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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> victor: what a ness out trip. thank you. it's been a day of attacks and counter attacks on the race for the republican presidential nomination. first, former 2012 nominee mitt romney attacked trump, and then as you'd expect trump fired back. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom now with the story. >> michael: victor, i have never seen anything quite like this. the republican who ran twice for president and lost today slammed the current gop frontrunner. mitt romney lambasted the donald trump and didn't mince words. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for pay safe and prosperous future are great-greatly diminished. >> michael: romney systemically criticized trump calling him unqualified to be president. fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [ cheers and applause ] he's playing the members the american public for suckers.
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and all we get is a lsy hat. >> michael: romney even questioned trump's business acumen saying many of his ventures have failed? and waved happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? andhen there's trump magazine. and trump vodka. and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> michael: it didn't take long for trump to respond in kind. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. >> michael: trump called romney a choke artist, out of his league then a a now. >> if he would have run and even if he would hav won, it would have been bad. he doesn't have what it takes to be president, that i can tell you. >> michael: trump had ao a few put downs today for senator marco rubio and predicted he'll win in florida. >> i think we're doing really well in florida. we're campaigning against a guy who has the worst voting record in the history offhe state of florida named rubio.
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he's a light weight. >> michael: he does political stand-up but there is a serious and concerted of the underway by the gop establishment to preventtrump from becoming the party's nominee. that may be too late. were in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> laurie: a shockin story now from plantation after a two-year-old was found inside a dumpster. her mother appeared in court today, catce sheffield is facing several charges including child abuse. a man claims to have seen sheffield throw her daughter into eye dumpster behind a business along northwest 4th street. authorities say that's when two medical assistances stopped her and pulled the toddler out. >> this is crazy. it's crazy. i don't really have nothing to say about it but it just caught me unexpectedly, and i would have never thought she would have did anything like this. >> laurie: reporters say officers found sheffield to be disoriented and appearing to be on drugs. police say she also showed no remorse after the incident. local10's shyann malone will have more on this disturbance story at 6:00.
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arrested two men they say are behind a flat tire scam. police say that they would go target wheel while they were inside a bank, puncture a tire and offer to help out with the real intention of stealing the victim's money. police arrested these two m men. police say that they were caught last week when a defect saw one of men puncture iing a weems car highly she was inside of a bank of america in doral, and police say the men would hues use a tool like this to damage the tires. the they're facing a slew of chapters from criminal miss shif and prowling. >> laurie: the families of victims of gun violelee including little king carter's relatives magnificent today after another deadly shooting this week. local10's derek shore is live th their message to the community. derek. >> derek: well, at this hour that group is small but has a very loud voice. they're out here taking pictures and making their voices heard right here on the side of northwest 62nd street. the group i i holding signs for
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everyone to see expressing their outrage after what has been a rash of shootings and killings in this areaa in the last couple of weeks. among the demonstrators here, the family of six-year-old king carter who was shot and killed about two weeks ago nearby, hit by a stray bullet. theocation of this monstration comes a day after a 30-year-old was gunned downright riding on his scooter just a block away. rerey identified that victim as paul anderson. incredibly, the great-grandmother of little king carter lives near bioand had to duck when those shots rang out. >> she is 70 years old. she was running from bullets. my mom had to run and she can barely walk. enough is enough. the kids can't come out to play, the elderly can't even walk, they already need a lot of assistanan anyway, and it's just too much going on. enough is enough! >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made public at least in the murder of paul anderson but there have been arrests in king carter's case. police haven't released any
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as we comeack out here live, the protesters here, demonstratorssere saying they will be having these demonstrations often. every time there is a a killing in this area, especially when an arrest has not been made. we're live in northwest mild, derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. sophic fears continue to spread across -- zika fears continue in south florida. miami-dade has the most patients in our state with 22. brbrard has six cases, and there are 47 nall in florida. all of those patients were infected while traveling four are still exhibit p symptoms of the virus. >> victor: authorities in south korea cy north korea fired six projectiles in the sea off its east coast. the launches came shoulder off the un security council ooh proved the toughest sanctions on pyongyang in decades forth nuclear tests and rocket launch. south korean officials say the missiles could be mills,
