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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 530AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: 5:30, dark and early and a peek out the window from-our mie tower cam. it says good morning on the side of that build jieg we need to get it to say happy birthday todd. >> todd: or maybeood morning todd and neki joo chamber of commerce. get on. that no one else is on the air this morning. >> and it's pink day. jennifer is looking in myloset again. >> todd: that's true. we are all wearing pink. >> jennifer: i know and we didn't plan it. >> neki: it will be a nice day. nice color for spring. it feels like spring.
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like spring. our spring didn't last long. seems like we're going from winter too sul mer and then getting closer to those temperature indeed and nork we're waking up slightly warmer than yesterday morning. most of the area sat 60 dees degrees or the low 60s elsewhere like southwest miami-dade in the the upper 50s as well as fort lauderdale up into northern broward. so yes, it's not as chilly but still a cool start for us. nice out there. mostly cloudy skies draping across southeast florida and that's keeping us slightly warmer but als@ high pressure is keeping us nice and dry way north lir wind noorng will ee develop tiewly turp out of east by of that noon. temperatures still have a chance to drop for the miami area.& we could still heat hit a low in the upper 50 east and then we'll be warping things up a bit this afternoon and especially this upcoming week. more on that in a few minutes. >> neki. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. veloping this morning.
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allegedly -- a teen shows another teen a g and now a a 14-year-old boy is dead. >> todd: and we're now learning that the teenager who reportedly showed that teen the gun is now facing criminal charges. >> >> neki: local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic live in miami gaf gararns covering this story where police are still on the scene. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. another teenager kille by sense lens gun violence. police stils a second teenager who is responsible for bri a gun inside a home is it ising behind bars this morning. miami police worked through the night follow ago a shooting of a teen. it happened authoritily before 4:00 p.m. on northwest 172 ter aps. the teenage victim staying a a a home owned by a family friend. they say ather 14-year-old showed up to the house armed way gun and showing that gun to the& victim and another teen at that house. somehow the gun went off and hit
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he was airlifted to ryder trauma center where he died from his injury. >> now police say the teen responsible for bricking the gun to the home is charged with possession of eye firearm with by a minor and facing a manslaughter charge. reporting in miami garden. sanela sabovic. local ten news. >> neki: a 2-month-old baby found safe and sound hours after she was ab duck frtd mom mother ears home. >> todd: police say she wa found hundreds ever miles way at a hospital. >> neki: and now police are flook that abduction. and layron livingston is following up on this one for us live in fort lauderdale. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. we're waiting for that baby to& be released shch she was held over night in the hospipil for observation. just two months old and taken from her home and missing for 18 hours.
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>> what is it for? ransom? why would you kidnap a baby? >> a. >> reporter: police stils the parents called for a aob rimplet two armed men barge into the apartment. scooped up the baby. nothing else and took off. hours later deputy release aired photo of this woman, 23 yeerld stephanie ah guess feen teen their person of interest. we found they foundh agustin in fort pierce and then we found little ta ra gee jee outside orlando. and that woman lives cross the paid yo from the apartment and snsns nothing about it. >> i prayed for her and her family. it's very disain't pog and sad that someone would do that. >> reporter: some neighbors still strowlg add it upll up. i'm glad the baby is fine. i'm sure there's more to the story. i'm glad the baby is fine. >> reporter: and they are glad the baby is okay we're still working to learn how this person
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this and who took this child.. so far no reases as far as we know have been made. anything we learn will be pass add long to you on local 10 and local 10 pot com. for now reporting live in layron livingston. local 10 news. >> todd: and disneyland in california will roll out seasonal prices on one day tickets tssments will allow guest to see which day are considered value or regular or peek and people will pay more during those busier time of you can check the new prices on line today starting at 6:15 a.m. >> neki: a police officer who had just been sworn in the day before is dead of after responding to a domestic violence related shooting in virginia. it happened in wood bridge southwest of washington -- c. ashley giewn onand two other officers arrived at the scene where they found two women dead. she was then shot and killed.
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leajtd shooter is now in custody. >> todd: caught on camera, a raid in spain where police say they broke up a large smuggling ring that was illegally bringing chinese laborers into europe. police say more than 100 chinese national had been detained in this operation. the smuggler using fake passports to bring the migration to europe. it took two years and involved law enforcement agencies in this country. >> neki: a partial cease fire in syria what brought a little peace to the parts of the country for the first time in years. children finally t tiewd come out and play for a while disacht the cease fire is the most significant international attempt yet to reduce the violence that has already killed more than a quarter mililon people. >> todd: well, our investigate investigative team getting a look at inner worts at the port of miami.
