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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  WPLG  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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crimestoppers, that. andrew perez. >> victor: we want to take one more look at that man seen getting away in a tan s. so if you think you recognize him call bward crimestoppers, that number again 954-493-tips. >> laurie: also publix pickpocket with an arrest made in connection with five separate cases of theft all of them happening a publix super markets. tonight we're hearing from one years old. >> victor: he spoke with our ane morejon and she is live now from pean crest. >> liane: judging from the amount of time this guy has allegedly committed other crimes, he's very comfortable. ai he targets elderly people, many times wearing the same outfit or same hat. when is thiss where the oldest of those victims was hit at publix in pinecrest. tonight we spoke with him. he sd he's happy this person was caught.
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pickpocket who targets our communities' most vulnerable. the 32-year-old derrick hope faces grand theft and theft on the elderly. >> the guy got me when i wasn't paying any attention. >> liane: 94-year-old air force veteran john b bd is one of hope's alleged victims. he is seen on surveillance video inners is a publix off us-1 and 134 avenue in pinecrest. police say hope took but are's wallet as he bent down for cat food. >> he took my credit cards rightht out of my pocket like it was a -- it was a easy thing for him to do, but it was very tough on me. >> liane: hope alleged will you won't a shopping spree at bloomingdale's and macy's. >> it was over $6,000 worth of goods that he got there. >> liane: police have tied hope to three other cases in surfside and one in coral gables in which a-run-year-old woman was targeted it's a p.u.c. in lejeune r road. >> he is lingering behind her.
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her money to buy $900 worth of pluto better said he's still traumatized by what happened to him. >> every time i go u u this shopping now, i think about it, and it was very tough. >> liane: hope ha legendliydenied to police that he committed any pickpocoet sort of crimes but is cooperating with some of the credit cards fraud charges. in the police report it also says that he was remorseful and would like to apologize to his derly victim. he's being held on $43,500 bond. pinecrest tonight, liane morejon, local10 news. jailed. the corrections officer accused of extorting inmates out of thousands of dollars, and ton she's the one behind bars. loca0 news reporter direct shore joins us live now with derek. >> derek: that's right. that veteran corrections officer is accused of black mailing fortunately inmates, telling them that they would be back behind bars if they didn't hand over their money.
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custody. officer christie laster in charge of rehabilitating criminals but tonight she's accused of beingng one herself, in custody behind bars for allegedly shaking down the inmates out on work release she was supposed to be supervising. we stopped by her opa-locka home. no one answered the door, but her neighbor told us she'ss shocked. >> she always seemed to have been quiet. i'm shocked. i'm surprised to hear that. that's unbelievable. sad to hear. >> derek: take a look at these evidence photos obtained by local10 allegedly showing the veteran corrections officer collecting money from different boot camp c educates various banks and other locations, allegedly making them cash their checks and stand hand her the money. where was the cash going? according to the state attorney's office laster enjoyed frequenting the seminole hard rock casino. they estimate her gambling losses there at nearly $40,000. and today the director of
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rehabilitation says "i am deeply saddened over this incident. our actions should send a strong meanings that persons involved in these types of crimes will not be tolerated, and we will be pursued to the fullest extent of law. " laster remains behind bars tonight on nearly half a million dollars bond. that's facing nearly 30 felony charge we're live in west miami-dade, derek shore. local10 news. >> laurie: new video of an unholy act at a hialeah church, a man seen trying to break inside, and tonight he's still on the run. >> victor: local10 news reporter shyann malones live at the scene with more of this video. >> shyann: it happened around 3:00 this morning. let me step out of the way so you can get a better look at the damage at cast ito church. this is the shattered glass at door. as you see, he was not able to get inside of the church but this was all caught on camera. take a look. the man walks up, and with all thus his might slings an object at the glass door. the object bounces back, rolls
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he pbs it up, walks around to check thing out. his face is in full view of the camera at this point, seemingly out o sorts. moments lakefront, he's at it again, this time hee heaving the object over his head into the glass only to discover once again it was not, this is a flyer police have composed. this is a look at the man. they say he is about 5'9" to 5'11" and about 250 pounds. he was wearing a red plaid shirt and barefoot at the time of the incident. back out here live, you can see another look at the damaged shattered glass there but again he was not able to make entry, he was not able to bust through that door, likely because of the reinforced glass here behind that door, and on that door andthe windows here at the church, he also damaged two vehicles on church property but i would have to say likely a little divine intervention protected the church from that intruder getting into the church. reporting in h hleah, shyann malone, local10 news.
