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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 6AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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look outside >> neki: developing right now. a teen traj ditch the a gun going off inside a miami gardens home killing a 14-year-old now. another 14-year-old is facing charges. >> todd: a baby stolen from a fort lauderdale home noww found in orlando. what we're learning about the dispeer yans. >> neki: hundreds gathered to remember a 16-year-old killed by gun violence. friends and fallly there pay thrirgast respects. >> todd: and hillary clinton way dom ma nent win in south carolina. what experts are saying about for super tuesday. >> live, the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> neki: but first we hope you're having a super sunday. we're just waking up and stretching. sunday february 28th. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank you for waking up withhs. we want to get to jennifer correa with a beautiful
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you say the warm support on the way right jennifer. >> jennifer: yes it is but not so much today. we're expeking temperatures to be milder noon. the big warm up not here just will be in the next few day. we'll get to that in a second but still a cool start for us this morning even though it's not as chilly as it was yesterday. temperature 72 degrees. and just last hour we w we in the upper 50s in fort lauderdale and pompano beach. sigh slight warm up there. winds are out of north and out of north northeast down into the keys. wind speeds rup 14 miles per hour for marathon so. lower keys. not as breezy as you head you're way northward. also no rain open radar. morning. high pressure still in control and that's providing for a nicic day on this sunday. i'll talk about those highs for this afternoon coming up in a neki. >> neki: thanks jennifer. developing this morning, a teen tragedy in miami garden aicht
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teen a gun and now a 14-year-old boys dead. >> todd: we're learning the dean who reportedly had that gun will now be facing criminal charges. >> >> neki: sanela sabovic in mie garden can with the latest. good morning sa sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and t td. a teen in this case shot and police tell us another teen responsible for bringing the gun to the house is locked up this morning. let's get you now to video of that scene last night. the shooting happened shortly before 4:00 p.m. saturday ate home located on the 2800 block of northwest 172 terrace. police tell us that the teenage victim had been staying at the home owned by a family friend. they say another 14-year-old then sthoiptd house armed with way gun showing it to two teenagers that were inside. somehow that gun went off strike the teen who was a guest at the home. the boy was airlifted to ryder trauma center where he would die
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back out live. the teen i is now being held on a manslaughter charge and held at juvenile na still the silt and facing a possession of a weapon by a minor. and we'll bring you any late break detail as we rern tm. reporting live in miami gardens. sanela sabovic.. local 10 news. >> >> >> todd: it was the final goodbye tie six year owed boy who was shot and killed ouide his home in northwest miami-dade last week. yesterday king carter was laid to rechts hundreds gathered at his funeral to pay their respects to king and his family and support his parents who were grieving and celebrating their son's liesm friends of the first grade also paid their respects. >> king was a good boy. he didn't do no harm to nifnlt he was my best friend. >> todd: police have been on
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king was killed last weekend. as of now three teens arrested in connection with thinks death. police say they are still looking for a 4th suspect and black 1999 lexus gs300 with tinted windows. >> neki: now to vote 2016. hillary clinton way win in south carolina. and come super tuesday. here's a look at numbers. she won the palmetto state with 74% of the voatd vote and bernie sandersrought in 26% of the vote ierksz next vote is super us. it clinton's win was great among brake voters where she won #% of the vote and obama's victory. in columbia south carolina. she has more from glenna milberg. >> hillary, hillary. >> reporter: hillary clinton's win was a south carolina sweep. about a huge margin and heading
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we are not taking anything and we're not taking any one for granted. >> reporter: bernie sanders got the news on a plane from texas to this one in minnesota andocused on the delegate counts in more favorable northern and western states this week. icon grat you late secretary clinton on her strong victory tuesday over 800 delegates are at steak and we intend to win many, many of them. >> bernie. >> reporter: sanders two mill dollars in ads. 200 workers and celebrity endorse ments h@re close aid poll gap but in the end could not move south carolina's critical african voters solidly for hillary clinton. >> from way back i know her. >> at i really at this point want someone to win. >> and clinton looking towards november expect donald trump to be ot gop opponent. >> we don't need to make america
