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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 5, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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was going to be here. >> and hillary clinton tries to extend her lead over bernie sanders. is this his do-or-die moment? shocking find. rhe new twist in the infamous o.j. simpson murder case. that knife allegedly found buried in o.j.'s old estate. >> the facts of the case remains an open case and that is the case here. >> how it suddenly turned up and the new crucial details. what we're just learning about it now. high-tech heist. how armed robbers stole $5 million in gold. their daring highway truck robbery. >> there's a couple of guys that look like they just got their hands zip tied behind their back. >> the remote control device disabling the drivers in a p pt straight out of a movie. and the verdict rich. the judge on vacation who reeled in a giant lottery jackpot chartering a jet to claim his winnings. what he did the minute he found
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forever. hey, good morning. we're ing to get to the overnight headline, the o.j. story in a moment but we start here with a big day in a presidential campaign that will probably be talked about for generations. >> that's a good point. there are five states in play today. the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders w ll compete in 3 states for 126 delegates and sanders is fighting an uphill battle after a rough super tuesday. meanwhile, on the republican side, 155 delegates up for grabs in 4 states, these contts come after what may be the wildest week yet in the campaign with the party in open warfare over this man, donald trump. >> and here he is overnight at a lly in louisiana. look at that, holding a mini-m minus the binkie. the establishment trying to derail him. but can trump's momentum be slowed? we do have team coverage and we
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without the mini-me. hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, thousands of conservatives will gather here today. this conference has been a must attend event for republican presidential candidates, but this morning, donald trump is changing things up once again. ovlernight chaos at this donald trump rally in new orleans. >> did you get him out? wise guy. get the protester out. >> reporter: his supporters clashing with protesters. >> get him out. see, in the old days, it wouldn't take so long, folks. we're in a little bit of a different world today. >> reporter: this as trump clashes with the republican party. >> millions and millions of people are coming to vote for the republicans and joining the republican party because of me. >> reporter:r:s republican voters in four states head to the polls, this morning the gop is in a war with itself. >> if he's our nominee, it will split the republican party and it will be the end of the modern conservative movement. >> reporter: the billionaire's
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last-ditch effort to stop trump as he barrels towards the nomination. >> there is no d dbt if we remain divided, donald trump wins. >> reporter: john kasich predicting there will be no clear winner from the prary season at all suggesting the gop is heading to a contested convention. >> you think it's going to be a brokered convention. >> i do. i do >> reporter: and this year trump snubbing the year's biggest gathering, cpac canceling his appearance at the last moment amid rumors he was likely to face push-back. hqs rivals pounced. >> i think somebody told him megyn kelly was s ing to be here. >> reporter: and this morning candidates left. ben carsonnnouncing he is out. >> you know, there's a lot of they just want to vote for me but it's okay. >> reporter: now trump was slated to speak here first thing this morning but instead he's about to take the stage in kansas, one of those four states holding its republican contest later today. paula. >> thanks, mary.
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hillary y inton has a chance to really widen her lead over bernie sanders today, and he's reminding voters of her inconsistencies and contradictions throughout her political career and abc's david wright outside clinton headquters in brooklyn with the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's the building right there behind me. clinton's campaign this weekend is actually managing expectations insisting that this time around, they're the underdog. this morning, it's do or die for bernie sanders. >> all: bernie, bernie, bernie. >> reporter: vermont senator still has huge crowds and getting lots of donations but he also needs to catch upupn the delegate count. >> bring your friends and your relatives and your neighbors and your co-workers. >> reporter: today there are 26 delegates are up for grabs in louisiana, nebraska and kansas where bernie s opped at this barber shop to get a trim on the trail. >> no style. no style. >> reporter: hillary clinton, meanwhile, is taking aim at her
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>> at the republican what to call it, i guessssebate, there were so many insults hard to keep track. >> i thomght i was fight and i didn't know what to i was just speechless. >> reporter: the problem is, the spectacle over on the gop side is turning out republican voters. democrats seemingly less energized this year. on super tuesday more than 8.5 million republicanspgot out to vote compared to fewer than 6 million democrats. now, in addition to the three states today, there's also maine coming up tomorrow. 30 more delegates at stake. three out of the four states voting this weekend are actually caucus states, and those have tended to favor bernie, dan. >> david wright, thank you. for more on all of this let's bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd let's start with the republicans. so trump is now running up
