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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and the first in the swing state of ohio where he was joined by governor chris christie. the rally underscores how well trump is poised to do tonight. voters there don't head to thepolls until nar 15th. trumped his day in kentucky where he was interrupted alternatively several times but in typical trump fashion he had the them removed. on saturday there had been talk heading into tonight that ever go rick scott might endorse trump. the governor penned an op d in usa today back in january where he seemingly gushed over frump despite that praise, governor rick scott is not expected to be here tonight and according to the governor himself, he is not expected to end don't endorse anyone mood hood of march 15th. we're told trump will note join supporters at mira lago. instead he will have a press conference at 9:00 tonight. in. >> calvin: fla senator marco rubio will be returning to south florida for a event at tropical park.
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there. >> hatzel: it's going to be a big homecoming for the senator and here is how you know why. because opening doors is going to take place at 7:00 this evening and you could still already see, you can already see the clouds lining up because they want to be the first ones to get as close as they can to the senator. we saw senator marco rubio earlier in minnesota. that state we know offers about 38 delegates. this is a numbers game. rubio is behind in third place following cruz and trump has 80 delegates. to win the nom nation you need 1,237, which is why super tuesday is so important. e rubio campaign will once again be looking at totals. if rubio remains at least in second p pce, florida will be key. the problem is trump is leading in the polls h he in florida, so what rubio says here tonight will be inductive of where his campaign is goingng we know the florida primary is march 15th and here it is.
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marco rubio here in his hometown. again, doors opening up at 7:00. he is expected to be on stage at 8:00 this evening. for now reporting live in southwest miami-dade, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: thanks a lot. >> laurie: and we head morth near downtown miamimi where hillary clinton is expected to await the super tuesday results. local10 news reporter glenna milberg is right there live at the site. glenna. >> glenna: a sign, laurie, of how confident hillary clinton is, already focusing on florida, and people are focusing on her here in miami where the corner of overtown and 14th street and north miami avenue, you remember that swankrestaurant that was here a few years ago. they haven't seen a scene le this since then. across the street the are protesters as well. hillary clinton is not supposed to be here until about 9:00. she'll be coming from minneapolis, and that is just one of the cities that secretary clinton crisscrossed today in super tuesday states. she really wanted as much last-minute face time, and you
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really a personal connection she tries to have. in the polls hold true, super tuesday is going to be a sweep of states for hillary clinton. more significantly, a sweep of super tuesday states means a huge number of delegates that bernie sanders will have a tough time overcoming if that holds true. but clinton herself is making no predictions, confident, yes, but taking nothing for granted, including coming right here to a huge swing state and the biggest county in it which is already voting inarly voting on super tuesday. glenna milberg live in miami tonight, local10 news. >> laurie: great to have you there for us. >> calvin: there are close to 1500 delegates for both parties up for grabs today and candidatessers desperate to win as many as possible. >> laurie: or senior political reporter michael putney vince joins us. >> meteorologist: i'm looking for for three things basically, first for hillary clinton to lock up the democratic
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trump to win enough delegates tonight that catching him before the convention is impossible. today trump could literalal become unstoppable. third, i am looking for marco rubio to possibly win a primary. he has a real shot at coming into first in virginia. theres a new cnn poll out today. it shows clilion beating trump soundly in a one-on-one race it would be clinton 52, trump 44, but the same poll has rubio beating clinton 50-47, even ted cruz is clipt are basically a statistical tie. cruz 49, clinton 48. and one more thing that we really should remind our viers about is they're excited about the primary, let's go vote, to vote you have to be a republican, registered republican, registered democrat it. means the largest voting block in florida, independents, npas, they can't vote.
