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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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straight ahead. gogo morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birchch. we'll get to all those tons in just a moment but first let's get to your friday forecast. >> friday's here. what a week of warm weather. miami, key west, 69 degrees in ft. lauderdale. southwest wind pumping in the heat and ued you're going to feel. wind speeds m ming in anywhere between five and seven miles per hour. we will see temperatures around the upper 60s. we'll be right back in the 70s as we are expecting the warm, humid conditions ahead of a cold front, a weak front that will be moving into south florida by the later half of the afternoon. that's going to increase our chance of a shower in the forecast. not everybody will deal with this shower and precipitation. we are expecting isolated showers in the forecast with that front. let's check out the temperatures in your neighborhood. you're waking up to 69 in pembroke p pes as
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i'll have more on the forecast coming up. good morning, julie. we're watching this earlier crash on i-95 southbound. you can see here the traffic is movin accident has since cleared up. as we zoom on in to see how i-95 is doing, all in the green which is this time. so speeds right now at 69 miles per hour. right now we've just got some construction out in the roadways, i-95 northbound at ives dairy road. again, not really impacting your commute, look at that, 74 miles per hour. in broward county somee construction going on there as well on i-95 northbound at sheridan street. there are two left lanes closed but again things running smoothly, 70 miles per hour. right now cleanup is under way at a bus stop after it was bashed by a driver who lost control of the vehicle. if you look closely, a woman in a wheelchair nearly got hit. jeff weinsler is live in miami where it happened
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jeff, still quite the scene behind you. >>reporter: quite the scene behi us. it's been cleared up. the yes today will miami-dade transit will he place the bus bench or will the move this entire bus stop. those who work in the area extremely concerned because this has happenedore than once and they are concerned eventually someone will get killed. the driver running right off the road right through a bus stop and heads right for myraa gonzalez. >> it was the c c next to me. >>reporter: take a closer look. she's sitting in her wheelchair when the s.u.v. takes over herer bus stop. the s.u.v. comes to a stop againstp the office building at northwest 7th street and 42nd avenue in miami. >> lucky i'm alive. >> if it was two feet behind me, i would have been dead.
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wheel claiming another car was speeding and forced her off the road. those who work in the area say enough is enough. >> that actually crashed into the bus stop before four times. >>reporter: jaclyn owns the miami heart center behind the bus stop and says it's only matter of time before someone gets killed. >> the city needs to do something and move this bus stop from here. it's very dangerous for anyone to move t t a bus stop there. >>reporter: this crash resulted in some very serious injuries. not only was the driver tossed from his s.u.v. but there was a man sitting at the bus stop. >> that incident luckily nobody was killed. the driver of that red s.u.v. and yesterday afternoon's incident was cited again. we have alrea e-mailed miami-dade transit asking them will you replace thih or will you move it considering the people here say it's a very popular bus stop and this appears to be, accordrdg to them, the fourth time that this has happened.
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for now we're live in miami, i'm jeff weinsler, local 10 news. sources say a car bomb attack in southeastern turkey has killed two police officers and wounded four other people. authorities say the four wounded people are in serious condition. now to a developing story developing the fiu women's basketball team. now fiu says feegan's allegagaons come one day after she was arrested for a aeged theft. police on the hunt for people involved at a burglary in hialeah. they grabbed x-boxes and other video games and took off. if you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. and a burglar bust in deerfield beach, police arrested five serial burglars and weweons.