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america has never stopped being great. >> but we do need to make america whole again tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> reporter: next stop, super tuesday where a significant nuivet states that will be voting are southern states with with dem graphic very similar to south carolina of the much more so than dem graphic then iowa or new hampshire. i'm glenna milberg in columbia south carolina. local 10 news.s. >> todd: meanwhile on the republican side donald trump has received anoer endorsement. former arizona govenor jan brewer announc she will be throwing her support be hyped the presidential hopeful. she is is known for her tough stance on illegal immigrationn a key issue on trump's bid for the white house. her endorsement comes one k after chris christie's endorsement. and he was joined by chris christie in tennessee. 29 in arkansas also earlier in
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trump is hoping to walkway with majority of dep delegates up for grabs when more than a dozen states hold caucuses nech week. meanwhile rubio made a stop in georgia. the event was so big they had to move it from a school gym toy a football field. he released parts of his a tax returns. and he earned just more than 2.3 million since 2010 and paid a half a million in tax ooches senator ted cruz released more of his tax returns. he now has nine years worth of reports available. he held rallies in alabama and arkansas yesterday. he staked his cap pain on super tuesday including a strong showing in his home stain state of texas. he hopes to do with well there. and meep while ohio govenor john kasich held a a rally in nashville and then moving on to knoxville.
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of ohio, he is done. the major break moment come as kasich face pressure to drop out of raise. and voters head to the poll on march 15 ooj. >> neki: florida's annual python hunt is coming to an end. it brought out more than 1000 hunters from across country. toell you how hard it s. they only caught 106 giant con strict tore. that is not even one apeessments the largest came in at 125 pounds and or 25 feecht the goal is to reduce the burmese python population in the ever glade where they are invasive species. good jofnt i gave them props. >> todd: three middle school students in deltona are facing felony charges of poisoning after they allgedly put red pepper flakes into the teacher's soda. one of the girls was upset about being disciplined bit teefer. one distrackedded the teach e. another grabbed the soda and a
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n. the teacher began to choke and was having heart of breathe and the girls were arrested. >> neki: and the baby stolen from her home found safe and sound hundreds of miles way. we'll have more details about the person who took her and who police believe is responsible for the kidnapping. >> todd: several people stanstabbed during a violent klu klux klan ral rally. the altercation caw on video and we'll have that ahead. >> jennifer: good morning south florida. some of us in the upper 50's. still a cool start but thing are warming up.the temperatures are hitting the 80s later on in the upcoming days. i'll have the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> you're watching local 10 news with todd tongen and neki mohan. >> and monday morning at 6:00. >> it was a scam trying to exploid ploit bis fles owners.
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>> is it an enforcement or extortion. >> spirit of the law is get the compliance.
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>> christina shows you how >> we came here for a peaceful protest white lives matter and with we get jumped by i think hu to expect something. >> neki: stabbed and 13 arrestededany when a kkk rally in an an anaheimalifornia became violent. they were staging a rally when 30 protesters showed up. police say the brawl started when one members with stabbed with a flagpole. >> todd: funerals held
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week's kalamazoo shooting. dalton shot and killed six people at rap dop. he opened fire in three dierent areas. one man found out about hi fe's death on the news. >> my wife was supposed come home saturday, friday night. and before she left kalamazoo she wa supposed to call. which is sop for us. and she didn't call soy kept trying t tcall her and try and trying. >> >> todd: three people also hurt in the shooting. dalton has been charged with six counts of murder. >> neki: and ran rampant prostitution and other illegal activity forced him to move out of building. >> todd: h also claims the landlord and police did nothing about it. earlier this month a local 10 hidden investigation shows what go on behind the doors that advertise a massage treatments.
