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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i was waiting for her, and biff knewt was i. i was on the me. >> michael: the driver of this suv told police he was cut off by another driver. she walked away without any injuries but police still issued her a citation. >> we're working. it's a medical practice. we're work can, and the next thing you know it's screaming and windows crashing and it's crazy. >> michael: jacqueline cueto owns the miami heart center. she told me it's only a matter of time before someone i i killed. >> is the city needs to do something and move this bus stop frfr here. >> michael: back out here live, another look at that extensive damage. just minutes before this crash, the his had actually stopped and dropped off some of its riders, so thankfully those people were not here or we could be talking additional injuries, possibility of some deaths. for now we are @ive in miami, i'll michael seiden, local10 news. >> victor: also at 6:00 a mom
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crime leaving her own moderately crash. thankfully that two-year-old is going to be already. >> laurie: but that mom remains behind bars for what she did. shyann malone has the details in plantation. >> shyann: i'm in the parking lot when all of t ts went down. it is hard to imagine someone in their right mind would actually pick their child up off the ground and drop them in a stadium ter. dumpster. catrice yolanda speffield shows little emotion as she waits to learn her d!ughter's fate. >> understanding the recommendation of both parents is the paternal grandmother. >> shyann: both parents agreeing the the with judge's decision to place the girl with her grandmother on her father's side temporarily only passing an in-home evaluation. >> thihi is crazy. it's crazy. >> shyann: the child's father was at a losos for words when we costa up with him. >> i don't we'll of nothing to say about it. >> shyann: shocked to earn learn
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own mother. >> this caught me unexpectedly, and i would have never thought this. >> shyann: shield of explains "i had a miscarriage five months ago and i am depressed." she also somewhat denied allegations telling the officers "everyone israzy and i did not throw my daughter in a dumb dumpster. i put her in the dumpster." not sure there's a difference there, but we'll let a judge decide that one. as for the child,, she was not hurt in this incident. that is the good news. her fatatr will eventually get custody once he clears a drug test. as for the mother, she sits behind bars eye $1,600 -- $16,000 bond, rather. my correction. reporting live in plantation, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. , a mother charged after herr her five-month-old child was found dead in a freezer in homestead. she said she is not guilty. paa vargas ortiz entered the not guilty plea earlier today.
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is phrasing to a charge of manslaughter. it hasn't been revealed exactly how her daughter danger of now tie story you'll see only on local10, a alleged thief caught on craigslist. cops say he thought he cou stem cell a attorney general stolen bike there but the bike's real owner was watching. local10's terrell forney spoke with her live on m mmi beach. >> terrell: , boy, a necessity r many phoenix folks here on south beach because of traffic and parking problems, but just as important bike locks which didn't#stop one determined thief. >> this is the bicycle room. >> terrell: when, inc. red afternoon it was gone. >> i found one lock was cut, was laying on the floor. >> terrell: a thief cut two two locks and stole her prized beach cruiser. >> this is the story of south beach. >> terrellllbut arm with the receipt and the bikes serial number, the 72-year-old woman filele a police report. she then went online to
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possible replacement. >> i clicked it on "bicycle," and my bicycle showed up, and i couldn't believe it. i really -- i became nervous i couldn't believe it. >> terrell: her blue beach cruiser was there. the man selling the $500 stowell is the only bike for just $120. >> it was 100% mine. >> you had no doubt. >> terrell: ingrid took that information straight to miami undercover buy. >> we met with the subject, did that transaction weeks got the thankfully for the victim we were able to apprehend this back. >> terrell: cops arrested this manast night,iones marrer oh stolen property. >> this is okay because he deserves it and i'm glad. >> terrell: , inc. red already has a new set of wheels but i just happy her original set is now on its way home. >> it was my bicycle.
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that victim did everything right, keeping her paperwork and writing down that serial number. they say that residents can also register their bikes through the police department. as for that accused thief, we've learned hey just bonded out of jail. forney. >> v vtor: and miami-dade police busted two men they say are behind flat tire scam. trujillo and vairs ago were arrested last week. police say they would use a tool like you see right here and puncture their victims' tires while they were inside of bank they keep it and noticed the the latest happened outside the of this bank of america in doral. the defect caught the suspects in the act and tried to follow the victim but the defect caught up with them and arrested them. laurie. >> laurie: and now to the latest ononhe so-called beyonce boycott ahead of her concert out at marlin stadium next month. miami's mayor a a chief of police are assure can fans that there will be security for the event.
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hatzel vela discovered, the controversy may be dividing the police force. >> hatzel: the hospitality workers union which represents thousands of workers in south florida saying they welcome beyonce. >> as an african-american woman born and raised in overtown, this is personal to me. >> hatzel: a countnt protest to miami police union president javier ortiz who a month ago told members of his organizatatn not to volunteer to work the april show, saying beyonce was dividing americans and sending an anti-police message. this is how it all started. in bahn staih's formation video a young boy wearing a hoody dancing before police officers in right gear. the words "stop shooting us" then appear. then it's beyonce's performance at the super bowl halftime show where dancers are said to be weaker black panther-type costumes.
