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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> announcer: live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> eric: right off the top at noon. a close call in miami beach when a delivery truck ends up wedged longside a building. only on local 10, the driver is talking to us. >> amy: local 10 reporter jeff he joins us live from miami beach with this exclusive. jeff? >> reporter: amy, talk about a close call. that truck wound up herebetween the building and wedged between the palm trees. the driver of the truck said the impact. get this, the tourist from argentina who blew a stop sign and caused this crash jumped up and tried to blame the driver of the truck, but miami police officers who were here said no way. >> coming on eastbound, a car had blew a stop sign right there.
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>> reporter: michael johnson was behi the wheel of this gordon food service truck when a tourist from argentina blew a stop sign on 71st flight his path. the force of the crash with him swerveswerving had him head trait for an apartment building. >> reporter: did you see it all happening before your eyes? >> it happened so fast, no. >> reporter: he was on the fourth-floor balcony and saw it from above. he snapped this picture. the impact rocked many out of bed. >> i was sitting there and i heard a pop. i heard a pop, i saw the truck going this way and i went inside and i said he is going to hit the building. shake the whole building? the truck didn't hit the building directly but the force did cause the rented toyota truck who blew the stop sign to flip. pierre ramsey was jogging down 71st street and was feet from
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>> the noise and i heard whee. >> reporter: if the crash had happened ten seconds earlier he uld have been in the truck's path. >> i wld have been gone. >> reporter: if there is any good news out here no one was injured. believe it or not, amy and ericbelieve it or not, amy and eric. no structural damage whatsoever to this building. driver, the tourist t from argentina, he was cited and there were some traffic issue on miami beach because of this. overtall could have been a whole lot worse. live in miami beach, jeff weinsi, local 10 news. >> amy: thank you, jeff. a schooscare in miami after a suspicious package was tound at this academy. sky 10 was over the scene on the viviimen backer causeway. all students were on the field and they were later led back inside. he referred to my hands that if they are small, something else muust be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem.
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>> eric: the beginning of the night. a string of insults at the republican debate. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz took jabsst donald trump. we are hearing from a prominent south florida democrat about the debate. senior political reporter michael putney iss live in sunmichael putney is live in sunrise with the story. >> reporter: amy, the democrat we spoke to this morning at the bb&t center is ebby wasserman schultz, the democratic congresswoman from weston and committee. she said that it sunk to a new low. >> i would suggest that the chairman of the rnc, maybe put a parental advisy on the next two debates, because i thought their etoric and the -- and the gutter that they went to was appalling. >> reporter: wasserman schultz said the republican presidential candidates didn't do themselves or their party any favors at last night's debate. >> i have never seen anything like what has gone on on the
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presidential election. haos. >> reporter: the dnc chair says the democratic presidential debates have been substantive and civil, but hillary clintoxn still faces questions about her private e-mail server. >> the fact that this aideeto secretary clinton has been given immunity, the fella who installed the e-mail server at her home, that is worry some, isn't it? >> well, it is certainly something that is continuing to >> reporter: the congresswoman also says secretary of state john kerry did the right thing by cancelling a trip to cuba in a dispute over which dissidentts president obama will speak to when he goes to the island. >> the president wants to meet with anyone that we choose. he doesn't want to be -- he doesn't want to be subjected to what the castro regime has done for decades which is trot out
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-- that will stand in line and say what they want said. >> reporter: representative wasserman schultz said off camera as to which disints on the island that president obama gets to speak toois not settled soon, it could jeopardize his trip. we are live in sunrise, michael putney, local 10 news. >> amy: thank you, michael. a reminder that the florida primary is 11 days away. early voting in miami-dade and monroe county. it starts tomorrow in broward and palm beach county. you can count on local 10 for your election coverage. we are always bringing you the latest results and analysis on air and online. and the united states and cuba relations. fallout today om secretary john kerry's surprising decision to cancel@ his trip to cuba. this comes two weeks before president obama is scheduled vilts the communist nation. local 10 reporter hatzel vela live in west miami dade. hatzel, why was kry's trip cancelled? >> reporter: for many reasons.