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one of the men who worked inside that bid. here is jeff weinsnsr i saw your story and saw that door and i saw that 302 and i knew exactly what it was. >> hi endwa nearing firm right down the hall in 307. eddie martinez says the illegal activity we showed youer yer this month made working in this office building unsafe and unsan tear right. he says his female employees were oen approach bid men seeking sex. men who went into the wrong office. >> yeah, they would open the door all the time to ask, is massage? >> based on a tip last month wee went under cover insnse 1140 west 50th street and right into suite 302. the dine sign on the door said pon high 'leave. we were greeted by a woman in full lingerie who said for 260
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wanted to her she offered us condoms in the good debag. >> my fee may employee when they go to the bath room sthe would see those ladies that are in the bath room almost bathing themselves in a facility that doesn't have shower fa sil tee. and what shocked him more was when he d did a google search for prostitutes in hialeah acht and it gave my sweet number. he provided local 10 with several letters he sent to the landlord a lettering him of alall the problem. martinez he is he called sonya who said he was the building manager. they said it was my duty to inform police and get them out of there there. the girl cald pie high ali a pd on miewmer rows "inincation. >> did you ever see police there. >> we called sonya as with well@ and each time she hung up ch so we went to her office. why do you keep hanging up on
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why won't you ask them quech you know about the prostitution. remember when mr. martinezcalled you? >> no, don't know anything. that's per ouch and she nose everything about it. state records show 1140 towers ininstments holding owns the build ago rained ray munun do gonzales is the manager. he hung up too when we called. what does the mayor and car lor hernandez have to say. >> martinez is the second p pson who notified police about the activity and nothing was done. nn in an e-mail to local 10 news police say quote we are currently conduct owrg own investigation and will not comment. the mayor's office said the same thing. >> chief, can we talk to you? >> and when we confronted the police chief a month ago for our first story, he said this. >> we'll be more than happy to exam what evidence have you. >> we do know police are reacting to the original story
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seals the door of sweet 302. a detective's card is taped to the door and that sign that said pnl hialeah is now gone. in hialeah jeff weinsier,, local 10 news. local 10 news has learned hialeah police have been randomly checking massage parlors for licenses and police won't say if they are going undercover ver to catch prostitutes. 6:18 and time to look at weather. alrey 60 degrees. about ten degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning. >> yeah, it is todd's birming day. >> todd: oh. >> neki: happy birthday. >> todd: thank you. >> neki: we have to gym hif a good day. >> jennifer: yeah. >> neki: maybe he can dine el fresca. >> todd: >> jennifer: i'll give you a winning forecast. >> todd: so i can take my nap. >> neki: you're not alone. >> todd: i love vacation when i don't have to talk to anybody. and i said i'm going to take a nap.
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for hour fowr hours every day jennifer. >> >> todd: and then we're done. >> jennifer: and it's tierg. but i take the naps too and if the weather is nice and you want to do so, te a nap under the tun sun. it will be nice and comfortable today. also temperatures a little milder this morning. not qp chilly as yesterday but a cool start. sound towards miami. 58 in kendall. low 60s in marathon and key west at 62 degrees. temperature wl be slightly warmer even this afternoon. but still below average around five degrees below average. five to seven. that's because we still have the cool air over us. also nice and quietetut there with with wind speeds at 7 miles per hour in fort lauderdale and miami. 8 miles per hour wind out of north and homestead out of the north north east for key west and marathon and it's breezy in marathon with 14 miles per hour wind speeds. onhe radar no rain and as far
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we i h he couple clouds draping across miami-dade. especially over the city of miami. mostly cloudy in miami. partly cloudy for fort lauderdale. high pressure in control and sliding across the panhandle today. >> towards the east. that is going to bring back a shift in the wind. so this morning out of north and eventually out of east. later on by this afternoon and tomorrow remaining out of the east a well so. mi this afternoon but still below average. then by tomorrow we'll s srt feeling that warm up. and it will get even warmer by the middle part of the week. if you're heading out to the beach today. enjoy it. winds east ten to 15 miles per hourur the surf one to 2 feet. and out on the water for boaters. no advisories, seas two to three feecht the bays with with a moderate chop. today's high reaching 74 degrees under mostly sunny skies. tomorrow a couple more clouds coming our way. only a 20% chance for showers monday and tuesday. better chance for showers returning on wednesday as
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low and mid 80s by the middle part of the workweek. neki, todd. >> all right. thank you jennifer. well f have you plans on this beautiful sunday, if you do or don't, we gowt covered. and ideas coming up around town today. and who says you can't teach a dog new trick. coming up how four dog are making their way out on to the tennis court andearning new tricks. >> neki: but first here's a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck. a always watching. always tracking.