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look at how the port official keep unsafe products from entering the u.s. >> todd: and dashcam video catching a truck slamming into this car. we'll have more on the video coming up next. >> todd tovgen and neki mohan on the one and only local 10 news. and mday at 11:00, you drop your car off to the repairr shop hoping for this. instead you get this. >> i'm not happy. i dropped my car off to get respared and now someone is take
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>> neki: a pilot is lucky to be alive after his plane came count in plymouth. happened southeast of boston. he was practicing turns and the small plane crashed. the pilotushed to the hop. police say he was the only person on board. >> todd: a crash involving a dump truck is caught on camera happening in austin texas n. this dashcam video you s s the dump truck crash into a a car thats was waiting a at a red light. here you see the the moment. it then crosses a bis busy intersection and hitting several cars before maket's way off the bring. four people taken to the hospital. all with with non life-threatening injuries. the coughs the crair crash still unknown. >> neki: later today spacex will try for a third time to launch a commercial communications satellite from cape canaval. two attempts with were scrubbed last week because of cold temperature.
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booster on a ship in the middle of the ocean a the company trirs to make space travel more affordable by reusing the rocket stage. >> todd: and a new flick is bringing a lot of attention in. two scenes from this area and they expect visitors to bring in 48 million-dollar in the next three years alone. >> time now 5:41. a beautiful weekend here. it will warm up a little more and i'm sure our visitors in downtown would like that. ttle bit. but not so brass dras tick it it will be unono comfortable. that is happening but not yet. in the upcoming day we're expeking to warm things up rather quickly and right now thought is nice and cool. temperature have dropped into the upper 50s for northern broward and along the coast of pop pompano beach and fort lauderdale. both have 59 degrees right now.
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and then 60 degrees in miami. miami struguging to drop into those upper 50s do to a couple clouds blanketing the area also winds out of north at 5 miles per hour for miami. 8 miles per hour winds in fort lauderdale. and b bezy for key west and marathon between 12 and 14 miles per hour there. with winds out of north northeast. here's a look at radar ch no rain to talk bcht spo nice and dry as high pressure continues to remain in control which is actually situated right over the panhandle. right about here so. this high is stillliding towards the east and it continue to do that. winds are going tstart to turn out of east as well. and that will happe later this afternoon. so this morning northerly winds this. afternoon out of the east. tone 15 miles per hour. also, mild temperatures today. yesterday's high 71. today a bill warmer and then even warmer as we start off the theeeek by tomorrow.
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could have a couple more clouds. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. but it will still be overall a nice day even into tomorrow because rain chances are staying relatively low. now if you head out to the beach today, use that sun screens, uv index high. slight rip current risk. for boat noars advisories. the windsoday over the water east northeast. ten to 15 knots and # to 3 feet. the bays with a moderate chop. and for the rest of today, a couple more clouds will build. it will be mostly sunny for our sunday with that east breeze kickckg in by this afternoon. highs today 74 degrees. tomorrow 79 and then we're hitting 80 starting on tsday. wetter chance for rain turns wednesday. >> >> neki: thank you jennifer. before many products make it it to a store shelf, they must first come to a port of of entry this. morning christina take to you miami. >> todd: and it's a front line in consumer safety protection
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what officers do to make sure unsafe products don't make it to a store near you. >>. >> on this stormy afternoon while being pelt bid rain. custom and boarder protection officer at miami's sea o pord port are scanning im coming cargo. and open. they rup by the field. verify the structure of the door to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. checking to see what is in the containers match the man na fes. >> and look for in consist ten seems you you can check to see if there are false wall. several thing they look for. they look at the floor. >> using multiple screening techniques like x-ray images and radiation, they target ship ments for chemical. bio lal call, guns and explosives. >> we're looking for narcotics or anything terrorist relate.
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and dangerous products. we have those who specialize in that. and keying products from ever reaching a store near you starts right here. >> we in inspect all cargo vessels arriving in the the united states. >> last month cbc's field operations in miami seized hundreds of hover boards that arrived from china containing batteries that were deemed unauthoritied and there for counterfeit. they believe the batteries are why some could be catching fe and keeping a close eye on im poforts popular productct last summer cbt seed more than $11 million in counterfeit handbag. knock offs of that looked so good you might of paid top dollar to get the real thing only to learnater you've been ripped off. and during the holiday's. con soup mer product commission to make sure dangerous toys don't end up under the mass tree. this is the last line of defense. what goes throughout us hits the market.
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at port miami christina vasquez. local 10 news. >> neki: all right coming up in sports. big day yesterday.. steph curry is the big topic after a record seth nit swreesm more on that. >> todd: and could thb the men that helps the heat contend. >> what wade has to say about the heat's iew new addition coming up in s orts wrap. >> neki: but first a look outside our tower cam. dark and early on this sunday morning. we're taking it east easy. >> todd: easy like sunday moing. >> neki: we'll be right back. >> and monday at 6:00. giving crook the open door policy. >> these are locks that can be accessed. don't need a key, just a code. >> smart locks not smart technology.