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hour, i can tell that you we just got done saking with orlando butares. they track dissidents on the island and he says this is a critical moment in the relationcritical moment in the relationship between cuba and america. i can tell you as you mentionedi can tell you as you mentioned, one of the questions you asked, secretary john kerryyou asked, secretary john kerry's trip was supposed toto happen this week. the secretary of state was going to travel to the island to talk about human rights. word is the tripword is the trip was cancelled over cuba's human rights records as diplomats negotiate on a whole list of issues including which dissidents president obama will meet when necessary havana i should say. u.s. officials say kerry's time frame to travel to cuba was not seen as constructive to the onseen as constructive to e ongoing human rights dialogue. critics here in south florida of the president's upcoming visit to cuba say america haven't received much for restorerestoring diplomatic relations
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could be a breakdown in conversations when it comes to human rights. >> an obvious reality that no one can hide. there is no progress on uman rights in cuba. the region continues to violate human flights increased violence against the oppressionviolence against the pression. increased oppression against the growing dissident movement in cuba. the congressional hearings whenn secretary kerry testified. and he was confronted with the hard facts of increased repression in cuba. i think kerry's decision to cancel the trip is a symptom of how deep the difference over human rights of the c ctro regime and the u.s. government is. >> reporter: all right, at this point no announcement has been mama which dissidents that president obama will meet with. the president expected to make that trip on march 21 and 22. for now reporting live in southwest miami-dade, hatzel vela, local0 news. >> eric: hatzel, thanks.
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a special news team with calvin will be right here. a man is behind bars accused of pickpocketing a 9accused of pickpocketing a 94-year-old man. the thief walking into the publix supermarket back in december. he followed the victim around the store and eventually snatchthe store and eventually snatched the man's wallet. derrick hope was arrested for unrelated charges and confessed to the pickpocket incident and is facing more charges including grand theft. now the cause of death for bobbi k+bobbi kristina brown. brown died because her face was immersed in wwater complicating drug intoxication.marijuana and alcohol as well as medication to trea anxiety. a request by media organizationa request by mediaorganizations to unseal her full autopsy report. the 22-year-old daughter of thee late whitney houston was found face down and unresponsive in a thtub last january. she died in hospice care months later. a new twist in the long-running oj simpson murder case.
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a folding buff knife recovered from his former la he is tape. the same type of weapon believed to be used in the 1994 murders of nicole brown and ron goldman. a construction worker found in the late '90s. he turned it over to an officer who kept it as memorabiliaa instead of showing it as evidence. simpson can't be prosecuted a second time. he is serving a 33-year sentence on a unrelated case. we are waiting live to hear from los angeles police. we will carry that news conference as soon as it airs on local 10. and working to develop symptom to help track the spread of the zika virus that is spread through mosquito bites and potentially linked to birth defects. google experts are working withgoogle experts are inging with unicef. three new casesesave been confirmed in miami-dade county which have the most patients@in the state withthe state with 22 the state with 22.
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toe mall in in florida. all,of those patients were infected while traveling. only four are still exhibiting symptoms of the virus. take a look at your stocks today. not too bad. all green. the dow jones industrials up 75 points. nasdaq up nearly 23. and snp 500 up 9.78 all right, a mother facing charges accused of tossing her child right in the trash. >> amy: the latest on the case and who can get custody of the child. a rescue at sea after a royal caribbean passenger injured. hohoa champagne bottle led to that injury. for news south florida, such a nice friday afternoon. a cold front coming our way. i will talk ball that in a few minunus, but check out these temperatures already hitting 83 degrees across much of our area. things are warming up.
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los angeles police speaking right now about the developments in the oj simpsoncase. let's listen in. >> so we need to look into that>> so we need to look into thatat and our robbery homicide is going to look into that. what i can tell that you the story as it is told to us by the persowe received it from and the person that we received this knife from is a retired lapd officer who retired back in the late '90s. he was a motor officer, and at that time, according to him, he
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-- he was working a movie job which a lot of our officers do on an off-duty basis, as well as our retired officers. so i do not know whether he was retired at the time that he allegedly received this item from the person who claimed they fouou it on the property or whether he was still, in fact, a lapd officer and retired some time after that. so we are looking into that. e bottom line is, with all cases that remain open such as the oj simpson and other murderr cases and robbery cases, unless there is a actual arrest or conviction to prove that we have actually closed the case, the cases remain open. that is the -- where we are with the oj simpson case. i shouldn't say the oj simpson case. this has been nicole brown case. this is a double homicide that is still open and ongoing. so the investigators will continue to look at this.
