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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that's the warm air connection we're going to feel. it'surrently 71 degrees with light winds in place in miami. we should be waking up to the low to mid 60s. definitely above average. already jumping to the upper 70 abc by 10:00. this afternoon highs will be reaching the mid 80s, once again well above average. that will be our first indication as that weak front approaches the area. i'll have more on this coming up. >> thank you, julie. let's start with some driveveimes for you if you are on u.s.-1 northbound starting from u.s.-1 to brickle. here's the view of i-95 at sheridan. you can see northbound-southbound just looking fananstic this morning and i'm happy to report we've got no accidents in dade county and no accidents in broward county. you're welcome, south florida. happy friday. checking out i-95 so we can see exactly how fast
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your southbound lanes are at 68 miles per hour and your northbound lanes are looking great hour. >> thank you, jenise. caught on camera an s.u.v. bashes a bus stop, running over a woman in a wheelchair. >> people who live nearby say this is not happened. jeff weinsler is live with more on this dangerous drive. >>reporter: a very popular bus stst. we are just steps away from lejeune road. i can tell you the question today will miami-dade transit replace the bus bench i the shelter here or will they move this bus stop entirely because people who work in this care area say this has happened one too many times. the driver running right off the road right through a bus stop and heads right for might i can't gonzalez.
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she's sitting in here wheelchair. she highways knocked over, covered in flying gas. the woman behind the wheel says she was pulled out of the paing lot claiming another car was speeding and forced her off the road. those who work in the enough. >> crash into the bus stop before four times. >> jaclyn owns the miami heart center behind the bus stop and says it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed. >> the city needs to do something and move t is bus stop from here. it's very dangerous for anyone to wait for a bus out there. >>reporter: this crash resulted in some very serious injuries. not only was the driver tossed from his s.u.v. but there was a man
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killed in that incident. the driver in cited. we already have an e-mail into miami-dade transit asking them what the plan is, will they replace the bench in the shelter or will the stop based on the history here. wel have that answer for you a little bit 10. now to a developing fiu women's basketball team. the coach suspendeded after being accused by sexual misconduc. fiu said they will continue to investigate both allegations. and breaking tonight, sources say a car bomb attack has killed two police officers and wounded at least four other peoplen turkey. they say it targeted ate traffic police station ar the syrian border. new plans that the
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planning to recruit women for combat jobs. the marine corps estimates 200 women a year will move into ground combat jobs. it could see women starting off in october. [inaudib] broward has six stations and there are 47 tote in florida. all of the patients were infected while traveling, only four are still exhibiting symptoms of the virus. secretary of state john kerry canceling his trip to@the island nation. the l.a. times reporting it's because of a disagreement between dissidents. this comes two weeks before the president is scheduled to visit the communist nation. investigators say they
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evidence in the home of an opa-locka man allegedly involved in a gold heist. inside authorities say they found gold coins stolen during the armed robbery last year in north carolina but perez's family says they still have doubts he's the man they are looking for. >> perez made a short appearance in court yesterday. turning now to vote 2016, the g.o.p. candidates squared off in detroit last night for the 11th debate and those gloves came off fast. between the insults there was a sign of cohesiveness as all four would support whoever wins the nomination but the story of the night was the feud between donald trump and marco rubio. >> he referred to my
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small, something else must be small. i guaranty you there's no problem, i guaranty you. >> this campaign from donald trump has mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guyas lied so much about when i record. >> meanwhile ted cruz and marco rubio continue to hammer trump on his past pay was hillary clinton. one trump supporter in florida says he dealt with violence. said he was outside at an early voting location in orange county when he saw two young men pulling trump campaign signs out of the ground. >> when they did that, i approached him, i confronted them to get them to stop. that's when one of them body slammed me to the ground and they kept pulling the trump signs them. treated at the scene for his injuries. the two attackers managed to get away.
