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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> announcer: live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> eric: new at noon, a disturbing crime after a toddler end up in the trash. >> amy: and a woman is accused of leaving the child in the dumpster. she and in court just a few moments ago in ft. lauderdale. that is where local 10 news reporter shyann malone is with the latest. shyann, how is that child doing? >>eporter: i just got my hands on the police report. in it, the woman said se did not throw her child into the dumpster, she said she put her there. cameras were inside the courtroom as she faced a judge this morning. >> allegedly committ a criminal act.
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as if you were going to start running that is according to the witness. the medical assistant who allegedly watatched this alleged criminal act take place. and the court also noticed when the police camethe police came and contacted. you you allegedly were not out front. you gave false name and you admitted to some of the acts you are allegedly accused of doing here. >> reporter: patrice yolanda sheffield is facingg child aase charge for this allege act. two witnesses saw her throw them in a dumpster. they went over to rescue the child. one of them asked why she was doing this and she told them that she had a m irk scarriage five months ago and was depressed. according to the police report sheffield admitted to having a few drinks and she admitted to
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the day before. as for the child, she was not hurt in this incident. that is the good news. more details as to where she will be. maybe a family member. dcf has control of this child's fate. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, shyannalone. sky 10 over a house that caught fire on deerfield beach. fire crews all around that home around northwest 4th place. three people were displaced. the search is on for a person involved with a burglary at a target store in west hialeah. they ran into the store and grabbed x-boxes and other video games and took off. if you know big in what happened, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 471-tips. two men facing charges in connection with a flat tire scam. police say the victims were targeted going to the bank. cal 10 news reporter sanela local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live. >> reporter: good afternoon, amy and eric.
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the fix the flat tire scheme. two men will targetet their victim at a parking lot, a bank parking lo the. give you their mug shots so you can see where ho we are talking about. cesar castillo vargas and hernan trujillo will puncture their tire and then folw them tire. noticed a man in acti puncturepuncturing a tire at a suv at this bank of america parking lot along northwest 107th avenue in doral. once the victim left the parking lot, the men followed her for at least four miles. the detective also following pulling the men over and discovering these tools you see here including a device useed to puncture the tire. they are facing charges of posseson of burglary tools, criminal mischief and even possessing fake ids. back out live now. police believe there may be more `ictims and urging them to come forward and contact the
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reporting live in doral, sanela reporting live in doral, sanela s a, bovic, local 10 news. >> another man is behind bars craigslist. a victim saw the advertisement bike. authorities ontacted the seller. the bike's serial number morero was aested. preparing for another in. the gop nominee just four years ago and he fnished speaking in utah and man, he went right after trump. michael putney is live in the video port. what did he have to say? >> a scathing report for donald trump. he says trump is not fit to be the president of the united states. all of this to be sure will come up at tonight's debate. >> reporter: today mitt romney, the 2012 republican nominee is making his case against donald trump. he says, quote, donald trump is
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his promises are as worthless a degree from trump university. he is playing the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house. all we get is a lousy hat. his domestic policy also lead to recession. his foreign policy also make america a world less safe. he has neither the temperament or judgment to be president, and his personal qualities will mean that americwill cease to be a shining city on a hill. >> repopoer: this morning on "good morning america" donald trump took on romney nd the >> millions of people are because of meme and you know what, the republic -- the republican establishment probably will give it right back and go bck to the old days of mitt romney who couldn't bin. >> reporter: senator ted cruz says right now thee are too many candidates to beat. >> if we are going to beat donald trump, the field can't remain fractured. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio says he is staying
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out of 15. >> i am willing to fight as long as it takeses. >> reporter: the gop field is narrowing. dr. ben carson essentially has ended his campaign announcing there is no popotical path forward. hillary clinton still celebrating a big super tuesday at a star-studded fundraiser in new york last night. >> wow, what a great night. >> reporter: the e-mail investigation continues to haunt christian. her campaign today reports the aide who established her private e-mail server has been granted immunity by the bi. >> not so inevitable today. >>reporter: in his speech in salt lake city which ended just a few minutes ago, mitt romney also went directly at donald trump's business record, his strength. romney says he is not a great businessman. he also says that if he were a voter in the upcoming state he would vote for ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich and said