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>> good sunday morning everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap of the the heat expect to have joe johnson making hi debut to night when they take on the knicks. miami reaching a deal with the seven time all-star who immediately become the team's best three-point shooter and you can give an assist on the signing to saturday wane wade who recruited johnson. put someone on the floor that can shoot the ball and score from different areas on florida maingd plays. obviously losing kris right now is another play maker, another scoar. open arms in miam for him. >> the heat taking on the celtic
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they could of used johnson in this one. second quarter dra gusher working well inside. a big game with 21 points. six-point lead for the heat at that point. later in the second. hassan white side inside. eight blocks and 15 points and 15 rebrowndz. 4th quarter. keith here. white side misses a dunk and back come the celtics. and the the heat could of tide it up but instead the celtics go on to win by 101 to 89. anannd an incredible finish last night. warrers and thunder. i'm going to step up and hit a 30-footer. unbelievable with with a man in his face warriers winning this one in ot. 121 to 118. >> senior day for basketball. louisville taken r them on yeevmemtd angel rodriguez with a big play.
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he 17 points in this game another senior sldon followed it up with way hoop and harm here. canes cut it to one. he chipped in with 13 and they would take the leadd on free throws and this man, day von ree rei. a huge one. and kicking a field goal. big wane for the canes. they take out louisville 73 to 650. and hurricanes baseball team taking on the no. 1 team in the land. the gators. that clutch for the u last night. at the plate twice with the basis loaded. a # run tingel each time. hurricanes winning this by a final scofer five to three. and panthers hitting the road for the five straight in columbus. cats pulling off trade to pick up help from the stretch run. as forthis game score less in the f fst period ja imeme with a great pass here. third per yot cats down twothough.
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we go into ot and then a shooto. the and da bin ski wins it for columbus. cats lose four to three. >> i'm clay ferraro that's your local ten sports wra >> neki: oscar night is here. >> todd: it is as we count down to hole w50d's biggest night we also bring you the biggest losers for hollywood's worse night the was disi awards. that's coming up next. and tonight after the oscars. main described as a monster. i was hungry for some kind of a physical touching thing and she was right there. accused of drugging, molesting and then performing surgery on the innocebt. >> and he i was on the the table. >> and a shocking twist. >> did you know about the the abuse? >> was someone hiding dark secrets? >> i know a witness has seen those videos and she told me at happened on those capes.
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exclusive investigation. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a al plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> it is hollyod's most glamorous night. we're counting opportunity oscars. show. in fact just about 13 hours, four minutes and 15 seconds if with you were counting. probably not but so you know. hard win tonight. and we're the the only two that have ever been to the oscars. we got to.
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hollywood's biggest night. last night was the time to recognize the worse at the golden was b bry awards known a the razzie's. 50 shaved gray and fantaic four were the big winners or lose eemplet they tide for worse picture. 50 shades of gray took worse actor, actress and screen play. the fan tap four locked u worse director and worse remake. chris rock will be hosting theoscars tonight. all gets started with the red carpet show at p fl all starting right here on local 10. and you can win a was zee right todd awngd win april oscar the the next day. >> >> todd: rigig. >> neki: don't think producers of 50 shades are concerned about it. >> neki: no i coabt think they care. >> todd: they are home counting all their money. >> neki: that's right. wish we were. >> todd: we're just getting started here for local 10 news. >> neki: and here's quha we're work on for the next hour. a 14-year-old is dead in miami
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friend is facing charges. >> todd: a you remember yesterday's amber alert after a 2-year-old about baby abducted from her home. that baby now found safe and sound hundred of miles way. >> neki: and hillary clinton wins in south carolina. coming up where the the candidates are head now before super tuesday. >> todd: still more plen they'd and in the news and jennifer with the forecast.
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look outside >> neki: developing right now. a teen traj ditch the a gun going off inside a miami gardens home killing a 14-year-old now. another 14-year-old is facing charges. >> todd: a baby stolen from a fort lauderdale home noww found in orlando. what we're learning about the dispeer yans. >> neki: hundreds gathered to remember a 16-year-old killed by gun violence. friends and fallly there pay thrirgast respects. >> todd: and hillary clinton way dom ma nent win in south carolina. what experts are saying about for super tuesday. >> live, the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> neki: but first we hope you're having a super sunday. we're just waking up and stretching. sunday february 28th. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank you for waking up withhs. we want to get to jennifer correa with a beautiful


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