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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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65 in hialeah. as we get to the kids as they are headed to the bus stop, temperatures will be in the upper 60s. some clouds will be around with a light breeze in place. much warmer than where we should be this time of year for the second day of march. we do have mid and high level clouds arounun but they are not producing any precipitation. >> good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. here's a live look at the big curve. you can see our eastbound drivers heading towards the glades. no issues to report. we do have an earlier crash on the palmetto. this one reported right off of birir road. we are seeing some slight slowdowns for anyone heading towards that exit ramp there. thos speeds still at 37 miles per hour. that's been the case for about an hour now. broward county still accident-free. miami-dade county we're seeing just a little bit of a slowdownf you're traveling off the
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we can zoom in in to see exactly where the slowdowns are. experiencing some slowdowns rightff of southwest 232nd street. so let's quickly check to see what these speeds are coming in at, about 36 miles per hour. now back to vote 2016 and the results of super tuesday. overnit donald trump and hillary clinton pulling ahead of their rivals eve more. >> they inch closer to nomination froro their respective parties. both celebrated their successes last night. looking ahead to our march 15th primariri. >> but so far no other candidates are ready to give up just yet. sanela sabovic, local 10 news continues our coverage right in the news room. sanela, the latest state to be called didn't go to trump. >> he failed to win -- arkansas ratatr. he failed to win alaska. that one was annnced about two hours ago and it went to texas senor
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in alaska cruz won 36% of the vote with trump not too far behinin with 34%. a delegate rich state in texas, trump praising cruz on that win. >> i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. he worked hard on it. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. had a tough night but he worked hard. >> he did earn his first win in minnesotaoming away with 37% of the vote.. lube yo was at a rally vowing to win florida and on the other end of the aisle hillary clinton greeted supporters in miami, a big night for her. she dominated the south includingg a big win in texas. clinton narrowly win in massachusetts with 51% of the vote and bernie sanders not tooar behind with 49%. sanders also took wins in vermont, oklahoma, minnesota and colorado.
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look forward to the next big primaries with one here in florida in a little under two weeks, thethers will be held in michigan and ohio. coming up in our 6:30 hour, we hear from clinton and trump on their maimer wins. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> of course that very important primary right here in florida is just 1313 days away. early voting already under way in miami-dade counties. as things stand this morning, this does not include super delegates. 1,055. bernie sanders 4,018. 382 needed to secure the nomination and donald trump estimated to have 315 delegates. they need just more than 1200 for that nomination. be sure to make local 10 your e ection headquarters. we're always bringing
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andnalysis o on-air and on-line at a break-in at a coral gables home targeting the family's pets. thth bad guys get ago way with their beloved girls. ben, this just sounds awful, what happened? >> the bird's name is baby. she is 33 years old. she has a yellow -- is a yellow nape worth $2000. that is the cage in thehe distance where this bird, this parrot rath, was taken at 4:00 a.m. this morning. he says the men also took three cockateals. here is a picture of baby. sheeoes talk and sing but also bites so the owner thinks the crook used a towel to take him. it's there that the couple's dogs woke them up at about 4:00 this morning and they say two
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off as they called officers. >> that bird was with me 33 years. we heard the dog barking and my husband went outside, and when my husband went outside, he saw the guy. >porter: you can just tell that she loves this bird. it's a member of her fami for 33 years and hopes someone sees these crooks.they say they were behind the wheel hamilton a silver nissan ultima. they told police the informrmion. they are hoping someone spots the guys or the car so they caneturn the parrot to their home. ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> just awful. we'll continue to follow that story. we do have more breaking news. this time the west palm beach teen accused ofplaying doctor is expected to face a judge today on new charge. temperatures say 18-year-old malachi
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mself in yesterday on charges. we're told the woman who previously accused him of theft foundnd more money was taken from home after hisouse call last month. police say six-year-old man right here is the man seen on surveillance video looking into homes while fondling himself.. perramenter was charged with burglary and voyeurism. we're hearing calls from a frantic mother after her baby was kidnapped. >> i don't know. they came. they put a gun to my face and told me they were going to kill me and just took my baby. >>reporter: two month old taraji kemp was safely reunited wh her mother.
