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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm eric yutzy. >> you're very strong this morning. are you feeling good on a wednesday? >> look, political season's getting hot, super tuesday is rolling and so a lot to talk about this morning. go. >> sure are. i'm jacey birch. let's get straight over to julie durda. west. we're halfway through the workweek and it's been a pretty granted a bit warmer than what we're used to. over the weekends we've had some very cold weather. will that return?n? the forecast looks like not much of a chain soldier expected thanks to high pressure and weak fronts located north of our are currently a temperature of 68 degrees in kendall. 62 in homestead. 63 for you in pompano beach as well as pembroke pines. a bit cooler inland as we have the landd breeze in place. warming up at 7:00 as the kidshead to the bus stop we're just going to need their sunglasse
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in the lower 80s. east southeast breeze in place. we are expecting a weak front to move into the area, increasing some cloud cover later today but no chance of precipitation. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. good morning, south florida. construction is the name of the game on i-75. looks clear from right here because it's so dark. you don't see those construction crews that are out this morning. we had some closures in place on the turnpike heading towards i-75 and it just cleared up, literally, just minutes ago. i checked my system. we had delays there. if you're traveling in the area of bird row eastbound at southwest 72nd avenue, we have reports of a crash there. also anotherer crash that could be related, palmetto expressway exit ramp bird road. we're still working the details with thihis one. donald trump has super tuesday. heat claimed victory in seven states and he was right here in south florida celebrating. >> hillary clinton also right here, celebrating
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she had a strong night winning seven states as well. now the other candidates are left working hard to slow down both of the front-runners' momentum. >> sanela sabovic in the news room with more on super tuesday and the results this morning. hihi sanela. >>reporter: both front-runners nald trump and hillary clinton were here celebrating their commanding leads as their rivals were here to slow down their momentum. telling supporters in peach that he's the only one who can defeat hillary clinton. however, he failed to finish off his rivals following losses in texas and minnesota. let's get to the latest election results, the alaska republican caucus was called about an hour ago. ted cruz clinching a win in that state with 36%. donald trump not too far behind with 34% and marco rubio placing
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now in texas senator ted cruz taking a victory in his home state. that contest looking like this. donald trump came in second with 28% and marco rubio with 18. on t t other side of the aisle hillary clinton picked up victories in seven states as well tting some distance between her and senator bernie sanders. as many of the races she was called in -- were called in as soon as the polls closed. the former secretary of state finished with 67% of the vote there in texas it. in minnesota sanders picked up a big win of his own running away with 60% of the vote. florida's own marco rubio earned his first win coming away with 37% of the vote in minnesota this does not include super delegates. hillary clinton has an delegates.
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in total. 2,382 are needed to secure the nomination. and donald trump estimated to have 315 delegates, cruz trails behind with 205 and rubio with 106. ,237 are needed for that nomination. the candidates are now looking forward to the next big primaries with one here in florida in a little under two weeks and in michigan and ohio. coming up in our 5:30 hour we hear from clinton and trump on their major victories. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> sanela, thank you. in other news this morning a south florida mother making a disturbing discovery while she's taking her child to the restroom at a restaurant and now police are arrested an employee at that restaurant. the mother telling officials she found a hidden camera facing the sink at la pearla. police say a woman and her husband confronted employees and the manager.