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now tow a one and only exclusive a food truck nearly is that correct int a miami beach apartment building and we spoke exclusively with the dver behind the wheel of that truck. police say the tractor-trailer got whelming along the side of the building after narrowly avavding a crash with another car along byron avenue and vehrs street early this morning. -- 71st street. >> it was coming down eastbound 71st street. there is there is a stop sign right there, and we made impact. >> laurie: the city had to bring in heavy equipment toemove the truck. it was wedged between trees and the building. but in the end no one was hurt. >> victor: now to the latest in historic change in cuba, and a change in plans for secretary of state john kerry. he has cancelled his trip to cuba and today we learn more about why. local10's hatzel vela is life in the newsroomith more. >> hatzel: the official world is a scheduling conflict, and now word from the white house asserting that president barack obama will meet with dissidents of his choosing.
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secretary of state john kerry was grilled over cuba's human rights record. by all accounts, it seems that record is causing friction between both governments. >> there's no progress on human rights in cuba. >> hatzel: orlando gutierrez heads an organization that traction dissidents on the land. he says there's increased violence and repression against the opposition and dissidents movement in cuba. >> kearse decision to cancel thehe trip is a symptom how deep the difference over human rates between the castro regime and the u.s. government is. >> hatzel: kerry's trip was cancelled. as word gets out diplomats are negotiating which dissidents president barack obama will meet when he's in havana. not so, says the white house, who asssses the president will meet whom he wants. >> it's a critical moment. >> hatzel: gutierrez is convinced the castro government on wants obama to meet with the members of civil associated they
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debbie watersman shuttless agrees with. >> the secretary was right in canceling his trip because we the want to mauk surehen president obama goes he's able to meet with dissidents with alternative voices. >> the best legacy president obama could lead is where he stands side by side with those who are fighting for freedom and democracy in cuba. >> hatzel: gutierrez said 250 disdeny were reportedly arrested this weekend and two were sentenced to five and eight years in prison. simply, he says, for holding up signs. reporting live in the newsroom, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> victor: and calvin hughes will b leading a local10 team to havan during the visit to secretary kerry. that same week the rolling stones will perform in cuba pay cn n reporter tweeting this. look out for our live reports and all the action in havana lighter later this month. >> laurie: major delrish months of the miami police department
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search for a new police chief in ferguson. he has been a officer here for 32 years. the chief police there stepped down. >> victor: ben carson officially ending his bid for the white house as the rest of the candidates extend the day the on campaign trail. >> laurie: plus, oj simpson back in the headlines. coming up how a retired officer is lingered to a knife found at oj sim's home. >> betty: 85 degrees today in miami. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'm let you know how the weekend is shaping up. the forecast is next. >> victor: and still ahead, the sharks swimming on campus. 'canes getting a chance to be cast on the hit business show. >> laurie: but first, a one and only exclusive. a dog rescued after being abandoned on the streets heading
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>>ictor: one person has been hospitalized after getting injured on a jet ski. the injuries was reported earlier this each after that victim lost control when he hit a wave in the withdraw coastal in miami beach. mild rescue took the victim to shore, and you can see that victim on a gurney after
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heheas transported as a trauma alert but still no update on h current condition. >> laurie: now to a one and only exclusive, a dog warm and safe in a forever home tonight weeks after he was found living to the streets of miami. we brought you his story earer this year when an online campaign to help that pup far succeeded andtations. >> victor: and local10 news reporter reporter layron living ston has been following our report. >> layron: about a mondays ago this dog was in a cage would not let me come near him. now look at this, all thanks to caring neighbors and caring vet staff, this little boy is on his way home. if the jumping and tail wagging werev't obvious giveaways, this old dog's new smile is no trick. >> what it shows is that you captain break them. >> layron: julian is one of the neighboror who made sure joey had brighter doggy days ahead. >> this dog could have ended up
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ago when he and his neighborhood fod the dog beaned one chilly night. he was dubbed joey and scared. they gave hum food and water, a mauk shift home and eventually gotim to alton road animal hospital with the help of a rescue group. >> there are so many dogs out there, so many animal out there, and i really think strength-wise in our community. >> layron: cynthia and visisitor ortiz happened to be looking for a could go when joey popped up on their facebook page. >> to me it's an ohrn to do this. >> we don know his story, if he's ever been in a hom >> layron: but even with one loppy ear down, this fur ball's future is looking follow-up we have three kids, six grandkids, three horses, one parrot, and now we have a dog. >> i know it's going to be slow process but it's going to be an interesting one and one that i look -- i'm looking forward to. >> layron: the neighbors accepted a gofundme account asking for 500 forwards joey's vet bills. they got $3,500.