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a one-handed man being charged with burglary after he was caught on camera broking into a beach house. smashing through a glass door. police say he turned himself in one day lat after he saw himself on television. a ft. lauderdale business is surveying all of the damage this morning after a fire broke out. this video is from the helmet camera. look at all that smoke pouring out. theeamage was contained. it's' unclear how much was impacted before flames were under control. a race wraps up. more of this video and an updatee on his condition still ahead. plus a creepy find inside a restaurant bam room. now a work surgeon faces charges. plus claims of sexual misconduct. the actions his own
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of. > plus courtroom chaos, how an appearance for teens accused in a chase ended up in even more arrests. and south florida it was wetter than normal winter for us. no surprise we all had to deal with it but the strong storms miami went down in the record book as the wettest winter on record since 105. we received over 20 inches of rn in miami. the old record was 19 inches so will we be receiving more rain today? thatat the question.
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new overnight a freight train, 15 cars derailed in ripley. one car had a crack in it. as a precaution crews checked for ethanol leaks. storms caused heavy rain to fall across the state in some areas, ththe have been reports of a tornado touchdown. no twister has been confirmed officially by the national weather seice but there has been significant damage left behind by the strwng winds and there could be strong storms rolling through the state today.. >> that's right, jacey. that system is going to race toward central floridid and eventually impact us with a little bit of cloud cover and a shift in our wind direction by tonight into tomorrow. two things you really won't notice. we're happy to see that storm will weaken as it continues to push towards the east southeasas temperatures well above average. 67 degrees immiami. we should be waking up to 64. 66 in ft. lauderdale.
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temperature right now coolest spot is kendall at 61 degrees. good morning to you. 62 in homestead. 63 pompano beach and in towards pembroke pines. so with our temperatures cool over inland pts of broward and miami-dade above average near the c ast. we're starting to see that land breeze weaken as cal winds are occurring. well to the north of us the path handle waking up to the 60s. we have 54 degrees in pensacola behind that front. for us we'll keep some cloud cover around. the atmosphere is very dry thanks to high pressure which is located over the western atlantic ahead of this cold front. this is the same system that brought the severe weather over alabama and will cononnue to soak parts of the east coast. we have another system behind it. this is goi to be moving into south florida by friday night into saturday morning. let's take a look at why we're not going to see these systems moving into south florida like what we saw over the last few weeks.
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has retreated far to the north and we need that energy, that upper level wind flow to drive these storms as far south into south florida. what will happen over the next few days with these storm systems is she will stay to the nortrt we'll stay mild and nice so this first system will basically move over northern florida. today central florida, tonight and fizzle out overnight. it will be warm and mainly dry today but we can't rule out a chance of a stray shower since our winds will be moving off the ocean. tomorrow high pressure dominate. overall a great day to head to the beach gain. highs will be in the lower 80s above average. the next front moves in by friday night, slight chance of a shower saturday morning and hopefully rebouing to the upper 70s, average for this time of year. the great thing with our system, we are the only station in south florida that reports in real time any kind of delays that are out
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by the change of color with our travel speeds here. as can you see on our map, u.s.-1, i-95, 441 the turnpike, 595, we're all in the green this morning. even traveling further north, there are no issues to report if you're headed up to wewe palm beach or headed south into miami. the only accident we are watching for you, we've been watching for you for about an hour and a half now is the palmetto expressway southbound, that exit ramp at bird road. right by that exit ramp we are seeing slight delays with speeds at 31 miles per hour. outside of that everything else has been nice and quiet. as soon as there is an accident, guess what, i'm updating twitter at wplg local 10. make sur you're following us. sports caster erin andrews was back in court to testify in a lawsuit. she's so suing the owner and manager of the marriott hotelhererehe
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secretly recorded back in 2009. she says the scandal has caused her to over-compensate in other areas. >> if i can work in the world series and pass out the trophy and then people will forget. >> the hotel chain says what happened is terrible but the stalker is to blame, not management. andrews said her reputation was ruined after her video was leaked but the manager of the hotel claimed her career thrived. the vote for the purchasesie will now move on from super tuesday with their eye on florida. we have the results in what's next still ahead. hover board safety, we've shown you explosion after explosion. is your hover board in your home up to code? christina breaks it all down in an all new
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after this short break. if you bought your hover board, this call christina is for you. >> last month federal regulators warned importers and retailers they could face a recall. company called under writer's laboratories is setting the new hover board safety standards. >> the new gold mark, in this morning's call christina shehe takes you to the lab to show you how it's done. >> none of them meet the safety standards as far as we are aware. >>reporter: referred to as
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company since 166. 50 years ago he was testing radios. now he's testing hover boards which have come under scrutiny which some began catching fire. >> we know the leading causes of fires is most likely a battery pack. a fault in any one of ththe cells could transfer itself like a domino affect to the other cells and that could be where the fires are starting. >>reporter: looking at the batteries, circuitry and assembly and they are doing that through a series of tests that includeses heating up a battery cell, the test for exploding projectiles. >> it's a failure meaning there's too much energy, too much of a chance for this cell, other cells in the battery pack to malfunction and cause a fire. >>reporter: watch what happens
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pip that looks like a blunt nail. the lithium i cell explodes. >> what we're looking for is to make sure the battery is designed such that it will vent properly, that it won't explode. >> there's a lot at stake for manufacturers who don't meet the veal rei new safety standard. retailers have stopped selling hover boards amid the safety concerns and they are offering refunds. >> it' important that everybody understands that there's no ul certified hover board on the m mket right now. >>reporter: these tests may also help save the hover board from retail extinction. his advice, use the `charger supplied by the manufacturer, don't overcharge it and keep it away from combustible materials.