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a bicyclist out on a ride was attaed and it was all captured on his go pro camera. 19-year-old was riding down madison street in chicago, and this r re turned dangerous when he called out the driver of this white suv for being in the bike lane. he didn't think that the driver heard him but they did, and the started chasing him. the bicyclist yelled at the driver who got out of that suv in the middle of the street and punched hum and kicked him in the face. the driver got's. that victim was left in a bruised and bloody eye. despite the images on the video, police have yet to make an arrest. >> laurie: and right now it is six minutes after 5:00. so we do want toheck on the afternoon rush for you. we've already had an accident in th gables right there around bird road between leune and granada, and that was one a2ea to avoid, and now as you look at 95 north, just north sample road it looks like it's thick but at least getting by. sanela sabovic right here to pick it up for us. >> sanela: there was actually a hit-and-run crash reported on the northbound lanes o o sample
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it does look like track of is moving along. let's get you now to the maps so you can see what the speed times look like. again, these are i-95 northbound at sample road. speeds clocking in at 33 miles per hour. taking you further south into miami-dade county, there was another crash reported, dolphin expressway by northwest 88th avenue, let's get you to some speed times there. coming in at 26 miles per hour. i also want too let you dmit crash on bird road in coral gables has since cleared up but do expect delays in between lejeune road and granada boulevard. >> laurie: sanela, thank you. >> victor: now to a very special ohrn in mime gardens for a woman who made history right here in the state of florida. thelma harris became theirst black female police officer 54 years ago. >> laurie: and today her family and the communi honored her legty. here's local10 news reporter terrell forney. >> terrell: the name etched on
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symbolizes a slice of history. >> thelma harris was not just a trailblazer. she was a pioneer. >> terrell: thelma harris became the state's first black female police officer in 1962, a diffict task in a civil rights era but one that opened the doors for man just like her. >> she was just an honest little, strong lady that went about doing what was right and what was good. >> terrell: thelma spent 20 years with miami-dade pd before retiring in 1982. she died last summer at 88 years old, leaving her family, including her daughter a a grander, to accept this huge ohrn begin granddaughter. >> it's extraordinary. just shocking to me. yes. my mother is telling me right now, hang in there, sisr, hang in there, everything is going to be all right. >> an ohrn.honor. to meet and have a street named after my grandmother.
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formal yet filled with humor for a woman who loved to smile, a pioneer now paving the way even in death for kidi in this community who aspire for a career in law enforcement. >> when i pass this way, i'll say, hello, officer harris. thank you. >> terrell: certainly a proud moment for this officer's's family as well as current members of the miami-dade police department and somom surrounding agencies like the miami gardens police department as well. if yououant to find this street sign, all you have to do is cometo miami gardens. its here on northwest 175th street and it will run west from northwest 27th avenue all the way down to north northwest 37th avenue. reporting from miami gardens this afternoon, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> victor: what a special honor for her and her family. we cover so many street name changes and all that. ususlly ooh a politics or somebody. but this is different. >> lauri now we're all going to know that name and we'll know the real sry behind it.
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street there i miami gardens. still ahead here, we have more on that shocking story with a mother accused of tossing her tomorrow in the trash. police saying she didn't seem too concerned that her two-year-old daughter was in a stadium ster. >> laurie: thieves swarm a begun store smashing cases and grabbing weapons by the dozens. we'll show you how they broke into this place coming up. >> victor: and could this piece of debris found oh a beach i` mozambique hold a crucial clue to the mystery of malaysia airlines flight they s?
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> laurie: take a look at this huge piecech debris briefed to be from the missing malaysia airlines flight 3s. found by an american tourist in mozambique. flight 370 disappeared two years ago with 239 people aboard. this could really be a big clue in the investigation. these are j jt released pictures of that debris ever had could eye beach in mozambique that could unlock the mystery behind mission malaysia airlines 370. >> it is of ierest to us but. >> ,aurie: abc news as learned ab american tourists blaine gibson made the discovery over the weekend.
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high probability of the plane debris is from the boeing 77. laurie: through it 370 vandish tori china sea on march 8, 2013 after leaving kuala lumpur, mal arab for beijing. 239 people were onboard. in an interview with the associated press the pilot's sister defended him. >> contrary to what people say he is very gentle, very caring. >> laurie: investigators working together to try t get closure for the grieving families with next tuesday marking the two-year anniversary. >> we accept what was has happened, but not with standing that, i think it is within our rights toave closure. we want closure. we need closure. we seek and we cry for closure. >> laurie: we've learned that debris is now at a lab in australia being analyzed. we could get an interim report on the ongoing investigation some time next week.