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he says "plenty of plack police officers have bebe killed throughout the years, and the black lives matters movement has been silent. n't their lives count?" >> the police department is not boycotting the event. >> hatzel: miami's top cop reminding us thiss a police union plan. >> the event is going to go to go on and we're going to police the event. >> the only role of the city of miami and theolice department is to protect the people in the concert and that is going to happen. >> hatzel: in miami, hatzel vela, local10 ns. >> laurie: and hatzel tells us the miami african-american police union has also publicly denounced this effort to boycott the concert callingng it irresponsible behavior. the scatter marlins stadium is april 27th. a burglar bust in deerfield beach. police arrested five serial burglars and recovered searle weapons. they say the suspects ransacked a victim's home and stole this handgun as well as this ar-15 assault rifle. police also found a revolver that did not belong t o victim. all five are facing several charges now includink armed burglary. >> victor: now to vote 2016 and
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republican nomination. it started with former presidential candidate mitt romney ripping into frontrunner donald trump on many fronts, including business. >> he inherited his business help. he didn't create it. and whateverappened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then the's trump magazine. and trump vodka.and trump steaks. and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> victor: then hours after romney's speech in salt lake city trump fired back during a rally in portland, maine. failed. hefold failed horribly. >> victor: the republicans will face off tonight in a critical debate. trump will have to mace fox kelly. >> hatzel: it is justtbout nine thursday. we wt to check on the evening rush hour for you.
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there so far. our track of reporter sanela sabovic is rightp here for you. >> sanela: hello, laurie. traffic alert over here. this is i-95. there's a right lane that was blocked where they just duty cut our traffic camera but let me show you how it looks like on the map. as i was a about to tell you i-95 northbound at northwest 135th street, you just saw right there the right lane was blocked, police have it due to a stalled car. let's get to you speed times. traffic moving at 14 miles per hour. the if you want to avoid this, take the turnpike or us-1 as an alternate route. now, keeping in it miami-dade county on the palmetto northbound there's a right lane, another car crash, root lane is blocked around southwest 24th street. i also want to get you to a third crash, also keeping on it palmetto northwest 122nd street southbound there is a left lane blocked. speeds clocking in at 49 miles
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my friend in broward county,ou are accident-free. >> victor: thankou. brazil now appears to be in its century. the government said today its economy shrunk 3.8% in 2015. brazil is hoping for a boost from the upcoming summer olympics but much of the money from tv rights and elsewhere will go to the international olympic committee, not to the brazilian government. and still ahead here, jackpot in the florida keys. someone in the conch republiis about $300 million rich per the powerball j!ckpot taken down by a quick pick ticket. >> laurie: we're taking to to sold. >> betty: a lot of you saw clouds today. davis. i'll let you know how the weather is looking for tonight friday. it's next. >> clay: good evening, everyone. clay ferrero live out here where doral. cod this be the last pga tour
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avo: the ready for you alert, only at laquinta.c. craig: laquinta! >> victor:`breaking news now coming from washington regarding
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white house and cuba. y let's get right to hatzel vela. video port with more. >> hatzel: this is a trip that was supposed to focus on human rights, and now we're getting from the l.a. times that secretary of state john kerry has cancelleded his trip to cuba. kerry was planning to go back to the island this week to lay the groundwork for obama's visit. the l.a. times i reporting officials cancelled the trip when arrangements could not be finalized. a spokesperson said kerry is still interested in visiting in the near future and they're working with their cuban counterparts and thermobeas to determine the -- their embassy to term the best time frame. comemetwo weeks before the president is expected to visit the communist island. word is diplomats are haggling over which dissidents the president will meet. president obama is the first sitting president toisit cuba in nearly 90 years. reporting live in the the video port, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: powerball fever is spreading through the keys. that's because someone there is a brand new multi-millionaire
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for last night's nearly $300 million jackpot. sanela sabovic has moved to the newsroom now w wh the search for the big winner. >> sanela: florida is turning out to be a lucky state, that's right, another powerball winner. we don't know who the person is but the winning ticket was bought a tome thumb in marathon. that tom thumb is located@ on overseas highway. the drawing took place last night and aired right here on local10. the jackpot, $292 million. we know again the single winning ticket was purchased at a tom thumb in marathon. here are those winning numbers. 12, 13, 44, 52, 62 with the powerball number 6. dotn in marathon snack smack in the middle of the florida keys david halladay manages this tom shum convenience store. this day started out in a way he never expected. the that's right. the ticket was sold at his store. the last month a brevard county
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their share o othe record breaking $1.5858illion. they share that jackpot with winners from two other states. the couple accepted a lump sum payment of $3,278.8 million. the jackpot goes back to $40 million. >> laurie: florideans luck web snell a. i think we need to buy more tickets. >> victor: i wished family in the keys. that's what i think. and here's chief meteorologist betty davis. beautiful weather i'm sure in the keys just like we had here today. what's it going to be like this weekend, betty? >> betty: we are expecting more of the video game, more beauty than today. we had a compufew extra clouds, more than a lot of@ us would like see but temperatures still made that bounce into the lower 80s, miami, fort lauderdale, a little bit above average this afternoon, upper 70s normal for this time of the year, key west madet up t 76. still tonight as we stare out through the lens of our miami tower camera look likee out toward mine miami beach still