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was taken as well. police also found a revolver that did not belong to the victim. all fiveere facing several charges including armed burglary. secretary of state john kerry has canceled his trip to the island nation, kerry planning to lay the ground work for president obama's visit which is just two weeks away. sources say officials canceled that trip when arrangements could not be finalized. a spokesperson says kerr is still interested in visiting the near future. zika fears continue florida. three new cases have been confirmed in miami-dade county which has the most patients in the state with 22. broward has six cases and there are a total of 47 in florida. all of those patients traveling. and fbi investigators incriminating evidence after searching the home of an opa locka man allegedly involved in a gold heist. investigators raidedhe
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(wednesday. inside authorities say they found gold coins stolen. perez's family still has doubts tt this is the man police are looking for. >> today, in today's world,ou can't trust the law enforcement. i mean theyidn't show us anything. they just went in there. they can say whatever. >> perez made h h first thursday. the fbi is still searching for a third suspect. a judge just ordered a mental investigation for the man accused of killing six people in a search of random shootings. telling the court dalton does not understand what's going on. dalton will meet with doctors. he is scheduled to be back in court in may. dalton charged with six counts of murder, two counts of assault to commit murder in connection with a shooting rampage in
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people and seriously injujud two others. the surviving victims still recovering in hospitals. the g.o.p. candidates squared off in detroit last night for their 11th debate and the gloves came off pretty quick. all four agreed they would support whomever ultimately wins the republican nomination but the story of the night@ was the feud between donald trump and marco rubio. >> he referred to my hands, if they are small, something else muut be small. i guaranty you there's no problem. i guaranty you. >> this campaign for the last year donald trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guy hasas mocked so much about my record. >> meanwhile ted cruz and marco rubio continue to hammer ties. a man said he was voting outside an early voting location in
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saw two young men pull up. he said he confronted them. when he did so, they attacked him. >> and when he did that, i approached them, i confronted them to get them to sp. that's when one of them body slammed me to the ound and they kept pulling the signs. >> police say this is not the first attack from a trump supporter. winner winner seafood dinner? someone in the key it's nearly $300 million richer arc a luck lady, lucky gentleman, we don' know. we're still waiting to hear who that lucky person is but the winning ticket was bought right here at a tom thumb food store in marathon. the ticket is worth $292 million. just last month a melbourne beach couple plannedheir share of the jackpot. >> they are buying.
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that matters. right now this morning a mothehe sitting behind bars. she's accused of tossing her baby in the trash. it was a close call for a department dragged by a driver in a traffic stop. a driveves road rage against a cyclist. what made this man get out of his car and attack a teenager. and south floridians we do have a cold front moving into southflorida later today. but it will not be making a big difference with your temperatures for a walk for the anals saturday into sunday. a nice breeze with a mix of sun and clouds expected. our jacey birch will be emceeing this event. you can get more information on we'lllso have carnival on the mile. i'll have your forececast
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the break. the temperature is a warm 72 degree inn miami. 69 in ft. lauderdale. 72 in key west. southwest wind ahead of a cold front. winds between 7 and 9 miles per hour. it's been a warm week for us. it should be warm and dry and sunny during this time of year. we just started a little late into a winter season. thanks to all the rain we had to deal with at
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season.& we are seeing temperatures in the upper 60s, pembroke pines, hialeah. 66 degrees inn kendall. the winds are calm this morning. we could see them pick up into the later hf of the morning. currently we do have our wind flow in the upper levels moving in from the southwest as well. some precipitation falling over portions of the floridada straits and in towards portions of the lower keys. most of the rain associated with this system, the cold front itself sling over portions of the northeast. the midatlantic states dealing with rain, sleet and snow this morning. the worst of the weather north. we may barely even see a chance of a shower in the forecast as the front does get closer. behind the front we have this pocket of dry air in place which is going to bring us more weather for the weekend. the reason we're not gling to see a big drop in our temperatures is because the cold air is still well to the north all because of the jet stream that's retreated
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speaking of that, it's going to provide for a big warmup in our station, 15 to 25 degrees above average from texas up tards the dakotas. they are definitely going toe feeling like spring a little early in the season. for us warm, not much rain expected. what you'llotice is the clouds will build by the evening commute. gogog into tomorrow thanks to the shift in the wind direction and nds picking up. it will be comfortable. temperatures in the upper 50s saturday. overall the winds will pick up deteriorating our marine forecast. if you want to head to the beach and do any boating, head out today. not seeing a significant impact on traffic. look at the blinking lights. that broken down car is blocking a right lane. this is right around u.s.-441. zooming on into our maps we're seeing a lot of green which is good news even though that is blobbing a right lane.
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great. dolphin expressway we have this multi-vehicle crash apt northwest 10h avenue. two lanes blocked here but again not a significant impact on traffic. 59 miles per hour. checking out broward county we are watching one crash. that crash though is off to the shoulder. this is on i-95 northbound at atlantic boulevard but all the green there, 71 miles per hour. caught on camera a bicyclistt in chicago attacked after he called out the driver for being in the bike lane. made a comment to the driver in this white s.u.v. about being in the bike lane. the driver then got out and attacked that teenager, punching him and kicking him in the face. >> just the fact that he still assaults me over a few words, it'sot right. >> the driver did get away. the teen you can see left bloody with an eye, police they are
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get out of the car then. >> this i also caught on camera, a traffic stop turns dangerous in new mexico. you see what happened. police say they pulled fend a driver and said he had a warrant for his arrest. the driver sped off pulling the officer along with him. he was soon stopped and taken into custody. the officer did not have any serious injuries. all right. women are being charged extra for using feminine hygiene products, but coming up next we have the new lawsuit challenging a state's tampon tax in new york. good friday morning, south florida. degrees already. a warm start to what should be a nice weekend.