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presidential nominee. that is the story in the video port this noon. michael putney, local 10 news. >> eric: a reminder the local 10 is under way in miami-dade and monroe county. starts saturday in broward and palm beach counties. be sure it make local 10 your election headquarters. bringing you the latest results and analysis on the air and online. check out all right, someone has hit tt powerball jack.pot in florida. winning ticket worth $292 million. it was sold in our state. >> amy: new at noon, we know now where. and local 10 news reporter jenise fernandez confirms that sadly it is not in her purse. she is live in our newsroom with the latest. >> re@orter: no, amy, eric, itwas not my ticket, but florida is turni out to be a pretty lucky state. yet another powerball winner. we don't know who the person is, but we know the winning ticket was bought at a tom thumb in marathon. that tom thumb is located on overseas highway. that drawing took place last
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local 10. the jackpot, $292 million. we know again the single winning ticket was purchased at a tom thumb in marathon. now here are those winning numbers. the lucky numbers -- not my lucky numbers. 12, 13, 44, 52, 62, 6. and it was just last month you may remember when a brevard county couple came forward claiming their share of the record-breaking $1.58 billion. they shared that jackpot with winners from two other states, but not too shabby there. the couple accepted a ump sum payment of $327.8 million. now the jackpot goes back to $40 million. you can watch the drawing this saturday night here on local 10. eric? >> eric: thank you. new at noon, big changes to tell you about affecting this year's back-to-sales tax holiday. now you only have three days of tax-free shopping in august down from ten days.
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items costing $60 or less down from $100 and no longer cover computers. let's take a look at the stock market here this afternoon. a lot of red. the dow jones industrials down 48 points. nasdaq down almost 16. and the snp 500 down 4 and a half. first here on local 10, the mother whose baby was kidnapped in ft. lauderdale. we are hearing from her this afternoon. >> amy: what she has to say about her cousin accused of taking her baby after the breaktaking her baby after the break. plus a police officer made history here in florida. the special recognition for the fifit black female officer in our state. and south florida, we have a lot going on this weekend. the weather will cooperate with tdoor activities. we have a big event, carnivale on the mile. we have our local 10 team going to be out there. don't this saturday and sunday. now on saturday, we will see temperatures in the low 70s at 11 a.m. 2:00, upper 70s. and a warm afternoon. 75 degrees by 5:00. i will have a lot more on your
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and breaking news at noon, a lawyer for oscar pistoriuss said south africa's court has dismissed the former track star's appeal of the murderconviction for shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. she was killed in his home in 2013.
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his early conviction of lesser charge of homicide. cospend 15 years in jail if convicted. hearinis april 15. the verdict for a trial of a man kidnapping and trying to rape a young woman. miehael seiden is live with the details. michael. >> reporter: we just spoke to the mother of the defendant. she is telling us that her n got an unfair trial telling us that her son had plenty of women coming to his house and no reason he would have have been out on the street looking for sex. but, hey, the jury deliberated for about an hour and came back with the guilty verdict. terrence jefferson obviously extremely disappointed by the jury's decision. the 36-year-old convicted this morning or charges of attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and unlawful to session of a firearm. the six-time convicted felon waving at his mother before being taken away from cuffs. his attorneys will file an
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jefferson went on the prowl, desperate for sex and seeing a 18-year-old woman walking home in the rain. he offered her a ride. pulled a gun before trying to sexually assaulter. jefferson claims she was a believe his story. >> he was clearing lying. displayed in the video evidence and in the nfl calls and testimonytestimonies. it just seemed obvious. >> the defendant taking your stand did that sway your decision in any way? >> it really -- no, it is just -- i think i heard him a little bit more in the -- hurt him a little bit more in the end than anything else. i didn't understand that decision whatsoever. grown that would have changed what the verdict would have been. it may have made a a little harder to come to the conclusion as fast as we did. >> too many girls coming to the house for him. so i know he wouldn't have to go out soliciting sex. >> reporter: so terrence jefferson is actually charged in two other violent cases. obviously his attorneys have