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report he became nervous, began pacing that restaururt after being presented with the evidence. the mother later noticed the camera's memory chip was missing. hes charged with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. our erica rakow following the story this morning. she will have much moree coming up at local 10 news at 5:30. 60-year-ol ricky hermenter is the man seen right here in this surveillance video we showed you committing that lewd act. at one point he's seen ringing a doorbell and breaking into a car. >> at which time he gotout of the car and said to me this isn't my car, this isn't my house and i said no. >> after circulating fliers around town, police took hermenter
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neighborhood he's accused of terrorizing. he's accused of burglary and voyeurism. fiu's coach has been suspended by the university. the team's exoin tel@ling the "miami herald" the coach made continued seal add advances to her. the herald reports he was sending inappropriate text messages. that would be an ncaa vile aches. a senior filing a complaint with the ncaa. she also complained to the school's athletics administration. fiu releasing a statement saying the investigation is under way. we're hearing the 911 calls from a frantic mother after her two month old girl was kidnapped last night. >> that's your baby. >> i don't knonow. they came, they put a gun to my facacand they told me they are going
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>> two month old taraji kemp was safely reunited with her mother after being found outside orlando. the woman's cousin has been charged in the kidnapping. she is being held without bond. >> crews quickly arriving t tthe scene. here's video from a helmet camera on one of those firefighters. you can see the heavy smoke pouring out off that building. this is at state road 84, the address. the damage contained, the flames finally put out. a one-handed man being charged with rglary after he broke into a deerfield beach court house. police say the man broke into the building with a a baseball bat on sunday, smashing through the glass door. new information about what led to the arrest of a west palm beach teen accused had playing doctor. investigators s s they actually got a crimestoppers tip aboutut malachi love's practice so they sent over an
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out. he checked her temperature with a digital they thermometer and started saying her lung were clear. deputies say all of his accreditations and schooling proved to be false. love-rob inson is facing a list of charges including the illegal practice of medicine. right now he is out on bond. now to a various update on the zika virus. two new cases confirmed yestery in miami-dade county. that brings the total number of cases to 19. there are six cases of zika in broward, all of them travel-related. and new overnight, back on earth. here's v@deo of scott kelly finally being lifted out of his capsule. he landed in kazakhstan overnight. he becomes the american who spent the most time
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he and two other russian cosmonauts checking out of the station hours later. here they are. >> they said they are going to check out him as well as his twin brother r see if there's any effects of being in space that long. >> you never know hundreds of years from now how much that played out. >> yes. teenagers accused of leading police on a dangerous drive, they appeared before a judge yesterday. >> outbursts that landed six more people. people startled with a fire ball streaked overhead and it's all caught on camera. >> also caught on camera an officer appearing to slap around a young man. we'll tell you where it
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being done about it.tt2w`tkfd* bt@qzj tt2w`tkfd* "a@qjfd tt2w`tkfd* bm@qamh tt4w`tkfd*" dztq =$h tt4w`tkfd*" entq m ( tt4w`tkfd*" gzt& t'p tt4w`tkfd*" hnt& d)< tt4w`tkfd*" iztq .@d tttw`tkfd*" jntq
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there could be more storms rolling through the state today. >> that front actually sliding east over portions of the panhandle staying far to the north of us today. unfortunately because the jet streams were eated far to the north and because the system weakens, it's not going toim pact us that much. temperature in the mid 60s, miami, ft. lauderdale. above average for this time of year but still comfortable. 63 for you in pembroke pines as pompano beach is waking up to the same temperature. 62 in homomtead. the winds are calm to the relative humidity is definitely going to increase. you're going to feel it in terms of how long muggy it feels. we felt it yesterday. the whole state seeing temperatures right now in the 60s. the coolest spot is pennsylvania with 57 degrees. here's what't' going on. we do have midand high level clouds around. you heard me mention the atmosphere is very dry thanks to high pressure.e. here is the leading edge of that front that brought all the severe weather across alabama
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it's going to continue to slide off the east coast right now soaking the east coast in towards portions of boston in towards maiai. behind the system there's another system developing over parts of the midwest and in towards the great plains. that will continue t head eastward as well. so we had a very wet winter when is funny because this is the time of year this was basically our dry season. it was nothing but wet. miami received over 20 inches of rain setting a new r rord. the old record was 19 inches set back in 1905. it was accumulating rainfall from decememr to january. spring doesn't begin until march 20th but we are expecting mostly dry conditions today as most of the rain w will stay well to the north as the jet stream does stay north and keeps all the storms away from us. it will stay dry, something we usually throughout the monthss of winter. unfortunately we had
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that strong el nino. boaterer no advisories. it will be a nice day for it. highs rapidly warming up to the low 80s. carbon copy of your forecast tomorrow. if it does and it does clear, we will see the temperatures drop to seasonal which will be highs in the upper 70s friday and saturday. i-95 northbound right off of sterling road, we should have construction crews out. you see the flashing lights there. the exit ramp was partially blocked this morning. two lanes blocked on the i as well. not a lot to worry about in broward at that location. it's miamimiade county that we have two accidents reported, one off of bird road eastbound off 72nd avenue. i'm not seeing any delays there but right at 72nd avenue northbound and southbound we're seeing heavy delays 16 to 11 miles per hour there for northbound and southbound lanes. the palmetto expressway, that exit ramp to bird road, we're seeing some
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those speeds at 37 miles per hour. a baltimore city school's officer is under investigation this morning after video surfaced that appears to show him slapping and kicking a young man. a district school official says this happened some time on tuesday morning at a college and career preparatory school. it's still not confirmed if the young man in the video is a student. the school's university president says he has met with the officer in question and he is still employed. coming up next find out why whole foods pulling a specific cheese off store shelves. a live look jew side with our miami tower cam, 5:15 and 65 degrees. welcomeo your
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get up and get going. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso.
