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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the latest. michael. >> michael: good afternoon. right now the cleanup is underway. take a look. you can see the shattered glass, and if we can pan over to the right you can actually see the suv that lost control, that plowed into this bus stop, and then into the doctor's building is what i'm being toldy miami police is that the driver had just left the doctor eaves off, she was pulling out in traffic when someone came too close, cut her off and she lost control. let's to go sky 10. we got on the scene a quarter to 3:00 right after this happened, and what we're hearing is no serious injuries but obviously the driver very shaken. also, there was a woman in a wheelchair waiting to go into the doctor's office. the debris kaely actually knocked her out of her chair. she is doing okay, obviously stunned by what had happened. now, this isn't the first time we have been here before. let's take you back to november, that's right, november we were here covering a very similar situation, an suv, same thing, run off the road, taken out of
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this doctor's office. in that case there were three injuries including two people who were seriously injured, so again fire investigators, they've been out here, the police department and they said it has been problematic here. again, this intersection, this is northwest 7th street and 42nd avenue. as you can see, it is an absolute mess out here, but we are going to be coming up later this afternoon, we're going to be talking to the driver and also that woman who was thrown from her wheelchair. that is the very latest from miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> laurie: and from miami to the gables now we have more breaking traffic news affecting our roadways. sanela sabovic is here with the details. >> sanela: good afternoon, laurie. a major track of alert to tell about in coral gables. police are wiring sunil car crash. one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. now, bird road is shut down between lejeune road and granada boulevard. let's get you to the map so you can see how this looks.
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between lejeune road and granada to the west. do take coral way to the north as an alternate route. about. on on i-95 these are the northbound lanes right where it meets the palmetto. a crash, a broken-down car is stalling traffic there. per hour. broward county as of right now you are accident-free. laurie. >> laurie: right now mother facing serious charge after her two-year-old daughter was found ster. authorities want to know why that toddler was in trash and that mother not only facing charges for what she allegedly did. >> victor: but also for what she said to police when she was arrested. shyann malone has the latest. >> shyann: i'm outside the medical center offices where all of this supposedly went down. it's really hard to wrap your head around, how someone could take any child, pick them up and actually put them in the garbage as if it were a piece of trash.
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sheffield is accused of dj her two-year-old daughter in. witnesses tell plantation police the mom looked confused and was pacing back and foror when she maliciously threw her child into the garbage. sheffield in court for the second time today. a judge ruled thereat paternal grandmother get pem temporary custody have of the child if she passes an in-home test. crazy. i don't really have nothing to say about it. it caught me unexpectedly, and i would have never thought she would have done mig like this. >> shyann: in the report sheffid said "i had a miscarriage five months ago and i amie greed." the good news in all of this, the child was not hurt when she was put inside the dumpsr. the mother sits behind bars eye $16,000 bond. reporting live in plantation, shyann malone. >> victor: also at 4:00 an early morning raid at an opa-locka home. thebi searching for nearly $5 million in gold that they say was stolen last year.
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now in opa-locka with an update. todd. >> todd: victor, that early rning raid was actually yesterday morning, but today that suspect adalberto perez made his first appearance in federal court dressed in a khaki jumpsuit and shackled at the waist. wheaton before a magistrate for the first time, and the feds laid out the case they have, saying that they found a lot of incriminating evidence inside this opa-locka home when they made that raid early yesterday morning. yesterday federal agents raided and searched the opa-locka property as an older man and woman sat at a backyard table. they even seized and towed his fishing boat with twin outboards named the grunt master to headquarters in mayor mr.. today we learned fbi investigator found incriminating evidence inside the home. they didn't find any of the ten gold bars worth nearly $5 million but they did find a bag of 40 silver coins marked by the refinance ri that police say were stolen during the armed
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they also found $600 cash in the oven and two handguns and an ac vent in the vealing ceiling, one of them stolen. police believe perez was one of the would spanish speaking men who called themselves police tying up the driver and passenger the truck and then taking off with the loot in a white van. because his cell phone location followed the exact route of the truck and robbery. miguel has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for trying to fence one of the gold bars but police don't believe bovear was involved in heist. after his hearing his sister-in-law doesn't believe he could be involved in braidsen robbery. >> he's a working man. >> how do you account for the evidence they found inside his home in. >> i don't know if that's true. in today's world you can't trust law enforcement. i mean they be didn't show us anything. they just went in there, everybody was kicked out, and they can say whatever. >> todd: meanwhile,y perez will have a bond hearing next tuesday morning.