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or in a closet. >> make sure you keep it away from bedding, drapes and plushfurniture that. >>reporter: you can learn more about those retailers ffering hover board refunds and watch the testingn full on the call christina bathe of christina vazquez, local 10 news. maybe that's why you didn't get one for your kids. >> one of the many reasons. didn't feel like bning the house down. scott kelly's mission in space is complete. we'll look at his landing and more. cameras found in a bathroom. his excuse for the camera being there?
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5:24 the time right now. here's astronaut scott kelly being lifted out of his capsule after landing in kazakhstan last night. >> and he and two russian could see monday aunts checked out of the station three and a half hours earlier. >> good dorning, south florida. a live look outside at the palmetto expressway. a lot of congestion this morning. obviously in our southbound and even our northbound lanes with those taillights. a live look. this is near okeechobee road. no accidents to report here. butt in broward county we've got some things heating up. details right after the break. >>reporter: i'm sanela sabovic inhe news room with those super tuesday results. some states just reporting theirs overnight as the candidates shift their focus to florida.
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for you at 6:30. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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right now candidates are moving closer. they are focusing on florida. breaking right now, prized pets stolen. a bird bandit breaking into a couple's homes. a camera caught into the restaurant bathroom leading to the arrest of one of the workers there. >> sidelined and suspended after sexual misconduct for one of his star players. the courtroom chaos, how a hearing for a stolen car chase led to even more in handcuffs. good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm jacey birch. >> hey there, i'm eric yutzy.
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candidates now enjoying the primary. >> it's warming up again. let's check in with julie now. >> indeed it is. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, jacey, eric, south florida. it is beautiful out there. first light of the horizon, sunrise just before 6:45. winds calm this m morning so you're definitely feeling some humidity out there. high pressure our dominant their feature. there will be a series of fronts that do try to push into south florida. there's not enough energy for them to make their way into south florida. we are expecting the same weather pattern. first light over the horizon. low-lying clouds in miami. otherwise as the kids head to the bus stop this morning, low to mid 60s. 61 our lowest spot in kendall. 63 in pembroke pines. so 67 right now up miami. we've got 73 expected by 9:00. highs today will be in the lower 80s above
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>> thank you, julie. let's showou guys are things are looking on i-95 and no complaints. surprisingly at 6:30 this the morning i typically am not saying that. you see these headlights heading towards us. no major congestion reported at all this morning. however, we have reports of a gas leak affecting traffic eastbound-west-bound at hollywood boulevard, also northbound, southbound at 441. not quite sure if there are any lanes blocked but we know crews are on the scene on this one. add another five to ten minutes to your commute. again, if you're looking for where the slowdowns are, it looks like the turnpike is no surprise there, especially at the don schula expressway. a closer look there just north of the don schula. we've got some stop and go traffic. back to our vote 2016 coverage, we now have all of the results coming in from those super tuesday votes. >> hillary clinton and
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day's biggest winners celebrating at rallies here in south florida. sanela sabovic is in the news room with the latest. >>reporter: jacey, trump and clinto were the night's biggest winners. neither secured the nominations just yet. rivals say they won't back down. a major super tuesday victory for donald trump and hillary clinton. both were in florida celebrating their stunning wins. clinton and trump each secured seven states tightening their grip on the 2016 presidential race. clinton showed her dominance in the south taking a victory in texas, a delegate-rich state. she was a delegate in miami where she greeted a throng. >> and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we're not
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joined supporters in palm beach where he continues to push forward for the republican nomination. trump is now setting his sights on florida all while he took aim at senator marco rubio. >> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money but he is a lightweight as i've said many times before. we're going to go to florida. we've got about a 20 point lead. >>reporter: rubio was at a rally in southwest miami-dade where he is keeping hope alive, scoring victory in minnesota. >> i want you to understand that no matter how long it takes, noatter how many states it takes, no matter how many wks and months it takes, i will campaign as llng as it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> now senator ted cruz clinched a major win in his home state of texas, also dominating oklahoma and alaska. senator bernie sanders
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his home state of vermont taking wins in oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. as things stand this morning, these numbers including super delegates, hillary clinton has a estimated 1,055 degrees, bernie sanders has 418 in tote. in tote 382 are needed to secure the nomination. donald trump estimated to have 315 delegates and rubio w wh 106. 1,237 are needed for that nomination. the candidate will now shift their focus on to the next big primaries including one here in florida on march 1th and the others in michigan and ohio. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> and the florida primary is now only 13 day as way but early voting has already begun in miami-dade and monroe counties. >> stay with us us h he on local 10, on the air and on-line and download the free wplg app. now to a disturbg