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right here on local 10. some big changes affecting the back to school holiday. you'll now only have three days of tax-free shopping in august. that's down from last year. last year clothing that costs up to $100 is covered. and this year the sales tax holiday will no longer cover computers. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, amazon wants to make your life easier with new digital personal assistants. that's a $90 echo dot, a smaller version of the original. >> then there's the amazon tap that lets users ask questions at the push of a button. if you need help with one of your apple devices. >> customers will now be able to get answers to
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page. and finally check out boeing's idea for a bathroom that's truly a germophobe's delight. >> to use it, you barely need to touch anything. all you do is wave your hand or you can use a foot pedal. itself cleaning thanks to ultra vie lot light. >> you should do that on some planes, need it. those a your tech bytes. >> need it. bathroom. five people in new york have filed a lawsuit to block the so-called tampon tax. they want the state to stopophe so-call lexington tax claiming the products are only used by women and they are not a luxury. thth state classifies them ass medical merchandise which makes them ineligible for a tax exemption. find out next why
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cops on jim chancellor will he came knocking on the door. how police tracked him down and got that bike back toits -- to its owner. there's a broken down car there right lane. jenise is watating it.
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an nfl start the target of. >> that club closed permanently. he wanted to buy the
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workers inside took it an intirely different ways. >> once police arrived, police explained the whole situation, he took to twitter to defend himself. now to our top ories on this tgif. clemnup already under way after a car came crashing right into the bus stop. she claims another car practically ran her off the road. last november a similar scene was captured on the exact same surveillance cameras. we've now learned the player on a woman'k basketball player, suspended for the team for alleged criminaltheft. coach marlin chin was alsouspended. canceled, secretary of state john ker will
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cuba. sources report he would be heading over to discuss human rights concerns. plenty for you coming up next. >> and it's your friday, get your forecast and your traffic report right here aer the
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minutes. right now at 5:30, toddler in the trash as a mother sits behind bars. how the bike's owner got to police to track down the accused bike banditit beyonce battle, the divide it's causing in
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weather be nice? the weather authority has your forecast. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey bir. i sure hope so because it raid all weekend. i'm hoping for some nice sunshine and you'll be at carnival. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda, how are you? how do things look? >> good. so far so good this momning. happy friday. there is a cold front, a weak cold front that is expected to approach south florida later today. here's how we're going to play out the school bus forecast looks like this. temperatures will be in the upper 60s after seuing the low 70s this morning. the kids are definitely going to need some sunglasses. once you pick them up ound 3:00, we could start to build the clouds that early. it's not going to bring us wide-spread showers and storms in the forecast.
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this morning wre talking temperatures well above average in the upper 60s pembroke pines, hialeah. 66 degrees for you in kendall. 69 our unpompano beach and 72 in mia. the winds out of the southwest bringing in the h ht and humidity ahead of that front. i'll have a lot more on the forecast you don't want to miss coming up. that brokekedown car on i-95 southbound has since been cleared out. so traffics moving nicely as you're approaching 441. looking at our maps here, seeing a lot of green which is what we love to see on this friday morning, so speeds are clockingn at 66 miles per hour. now we are keeping a close eye on this accident on the dolphin expressway. this is as you're headadg west at northwest 107th avenue. there are two lanes blocked getting reports this is a multi-vehicle crash. speeds looking great at 56 miles per hour. hey, broward county, i haven't forgotten about you. 595 eastboundrom i-95 to u.s.-1. you're looking at a 12
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university drive to u.s.-1, a smooth six-minute commute. right now there's a mother sitting behind bars. she's accused of tossing her toddler in the trash. this morning we're hearing from one of those witnesses and police about the reason she says this mother did it. layron livingston live outside the jail at which this mother is being held inside. layron, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, eric. she's being held here on $16,000 bond after those two witnesses held her for police after they say they saw this woman leave this child in the tras in court patrice sheffield accused of throwing her two-year-old inhe garbage. >> when i yelled to her, she stopped. she did stop and she break down.she bended over. you could see that she -- it's like she reach her breaking point.