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says this is not the first attack from a trump supporter. new this morning getting a handle on lost luggage. we'll tell you about the project in the works to make sure your checked bags make it to your destination. it's in today's call christina report. plus feeling the force. when the very latest star wars movie will be ailable for your digital downloads. wardrobe emergcy. we'll tell you about a 911 call that made a girl and a deputy fast friends. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. it's going to be very warm along the bahamas and the island chain. there's lots of events you need to attend part
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after the break. 6:10 right now. breaking news coming out of yemen. 16 people have been killed including four indian nuns. no other information is available. gunman storm a retirement home in yemen killing at least 1 16. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money, wall street paying attention to today's february jobs report. >> stocks have been climbing following some bullish comments. the reports say thedds of a recession this year are remote because of job gains and stable spending. six weeks left to get your taxes done and already the irs is reporting more tha 58 million returns having been filed so far. most of those e-filed. >> as for refunds, the average is $3,053, five
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and good news for m&ms fans, the iconic candy available in three new flavors. >> theare hitting store shelves. maker is asking customers to vote which of these three s should become a permanent decision. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day. attention star wars fafa, the force awakens will be available for digital download april first. >> thehe force awakens will be released on blue ray and dvd april fifth. >> i know what you'll be doing on april fool's day. your kids will be demanding it. spacex will make a fifth attempt to launch
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previous attempts last week were delayed due to a series of fuel and range issues or scrapped because of the weather so hopefully, julie, it willllork out for them this time, at least in terms of the weather. >> they do have a cold front right now over@ portions of northern central florida. so fingers crossed. for us here in south florida since we're ahead of the front, you're dinitely feeling the heat and humidity. wind flow of wt southwest direction providing for temperatures in the low 70 miami, ft. lauderdale and key west. we should be waking up to 64 degrees. temperatures continuing to climb throughout the overnight hours all week long. we do have temperatures in the 60s in pembroke pines. still kind of uncomfortable. we also have se midand high level clouds in place as well. some of thosep clouds producing precipitation
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the bulk of the moisture now over northern florida just north of lake okeechobee and stretching all the way up the east coast. this frontnt will eventually push to the south throughout the day. one thing youl notice throughout the morning, still a mix of sun and clouds. it will be warm and humid. a slight chance of showers in the forecast will start to increase. there's moisture at the surface. you can see we are pretty much saturated so we'll keep that cloud cover expected and that chance of showers around. once the front clears, look at this pocket of rtions of the gulf of mexico, the path ham and eventually will slide towards the south. granted we're thoht going to see a big dip in degrees because the jet stream has retreated to the north. our temperatures pretty chilly over much of the nation. unfortunately, there's not going to be enough push, energy in the atmosphere to get that over to southlorida.
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of showers as the front moves in. don't worry about it being a wash-out. high pressure will continue to dominate by the evening hours and going into tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast with a shift in the wind direction it will provide for comfortable conditions saturday and sunday for carnival on mile. also noticing that the winds will pick up. we'll notice the risk of ripurrents for beach-goers. we have a traffic alert for you f those of you in miami beach. building. this is 71st street and carlisle avenue. you can see the police activity there so we're not really seeinin a big backup as a result of this. police are out there and they are diverting traffic. again, this is 71st street and carlisle avenue. we'll be monitoring that and get you more information as soon as we can. checking out broward county i-95 at sheridan street, northboun southbound looking just fantastic this morning. no accidents to rport
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that car into a building but we've also got this crash on okeechobee road. this is as y y're around the palmetto expressway. we are seeing a b of a delay here with speeds at 14 miles per hour. new this morning a man in louisiana plowed a mcdonald's restaurant claiming he did so because his hostage. turned out t be not true but in the rush to check on them a responding officer was caught an dangerous wreck. he walked awayithout any injuries but two people in the other car had minor injuries. caught on camera bicyclist in chicago attacked after he called out a driver for being in the bike lane. the 19-year-old captured the whole thing on his go pro camera. the drive chased him for about a block, then go out and attacked him, punching him and kicking him in the face. >> i didn't know when he
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just the fact he stillassaults me over a few words, it's not right. >> the driver did get away. the teen was left with a bloody eye.@ police are now investigating. a 911 call leads to a greenvill south carolina deputy leads to a new friend. >> wanted to help with her shoes. then she wanted me to hug her and hold her. i kept saying it made my day because she was so sweet and so outgoing. grandfather was wching her at the time and said he had no idea she had called 911. mom says she showed herer how to dial the number in an emergency but s didn't think she understood what it meant. the deputy was happy to help with the wardrobe emergency and calls it the best part of her job. >> my parent who teaches her parents tuesday the
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with the inherent risk. >> my son just called him up and died. >> they certainly know how to use your phone. >> constantly. still to come on local 10, backing beyonce. >> the garn teerks miami's mayor is giving after some officers called for a boycott of the super star's concert. ditching flying frustrations, the technology making it easier for you to keep track of your checked bags. it's the time we say goodorning to our facebook friend of the day. >> so glad you're waking up with us here on local
