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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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so they ditch one car, they run away from that car with police pursuing them. they get into car and lead employs a second chase in this car. we don't know how in the world they were able to jump that car so quick and get out of there. again, this is in the in oakland park in an apartment complex. the florida highway patrol and an unmarked suv was quickly, quickly behind this car because the broward sheriff's office had their chopper up above. again, two suspects were in car, originally four people got out of that hundai astronauta. they went all separate wades. astronauta. two males got into this week that you see right here and pled police on a chase through residential oakland park. here you see that unmarked suv right behind them. you see the two suspects. they fled with that officer on foot chase in separare directions. originally both together, but then they went in separate directions with that one police
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eventually bso and the florida highway patrol showed up and took both of these suspects. again, this is video after they ditched that second vehicle. again, the pursuit happening through residential oakland park. while this was gng on, we saw several people walking outside watching. this is the takedown of i believe the second suspect, the second suspect in that you see k-9 caught up with that suspect. again, two people we know of in custody. two people may still be on the run, originally coming out of the light house point area, a stolen vehicle leading police on a chase down i-95 in the oakland park area. we do not know the whereabouts of the two other suspects. one appeared to be a female but two males have been taken into custody right now. >> laurie: jeff, from the different scanner traffic, so far we have not heard of any injuries. is that correct? >> jeff: believe heard of any injuries but i will tell you when we were watching the pursuit up above, the hundai
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car out of light house point did have damage to the back bumper. the original bailolo, the original bail out with that hundai sonata was 3839 northwest 19th street, and then they took the first male into cut of at 4501orthwest 22nd street. again, two people in custody. one male, one female we're told by bso still on the run at this hour. so again, they are looking for two. they have two in custody out of originally light house point, and all ending in oakland park without in you major irs j we have heard of. >> calvin: jefef is the feeling that the other two suspects could be somewhere in the vicinity of other two people who were caught? >> jeff: did not area. you have the florida highway patrol, you have the brord sheriff's office in that area as well. a lot of times in these chases people start in an arming ever original area but usually wind in places that they are familiar with, and when these two suspects were running into that
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for a car andmazingly that subaru they were able to start within less than a minute. soe don't know what kind of equipment they had, if it was s push but on start, if a key was left if that car. we don't know if it could have been one of other cars. they may have run into an apartment complex that they live in and taken a car. at this point two in custody, two on the run, a chase coming to an end in the oakland park area. >> laurie: it looks like all these officers are questioning this one suspect, hoping for information to ld them to those other suspects on the one. jeff weinsier, we're goingo let you work it from the newsroom. >> calvin: alsl tonight a safety alert. hunt for a peeping tom in miami. >> laurie: and this guy has been caught numerous times on available video. so let's get to local10 news rererter andrew perez life with what you need to know. >> andrew: this crime is justt disturbing, and i should start by saying we can't each show you months of the videoames video because it's that graphic, police telling me earlier today this man is a danger the to community. it's 4:30 in the morning and
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not his. he's got his private parts exposed. while looking through windows, trying to open the front door. he rings the doorbell and walks to a vehicle in the driveway. he gets inse without a care in the world. >> he was looking through the front window. he continued to masturbate. he's staring at the front door. again, it's very odd. this is a first. >> andrew: it happened off southwest 12th avenue close to a church and school in miami. the homeowner who spoke to us by phone says he ran out and confronted the man. the whole situation completely bizarre. >> running down the stairs and confronted him at which time he the got out of the car and said to me, "this isn't my car? this isn't my house?" and i said, "no." >> >> andrew: neighbors here s`y they of seen this guy since. he just casually leaves the scene while police are called. officers with an to catch him,worried he's too unpreductable. >> we don't know what h h
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burglar. he obviously hab mental illness. he could be a sexual predator. >> andrew: here's where you come in. anyone with information in you think you of seen this g g on the street you're encouraged to call miami police right away. i'm live in miami, andrew perez. >> laurie: now tie bob bob investigation. broward sheriffs deputies are looking for a man who broke into the north regional courthouse. deputies say he used a bat to smash a glass other on sunday morning. he then walked through the building for roughly 45 minutes before he exited. apparently,,though, he didn't take anything or vandalize the premises any further. the man seen clearly in surveillance photos is described as a white male with a beard and stocky build a ang with one disopportunity characteristic. he only has one hand. anyone who recognizes this suspect, please call crimestopper crimestops. >> calvin: wives students are recovering when a broward county school bus crashed this after. sky 10 was above the scene.
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a driver heading west onriffin road served into the eastbound lanes causing the b%s to go off the road. four of the injury students were treated at the scene while the fifth was taken to memorial hospital west. that student is expected to be okay. police gave the driver of the car iolved the in crash a citation. >> laurie: a woman breaks down in tears as he faces a judge to hear the charges against her or for allegedly kidnapping a two-month-old baby. thankfully that baby was found safe and sound in orlando. the arrested w wan the baby's mother and her family can't believe what she did. local10 news reporter terrell forney is live with the latest for us. terrell. >> terrell: and, laurie, that baby is dng okay tonight, while the accused kidnapper is in jail, and we also have to tell you that family members say that she's very familiar. she's actually a cousin of the family, and rell ives the say she also had a odd obsession over becoming a new mom.