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and the fbi is still saying that there is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to any additional arrests. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: two men are facing which, in connection with a flat tire scam. police say hernan cast ehde oh is cesar castillo vargas would punching which you are the victim's tire on their way inside the bank. then they would offer to help out once they noticed the flat tire. they are intention, to steal money. a detective notified one of them puncture i ang tire on this suv at the bank of america parking lot in doral. this is the tool that was used to puncture the tire. the men were arrested, and they're facing several charges now, from possession of burglary tools to criminal mischief, prowling, and even possession of fake ids. >> victor: now to water woes. doral a water mean brake on the 107th street and. track of was backed up.
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beach leaving three people without a hole tonight. sky 10 was oaf the scene at northwest 4th place. you can see damage on the call wall and the roof. fire investigators looking into what sparked those flames. let's take you now vote 2016 be, a busy day with new attacks on donald trump coming from his own party. this time mitt romney is taking aim but trump didn't waste any time firing back. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom with the latest. >> michael: laurie, this has been a day of vicious volleys back and forth between gop frontrunner donald trump and the man who used to be the party eats frontrunner. mitt mitt unloaded today on donald trump in the bluntest language. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers.
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whews and all we get is a lousy hat. >> michael: romney said he's a bad businessman. >> he would be very bad for amamican workers and for american families, but you say, wait, wait, wait. isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and, no, he doesn't. >> michael: romney said republican voters should choose ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich as their standard bearer, anyone but trump. >> mitt is a failed candate. he failed. he failed horribly. >> michael: at a rally in maine this afternoon trump fired back but was relatively restrained. >> with mitt i just wanted to tell you that he came out, he was very nasty, i mean, i thought he was a better person than that. >> michael: trump didn't just denounce prom romney. he belittled him. >> i backed him. you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees.
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knees. he was begging. >> michael: in politics nothing stinks more than ridicule like that. trump also had choice counties for marco rubio calling hum a light weight, and he predicted that he, trump, is going to win florida. that's the story from the newsroom. victor, back to you. >> victor: and we'll stay with the trump theme. some of the stop golfers in the world hit the links at the trump championships. they could pull the course away from trump's course next y%ar. rory mcilroy an irish govern said he's not worried about playing on a trump golf course because he's not american. >> laurie: florida has not powerball jackpot winnfr, someone in the keys is nearly $300 million richer routine. we don't know who that person is just yet but the winning ticket was bought at a tom thumb food store in marathon and the ticket is weather 292 middle school. just as electric with a
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their share of record breaking $1.5 billion jackpot. >> victor: a lifetime behind bars for a six-time felon. coming up the latest conviction that put a i. stop to his life of crime. >> laurie: a beat-down in baltimore caught on camera, outrage after a teenager is smacked, slapped and kicked by police officers. >> betty: even with an abundance of high clouds this afternoon, temperatures have no problem climbing toward the lower 80s. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. a closer look at the forecast is next. >> laurie: and new at 5:00, seek a fears in south florida. we have the details on the new cases that have been con number. >> victor: but before we head to break let's take a quick along at the closing nurse here. green arrows, not too much fluctuation, the dow 44 minutes closing at 16,943. nasdaq up 4 points as well, s&p 500 up just about 7 points closing at 1,993. stay with us.
