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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the missinin mh-370. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. itit thursday. we've got a lot of stories we need to get to you but first we have to start with that weather. it'sonstantly warming up. julie durda is here. >> jacey, eric, south florida, this morning at least we're waking upo dry conditions. i'm happy to tell you that. temperatures well above average. in the upper 60s in miami. 69 aeady in key west. one thing you'll notice as you shift in the wind direction moving in from the northwest and that's because we do have a continuing to push through the area. to notice anything because temperatures are not dropping and the winds are not strong enough to make an impact on the forecast. 69 hialeah. 66 pompano beach. 68 kendall and homestead. the forecast on your friday eve. nice and mild. the kids are definitely going to need the sunglasses today. highs rapidly warm up to the lower 80s.
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expected to move in by tomorrowow night. i'll have those details coming up. >> thank you, good morning, julie and good morning, south florida. let's take a look at i-95 this is in broward county right around 595. traffic running smoothly and that's reallll the case for i-95 in broward county as well as in dade county are getting reports of this accident on 595 eastbound. this is right around the turnpike. as a result the offramp to the turnpike is closed but it looks like speeds are great, 71 miles per hour. want to let you know about some cstruction going on that should clear up in the next few minutes. this)is at the turnpike heading north at the exit of i-95.5 you can enter at red road but that exit should reopen i the next few minutes. first on ten a mother describing the terrifying moments when her baby was kidnapped right from her crib at alleged gunpoint. >> when it all happened she said she had no idea who wanted to take her daughter. layron livingston live in ft. lauderdale this
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story you saw first here on local 10. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, eric, jacey. interestingly enough from the get-go, deputies thought whoer took this child knew and the mother's cousin sits here at the broward county jail which is probably the hardest thing for this mom to get over. local 10 was the first to sit down with melinda kemp, the stokes of a state-wide amber alert last friday. that's when armed intruders stormed into her apartment and mom said she called 911 after a gun was pointed at her and her baby was taken. authorities would later arresttephanie augustine, the mother's cousin along with augustine's 14-year-old relative. the baby was later found abandoned but okay in orlando. melinda keke said she went to her cousin to figure out why she would do something like this. >> to put your family in danger, put me in
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danger, something is wrong. >>reporter: and coming up at 5:30 we'llave more on what mom thinks the motive is behind all of ts. in the meantime augustine is being held here in jail on bond. layron livingston, local 10 news. north korea has fired six short-range project aisles in the sea. it could be missiles, artillery a`d even rockets. this comes after tough sanction ons pyongyang& for its recent test. deliberations set to continue this morning in the case hey young man trying to rape a woman in his car. the defendant accused of kidnapping and attempted rape of a 19-year-old girl. prosecutors allegation the 36-year-old was on the prowl when he spotted the teen walking and offered her a ride. but jefferson claims that teen was a prostitute.
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person so we sit in the car, we talking. my time is money. >> if convicted jefferson could spend the rest of his life in prison. first up police need your help to find the man breaking into a car in southwest miami-dade. surveillance video shows a man entering the unlocked car through the driver's side before casually just walking off. also in southwest miami-dade talk about a ripoff, burglars caught on camera swiping tires right off of a car. video shows the two men approaching the car, removing the tire sockets and taking off with the tires. if you know anything about either of these crimes, call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. police say they aren't sure why he left the black dodge charger on the side of the road and took off running yesterday.