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you're ready. ged ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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whole foods recalling whole milk chse sold in packages just like the one you see right here. maytag d dairy farms has suspended production. so far no illnessss have been reported with this. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, direct tv dishing this. >> its parent company has announced some new direct tv streaming bundles for mobilee customers. the new plans will allow
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their favoritit programs. >> chicago -- chick-fil-a is covering customers a aell phone coup. >> diners will b b given a free ice cream dream cone. they say it's all about quality time for families. britta and amazon teaming up to make sure you never run out of water filters. >> it reorders its own filters. it's on auto pie let ordering new filters from amazon. i need one. >> me too. >> those are your tech bytes. some of the local 10 news team will be at carnival in the mile. >> christina vazquez will bee there. so will torn -- terrell forney and shyann malone.
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and michael seiden, hang with those fellas. >> amy viteri, hatzel vela and victor oquendo will also be joining the group at that time. >> clay ferraro, neki mohan and todd tongen will be there. >> from 2:30 and on you can catch glenna llberg, jen correa, liane morejon and lauriee jennings. i'll be at the walk for the animals, so all my animal people, you can come join me there. and i'm still raising money on my page. help the homicidid pets. next nfl player make something headlines this morning, selling his super bowl ring. he waited so long for that bling. >> find out how much he earned and why he decided to make that super sale to begin with. ahead at 5:30 hear the outburst that's led
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people. a green bay packer sa he has more memorabilia than he knew what to do with. >> jerry kramer's rock sold for $125,000. now he has won other championship rin left from his final season. t`e value of his stuff still surprises him he says. >> it's kind of confusing, really. you look at a football shoe, just one. you don't get a pair. you just get the kicking shoe and they spend $16,000 for it. >> he says he's going to use that money to set up a college fund for his
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>> he's putting it to good use. i can't believe he's letting it go so asy. >> that one's a treasure. >> sentimental, no. kids in college, yes. > donald trump and hillary clinton, they racked in some big wins on super tuesday. in case you were sleeping, each front runner won in seven states. on the republican side senar ted cruz won in three states and marco rubio won one state. meanwhile bernie sanders won four states. a video voyeur arrest has been made, the device attached to the sink and path room facing a toilet. the manager was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence after the device was shown to him by that mother. a suspected peeping tom has been arrested. 60-year-old ricky permenter is the man caught on camera. he's charged with burglary and voyeurism. local 10 news at
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right off the top at 5:30 super tuesday success for donald trump and hillary clinton. the front-runners celebrating right here in south florida. >> final super tuesday results coming in probably while you were eeping. also right now at 5:30 a disturbing discovery in a restaurant restroom. the device a woman found that led to an arrest. plus courtroom chaos. the outburst that led to severa arrests. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> w`at is today? whacky wednesday? wild wednesday? >> the results you're talking about? >> super tuesday. >> going to be exhaling and ready to go again wednesday. >> all right, folks. i'm jacey birch.
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so let's help with that by giving your weather forecast. good morning, eric, jacey and south flori. we are temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, calm wind in place. you're definitely feeling a bit of humidity out there but overall we'll take this forecast. we are expecting to see our winds move in from the east later today which is going to continue our warming trend and currently the coolest spot we have on the map is kendall at 60 degrees. it's definitely cooler@ i'm land due to that land breeze. 64 hialeah. pompano beach, i see you. overall the forecast very tranquil and comfortable. light winds this morning. upper 70s by lunchtime. a high today of 81 degrees. only a slight chance of a shower in the forecast. a very weak front will start to motor vehicle into the area. you won't even notice it. i'll have more details on that coming up. constance? >> julie, thank you so much. i have good news too.