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we know sentence something scheduled for next month. we are live in miami, michael seiden, local 10 news. >> amy: thank you, michael. a man accused a man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist last year was arrested and in bond court. michelle chapman is charged with vehicular homicide. accused of racingwith another car and hitting and killing a bicyclist. the incident happened in july 2015. >> i don't know what was going through her head. prayed for her. i prayed for her. >> eric: the mother of a baby who was abducted from her` bed. she is speaking but her cousin accused in the kidnapping. the missing little girl missing for two hours before she was found. the mother said she called 911 after a gun was pointed at her authorities would arrest stephanie augustin the mother's cousin along with her
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she went to her cousin to figure out why she would do something like this. >> to put your family in danger, to put me in danger, to put my kids in danger, something is wrong. >> augustin being held on no bond at the broward county jail right now. neneat noon, construction under way. the second largest urban development in the u.s., but there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it. local 10's layron livingston is live in miami where a groundbreaking ceremony was held for project. layron. >> reporter: that's right. i didn't expect to have to play in the dirt today. i didn't expect to hear the refers to all of of the building going on around this 27-acre site, but the developer27-acre site, but the developers say that particular project will hopefully fill that void. right now she easily fills a room when she is all done paramount miami world center
12:18 pm
downtown city blocks along northeast 2nd avenue, a shopping, eating and 500-unit high-rise residential destination. long-time overtown resident ernie mcknight. >> progress, but we have to work harder to do something about housing and job people. and theand projects like this pronounce even more so. >> reporter: condos in the tower are slated to start close to the $700,000 mark. >> my concern is always gentrification for my communitygentrification for my community. >> reporter: which is why miami-dade commissioner audrey edmondson is pushing for more mixed-income develop in the overtown area, but she says this project does fill a doughnut hole of blight and neglect. >> think is this the beginning of that or the start of something? >> i think this is something i need to watch carefully. >> a great location in the heart of downtown. know, at night. now you are starting to see a
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importantly. >> a job creator and job creation is one of my top priorities. >> reporter: the developer has agreed to hire thousands from the neighboring communities where there is a construction phase and positions once everything is created up and running. >> as elected officials, we have to look at that and ensure that staff iin place to monitor that. if it is not happening, then we have to hold their fet to the ground. >> reporter: back live as you can see, the groundbreaking celebration is still going on and we can see if it all lives up to the expectation once this is all completed in thyear 2018. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. >> eric: layron, thank you very much for that. i don't know about playing in the dirt, but being outside today. >> amy: perfect weather. >> julie: so packed. we don't have a chance. we tried get a spot on hollywood beach. it is so nice out there. granted we are seeing a little cloud cover in place, but that isn't stopping anyone from
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we are feeling not quite like winter. relative humidity is 60% as temperature is 79. feels like 81 degrees with that southeast breeze. too cold to pump in the heat and humidity. 79 in ft. lauderdale. relative humidity 62%. south to southeast breeze at 13 miles per hour. feels like 81 degrees. and down by the keys, beautiful as always with lots of sunshineas always with lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-70s. east-southeast breeze with a relative humidity of 87%. feels like 75 degrees. oh, wait, maybe we could fit right here in one little spot for us once we get off work. otherwise, those enjoying a day off or takingoff or taking lunch outdoors. make sure you have the sunblock and plenty of water, you are going to need it. you can't leave without the sunglasses. it affects the gulf. remember a weak front over south florida early this morning that didn't impact all this much. the area we are batching bringing showers and storms
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cold arctic air providing for snow for papas of chicago and in toward cincinnati. this system itself will work to the east. the tail end of this front toward texas will be eventually affecting south florida by iday night into saturday morning. so for the rest of your thursday, it will bee warm. it will be humid. highs today above average in the low to mid-80s and watch this front as it slowly creeps into northern florida by tonight and into tomorrow, and once it lears south florida, it is going to bring us a spring-like feel with our temperatures in the upper 70s. that's where they should be is time of year instead of seeing the low to mid-80s like what we are dealing with today. if you are headed to the beach. our uv index is very high. the southeast breeze between 5 and 10 miles per hour. could be songer at times with a slight risk of a rip current, and we see no advisories for you boaters. seas 1 to 2 feet. the seas at light chop. you heard me mention n lot going on. the walk for the animals. jacey birch