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this friday eve. waiting for the end of the week here for a while now. >> laurie: we love that expression,,riday eve, and, betty, this forecast just looks like -- you're just brininng it on here. >> betty: and we know a lot of people are probably arrivingn town today, maybe you just got into the hotel room. you're going to be here there through the weekend. you're hoping for good things weather-wise. you showed up at just the right time. this afternoon we made it up to 81 in fortauderdale, miamiteau, fu. that was in our forecast plan. not too far away from the norm for this time of the year although se of you did get up a couple degrees above what's normal, that number being in n e upper 70. that's what we would usually expect around miami and fort this is what it looks like outside right now. if you haven't had a chahae to peek peek out your window, i know, not necessarily seeing brilliant sunshine beaming down but we will definitety take it because though we have mid to high level clouds sort of plank eting the skies, those clouds are not going to gene^ate much in the way of rainfall,hat's
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sitting over our excise and helping to keep temperatures up during the evening. mid-70s one, 70s on the this hero. pembroke pines and my lee 78. homestead 76 degrees. and pompano beach you're checking in at 77. here's the forecast for at the eveving. night. mostly cloudy. around 9:00 tonight. and that should help temperatures to hold at least in the mid-70s for the umbrella of the early evening. our winds are flowing in light fr the east-southeast so mild air still being pumped into our area. we're seeing all those clouds because upstairs in the mid to upper levels we have a southwesterly flow aloft and that is helping to drive a lot of the clouds on the gulf of mexico side over central and south florida. this is happening as a frontal system moves across the south routine in atlanta. 40 degrees and rain. oh, what a raw day they are having right now. dallas 72 degrees, brilliant sunshine, comfortable weather
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dallas because a cold front has passed that area. this front is going to start to work its way toward us as we move into tomorrow. now, the good news on our send it's not going to do a lot the change up our weather. ee so we are expecting a decent day, warm conditions, too. once the front passes, by saturday not a huge temperature change but back to moral, meaning upper 70s well so mow comfortable wednesday in the forecast.sun and clouds in forecast for saturday with a northeast wind starting to return. for tomorrow west of had southwest inds winds 5to 10 miles an hour. tempertures warming into the lower 80s. so more warm weather, then comfortable saturday. sunday, too. monday not looking bad at all. what a week to be on vacation. fine weather for florida. guys. >> victor: we need to it hold up this weekend because the annual karma mime this weekend and some of the the local10 news team will be there on calvin by the mile.
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buth oh saturday from noon to 2:30, you'll meet christina vazquez, terrell forney, shyann malone. then max mayfield and betty davis will also join trem from noon to 2:30. >> victor: and then from 2:30 you can meetalvin hughes, jeff weinsier, michael seiden. i'll be out there a stick around until 7:00. that's when i'll be hosting the cork and fork thing. you can also meet amy viteri. >> laurie: gut we're still out there on sunday from noon to 2:30 clay ferrero, neki mohan, today's todd, kristi krueger and eric yutzy. and by 2:30 on sunday i'll be out there along with glenna milberg, jennifer correa, michael putney and liane morejon. come out. >> victor: somebody in the keys is r rlly celebrating today. they just won close to $300 million in the powerball. we have reaction coming up at 6:00. >> laurie: but first, a brand mew way to buy your beef. coming up, we're going to tell u how you can become a stakeholder in your very own cow
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the animal even goes to slaughter. >> clay: good evening, everybody. layla clay out here live at fram first date of cadillac championship. y guess who stole the show? phil miracle milk.
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that's next in sports. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready get ready to experience a cup above.
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>> clay: back out here live at doral, first day of the cadillac championship getting towards the d of it. mamaus frazier has just tan the lead the 7-under par. phil milk in the mix, 5-under two shots back of the lead. we'll have highlights of his day coming up could local10 news at 6:00. another guy we're watching rory mcilroy. he missed the cutlass week at the honda classic, changed his grip heading into this week. nice little appppach right here on 17.