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>> victor: we have new details in the search for missing malaysia flight 370. a tourist may have found a piece that of plane that disappeared nearly two years ago. that piece of debris has the words "no step" written on it. >> laurie: and that american tourist is speaking out about his discovery. >> victor: janine is in the newsroom with what he had to say. >> janine: that piece of debris is now in the hands of experts who will determine if it did indeed belong to match-up flight 23 talent of 6 -- malaysia slight 3 flight 370. this is the debris in question. american tourist blaine gibson found that plane piece which is believed to be part of the tail washed ashore on a sandbar in mozambique. gibson has traveled around the indian ocean on a year for a private search for the plane when he came across that possible wreckage in south africa. >> what went through your mind when you found this object? >> what went through my mind
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something that could be part of airplane and could be part of that airplane, and you say, well, how could it possibly have wound up here? that's like asking how could anyone possibly win the lottery. someone is going to win it. >> janine: that piece is said to watch the parts of a boeing 777, the same as the malaysia airliner. officials say there's no record enough missing airliner other than the boeing 77, which disappeared nearly two years ago. >> laurie: let's turn to weather now. it is glorious out there. >> victor: it was gre early this morning but i feel some of the clouds are starting to come through right now, betty. >> betty: they are. but even with those clouds, temperatures are, hey, we're moving on up today as well suspect so more warm stuff out there. this is through the lens of our mallory square camera, bright, bold sunshine not necessarily the case at this very moment bought we'll take it.
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looks a little murky but it feels wam. everybody near 80. 78 in miami and kendall. pembroke pines at 79. there's marathon at 76 degrees. the forecast for the rest of the evening we're going to keep on it that warmer side, those clouds will tend to be around, mostly cloudy around 8:00 tonight as well. and by that how temperatures in the mid-70s. even with those clouds, the rain chance still is not very high. it is louks we're going to get through most of the evening with mainly dry conditions. so very warm as we have our winds blowing in from the east-southeast at the surface, but what we are watching is a frontal system working over the south. right now it's spreading rainfall from the lower mississippi river valley into areas like atlanta and pretty close to metro atlanta wintery presip extending up into the appalachia answer as well. a burst of winter well totohe north of us. el want tracking this front nee tomorrow, yes, it's going to
4:17 pm
ahead of this than the fro tonight we have plenty of those high clouds streaming in, and those clouds are getting a little think,er but we're not anticipating much rainfall. and when this front the leading edge of it gets a little closer to us on friday. we're still not thinking it will be much of a rain producer. won't rule you at sprinkle but mainly dry and warm, that is what we are going on ever with for not only friday but said pap once the front passes, bee we get back not a northeasterly sunshine. conditions looking great for the weekend as well. here's the forecast tomorrow. we'll focus on temperatures. we'll start the day in the 60s around 67 in miami. highs make that move toward the lower 80s. and then check the forecast for the weekend, so much going on out there between carnaval on the mile, if you're mauk can your way out to the miracle mile or walk with the animals saturday and sunday, 60s to start the morning. it's in the upper 70s. we're keeping that rain chance low 10 to 20 percent.
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thursday high temperatures at 80 or close to it. nice little breeze setting up. we have some pretty awesome weather is on the way for the next several tase of march. >> victor: i think we can live with that. right now rush hour is getting started. let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: snell snell is right here with how those roaders looking. >> sanela: a traffic alert to tell you buys guys about. this is a live look. these are the express lanes southbound i-95 lat northwest 95th street. u can see it's causing a delay right there. let's show you how it looks like on the map. again, these are the southbound lanes on i-95, northwest fifth street, some delays being reported. get you to some speed times. 43 miles per hour. but look at the northbound lanes, this causing a traffic mess here as well, peeping topping and staring, 22 miles per hour. we also want to let you know that we're still monitoring this crash in coral gables on bird roaden and lejeune road and granada.
