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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 6AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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as the results cam in. what he is demanding of marco rubio. the search is under way after a cruise ship passenger falls overboard. they are hearing from the coast guard from the search at sea. a corrections officer accused of exploiting an inmate for her own financial gain and this morning one of her alleged victims speaking out. >> announcer: now the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good sunday morning, i am neki mohan. >> todd: i am todd tongen. thank you for waking up with us on this sunday, march 6. >> neki: those of house have been up withus since 5:00. the monene issue. some people owed me money. todd ediated the money situation between jennifer and i. jennifer, it is all good. the knes. when i owe. too. anyways, good morning, odd and good morning, south florida. dark and early and temperures mid-60s. the breeze is out of e
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hour in key as far as rain goes. not much to talk about that. a few showers over the atlantic ocean and that's about it, but why are we seeing those showers where they are?well, due to that frontal boundary. very weak though. now what this will help as allow for the sunshine behind the front to return as high pressure builds in across the sunshine state. so remember how it was very cloudy yesterday. totally different later on today. we will see lots of sunshine. still that slight shower chance for the rest of the morning until the front passes. neki. thnks a lot, jennifer. 2016 and the road pooh people call super saturday. when it was all said and done bernie sanders and ted cruz gained ground on the front runner. ted cruz started off the night with a big win in kansas
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the vote in the caucus. similar story in maine where cruz take the caucus takingg almost half the vote. in kentucky, trumpon with a narrow margin, 36% of the vote with cruz's 32%. trump walked away in louisiana. >> todd: in kansas sanders won with nearly 70% of the vote. in louisiana, clinton came out with a huge victory of 70%. delegate mmath. lead. the mixed verdict h slightly shifted moat men tum of the presidential race. >> neki: local 10's sanela sabovic joins news the neeroom with the candidates' reaction. >> reporter: good morning, neki and todd. a showdown. texas senator ted cruz and donald trump winning big and hillary clinton secured a key state. on the heels of a super tuesday win, donald trump had yet
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he was in west palm beach saturday celebrating his wins in louisiana and kentucky. in his speech, he congratulated ted cruz with a bit of sarcasm while also tauntingng florida senator marco rubio telling him he should just bow out. >> i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas. he should do well in maine because it is very close to canada. let's face i. i think marco -- marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. you know i heard hillary today and i watched her statement tonight, and her statement is make america whole. that's a terrible statement. make america whole. i think she means we are in a hole. we are in a deep hole and
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we owe $19 trillion. >> reportqr: a strong night for texas senator ted cruz. he started off the night big by kansas and taking the state of maine. marks a rebound from cruz from last week's super tuesday caucuses and marco rubio decided to visit the lest popular campaign spot, puerto rico. he spoke in spanish to supporters at a rally and despite le than ideal resultsdespite less than ideal results, rubio said his focus is on his homomstate of floridais on his home state of florida. >> there will be more delegates awarded in florida than any other state combined. a winner take all state. the state that voted tonight are important. we will leave tonight with more delegates. >> reporter: v@rmont senator bernie sanders was overshadowed by hillary clinton onuper tuesday but recovered a bit scoring g pair of wins in kansas and nebraska. but clinton takebut clinton taking a strong win in the delegate-rich state of louisiana. despite sanders win last night, she still holdds a strong lead in the delegate count.
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forward to the primaries in self-states including one here in florida, but before then, democrats will face off tonight in a democratic debate in flint, michigan. in the newsroom, sanela sabovicin the newsroom, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> neki: thank you, sanela. speculation is building for the replacement of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the "new york times" is saying that alberto jordan is being considered. a cuban american who grew up here in south florida. the 54-year-old father of two has been a federal circuit court judge since 199 the attorney of former taliban prisoner beau bergdahl wants to meet with donald trumpwants to meet with donald trump. trump has been calling bergdahl a trader. he is facing desertion charges for allegedly leaving his unit in a@ghanistan before being captured. an interview for trump will decide whether to seek a deposition or call him as a witness. a man was shot after some sort of argumentn with another.