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personalities at carnivale on thethe mile. before we get to the weekend, remind that youremind that you tomorrow is another warm day. planning outdoor activities with the kids, make sure they have plenty of water. front comes in and we are increaseincreasing a slight chance -- a a slight chancof a shower and mostly dry conditions will ontinue. it will be warm saturday and sunday and at least temperatures will be cooler going into the afternoon hours saturday and sunday compared to friday because of@ that reinforcing shot of nice condions from that front. we will have more with betty vis who will be at the carnivale on the mile as well. she will be back at 4:00. new for you at noon, a street named after a former history. >> selma harris is the first black female police officer and department. terrell forney is live in miami gardens where a dedication ceremony was h%ld for her. terrell. >> reporter: that dedication ceremony just wrapped up. the street sign put into place.
12:23 pm
officer thelma harris way on northwest 75th street. runs for ten blocks west of northwest 27th avenue all to honor that woman who was the first female black officer in the entire state. the name etched on this brandthe name etched on this brand-new street sign symbolizes a slice of history. >> thelma harris was not just a trail blazer, she was a pioneertrail blazer, she was a pioneer. >> reporter: thelma harris was the state's first black female police officer in 1962, a difficult it is a income a civil rights era, but one that opened the doors for many just like her. >> she was just an honest little strong lady that went about doing what was right and what was good. >> reporter: thelma spent 20 years with miami-dade pd before retiring in 1982. she died last summer at 88 years old, leaving her family, including her daughter and
12:24 pm
huge honor. > just an ordinary -- just shocking to me. my mother says she is telling sister. hang in there. everything is going to be allll right. and honor. >> but t ow, to meet and have a street named after my grandmother. >> present arms. >> reporter: ceremony was formal yet filled for humor for a -- humor for a woman who loved to smile. a pioneer paving the way even in death for kids in this community whos a spirereor a career in law enforcement. >> where e passed this way, i will say go officer harris. thank you. [applause] >> reporter: so ertainly a proud day for this officer's family, as well as law enforcement officers who were stwil miami-dade police department. and some surrounding agencies as well as including the miami gardens police department. again, if you want to f fd
12:25 pm
to miami gardens northwest 175to miami gardens northwest 175th street, and it will run from norrthwest 27th avenue all the way down to northwest 37th avenue. we are live in miami gardens this afternoon.n. i am terrell forney, local 10 news. >> eric: thank you. chris christie is throwing his support behind donald trumphis support behind donald trump. >> amy: his face getting headlines. a hashtag coming up. our perfect sandwich secrets. i am making a creation. michael is in the kitchen with the fabulous hillary duff. and husband d today, you can click in walk in, or call in to world class care. because cleveland clinic florida is here for you. ytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care at frustrated with your overactive bladder dicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking,
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tell your doctor your medical history. an event for donald trump no@t involving politics is under way here in south florida. the cadillac champion in doral started today and many can tell from the traffic,from the traffic, erika rakow is live from doral. erica. >> reporter: we are at the
12:29 pm
because a lot of golf fans are here. watching. they are excited to see the golfers. gordon speith and people getting autographs. it started a as tribute to local heroes. >> reporter: under blue sunny skies at doral trump national. the cadillacchampionship didn't start with any of the pros though. the an american hero at the first tee i am luc to be alive and to have an arm. to be able to be here an hit a tee shot is icing on the cake. it is phenomenal. >> reporter: purple heart recipient kicked off the annual tournament with his service dog winchester lookig on. since being shot in iraq, he has had 14 surgeryh had 14 surgeries on his left arm. >> he put humpty dumpty back together again. i am able to hate shotot >>repoer: who fans from the united states and internationalited states and
12:30 pm
a will you bey few grabbed an autograph. >> saw them at the fence brought me in through the ropesbrought me in through the ropes. probably one of the greatest experience i have had. >> reporter: some golf fans keeping an eye for someone elsekeeping an eye for someone else. after all the cadillac trump championship. >> reporter: are you sure you are not here looking for donald trump. >> oh, that would be another plus. this is especially a great year to come to this tournament. >> reporter: so right now you are looking live at sergio garcia on the driving range. we know he came in second at the honda classic last week. no sign of donald trump here in miami today. there is word that he could make a stop here over the weekend but he tweeted out a little while ago he was on his way to maine for a campaign event. live in de ral, erika rakow. chris christie may be supporting donald trump but his focus on his face as he was standing behind him tuesday night.