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i-95 and 151st street south of the glades. southbound lanes the headlights. no issues to report at this point. the issues that we are seeing in the same location off of bird road eastbound on approach to southwewe 72nd avenue, we're seeing issues on 72nd avenue, also the palmetto expressway issues right there off of bird road. not quite sure if the two are connected, if there's police activity with this. we're keeping our eyes on this as well. palmetto we are seeing some slowdowns near the exit ramp.those speeds at 37 miles per hour. i did mention the i earlier. the i looking great. if you're starting at hollywood boulevard heading towards the glades six minutes from the glades to downtown miami, eight minutes total drive time. back to votes 2016. hillary c inton and
5:31 am
super night. mr. rubio and other candidates pushing for your votes as their location shifts right here. >> sanela sabovic continues our election coverage right now from the news room. >> good morning, jacey and eric. coanding leads for donald trump and hillary clinton. the major leads distancing the two from their rivals and both wasted in time looking forward to the next three primaries, including one coming up here in florida. a major super tuesday victory for donald trump and hillary clinton. both were in florida celebrating their stunning wins. hilary rodham clinton and trump each secured seven states tightening their grip on the presidential race. hilary rodham clinton showed her dominance in the south, taking a victory in texas, a delegate-rich state. >> and t t rhett rick we're hearing on the other side hasas never been lower.
5:32 am
between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. >> meantime trump joined supporters in palm beach where he continues to push forward for the republican nomination. ump is n n setting his sights on florida all while he too aim at senator marco rubio. >> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night but he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i've said many times before. >> we're going too to florida. we're going to spend so much time in florida, about a 20 point lead. >> he is keeping hope alive, scoring a victory in minnesota. >> i want you to understand that n matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it takes, no matter how many weeks and months it takes, i will campaign how long it takes and months it takes to ensure that i am the next president of
5:33 am
>>reporter: senator ted cruz clinched major wins in his home state in texas, also minnesota and colorado. both still very much keeping hope alive. reporting from the news room, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. right now a community shaken as a woman made a a disturbing discovery in a restaurant restroom. she found a hidden camera in the bathroom. >> the person who alledly put it there was arrested but whose being accused will surprise you. erica rakow is live in southwest miami-dade to ll us more about this video voyeur arrest. >>reporter: this is a mom using the bathroom with her child inside this restaurantight here. she spots this device, brings it back to the table where her husband was waiting. they start looking it up on their cell phones. find out it's a highmotion camera. now police believe the manager at this restaurant tampered with
5:34 am
inside la perla is where in the bathroom, the woman was helping her daughter in the bathroom at the restaurant at southwest 152nd street. she noticed a strange device tucked away under the sink. she took it apart, brought it to her husband sitting at the table and reachinin on their phones what this was. they found it to be an advanced motion sensor camera. the couple flagged down their waitress before being put in touch with the manager. employees at the restaurant weren't happy to see a local 10 crew.we were trying to get answers as police arrested him. >> we're the ones investigating. >>reporter: we found the restaurant's manager got arrested. police believe he tampered with the device after the couple confronted him with it. according to the incident report he quote became very nervous and began to walk arod and
5:35 am
if attempting to get away fromr avoid the victim. the mother demanded to see what was on that camera as he walked from the back room of the restaurant to the front. she says the camera's memory card that was in it when she found it is now missing. he claim it was never there. and so this manager was arrested and chargedded with tampering with evidence as well as resisting arrest. he claims there was no videde found but police are still look into all of this. erica rakow, l lal 10 news. the hearing for three teenagers accused in a wild chase in broward county. two 15-year-olds arrested after this chase in louder hills. six of their friends had to4be escorted after outbursts. >> two of those six were
5:36 am
juvenile detention for five days while the other four were allowed to leave byron mitchell is being charged with one count of pre medicated murder after allegedly trying to cut off danielle jones's lip and eyelids. she originally y found mitchell while looking for a roommate on craigslist. >> i get nervous. i get upset. my heart races and then i calm myself. i feel numb. >> claiming mitchell is claiming self-defense. another hearing is scheduled for march 10th. the trial for the man accused of raping, robbing and kidnapping women back in 2013 is morning. the jury heard 35 inter gas station police. jefferson first says he wasn't in miami during
5:37 am
admits that he was, even picking up a teenager. >> police say after jeffersonson offered t t 18-year-old girl a ride, he pulled a gun on her, demanded she take off herlothes. that victim testified before the jury yesterday. now to more historic change in cuba.a. president obama is adding to his travel plans during his upcoming trip to cuba. the president announced yesterday that he will attend a babe game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national baseball t am on march 22nd. you see workers preparing the latin american stadium before the game and the legeary rolling stones are rolling into cuba later this month for a free concert. it's going to be held in havana, likely attracting a large audience in the latin
5:38 am
the government once prosecuted young people for listening to rock music. here's a poster the group is almost promoting. they are expected to play in the sports city on friday, march 25th. and local 10 will be there for all of this. local 10 news anchor calvin hughes along with our whole local 10 team of reporters will be reporting live from vana later this month. royal caribbean's troubled anthem of the seas is reported to turn around. royal caribbean insists that did not affect the decision to return. just three weeks ago passengers on the sp were rocked by 30 foot waves. spanish tv's long time icon don francisco is heading to tele mundo.