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restaurant manager arrested after a customer claims she found a camera in the bathroom. local 10 news reporter erica rakow is outside that southwest miami-dade restaurant this morning. erica, we've been talking about this. this is so creepy for a mother to find this. >>reportererwe're talking about a mom whose just taking her ild to the bathroom inside this restaurant right here when shepots that device. she takes it down, brings it back to the table where her husband is. they find out it's a high motion camera. so the police say that the manager here tampered with that device afterer this family confronted him with it. inside la perla, inside the women's bathroom is where a customer said she found a recording device facing in the direction of the toilet. the woman was helng her daughter in the restaurant at 137th avenue when according to the police report she noticed a strange device tucked away under the
6:34 am
she took it apart, brought it to her husband at the table and they started researching on their phones what this was. they found it to be an advanced motion sensor camera. >> do you work here? >> yeah. >>reporter: employees at the restaurant weren't happy to see a local 10 crew. we were trying to get answers after police arrested t t manager. police believe he tampered with the device after the couple confronted him with it. according to the iniident report he quote became very nervous and began to walk around and pace the restaurant as if attempting to get away from or avoid the victim. the mother demanded to see what was on that camera as he walked from the back room of the restaurant to the front.
6:35 am
is now missing. the manager was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. police say that no video was actually found but they are still looking into all of this. live in southwest miami-dade this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. breaking news, pets stolen from a miami home, bird bandits leaving cages empty and a family d dperate to get their animals back. >> ben kennedy is is h only reporting at the scene. what happened? they stole the animals in the middle of the nigh >>reporter: yes. the bird's name is birdie. she is a yellow nape worth $2000. she was taken from that cage outut there in the distance. miami crime scene iss still here at the scene. they are dusting for prints, looking for any signs of these criminals. here is a picture of baby. she does talk and sing but does bite so her owner thinks the crook
6:36 am
he says the men took three c cockateals. it's there the couple's dogs woke them up at 4:00 this morning and they saw two men run away and take off with the seven birds. >> they are with me3 years. and we heard the dog barking and my husband went outside, and when he went outside, he saw the guy. >> and you're looking live back at the scene here in miami. there are several police officers here investigating, dusting for prints, looking for any signs of these two men so they can track them down. she just loves this parrot. it is a member of her family and hope someone does see these crooks.she says her husband did see the car they got away in. it is a silveroose nissan ultima.
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ben ennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thank you. now more breaking news. a first look at the newest mug shot for the teen accused of posing as a doctor. deputies say the 18-year-old turned himself in last night on identity theft and grand theft charges toting more than $20,000. we're told the 86-year-old woman who previously accused him of theft found more money was taken from er home after his house call last month. the fiu basketball coach is suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct by the team's cacaain. he may have loaned her $600. this would be an ncaa violation. the team'saptain filing a complaint with the ncaa. she also complained the school's athletic administration and fiu releasing a statement saying the
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investigation right now. president barack obama is adding to his travel plansns during his upcoming visit to the island. the president has what announced that he will attend a babe game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national baseball tm. the legendary rolling stones are rolling into cuba later this month for a free concert. it's going to be held in havana. likely attracting a large audience in the communist country where the government once persecuted young people even more listening to rock music. that's changed since the easing of diplomatic relations for the u u. the stones are currently on tour and expected to play in havana's sports city on march 25th. and we will be there. local 10 is covering it all. news anchor calvin news will be reporting live from havana at the end of this month. hearing for three teenagers with a wild
6:39 am
we brought you the sry yesterday morning. now we know two people originally arrested in this case just 15 years old. the third 15-year-old arrested when his mom saw the video and turned him in. six of their friend became unruly. they ended up in custody as well. three teens originally accused held under secure detention. the other four were allowed to leave. a rough ride at the rodeo, a performer tossed from his wagon and the video is just coming in. you've got to see what happened here. photos posted of a dog'south duct taped shut. and video just into the news room of a deadly crash in a pizza restaurant. details on how this s.u.v. went thrashing inside. and a traffic alert on 441 between miramar parkway and county line road.