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>> terrell: fresh from adoctor's checkup with the baby and her mom of every reason to celebrate. >> she's healthy. she'e' smiling. she's beautiful. she's been cooing and babbling all morning long. as s sn as she saw her mom, she just lit up. >> terrell: the child's aunt said it's a bittersweet feeling for family noww knowing their own cousin 23-year-old stephanie augustin orchestrated a plan to barge nigh hema and snatch the infant girl at gunpoint on friday night. the move sparked a statewide amber alert. >> and that situation, whatever, occurs and what should happen about will happen. we just pray for her as a family member. it's hard, but, you know, she made her mistake and she has to go through it. >> terrell: today stephanie cried during her court appearance. she was arrested on saturday after her plan unraveled. the baby was found abandoned in orlando. >> you're charged with c cnt one with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent
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fount five you're charged with kidnapping trenches family members were also in the courtroom p, just as emotional. tonight detectives say stephanie even armed another relative, a 14-year-old boy, to help pull off the kidnapping. >> there is so many mix dollars emotions. we're still trying to figure this out, trying to wonder why. >> terrell: and the judge did two things today. he ordered a mental health screening on that 23-year-old woman while also ordering h@r to be held withoutond. as for that 14-year-old alleged accomplice he is being held in a juvenile detention center tonight. i'i'terrell forney. >> dr. ari soffer: mother of a teenager who is accused of accidental shoototg and killing his 14-year-old friend is talking about her son today. lice say the teenager accidental shot troffers rhodes outside a miami calendars home along 72nd terrace. they say he was spending time with his grandmother's house when he pulled out the loaded gun.
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he said he's willing to do whatever, you know, to show that he's hurt by that. >> calvin: the teen is facing veral charges, including manslaughter. >> laurie: surveillance video has just been released of two men moments before they were recordly robbed two brandsmart deliver men and four others after firing a shot and getting aqua. michael seiden live in northwestst miami-dade with more of that video. michael major this was a rrifying experience for those families involved, and as you can see therere just tons of quds in this neighborhood andthis home had a available camera that captured portions of the incident. tonight no one, including this chances. >> i was just feeding the baby. it was crazy. i was thinking with, oh, my god, you know, it was just crazy miracle that after a routine delivery in northwest miami dade turned violent, and now for the first time we're getting an up close look at thi pair of brandsmart bandits. they struck february 11th.
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into the duplex on midwest 42nd street. what happened wasn't caug on camera but investigators tell us the two armed robbers seen her stormed into the home, forcing two delivery men and four people to the ground, robbing them of their money and cell phos, even a couple of shots were fired before the men fled in the truck. right now it's still missing, and both remain on the run. and again that truck is a white 1997is use you ft r with a brand mart logo on the side. police still looking for that. if you have any information you're asked to call miami-dade crime toppers, 305-471-tips. live in northwest miami-dade, i'm michael seiden. >> calvin: florida's primary is just over two weeks away now but early voting was has begun in parts of south florida. people lined up to cast their vote at the steve p. clark building in miami early this morning.
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two weeks in mild and two weeks for broward county. you can vote starting this saturday. the florida plier will be held on march 15th. for information about where to go and what to bring head over to our website. it is always f more political analysis ahead of super tuesday, stay with local10 and "world news." that is tonight, of course, at 6:30. >> laurie: after months of being closed to traffic for ren vases and repairs, the venetian causeway finally reopened today. the causeway will be closed for nine long months whihi undergoing major trucks. construction. the $12.4 million project did finish on time and on budget. on average 8,000 cars ask and 100 bicyclists use the venetian every day. so you know everyone is glad it's open. jenise fernandez is here with the rest of the traffic day. >> jenise: hi there. no problems on the venetian causeway, everything running smoothly but a track of alert for you i-95 northbound. northwest 79th street in the express lanes there is a crash, and pause of that they have closed the express lanes.
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delays as a result. again i-have any northbound, that crash at northwest 79th street and when we seehe purple, that means there's no act of so right now track of a standstill. while they work to clean up that accident the express lanes from downtown nighttime goln glades or closed. if you have any errands to run this evening, sure to stay away from the express lanes on i-95. laurie, calvin. >> laurie: and we continue following the breaking news out of oakland park. a policee chase first in cars, then on foot, alloing to here in broward county. at this point two young suspectct are in custody, but two more, a male and a female, are still out there on the run,, at least one stolen car involved. as we learn more we'll get it right to you. >> calvin: emotional testimony today f fm sportscaster and "dancing with the stars" host erin introduce you andrews. >> betty: nothing out of ordinary on this last day of
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i'll get you ready for the first few doves march. the forecast is next. >> laurie: and new home, new lots. how one new delopment is learning the hard way it's about protecting their holes from
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safe home" report right after (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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>> calvin: we're following breaking news, and back to our stop story now, police pursuing two more suspects after four people jumped out of a car in oakland park today after a police pursuit. >> laurie: so many residents witnessing this makers jeff weinsier has been working this out of the newsroom. what you a@e learning? >> jeff: four people originally stealing a vehicle allegedly in the light house point area, then taking police on a chase down i-95 into oakland park where they bled out. this is the second vehicle, two of the the suspects jumped in. by the time they got into this vehicle after jumping out of the first one, police were already in the air and on the ground behind them. and then two of the the suspects, cluding the driver of the in first vehicle, jumped out of this vehicle with that unmarked police car behind them. you see them flee through residential neighborhoods, jumping effects. both now are in custody. again two people in custody. police or the search for two others. four people totally in a stolen vehicle.