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the one and only lo >> >> neki: looking for something to do today? trying to wear out thoke children?
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take the kids to the orange blossom fes tall evaluate parade and concert at the davie town hall. there will be music, arts and crts and the veent is from 9:00 in the morning 'til 5:00 and it is free. hey, you can also celebrate the public safety day. you have a did cid. >> that like the big trucks and swat vehicles? happening atlas o las market in fort lauderdale aich swat team. police k9's and so much more of the the even from # in the morning 'til 3:00 and free to teabd. looking for something to d dwith the grownups or significant other. drink house fire nights in miami beach is hosting an after noofn chocolate and cocktails. the event from # this afternoon'til 5:00. tickets are 40 buck. >> todd: well t turn out you can ceech teeth an teach an old dog new trickck >> neki: really what am i
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i i walked right into that quun. were trained as ball retrieve drogz, a and their job was to
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: type now 6:30. 60 degrees out there. somebody getting an early start on their beach day out at will hollywood beach. beautiful morning shaping up ch the sun coming up. we do see clouds out there but it's a picture perfect moment. >> tldd: just gorgeous and set only one out there. >> neki: good for him. he doesn't know we're watching jennifer. jennifer: i know, he doesn't know. >> jennifer: but yes t is beautiful todd and neki. south florida, good morning to you. happy sununy. winds out of north in hollywood. 7 miles per hour.
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7 miles per hour winds in miami. breezier conditions for mara thofnl now winds are expected to shift out of east later this afternoon. temperature right now in miami 60 degrees as well as in fort lauderdale. 62 and key west pembroke pines. hadropped to the upper 50 eachts so there you go. it is cool. but not as chilly a yesterday morning no. rain on the radar. just a couple clouds as you just saw ououof that lens out of of the hollywood beach cam. high pressure will remain in control once again today providing for plenty of sunshine out there as w w move on to our sunday and also it's going to help warm things up. especially once that east wind is back so.stps a bill bit warmer than they were yesterday for the daytime high but still below ave ring. i'll talk about that coming up in the seven day in a couple minute. neki. >> neki: thank you jennifer. developing this morning a teen tragedy in miami garden. a 14-year-old shows up with with a` gun and now another 14-year-old boy is dead. >> todd: we're learning the 14-year-old that had that gun will be facacg manslaughter charges. >> neki: and sa nel sa sabovic is live in miami gardens with more on this. sanela. >> reporter: good morning dmik. as you said the victiti in this
6:32 am
miami gardens police saiaie us ta that a second teenager response for bricking a gun inside a home is now facing serious charges and wake up behind bars this morning. >> miami gardens police work throughout the night saturday following a shooting that left a 14-year-old dead. the shooting happened shortly before 4:00 p.m. located on northwest 172 terrace ch the teenage victim stage at a hope owned by a family friend. they sayb another 14-year-old showed up to the house armed way gun and showing that gun to the victim and another teen at the house. somehow the gun went off and hit the boy who had been stage at the home. he was airlifted to rierd trauma center where he died from his injury. >> now that teen is facing several charges. first possession of of a firearm by a nine or and a manslaughter charge. reporting live from miami gardens. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> thank you sanelel a baby found safe and sound after she was allegedly
6:33 am