5:23 pm
finish at weren't everyone par so roror right where he needs to be as we get ready for day two. on the court tonight a big game for the heat. they're not playing anybody great, taking bad phoenix suns team but every game big for this team. they're in a massive logjam the in eastern conference playoff race so they need to beet everybody. this is a team that lost other teams earlier this yearb quaid said we need to focus. we were can't take anybody lightly. >> we have a bigger goal in mind, and at this time of the year it's not the time to take steps backwards. it's time to don't move forward and figure out how to win games you're supposed to win. >> clay: first grapefruit league game of the year in jupiter. the marlins takakg on the st. louis cardinals. jose fernandez had gone a little clydesdale. big day for marcell ozuna at the
5:24 pm
still think hasn't landed yet. he goes two-for-two including that home run. then danny edge maria in miseason form. watch him range over making an incredible play here. never have touestion the defense in this marlins infield. they do lose the gam game, though. final score 4-3. on the court the hurricanes women's basketball team coming up with a a big win today taking on pittsburgh. they chance strans to next round of the acc tournament. they will take on florida state coming up on friday. now, back out here live, a lot of people are wondering this could potentially be the last pga tour event here at doral. we'll talk more about that coming up on local10 news at 6:00. milk's day. laurie and victor, phil p phil mickelson's day >> victor: the real mvp, the highlight out there the media food section.
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>> clay: i'm glad to know, enough. i'm trying to steal anybody who has foo vouchers that just leaves them out. a word of warning if you'rin the media. don't leave the food vouchers wishing get to them. you've been warned. >> laurie: if you missed your 6:00 hit, we'll know where you are. have fun. and we're learning new information today about the two arrests made in that gold heist. >> victor: let's get to janine in the newsroom. >> janine: that was a big scene in opa-locka yesterday as fbi agents raided one of the susuect's homes. towed that man was in federal sport, we're growing toll you what hapapned coming up in a live reporting also today we are heararg from the mother of a man convicted kidnapping and trying to rape a youngngoman. why she claims the jury got it wrong. and all new at the at 6:00,0, we have the tragic story of a toddler tossed in thehe trash. what police say the mother told them when they arrested her.
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>> janine: right now 5:30 one of the two suspects arrested in a major gold heist was in federal court today. agents were digging for evidence in that suspect's opa-locka home for hours yesterday. >> victor: and it turns out they finned some pretty incriminating stuff. local10's todd tongen joins us live now to explain. todd. >> todd: adalberto perez appeared before a federal magistrate shackled in a caulky jumpsuit. he didn't say much just his name and his age. but the big focus of odd today is what fbi agents that raided this quiet opa-locka home found inside. yesterday federal agents raided and searched the opa-locka property as an olderer man and woman sat at a backyard d ble. thein seized and towed his fishing boat with twin outboardsnamed the grunt master to fbi headquarters in miramar. todaye learned fbi investigators found incriminating evidence inside the home. they didn't find any of thehe ten gold bars worth nearly $5 million, but they did find a bag of 40 silver coins marked by
5:30 pm
were stolen during the armed robbery in north carolina. they also found $600 cash in the oven and two handguns in an ac talent ceiling, one of them stolen. police believe perezssest was one of the two spanish speaking men who called themselves police tying up the driver of the drug. us ba his cell phone pinged in the exact route of robbery. miguel is in prison for trying to fence one of the stolen goal bars but police don't believe bovear was involved in heist. after today's hearing his sister-in-law dill still does not believe he was involve in the brazen robbery. >> he is a working man. >> how do you account for the home? >> today, in today's world you can't trust law enforcement. i mean, they didn't show us anything. they just went in there. everybody was kicked out. and they can say whatever. todd: perez remains in
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he has a bond hearing nextt tuesday morning. meanwhile, the fbi says that there is stiti a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an additional arrest. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local100 news. >> victor: this man is now behind bars after allegedly trying toell a stolen bike to an undercover miami beach defect. reports say the victim saw an ad for the bike on craigslist and contacted yoennis marrer oh. defect staih the seriall number matched the stolen bike. brand theft. loca0's terrell forney is q. a man accused of tapetting to rape a woman in miami in 2013 is now face can posble life in prison after being found guilty. terrance jefferson wasrrested of a ap yep-year-old woman said hey threatened her. jefferson allegedly offered the girl a ride before pulling a gun on her and demanding that she strip. williams testified he never pulled out a gun and that that
5:32 pm