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>> hey, linda. there's nothing that can hamper the start of a vacation much like losing youou bags. >> the anger and frustrdtion. call christina explores the future of flying, digital bag tags. could be the end of lost and found. here's christina's explanation. >> i always worry about losing my bag. i think that's like common traveler thing. >>reporter: airports like mia handle thousands of checked bags every day and although airlines work to not lose your baggage, it can happen.& >> i was flying to europe and they couldn't find any bag. >>reporter: american airlines says it's working to make lost
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>> helping passengers keep tags on their bags. bags are scanned at check-in. airline baggage handlers each bag loading and unloading from the plane. >> loaded at 10:29 a.m. on flight 2022. >>reporter: and flyers can keep tag of their bag location on the mobile american airlines website. >> things do happen and bags do get lost unfortunately but now you know it's in dallas and from dallas we will make sure to gets to you in l.a. >> it's convenient. >>reporter: american airlines is not the only company working to relieve bag anxiety. they've develop a digital bag tag. >> they have one here. >>reporter: the co-founder tells us the device utilizes gps and bluetooth technologies to not
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smart phone about where your bag is or what's happening to it. a sensor can detect if your bag has been opened >> we make sure that you're always connected to your bag. >> i have the control of my bag all the time. that would be great. >>reporter: check this out, lufthansa is checking out the bag. can you check in the bag from home using your smart phone. they hope to use this later this month. christina vazquez, local 10 news. still to come on local 10, singer serenade. >> what likely got gladys knight's driver out of a ticket. a mom faces charges afdfr deputies say she tossed her toddler in a dumpster. hear from a woman who
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one officer in utah certainly was not expecting who would be in the car. legendary soul singer gladys knight was in the passenger seat of the car and thanks to a special birthday serenade she performed for that officer, he let her off with a warning. >> next time she will be smart enough to take the midnight train to georgia. >> oh, good one. a traffic alert for you. a tractor trailer into a building. this is 71st street and carlisle avenue. i'm going to help you get around this one coming up next. and a live look outside in our miami tower cam on friday. lots of clouds out there but i see e e sun coming up. julie will give you everything you need to
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towards your weekend. toddler in the trash& ,. >> also backing beyonce. the promise miami's mayor is making after some people threatened to boycott the south florida kickoff to her concert. thieves getting away with more on just cookies. how about facebook suspects. we have a winner. find out where in florida the winning jackpot ticket was purchased. hey, south florida.
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it's friday. tgif, everyone. let's get straight over to our weather authority meteorologist julie durda. >> jacey andric, it's pretty muggy out there. a cold front, a weaea front moving into south florida inkrausing the cloudover. don't worry, it won't be a wash-out. but we event seen rain all weekend long. i want you to be prepared for it. temperatures right now running seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. we're at 71 miami as well as key west. you can see a little break in some of the cloud cover first light over the horizon sunrise. here's what it looks like from our hollywood beach cam. dark cloud cover as well as the palm trees not even blowing becausehe wind are so light. highs will rapidly warm up to the mid 80s. clouds will start to build with the
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i'll have more on the weekend forecast coming up. we're still watching this t tffic alert right now taking a look at a tractor trailer into a building. this is in miami beach. it looks like that tractor trailer crashed into an apartment building. here's the traffic picture. this is 71st street and carlisle avenue. so the west-bobod lanes on 71st street are closed. eastbound is moving. your alternate is going to be 2u7nd 72nd street. we're working to get a lot more information for you so be sure to stay with us throughout the morning. i-95 in miami-dade. northbound-southbound lanes at northwest 75th street. they are looking great. traffic is starting to build up in the southbound lanes. do have one accident to talk about though. this is okaykay road as you're heading north right around the palmetto expressway. speeds there clocking in at nine miles per hour. south florida mom
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toddler in a dumpster and walking away. she is behind bars this morning. layron livingston is live to tell us what may have led this mom to do this. >>reporter: that's right, eric. she's still being held here on $16,000 bond. this was after those two witnesses held her for police. in court a seemingly stoic sheffield charged with throwing her two-year-old in the garbage. >> i yelled to her, she stopped, she did stop and she break down, she's bended over. you can see that she -- it's like s reach her breaking point. >>reporter: graham'u drive into work ended with a run chasing down the child's mother after another witness alerted her to the baby in theumpster. >> it broke my heart and i didn't want the child to rememberhat moment. >>reporter: graham's heart also goes out to sheffield who
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she had a miscarriage five months ago and suffered from depression. >> appointed to represent the mother. >>reporter: a judge ordered the two-year-old little girl be placed with her paternity grandmother with plans to have the child to go to her. >> i would have nev thought she would have did anything like this. >> hopefully with god's helplpthey can get the help she needed. >>reporter: that witness t@lls us that little girl did not ato@ appear to be mistreated. layron livingston, local 10 news. the mother who was charged after her five month old child was found dead in her freezer in homestead said she was not guilty. she was arrested last month, is facing a charge of manslaughter. it has not been revealed exactly how her daughter died.