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the conservative pooh-bahs, also mitt romney, also mccacn, can he be stopped? >> i think he's right now on a glide path. he's not i ivitable but he's on a glide path. to me allf this sis happening by the establishment of the party, a little like wiley e. coyote against the road runner. they keep putting out acme explosives and the road runner hops over it, trump goes over it, it's going to work and the thing falls and falls on themselves. right w trump is in the driver's seat and today i think is an important day. ted cruz especially has to w a couple of the states tonight, doing to slow any momentum of donald trump. toward a contested convention? >> i think it's 50/50 and i think today will be a part of it. if donald trump somehow wins three of four today, it's a huge effort but michigan on tuesday wins that but i think as of today, it's 50/50. side, does bernie sanders have any viable path toward the nomination at this point in yo >> he has a path but i don't
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i think at this point he has to win most of the states today. he has to o n the states tomorrow and he has to win some of the states on tuesday but righnow it looks like his campaign is becoming more of a messagcampaign than a campaign that thinks it actually can win the delegates. >> matt dowd, we love having you here, thank you, man. >> thanks. >> and be sure to watch abc's "world news tonight" for up to the minu election results and continuing coverage and, paula, over to you. >> yeah, we do want to move on to another big story that all of us are following this morning. a knife found at the old o.j. simpson estate is being examined by authorities. was it the knife that was used in the double murder case in what was called the trial of the century? this is a fascinating new development and our matt gutman is on the scene for us this morning. hi, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. the lapd is working to glean whatever forensic evidence it can from that mud encrusted knife. the murder weapon has never been found which is why the discover which of this knife has set in motion the o.j. simpson circus
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it's been the first lead in the o.j. simpson case in years. >> it's described as a knife. >> reporter: a frenzy of interest. >> police say investigators are -- >> testing a knife. >> reportedly found -- >> reporter: the possibility of the knjfe used to murder simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman in 1994 may have finally been found. >> well, i was really surprised. >> reporter: police say a construction workehanded the knife allegedly found buried on the property to an off-duty officer near the simpson estate in the late 1990s. at the time the house was being rebuilt. the now retired officer's lawyer tells abc news he call eded the lapd to alert them that he had some sort of evidence but was told the case was closed. is this another case of the lapd or an lapd officer mishandling evidence in the o.j. simpson case? >> well, i certainly hope not but it certainly is very concerning to us that a police officer, whether retired or
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and turn in evidence or what is believed to be evidence. >> reporter: what he held on to as a souvenir for 18 years likely isn't evidence at all. sources telling us their initial investigation shows it couldn't be the murder weapon, the knife not matching the details of the crime. investigators who worked intimately on the o.j. simpson case say that over the years they've received 150 knives. some of them recovered during the demolition and reconstruction of this house. still, authorities are testing the knife for possible dna evidence. >> it would be interesting if there were some evidence on that knife that pointed to who might have helped to bury it. >> reporter: the news breaking just as the new fx series "american crime story: the people versus o.j. simpson" isis in full swin >> i'm not black. i'm o.j. >> reporter: but it was too late to slow the tide of tweets and speculation. even if that knife were found to be covered, smeared in o.j. simpson's dna, there is only one person in the world who could
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murders, o.j. simpson. that would be double jeopardy being put on trial or being charged with a cri he's paula. >> all right, matt, we do want to mention that o.j. is serving time on anan unrelated crime and he is eligible for parole next year. so, matt,hank you to you and we want to dig deeper now with abc news consultant and former fbi special agent brad garrett in washington. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> as you heard in matt's piece authorities saying this is very likely not thenife that killed nicole broro simpson and ron goldman. but they're still testing @t. is it possible after all these year, two decades later that there's evidence on it? >> absolutely. ththe could be dna, there could be evidence. there could be hairs and fibers that could be linked to the victims, to o.j., to someone else. so despite the fact the knife may not be the correct size, you still have to go through the forensic testing. >> so they're going through that
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let's say that there is dna evidence on it. so what are the other markers that they will be looking at? >> well, first of all, you need to track the knife. what's the ticktock of where it came from? how did the officer get in possession of it? where was it found on the property? you also need to have someone look at the knife because it could have predated o.j. the property has been there a long time, so it's very important to follow the trail of where was it found on the property and what are the circumstances as to how the officer got it? >> all right, brad garrett. i want to thank you for your insight. so many are fascinated by th development this morning. thanks for joining us. >> of interest this morning. a lot of other news this morning, as well. and for that, as always, we get it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> goon morning to you, dan and paula. rachel. good morning, everyone. we begin with new details on what might be on that locked iphone belonging to one of thehe san bernardino shooters. the dirict attorney in that area of southern california says the phone belonged to syed rook and could have