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endedded with a run chasing down the child's mother after another witness alerted her to the baby in the dumpster. >> it broke my heart and i didn't want the child to remember that moment. >>reporter: graham's heart also goes out to sheffield who reportedly told investigators she had a miscarriage five months ago and suffered from depression. >> be appointed to represent the mother. >>reporter: a judge ordered the two-year-old little girl be placed with her paternal grandmother. >> this is crazy, crazy. i don't reallyy have nothing to say about it. i would have never thought she would have done anything like this. >> h hefully she's getting the help that she needs. >>reporter: that witness tells us that child appeared to be well taken care of. for now reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. the mother who was
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month old child in a freezer in homestead entered a not guilty plea on thuhrsday. it's not been revealed exactly how her daughter died. a man accused of raping a woman back in miamis facing a possible life in prison sentence after being found guilty. terrence @efferson was offered an 18-year-old girl a ride of she was asked to strip. his attorneys do plan to appeal the verdict. a man be hoipped bars after allegedly trying to sell a stolen bike to an under cover miami beach detective. the victim contacted the suspect. >> i clicked it on and my bicycle showed up and i couldn't believe it. i became nervous. i couldn't believe it. we met with the subject, did that transaction, got the elements of the crime
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victim we were able to apprehend this criminal and get her bicycle back. >> the bike's serial number matched the stolen bike. two men are behind bars this morning accused in a flat tire scam. poce say they would target people going into a bank, puncture their tires. police say they were caught last week. when the detectives saw one of the men puncturing a woman's tire when she was inside a bank of america in doral. police say the woman would use this tool right here. ahead of the so-called beyonce boycott of her concert at marlins park next month, some police officers say they are still backing the star. the president of the police union called on officers not to volunteer for the show. but myer's mayor and the chief of police assure fans there will be police security at that event.
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go on. we're going to police the event. >> the only role of the city of miami a a the police department is to protect the people e the concert and that's going to happen. >> the m mmi police union publicly denouncing thehe effort calling it irresponsible a man was welcomed into the court house by several of his supporters but the good news for him ended there. a judge denied whether one specific juror was involved in the case, balking it was a conflict of interest. he's charges with manslaughter for the shooting death of jermaine mcbean in 2013. mcbean spotted what mama witnesses claim was a rifle but it turned pellet gun.
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out about donald trump's building a wall. the treasury secretary says under no circumstances will mexico pay for a wall. mr. trump insists he will force mexico it pay for that wall. passengers have sued the airline and the governmentntust days before the two-year anniversary of the plane's disappearance. a global aviation agreement sets the dead line for two of those accidents. donald trump might have swept super tuesday this past wee but his supporter chris christie blue up the intmrnet that night. >> his blank stare that led to the hashtag free chris christie. hilights of the game against the sons. we have it for you next in the sports wrap. he steals and then slips. coming up the clumsy crook that still even
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get away. south florida, we have carnival on the mile this weekend. here are the details on the forecast. 72 degrees at 11:00. 78 by 2:00. 75 by 5:00.
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up. welcome back here to local 10. it's 5:39. the walk for the animals is tomorrow
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you see who that is right there? that's my baby boy jagger. he's one of the mascots he's been part of the advertising as we try and raise some funds for the homicide rescue animals there. i'll be there all morning long. the walk kicks off at 10:00 a.m hope you join me. >> so you can raise some funds. >> i've been doing this for 13 years. they've been doing it much longer. it's my pride and joy, my passion. >> annual carnival miami festival kicks off. >> stop by the local 10 booth tomorrow. guess who you get to meet. from noon to 2:30 christina zquez will be there, terrell forney, carlos suarez and shyann malone and n't miss out on max mayfield and betty davis from 2:30 on, calvin hughes, jeff weinsler and michael seiden. the guys will be joined by amy viteri, hatzel vela and victor oquendo. once again that's 2:30
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>> sunday noon to 2:30, clay ferraro, neki mohan, todd tongen, kristi krueger will join me. i'll be there at 11:00 a.m. and emceeing. come out and say hey. >> from 2:30 on you can catch glenna millberg, jeje correa, michael putney, liane morejon d laurie jennings. lots and lots of events. julie, all the events happen in early march because it's kind of enter of winter going into spring and it's usually that great weather. >> you're hoping to hit it perfectly. the question is did they? >> this is a great weekend. we are very lucky.granted, it's not going to be as cold as what we've seen the last couple of weekends. it's going to be nice mile.@ we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds around 11:00 and then by the afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 70s ah a bit warm. a temperature of 75 by5:00 and for jacey's walk for the animals, we will see a a nice breeze starting up a little bit earlier as you can see compared to the carnival
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low 70s by 11:00 and upper 70s by the afternoon. overall the weather will cooperate with whatever you've got to do. before we even get to the weekend though, you'll notice this morning we are warm and more humid. southwest wind providing for the temperatures right now. 72 degrees immiami as well as key west. we should be waking up in miami to the mid 60s. southwest wind will continue. the flow will bring i mid and high level clouds. currently we do have some showers starting to develop over the florida straits near the florida keys but the worst of the weather still well to the worst for us. eventually this will slide to the south increasing the cloud cover and a sght chance of a shower in our forecast for the evening commute. over the east coast our friends behind the system has some very cold arctic area andthey are dealing with snow this morning from the carolinas up towards washington, d.c. and new york.