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warehouse in miami gardens but their search turned up empty hand. > we're now just two weeks away from voters deciding whether to build a new hotel in miami beach and that issue is certainly stirring up some debate. all $400 million to pay for the hotel will be put u uby the developer with no cost to taxpayers. those opposed are just too big and bulkie and could create traffic problems in the area. the project does require 60% approval in order to built. at least seven u.s. airlines want to fly to cuba. that's the latest on the changes and diplomati relations. applications have been submitted to the transportation departmentor routes. american airlines applying for ten daily flights from miami to havana as well as from dallas-fort worth, los angeles, chicago and charlotte. governmental approval could take months. more information is being released about president obama's
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we know the president will be attending the historic game on march 22nd. wednesday the white house press secretary revealing the president will not visit guantanamo bay. first lady michelle obama will travel with the president and meet with cuban youth to highlight her let girls learn initiative. a special local 10 news team will be covering all the events this week that will include a special performance by the rolling stones in havana. u.s. intelligence confirms army special forcees have captured a suspted isis fighter and they have been questioning him for days now. recalls say he is talking to u.s. interrogators and has unique information about isis leaders and the networks but they announce it if there's any attacks to stop isis. the makers of
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accessory, sc johnson to produce the popular bug spray off and tripling the product. a possible clue in the search for a mying malaysia flight 370. e debris may be from that plane. the wreckage appears to be a piece of the plane's tail that helps control of the motion of its nose. it was found by an american tourist last week. the flight disappeared two years ago with 239 people on board and is the only known missing boeing 777. ahead at 5:30, playing doctor and stealing money. how much the teen accused of@ taking from an elderly woman. and caught on camera right her a smash and grab at a gun store. you have to watch the coordinated crime these crooks pulled off. new this morning, houston, he's home, scott kelly touching down in texas. the all-american gift hous if you're headed to the bahamas today,
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upper 70s and low 80s. overall our weather forecast pretty tranquil as we're expecting a front to move into south orida by tomorrow night.
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on t new this morning astronaut scott kelly is back home in houston. >> kelly greeted by his family, nasa colleagues and viceceresident joe biden. dr. biden brought him beer and apple pie.kelly spent a consecutive 340 days in space, the longest mission for any american austronaut. >> leaving the space station was bittersweet. i look forward to leaving but at the same
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place and i'm going to miss it. mixed emotions i guess. >> kelly spent much of his time on the internationa space station performing experiments. some reported he grew two inches while he was there. >> they say he's going to shrink now that he's back on earth. >> what a disappointment. good morning, julie. how are you? >> good. it's our friday eve. i hope you're all having a good start to your thursday. temperatures much warmer than what we woke up toyesterday. every day it's been warmer by a degree or two. northwest wind this morning still pretty calm anywhere between three and five miles per hour. pembroke pines waking up to 67 degrees. we have 68 right now in kendall. with the winds moving in from the northwest you're really not going to notice it. there's a weak front moving through the area basically diminishing over south florida. the clouds are not producing precipitation.
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we can't complain. we usually start it in deceer but remember we had a very wet start to our dry season, our winter season that is. so now we're wakakg up for it. granted it is a bit warm out there with our humidity levels on the rise, especially throughout the afternoon hours due to a southeast breeze. not much will change day. we will see a bit of a change in the forecast by tomrow night due to this front we've been watching. i've been continuing to track as it moves to the east southeast. rain, sleet and snow as far north as chicago and the great lakes.that system will stay to the north of us today. high pressure we aredominant weather feature providing for an east soheast breeze. it will be light enough that there are no advisories. so if youant to head to the beach and do any boating, it will be a great day for it. now by tomorrow the leading edge of this front will swing through south florida by friday
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once it does so behind it, temperatures will drop a few degrees. it will feel a bit like spring. temperatures with highs in the upper 70s and lows in the mid 70s, it will be nice. not a b drastic drop in temperatures are expected with this next front by tomorrow@ night. beach and boating, everything looks good. no advisories. for the forecast today highs will be in the lower 80s. we'll warm up tomorrow ahead of that fnt. slight chance of a shower in the overnight hours. highs in the upper 70s. lows in the low 60s. >> thank you, julie. let's start off this thursday with some good news, no accidents to report in dade or broward county. here's a look at the palmetto expressway. this view at northwest 74th street, there is some construction going on right around u.s.-27 but it doesn't look likethat's impacting your commute. this is as you're heading south on the palmetto. there are two lanes ocked. it's green, 62 miles per hour.