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of the suspects. this all going on inin the oakland park area where there is an act of inside ofofhe area of 3849 northwest 19th street. we're live in the newsroom, i'm jeff weinsier. >> laurie:e:et us know if we need to get back to you. >> calvin: moving into a neuwelt built home has a lot of advantagag, new construction, new appliance and new lox. >> laurie: but interestingly police say you should still rekey your reamm even if you have those high tech keypad locks. as janine stanwood leashes homeowners in one south florida neighborhood had to learn the hard way. it's todays "home safe home." >> janine: garments by the hammocks is a gleaming new neighborhood but before the holidays police say there was a rash of break inds. the likely pull culprit these keypad locks also known as smart locks. >> these are locks that can be accessed. you be do not need a keyed. you just need a code. >> janine: miami-dade sergeant about mude heads said homes in many new communities come with
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so painters and construction workers have easy accessv >> you have one master code that six, seven different people are using to work on the house. >> janine: and that could lead to a crook getting access to. bermudez says if you're a new homeowner, give your keypad lock a new code, but -- this is important -- make sure to cle out the old one programmed on it as well. >> so not only do you want t t come up with a new code but you want to clear the code that s already on it. >> for sure. that's the first thing you want to do when you move into these new houses. >> janine: also tell your people, especially kids, not to share the code. >> what happens is, is now junior's coming homeith four or five of his friends, not reallypaying attention, buts in his code, and now everybody that was with him can see the access code to the house. you do not want everybody knowing your access code to your new homes. new technology, same old examination. >> janine: it is common sense advice but people say it's easy to have a false sense of
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first owner of a new home. >> laurie: better change that code a lot.
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'll be right back are weather.tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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>> laurie: what a gorgeous day. we're praying we can hack onto this, should we hope for a whole week? >> calvin: carbon copy. super tuesday for a lot o of states, not us. >> betty: the weather is going to do it just right, especially here in florida. right now this is what it looks like through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera. sure we see mid to higig level clouds out there. those are not as raynemakers so not looking at ad d. rain makers. look at how still those waters,
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temperatures in low to mid-70s after making it into the upper 70s this afternoon. miami, you're at 72. pembroke pines 73. hialeah, hey, there, you're one of our warm spots sitting at 74 at this hour. forecast for the rest t the evening mainly dry around 8:00 tonight, maybe you're picking up a date, going out for some mund night dinner. 10:00 tonight partly cloudy skies with dench in the upper 60s. so youou may want a light sweater if you are going to be out and about but it't' not going to be terribly chilly whatsoever. we do have ewe our winds flowing in from the east-southeast. they're light but that is a mild flow for us. getting that flow around high pressure, an area of high pressure that is still in charge of a lot of the south, especially in florida. up to the north. in fact, the leading edge of a hold front starting to sag down toward the south. but the deal with this front is as it's sagging south it's going to be weakening. the bottom line for us tomorrow it's all about higig pressure in control and the flow ash that high.
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mix with sunshine. and then on wednesday the cold front, the leading edge of it gets closer to us but it essentially fizzles out. even when the front passes we're not expecting a huge change in our weather. more warm weather on the way. so you may ask, is it supposed to be in the upper 70 this time of the year? it is. and we're expecting to be pretty close to where we should be allweek long. here are the normals for today. the normal low 64 in miami, the normal high around 79 in miami, and 78 in fort lauderdale. so the forecast for tomorrow is pretty close to that. mid-60s in the morning, and high temperatures around 80 degrees. winds from the east-southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. as for our rain chances this week, low march 1st, 2nd, 30, 4th, 5th, 6th. more of the same on the way. lows in the 60s. highs in the lower 80s. carnaval on the mile saturday and sunday. hope to see you there.
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to cooperate. calvin. >>alvin: marching in about some great weather l we have family in town. ca we stay an extra week? whatever you'd like. thank you for joining us.
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where shopping is a pleasure. st text1 italics cc1 test message several breaking stories tonight.
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tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on t t stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalkeke and a famous hotel. making a statatent. chris rock at the oscars. and leonardo dicaprio finally winning.g. what he quietly said backstage. and late word today, as we remember another oscar-winning actor. good ening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin withfast-moving


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