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for his vetted nary care will be donated to the animal recovery mission. in miami beach, layayron livingston, local10 news. >> victor:e're happy for joey. you rescue these dogs and their personality eventually comes out and makes it totally worth it. >> laurie: that family. the dog is going t/ be in heaven, absolute heavenly with all those kids. >> victor: going to have a lot of attention. >> laurie: layron was really enjoyingng that. kind of made me want a massage. >> victor: layn, we like that one. >> laurie: joey is living it up. andetup gets started this night for tonight carnaval on the mile. the mile is closed to traffic as art and music fills the streets provide can fun for the whole family. >> victor: we want you to meet some of the local10 news team. from noon n til 2:30 tomorrow christina congratulates, terrell forney, carlos suez and shyann malone will be out there. along with max mayfield, will manso and betty davis. >> laurie: compen calvin, jeff weinsier and michael seiden take over at 2:30. >> victor: i'll be there with them along with amy viteri and
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little bit litter at ception i'll be host the cork and fork event. >> laurie: on sunday join clay ferrero, neki mohan, todd tongenen kris and yeah, yeah, at noon. then by 2:30ite i'll be out there with glenna milberg, jeffrey correa, michael putney and liane morejon. come join us. >> victor: we need the weather to hold up, too, becau we're spending all day in coral gables saturday and sunday. >> laurie: they pull out the bounce houses and have so much& fun stuff for kids. >> betty: we do have a chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow bu don't keep you away. we're not forecasting a washout. miami right now, look at you, we'll take every bit of it, a few clouds ash but no rainfall out there. it was such a warm afternoon, wants it? mid-80s fo many of your neighbors. now we see 80 in miami and fort lauderdale if you're heading out to the baseball game tonight or maybe there's practice. quds, no sweater necessary. kennel and homestead finding upperr 70s out there at this
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for the peal balance of the even between 8:00, 10:00 tonight, partly cloudy skies, we are planning on mainly dry conditions. there's a weak cold front slipping on down the peninsula on our side. we're the warm side, and then behind the front the air is cooler in places look tampa where it's now 67. sunshine and 60 degrees ingainesville and jacksonville 61 degrees. this front -- look at it on the satellite and radar imagery -- really hard to tell where it is because it's simply not producing rain or a lot of ower and thunderstorm act of with it, harl anything, so it is weakeninggs it's traveling on down, and we'll essentially fizzle you the.but what it will give way to is a shift in the winds by tomorrow so instead of a west wund we'll hahe our winds proceeding in in the northeast and with that models indicating we could have a fewhowers trying to move in off the atlantic waters, so wouldn't raoul out sneaky showers for tomorrow. and then by sunday w wll track another quick wreak front that comes through.