12:31 pm
tuesday that has a hash tag. >>reporter: hard to look at an alpha politician chris christie hovering around dond trump. >> it's abysmal. >> reporter: abysmal describes christie's expression. governor christie, blink twice if if you are in trouble. dear god what have i done endorsing trump tweeted "the daily show." >> he is not sure if he left the stove on before he left for work. >> reporter: instead of trump's remarks it was impossible to hear him over chris christie's eyes. christie snt the entire speech screaming wordlessly, and yes -- someone p that scream from music from "psychoscrere from music from "psycho." i like people who weren't captured. mach one poster echoing adrawing about john mccain. >> i like people who weren't
12:32 pm
>> even chris christie 'tie is trying to escape. >> governor, governor, coome on, snap out of it. snap out of it. >> tennessee, virginia -- >>reporter: now governor, don't curb your enthusiasm. . >> reporter: one joker explained the governor's fixed stare is a food fixation. nothing ease be making a face seem natural when you are stuck on camera listening toto one. it be the state of the union or the union between anthony wiener and his wife. >> i have aalogized to my wife>> i have apologized to my wife, huma. >> reporter: even whwh the donald basked in sarah palin's endorsement. >> of ramification of betrayalof the heart of our country. >> reporter: take eart, chris christie, nowhere to go from down but up hello darkness my old friend
12:33 pm
hello darkness my old friend . in the dr. oz momen. the fwroout food coloring. dr. oz tells s if it is safe. >> a big amount of artificial food coloring in our diet. you go overseas, they don't alw them to use them. they use paprika or chlorophyllthey use paprika or chlorophyll. floods have these colors in them and use them as coloring in the process. in our country we allow the artificial colors to be in the foods that our kids eat, and unfortunately, that is a problem, because we think base and newer studies that some of these kids are having focused problems, developing attention deficit disorder. i am asking moms to reward the companies tha are proactively taking out some of the artificial coloring. and use those foods at least you don't have a risk. i don't think they are incredibly toxic but these artificial coloration are not supposed to be in our diet. why take a chance. >> eric: don't miss the dr. oz show every day at 3:00 here on
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the carnivale kicks off. some of our local 10 team will be there. >> amy: at noon until 2:30. carlos suarez and shyann malonecarlos suarez and shyann malone. betty davis and will manso will join them. if you can't make it that early, 2:30 on, calvin hughe jeff weinsier, and michael seiden. i will be there well with hatzel vela and victor oquendo at that same time. >> eric: sunday from noon to 2>> eric: sunday from noon to 2:30. clay ferraro, neki mohan, todd tongen, kristi krueger will join me. i will be there at 11 a.m. i am keying the cork and fork. from 2:30, glenna milberg, jennifer correa, michael putneyjennifer correa, michael putney, lianmorejon. na fey is sounding off about the os wars. >> and why she said it is a terrible time for wowon in
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that's a 100-dollar card... ...for every new service! don't wait. call this number today. join laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11:00. we told you sterday about a aircraft part in mozambique that may from missing malaysian airline 370 malaysian airlili 370.