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but we do know it happened along 146th street. the victim was saidido be in his 20s was taken to the hospital in serious bt stable condition. as for the shooter, he apparently took off. police are still trying to track him down. now to a one and only exclusive. the man who was allegedly blackmailed by a miami corrections officer and police say he is not the only victim. christie la, siter is accused ofpocketing money from cadets at a boot camp. she managed the camp. he threatened to put them behind bars ler gambling the money all away at the hard rock casino. >> i will basically get back to nothing. i came here with nothing and will leave with nothing. a lose-lose sisiation. who knows how long this was happeninabout -- i went to the boot camp in 2010. this could have been happening years ago. >> todd: so far 19 victims have come forward. lassiter is facing charges such as bibery and extortion. the family of a retired fbi
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florida is now asking for help in finding him. robert leviion's loved ones held a rally in coral springs yestery. the agent went missing nine years ago. he was on a cia mission in iranhe was on a cia mission in iran. his family and fbi agents believe the 67-year-old is still alive and they are demanding more agressive efforts to rescue him. a $5 million reward for information on hi@s whereabouts. a cuba diver is luky to be alive after he was sucked into a nuclear power plant intake pipe in florida. >> todd: happened in port st. lucie. he was stuck in that pipe when he was spit out into a pond at the nuclear plant. he is suing florida power and light but the company said he ignored warning signs in the area. a popular feature in cars these days, keyless iition and linked to several deaths( >> todd: local 10 investigates how a country leader in the death death. >> neki: after a top story. californians are dealing with heavy flooding. for news florida, - front is passing through this morning by 11 a.m.
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carnivale on the mile, you won't have to worry about the rain. once that front passes it will nice and sunny and warm and highs getting into the low 80s today. also becoming breezy. all the details on the rest of come back.
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a popular feature on cars can also actually be deadly. we are talking about kkeyless ignition vehicles. cars that don't need a key to turn the car on and off. the government raised safety concerns five years ago after several deaths were linked to carbon monoxide poisoning, no time frame for safety environments. local 10 investigator amy vitari explain how florida leads t country in these deaths. >> r rorter: it's technology designed to make things easier for drivers. no ysical key needed to start
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very, very popular. >> many years peopltake their keys go into their house and this he know their igition is off. >> reporter: with no key drivers can forget to hit a button to turn thth car off. a car running in the garage can flood a home with carbon monoxide killing those inside with no warning. >> no one should have to lose a loved one. >> reporter: doctors tell tim maddock that he is liquor to be alive after his girlfriend left her car running. they found the couple a day later. maddock was unable to move or speak. 29-year-old glisten was aleady gone. >> hard to move on. i mean, you can't replace that. >> reporter: how quickly can this simple mistake be deadly? we visited the broward fire academy to find out. we let the car running and closed it in. after 15 minutes ... fire
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silvestry went in to test the air. >> 35 to 50 parts per million. >> reporter: that fast the carbon monoxixi levels are dangerous. according to the nonprofit organization ororganization organization kidsincars.omorg. 20 deaths are linked to keyless ignition cars. ten in florida killing ten people. >> boom. it is an issue and you know it has been a lot of years. >> reporter: the family sued toyota for negligence. the automaker settled. in 2011 the national highway traffic administration nitsa for short proposed a ule to address safety issues with keyless ignition cars like requiring an audible warning. five years later the agencycy has yet to act. when i ask for an update, aspokesperson said that nitsa does not have a definite date at this time for the rule. >> the car companies have stopped them from doing anything. nothing changes and people keep dying. >> reporter: when it comes to the warning, it depends on the manufacturer.
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obvious indication oncnce you get out of the car and walk away with the key in your hand thh the engine is still running. others like hyundai have external alarms. but critics say that is not loud enough and all cars need this. and people keep dying. in september, 84-year-old mona sternback died in palm beach county after leaving her keyless ignition lexus running in the garage. we reached out to yota to see if they plan to make safety changes. a spokesperson wrotewe, as with most automakers, don't discuss automaker plans. >> it is very dificult or me and my family. and it could have been prevented. it could have been prevented. >> reporter: nitsa is reviewing public comments on the proposed safety changeses many from automakers propose any change. data suggests there is not a sererus safety problem with these vehicles to warrant new requirements..