jesmed police say the baby was found hundreds of miles way in or lan diet hospital. and now a woman is being questioned by police for the abduction. local 10 news reporter layron livingston live in fort lauderdale with the latest. layron. >> reporter: neki and tochtd we're still working to learn how that woman who is being questioned fits into alll this. who took this child is also something we're waying to hear back from from the broward county sheriff's office. >> just 2-month-old taken from her home and missing for 18 hours. >> i'm glad na that baby is in good health still. >> but in the same breath what is the reason? >> why would you do that? ransom? >> >> and they called the police saying two men banked into the apartment and scooped up the baby and nothing else and took off. hours later they released a
6:34 am
they later found agustin in fort pierce and then we learned they found ta ra jee in fort lauderdale. they say they want her back. she said she heard nothing until after deputies showed upye prayed for her and her family. it's very disappointing and sad that someone would do that. >> reporter: some neighbors still drug lg to add it all up. >> i'm glad the baby is fine. i'm sure there's lots more to the story. i'm glad the baby is fine. they didn't hurt the baby. >> reporter: and as far as we know, no arrests have been made bit broward county sheriff deputy and this baby is still in orlando. she was kept over night at this hospital there for observation. we'll keep you posted thon. reporting live. layron livingston. local l news. >> neki: a police officer who was just sworn in the kay before is dead after responding to a domestic related violence cal in vir are vir. it happened in wood bridge
6:35 am
police say ashley giew done and # officers arrived to the scene where they found a p woman dead. gi done was then shot and killed and two other officers jured. leajtd shooter is in custody. >> todd: caught on camera. a sting where police broke up a smuggling will that was bringing chinese laborers into europe. prprs say more than 100 chinese national had been detained in this operation. the smugglers were using fake passports to bring the migrants into europe ch the smugglili ring sting took two year and involved agencies in four different countries. >> neki: a partial cease fire in sia has brought peace to the country for the first time in year. children lewd to go out and play for a little while on saturday. cease fire is the most significant international attempt aet to reduce the violence and killed more than a quarter of a million people. >> todd: while tickets to the
6:36 am
undergoing a major chaij today. disney in orlando and california will roll out season pricing on one day tickets. a fiched calendar set eight to 11 months out in the future to lieu guest to see which days are considered value, regular or peak. people l- pay more for those on line. >> you can check the p pces now on line. >> neki: and we're getting a look at the inner workings of the port of miami. >> todd: and it is interesting. >> coming up christina shows us how they keep unsafe items from entering the port of miami. >> neki: and a dump struck. look that the slamming right into a stopped car. more on theideo next eye and monday at 11:00. you crop your car off t t the repair shop hoping for this and instead you get this. i'm not happy what is going on. my car was taken out by someone going to lunch. >> was your ride taken for a lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your moutut
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> todd: a crash involving a dump truck is cute on camera in austin texas. pretty amazing stuff@ n. the cash cam video you see the dump truck crash into a car waiting at a red light. it's coming. here it s. and then runs across the busy intersection hitting several other cars before make it's way over the the bridge. four people take toapt hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> neki: later today spacex will try for a third time to launun a commercial communication satellite from cape canaveral. two attempts with were scrubbed last week because of the cold temperatures. spac will then try to land the boos ter on a ship in the middle of the ocean. these are tem top make space travel more affordable by reusing rock ces. >> todd: 6:40. >> neki: i barely caught that sneeze.>> todd: yes. >> neki: sometime have you to sneeze jennifer. >> four h hr on the air.