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from robbery homicide investigators. it is being treated as we would all evidence. it has been submitted to our lab. they are going to study it and examine it for all forensics, including serology and dna and hair samples and that is onhair samples and that is ongoing as we speak. with that i can take a couple of questions and i may not be able to answer all of your questions. let me start here first. >> reporter: caffin, mark mesner. your reactions with the officer with lapd that decides to keep evidence of what some may describe the biggest muurder trial in all of la history. wh is your reaction to that. >> i am really surprised. i wouou that i a la pd officer -- if thi story is accurate the way we are being told. would know that any time you come into contact with evidencecome into contact with evidence, you shall assassinate to investigators. i don't know what the circumstances are, why that
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entirely accurate or if this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go involving a variety of people. we are looking into that but i was quite shocked. so in terms of charges, the officer is retired. so in terms of administrative charges with the department, we will look into, but at this point, i don't believe there that can be filed because he is department. as far as criminal allegations, robbery homicide and our investigators will look intif there is any ponteniality of criminal charges related to this -- [inaudible] >> i don't have that information and the investigators have asked we not `be descriptive about the knife. they haven't told me so i don't accidentally tell you for obvious reasons. we need to,one, first of all determine if this is evidence.
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we prove one way or the other that it is not. the only way to do that is to be able to challenge the people involved as to what -- where it was it recovered, where it was alleged to have been, et ceteraalleged to have been, et cetera. >> reporter: [inaudible] [reporter asking question] >> my understanding that it i a knife. it is not a machete, so -- [reporter asking question] [inaudible] >> so my understanding -- i am not an attorney, but my understanding from being a police officer for nearly 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place here. so we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides that he has already been charged with because he has been acquitted.[inaudible] it depends. it depends on what kind of evidence they are able to glean from the item, but we are working on that and obviously a
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are interested to finding out as quickly as possible to put this story to rest and to confirm something. [reporter asking question] [inaudible] >> as i am told the off-duty or retired officer was working in the area of the rockingham estate and claims that an individual who claimed to be a construction woer provided him with this knife claiming it was found on the property. so he held on to it until just recently when we discovered that he had it, and we hav now recovered it within the last month. [inaudible] `>> that may be part of the investigation, but i don't know. [reporter asking question] [inaudible] >> there will be plenty of additional investigation. i don't know where that will lead our investigators. that property as many of you know have been demolished and rebuilt. i don't know if they will be
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looking at all options. let me go lover here. [inaudible] we are not going to provide the exact dates because that could to our investigators proving or disproving the legitimacy of this item, where it came from and how was it involved. [inaudible] i don't know that. [reporter asking question] >> i don't have that information, sorry. it is my understanding that he believed that it was -- that the case was closed, which, again, is a possibility that he had that misunderstanding. so, again, as i explained at the beginning, any case that is not -- we don't have a conviction on all of the charges or we are not able to prove to our satisfaction that we have proved the facts of the case remains an open case. that is the case here.
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>> i don't know what his statement is. thats the information i have at this time so i am sure we will look into that further. we are not releasing his nameat this time. [inaudible] we don't. we will be looking at that and seeing that storand you believe you are the individual that provided this knife, we love for to you contact our robbery homicide division and we will get more information from you then. [reporter asking quesion] [inaudible] >> i don't know that. we will lolok into any potentiality of any criminal charges that may be involved here. [reporter asking question] [inaudible] >> i don't know that. >> reporter: how much dna is available over time? >> i am not a forensic expert but depending on where an item is kept and how it is stored
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possible to get na -- i mean look at what we do forensically with ournatural history, discovery of items that are very old. so we are hopeful if this is inlved, our investigators will submit it to the labs that are really good at what they do and we will see. [inaudible] i don't know. [inaudible] >> depends on the type of testing and condition of the forensics if we discover any fonsics and a lot of processes and i'm not a scientist. we have folks who are experts in that and they will do everything in theiir power to maintain that and produce anything that is produceable. >> reporter: i apologize if you already memeioned it but you talk about -- [inaudible] >> so it was brought to our attention that this retired officer had an item that was
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taken from or recovered from the rockingham estate back in the '90s. and that's how -- once we learned about that we followed up and recovered it from him. i don't know how the contact was made. but discovered it and our investigators immediately followed up on that. [reporter asking question] >> that i don't know. i don't know where it was recovered or how it was reported to have been recoveredreported to have been recovered. [reporter asking question] [inaudible] >> well, when a case remains open, it is handed you off to a special team.our open case team and that's who has it at robbery homicide. they would not have been the original investigators on the case. that goes on for years. a number of cases that were still open from a decade ago where the officers and investigators are certainly retired by now. last question.