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third shooter and also a -- pose a cyberthreat, apple, excuse me, is in a battle with the fbi refusing to create software to unlock that phone. farook and his wife killed 14 people in that terror attack. and new developments in the flint, michigan, water crisis. construction/crews have begun digging up the first pipes blamed for leaking lead in drinking water there. the city is look ing toing replace pipes in some 8,000 homes starting in neighborhoods where the household is most at risk from the lead. the city of 100,000 is under a federal state of emergency. new details about the whereabouts of drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman after escaping from a mexican prison. according to a published report quoting his daughter, guzman entered the u.s. twice while he was on the run visiting her in her homen california. the drug kingpin was recaptured in january. amazing. and the tennis world has lost a legend. longtime analyst and sportswriter bud collins has died. mr. tennis as he was known launched his career at the "boston globe" and
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including espn known for his colorful commentary and even his colorful pants. collins was elected to the international tennis hall of fame in 1994. he was 86 years of age. and two adventururs had to be rescued from the icy waters dangerous weather. a coast guard helicopter swooping in to get the two british men to safety. the thrill seekers were trying to cross the bering strait. i guess they'll have to try again. and finally some animals at the l.a. z z captured on camera. google installing cameras with sensors that snap a photo any time one of the animals comes within 18 inches of a lens. you can check it out, these snapshots at zoogle selfies. and a quick note here, i'm wearing this dark blueueie to recognize march is national colon cancer awareness month. . this was pointed out by a viewer by the name of elaine neukom. >> why didn't you tell us about
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i call him the undertaker. >> he says my wardrobe is funereal. >> thi is about as colorful as you get. >> a stretch. >> dk blue tomorrow. >> all right. i'm on it. >> thank you, ron. we want to move now to sports reporter erin andrews and her emotional courtroom battle. closing arguments were heard yesterday. this case is now in the hands of the jury. she is suing a hotel and her stalker for $75 million over that secretly recorded nude video that was posted online and abc's eva pilgrim has been following this case for us from nashville where the deliberations are set to begin. hi, eva. >> reporter: paula, a juryf seven women and five men will soon decide who is to blame for a naked video ob erin drews going viral online and if she is entitled to any money for what happened. closing arguments in the erin andrews case, lawyers disagreeing on the damage done to her after that secretly recorded naked video went viral.
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what is the damage that has been sustained and has pay increased? what is it that you compensate >> don't they get it. where have they been during this trial? >> reporter: andrews suing her stalker michael barrett as well as the owners and managers of that nashville marriott for $75 million claiming the hotel made it easy for barrett to get a room next door to hers so he cocod shoot video of her getting out of the shower. >> barrett c uldn't have done it without the negligence of the nashville marriott. >> reporter: the jury will soon have to decide whether barrett and the nashshlle marriott should pay for what she has gone through and if so, how much. >> if she wins this case, as ugly as it sounds, these jurors will have to put a dollar value on her emotional pain and suffering. >> this could have been stopped. the nashville marriott could have just called me. we are putting this man that requested to be next to you,
8:16 am
>> reporter: legal experts say the verdict in this case will send a message to both hotels and those who stay in them. >> there's no question that if there was an enormous verdict here that the hotel and the management group hadado pay, that it would send a serious message that you better be careful. >> reporter: now, the jury has taken the weekend off. they will return to begin deliberations monday at 9:00 a.m. dan. >> all right, eva, thank you. let's check the weather now and meteorologist indra petersons. good morning, indra. >> good morning. big story setting up out west and we're talking about the atmospheric river. what does that mean, it means tons of moisture expected to move into the west coast. just take a look at the line of storms that will be funneling into the area. we're going to be watching as tons of advisories. you've got any doubts, take a look at that beach erosion, huge threat, surf up to 15 feet. here's the key, it is raining right now and a series of storms will be moving in, not one, but one, two, three that are going to continue to
8:17 am
region but even with all of this, los angeles still 7 inches below the average for this time of year. it is not going to be making a dent for the drought conditions just yet but i have to end on a good note, finally a huge pattern shift t t there. notice where it's cold and where ievment good saturday morning s. happy weekend. even though it's mostly cloudy out there. still mick it a great day. if you're heading out the doors, take the umbrellas with you. we have a 30% chance of a few showers. and in fact we're seeing showers from surfside village or surfside and north bay village up to north miami and key biscayne with the rain right now. temperatures reading 60 to 70 carnival on the mile. here's the forecas just a little teaser you you may love me by the middle of e work. temperatures going up. >> we already love you. >> yeah. >> i was going to say we already love you. >> even more.
