in s. he committed burglary and grand theft in 2004. in 2000 he was charged with fleeing and eluding police and in 1997 he was caught with burglary tools while prowling. >> neki: and a man charged after suspending after a school fight. >> todd: coming what was caught on cam rand why the the mother says the school
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>> neki: an iconic home with plenty of history. we have an excxcsive lie look inside when we come back. >> todd tongen and neki lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> todd: caught on cama, a high school brawl in north carolina and now the student who started the fight what been suspended. he are started rolling the school administrators as he pinned the girl on the ground.
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student to stop rort recording and when he did not he grabbed him bit shirt and toss him. the mother is outrage and wants the school to take action. >> i cry. i still cry quhi see it and i get upset o. >> i didn't even hear him. he pointed at me and said something and i didn't hear what he said and he came up and grabbed my phone. >> todd: the student was suspended for breaking rules about incidents like this on campus. he did it suffer scratches on his wrist and chest. the police flow investigating that incident. >> neki: time now 5:42. 51 degrees out there. people are probably smuggled in the the bed. >> todd: bundled up. >> good. >> neki: good morning to sleep in. >> todd: this is one e the morning where maybe you let the dog get under the cover by your feet to cape warm joo what? >> no. >> todd: it's a one dog night. you know what i thr dog night is. you're not from minneapolis?
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ner let the dog in the bed. >> todd: it's trin na davmentd it's never cold joo i let them in the bed only -- >> todd: well, you're talking to an eskimo. >> jennifer: okay todd and neki. relax. if you want to let your dog out, and they are small and they can't take. it put the shirt or sweater on them. they won't like walking on to the concrete. upper 40s in pompano beach. kendall and homestead else why where in the 50 eachts and then the upper 50s down into the keys so this cold air was a strong push. it has pushed all the way down south and on the radar, sateite no. rain on the radar. a few clouds pushing through parts keys and over the gulf of mexico. but that's about. it basically high pressure is taking over. it continues to push towards the the east across the south and eventually over the southeast. but that high will keep us nice and dry for this saturday.
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up in the panhandle and central florida ch in the 30s. then you head down to or lap do and tampa in the 40s. even 40s for for the mier. currently at 48 degrees. a chilly morning. wear the sweweers if you're heading out early. we'll stay in the 50s for the the rest of the morning hours. now t will remain cool thrn afternoon. temperatures well below average ch high pressure in control today and tomorrow. if you want to head out to the beach, you are brave because it will be a chilly one. air temperature high 71 de.sea or surf two to 4 feet. no add vaiz or rose for boater out thrsm the bays with a moderate chop. for the keys the bays starting out choppy this morning. they wilenup to a light to moderate chop later on toot. hides today 78 degrees. lows aoss the board 70's. and zero% chance for rain. tonights lowow dropping into the upper 50s and a little warm up there. 74 degrees tomorrow very nice
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the rain chances column back and we're hitting the 80s. >> neki. >> neki: thank jennifer. the comedy state of jackie gleason.>> todd: pre pretty cool stuff. the home is now going on the market but n n before i got a chance to peek inside. >> for a near 299 million-dollar you can own a piece of history. his lake side home in lauderhill is for sale. >> he built this house in the 70s. the try vef lel home he cost tom build it. >> todd: betternown as glee manner ch the home has been presearched gleeson died in the home? 1987 and lay hir wife maryland sold it to a connecticut businessman. >> one of the conditions she had was he would plantain it in tact. >> i the one room is gone but this billards roo is really unique. he is designed by gleeson.