5:42 am
you can see it in the upper levels of the atmosphere over south florida. that's why we're going to keep the cloud cover in the forecast as well as the chance of a shower.. once the front clears though, look at the pocket of dry air highlighted for you. ununrtunately though the big dip in degrees will stay well to the north of us as a jet stream is retreated to the north. look at the attempt i the 20s and 30s up and down the key west. for us we're not going to see much in the way of relief for the keys. by the weekend that relief will be gone because our friends will have above-average temperatures. for us here in south florida it will be warm, not much rain this morning into the afternoon with this front. as we go into the weekend, a shift in the wind direction will provide for ann elevated rip are current ricks. overall enjoy the weekend, get outdoors. low 80s sunday. hoabout a little friday treat? no major accidents in
5:43 am
right now you're taking a look at i-95. this is at northwest 15 151r street. traffic is moving along nicely which is what we morning. accident on the dolphin expressway. it was a multi-vehicic crash. it's since cleared. beautiful, 59 miles per hour. t's get you some drive times. 595 eastbound starting at i-75 heading to u.s.-1. it's going to take you13 minutes. university drive to u.s.-1, 17 minutes. starting at lejeune r oad heading to brickle, seven minutes. university drive to brickle, it's going to take you 14 minutes. ppy friday, everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. you know the term must-win game in the nba can be kind of silly, especially in march. these games against bad teams are the ones they need to take advantage while they battle for playoff position.
5:44 am
at american airlines arena last night. d they did what they needed to do. he does the rest too, taking it coast to coast. he had 25 in this one. dwayne wade capping off a run there. he goes for 27 points in this one. suns trying to hang around but joe johnson taking care of that. big time three-pointer. miami winning this one 108-92. they haven't been that good since the big three were together. >> we came out early to take care of business. a team g gng to make runs. we can't get too much back but weid a good job of taking them off. on the ice the panthers taking on the avalche in colorado. more nhl history for jaromir jagr. jagr now tied for third in nhl history with 1,850 points. the bad news, the cats loves this game 3-2. to baseball jose
5:45 am
with the buddizer clydesdales. meanwhilearcelo looks like he's in midseason form. how about some defense? going to come over and make a great play right here. fish d@ lose this game though 4-3. to doral, cadillac championship, phil mickelson, a great day out there. he's going to chip for eagle right here. watch. he's just going to barely slip it by. he cannot believe it. however, nothing to be sasa about. he's five under par. two shots backf scott pierceie and marcus frazier for the lead. the acc tournament against pittsburgh yesterday. haze making all nin of her shots for 18 points. um advances to take on fsu later on today. i'm clay ferraro and that's your local 10 morning spor wrap. next step in the
5:46 am
for steph curry and the warriors. time winding down in the fourth. step back from three, knocks it down. 33 for curry. one fan makakg it clear he's not voting for trump there. there you go. steph curry for president. 44th straight win at home. that ties michael jordan. they continue to surge to 70-plus wins. did you see that little dance he did? >> i don't have enough rhythm. this morning we have to talk about pretty scary situation not just for the police looking for him but for a clumsy ook. >> as he leaves, all caught on camera.
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video next. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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look athose hands, you are a beautiful girl, that boyfriend -- brindle pitbull. hi, guys, i'm jacey birch. this munchkin you have right here. >> that's right, there are a lot of designer dogs that are at the shelter too that people just abandon because they can't afford to keep up with the maintenance. they need to be groomed and taken care of. >> she's adorable and sweet. it's more than just the shots and spay and neuter. you've got to keep up with the little fur. >> all right. if you guys don't want to check out sun dance and bella, it's so easy to go. go to you'll see all the pets with saving grace and her furry friends. is that a smile. does that mean you want a new home?