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some construction going on at the dolphin expressway west-bound. this is at northwest 37th avenue, but again we're seeing the green, 47 miles per hour. here's some drive times for you. if you're on 595 east starting at i-75 heading to u.s.-1, it's going to take you about 12 minutes. caught on camera, a catamanan used by two-time america's cup ampion capsizing while training in bermuda. there were no injuries to theix sailors aboard and only slight damage t# the boat when they are training for the upcoming america's cup louis vuitton world series race in may. ten thieve pull off a mob style smash and grab at a texas gun store. now detectives say three of them are behind bar the thieves hitched a train to their truck in order to breaka the doors off of that houston store. police say it onlm took
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get in, break glass cases and get away with 50 guns. office are still looking for seven of those thieves. >> he was humiliated and put on a bus in his under wear. he's four years old. a mother in georgia furious after a mother sent a four-year-old boy home on the busin his under wear. the school did not clearlyrevent this humiliated. the school says they are investigating the incident and the teacher at at the center of this no longer works at the school. >> four years old. >> it's a hard time -- i have a four-year-old. i ian't explain that. i can't even wrap my mindround that. humiliate a kid who is already embarrassed enough. in the meantime the pentagon is asking you to hack their network. >> get paid to do it.
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is all about next. good morning. 5:18 the time right now. e-cigarettes have officially been banned from u.s. flights. fof saying the passengers flying in and out of the u.s. not allowed to fly on board. >>report`r: in today's tech bytes, google changing the mobile payment game. >> it's new hand-free app allows users to purchase items saying i'll pay with googlg. >> mcdonald's and papa john's are already on board. it's being tested in the prayer. the pentagon is lookong for a few good hackers. the government has announce it had will pay a big bounty to qualified hackers able to detect
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govement's system. check out the future, vehicle tires as imagined by the folks at goodyear. >> it's a spheric l tire. it connects using magnetic leaf station, starting and stoppg is done using magnetic fields. >> anything that will help my parking. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great d. "dancing with the stars" pro derek hough will not be returning for season 22. do you hear the tears? the 30-year-old is taking his talents to broadway where he will star in singing in the rain. he won last season with conservationist bindi irwin. we'll miss him though. the first slip wit we know that h!s already joined "dancing with the stars" is jody sweeten. her roll in the spin-off
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house so she's back in the spotlight. "dancing with the stars" premiers on monday, march 21st. you'll be able to watch right here onlyn local 10. dorey? >>8zes. >> you and i were friends. >> no. >> it was so much fun because i'd tell you a story and cometely forget about it. >> disney has released the full trailer for finding dorey, the sequel to find autograph nemo. the trailer revealed on the ellen degeneres show. finding memeo came out nearly 12 years ago, brout in 381 million here in the u.s. findg dorey hits theaters june 17th. >> it was that@ long ago? >> ellen, one of the great characters of all time. just keep swimming,great advice for all of us. >> she keeps talking and talking and talking. you have a lot in common. it was all in the nose for a little girl's
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moms and dads, imagine this. what was stuck in the little girl's nose for health issues. >> the teenager accused on bond. the new charges he's now facing. live look the palmetto. no accidents this morning. smooth sailing. let's keep it that way jenise fernandez morning.
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it's just moments away. 5:23 right now. a five-year-old girl gets an unusual object stuck up h h nose. here's the problem. it was there for months. doctors couldn't figure out what it was. none of them could figure out why her nose was constantly leaking
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it smelled. after six months, the mystery was finally solved. the uncle had the child blow her nose and out came that safety pip. >> it was bigger than her nose. we were horrified. i was like did you put this up there? so she did and she forgot to tell me. >> oh, myosh. >> the girl said she was building a castle with safety pins when one of them ended up in her nose. doctors thought she had a sign us infection. the pin did not show up when they used scope in hernostril. >> i've heard of this happening, legos andpennies and whatnot, but usually they find it pretty quickly. >> when you think about it not opening and that girl running around for months and months. gross but funny >> it's too early. take the safety pin
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>> moms and dads, we've been there, not there but a similar direction. the mother of a month month old baby kidnapped at gunpoint speaks first on local 10. she says she hasn't spoken to her cousin since it happened. it will now undergo mental health allegations. >^> we're now on verdict watch. terrence jefferson son accused of kidnapping and attempting to rape an 18-year-old woman. jefferson could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. at least seven u.s. airlines want to fly to cuba. american airlines, southwest have already submititd their application. government approval could take months. local 10 news at 5:30 coming your way next. and double-check on the safety pins in your house to be sure. we'l'lbe right back. increase speed, full throttle!