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officer was retired and kept the item? >> i don't have that information. we are trying to determine thatwe are trying to determine that, what his status with was when it was handed to him whether he was retired or shortly retired after that. all i can tell that you he did retire in the late '90s and i am not sure when that came into his possession. >> was he working a movie shift>> was he working a movie shift. >> a lot of our officers work in los angeles -- not lapd motorcycles, but work on movie bicycles and they are in hapd uniform business agreement by the city andnd the department that they work the jobs. it is my understding he was working one of those jobs as a motor officer for the movie job so he would be retired if he was off duty by the lapd.
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>> we are not providing his name at thiss time. police department is confirming they are right now analyzing a knife. this knife allegedly found at the estate of oj simpson, found in thehe'90s found by a construction worker and immediately handed over to a lapd police officer. but instead of urning it in as evidence kept that knife as morabilia. it knew knife is being identified. and so they will now move forward and a knife found at the estate of oj simpsons back in the '90s. that knife being analyzed y department. this is the breaking story and we will bring you the latest developments throughout the day on local 10. in other news, a young mother in plantation remaining in jail after police say she
12:26 pm
local 10 r rorter shyann malone is live from plantation and when will the@ mother be out of jail and who will have custody of the sdmild. >> reporter: i got an e-mail. the child is in state custody and will be placed with her grandmother after she passes a in-home evaluation. the mother is still behind barsthe mother is still behind bars. even if she posts bond, a lengthy process ahead before she is released. understanding that the recommendation of both parents is the paternal grandmother. >> reporter: a judge ruled yesterday that the child be placed with her paternal grand mother after completing an in-home evaluation. will remain there until the father clears a drug test and he will take over custody. sheffield is spending day three hind bars after she threw her 2-year-old dmild a dumpster. she miscarried two months ago
12:27 pm
>> reporter: there have notbeen any any ear incidents involving a child. we willllcontinue to stay on top of this story. and reporting live in plantation, shyann malone, local 10 news. >> amy: thank you, shyan cleanup at a bus stop after it was bashed by a driver who lost control. a woman in a wheelchairiralmost got hit. this is far from the first timing is like this happened and they are demanding change until someone gets seriouly hurt. look at the video, the woman in the wheelchair said before she knew it she was knocked to the ground. the car came toa stop after hitting an office building near 42nd avenue in miami. the driver of the car was leaving the parking lot and claims another car practically forced her off the road. >> actually cross>> actually crashed into the bus stop before four times. the city needs to do something and remove this bus stop from here. dangerous for anybody waiting for the bus there. >> if i had been two feet
12:28 pm
>> amy: the driver was cited. last novembea similar scene captured on the exact same surveillance camerara. we are learning more of the student accusing the head babketball coach of sexual misbasketball coach of sexual misconduct. >> amy: she was suspended from the team last month and t td tongen is live in southwest miami-dade to tell us why. todd? >> reporter: this really, the scandal is the buzz on campus right now for a basketball coach, the head coach, marlin chinn remains on suspension accused of sexual misconduct with one of his student athletes. destini feagin made the allegation one day after she was suspended from the team while a criminal theft investigation is ongoing. the senior and team captain filed complaint with the nca that chinn loaned her $600 back in december which could be a possible rules violation.
12:29 pm
agin were suspended. said chinn was pursuing a sexual relationship with her and did not come forward until her troubles came to light and she was suspended from the teamshe was suspended from the team. fiu released a statement saying in part, we want to reiterate there is no tolerance for misthere is no tolerance for misconduct by an employee or a student. we will pursue the truth while supporting the victim a ensuring due process for all involved. pretty quiet yet outside o@ the basketball arena. the campus is certainly busy, but right now nothing is going on outside the arena. we are live e in southwest miami-dade, "today," local 10 news amesbury thank you, todd. new at noon, a medical emergency at sea when a person sawvrnd eye injury from a chaagne cork. they needed to provide mmedical, because of the severity of the eye injury the passenger was `taken off the ship and taken to the hospital.