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maker, either, but it will have to reieiorce mainly dry weather or if area so on sunday we expect to become mainly dry again. if you're heading on in the morning maybe it's walk with the metabolisms at huizenga park i. with jasey birch, maybe you're getting out there at 8:00 a.m. to register, just know we are not going to rule out a schauer shower but don't plan who rainfall. we're being optimistic about this. and then high temperatures& making that climb toward the upper 70s. winds becoming north-northeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. by sunday we're dropping that rain chance from 30% back down to 10% and aigh temperature around 80. monday be with tuesday an east breeze is going to start to kick up. the rip current risk gets higher if you have the beach in your plans, and you probably will because the weather is going to be nice with those highs in the upper 70 and the lower 80s for the balance of next week and the rain chance, it is going to stay pretty low out there. >> laurie: just beautiful. thank you, betty. that's the way to get into weekend. >> victor: absolutely.
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in south florida for entrepreneurs hoping to 7:00 their r eth into the unt of opportunity off lifetimi. >> laurie: the producer of "srk tank" maid their way to um. the processors held ap open casting call exclusively for university of miami students. also the alumni and staff can get in on this.they're all hoping that maybe one lucky business owner will discover a sliver of theamerican dream. >> we're always looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are excited about what their@ pitching. it's not necessarily what they're pitching but how they're pitching. >> last year we had a team that got on all the way p. they got a deal with damon john, that's three jerks turkey. >> victor: i tried. it that stuff is awesome. >> laurie: great success. um is proud to be the only school in florida to have the show visit thesaying speaks volumes from the strength of their proposeship program. don't fore "shark tank" airs right here on local10.
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>> clay: and vic andnd i are kicked back on friday nights watchingnghat side by side. dwyane wade fighting a lot more than the suns defense on his way tie scoring high last night. late status news on his status for tonight's game next in sports. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving moy. ride on, ride oud.
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is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> clay: anoer game night, another chance or the heat to prove just how far they have come in the last few weeks. dwyane wade said that they had to be focused and win the games they're supposed to win, something they haven't always done thihi season, and wade is leading the way even if he's not 100%. wade is in the starting line-up
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team in the league the 76ers. he led the league on thursday night while feeling under the weather. he had a headache all game and hade made sure people knew afterwards he had a little bit of a cold, too, so don't get too close simply know i got a cold ght now, might be not in my nose. you guys all up clolo and personal. i'm trying to get this airborne in me clinics works. the golf round in doral, a roller coaster of a d for phil milks. nobody betetr on trick shots like this on the tour than phil mickelson. however he's only 5-under for the tournrnent. your leader adam scott a great attempt at an eagle right here. he would come up short, birdie the hole. 10-under par. rory mcilroy at 2-under. >> they've done a good job.
6:25 pm
great. it's going to be exciting, and the course is at the moment producing good scores, so i might have to keep i going at this same pace. >> clay: the spring training a big crowd on hand for the marlins and mets in st. lieusy. second inning, how about this blast by young destine hood. hood making a strong case to make this team this year. fish had a 4-3 ld inin the ninth inning when herrera hits that one deep to the left. he's off to the races. he would come all the way around with an inside the park home run. the ballgame would hend in a a 4-4 die. the um women play in the acc quarter tournament final with a great performance by jessica thomas in the second half. knocking downthe 3. 21 points. the 'canes dance on to the semifinals a 74-56 win, guys. >> victor: and we know thum men have been playing so well. awesome. >> laurie: betty, thumb up on this weekend.
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>> victor: coverage your bases avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer!
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st text1 italics cc1 test message several breaking stories this friday night. the o.j. simpson murder case. the lapd confirming they are now testing a knife, allegedly found
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estate. we ask, why is it just being tested now? the fallout after the republican debate. trump defending his own words on that stage. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with many asking, is this helping hillary clinton? the friday commuter nightmare. the storms. several chain reaction crashes. snow and ice sweeping through. the xt system we're watching already. the cdc now on the scene tonight. the mystery illness in the heartland. a rare infection. more than three dozen cases. 18 people have died. and breaking news in the erin andrews case. what we've just learned. good evening. great to have you with us o on a friday night. we begin with the new headline


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