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damage was seconds away. >> first on 10 a mother speaking about the moment her child was kidnapped at gunpoint. how she felt of she found out the alleged kidnapper was her cause glen a critical clue in the shooting death hey six-year-old boy. playing doctor, a teenager accused had pretending to be an authority figure arsted again, and we're there as he bonds out of jail. plus gold heist arrests. how the fbi caught people who made off with $5 milon a year later. good thursday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzyn >> i'm jacey birch. let's get straight over to our weather authority meteorologist. this is our look outside. we know it has warmed up. >> indeed it has. as the kids head to the bus stop every day we've gotten our temperatures a little bit warmer, a
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that's going to continue as we end the workweek. mild and dry even though we do have temperatures above average in the upper 60s. by the afternoon highs will rapidly warm up to the 80s. the good news is no precipitation is expected as a weak front is meandering over the area. currently 69 in miami. 67 ft. lauderdale. 6 in key west withthhe winds out of the north this morning. that shift in the wind direction is becausesef the front that's overhead. 67 in pembroke pines. 70 in marathon. and we'll keep some clouds around butgain they won't be producing precipitation today. when will our rain chances increase? i'll have that answer after the break. good morning, jenise. >> good morning, julie. look at that wide open. no issues on i-95. we are getting reports of our first accident this morning. that accident a u.s.-27 as you're heading north right around northwest 79th avenue.
5:30 am
it's impacting your morning commute. we are still waiting for that construction to expressway. this is as you're heading west at northwest 37th avenue. we are seeing the green here and speeds are at 62 miles per hour. times. if you're on i-95 southbound starting at hollywood boulevard heading to the golden heading to downtown miami will take you just eit minutes. now to a story you saw first on local 10. a mother opening up about those terrifying moments. she had no idea at the time that the alleged kidnapper was her own held without bond at the broward county jail and that's where we find layron livingston, local 10 news with more on is story. >>reporter: melinda kemp tells us two of t t children were in the home last night, not just this two month old baby but her seven-year-old son whoitnessed
5:31 am
>> they came, they put a gun to my face and they told me they going to kill me. >>reporter: a frantic 911 call made nearly one week ago today from her northwest 14th court apartment after armed intruders barged in and snatched a two month old baby from her arms. this morning little taraji sleeps with her mother. >> just second away. >>reporter: kemp's cousin, stephanie austine, and one of augustine's 14-year-old relatives would later be arrested for sparking the state-wide amber alert. >> i don't know what was going through her head. i prayed for her. i prayed for her. >>reporter: that was augustine in court days after the baby was found abandoned in orlando. taraji's mom says she went to her cause tone figure out why. >> for you to put your family in danger, to put me in danger, put my
5:32 am
something is wrong. she told me sorry. >>reporterernow melinda kemp tells me that her cousin recently opened up about a recent miscarriage which kemp believes may be the reason behind all of this. augustine has since been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation while she awaits trial on these charges. police have located the lexus the believe is connected to the shooting death of six-yearld king carter. three teens have already been charged in the case lice say the three were shooting at season in a nearby apartment@ complex. king on his way to buy candy was killed in that cross-fire. and the great grandmother of king carter said she was witness to another shooting scene. the shooting reported near 61st street.
5:33 am
grandmother describing the moment she heard those shots fired. >> i heard about four or five, bang, bang, bang, bang, and i start ducking. i said oh, lord. i'm so tired of these losing their life. it hurt my heart. >> police have not released any information on the v vtim including their age. no arrests have been made. broward deputies are hoping you recognize this missing woman you see right here. her name is maria l l chance. deputies say she has alzheimer's and only speaks french. she was last seen at around 6:00 last night. we're told she was wearing a yellow shirt and green shorts at the time of her disappearance. call the broward sheriff's office if you think you've seen her. and right now this teenager is accused of playing ctor but he was out on bond. he was arrested again and now faces new charges. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. now we're learning even more about those new charges he's facing.