5:39 am
special news correspondent on the telemundo news. apple' fight with the fbi now headed to capitol hill tuesday during a congression hearing the fbi told lawmakers it's not asking and toll create some sign of magic key to open all iphones. apple insists unlocking this phone would compromise security of millions of other phones. a new york judge ruled on monday apple cannot be compelled to open an iphone in a narcotic casese along with osama bin laden's will and personal letters, includes warnings to the u.s. and advice to al-quida affiliatete they talk about $29 million he claims to have left in sudan. the documents discovered during the may 2011aid in which bin laden was killed. a frightening fall,
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moving car. all of it caught on camera. a survivors story. a woman describing the moments she became
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fury. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sen. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president eds a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. look at this incredible video captured outside a louisiana store. it shows her trying to open the doors of the shop last week and second later debris flying everywhere. johnson said she had been recording the sky before t tornado moved down and didn't notice how quickly it came towards her. she says there's only one reason she survived. >> god. after i seen the video,
5:43 am
really looked like. i just figured i was in a tornado. >> the twister blew out the side of the shop but johnson, the employees and owner all okay. they all got to meet for the first time this week. >> wow. incredible video. so glad she's okay. a live look outside, we're doing okay, south florida. mild start. temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s rht now. above average miami, ft. lauderdale and key west wiwi the winds calm. our attempt are starting to clemb compared to what we started the workweek with. we have the low 60s in kendall as well as 60 degrees in homestead. 63 for you in pembroke pines. good morning to you and 64 inialeah. so the weather pattern very tranquil. it's dry.. seeing lots of snipe and that's not going to change. we're noticing temperatures in the 60s as far north as the panhandle with the upper 50s by pensacola.
5:44 am
the atmosphere is dry. we're not expecting wide-spread precipitation. we have a cold front that brought severe weather across alabama yesterday. it's headed towards the east coaoa, up and down the east coast they are getting soaked with showers and sleet in this system. we'll continue to watch but not much will change in your forecast thanks to high pressure. hey, meteorological winter was something very wet for us heren south florida because yesterday we started meteorological spring even though it doesn't begin until the 20th this month. we received over 20 inches of rain from december to february. it was wet during the time of year we're supposed to o dry. the old record was just over 19 inches. for us we will bee warm, we will be dry. that front that's moving overerorthern florida today will slide to the south and fizzle out overerentral florida. we will see high pressure building behind
5:45 am
that breeze to continue. overall a really nice day is expected. temperatures will stau above average with highs in the low 80s. another front will move in by friday. as it cleared we will see our temperatures get back to seasonal which will be the upper 70s by saturday and sunday. i-75 southbound heading towards the expressway. here's a road ranger right there. you see that. ongoing construction on i-75 so no major surprise here. this is obviously where we typically see a lotof slowdowns early in the morning. let's get to these accidents happening, miami-dade county, that could slow you down this morning.we're still seeing minor delays for our friends traveling eastbound off of bird road. also the palmetto expressway right at that exit ramp at bird road, a secondary crash. not sure if the two are connected but we're still seeing some slight slowdowns. those speeds at 37 miles
5:46 am
broward county has been fantastic, so quickly let's get to a drive time on 595. you're starting at university drive heading over to u.s.-1, at this point only going to take you about 58 minutes. tweeting from the heat's goran dragic, tweeting some impressive stats from his team. ten of their last 15 games. that tenth game against the chicago bulls. third joe johnson with the newbie at three. in the fourth quarter dwyane wade to hassss whiteside throwing it up for the alley-oop. heat win 12-111. >> we wanto take advantage of every one we get. it's a learning experience. you know, we got joe johnson. he's amazing player and i'm glad he's on our side. >> the heat stay at home for a matchup against the sun tomorrow night and that's at 7:30.
5:47 am
a big time for college starss with nfl dreams but one university of miami stand out was glory. he's trying to support his family. his mother suffered a heart attack and died leaving him to take care of his two younger son. >> sad at times but i always feel like -- i accompanying me. it's been a tough year and then i good year too thouou. >> his impressive time of 4.4 size placed h as ninth fastest in his position. some experts believe he could be picked in the first round. >> good luck to him. a school being hit with a lawsuit offend problems. >> the change parents
5:48 am
backing them up. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey bubuy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today.