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spring here but parts of the northeast. they are seeing winter p to six inches of snow across much of d.c., virginia and n jersey last night. the storm blanketing pennsylvania, new york andndven north carolina. all of that will soon turn slush as temperatures start to rise there into next week. >> amy: not a bad time of year to be here south florida. >> eric: a beautiful time. and our temps have been rising considerably, jennifer, as wellconsiderably, jennifer, as well. >> jennifer: eric and amy, as we head into a weekend it will feel warm out there. good news. it nice and dry. not too humid. looks great to head out for lunch.leave the umbrellas at home. absolutely gorgeous skies with a few cumulus clouds over ft. lauderdale. 81 in ft. lauderdale. 83 in miami. 83 in key west. we are hitting those 80s. by the way a little bit above that average. this time year we should be hitting 79. so, yeah, we are warmer than that, but it is not too bad. now there is a cold front, and it is still to the north of us,
12:31 pm
another thing to talk about as far as rain. you can see the clouds sweeping through along that cold front. by the way the cold front is dry, it is weak. it will not bring us precipitation; however, there could be a chance for a few cocotal showers as we head into tomorrow as an east wind quickly returns. so high pressure is building in behind the front that will keep us mainly dry for the weekend. but, again, you can't rule out those coastal showers for saturday rolling on shore mainly earlier on the day. also the one and only local 10 will be out there at -- out miracle mile at carnivale on the mile starting tomorrow. actually all through the weekend. for tomorrow in the mornrng expect a mix of clouds and sun and should stay like that for much of the day. tomorrow is warm but not as warm as today with a high of 78. heading out to the beach. use the sunscreen. slight rip current risk surf up to one foot. for boaters no advisories.
12:32 pm
the bays with a light chop. seas 1 to 2 feet. right now miami, 8 3. ft. lauderdale, 81. we still have time to rise these temperatures to get that high of 84 degrees. but by around 3:00, we will be back down at 82 degrees. and falling down into the low 60s as we wake up saturday morning. they will be feeling nice and comfortable and then we start to warm things up just a tad on sunday. notice rain chances only staying down 20%. can't rule out those coastal showers again early in the day. eric. and almost forget. your weathth authority always keeping you on track with the latest forecast. chief certified betty davis will, of course, continue to talk about our weekend forecast starting at 4:00. >> eric: thanks, jennifer. a rprise for a police officer after he stops a driver for speeding. >> amymy turns out a famous singer was in thacar. how gladden made his birthday
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last month on the job, slight economic growth. hiring 232,000 jobs according to the labor department. this beats economists expection by 50,000 jobs. the employment ratte held steady at a eight-year low at 4.9%. next friday in today's dr. oz moment, how to shrink your stomach in just one week. >> a lott of folks realize that a week is too short to lose a lot of weight, but not too short a time to lose the bloat or more importantly the water weight. we will give you a plan that will work for the waterway and based on the content of getting the processed foods that have carbs in them.
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i will be there to greet you, clay ferraro, todd tongen and kristi krueger. morejon. > the walk for the animals is tomorrow. join local 10 animal advocate jacey birch along with her dog, jagger, to support the humane society. s huizenga plaza in ft. lauderdale and get going at 8 a.m. a happy ending for sisters that found themselves after 50
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en join laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11:00. >> amy: families of 12 passengers on malaysia flight 370 is sued t airline and the government two days before the two-year anniversary of the disappearance. lawsuits. and lawyer of ten said the clients declined to sue earlier but nothin reasonable was being offered by the airlines. the faly of el faro's crewmembers have reached a settlement. they will pay each 500,000 for pain and suffering and a specified amount for economic
12:42 pm
settled with 14 of the 33 crewmembers who died as el faro was sailing to puerto rico when joaquin. 53 years, two women in new sisters,s,ut even more unbelievable they are not strangers. >> eric: the woman knew she was adopt and en she started her own family she searched for her biological family. 30 years later she learned that her lolo sister is her favorite college professor. why the other woman did not remember the student, the nnection was immediate. >> high heart skipped a beat and i was excited because i could tell by her voice and her bubbly personality that we would hit it off. >> eric: the sisters are sharing their incredible story and are encncouraging addoptees to look for their rootot a little girl picked up a phone and called f fashion advice. >> amy: whoever, who she called was 911 for help on putting on her pants.
12:43 pm
responded to her home coming upresponded to her home coming
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12:46 pm
a terrible story out of washington. three children were killed in a house fire early this morning. officials say the children were sleeping upstairs and their mmher was sleeping downstairs when the house caught fire. they sayshe was unable to get upstairs to reach them and was able to escape without injuriesable to escape without injuries. officials say unclear what sparked that fire. chicago, called out driver for being in the bike lane. 19-year-old with the go pro cameme. made a comment to the white suv for being in the bikeane and the driver chased him and got out and attacked the teenager nching and kicking him in the face. >> i didn't know when he was going to stop. i didn't know when he would ever kick me. we do that over a few words. it is not right. >> eric: the driver got away and the teen was left with a bloody eye.