4:19 pm
single-car wreck. we're keeping an eye on this. it's supposed to clear up around 5:00. we'll keep you posted. victor. >> victor: we know you're on it. thank you. ahead a a 4:30 a local10 investigation. a spike in wrong way wrecks on our roads and what's being done to future brakes on these crashes. >> clay: good afternoon, everybody. clay ferrero live out at doral. could this be the last pga event out here for quite a while? let's we'l let you know what's going in day one of the cadillac championship, coming up next in
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>> clay: back out here live at doral, first round of the
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it has been a great day so far for phil milk, side for second one shot before scott piercy who has the lead. the big story is the fact that this could be the last pga event out here for quite a while. of course, donald trump running for the republican nomination for president, and he said some things specifically about people from mexico that the pga has not been happy. they have disavowed donald trump and thosese comments. they have said this in the future after this event they will explo their options and potentially move this event elsewhere because those comments do not reflect their values. we'll look a whole lot more at that coming up later on in the next couple of hours. about but it is a big night fore the mia heat as well on the at home taking on the phoenix suns. the heat have to do everything they can to inwith every game they can right now. they are in a dogfight in the eastern conference playoffs. it is tight. they can't afford to let anything slip tip-off for that
4:24 pm
the drama continues to surround lodge and the cleveland california ears in case miss this had story. the calves had the last couple of days so what does lebron do? he came down to south flflida to hang out with dwyane wade. he said today to gher dollars media in leached that he did it, quote, because he wants to and he doesn't care if it causes any controversy p s heap also tweeted outed after that "can't replace bowing around great friends that reciprocate the same energy back to you in all facets of life." let the drama continue. on the court, the miami hurricanes women's basketball team a big win today at the acc tournament. they beat pittsburgh to advance to take on florida state tomorrow as their run rolls o on. & and another cool moment in golf outside of doror, the grand opening of a new tiger woods designed course. eck this out. 11-year-old taylor crozier the first ever shot on the course, you wouldn't kw it, right in
4:25 pm
tiger can't believe it. now, that, any my friends, is how you open a course. also the marlins lose their first spring training game of the year to the st. louis cardinals by a final score of 4-3. we'll have highlights of that one coming up at well at 5:00 p for now live in doral, i'm clay ferrero. >> laurie: we're going do look for that little guy on jimmy kimmel tonight. he's going t tbe famous. >> victor: we'll see you once again at 5:30. >> laurie: janine has what's ahead at 4:30. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new at 4:30. a string of convictions for uncriminal. the newest guilty verdict that came down today and the sentence he's expected to be given. and a beyonce going to be losing steam. the g gup that said the pop super star will be welcoming in florida. and putting the brakes on wrong-way wrecks. there have been spikes of these
4:26 pm
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it's a local10 investigation. >> janine: right now at 4:30 super starr beyonce getting support from a south florida group thth says she'll be
4:29 pm
world tour the marms pardoning there have been cause fro some police officers to boycott beyonce. >> victor: but now the singer is getting support. hatzel vela has the story. >> hatzel: the hospitality worker union which represents thousands of works in south florida and hundreds of workers at marlin stadium say they welcome bahn say. >> as an african woman, born and raised in overtown, this is personal to me. >> hatzel: a counter protest to miami police union president javier ortiz who a month ago told members of his, organization not to volunteer to work the april show, saying deyonce was dividing americans d sending an anti-police meanin by promoting plack panther -- black panthers. this is how it all started. in beyonce's formation video a young boy wearing a hoodie dancing before police officers in riot gear. the words "stop shooting us"
4:30 pm
then it's beyonce's performance at the super bowl halftime show where dancers are said to be wearing black panther-like costumes. ortiz wouldn't go on camera, instead issued a statement where he says "plenty of black police officers have been killed throughout the years, and the black lives matters movement has been silent. don't their lives count?" in miami, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> victor: also at 4:30 to a guilty verdict for an attempted rapist. a jury came to a discussion and this is not the first timehis criminal has heard those words. he's been convicted ofeveral crimes in the past. >> janine: and now he's facing a lifetime behind bars. >> michael: the mother terrance fferson says her son did not get a fair trial. she said her sononsed have plenty of weapon coming to the house so shoe does not believe he would have been on the streets looking for seconds. the jury deliberated about an hour before returning a guilty verdict terrance jefferson obviously extremely disappointed
4:31 pm
the 36-year-old convicted this momoing on charges of attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and unlawful poization of firearm. theories t six-time convicted felon waving goodbye to his mother before being led away in campus of his attorneys plan on filing an appeal. prosecutors say it was defers 2013 when jferson went on the prowl desperate for sex when he spotting a 18-year-old woman walking home in the rain. he offed her a ride, then pulled aegun on her before trying to sexually assault her. jefferson claims she was a prostitute, but the jury didn't believe his story. >> he was clearly lying. just the emotions. they both displayed, and the video evidence, the 911 calls and their testimony are just too obvious. >> did tht defendant taking the strand, did that sway your decisi in any way? >> it will really -- no. i meaeai think i heard hum a little bit more in the end than anythihi else. i really don't know -- i didn't understand that decision whatsoeverer i don't know if that would have
4:32 pm
been, made it a little bit harder to come to a conclusionas fast as we did. >> too many girls come to the house for him. so i know he wouldn't have to go >> michael: is jefferson is charged in two other violent crimes. now, his attorneys have filed an appeal. if he does not get that appeal month. seidenen >> janine: a man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist last yore appeared in bond court today. michel chatman was given a $30,000nd bo, he'sfacing vehicular homicide as well as other charges. chatman is accused of rac p with another vehicle in weston and hitting and killing that bicycle is along bonaventure boulevard in july 2015. >> victor: another man is behind bars after allegedly selling a stolen bike ooh craigslist. miami bch police say she advertised for the bike.