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people that sneeze,ly sneeze six times eye. >> nek really? >> todd: all right. i never sneeze just one. >> neki: we'll plan your sneezes in the commercial break. jennifer has the weather to do. >> jennifer: and beautiful today. it's because we have high pressure in control. now, as far a the temperatures this morning. slitly warmer than yesterday morning. still cool start for us. also cloudierr skies out there. fort lauderdale a live view of what it looks like outside and still looks beautiful just like the cloud cover. plusnone of the clouds producing any precipitation so no rain talk about this morning as the temperature right now holds on to 60 degrees for miami including fort lauderdale. 62 in key west. i do want to mention fort lauderdale did drop to the upper 50s about an hour ago. we were at 59 degrees. so we did get to the 50s across much of the area in south florida. now, currently across the sunshine state. 30s nup tall what see, jacksonville and gainesville. 40s for central florida
6:42 am
fort myers a at 47 degrees. key west 62 and as a mentioned high pressure remaining in control over the florida panhandle today. it will continue to push or slide towards the east and that's going to help to turn the windndut o the east layer on this afternoon. right now we have winds out of north and expect wind speeds to remain ten to 15 miles per hour. by tomorrow still within w- an east wind this. will help warm thing up for the start of the workweek. today the high is still below the average at 74 degrees and with we do expect mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. tomorrow@ mostly or partly cloudy to mostly cloudy but still way low chance of of showers and as we head into tuesday, we'll see more clouds developing. winds will start to turn more out of south es splish by the middle part of week. that wl bring up the humidity and pump in that heat. check out the highs. they are rising. by wednesday we're talking about highs closer to the mid 80s.
6:43 am
thursday and possibly some moderate rainfall. so that will keep the temperature at 80 degrees and then bit end of the week dow into the upper 70s. neki, todd. >> neki: thanks jennifer. now before all those products make it to a store self near you they news go y poofort entreatment this morning christine takes toutsort of miami. our front line in consumer protection. >> todd: we're getting a look at the work federal officers do to make sure unsafe products do not make it to a store near you. >> on this stormy afternoon while being pelted by rain. custst and borter protection officers at miami's sea port are scanning in coming cargo. >> and open. they will verify the seal and structure of the door to m me sure it hasn't been damperred with. >> checking what is in the containers matches the man na fes. >> and look for in consist ten
6:44 am
yoy can spot check to see if there's any false wall. they have several signs to see if the wall has been brought in a little bit and look at the floor. using multiple screeni techniques like x ray image and they check ship mens from radio logical. biological and explosives. >> we're looking for narcotics or anything terrorist relate ood and specialist are looking for counterfeit products. >> you have officers that specialize in that. >> keeping unse products from ever reaching a store near you starts right here. >> we in speckle all cargo vessels riefg in the united states. >> last month cpb field operations in miami seized hundreds of hor boards from china containing batteries that were unauthoritied and believed counterfeit. they believe the batteries could be why some are catching fire and ceeg a close eye on the
6:45 am
last summer cbp seeds more than he $11 million in counterfeit hand bags. knock offs that looked so good you might of paid top dollar thinking you were getting the real thing and later learning you were ripped off and the consumer product safety commission to make sure dangerous toys don't end up under the christmas tree. >> this is the last line of defense. once it goes through us t hits the market. it's on the road. at port miami christina vasquez, local 10 news. turning now to sports. steph curry is the trending topic ave record setting night. is there anything he can't do. he is on fire? enfay go. >> todd: and this whan what dywane wade has to say about the new head heat addition coming up in sports wrap. >> a live look outside our miami tower cam. more clouds out there and warmer. 60 degrees right now. will there be any rain? how warm will it get? those are questions for jennifer
6:46 am
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comcast business.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what dyou think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers.
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i could rise abov >> good sunuay morning everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your low ca ten morning sports wravment the heat expect to have joe hnson making his debut tonight when they take on the knicks. miami reaching a deal with the seven time all-star who immediately become the best three-point shooter and you can give an assist on the signing to wade who recruited johnson. >> and put someone on the floor who can super bowl score from different areas on the floor and make play. obviously losing chris right now is another play maker. anher scorer. open arm in miami for him. >> the heat taking on the celtic in boston yesterday and they would have cued johnson in this one. dragic working well inside. he a big game with 21 points. six-point lead for the head at that point. later in the second.