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thank yo thank you. look at all this white hair you have. that means she's very wise and worldly. she's had lots of experiences. hi there, i'm jacey bircrc dachshund rescue of south florida. i have local lalola and you have engineie. >> they are 15 and 14. they canive up to 18, 1 years old and they are
5:51 am
of life left in both of them. >> they have a lot of energy. i would say in the time i spent with these two gallons, you would be the lucky one to enjoy their last golden years. wouldn't you s s that? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> if you're the lucky on who gets to have lola or engineie, head to our website and then you go to@ dachshund rescue in south florida and you have all those hot dogs. what do you think? some shuffleboard, bingo, cross word puzzles. >> they want to go for walks and bike rides. >> they are full of energy. >> you know what, age ain't nothing but a number. make sure you check out and all the wiener dogs today. almost 5:52 the time right now and the aclu backing the parents of three south carolina students. the parents fighting for the girls who wear pants. girls only allowed to
5:52 am
skortsix for jumper dresses. >> when it's 199 degrees out and she's so cold that she's crying that she doesn't want to put on a skirt while boys can wear long under wear under their pants, it sets a precedence that she's not as vuable as the boys are. >> it also says it does not discriminate against girls and the parents know what's action settable ahead of time. >> an a antiqueed. he moved the arrangement in his own room. >> look, we all move because, if i was still there, i would be hurt or dead. it's a blessing because i'm still here. >> moore says the driver
5:53 am
that crash. that driver was arrested. police believe he may have been driving drunk. >> it's amazing sometimes that intuition, you don't know what it is. you just do it. >> but girls should be allowed to wear pants, especially when it's cold. >> come on. it's 2016. this for parents was something that you just fear all the time. their child falling out of a moving car. >> you always say keep the door locked, don't lean against the door but look at what happened to this little boy. shocking video but he just gets up and walks away. >> latest i i overnight, front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump, they were the big winners but whose right behind them.
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5:56. you guys are not going to believe this video. what a scary momt up china when a toddler
5:56 am
moving video right in the middle of traffic. dash cam video shows the moment the toddler fell out of that s.u.v. look at that. it's so hard to watch. the driver also managed to return the little boy to his grandfather who didn't realize what had even happen and he just ended up driving away. >> so hard to watch. new video of the moment a plane crashed in wichita, kansas. four people were killed. pilot error caused this 2014 wreck. three people inside a flight safety building died along with the pilot. the nb says the pilot could not maintn control after losing power in the engine. baseball lovers can enjoy a game with their furry friend. chase field in phoenix will become the first ever full season
5:57 am
park and patio seating as well as a play area will be made available during the team's sunday home games along with treats and snacks. that's right up my alley. >> i know it is. don't forget to bring your gloves. >> you have to bring the little doggy bags. >> okay. turning back to our top story this morning. super tuesday results are in. >> the one and only, we are there as some candjdates learned the delegate counts right here in south florida. the very latest this the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde bururto -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
5:58 am
right now pulling ahead donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating a successful super tuesday. >> now the focus shifts right here to florida. 13 days until the primary. how politicians are are preparing for your vote. we're live with the exclusive. what you're seeing
5:59 am
earth ah american austronaut touching down in gravity after spending nearly aear in space. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we also have breaking news about that teenaged doctor, the fake doctor, ararsted in palm beach again. but first time to talk about the weather. we have a tease, julie, about scott kelly returning to earth. i know we both loved the pictures he tweeted from space. >> indeed. what an amazing experience. i can't wait to hear all about it once he gets back settled here on earth. ft. lauderdale tower cam, all is quiet. temperatures right now in the mid 60s, ft. lauderda, miami. 67 degrees. we should be waking up to 64. so temperatures running above average. 68 key west. the winds are calm right now and variable across parts of south florida. 63 degrees in pompano beach and pembroke pines.
6:00 am
65 in hialeah. as we get to the kids as they are headed to the bus stop, temperatures will be in the upper 60s. some clouds will be around with a light breeze in place. much warmer than where we should be this time of year for the second day of march. we do have mid and high level clouds arounun but they are not producing any precipitation. >> good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. here's a live look at the big curve. you can see our eastbound drivers heading towards the glades. no issues to report. we do have an earlier crash on the palmetto. this one reported right off of birir road. we are seeing some slight slowdowns for anyone heading towards that exit ramp there. thos speeds still at 37 miles per hour. that's been the case for about an hour now. broward county still accident-free. miami-dade county we're seeing just a little bit of a slowdownf you're traveling off the


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