4:33 pm
number matched the stolen bike. >> janine: and the search is on for people invold in a burglary at a target in hialeah. police say the burglars rainto the store on west 37th street this morning, grabbed xboxes and other video games and then took off. if you know anything about this, call police or miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. >> victor: over the past few monthshs wrong-way collisions seem to have become a regular and deadly occurrence on south florida roadways. more than 100 people in florida died inhese crashes last year alone with the latest coming just last week. today local10's erica rake oh shows us there's a strong push to put the brakes on these wrong-way wrecks. >> eric: dangerous decisions with devasasting ons consequences help his his son december 13th. >> i'm waiting for a miracle. >> reporter: brian's sister 22 years old carmen never made it
4:34 pm
the brother and sir, their mom hit head on by 24-year-old franklin coughs who troopers say was driving south in the northbound laneses near the southwest 8th street exit. they were on their way tohe airport, car men flying to new jersey for med school orientation. she would never walk off that plane to her waitingn dad. >> from that moment when my daughter don't come, in in the plane my life changed. >> reporter: these life-change can moments for families of more than 100 killed inn our state last year. troopers give us exclusive access. shutti down an exit-room sawgrass expressway to show you what's in placeo stop these crashes from happening in south florida. >> there's a wrong-way lights that flash. you continue to see the red reflectors. >> reporter: the sample road exit ramp, one of 15 between 2 sawgrass and turnpike extensisi with this technology.
4:35 pm
this camera snaps a picture and troopers are notified. they're working in the past 16 months. last month 22 people at just those exits getting on the w@ong way turned around. one man made it past the warning sign. he crashed into another car head on and died. the system is nowhere on 95. the warning wasn't there to save brian, to safe carmen and their mother. >> the chance of not surviving is 125% that you will die flayy wrong-way crash. >> reporter: that's where gary catronio comes in. >> this is what we consider part two. >> reporter: catronio has come with this system. >> once the signs light, we're going to have the pods come up out of the ground. there will be eight of these across the road that'll block the roadway. >> reporter: he is dedicated the rest of his life to saving others. >> if i told you, i didn't walk around with a very heavy heart, i'd be lying to you. >> reporter: because his o
4:36 pm
township years old, marisa ca torinoia and her best friend were killed in a wrong-way crash heading home to the sawgrass in coral springs. >> every life i save, saves someone from going through this tragedy. >> reporter: marisa's way foundation came to life the very next morning. this infstructure toto priority. >> so it's invaluable. >> rorter: his other calling he calls divine interception, and corrales agrees. >> >> we're kind of like brothers. wewee here for the support of him and his family and m ming forward i think we heal each other. >> reporter: healing each other and now working together to right wrong-way crashes. >> let's get out the shovel. let's get more of these tngs in the road. >> reporter: gary is in talks with the florida department of transportation and the manufacturer of the pods device. he's now working on setting up a model to be tested with real cars. another guys a hoeft you always
4:37 pm
these crashes are spike strips such as those in rental car parking lots.i got ahold of that analysis from the state outleuning whythe installation of spike strips our highways would not work. they list ten reasons. i've posted this on our website for out to check out. it's rake oh, local10 news. >> victor: the same system is also being tested in tampa and tallahassee. in pensacola pistol markers that light have been recently installed and state transportation officials. >> janine: a disturbing confrontation involving police officers slapping and king a teen on school ground was all caught on camera. the cell phone video shows a school officer yelling while slapping the teen three times and kicking him as he walked away. one slap striking him so hard, you can hear it. >> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled.