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a bs ooh spokespeon said these incidents highlight the importance of having carbon monoxide detectors which have saved lives in cases like these. a woman in california is dead after a car she was rightdead after a car she was ridedead after a car she was riding in ran naacp these floodwaters. a storm that packed high winds and heavy rains created a river behind a highway overpass swallowing a car with these two people inside but police say the driver went around a roadthe driver went around a roadblock beore that happened. the man behind the wheel was able to get out but a 48-year-old woman did not make it. >> water was 6 to 8 feet deep by the time we were able to get in the uehicle. took the dive team a while to find it. >> neki: police say the woman was under water for 15 minutes. theman was transported to the hospital and a nice time of year here. you see any rain yesterday? >> todd: no. >> neki: we were coming in. >> todd: the roads were wet bubui didn't see any rain. it threatened all day but
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>> nek i don't need a lot of heavy rain. >> jennifer: of course>> jennifer: -- of course not, we don't want to see that. good to get some rain, no doubt about it. yesterday was such a cloudy day we could definitely used sunshine and south florida will be getting that. temperatures will be starting off in the mid- to upppp 60s. now pensacola has dropped down to the low 60s. currently at 64 degrees. key west, ft. lauderdale, 65. and miami at 66 degrees. now there is a cool front just to the north of us. it is going to bring us a few clouds through the morning hours. but then lots of sunshine behind the cold front. now wih that cold front passing through, you can't completely rule out a shower developing. so there is that 20% chance. now that rain. that shower chance only stays with us for the morning. and once that front passes through, you don't have to worry about it. here is a look at the radar. notice that most of the showers that have developing staying offshore and developing over
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nothing on land as far as broward, miami-dade and -- and into the keys. but here is that cold front already passing through over lake okeechobee. a quick mover, and if you look at the levels aloft, but from the mid- to upper 70sthe mid- to upper levels, you can clearly see this is all of this right here is dry air. and that is helping to bring back that sunshine today. yesterday was very cloudy. today a whole different story. and temperatures behind this front aren't as cool. this is not a cold front that will bring the temperatures down. in fact with all that sunshine. we are warming up into the low 80s above normal for this time of year. so if you were headed out to the beach today, winds will be pick up out of north at 15 to 20 miles per hour. with a moderate rip current risk for boaters. small-craft advisory will be from affect starting at noon. not right now this morning, but keep in mind, those winds will pick up as soon as that front
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stir up the seas a bit. temperatures are warming up fast. we will get to 73 degrees by 9:00. by around 1 consider 2:00. talking about 81 degrees. the high for today. tomorrow, 79. notice rain chances are very low for the start of the new week. todd? >> todd: all right, jen. the stars were out at the bal harbor shop. mr. 305 pit bull performed for his hometown to raise money nor the buoniconi fund along with gloria and emilio estefan, and others to put an end to paralysis. we are hearing from the pennsylvania judge who came on a fhing trip and left with my jackpot. >> i often said i wonder what it will feel like to hit a big lottery winningbecause i
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well, i found out today. >> neki: he looks like a nice day. he is the winner of this week's $291 million powerball. he happened%to be down in the keys on a fishing trip with his two friends when they stopped by the store to pick up ice and a lottery ticket. he is going to split it with those two friends. each get $40 million. wow, what a good friend. >> todd: yeah. coming up next, a big first day for this year's carnivale on the mile. >> neki: all signs point to another day of fun. todd and i will be there. these guys warmed it up for you and we will bring it today. march is cuban sandwich day marar is cuban sandwich day. >> neki: oh, yeah. >> todd: we celebrated with a cuban sandwich showdown, and if this picture doesn't haveyour mouth watering, nothing will. >> neki: look at your winning lottery numbers. more jackpots to be won. go luck. >> announce always watching, always tracking, meteorologist
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if you are looking for something to do today, you can be part of a verygood cause and ride bike down to the keys in support of people with multiple sclerosis. the bike away to key largo. a great bike ride. bike riders take off from the fiu stadium and make your way to key largo. events start at 7:00 in the morning and registration fee a $40. and the elementary school in cooper city, kids will learn about spy technology, robots, web design. from 1:00 this afternoon until 4:00. you have to register online. c cnivale on the mile is back in coral gables. plenty of goo music, food, art lining the streets. if you didn't have a chance to
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there is always today. the event presented by the kiwanis club of little havana and something for all to enjoy including the local 10 news team. >> neki: from noon until 2 >> neki: from noon until 2, todd and i and clay ferraro and kristi krueger. and from 2 to 5:00, laurie jennings, jennifer correa, michael putney and liane morejon. and mayor regalado. >> neki: has deemed march smack down. >> neki: how did andrew get in assignment. the winner was the uban press, a food truck. in two weeks will move oto the cuban sandwich festival in tampa. cuban press -- today todd hit us up. >> neki: call us. we need to come sample the sandwich. > todd: bring it to us this morning.