12:47 pm
a 911 call led for a deputy getting a new little friend. a 2-year-old dialed an emergency number to get help putting on her pants. >> wanted help with her shoes. and then she want need hug her and holol her and it just -- i kept saying it made my day. it was just -- it made my day because she was so sweet and so outgoing. >> amy: the girl's grandfather was watching her at the time and he had no idea she had called 911. mom said she showed her how this dial the number but didn't think she understood exactly what to do.the deputy was happy to help with the wardrobe emergency and called it the best part of her day. eric: the kids have that phone. the police officers have to expect the unexpected as they never quite know what to encounter while on duty. >> eric: one officer was not expecting who would be in the call he pupued over for speeding. legendary soul singer gladdenlegendary soul singer gladden.the passenger seat. the officer was celebrating a birthday and had his wife ang as well.
12:48 pm
happy birthday to the officer and what do you know, the driver was let off without a warning. a familiar face on season 22 of dancing with the stars. >> eric: yes.
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last night at american air last night at american airlines arena. this is what we were doing. they did what they needed to dothey did what they needed to do. drajic from behind. swipe the ball away. goran has speed. going coast to coast. he had a good night and dane wade. wade caps off a 20- heat. he had 27 points. the new guy joe johnson. miami wins 108-92. now nine games over 500. they haven't been that good since the big three were together.
12:52 pm
taking on the avalanche in colorado and more nfl history for jagger. he is tied for third with 1850 points. good for him and the cats did lose 3-2. and another contestant has been announced for season 22 of "dance"dancing with the stars" a familiar face on local 10. "good morning america" chief meteorologist ginger zee will be showing off her moves on the dance floor. a busy time for the new mom. she has been on maternity leave since hving her son adrian on december 20. >> you have "dancing with the stars" still working on "gma" primaryprimarily a a mama. >> mommy first. >> so how growing balalae it snow fall. >> that is the thing -- i want to do it for him. i want to show -- i think a lot of moms out there can probably say it is you have to go back to work. i am going to dive fully in and take every single day as it comes and do as much for him first. >> zee returns from maternity
12:53 pm
"dancing with the stars" airs. >> eric: go ginger. we are rooting for you. a look outside. beautiful outside and the beach is packed. >> amy: looks lovely.
12:54 pm
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you get the speed that's right for you. and if you call now you can get a $100-dollar promotional card with this great offer! only from at&t. call an at&t expert to switch today. well, it may sound just too god to be true. >> eric: boeing is developing
12:56 pm
in for customer test. technology uses uv lights to kill more th 99% of germs. toilet seats will raise automatically to make sure the entire seat is exposed. boeing said it is still in the testing phase. every lavatory and bathroom. >> you know whati would hope a bigger bathroom than the plane. to have enough room especially when you run into turbulence, no fun. ` anyway, good afternoon, south florida. and it is a beautiful one. also a warm one already hitting those llow 80s all across south floridid except key west in the upper 70s. winds north-northwest. tomorrow walk with the animals. head oututhere. an east breeze and there could be a coastal shower early in the morning, but that's about it. rain chances only 20%.. and always keeping you on trackand always keeping you on ack. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00 to talk about the weeekend weather amesbury sounds good, jennifer. thank you for watching and "the chew" is xt. >> eric: we will be back at
12:57 pm
the latest breaking news all day. go to
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weeken >> announcer: put down that fork and knife and get ready to eat with your hands. carla's serving up a quick and tasty bite-sized snack thahawill have you poppin' till you're droppin'. then clinton's in the kitchen with "orange is the new black's" laura prepon.
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it's almost criminal. plus, michael has gone straight to meat heaven. >> what happens when you bring together 25 of the country's greatest chefs foroan epic meat battle, cooking every part of the animal with only live fire? it is meatopia. >> announcer: get ready to grab some grub right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, welcome to "the chew." get ready, folks, because today we're going crazy. forget the forks and bust out the napkins. we are deving the entire show to foods you eat with your hands. [ cheers and applause ] oh, i didn't know there was choreography involved. >> jazz hands everywhere. >> whenever i do this, i think of the song that we singng backstage. a lot of people don't realize this) but we have a song that we sing often backstage and it goes like this. my name is mario


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