8:18 am
the week. >> ron, just lie every now and then, okay? it's all right. >> i do. >> ron's motto is you can always do better. >> perfect. >> i got to ask you, dan, when was the last time you went fishing? >> i was like 5. i caught a fluke and called it good. >> it was a fluke. >> quite literally. >> all about the pan fish. another reason for all of us to go fishing. a fishing trip to florida turn into a vacation of a lifetime for a pennsylvaninijudge shocked to hear he was holding on to a powerball ticket worth more than $290 million. th was not a fluke. rachel smith here with more on his big payday and we'll tell moment. but let's hear more about this fishing trip and pit stop. >> yes, first up a quick pit stop for s se ice and $10 in from vacation made one pennsylvania man and his two fries, $291 million richer. [ cheers ]
8:19 am
celebrating the biggest tch of his life. the pennsylvania judge on vacation fishing in the florida keys took the bait and bought a lotto ticket to split with a couple of friends back home. james stocklas, 67, so discovered he reeled in the winning ticket in the powerball jackpot. >> $291.4 million. >> reporter: he stopped in this convenience store for some ice and that golden powerball ticket. >> i got goose bumps. >> reporter: the judge kept the ticket and headed home. while he w w there at his favorite diner, he realized his ticket was a winner. right now, the breakfast is on me, i'm a millionaire. >> reporter: his next honorable decision was to immediately charter a private jet and fly back to florida, only this time with the two friends who share the winnings. >> i've often said, i wonder what it would feel like to hit a big lottery winning because i never win nothing and, well, i found out totoy. lump sum, they'leach get about $40 million.
8:20 am
but check this out, ironically, the judge's brother also claimed powerball winnings that day, just not as g. he took home a whopping $7. >> so close. >> yeah, so close, but stocklas still fills in on the bench at the courtroom back home and says he plans on returning next month. >> and speaking of filling in, you're going to be filling in for quite some time. that's because sara, everybody, is at the hospital. she's getting ready to have her little baby boy and should it surprise any of us that she facetimed us this morning and she periscoped. >> sara. >> i know. this is her talking to me and dan. >> she's not having the baby at this moment. >> not yet. >> no, no, no. she periscoped last night. she's had her epidural so o e's feeling very comfortable. dan was giving her some sage advice in that one photo. what were you telling her? >> i can't remember what i said. i don't -- >> i think he asked her, are you pregnant? >> i might have said that. it wasn't probably the most helpful thing to say. >> advice. >> i love you. she did laugh. >> i've been in the room while somebody else --
8:21 am
>> alsso close. >> i'm being told we have to move on just when i'm getting in trouble. so, coming up here on "gma," crook, look at this, they overtook a van filled with gd. it was a daring heist, a plot right out of the movies. we'll show you how they did it. >>n the road trying to flag people down to call the police. plus, the abc news fixer on the case for a couple having a hard time with h&r block, the big bucks she got them after the irs told them to pay up.
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universal orlando resort >> local 10 news startright now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one. just where 8:30. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: and i'm todd tongen. >> neki: police searching for a man who allegedly tried to to kidnap a teen walking home from school in pompano beach. police say this surveillance video slows a 13-year-old girl running away from a man driving a tan suv after she says he tried to to grab her and pull her into his car this. is the scenl sketch the man police are looking for. >> jennifer: south florida,, happy saturday. mostly cloudy skies. here's a look out of miami tower cad. 68 in key west. 64 degrees in mie and fort lauderdale. before we know it leel we'll be getting into the 307's. and a few showers impact ago long the coast in northeast miami-dade and highs today 79 with a chance for showers.
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we'll have the sketch nowrt 9:00 news. for now we'll send you ba to "good morning america."