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ose missing toddler's remains last month isexpected to be sentenced today. now youou may remember a search for lonzie was back in july after he was reported mitting. he's now serving a 20 year prison sentence. he confessed he and lonzie drowned i a bathtub while he was locked in a room while he and his mother add sex. life in prison after being found getie. jefferson found guilty of attempted rape, false imprisonment. his attorney plans t t appeal the verdicts. a bso deputy is accused of kilng a man holding a rifleas back
6:34 am
a judge denied his lawywr's request to learn weather one specific grand juror was >> because they are angry with the dedartment for someone else being arrested by >> charged withh manslaughter for the shooting death of 33-year-old jermae mcbean in 2013. carrying w wt some believe was a rifle but it turned out to be an unloaded pellet gun. shacking up is becoming one step closer to becoming legal in apparently since 1868 a map and a woman living together could be fined $500 and locked up in jail for 60 days. according to the 2014 census data there are 14 now unmarried living couples living together in central florida. challenged in a south florida courtroom
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the "miami herald" reporting that a broward republican is asking for candidates names to be withdrawn. rubio born in miami in 1971 to cuban immigrants. cruz born in canada to a cuban born father and american mother. the u.s.s constitution states that a presidential candidate must be a n atural born citizen. the case will be heard in broward at 11:00. and now to a story you'll see only here on lol 10. a man behind bars after allegedly trying to sell a stolen bike. a victim says she s saw an craigslist. suspect. >> i clicked it on bicycle and my bicycle showed up and i couldn't believe it. i became nervous. i couldn't believe it. >> we met with the subject, did that elements of the crime and thankfully for the
6:36 am
and get her bicycle back. >> the serial number on the bieblg matched her's. police say they would target people inside of a bank, puncture their tire and offer to help them out with the real intention of stealing the victim's money. cops arresting these two. police say they were caught last week of a dedective saw one of the men puncturing a woman's tire while she was inside the bank of america in doral. new this morning a georgia judge has anted a motion to unseal the autopsy report for bobbi kristina brown later today. police found brown unconscious in her atlanta home last january. a spokesperson for nick gordon says his attorneys are interested in what the autopsy says after there were allegations he may have played a role in her
6:37 am
ahead of the so-called beyonce boycott at her concert next month, some police officers say they are still backing the star. a representative called on officers not to volunteer as security for the show following beyonce's performance at the super bowl half time show. miami's mayor and chief of police assured fans there wiwi be security for the event. >> the event is going to go on and we're going to police the event. >> the only role of the city of miami is to protect the people in the concert and that is going to happen. >> the miami african-a-erican police union has publicly denounced the effort to boycott the concert calling it irresponsible behavior. someone in)the key it's $300 million richer this morning. we don't know who that person is just yet but the winning ticket was bought at the tom thumb store. a high-rise condo building set to go up in do you know miami.
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already receiving some push back. while construction on the world center is being clouded by controversy. fan favorite jaromir jagr adding another page to the history books last night during the panther gameme we'll tell what you it was. police say a suspected robbers held up girl scouts. how they were caught and whose helping that girl scout troop right now. lots to talk about in the weekend forecast. there are a lot of events local 10 is hosting. i have all the the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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breaking news out of yemen. 16 people werekilled including four nuns. recall say the gunman separated those nuns from the others, started shooting them.