12:38 pm
years ago and 23939 people on board. we are hearing from malaysian officials. american blaine gibson discovered the plane piece believed to be part of the e ail that washed ashore. some experts are confident that it does matchh the missing airit does match the missing airliner. >> from the pictures that are shown, the high probability of the plane debis from the boeig 777 777. >> eric: right now that part is being examined in an australian lab. a report could b released next week. caught on camera ten thieves pull off mob-style smash and grab at atexas gun store. it happened tuesday morning. the thieves hiitched a train to their truck to break the door offs the houston store, and policeceay it took only two minutes for them to get in, break glass cases and get away with 50 guns. some of the firearms have been rereovered. they are still looking to are seven of the thieves. a man in arizoo who broke
12:39 pm
remember doing it because he was sleepwalking. thomas doran. police arrested him and he faces two charges of felony burglaryry. a woman found him in her house going through her stuff.a short time later a neighbor called saying her house was also burglar riced. they found evidence from both burglaryburglaries on him and he had a history of sleepwalking and drinking and taking prescription medicine the night before. >> he was humiliatat and put on a bus in his underwear. he is 4 years olol >> amy: to a story getting a lot of online attention.. a mother furious with her son's georgia school after he was sent home on a bus without pants. it happened friday after the pre-k student had an scent. the school's principal said a teacher tied a sweatshirt around his waist and never foundndants to send him home. the teacacr has resigned and the principal sent thought
12:40 pm
how this investigation occurred and pplease know that this wass very unacceptable. the staff who was involved is no longer an employee of the school or the school district. >> amy: the boy's mother said it was 40 degrees outside. she wants other teachers who saw the boy without pants accountable too. rickenbacker rick nobody called the emergency number on that kid. crazycraziness. quite the homecomii for astronaut scott kelly. >> amy: how he was welcomed
12:41 pm
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president obama after, (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted store by skilled decorators
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. good afternoon. mexican drug lord joaquin guzman wants to be brought here not u.s. as soon as possible to face charges. attorneys say guards at the maximum security prison won't let him sleep. guzman is willing to plead guilty to u.s. charges if he gets a lighter sentence in a
12:44 pm
get out, now! rickenbacker the texas trooper you see in this video is out of a job. detective encino who arrestedsandra bland has been fired. he accused her of failing to use herr turn signal. three days later bland was found dead in her cecell. no one was indicted for her death but he is indicted to an perjury charge and officialss began the process of ring him. a big welcome home for astronaut scott elly. 'arrived in houston overnight after a flight from kazakhstan where his capsule landed late tuesday. he was greetededby his girlfriend and daughters and even president obama. he alled him to thank him. he spent 340 days in space. dudung that time he completed nearly 5500 orbits. he said he was on a mission of unity. >> talked about my year in space. it's not my achievement. it is nasa's achievement. s in in our dna of our country to explore, and we must never
12:45 pm
we must lead. >> reporter: one of the main missions of his was to examine space on the body. compared to his identical twin who is also a astronaut. get this. kelly is actually two inches taller than when he left. comedian robin williams is gone but not forgotten. he is being memorialized for a tunnel. it has been named after the late actor. many thought the rainbow arches was a fitting tribute to his career. in "mork and mindy" he wore multicolored suspenders in that show. an spray pickedup a huge meal for a 6-foot python. he had a belly full of bear, a teddy bear. >> the python entered a home and ate their dog's plush toy. once they took the scaly invader away the snake went under the i-95 very obsessively hunting for food and if the dog
12:46 pm
that will do. >> amy: the python received 15 surgeries and will be kept to the vet until its release. the bear has been washed and back to its owner. >> eric: you want that thing back? >> amy: i do not. other bad news, sorry, ladies, george clooney may no longer be on big screen. >> eric: he says his acting days may be over. details on that next. t first a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 10 news will be right
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tom brady deflategate scandal is rrurning to appeals court. a panel of three judges will hear arguments wether roger goodel's four-game suspension should be activated. a legal invtigation found that the quarterback likely knew that footballs were tamperknew that footballs were tampered with. brady ceived a four-game suspension for this past season