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we are here for a lot of hours you may make it. a dangerous bailout caught on camera. police caught up with a highpolice caught up with a high-speed chaha when the driver took off on foot. that is next after the break. second dy of carnival. e on mile. headed out to coral gables it will be breezy. once the front passes through. a very weak front. a slight chance for a shower otherwise bebeming warm and sunny by the afternoon. keep yourself hydrated. we are warming up to those 80s.
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local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now is 6:29. 66 degrees. the sun is coming up over hollywood beach. what a beautiful shot. oh, a gorgeous shot. i want to be out there with my coffee.
6:29 am
windy. light breeze. >> neki: our friends going for a early walk. they say the early bird gets the worm. >> todd: that is true. 6:29 right now. get out there. >> jennifer: yeah, get out there. a great day todd and neki. why? because we are seeing a lot more sunshine than we did yesterday. even though there is a cold front that is passing through this morning. before then, temperatures are starting off in the mid- to upper 60s as you can see all across the area. here a look at where that pre is right here oving south of lake okeechobee. a quick mover. it is also very weak. almost a complete dry front except for a few showers off shore over the water. a look nationwide. a big system over the west that continues to bring rain and snow. california, snow in the sierra and that is causing flooding problems. hare back at home, high pressure will be building in and all across the south and southeast, heading into this week with a huge rm-up from
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todd. i will take it, jen. breaking news out of massachusetts. seven people have been shot inside a home in chelsea. we are told one of those victims is in critical conditioio no one is in custody just yet, and they haven't said mucuh about a suspect. we will bring you updates. again this is breaking news out of chelsea mass. seven people shot. the big story super saturday as ted cruz and bernie sanders close the gap between frt runners donald trump and hillary clinton. cruz started off the night with a big win in kansas taking off with half the vote in caucus. the same story in maine. cruz takes half the vote there. to the democrats we go. hillary clinton bests hillary clinton in nebraska and kansas, another sanders win with 70% of the vote. sander s with a huge lead over clinton. however, trump and clinton did not come away empty-handed as both walked d away with victoryboth walked away with victories in louisiana.
6:31 am
candidates, right to local 10 reporter sanela sabovic live in our newsroom. good morning, sanela. >> reporter: good morning, neki and todd. big victorybig victories for ted cru and bernie sanders trying to rebound and close the gap. super sasturday victorysuper saturday viviories for two candidates who are not the front runners. texas senator ted cruz claiming major victorories in kansas and maine saying he can take on donald trump. >> the only campaign that can and will beat donaldrump in this race. >> reporter: meantime, trump back in south florida celebrated his win in west palm beach securing victories in louisiana and kentucky. a bit of sarcasm in his voice when he congratulated his rival ted cruz on his double win. >> i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas. he should do well in maine because it isery close to canada. let's face it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while also giving senator marco rubio a bit of advice after a very grim night,t,
6:32 am
>> i think marco -- marco rubio had a very, very bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> reporter: despite the l/sses>> reporter: despite the losses, marco rubio is still looking a head toward florida. >> there will be more delegates awarded in florida than basically every state that voted tonight combine. a winner take all state. the states that voted tonight are important. we will leave with more delegates than we had yesterday. >> reporter: bernie sanders who was overshadowed by hillary clinton on super tuesday celebrated his double wins in kansas and nebraska, but it uld be clinton to claimed a major victory in the delegatemajor victory in the delegate-rich state of louisiana. took to the podium in michigan where she is looking ahead to the state's primary on tuesday. >> i am thrilled we are adding to our pledge delegatate count. i am grateful to everyone who turned out to support us, and now all eyes turn to michigan. >> now before that primary, clinton and sanders will face off in a democratic debate that
6:33 am
reporting from the news rroar, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a search at sea under way after a passenger on a cruise ship fell overboard off the coast of key largo. >> todd: this morning we are learning more of that passenger and the details leading up to that dangerous fall overboard. >> neki: layron livingston is this one. >> reporter: this passenger we are hearing is 46-year-old david mothman from the houston area and reportedly traveling from his mother and we learned that the coast guard was searching not just by boat but by helicopter and plane after since3:00 saturday morning when the man reportedly fell from the deck of his cruise ship. it was another passenger on royal cariean navigators of the seas that alerted cruise staff they saw another guest go overboard. the coast guard saiddavid mothman from the houston area fell about 100 feet from the 10 th deck of the cruise ship. we spoke with the coast guard via phone saturday evening.