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wing voter come november. >> michael: it will be the key voting block in november. but march 15th, forget it. >> laurie: minor things, not significant. you've got your preditions but the way this race has been going, it could us? go nuts tonight. >> michael: the conventional wisdom has been proven wrong the last eight on nine months. who would have thought the we would have outliers, bernie sanders, donald trump at one point both were leading. now of course it's trump. but you're right. this has been an unpredictable political year. >> calvin: another exciting night in american politics. looking forward to working with you, michael. >> laurie: do know abc news will have special report all three the night and michael and the rest of our team will be back for a full wrap-up on local10 news a 11:00 here at home the hearing for three teenagers accused in a wild chase i i broward county, it was full of tensions today. six jewels of were taken away in cuffs for their outbuzzers. local10 news reporter terrell forney is live in fort lauderdale to lay out what happened.
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disrespect for the judge and also the courtroom today. there was kicking. there w w cursing. when things didn't go their way. sky 10 carried the dramatic moments live. a stolen car leading cops on a high-speed pursuit through broward county and then the suspects bailing out, even hopping int another vehicle before bailing out ahain in lauderhill. we followed the foot chase-through back yards and over fences until deputs couched two of the fancy-year-old. cuffed two of the 15-year-old. today the pair of teens are answering to a judgen those grand theft and burglary charges, a third 15-year-old w arrested overnight after his mom saw this video on the news and turned her boy in who was ordered to remain in a secure juvenile detention center. >> [bleep] [ [bleep] >> terrell: the news didn't sit well with that teen who started king and cursing and it didn't sit well with his friends
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also created this wild outburst. bsooeputies cleared the courtroom to deal with the unruly foul-mouthed crowd. six were handcuffed following their actions, which brought the court proceedings to a standstill.all six are juveniles themselves. and that was a parent stepping in to try and calm down those kids. out of the six that were cuffed, two were held in direct contempt of court, and the other four re allowed to leave, but barred from returning to that courtroom fo the rest of the day. as for those three individuals who led police on a whiled chase, we know they wl be monitored by the court for at least the next 21 days under secure detention. we are live in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. a man is facing charges after police say he was caught touching himself outside a miami home. 60-year-old ricky permenter shown here in this old mugshot was arrested today.
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seen on this surveillance video outside a home near southwest 28th road and 7th off. he's now facing several charges including burglary and voyeurism. a one-handed man is being charged with burglary after police say he broke into a daytona deerfield beach. officers say he smashed into a courtroom with a baseball b b sunday. deputies shuai hoot epp surrendered after seeing himself on tv last night. >> calvin: now historic change in cuba, the lemmingery rolling rolling stones are rolling into cuba laterer this month to put on a free concert. it is likely to attract a larming audience in the communist country were the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock musi but that has changed and more so with the easing of plomatic relations for the u.s. here's the concert that the group is already promoting. the stones are current on tour and expected to play in havana on friday, march 25th. in a statement the band said "we
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places during our long career but this show in hurricane watch is going to be a landmark event for us, and we hope for all of our friends in cuba, too." and the tampa bay rays tweeted they will be in cuba to play an exhibition game against the cuban baseball team. it will take place on march 21st and march 22 opinioned and local10 will be there, of course, for it all ong with our team of local10 reporters. i will be there reporting live from havana later this month. >> lauriri and you knew he couldn't retire, right in spanish tv icon dom francisco is taking his talents tow, heal surf as you special news orrespondent on the telemundo news. his record breaking saturday night show on unit vision was cancelled last year. >> calvin: we continue to follow a developing gtory. the fi u women's basketball coach has been suspended. >> laurie: and local10 news sports director will wiggle has been following this story live from the american airlines
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will, that's the latest? >> reporter: the latest identity that marlon chin has been suspended as the head coach of they women's basketball team at fi u. this came to an explosive light from the miami-dade heller that details the ac cases f fm one of his applause. he is in his first season at fiu, suspended und for alleged sexual misconduct, sexual harassment toward their star mayor destiny fiegen. for now fiu said it ising could ducting the investigation, it's an ongoing investigation, will not comment any further. diego fiegen came to the university and the ncaa, reports of the fact that he had send her sexually explicit text medical centers and much more throughout the course of the last year. again, this story is developing and for now all fiu will say is that they're setting the situation. from the arena i'm will manso, local10 news. c another day of emotional testimony from sportscaster erin
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>> laurie: what she says the secret nude videos of her on the internet of done to her career on "world news tonight" at 6:30. >> betty: march 1st did not disappoint. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i hope it's been a good day for you i'll let you know what's coming up on the second day of this new month. >> calvin: first we talk with heat star udonis haslem about a recent tragedyhat hit very close to home for him. the candid interview coming up right after th from the pala of your hand, you can arm your alarm system, lock your doors, control the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all events. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's s ield security system
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>> calvin: the recent tragic death of king carter and the arrests of three teenagers for e six-year-old eats murder has led for calls of action to end the violence and for mime heat start udonis haslem the violence is hitting too close to home. >> laurie: we are live courtside at the american airlines arena. andrea. >> reporter: the phrase "protect this house" has special mack for udonis haslem. he's not just talking about t hardwood court that he plays on in general. he's talking with home, miami, and especially its youngest residents. >> i missed my -- i miss him. >> any time you're a parent and you see something like that youknow your heart goes out and it just really cuts real deep.