12:50 pm
tossed it out in december. now the udicial panel could take months to announce their decision on this. d wade preparing for tonight's game against the suns with a familiar face. lebron james in town for a workout. the cavs are off until tomorrowthe cavsare off until tomorrow. so james headed south and some people may see his brief return a little strange. wade said there is nothing out of the ordinary. >> he is one of my best friends>> he is one of my best friends. so -- i get to work out with one move i best friends. obviously he takes his time. a nice flies come and get away for a couple of days when you are in the organization. you coach a lot and get away and clear your mind. so miami is a great place to do that. so it is not odd for me to work out with someone that i have been working out with for 13 years. >> eric: 30 degrees in cleveland into. the eat host cleveland tonight at the american airlines arenana at 7:30. the miami hurricanes are e step closer to a acc regular season title taking on
12:51 pm
angel rodriguez helped to le the 'canes to a lead. he had 19 point before fouling out. the 'canes rolled continue to 68-50 win. they finish the regular season saturday at virginia tech. and comedian and actress tinafork ey is speaking out from everything from the oscars why she thinks it is a terrible time for women in comedy. tj holmes tells us why she is sounding off. >> reporter: tina fey, unplugged. >> real hollywood bull -- [bleep] >> reporter: the snl alum not holding back with howard stern playing over political and social messages that took over sundnd's oscars. >> you damn right hollywood is raceist. >>. >> climate change is real and happening right is now too many women and men on and off college campuses are still victims of sexual abuse. >> reporter: everyone is telling you, , ke. what to do. and people yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it is climate change. i am like, guys,pick a lane.
12:52 pm
rip on lady gaga that perform an emotional tribute to survivors of sexual abuse until it hams to you >> a grgeous picture online the next day of lady gaga in the photo booth and the quote was like, i just felt after my performance at the or was i felt likea weight had been lift and i could stop hiding. i am like, oh, girl, you have been hide something in you have hidingd. because i have seen you everywhere. >> reporter: in her new movie whiskey tango foxtrot, plays a war-torn reporter battling sexism, something she is fightsexism, something she is fighting in her real life. she tells town and country magazine, it is a terrible time in the comedy world for women adding the boys are still getting more money for a lot of garbage. while the ladywhile the ladies are hustling and doing amazing work for lessand doing amazing work for less. >> eric: tj holmes reporting this afternoon. actor george clooney hinting that his acting days
12:53 pm
caesar" he is reluctant to age on screen. it is more common for women in films to battle. he acknowledged that in his interview. if acting roles dry up, he will be looking for qore directing roles. bye-bye george clooney. >> amy he still looks good in my opinion. i am okay. i am holding it together. weather looking good. >> eric: amazing out there. >> amy: a live look at of our
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
and julie . and an 11-year-old poi showing tiger woods how it is done rickenbacker rick the junior golfer invited to the cououe. this is the first shot ever hit on that course. okay, after tyler landed it on the green, it rolls in for an ace. as a result, he gets a big cheer and a big hug fromiger. and a scorecard to prove to everybody he beat tiger woods. julie july that is awesome. i used to be able to do that but unfortunately something is getting the way. i can't do that anymore. it will take a lot of practice now. maybe baby will be good at it. a live look outside again. everybody enjoying the beach day. we have mid and high-level clouds on mount sinai mededical center camera in the distance. not going to ruin our day because we are not expecting precipitation with it.
12:57 pm
highs in the middle 80s. "the chew" is up next. see back here at 4:00. >> amy: the latest breaking newsll day (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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then, michael's in the kchen with the fabulous hilary duff. and they're serving up a toasty, cheesy italian favorite. plus, see how one program is turning school lunchtime into a fine dinininexperience. >> round tables, food right in e middle. the chef brings out what they haveveade for you. >> announcer: get ready for the best thing since slicecebread, right now on "thchew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew." you know, for us the best thing since sliced bread is everything delicious that goes in between it. and i got a secret. >> whaha >> we know exactly what it takes to make the ultimate sandwich. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh my god. >> i said -- i told them before the show, i'd seen the script. it says close up.


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