6:50 am
hassan white side inside. eight blocks. 15 points and 15 rebounds. white side will miss a dunk and back come ot screl tick the other waicht the heat could of tide tup but instead tyler diseller will finish this off. giving the celtic a four-point lead with a 101 to 89. >> and incredible finish last night. warriers and thunder tide last night. steph curry. i'm going to step up and hit a 30 something footer. unbelievable. bhain in his face, wararers winning this one in o ot. 121 to 18. senior day for the hurricanes basketball team taking on louisville nay clash of top 12 teams yesterday. canes taking this in the second half. angel rodriguez with a big play here. they will take that one the other way. he 17 points inhis game another senior sheldon ma clel on follows it up withhe hoop and harm here. canes cut it to one. heat chipped in with 13 and they would take the lead on free
6:51 am
day von reevment huge three-pointer. point of a ten run for the u and celebrating by a field goal. big win for the the caifnltz they take out louisville 73 to 65. and baseball team taking on the no. 1 team in the land. the gator. that college clutch for the u last night. a two run single each time. hurricane wiping this by a final score of five to three. on the ice the pap thers hiking the road for the first of five straight in column buzz. cats pulling off trades to pick up help for the stretch one. as for this game score less in the first period. yao ger with with a pass here acht and third period cats down three to two. logan shawvment huge power play. goal. ties it up at three. we go into ot and t tn a shootout. brandon wins it for clowm bus. cats lose this by a final scofer four to three. i'm clay ferraro.
6:52 am
sports wrap. >> it is heemple the oscars are tonight. we count down tonight. and taking a loooo at the razzie's who took hope the big losing award this year. >> and tonight after the oscars. air man described a monster. >> and i was hungry for some kind of a physical touching thing and she was right there. >> a accused of drugging, molesting and then performing surgery on the in no september. and she was on the table. >> and now shocking twist. >> did you know about the abuse? >> w w someone hiding dark secrets. >>? i know a witness has seen those
6:53 am
happened on those tapes.>> bob norman with a local 10 you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone slelp like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip p d pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone.
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breathe right >> neki: you know quha that music meefnlz oscar time.
6:56 am
in fact we're 12 hours, four minute and 59 second of we're just counting down. i can't keep up before hollywood's biggest stars go home with the must coveted hardware. >> as we prepare to celebratehollywood's best tonight. last night was the time to recognize the worse a the golden raspberry award known a the razzie's. 50 shades of gray and fantastic four were the big winner or loser the depending on how you see it st night. and shade of gray took worse actress, worse actor and screenplay and fantastic four won worse screenplay. and tonight at 7:00 rate here on local 10. >> todd: and of course we're just getting started here on the local 10 month weekend morning news. >> neki: yes we r. here's what we're working on for the next hour. we keep following that developing sto out of miami gardens. a 14-year-old boy shot. his friend now facing charges. >> todd: and a 2-month-old baby girl abducted from her
6:57 am
she was finally found safe and sound hundred ever miles way. >> neki: and a wig win for hillary clinton south carolina primary. that's right. a big sweep yesterday ch see how the candidates are preparing as super tutuday gets closer. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 coming up next. >> neki: a live look out of our miami tower cam. a check of the forecast when we come back. local 10 news at 7:00 a.m. jus a few minutes way. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but thatat how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into i i so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
6:59 am
>> neki: right now on local 10 news at 7:00. a teen tragedy in miami gardens. gunfire killing one teen and sends another into police custody iergs a 2-month-old infant is safe and sound this morning after she vanished from her lawt lawt home. what ware learning about the investigation. >> neki: friends and loved ones say an emotional goodbye to 6-year-old king carter.
7:00 am
house paid final respects to the little boy. >> todd: meanwhile hillary clinton way resounding win in south carolina last night. whathat means for her and her opponent bernie sanders heading into super tuesday. >> live, the the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> >> neki: good morning every one. sunday february 28 nl. also known as todd tongen's girnlg day i'm neki mohan.. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. >> neki: happy birthday. >> todd: thank iewvment a sunday morning. >> neki: a nice birthday for him right jen. >> todd: they wouldn't give me the day off. >> neki: why would you want the day of off when you can come in to be with us. >> todd: sure. i really wanted to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and come in instead of being with myamily and work. >> jennifer: and a view from the mallory square tower cam and gorgeous and peaceful color over


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