6:41 am
responsibility for a wave of attacks in this area but no word yet on whether or not they will claim responsibility for this rampage. construction has kicked off on the lavish miami world center. while the first brick has yet to be laid, controversy surrounds the massive development. the world center will span six downtown miami city blocks once it is completed but some people are worried that the lower income stipulations will be pushed out. >> we have to work harder to do something about housing and job opportunities for low income people and projects like this pronounce that. >> the developer has reed to hire thousands communities. thee annual carnival miami festival kicks off some of the local 10 news team will be out there. >> stop by the local 10 booth on saturday from
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this is who you w will see, christina vazquez, terrell forney, carlos suarez and shyann malone. max mayfield and betty davis noon to 2:30 as well. >> calvin hughes, jeff weinsler and michael seiden along with amy viteri, hatzel vela and victor oquendo. sasarday, if that doesn't work for you, come on out sunday from noon to 2:30, along with todd tongen and kristi krueger. by 2:30 on sunday, laurie jennings, glenna millberg, michael putney and liane morejon all will be out there at carnival on the mile. come out and say hi. we're looking forward to seeing you. >> join me at the walk for animals first. look at my little baby i can't i can't jagger. >> he looks ready to go. >> he will be there with me on stage and then we'll be in the pace car for the mile long walk. we are going to have a great time. it's going to be a great weekend.
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beautiful. >> the their's going to cooperate. we will notice a little bit of a cloud cover and a slight chance of a a shower lingering until tomorrow morning. here's the breakdown and the forecast. saturday we will see temperatures in the low 70s at 11:00. 78 by 2:00 and 75 by 5:00. remember the party goes until:00 as our local 10 personalities will be out there. you heardrd jacey mention the walk for the animals a little bit earlier. temperatures a little bit cooler starting in the low to mid 60s across parts of southflorida. temperature 72 by 11:00. a live look outside. we are seeing very cloudy conditions across parts of south florida. dodon't look very prqtty, not nearly as pretty as we see all week long. we are seeing temperatures in the low 70s. should be waking up to64 degrees. we are officially six degrees above where we should be this timeef
6:44 am
that's going to set the stage for a very warm, humid day. 68 pembroke pines, 75 keall. the winds ahead of a weak front. we'll continue to keep that relative humidity ahead of the increase. possibly if you're waking up in ft. lauderdale or if you're walk out the door in hollywood at hollywood beach. not bad weather for it. a bit humid though. we are expecting to increase the relative humidity as this front does approach. we'll keep the chance of a shower in the forecast later today. this morning we s suld stay dry even though we have the blanket of cloud cover around. most of the precipitation to the north of lake okeechobee with the leading edge of this front. bringing snow across parts of the northeast. we also have moisture. that's why we're expecting that slight chance of a shower later today as t the front moves in. once the front clears, look at that pocket of dry air. this will continue to push towards the south and that's what's going to provide for a nice
6:45 am
temperatures won't be all that chilly. the jet@ streams are treated to the north keeping that cold air away from u u today warm, not much rain. that chance of showers will be in@the forecast by the afternoon as the front does move in. going into tomorrow highs will be in the upper 70s, low 80s by sunday. back to that tractor trailer into a building. this is 71st street and carlisle avenue. what fire rescue is telling us is this was a crash involving two cars. on scene. everyone is okay and all lanes are back open on 71st street. there. taking a look at broward county, i-95 this is sterling road, northbound lanes and southbound lanes lookinggreat. broward county are you accident-free. around the palmetto expressway seeing some delays here with speeds clocking in nine miles per hour. now let's talk a little sports.
6:46 am
the suns at american airlines arena last night. gorgeousen dragic taking that energy to the basketball court here, the steal, takes the bucket coast to coast. heat go on a big run 20-5. dwyane wade fada way. he had 20-7. 108-92. over500. they haven't been that good since the big three were together. on the ice the panthers taking on the avalanche. he gets an assist on this goal. jagr now tied for third in nhl history with 1,850 points but the cats did lose 3-2. meanwhile marcel looks like he's in midseason form.
6:47 am
though? great grab.the marlins though, lose it 4-3. and the number 21 um women's team are advancing after beating pittsburgh 77-55. the team plays fsu today in the quirt finals. long lost sisters are reunited after 5 years. >> but there's a twist to this story. turns out they knew e eh other all along.