4:38 pm
you never want to see. anyone treated look that. >> janine: the attorney for the student says that he suffered face and rib injuries. the officers are now on ministrative leave as this investigation continues. >> victor: three people recovering in tennessee after they were shot by a 16-year-old family member. police say the boy got into an argument with his gramother when he took out a gun and shot her. his 12-year-old niece and six-year-old nephew were also grazed. the boys' uncle says he isn't even sure where he got the begun. >> i see him with a lot of kids or ever. y ain't no telling where that boy got that gun but you know he snuck it in here if he had it. >> victor: all three victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. >> janine: a scare in new york what i pipe bomb explodes in bronx. officials say they found two aerosol expanse detonator taped beneath raw car but only one went off. two people were inside test blast. they weren't hurt, but police are investigating this as about a pac for a drugg deal. >> victor: ait white alabama police officer was arrested and
4:39 pm
an unarmed black man. police say the officer thought the man was holding a weapon but that wasn't the cause. the officer maintains his case for innocence. for nelly gun an arresttn the shootings death of her son an answer to her prayers. >> god turned you the around and made it good. i don't care how man do, god god's -- >> victor: charged wh murdering is 23-year-old officer aaron smith who, through his attorney, is fighting to clear his name. >> mr. gunn fled and used force against this officer, threatened the life of thisfficer and the citizens of this community. >> victor: the lawyer maintains smith was con frond by a dangerous suspect, corning to police smith shot and killed gunn following an altercation last week. police say that gunn fought the with officer holding what looked like a weapon which alert turned
4:40 pm
>> just days of this emotional outburst from gunn's brother, smith was charged with murder. >> we believe to that these charges were brought to prevent public unrest. that makes the decision to arrest this officer political, not legal. >>e are going to have faith in god and not only that, we're going to pray for the officer, also, in this case. >> victor: that officer is now out on bail. gunn's funeral is this saturday and his mother said she is hoping the officer there wille there. >> janine: drama when "dirty dining" goes back tie restaurant that had 110 violations. it's still open for business. >> victor: a new surgeon are you for patients with a specific heart problem that affect this is aorta. >> janine: and a developing story at 5:00. a bus stop bashed when a bus rubs off the r rd.
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damage. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey nois hey candidates, answer the call already. we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce get any large pizza up to 5-toppings
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at >> janine: right now a special "dirty dining" that has outraymond many in south florida after we expose aid restaurant that had 110 violation. the owner told us by phone since he was order shut things have been fixed and things are great but our local10 news reporter jeff weinsier finds that is very far from the truth. >> no cameras. >> no cameras what? rst of all, don't dutch -- >> that's assault. >> don't touch the camera. >> jeff: 110 violations? it's the worst inspection we've seen in a long time. that was back in january. kevin, who zones china buffet at 1 trarath and bird road didn't want to talk to us aboutis 110y violations. but today we were back again. >> i needd to talk to kevin.
4:45 pm
>> can you call him? >> not here. sorry. >> i want to talk to you. don't. don't touch my camera. >> why is the place not gting better? gentle kevin wasn't here. state records show since being orded shut back in january inspectors have been here nine times. china buffet was ordered shut again february 4th, 74 violations were fnd then. on february 22nd another 86 violations were found, many repeat violations. >> why is the place not getting any better? yes in fact, if you add up all of the violations from all those inspections, there are 518, from insects in the kitchen, an objectionable odor in the eablishment, equipment coated with grease and food debris, food out of temperature. >> no, no, no comment. >> jeff: when we went into the kitchen back in january we found
4:46 pm
no one could tell us what was in this srching in the dish washing area but i stunk. there was also a foul odor ming from this bathroom in the coupling that was full of standing water that smelled like sewage. why is this place allowed to stay open and serve you food? in the pasas the florida department of business and professional regulation has tol local10 news they work with restaurant owners to get them into compliance, that it's really not their job to shut plays places down permanent. but in this case? we sent an pfeilel email to t t department of business regulation asking that very question. we haven't heard back yet. but you now know the tracker record here and what continues to go on beyond the kitchen al-douri. >> janine: and remember local10 has made it easy for to you see any restaurant inspection statewide on our smartphone.e. just download our restaurant inspection app by searching restaurantntflorida in the app store. >> victor: time now to bring in our chief meteorogist betty davis. another one. >> janine: another one.