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stepping back in time. a mass of if library with impressive law and reference books gleeson never reafltd the home is full of his furnishings like a bill fish he cawvment vhs taiches his most fame use slow and a meat sliers he used to slice hi cooked ham.>> and a bar in the home. this is the main one, a sunken bar and we found a custom botote of whiskey he specially made for jack key. the party house dining room looks like a restaurant and has entertained many of his friends. president gerald ford was here as well as frank sa na dra. and off off his bedroom is the on personal saw naw wa while the asking prices less than what he paid for temperature of the hoa is over $1800 because it sits on three loss. the home what has gar nerded a
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whoever buy it. >> maintain jack key's charm. >> we're looking for a buyer with with unique taste. one that can appreciate the historical value of thisouse. >> neki: one you say can put in money for renovations. >> todd: if you buy it for the asking price of of 300,000 u'll have to put that much into it to update it. >> neki: maybe they like it like that. i thought some of the stuff was cool. >> todd: the architecture is you neefnlgt the comb hoam comes completely as is with all the furnishings that were left there. that in itselel might be worth something on auction. >> neki: sell it on owks auction or ebay or craig's list. >> todd: or other thing. >> neki: and the search many had this morning for a missing 2-month-old baby. the child taken from a home on north west 18th court. the deputies say they are searching for a black nissan. if have you any information call police. >> todd: it is a big
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to a dismal start for the c ces. >> neki: and what joe johnson means for the miami heat. we have all that coming up in the sports wrap. >> todd: and a little boy getting a surprise after a picture of him wearing plastic
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we'll that for >> good saturday morning i'm will manso with the local 10
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the miami heat expected to make the signing of joe johnson official later today as according to yahoo and the soaghtsd president. how sweet it will be for pat riley and wade a they pulled hip away from many other team that were interested in him. johnson agreed to sign with miami over cleveland and the other team of he became available when the brooklyn netc wawt out hi contract. and more importantly three-pointer. something the heat needs. >> all right. the heat also need a win later today to avoid a warrior hang over whehethey visited boston. tip time 3:00. they hand the heat first loss with the all-star a couple nights achght wade he is he is focusing on bouncing wack quickly. >> we're thinking play off. not focusn okay we want to get this seed to miss this team. we're not at that point right now. with we want to put ourself in popition to be playing good basketball ball and make the play off. we know the importance of
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of indiana game. we know what that means to make sure they don't beat us three to one in a ser reand stuff like that. >> no. 6 hurricanes baseball team host no. 1 florida this week. they play again lay teared. rocky start for wood ri. two outs in the first period. a lan 'zo so makes it two run ouch and jj shamplets solo ho rum offer wood rivment and starting pitcher logan. needs more than one run. he pitched a complete came shut 0u678989 they get hit one to nothing bit knox one team in the nation.and um basketball team hosts louisville. that game at 2:00 today. cane and cardinals tied for second place in the ac crnchts the battle of acc rular season title contenders and senior day flantd fla panther back in action this afternoon at 3:00 in columbus ax alexander bar scoff enjoyed putting on the spacey flight shirt on thursday night
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that is in his return after a confusion. i'm will manso. that's your low will ca tep sports wrap. >> neki: a 5-year-old boy got a surprise after a video of his went viral wearing a homemade jersey. >> todd: your favorite story of the morning. >> neki: yes it to. >> todd: and he showed off his plastic shirt. it was made from a pstic bien. and now he wear a shirt dated by the football star himself. the afghan federation plans to set up a meeting with him and his hero next. >> neki: that is going to be out of this world. >> todd: cute. >> neki: very, very sciewvment and folk a local farmer taking a unique way of to show who he is not voting for. >> todd: and the smellly mess she has for at least one
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a. >> >> neki: with a presidential race heating up. one farmer wants to you know whoa is not voting for. >> todd: a very bold message. he wanted his message to be big enough for every one to see and smell. farmer he is he believes the world should turn way from donald trump and to make hi words stick he wrote them in cow bleep. after four hour the word no trump is are on hi farm and it's as big as a foot wall feesmed hi grand daughter put his story on
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>> neki: he is not bsing. >> todd: are we done with this story? >> neki: yes we are,. >> todd: we're just questioning started here folk. >> neki: and real news to work on to for the next hour. >> and a a story we're following. a 2-month-old baby alledgedly kidnappe in fort lauderdale. we have a criewn the scene that will bring us the detail. >> todd: and king carter being remembered by familiarland friend. leb laid to rest today. >> neki: and primary time again this. time the vote letters head to the polls to pick their famous democratic candidate. we have the latest on the campaign trail. glenna is in south carolina. >> todd: we'll be right back. local 10 news at 6:00 starts next. >> neki: that's right taking a
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lauderdale tower >> neki: right nowow on low ca ten morning news. we're following breaks niewsm a 2-month-old baby leamg lid cpped kidnapped from a aort lauderdale home.. police now on the lookout. >> todd: and family and friend gathering to remember a 6-year-old boy killed by gun violence and as they prepare to lay him to resms police making another reas in the killing. >> neki: and democratic voter head to the poll in south carolina. >> todd: and temperature have taken a dip. will the school weather last all weekend long?


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