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number of fire rescue crews on the scene. that car flipped on its side.
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this in a few minutes. 6:42 the time right now. rescuers say this s.u.v. slammed into a a crowded pizza restaurant killing two people last night in massachusetts. seven other people were injured incluluding the driver. the crash still under investigatioio now back to our traffic alert this morning. this is happening right off of 441 northbound between miramar parkway upper-level disturbance county line road. you can see just the mess that is lefe behind there. that person being taken away. looks like right there
6:43 am
these are live pictures fros this location. the car flipped on its side. one person clearly hurt with this wreck and this is going to take quite a bit of time to clean up. not only is the car having to be towed away from the scene but there's a lot of damagee to the median as well. if you take 441 northbound, just know there are going to be heavy delays in place to your morning commumu with only one lane getting by. quicklkl l l's show you how it looks like on our maps this morng. good morning, south florida. 441 northbound here. we're seeing a little bit of orange on the map that shows u we have the slowdowns in place. the good news this morning, all of our other major roadways are looking good. we have noccidents reported on the i, the turnpike, 595 and 575, smooth sailing. >> can you follow her ontwitter and facebook. for us live look outside, gorgeous conditions, nice, comfortable. we are definitely warmer for our temperatures for is time of year.
6:44 am
we should be waking up to the low to mid 70s. relative humidity isp increasing at 81%. as we get in the feels-like temperatures will be a little warmer today because#of the humidity. our sunrise is picture perfect this morning. mallory square camam showing our humidity's at 96%. we do have some mid and high level clouds around but they are not producing any precipitation. the atmosphere is still relatively dry. we have a cold front soaking the east coast. on the backside of the system snow across parts of ohio. the leading edge of the front will slide towards the east southeast but it will be a weak front once it gets in the ceceral portions of our state. you won't even noticeit. the only thing you'll notice is a shift in our wind dection. it will be this next
6:45 am
the great plaindz. eventually moving over south florida by friday night and into saturday. why won't we see these systs move into south florida. it's because the jet stream's retreated far to the north. as the jet strm stays to the north, there's no lift or push in the atmosphere to get the systems down here to south florida. so we'll stay nice, mild and mostly dry today. warmrmg us up, highs today will be in the low to mid 80s. going into tomorrow, not much of a change even though that weak front could squeak through. tomorrow we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, highs still above average in the lower 80s. this is great weather to head to the beach. we'll see high in the lower 80s until friday slight chance of a shower. wee hoping that it does bring a little bit of cool air to bring our temperature back to where they should be. highs in the upper 70s with lows in the low to mid 60s for the weekend.
6:46 am
troubled anthem of the seas has just returned to its home're looking at live pictures from new jersey. there's also a reported norovirus outbreak on the ship. royal crib is insisting that did not affect the decision to return. it was just three weeks ago passengers on the ship were rocked by 30 foot wavesnd strong winds. tweeting from the he's goran dragic. he said some impressive statistics from his team. last night that tenth game against the chicago bulls, man, did they put una third quarter. heat's newest member had 24 points. then in the fourth quarter dwayne wade throwing it up to hassan whiteside. heat win 129-111. >> we want to take advantage of every chance we get. we let the one in boston get away. you know, it's a
6:47 am
we got joe johnson. he's an amazing player and i'm glad he's on our side. heat stay home for a matchup against the suns a fan lost it lifetime night. it happened when he went into the stands. the fan tried to block the ball. here it goes but apparently forgot he was holding a beer. came down there and that probably cost him $10.50 the average price for one beer at madison square garden. >> not to mention the dry-cleaning bill. the annual carnival miami festival kicks off this weekend. stop by the local 10 booth on saturday at 10:30. carlos suarez and shyann malone will be there. >> max mayfield, will manso, betty davis joins
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>> you can catch jeff weinsler, michael seiden and amy viteri will be there as well. >> todd tongen, kristi krueger will join me. i'll be there at 11:00 a.m. ke sure you stop by. >> from 2:30 on you can catcglenna millberg, jen correa, michael putney, liane morejon and laurie jennings. everybody will be at carnival. i'll be at the walk for the animals so make sure you visit me there as well. >> all over the place this weekend. make sure you come out and say hi. it is national read across america today. the initiative started by the national education association also coincides with dr. seuss's birthday. the goal here so encourage teens to open up a book. >> we have a variety of things, star wars books, little prince is one i'm working with my kids on. a terrifying scene,
6:49 am
>> a performer tossed from his wagon. the horses keep on going. more with this video. we'll tell y what happened straight ahead. the alleged fake doctor back in custo in palm beach after turning himself in overnight. we willet you know why. we want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, corey taylor from miami shores. >> she's my neighbor.