4:47 pm
it it's little humid. what do we think, betty? >> betty: i think we're loving this. even with a few clouds spreading over the area, a lot of people took to the beaeaes today. hollywood broadwalk, check it out, we see scores of people still out there, taking in the scenery, enjoying the temperatures which are still running kind of warm. 78 in fort lauderdale and miami, winds from the south-southeast. it's north--northwest flow forkey west. by terse tonight miami will likely be att 74 degrees, not too bad at all, winds light from the south-southeast so we are definitely in a warm flow out there this afternoon. we just of all those mid to lie level cloud moving in from the gulf of mexico side. i do want to draw your attention to the temperature profile for bir south and the shades of blue bleedingown toward places like atlanta and birmingham where temperatures are in the lower 40so we know there's' cold front out there and, yep, that cold fnt is going to track
4:48 pm
eventually making its way down the peninsula. by the time it gets here it should be pretty weak. on the cloud and radar imagery currently we see precip flying in across places like birmingham and atlanta. of this of much those showers will get a little cser to pensacola tonight but for us it's all about the mid to hig level clouds moving in and hardly a drop of rainfall in the forecast for the evening. in fact, that's how our forecast model sees the overnight and earlyyorning playing out. so this is what ourorecast model is showing for friday morning. looks like we could have some of those clouds parting to give us some sunshine but this next band of clouds is associated with a weak cold front that slips down the peninsula, and the one thing we're taking away frorom this model, that it hardly hardly painting i will have rainfall into our are the rain chance remains low. this means you will probably want to make friday a beach day with the temperatures getting up beach. if you're taking the boats out, no advisories on the waterer
4:49 pm
seas running one to two feet off miami-dade and broward. we'll start tomorrow really mild, temperatures in the mid and upper 60s, highs reaching the lower 80s. and then by"assaulted look at that, we will -- saturday, sunday we will safe off a few degrees in the morning. highs in upper 70s. the rain chance still really, really low. so if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, it looks at this point the weather is not going to ruin those plans. then next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday we@get into eye swift east breeze, morning lows in the upper 60s, afternoons near 80. so more great weather on the way. vector. >> victor: ten minutes until frightful now. rush hour is ugh just getting started. let's get aheck on traffic. snell snell >> sanela: typical rush hour delays. broward county i-95,5, northbound latins a griffin road. while there's no major accident here, just want to let you know there's a lot of congestion.
4:50 pm
the turnpikik or us-1 an alternate. keeping it with i-95 let's head southbound into miami-dade county. there was a crash on i-95 right where it meets the palmetto. speed times there clocking in at 26 miles per hour. and we have been monitoring this for the last hour here, a crash on bird road, i'm happy to report that it has opened up and between lejeune road and granada boulevard. but as you can see eastbound iraq track of is movin slowly. back to you. >> janine: topping today's health newsings vaments in cardiology helping patients with severe narrowing of the cooterric valve who are at high-risk for surgery. medical specialist kristi krueger has dales in our health cast. -- details. >> kristi: an estimated 1 finance 5 million people in the u.s. are diagnosed every year with aortic stenosisnd without valve replacement as many as 50% of those peoeoe will die within just two years. for patients at high-ri for standard surgery to replace the
4:51 pm
invasive alternative now. it's called transcatheter aortic valve replacement. better known as tavr. the procedure wings a replacement vavae right into the damaged valve without having to move it at all. >> it can be done with a stick, a little needlestick and with catheters most commonly from the groin, from the aorta ri and the county is passed to the aortic valve. >> kristi: this procedure is approved only for patients at high-riskkut it is being study right up for patients at moderate risk, and at some point doctors say it m become the standard of care for all patient with aortic valve replacement summer richard while it's well-known that healthy behaviors are good for our overall health, sometimes i admit it can be consist to mix those necessary lifestyle changes to boost your heart health. well, many people with busy lives find it difficult to fit in the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.