money from him. the jury didn't about it, finding him guilt. jefferson's mother said she believes her sonn is innocent. >> too many girls come to the house for him, so i know he wouldn't have to go out and solicit sex. >> janine: jefferson was found guilty of attempted arabia rau. , false imprisonment and unlawful possession of a firearm. verdict. and just into the newsroom, new pictures sent to us by the hollywood firefighters of a crash scene on i-95 last night. take a look at thisessy scene where that white car just collided into the rear of that tanker truck working on the highway. that crash caused that tank to spill about 600 t t8 hadn't gallons of hot tar, and as you can see that white car sustained a lot of damage. that incident happeneneon the southbound lanes at hollywood boulevard exit. rushed to the hospital. we do not know the condition. right now it's unclear whatt caused that crash. >> victor: a battle over the cost of a fire rescue crew turn
5:33 pm
broward sheriff and the mayor of cooper city this week. tempers flared wall collapsed gations of bad bargaining and mismanagement. investigator bob norman has the story and the video you will only see on local10. >> and i don't know your persist in this arere >> i don't know your keep interrupting me. >> bob: brower sheriff scott israel and cooper city mayor greg ross squared off tuesday might. >> i gave you the courtesy there are in mayor, you're mong mistake e u. keep talking about things that are not accurate. >> the only mistake i made was lieving the numbers from bso. >> bob: at the city hall meeting ross even implied the sheriff was miss managing bso. >> can you explain your zoe top heave when metro dade miami has double the amount of people and chiefs? >> bob: israel didn't respond to that butted mauer ross is angry after bso claimed could supply
5:34 pm
suddenly uppinin the cost to $2.1 million. >> we got that number. it's wrong. i know that. >> it wasn't wrong. it was an estimate. >> bob: israel later came down to $1.8 million. but when the city of davie fered to to it dor just $1.5 million,so suddenly lowered it again, this time to $1.635 million. the general counsel tried to explain. >> we didn't get to see whawe were comparing against. we didn't get the davie proposal. >> see, what bothers me -- exactly. what bothers me is the exact statement you just made. tts doesn't matter what happens with davey. the numbers. you personally had them. >> before you become persona none brat grat a you might want toac a seat. >> bob: the commission will make its final decision between bso and davie next week. we'll let you know what happens. in cooper city, i'm bob norman, local10 news. >> victor: and sheriff israel
5:35 pm
comment dodd but mayor ross hold bob if bso comes down to the $1.5 million price offered by davie, he'll vote to stay with bso. >> janine: right now it's time fours to get a check on the afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter sanela sabovic. >> sanela: hi, janine, your normal traffic rush a lot of there is a. we're looking at atlantic boulevard i-95. these are the southbound lanes, a crash rorted here. one lane was blocked. let's get to you speed times here. i-knife again southbound atlantic boulevard. speeds clocking in at in at 26 miles per hour. let's teak you south into miami-dade county now. we're talking about the don shula expressway, southbound right around kennel drive there was a crash there. red is never a god sign. it means track of is the almost at a stand 'til moving at 9 to 11 miles per hour. also keeping it with kendall drive along the 826, palmetto expressway, southbound lanes there is a car fire, speeds
5:36 pm
>> victor: and a lot of people are getting into the tarp-to-table movement. that's where you buy your fud directly from the farmers that are growing it. but what about your beef? me of the best meat is not sold in butcher shops but directly from the cattle ranchers. who has all the freezer space for that? now there's a new solution, crowd sourcing a cow. >> angus cattle have the best carcass qualities of any brere, that is rib eye size and martrtling. >> victor: rancher becky weed is proud of her cows. >> that calf is about ten dayss old. >> victor: and how she raises them. >> the cattle were bred and raised andndorn here. they'vener been in a trailer. i take care of them. >> victor: that's important for a growing movement of consumers e want to know where their food comes from. she sells her beef on the hook, meaning nothing smaller a quarter of a cow. who has the freezer space for that? >> round i iersection. >> victor: that's where crowd cow comes in. >> we're literally buying a cow
5:37 pm
partitioned out came from that single annal. victor: think of it os crowd sourcing a cow. customers puck they are specific cuts from a specific rancher, and one auto 50-plus shares are shared, that cow is butchered, dry-aged which you didn't can't tabi in stores, packaged, bar coded and mailed. >> when you go to the grocery store eats typically mystery help at you have no idea whe it came from. whereas we think it should be marketed and sold and experienced and sold like microbrews or like wine. >> victor: because the cow, its breed, its food, the ravener and the environment all play a role in how the beef tastes look a brewery or winery. >> a crowd of people buying is you cow. that's awesome. >> victor: the technological will let becky mack more money than in super markets. >> it allows people like me to actually have sustainable agriculture. >> victor: by crowd soldiers a cow. >> get your friends and you tip the cow and become pay stakeholder. >> victor: i 's no longer
5:38 pm