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just before 9 welcome back to "gma." on an election day in america, primimies and caucuses today for both republicans and democrats. hillary inton and bernie sanders duking it out in three states. the republicans, meanwhile, looking to add delegates in four states. also right now, a new twist
8:30 am
murder case. investigators are now telling abc news the knife allegedly found in o.j. simpson's former estate is probably not a match. simpson, who is serving time for an unrelated conviction, was acquitted in t t murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and rogoldman. he's eligible for parole next year. and high schools across the country getting ready to sit down and take a new version of the s.a.t. exam. this is the first time in more than a decade that college entrance tests have changed their format. the e w exam focuses more on what the students are learning in school,lless on brain teasers and just talking about the a.c.t., the s.a.t. takes me back to a bad place. >> yeah. our best wishes to all those kids. air stressful day. >> good luck. we are also sending our best wishes to somebody you may have heard of. her name is sara haines and it looks like her baby eager to make an appearance, a few days before he's due, sara true to form keeping us updated every minute.
8:31 am
hospital. checking on her dog trixie. >> so, max will ----ax will -- oh, gosh, okay, that one was a contraction. max will be going home to take care of my girl. >> the max she's referring to is the baby daddy and -- >> the husband. >> thus far everything is going smoothly. we hope to have a happy update for you tomorrow morning. >> gooluck, sara. we can't wait to hold the little baby. >> breathe, breathe. >> thank you, ron. >> lamaze advice from ron claiborne who's delivereb many children. moving on this morning to an entirely different note, some wild new deils coming in about a brazen gold heist that really looks like something out of a movie. >> robbers using gadgets and gizmos galore on a moving truck on the highway to steal almost $5 million in gold. abc's gloria riviera joins us with all of the details. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. investigators say it took a gang of thieves a year to plan a sophisticated attack on an armored truck carrying solid
8:32 am
the drivers had guns on them for protection, but the robbers in costume pretending to be highway police striking in the dead of night making off with an absolute fortune and almost getting away with it all. >> the guys came and robbed them. >> reporter: it was the highghy heist that stumped authorities. stole $4.8 million worth of gold stole $4.8 milli worth of gold last march. were robbed? >> apparently. >> reporter: but now a break in the case. the fbi revealing a confidential informant spilled the details of just how the robbers pulled it off reporting the suspects allegedly rigged the tractor truiler with a gps tracker to trail the armored truck on i-95 from miami to north carolina. >> he says they're hauling high value stuff. >> reporter: also reportedly installing and using a remote control to fill the truck's cab with pepper spray forcing the sickened drivers to pull off the highway.
8:33 am
look like they got their hands zip tied behind their backs. >> reporter: that's when authorities say the armed thieves tied their victims' hands behind their backs before forcing them into the roads. >> they were out in the road trying to flag people down to >> reporter: the suspects unloading 275 pounds of gold bars from the truck splitting the goods evenly. this week the fbi arresting 46-year-old adalberto perez for his alleged involvement. >> s.w.a.t., fbi, everybody coming in. >> reporter: federal agents raiding pepez's suburban miami home wednesday morning recovering 40 silver coins believed to be stolen from the tractor trailer, even finding $600 in cash in the oven. the manhunt is still on for two more suspects. the fbi offering a $25,000 reward. perez is facing federararobbery and firearm charges, and how did this case break. well, how do they all break? greed and carelessness. in this case,
8:34 am
e of those solid gold bars to a refinery where an off-duty cop happened to be working. he tipped off the fbi. >> it's tough to pn those gold bars. >> tough to pawn. >> don't ask me how i know. i'm just kidding. >> i was beginning to wonder, dan. thank you. we want to turn things over to indra and, indra, you say we can print it. ather -- winter is gone, right? it's like 80 and 90 degrees from here on out. correcd? >> 90 -- i don't know if i'd go that far but, yes, it is time not only for sara to have her baby but finally these temperatures, they're going up. keep an eye on what it looks like on the east coast. we saw 40s today. by tomorrow we're talking about 50s. keep it moving, 60s and then 70s by the middle of theeek. please tell me you love me that you're looking at this, the pattern even has extended and means we'll be sta >> jennifer: good saturdayy morning south florida. take the umbrellas with you when you head out the door just in case because we have the chance for showers passing through and
8:35 am
highs today 79 degrees.drier tomorrow with a >> that weather was brought to you by petsmart. doesn't that sound good, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s? >> 80s, 90s. >> 100, 110s. >> baby steps. >> we want to jump right into summer. you're basically saying winter is over in noso many words. >> close enough, by my terms, yes. >> we have selective hearing around here >> i'm just nervous someone is going to hit me hard ii'm wrong. >> here's what's coming up, the abc news fixer putting thousands of dollars back in one couple's pockets after they ran into some pretty big tax problems. how she did it after the break. and a programming note for all of you. a big night of nba action tonight, the rockets taking onon