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closely tied to miami he's sometimes cuddle cal 305. udonis haslem embodies h h city, bold, brash, filled with swagger. on this game day he also captures its mood. heartbroken. >> it's just sad. you hope that at some point we would evolve, at some point we would get the message. >> reporter: six shootings in feuary alone. 60 young victims in just the last year. they're short lives outlined in evidence cones, their passions friends in the ninja turtle stage, and the gunmen often not much older. >> ordered to stay away from carol city senior high school. >> the thing that worries me the most is the acacs and the kids are becoming younger and younger, you know, and that's the saddest part about it. words can't describe -- >> reporter: ud group in overtown too often the epiceer of teen violence.
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>> i'm having a conversation with my you be, and he said she is not going outside, she esn't want to leave the house because of the incident that happened across the street. >> i'm going to sign your ball fors coma. >> reporter: it has touched teammates as well. raid dwyane wade recently visited a grandmother mourning ten-year-old marlon easton. >> as a continue to look around, i'm startrtg to see more and more people becoming aware of it, s srting to see more and more people take a stand and use theiroices. >> reporter: ud says unfortunately wasn't much different when he group and he easily could have been one of those statistics. he tells me he just reached the point where he is attending too many funerals of friends and decide then and there to stay away from the teenagers getting in trouble. now he has the power to influence those teens, and he does does so with his voice and through his foundation work. live at the american airlines arena, drain andrea brody, local10 news. >> laurie: what a great role model. we will keep this conversation going. thanks. >> calvin: let's talk to our
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much to talk about, just kind of gaze outside and just check it out. >> laurie: enjoy. >> betty: and with that i'm going take a dinner break. a little cool this morning and then comfortable in the afternoon. that best describes how this day unfolded. fort lauderdale making it up to suny. miami hit a high of 80 degrees after srting the date 62 and no rainfall measured out there. it was a dry day. it was good for some lawn work. mainly dry conditions for the rest of the evening, partly cloudy skies around 10:00 tonight, and by 10:00 tonight some of you may find your temperatures slipping down into the uppepe 60s. right now out at miami international airport it's 73 degrees and winds are from the southst 8 miles an hour.r. at light east-southeast wind is going to continue for the rest of the evening. it's not too bother somewhatsoever, at least i don't think so. high pressures still in control of the weather situation over florida, even as we see
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streaming i from the gulf of mexico. we're simply not expecting much rainfall out there as our weather, our atmosphere is pretet stable still. not so stable elsewhere, though, particicarly as we look in around the interior northeast, rains moving in there, and then cities like atlanta, around birmingham, rain and storms on the prowl as well. there's'n't fro tem, cold front associated with this system movivg toward the east, slipping down toward the south as well. we'll keep an eye on it from from all indication this is a cold front that's really going to lose its force as it starts to slide down the peninsula, thus we're not expecting it to bring much rainfall our way it. pretty much fizzles and doesn't change you are u. up our weather very much. so more of the same for tomorrow. cloud-sun mix. warm temperatures and mainly dry conditioio. on thursday more loud shroud/sun mixtures on the way the high pressure regaining its gunpointarea, just the slightest chance for a shower in this forecast. uo let's faulk what you can
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morning. we'll start the day again the in 60s and mid-60s, that' normal for this time of the year. nothing out of ordinary there. highs climbing up toward the lower 80s, and that's not too far away from what's average at this point in the season. wind light and variable tomorrow.. 10% on thursday. as again temperatures reach about 80 for the high. any we'll go with upper -- frie we'll go with upper 70 so seasonable weather to round out the week. saturday and sunday carnaval on the mile and right now no huge changes in the forecast models so the looks like the weather is going to be okay. rain chance staying low, and temperatures on either side of 80 degrees both saturday and sunday. guys. >> will: i'll take. it will manso live at the american men. the bulls in town to take on the heat. as i step out of the way, show you some of the stuff going on behind me including bulls star derrick rose returning to the line-up tonight. he's expecting to play.