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coffee. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americanwork hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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tho this morning, daytona beach police are looking for the person who made a facebook post of a dog with its mouth
6:52 am
the caption reads all you know is that this is a picture of my dog with tape on his mouth chillin'. now start umping our reasons. that account has been linked to someone named brian gomez. police are investigate. a really scary moment during a houston rodeo. audience watching as the driver suddenly tumbles off of that wagon. the horses lose control and crash as a medical team rushes to his side. >> i think it was more shocking for people up close because when you see an event like that up close and personal, it will make you shocked >> the horses were also looked at by a vet. they a a all expected to be okay. >> those rodeos can be dangerous. >> yes, they can. we continue to follow the latest breaking news not only on super tuesday. >> it appears the
6:53 am
birds. we have an update right after th break. all of the results they are in from a big day of elections on super tuesday. the voting is in. what i means as florida
6:54 am
6:55 am
the polls a traffic alert this mornini, 441 northbound between mere a. march parkway and county line road. you can see a pretty bad crash,ne person being treated in the ambulance at this time. one person getting by but not a lot of congestion just yetf northbound lanes right here at 441. some slowdowns just a little bit. so add another ten minutes to your commute. you see those speeds 13, 19 miles per hou i want to show you this picture. come to your televisionscreen and check out another beautiful sunrise. only here in south florida we get to enjoy these pictures. it's a great way to start the day. we've got people out on the broadway gettink
6:56 am
it's just beautiful. temperatures are warmer though. we are seeing the upper 60s. highs today will be in the lower 80s. our top stori this morning, big wins for hillary clinton and donald trumpn super tuesday it. each take seven states. bernie sanders trailing with wins in four states. bumped him up to three state wins and senator marco rubio ending with a victory in just one state. >> the candidates are focusing on florida because our primary is less than two weeks away. early voting is under way in miami-dade county. breaking news, a family says crooks stole seven pricey birds from overnight. the burglary happening in miami. the family says they saw the crooks take off in what they believe was a silver nissan ultima. the teen accused of posing as a doctor is back in custody. detectives say the elderly woman who accused the 18-year-old
6:57 am
during a house call is claiming even more money was taken than she originally thought. a south florida restaurant manager facing charges after a mother says she found a hidden camera in that restaurant bathroom saying she made the discovery while making her child to the restroom at la perla. he's charged witit tampering with evidence. > fiu's basketball coach is suspended. police say team captain file aid complaint saying marlin chin pursued a sexual relationship with her. she also said he loaned her $600 which is a possible violation. we will be back in about 30 minutes. >> that's right, just about 7:30 you'll get your live, local n ns update but can you always take us with you 24 hours a day,, and our local 10 app so make ita great wednesday. we're halfway through the workweek. tuesday's in the books. one more look at hollywood, beautiful susuise this morning. set your day
6:58 am
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cc1 test message good morning, america. in command.
7:00 am
>>e're just having a celebration. >> the gop front-runner raquets up victories in seven states. ted cruz takes three looking to stop the billionaire from making history. >> that would be a disaster for republicans. >> and marco rubio promises to fight to the end. >> the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> hillary clion also a big winner setting her sights on trump. >> thisountry belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> the two front-rners now on a collision course as the fight for president takes a dramatic turn. also overnight, terrifying twisters threaten voters. at these three tornadoes reported tearing through the south. now thetorm hits the northeast bringing snow d rain to the coast. millions facing a messy commute this morning. >> breaking overnight, rocket


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