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a big yes. sun dance needs a home. we're working on it now. hopefully you can help. >>caught on camera, vandals spray paint graffiti on the islamicsociety. here there are, profanities, spray painted while people were inside, words linking muslim americans to isis. local fbi agents preparation to pursue the case if federal violations are found. >> muslims will not abandon their faith similar me because of some spray paint or even worse. >> nationwide hate crimes tripled last year reaching levels not seen since the aftermath of 9 -11. the varsity players can be seen punching and kicking players as the team's coach sits there
5:51 am
a 15 yearly was lefef with a broken nose. that's how serious she is. officials believe that this type of hazing may ve gone on for years. >> police in south carolina on the look-out for this guy. take a look. police say he ran out of the store and about 40 bucks worth of stolen meat. he keeps looking over his shoulder. he tripped, slipped and goes face f fst into an s.u.v. that was driving by. he was lucky it wasn't a earlier. he wouldave been hit. didn't stop him though. he's still at large. take a look at this plate in question. it was made entirely out of cardboard and paint. the car was also missing the front license plate which is a law you have to have it in new york. police say the woman behind the wheel had a suspended registration and no insurance.
5:52 am
more trouble for doing that the than if she didn't have a license plate. >> just a few minutes with bob ross. >> i was in wal-mart once and i saw a guy running out with all his stuff and we yelled get him, get him, get him. it's amazing that criminals can do. donald trump and hillary clinton, they weren't the only ones who swept super tuesday this week. >> chris christie's expression swept the internet that night and he's explaining why he did not need to be freed. plus a a bus stop, do you see it, bash when a driver loses control of the vehle. air force all caught on camera and we have the shocking video.
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this at 6:00. uh, hello geico?... yeah, , was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, t it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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austrian president hez fisher urged other european countries to improve political and economic ties with the caribbean. fisher is the third leader to visit cuba a the past year behin fran - -- franfran. >a spokesperson for browows former boyfriend says they are interested in what the autopsy has to say after there were allegations he was involved in her death. no, i wasn't thinki i was held hostage or what have i done, i was up there supporting the person i believe is the best person too beat hillary clinton and it's why i
5:56 am
>> new jersey governor chris christie. the bla stare on his face, christie says was simply listening and didn't t tnk smiling was appropriate. >> i wasn't upset, angry, despondent other than happy we had done as well as we had donon that night and listening to someone give a press conference. >> the internet had fun with christie. of course poking a little fun at christie with this famous shot of the first lady, michellll obama, the sign originally said free our girls but photo shop says free chriss christie. photo shop. all of this caught on camera. now what'soing to happen at that bus stop. a mother is sitting behind bars accused of tossing her toddler in the trash. we're hearing from the
5:57 am
5:58 am
child. caught on camera, an s.u.v. crashed into a bus stop. ththis campaign for the last year, donald trumum has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks.
5:59 am
lied so much about my record. >> marco rubio and donald trump get into it and it gets dirty at t republican debate. hear how things quickly got out of hand. and the future of flying, innovative way to keep your b bs from getting lost when you travel. hey, good morning, sosth florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. they always lose my bags. i don't even check anymore. i just carry on. we got to talk about the weather. here right behind us. the weather, i think you guys are going to like it. let's talk to the official meteorologist julie durda. looking good? >> yeah, looking very good. you may not want to take that trip this weekend. you may wavt it stay right here in our own backyard thanks to a weak front that will basically be clearing uth florida by tonight and tomorrow morning. it is warm and muggy out there. our winds do move in
6:00 am
that's the warm air connection we're going to feel. it'surrently 71 degrees with light winds in place in miami. we should be waking up to the low to mid 60s. definitely above average. already jumping to the upper 70 abc by 10:00. this afternoon highs will be reaching the mid 80s, once again well above average. that will be our first indication as that weak front approaches the area. i'll have more on this coming up. >> thank you, julie. let's start with some driveveimes for you if you are on u.s.-1 northbound starting from u.s.-1 to brickle. here's the view of i-95 at sheridan. you can see northbound-southbound just looking fananstic this morning and i'm happy to report we've got no accidents in dade county and no accidents in broward county. you're welcome, south florida. happy friday. checking out i-95 so we can see exactly how fast


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