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6:49 am
were relate saudi next. new this morning, detectives say two thieves turned themselves in after they allegedly stole a cash box from a girl scout selling cookies in deltona. they pulled the box right out of the hands of a 12-year-old girl. an anonymous call to police led the detectives right to them. there's still no sign of the cash box which had a
6:50 am
a hazing ritual for a new mexico high school basketball team. the verse tee players can be seen punching and can i being freshman players as the team's coach just sits in the front of the bus. a 15-year-old was left with a broken nose. the coach is on leave. officials belie this type of hazing could have gone on for years. a special unveiling for thursday in miami gardens unveiling a woman who made history african-american police officer back in 1962. the community honored her legacy by immortalizing her name. >> she was jus an honest little strong lady that went about doing what was right and what was good. >> an honoro meet and have a street named after when i grandmother. >> thelma spent 20 years with miami-dade police. she died last summer at
6:51 am
i wasn't being held hostage. no, i wasn't sitting up there tnking, oh, my god, what have i done? i was standing up there supporting the person who i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton of the remaining republican candidates and it's why i endorse them. >> that is new jersey governor chris christie speaking out about his viral super tuesday moment, the blank stare on his face, he says he was listening intently and didn't think smiling was appropriate at that time. >> i wasn't upset, angry, despondent other than happy we had done as well as we had done that night and listening to someone give a press conference. the internet sure had its fun with christie. and then poping a little fun at christie with the
6:52 am
the sign originally read free our girls but the internet spiced it up changing it to say free chris christie. he laughed and said that wasn't the case. two women in new york jusus found out they are sisters but even more unbelievable, her not strangers. one of the women said she knew w e was adopted. 30 years later she found out her long lost sister was her favorite college professor. the other woman didn't remember her student, the connection was immediate. >> my heart skipped a beat and i was excited because i could tell by her voice and bubbly personality that we would hit it off. >> sisters say they are sharing their incredible story inn hopes of inspiring other adopties to discover their roots. >> they knew they were adopted but didn't know they had a sibling. you can find anyone these days. >> that's one of the
6:53 am
facebook, search engines. we're keeping up with one of the top story of the morning today. >> very sad. a mom accused of dumping her toddler in the trash. what led to this happening. we'll let you know what
6:54 am
6:55 am
little girl was found. gma gets stataed here on local 10. >> here's a look at what they are working on from new york. >> trump fielding personal attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz. rubio joins us this morning with his take on the night. all coming up nextt on gma. hey, south florians check out this live look outside. some clouds around, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s with a west southwest wind ahead of a front that will continue to keep our cloud cover in place and bring us a slighter
6:56 am
the afterno. if you have outdoor plans this afternoon, go ahead and do them. make sure the kids have a poncho because they could s s the slight chance of a shower around 4:00. no major accidentsto report in broward or in dade county but we are seeing that typical stop and go traffic we usually see in the mornings. this is i-95 southbound as you're approaching the golden glades. slow s seds there. if you're heading in that direction give yourself a littl extra time before heading out the door. speeds at 13 miles perr hour. our top stories here this friday morning. you see s.u.v.s smashing through the bus stop, hitting a woman in a wheelchair. unfortunately, no one was seriously hurt. this bus stop has seen similar crashes in the past. a mother in plantation it under arrest after police say she threw her own toddler in the trash. two witnesses saw the mother throw that little girl in the dumpster and quickly ran to get help. they say the mother told
6:57 am
miscarriage and issuffering from depression. a jefferson offering an 18-year-old victim a ride before pulling a gun demanding that she strip. he's found guilty of attempted rape among other charges. we're also learnqng new information about that tractor trailer crash on 71st street that you've been telling us about it. no one was hurt in the crash? >> no one was hurt in the crash, everyonees okay. all lanes are back opening. across south florida on this busy fridaday morning. >> hope you guys make it a great weekend. come see us at carnival, the walk for the animals. julie says the weather is going to be nice. thank you for that. >> thank you. you all can't yell at me on monday. >> see you, south florida.
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6:59 am
on legal 10. cc1 test message good morning, america. marco rubio and ted cruz team up against donald trump. >> come on. >> the republican presidential candidates did not hold back last night. donald trump firing back against peonal attacks.
7:00 am
they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> and dishing his own. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen. >> as mitt romney tries to rally the gop with a blistering attack against trump. >> a phony. >> trump responds. >> they've runhings for a long time and they've run the country into hell. >> marco rubioill join us this morning. also t ts morning, the dangerous morning commute. millions now facing slick roads coast. eight states on alert right now. explosive crash. the driver hopping a curb, plowing into a gas pump. the massive fire it left behind. was he asleep behind the wheel and can you dance like this star? ballroom? the brand-new cast member we


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