5:34 am
videoport with all the tails. erica, these charges are stacking up. >> we're talking about ateen who dapts say first pretended to be a doctor and now he's accused of writing fake checks to pay off some debt including one check for $2000 to pay off a car loan. 18-year-old mal -- hala company malachi robinson. deputies say this stems from the s se 86-year-old woman malachi is accused of selling fake natural vitamins to toreat maria stomach pain. >> i think we lose sight of who he is. he's an 18-year-old. he's now 19 years old but he was 18 years old at the time. >>reporter: the teen made national headlines last month when he opened a medical clinic.
5:35 am
is the latest chapter in a bizarre story that included malachi taking issue with what's being said about him. >> i'm deeply saddened and a little disrespected. i'm going to have to cut this interview short. >>reportrt: he walked out of an interview on "good morning america" when he was pressed with ages against him. paperwork alleged the teen treated an under cover deputy at the medical centere set up. love-robinson gave me a physical exam, he placed a stethoscope, diaphragm on my upper bac and above my bra saying my lungs were clear. the claim that turned out to be false. he is home this morning, the judge ordered that he undergo a meant call immediately.
5:36 am
search on for this from sunday shows the man walking into the golden market. at's along northwest 12th street. he approaches a cash register, moments later pulls out a knife demanding money. call police if you think is. police only looking for six stolen girds swiped from their cages. it turns out one of the missing pets escaped the recovered. one of the birds a par lot worth $2000. police looking for the two thieves who got away in the silver ultima. a bypass line was run across johnson street on wednesday while crews worked on a nearby sewer pipe. the metal ramp was placed over the line s drivers could pass over it. that break has been contained and the line is being reinforced for
5:37 am
>> a dump truck driver survives a dangerous wreck right here. sky 10 over the scene of u.s.-27 and i-75 on wednesday. all lanes were blockedwhile crews worked to free that driver pinned inside of the truck. officials say he was alert and conscious of they air-lifted him to broward health. it's still not clear that caused the dump truck to overturn. a south florida man has been arrested in connection with a g gd heist. it happened one year ago is week. police say 46-year-old alberto perer involved in the heist but they haven't said how. perez's sister-in-law, she's not to true. >> if a this was true, i don't see how he could be living here. two and twowo doesn't add up. >> it happened when a tractor trailer was pulled over an i-95 by two gunman pretending to be police. that's when they made off with that gold. now to vote 2016
5:38 am
says it has reached out to speaker of the house paul ryan. the speaker says he hasn't spoke tomorrow trump yet but plans on speaking to all of the remaining republican candidates. he added he will support whomever wins the nomination. ben carson says he will not takee part in tonight's debate in his hometown of detroit, michigan. he says he doesn't see a popotical path forward after his losses. he says he will talk about the future of his political plans tomorrow. it will air on the fox news channel. the second debate is set for march 10th and will take place here in florida at the universitydof miami. an immunity deal from the justice department. once invoked his fifth amendment rights but is now cooperating with the investigation which clinton encourages.
5:39 am
whether while confidential information on the server constitutes a crime. jesse matthew, jr. sentenced to two life sentences yesterday. the pleas to take the death penalty off the table for matthew who is already serving three life sentences in the rape and attemptpt murder of a woman in virginia. a would-be robber trying to hold off a convenience store but the clerk turns the tables on him and it's all caught on camera. a look at the early
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fighting irish. stop by the local 1
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noon to 2:30 and meet terrell forney and shyann malone. max mayfield and betty davis will join the group at the same time. from 2:30 on you can catch calvin hughes, jeff weinsler and michael seiden, amy viteri, hatzel vela and victor oquendo will also be joining the group at the same time. >> there he is. on sunday from noon to 2:30, clay ferraro, neki mohan, todd tongen and kristi krueger. that's a fun bunch. i'm there at 11 a.m. to emcee. come swing by. >> from 2:30 on you can catch glenna millberg, michael putney, liane morejon and laurie jennings. if you're not coming by there, come by the walk for the animals. >> saturday and suny will be a car been copy of the forecasthanks tie weak front that's going to move in by saturday night.& saturday we're looking at temperatures in the low 70s. you can't blame the ather. get out and enjoy. come meet our wplg representatives.