all the meal meats is usd a approved. typically it takes 50 to shares to buy up a cow. it's a few hours before all the shares are soll. prices are come rabble to what you might find at whohe foods. >> janine: probably cheaper than whole foods. you never know. >> victor: pretty much everything is. crowd storing a cow. >> janine: still ahead a broward woman in big trouble after police say she tossed her ughter in the trash. cops found the two-year-old in the dumpster and got her some help. wait until you hear what that mom told officers coming up at at 6:00. >> victor: a convenience store clerk showo nee fear and an armed robber shoves a pistol into her face y first in today's health cast we're pear hearing from people who gave the ultimate gift of life. how a special program is helping safa patients in need of a new kidney. >> victor: first as we head to a quick break on a live hurricanes picture there our mount sinai medical center camera in miami beach.
5:39 pm
like this weekend? we will ask betty davis right after this. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans s rk hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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>> victor: we have some breaking news now out of california. lapd chasing a a man they were in pursuit of. he's now on foot. los angeles. you're looking at live pictures
5:43 pm
>> janine: that person it looks like had been in a car, had been driving in some residential areas, and then apparently he had bailed out,p got into some sort of accident with bailed out and is now running around somewhere, and police are trying to figure out where this personn is. the western i guess, coping to our abc affiliate in los angeles los angeles, is running around somewhere in a residential area and police right now are trying to track him down. >> victor: and right now they're focused ononhis storefront here. we saw somebody coming out of ere. not sure if this guy is holed up. we doo see one police car, a mail truck and one car not too busy. but there is a residential area. you see this home right by this store. we're going to keep following this story and keep posted js rit now a broward sheriffs deputy fighting a manslaughter charge for shooting and killing a man carrying an unloaded air rifle was back not court today. local10's amy viteri is live to
5:44 pm
case what we saw here today was the latest maneuver, trying to question the fairness of the actual grand jury process that led to the indictment of bso deputy peter peraza. the defense has been pushing on to try to get information about one of the grand jurors, but here inside the courtroom today the judge ruled protecting the privacy of that panel outweighs any other concerns he heard. several supporters came to thursday's hearing in a silent show of support for suspended bs deputy peter peraza wearing t-shirts bearing his namee p pay judge denied at the testifies have defense request to learn whether a particular grand jury deliberated on peraza's ce. and whether that resulted in a confct of interest. >> there are lots of ways to skin a capacity deputyeraza has lots of issues here. he whose the stand your drowned ground issue, justifiable homicide. oppressed a is charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of mcbean in 2013. mcbean was carrying what
5:45 pm
but it turned on it to be a pellet gun. peraza's defense led to whether a grand juror was biased. the judge didn't see it that way. >> because they're angry with the department for someone else being arrested by someone else, that's' great stretch. >> amy: peraza's'sttorney said this indictment should trouble all law enforcement officers. >> deputy peraza feels he did not do anything illegal or wrong. while he's sad far mcbean lost his life, he did what he had to do. >> amy: and the judge letters mentioned a key point in this case. in order to get an indictment against deputy peraza, the state attorney's office did not actually have to go to the grand jury. they could have don that directly but they chose had to-to-let that panel review the case and hear testimony from peraza himself before they reachedhe decision to indict. we're live at the broward county courthouse, amy viteri, local10 news. >> janine: more than 100,000
5:46 pm
kidney transplant but every day 12 people dating for this life-saving organ. in today's health cast kristi krueger losing at how living donations from a special program cannelp save lives. >> kristi: in early 2015 jeff west was told his kidneys were failing. his doctor put humum on a transplant list but said if it can't come soon enough he'd have to go on dialysis. >> there's no way i could do my job and be on dialysis. for me it s the end of my professional life and would have a dramatic impact on my personal life. >> kristi: that di prospect was avoid thanks to heather sherman. she drove fro her home in jackson violate cleveland clinic, florida in weston to deaunte herr kidney, all of the national kidney programs' altruistic donor program. >> it's hard to believe as one person you can make such an yip pact. it's unbelievable to me to think
5:47 pm
it just seems inconceivable. >> kristi: not one life but several lives because herry donation set off a multi-state chain reaction that resulted in four people getting kidneys, including jeff west. >> it's the ultimate -- the ultimate pay it forward. >> kristi: cleveland clinictransplant surgeon said the altruistic donor program fills a major void when family members are incompatible donors. >> what ends up happening is, is that although the family member is incompatible and can't donate directly to their family member, they can donate to another pair who is also incompatible, and essentially do a swap. and what ends up happening is, is that in these paired exchange programs, a chain can be formed. >> kristi: post transplant both heather and jeff are feeling great. >> i'm 51 years old. i still got a lot of life in me to live, and what this has done for me is given me that life back. >> i'm very lucky.