4:52 pm
small steps can make a big difference. >> i always say to my patients, look, even deny minutes a day of moderara exercise, even if that means walking around the block, walking the dog, parking the car a little bit farther away from your office so you're ensuring your getting a bit of regular exercise. >> kristi: another key to your heart health, simply read your food labels. watch out for pre-packaged foooo that can be high in salt, processed sugars as well as saturated and transfats. and remember, broward heart walk is coming up in april, so think about starting a team and coming out and walking with all of us from local10. >> victor: the annual carnaval miami festival kicks off this weekend, and some of the local10 news team will bee out there at camp on the mile. >> janine: so enjoy food d drink and then stop by the local10 booth and meet christina vazquez, terrell forney, carlos suarez and shyann malone.
4:53 pm
also be will there at that time. >> victor: from 2:30 on calvin hughes, jeff weinsier and amy viteri along with hatzel vela and myself. you can also help me host cork and fork at 7:00 that night, too. >> victor: on sunday from noon to 2:00, clay ferrero, medical specialist kristi krueger and eric yutzy will be on hand. >> victor: then from 2:30 and on glenna milberg, jefefey cor correa, michael putney, liane morejon and laurie jennings. >> janine: a new mill nay is minted in the keys. coming up, someone struck you the big. the latest powerball winner lives in marathon, so now a lot of people are wondering who it is. >> victor: a california dog gives birth to so many puppies, in fact, it's no setting a record. find out how large that litter is. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators
4:54 pm
like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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4:56 pm
>> jasey: wild police chase in new york and this involved one
4:57 pm
an nyp d horse hightailed it through times square ar getting spooked by a loud noise. the mounted officer was tossed off, he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. as for that horse, it was found at a nearby pardoning garage where officers usually hang out on breaks. well, one napa valley mom definitely has her paws full. we're talking about a dog. she gave birth to 17 sheepdog puppies. that is the largest litter in capital of it's also a record for the preed. the pups all live in a farm with mom and dad for now. nt to the stay there for long, though. each will eventually go to work at their own farms across the state. i've got a sheepdog in my family. she's this tall. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. victor and laurie are back. >> laurie: right now 5:00 the families of victims of gun violence marching today at the scene of yet another deadly shooting this week. >ictor: repububcan federal frontrunner donald trump fires
4:58 pm
him in a speech today. >> laurie: and we are following breaking new from miami where theeriver of this suv lost control and went right through a bus sto >> victor: good evening. i'm victor oquendo in for calvin. >> laurie: and i'm lauri jennings. local10 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> victor: we begin with rank breaking news. a driver lost control and slammed nigh bus stop in miami today. >> laurie: and it turns out this isn't the first time it's had at this mar bus stop. we're now seeing surveillance video of that crash and local10's michael seiden is working this story for us live. >> michael: good evening. i was here last november when a vehicle ran off the road and crashed into this doctor's office. take a look. it happened again, and tonight we have those terrifying moments caught on surveillance v veo. it happened again. surveillance veo capturing another driver losing control of their vehicle week taking out this bus stop before slamming into this doctor's office on northwest 7th street and 42nd avenue. it happened just after a bus had dropped d f several passengers.
4:59 pm
floor. >> michael: myra gonzalez was in her wheelchair waiting outside thisffice when the debris went flying, this red suv crashing inches away from where she was sitting. >> two feet. if i had been two feethat way, i would have been dead plink the drdrer of the suv walked away out injuries but not before she was issued a citation. this woman and her husband are the owners of miami heart center. tonight she's fed up, telling us enough is enough because this is the second time this has happened since november. >> these cars crashing against the bus stop, then the building, smashing windows. patients. everyone's very scared. >> michael: and back in november somebody was seriously injured, and she also told me they've been in business here@ for three years and in the last three years they've had four rashes at this bus stop. she says she's ready for the city to do something. drivers are just out of control here along northwest seventh treat. we are live in miami.
5:00 pm
>> victor: what a ness out trip. thank you. it's been a day of attacks and counter attacks on the race for the republican presidential nomination. first, former 2012 nominee mitt romney attacked trump, and then as you'd expect trump fired back. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom now with the story. >> michael: victor, i have never seen anything quite like this. the republican who ran twice for president and lost today slammed the current gop frontrunner. mitt romney lambasted the donald trump and didn't mince words. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for pay safe and prosperous future are great-greatly diminished. >> michael: romney systemically criticized trump calling him unqualified to be president. fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [ cheers and applause ] he's playing the members the american public for suckers.


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