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make every adventure every moment every day truly epic with a universal orlando annual pass grab a coke and get up to 3 months cree so you can enjoy two amazing theme parks and great events like this spring's mardi gras it's all kinds of amazing all year long universal orlando resort welcome back, everyone. a lot of people dread doing thr own taxes so they pack up their files, shoe box, shopping bag and then they head straight to a tax prep service. we should remind everybody 41 days from totoy tax day. >> that's a great way to start your day. many of those places, many of the companies yoyogo to with all that tax stuff, they offer money
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question. what if you run into trouble getting them to honor their word? well, that's when yocall the abc news fixer. steve and adrianna rahal of boca raton, florida, would rather be out in the sunshine. >> we love it. >> reporter: than stressing over tax returns. >> this is where everybody hibernates to. >> reporter: steve and adrdrnna for the past decade have used a local h&r block office to fi their taxes. >> so, we're no strangers to them. >> reporter: h&r block guarantees that if they make an error on your return, they will refund any penalties and interest and for an extra $40 the rahals purchased a peace of mind plananhich promises to pay some of the extra taxes you might owe because of an error. >> h&r block will take full responsibility. >> reporter: sure enough, steve and adrianna got bad news, they were being audited. >> it was our worst nightmare. we've never been audited in our life. >> reporter: the irs determined
8:41 am
miscalculated for two years and demanded more than $17,000 in back taxes and penalties but, remember, steve and adrianna had that h&r block g grantee so they called their tax preparer about a refund. >> every t me i called, it was the same thing. you know, it's pending headquarters. can you tell me anything else, no, we can't. >> reporter: after five months no refund. so they made a calculated move and called in the abc news fixer. our fixer and her team did the math checking out that h&r block guarantee and extra protection the rahals bought, the fixer took it straight to h&r block's corporate offices but the company came through with not only an apology for the taxing experience, they said this was a complicated situation to resolve, but also a refund of $9,800, the ximum steve and adrianna were entitled to. >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer. >> they're toasting you, stephanie zimmermann.
8:42 am
and it's stephanie. she joins us from chicago. on these tax returns? consumer groups have done tests and have found error rates of 25% or more in their taxes. >> so, what can a consumer do? >> well, you know, most states actually don't require any kind of special competency or rraining to be a tax preparer. so you really need to check the person's qualifications and ask to be, and finally make sure you understand that guarantee and read it so you know what it covers. >> surprised to hear those requirements aren't in place. stephanie, thank you. great advice as always. and we should say, if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer, aka stephanie, you can find her at and has already recovered $1.7 million for frustrated consumers. maybe she'll fix your next problem right here on "gma." >> good to know. >> why are you giving me that look? >> i have many problems. but probably none of them she can fix but we do have a fix coming up on "good morning america." advice to have the best family vacation ever.
8:43 am
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welcome back, everyone. when it comes to kids, vacation can be more stressful than fun. so this month's "redbook" join ss for advice, meredith rollins. first and foremost, welcome. what do we do? >> you want to make sure you're not packing all of your kids' things in one suitcase. a bag gets lost or delayed. have some of their toys and clothes in your bag just in case and also when you're on the plane, make sure you've got some gum because takeoff and landing, you don't want their ears popping. >> gum or suckers. i pack all of our stuff in one. good to know from here on out
8:47 am
research can go a long way so where should we concentrate our efforts? >> especially ifou're going to be traveling in the middle of the week for spring break, check into museums and figure out what time they will be open. you don't want to get there and have it not be open. the other research to do, figure out if there is a 24-hour pharmacy close to the hotel. you wake up at midnight. your kid has a fever. you want to know exactly where to go. >> so, last, what about when u arat the destination. what kind of advice. >> have snacks in your bag. sometimes my kid can't find anything on the kids' menu t t eat. and you want to just have something for them. and if you're going to go to a zoo or an amusement park, put them in a bright baseball cap. that way if there's a huge crowd% you can spot them instantly. >> that's a good idea. we should have all worn bright orange shirts because the kids kept getting lost. a lot of times you need a vacation from the vacation. you're coming on my next vafation, right, meredith? >> i would love to.