5:48 pm
>> kristi: bus altruistic danes takes patients off the wait list, other patients can then receive deceased donor kidneys. the national kidney registry has about 317 chains started by altruistic tapings which is facilitated at a time -- get this -- over 1400 transplants to date. with your health news, and this is goods news, i'm kristi krueger, local10 news. >> janine: kristi, thank you. we want to take back to that breaking news we've been following in the los angeles area. a suspect in a car who had beanies chad by police bailed out, he's now on foot and cops are looking for him. >> victor: and it likes he's inside one of these storefronts in the shopping center, inside the shopping center and they're zooming in on the bang. it doesn't look like that's the suspect as he's pretty calmly walking through the back. in shopping center there's a cleaners, a honey baked ham but there's also a small montessori school there, so a lot more police of shown up in the last few minutes since we've been watching this independent sure
5:49 pm
if he is armed but it looks like -- police belief he is inside one of these fore storefronts in this area they're were chasing him on foot. we're going to keep continue watching this. >> janine: let's take it back home and talk weather with chief certified meteorologist betty davis. it's a little hazy but we'll take it. >> victor: it's starting to warm up more. what's this weekend like? i'm already thinking about that. >> betty: are you? it's going to be comfortable. probably nice earn what we have going out there -- nicer than. people have really been flocking to the beaches. we under why, because our temperatures got into the lower 80s in many of your neighborhoods. so we see the couples out strolling the broadwalk. we alsoo see a nice blanket of clouds obscuring our skies and certainly helping to block at least some of the sunshine. but either it was a pretty nice day with temperatures running in the lower 80s. right now miami and fort lauderdale at 77. south breeze ash 10 miles an hour. the forecast for the even our sky cast model showing a lot of clouds still persisting out there but it's not painting rainfall.
5:50 pm
on that warm to mild side. by 10:00 p.m. tonight around miami beach. this is what the temperatures south. at 72. houston, though, at 84 degrees. then look at the cool weather in places like birngham and atlanta where it's raining, low to mid-40s, just a raw afternoon for the folks here. cities. there isis cord air that's going south. in fact, it's already present. front. at this point the front is pretty far away from us. we're seeing all those clouds floating in from the mid to high levels of the atmosphere coming in on that southwesterly flow aloft but as i mentioned we're not expecting those to generate the skies, just maybe belong the stars out for tonight. but we'll tonight could keep a track on that. forecast model is dry. indicate p even as the leading edge of that cold from the pipe makes it here tomorrow we'll be
5:51 pm
of rainfall being produced are on moving into south florida. in fact we will probably get into a bit more sunshine tomorrow, and then a band of clouds associated with that front moves on through. we won't rule out a stray sprinkle but overall the forecast remains mainly dry. and behind the front temperatures get a touch cooler for saturday. here's your beach forecast for tomorrow. the rip current risk is low. if you're take boats out no advisories on the waters. we'll start out with temperatures in the upper 60s, land in the lower 80s ahead of that next front. behind the toronto we do cool our temperatures back a bitten. morning lows mid-60s. highs in the upper 70s on saturday and sunday. that is seasonable. guys. >> victor: betty, thank you. there's still a lot more news coming up at 6:00. we have new information on a broward woman accused tossing her daughter trash. we'll tell you hoe is now take can care of that little girl. >> janine: and weave new information on this scary crash. an suv barreling right into a bus stop as people scrambled to get out of the way. >> victor: but first we're
5:52 pm
breaking for a huge new condo building in downtown miami, but this project isn't without controversy. that's next. >> janine: we want to take you back to that breaking news in the the los angeles area. it looks likeolice do have a suspect in custody. the person that they have been chasing in a car, that person then fled on foot. possibly holed up inside a storefront. they now of this person in custody. >> victor: weep keel you posted. more on this coming up right
5:53 pm
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>> janine: construction on the miami worldcenter is underway.