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2:00, 75 by 5:00. it's just going to be a beautiful weekend. really, whatever you're doing to be outdoors, enjoy. much warmer conditions as temperatures are in the upper 60s right now miami, ft. lauderdale as well as key west. these temperatures running about six degrees above where we should be this time of year. 67 right now in pembroke pines. 68 in kendall, 70 in marathon. the winds this morning are moving out of the north. warn you we would see a shift in the wind direction due to a front th's very weak over the area. it's over the northern poions of the state. gainesville waking up to the 40s. 40s in tlahassee as well. we'll have some midand high level clouds around. wide-spread precipitation well to the northwest associated with another front. this is the same front that came down from canada and slid all the way down the great plains. this will continue to slide eastward. as it does so, it will impact our forecast slightly going into friday night into saturday morning.
5:44 am
warm, it will be humid. tomorrow we'll notice that front clear south florida by saturday morning. it will feel like s sing going into the weekend. if you want to head to the beach. this week is a great day to do it. tomorrow mid 80s ahead of the front. highs in the upper 70s. thank you, julie. let's start off with the bad news. we do have two accidents out there. the good news is traffic is running pretty smoothly. here's a look at the palmetto expressway at northwest 36th street. looks like we're seeing cars in both directions but they are moving nicely. that first accident is on the palmetto expressway. this iss you're heading south at northwest 25th street. we're seeinin the green there so no significant impact with speeds att 67 miles per hour. we're also still waiting to get the all-clear o o this accident at u.s.-27. this is as you're headadg north right around northwest 79th avenue and speeds herer are clocking in at 19 miles per hour. >>reporter: good thursday morning. i'm will manso with your
5:45 am
dwyane wade got ready for tonight's game ainst the suns by working out with an old friend yesterday. lebron james, the cavs are off until friday. here's a picture of those two guys and former@ teammates after a yesterday. what makes this strange to some is this is going season. even though the cavs had a few days off. they alsoad some drama of late. from his perspective, there's nothing s sange about it at all. >> one of my best friends so it's not odd to work out with onef my best friends. the sun is a nice place to come and get away for a couple days. so mia is a great place to do that. so it's not hard for me to work out with someone that i've been working out with for 13 years. from the prose to the hurricane's basketball team. two games left in the road last night.
5:46 am
saturday at virginia tech. if the kids win out, they will guaranty at least a share of the regular season title. canes coming out like gang busters last night in indiana. angel rodriguez giving um a 21 iv 3 lead. irish made it a nine point game. he had 17. canes just rolling with this one, 68-50. they do finish the regular season saturday at virginia tech. on the diamond number six hurricanes hosting gulf state college. not one but two home runs last night. canes win 6-2. jose fernandez simulate a game yesterday, getting some work in in jupiter as the marlins openheir spring today with their first game. they played um a couple nights ago and fernandez got a couple ihnings of
5:47 am
saying the heat feels healthy. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. tom brady deflategate scandal returning to a panel. you may remember an investigation found the patriots quarterback tampered with footballs during the 2014 championship game. he received a four game suspension b a federal judge tossed that suspension out in sen the panel could take months to announcee verdict. a woman is being applauded for her fast-thinking moves when a would-be armed robber came right to her job. >> all of it caught on camera.
5:48 am
have to see is next. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to eerience a cup above. is that coffee?