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we'll of much mo who this
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where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? >> will: we have got the heat. weave got the bulls tonight at the american airlines arena, and for chigo some good news is their star point guard derrick rose expected back in the line many. has midst the last three games. we saw him going in the warm-up he went back to the locker room, and as he left arrived dwyane wade on center courtrtinishing his stretching to begins pre-game warm pups d-wade and the heat have@been playing pretty good basketball despite excite the loss of chris bash since the all-star break.
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his play, double-double after double-double has been impressive but maybe moats impressive about his improvement that stag that hassan has been hitting germanners with confnfence, extending his range out. he's been a big part of his development. it was police say several times the other night in the- it was on display several times in the inwith against the knicks. >> if i feel confident, i have been taking it. i guess i do not because the free-throws or whatever. they don't think i can shoot it. but, you know, i like being look over like this. i hope they don't respect it. >> will: so do t t heat. he's going to keep on shooting it. meantime will osceola a. ya vesh opontinue to be a member the mime dolphins. now, if he stays that means he'll bet about $13 million next season but other steams do have the rate to mauk an offer. last year the dolphins put the same tag on charles clay and the tight end ended up going to the
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some concern for the marlins around relieve carty, coping the miami herald he's going for an mri his elbow to getet second opinion on that elbow. he was expected to compete for the closurers job. he has had an issue, though, with elbow issues. >> and the panthers trying to resofele issues of late as they're on the ice tonight a 8:00 against the winnipeg jets. the pasts dropped two straight games on the road. and d-wade coming up off thattics 2 point performance in the victory in the big apple. hoping for another great n nht tonight. always plays well against chicago and we expect the same tonight. tip time from the arena at 7:30. we'll have the highlights at listening. reporting live from the american airlines arena, i'm will manso, local10 news. >> calvin: y and need this game tonight to beginning of the get the momentum going. >> will: they've beeeeplaying better in all. it centersround chris bosh. they're 4-two without him. joe johnson comoort level for him as he's making his home
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>> calvin: tha you, will. >> laurie: tonight, betty? >> >> betty: great. the weather mainly dry, comfortable out. hopefully no complaints out
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st text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight. the first major clues coming in right now.
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ase come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are sayiyg. what's driving them at the polls. can donald trump be stopped? the high stakes battle across a dozen states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, babaling to take trump cown. >> donald trump will be an embarrassment tooamerica. >> donald trump could be a disaster. and hillary clinton tonight, and her pivot to the national race. how she would take on trump and the republicans. >> they're now running their campaigns based on insults. long lines at t ts hour. will there be record-setting turnout? and scout voercould voters be sendidi clinton and trump on a collision course this november? abc's powerhouse political team on it all. it's your voice, your vote. "world news tonight" begins now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on this super tuesday.


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