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but we're not expecting rainfall, so if you happen to walk out of the house leaving the umbrella at home you should be just fine. right now temperatures from the mid-70s all around. homestead 74. pompano beach 76 degrees. from tamarack to pembroke pines 77 on our weather maps right now and 75 in marathon. by 10:00 tonight lower 70s out there and we still are anticipating quite a few clouds, mostly cloudy skies with in forest for the rest of the evening. winds, those winds flowing in from the south, a warm flow helping to keep those temperatures up, and that's why we were able to achieve the lower 80s and just enough sunshine breaking through as well. so we arey definitely warm as we see other areas of the south getting a little cooler. there's a cold front that has managed to slip all with a a down, now starting to approach the gulflf coast. a cold rain in atlanta with dallas nice weather he, comfortable 70s. we're going to track this front into tomorrow. ahead of it we have that
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the clouds flowing in in the mid to high levels, that's why it's so cloudy out there. our cold front slips down the peninsula as we're working our way through friday. now ahead of it we're not expecting much rainfall. we still will likely have some clouds mixing with sunshine. and we are expecting warm weather tomorrow as well, another day where we make the run into the 80s. and thennce the front pushes through or sort of fades away, we will have some subtle changes in our weather which will basilly shave a few degrees off our temperatures just in time for saturday. so on saturday we should get back intoty had a northeast wind and clouds mix with the sunshine. decent weather on the way for the weekend. nice at that. 60s to start tomorrow morning. forecasting a low around 67 in miami. highs climb up toward the lower 80. winds light from the west-southwest. and then here we go on saturday. mid-60s to start the day. you may need a sweater. could be a little cool for you but these numbers are normal for this time of year. highs in the upper 70s. then on monday more upper 70s on the way.
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too far away from it. it looks good. victor and laurie. >> laurie: it looks rlly good. >> victor: we will check in with
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he's out with golfers in doral.tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd >> clay: a cool beautiful night here at doral where the first round of the cadillac championship has just wrapped up. we'll so show you what happened in the first round coming up in just a moment, but this could be the last pga tour event here at trump national going forward. thega tour coming out and saying they don't agree with donald trump's comments
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mexico, says that it does not coincide with their beliefs or their values, so they will look to potentially move the tournament after the 2016 event is done. donald trump spoke about this event earlier today. he's up in maine camamigning for the republican nomination for president, and he talked about the event earlier today. >> doral where they're having the tournament today, by the way, they're having the world golf championship today, and i'm in maine, i'm in maine with you. i don't know. rory and rory mcilroy, everybody's down there. and tiger is going there later, too. he's going to be better. lease point going to be fine. but they're all at my place and maine. see? [ cheers and applause ] so if i don't win on saturday, i'll say, boy, was that a mistake, right? saturday. that the when there will be a primary up in maine. we will continue to follow this
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as for the event today, phil mickelson sobson on a roll. finishing this aun off with a birdie after a fantastic approach shot. he is 5 everyone par one back of the lead of scott pearcey and marcus frazier. on the court it's a big game for the miami heat because every game is a big game for the miami heat because they are in a logjam for the eastern conference. the heat taking on not a good suns team but they need to make sure question they get every single game they can get. they need to focus on the lesser opponents. just to put a bow on this story first class couple of days, the lebron james story in florida, he was down here spending time with dwyane wade, caused some controversy and, well, lebron didn't take too kindly to talking about it today. he told reporters he dubs cater about controversy. he also tweeted out today "can't replace being around great friends that reciprocate the
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facets of life." on to the games on the court and on the field, the marlin taking on the the cardinals in in the first grapefruit league game of spring training. jose fernandez hanging out with clydesdales. that's appropriate. the marlins horse hanging out with were big horses. marcel owesuhn a with a big home run goes two-for-two today. danny hechavarria with with a stellar grab. handlers do lose to the cardinals, though, final score 4-3. on the ice the afl african are going to women the -- afl everage are -- avalanche are going to welcome the florida panthers. they continue to push for the highest seed that they can get in the eastern conference playoff race. back here live at doral, we're going to have -- victor: full highlights
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st text1 italics cc1 test message tonight, donald trump under attack. the republican revolt under way. mitt romney taking aim with a blistering new attack on trump. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud.
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>> mitt, drop to your knees. . >> and don't trump about to face someone else. fox host megyn kelly after a very public feud. breaking news tonight. a youngng police officerer charged with murder. authorities say he thought the suspect was holding a weapon. new developments. the urgent manhunt rightow, after nearly a dozen men make off with ar-15-style rifles. where they're searching now. the billionaire ceo and the deadly crash. less than 24 hours after e was indicted. new tonight here, the 911 calls. you'll hear them. was it an accident? and, the 11-year-old boy, tiger woods watching, as that boy sinks the hole in one. that 11-year-old, right here tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and tonight, amid growing


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