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a conveninit store clerk going toe to toe with an armed robobber. she fought back starting by using a cash drawer to hit him. she says she felt his body language just wasn't right. he came up to the register, demanded money. she island the gun away and starte beating him with the cash drawer and then they reached for a hammer that she had there at the desk. >> i take my hammer and tried to reach down. >> wow. with the hammer in hand she chased the robber out of the store and out of his shoes. police say the crook, a 17-year-old boy, who they did catch later on and he faces a numbe of charges including attempted robbery. a baltimore city school's officer seen on camera slapping a teen. you remember this story? now we learned police are looking into whether charges should be filed. that confrontation
5:51 am
responded to charges of a school intruder. he's being treated for face and rib injuries. jury selection now undeway for the first celebrity sex tape case to ever go to trial. hulk hoeing senate suing gawker media for $100 million after it features a clip from a sex tape and his thenn wife. hogan claims his privacy was violated while their first amendment material. the trial begins on monday. a lakeland family has some r pairs to do. the husband said he spottedhe gator while trying to let the family's cat outside. the nine foot gator tore a a hole in the media screen. they are glad none of them came facee to face with that guy. a a mous leading
5:52 am
ofhe bay watch film. wednesday the duo joinen by another star bianca chopra. the film is set to hit theaters in 2017. >> i'm here to help. this morning we're learning why el chapo wants to be extradited here as soon as possible. >> the new escape exhibit you can see for yourself is next. also the mother whose baby was kidnapped at gunpoint telling us about those terrifying moments. it's a story you saw first here on local 10. what she thought of she realized her own
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mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman wants to be sent here to the u.s. as soon as possible to face charges. he says the maximum security prison won't let him sleep. guzman isilling to plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a lighter sentence in a minimum security prison. the mob museum features an exhibit of how el chapo escaped. workers dug an elaborate one mile long tunnel equipped with a motorcycle path and lights. >> it's believed that el chapo and his cartel spent about $50 million putting together this plan, this escape plan that in includes both the construction of the tunnel and the bribing of officials in order for them to look the other way while they were doing this work. >> after six months on the run, he will tipo was recanted in january. a canadian man is dealininwith quite the
5:56 am
this is the front of his homeut it's now turned into a junkyard. he says a u-haul truck dumped a huge pile of some of his stuff. he doesn't know who these thing belong to or why they were dumumd outside his home. he has called the city to explain but they say they don't do removals from private property. so far nothing. >> what a mess, no as well. >> this dog has quite the tale to tell. >> piper the border collie chases birds off the runway. he recently became an internet super star after nearly four million people viewed a video of him working in his googles, earmuffs and safety vest. the seven-year-old pup is adopted and has been
5:57 am
he gets paidd in lots and lots of treats. >> that dog is cool. sorry, snoopy, that's the clest dog i've ever seen. >> can i go all the way up there to d/ a story? send me to traveln i want to meet that dog. he warnings harder than i do. a mother opening up this morning about the terrifying moment herbaby was kidnapped at gunpoint. >> what she thought of she found out t alleged kidnapper was her own cousin ahead on local 10 news at 6:00. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfasburrito packed with big southwest flavor.
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a mother whose baby was abducted by family opens up. new information in a coordinated crime. arrests made in a gun heist involving at least ten crooks. a snake with stitches. what one python swallowed that required him to go under the knife. hey. >> snake surgery, that's all i'm thinking in my head. never ceases to amaze me. good thursday morning. i'm jacey birch. >> i'm eric yutzy. thursday, yes, we've almost made it through the authority
6:00 am
looks like this morning. >> it is. it's definitely nice. it is warm. much warmer today. every day we've had our temperature about a degree warmer than the day before. >> we'll see 69 around the 7:00 hour as the kids head to the bus stop. probably an extra bottle sunglasses especially throughout the morning into the afternoon will alreadying into the 70s did i 10:00. we'll rapidly warm up today by the low to mid 80s across parts of south floroda. we do have a weak front basically across south florida. in the matter of two to three hours as a little bit of cloud cover and a shift in the wind direction byyhis afternoon. the overall weather pattern pretty tranquil in the last few days. we've got the low 70s down by t keys. i'll have more on your forecast coming up. >> good morning, julie. we are watching an accident on the palmetto expresswayay this is right around


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