8:48 am
coming up in "pop news," what moved this baby to tears? we'll tell you. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. lowe's presents how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. time now for "pop news" and as explained before, rachel filling in for sara because sara is in the middle of something reasonably pressing like havingg a baby.. >> yeah, a little labor, so awesome. congratulationp, sara. and this one in particular is for you, young lady. and moms-to-be everywhere. spotify the music streaming service teamed uwith new york gynecologist jacques moretz releasing a birthing playlist to help momomthrough the push. some songs on that list david bowie and qeen's "under pressure." that's a rather dubious one, right? ruits of my labor" and coming in at number one pearl jam's
8:53 am
dr. moretz suggests mom ss start with a slow mellow song and save the high-tempo ones for the final push. >> i put some on that were a little too sappy and honestl was stopping and like sobbing and in tears because i advise you don't put any that are like -- >> hormones. the hormones will be kicking. >> hopefully sara has good tunes to listen to today. i guess with two megastar musicians as parents, it shouldn't come as any surprise that alicia keys and swiss beats' 5-year-old son egypt is a musicalrodigy. so good he produced a segment of a song called "untitled 7" and playing the intro to it. check it out. >> yeah. >> wow. >> yeah, forget about nap time. this little guy has got skills way beyond his years and if you're watching the video on instagram, you can see him just getting into it. >> comes by it honestly. >> dan posted a video of his son
8:54 am
now? >> not -- well, my son is only 1 but he can play a recorder. play might be a strong word. yeah. >> i love it. and finally, a video to give you the feel goods this morning. take a look at this precious little baby boy who is moved to tears by his mom singing the worship song "good, good father." look at that face. it's who i am it's who i am it's who i am >> oh, how can you not be moved by that beautiful voice? it's who you are that little -- >> he's got a little bit on his chin. >> no, he doesn't have indigestion, ron. >> ron is like it's totally gas. >> tell him you u nt a song. >> ah. >> you know, i think sara's phone first call for a baby-sitter will be to you, uncle ron. wherever you are. i'm availabl
8:55 am
believe sara will be watching, right, because she's periscoping. she's facetiming and she's watching tv. sara -- >> texting. >> she texted us saying it's we just want to say, sara, we e love you. you were meant to do this, honey. we cannot wait to hold that little baby. and let's not forget max. >> oh, yeah, the baby daddy. max. you're going to be a great dad, , max. he will be a great dad. sara, we are pulling for you. we can't wait for you to come back. can't wait to meet that baby. thank you, everybody, for watching. we'll be back here tomorrow with more news and high jinks and don't forget "world news tonight" with all the election
8:56 am
see you tomorrow. with at&t the choice is yours. only pay for the services you need to make your bundle work for you. call at&t now to get high speed internet for 15nd directv for 19.99 a month for 12 months with a one-year internet and two-year tv agreement. choose directv to stream your favorite shows, movies and sports on any device. and when you add high speed internet,
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8:58 am
all of the sights and sounds on carnival. >> neki: but p we are at this year's walk with the animals. >> todd: good morning to you. we are barking at you. i am todd tongun. >> neki: speak for yourself. i am neki mohan. we'll have a few showers. it will get better? >> jennifer: yes, it will get better. it is showers but p not a complete wash out what see ever. we'll get to the radar in a second is. notice the winds are picking up out of hollywood beach cam. it is still a great day to head out and enjoy the weather. 76 degrees. and 69 in key west.
8:59 am
showers impacting northeast miami-dade. they are drying out but p the chance for showers is not over. high pressure over on the southeast. over the gulf of mexico, plenty of cloud cover. showers will be in the forecast long the east breeze. but even dryer by tomorrow. i will have the rest on the forecast coming up. todd? >> todd: this man grabbed a girl off of the street. her race for help was caught on the camera. here's more on how you can help track down the attempted abductor. >> reporter: this is what authorities are looking for. a thin guy with reddish brown hair and wearing a red short sleeve t- shirt and jeans and black sneakers. the girl said the guy got out of
9:00 am
and tried to force her in the car. back pack on andooking it. the 13 year old running for her lili. >> that is creep and scary. >> reporter: police are looking for a driver shown tailing her and think this is the guy who tried to abduct the girl moments earlier. >> walk with other peoplele have something with you at least. >> picking up a random child? >> reporter: on a busy road in a busy time of day. the 13 year old was leaving pampano high school when the creepy guy in the suv drove up and called o to her. when she ignored her he made a move. he grabbed her by the waist and tried to it force her in the suv. she@ screamed and tried to take off.


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