5:56 pm
states, but it's surrounded by controversy. local10's layron livingston has more from today's ground breaking ceremony. >> layron: didn't necessarily expect to play in the dirt today, also didn't a. expect tow hear the term doughnut hole. the developer holes this particular project helps fill that void. right now she easily fills a room. whenen she's all done paramount miami worldcenter will spanalf a dozen downtown miami city blocks, a shopping, eating and 500 unit high-rise residential destination. >> well, it's progress. >> reporter: a les longtime urban resident but he says -->> we have to work harder to do something about housing and shop donuts opportunities for lower income people, and the projects like this pronounced pronounce that even more so.
5:57 pm
start close to the $700,000 mark. >> my concern is always gentrification for my commununies. >> layron: which is why mild commissioner awedly abramson is pushing forrore mixed incomey developments in the overtown area but she says this projeje does fill a doughnut hoeffel blight and neglect. >> you think this is the beginning of that or do you think this is thetart of -- >> i think misnothing i need to watch kaurfully? for 50 years downtown basically died aft 60s at night. >> layron: but more importantly. >> it's a job creator. >> layron: and officials say the developer has agreed to hire thousands from the neighring communities from the construction phase and then there are the positions created once everything's up and running. >> the elected officials, we have to look at that, we have to ensure that staff is in place to monitor that, and if it's not happening, then we have to hold their feet tote ground. >> layron: as the groundbreaking
5:58 pm
all of this lives ouch to the pectations, and we should know that by the year 2018 when it'ss expected to be finished. now reporting in miami,, layron livingston, local10 news. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. visitor and laurie, take it awayfor the news at 6:00. >> victor: right now 6:00 we continue working breaking news. an suv crashing right into a bus stop. a woman in a wheelchairs was ribht in the path of danger. >> laurie: toddler in the trash. new details about a disturbing tory, a mother accused of leaving her by in a dumpster. >> victor: caught on craigslist. cops catching alleged thief thanks to a very alert victim. >> laurie: someone in south florida is $300 million rich desh powerball jackpot taken down by a pick quick pick ticket. >> victor: plus, cops taking sides on the beyonce concert battle. news at 6:00 starts now. >> laurie: we begigiwith breaking news, surveillance video showing a wild crash, a driviv losing control and slamming into a bus bench and believe it or not workers say this is actually the fourth time
5:59 pm
same bus bench bottom o the >> michael: a terrifying experience especially for a woman sitting in her wheelchair when that suv plowed into this doctor areas office and all of it captured on surveillance deo. for the second time in four months, a driver loses control of an suv, plowing through a bus stop before crashing it right into this doctor's office right here on northwest 7th street and 42nd avenue. last november a similar scene captured on surveillance video, this rub resulting in serious injuries, the driver thrown from his vehicle but not before stop. >> if i had been two feet behind me, i would have been dead. >> michael: myra gonzalez said she's hall of to be alive, telling us she saw this red suv pull out of doctor's office, second later it was headed right toward her while she sat iner
6:00 pm
>> i was waiting for her, and biff knewt was i. i was on the me. >> michael: the driver of this suv told police he was cut off by another driver. she walked away without any injuries but police still issued her a citation. >> we're working. it's a medical practice. we're work can, and the next thing you know it's screaming and windows crashing and it's crazy. >> michael: jacqueline cueto owns the miami heart center. she told me it's only a matter of time before someone i i killed. >> is the city needs to do something and move this bus stop frfr here. >> michael: back out here live, another look at that extensive damage. just minutes before this crash, the his had actually stopped and dropped off some of its riders, so thankfully those people were not here or we could be talking additional injuries, possibility of some deaths. for now we are @ive in miami, i'll michael seiden, local10 news. >> victor: also at 6:00 a mom


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