6:34 am
reports of david being found. but we are still searching. we have two aircraft that we are searching. we have a coast guard cutter that we are searching and will continue throughout the night. >> reporter: tarted looking at on-board surveillance cameras and started searching along with the coast guard about 35 miles off the coast of key largo. the ship was on its way back to port everglade. >>uestioner doing our very best and we have -- we are looking at the area. we have a lot of on scene and we are doing the best we can to bring david back home. >> reporter: as of last night, that search had covered 1,000 square nautical miles annd continues this morning. and the cruise ine issued a statement saying it is providing support for mothman's family and its thoughts and prayers are with them. of course we are still working to get an update from the coast guard as to where this search stands as of now. as soon as we get that information, we will pass it along here to you at and local 10. rreporting live, layron
6:35 am
a pair of boers are said to be doing fine after being rescued on the water. the coast guard responded to a distress call six miles off of hallover inlet. cruise did manage to get them both to safety. no one was hurt. as for the vessel, it was towed back to the marina. making a run for it in central florida. it all@ started when deputyit all started when deputies spotted a stolen car. here is that driver speeding off until he gets out of the car and makes a run for it. the alleged car thief eventualthe alleged car thief eventually surrenders to an officer. there you see him bail out of the c. he sur rended when he was pursued by an officer or a k-9. turning now to the latest on the flint water crisis. cnn investigators looked at a family of three living in flint to see how strong of an impact the water crisis has had. flint residents had to live on bottled water. the study determined that this one specific family uses about -- a family of three. they use 151 bottles per day.
6:36 am
36 bottles used for cooking. another 36 for washing air. 27 for drinking. the rest were used for various activities like doing dishes and brushing teeth. the kicker, the average american uses 757. bottles per day, about 700 per day than each member of that flint family. well, opening statements begin tomorrow in the hulk hogan $100 milli trial against news web site gawker. the jury will decide if gawker violated hogan's right to privacy when it published video of hogan having sex with his best friend's wife. since he is a public figure gawker says it isnewsworthy. a cemetery is telling a grievegrieving widow that she cannot bury her thus there because he is hispanic. it is called santo domingo cemetery. it has a whhe-only possee.
6:37 am
couldn't bury her husband pedro tlshtion.>> i i am going to sue them and fight for the right of highfight for the right of high husband and fight for the rights of other people. if they will join me. in they will join knee in a march, i will march with them. >> the tate attorney general's office has gotten involved in this. anan an investigation is now under way. still to come this morning -- >> todd: yes, much more. nothing wse than getting off of a flight and realizing you are in bag is nowhere to be. >> neki: that happened a few times. >> todd: yes. >> neki: christina vasquez shows us a new system that could put an end to lost luggage. we will tell you about it. a herd of bison on the run afr they escaped from their farm. their run for freedom caught on camera.
6:38 am
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could be a missing piece for you. spring break is right around the corner and perhaps you are flying to your
6:41 am
than starting off your vacation with a lost bag or delayed ba. i always pack a lot of stuff in my carry on. >> todd: in this morning's call christina she is exploring flying and digital bag tags luggage. here is christina. >> i always worry about losing my bag. a common traveler thing. >> reporter: airports like mia handle thousands of checked bags a day, airlines work to not lose your baggage, but it can happen. >> i was flying to europe and they couldn't find my bag. >> reporter: now american airlines is working to make lost bags a thing of the past. >> loaded on a plane in miami. >> reporter: they laununched an app helping them keep tabs on their bag. >> you can track your bag. >> reporter: it coordinates your airline locate we are your luggage. handlers scan each bag loading and unloading at the plane. >> loaded at 10 :29 a.m. at
6:42 am
>> reporter: fliers can keep track of their bag's location on the mobile american airlinene web site. >> things do happen and bags get lost unfortunately, but now you know if it goes to dallas instead of los angeles, that it it es in dallas, and from dallas, we will make sure it gets to la. convenient. >> reporter: american airlines isis not the only company torque woing relieve bag anxiety. >> intrrucing the e-tag and e-track. reporter: partnership with fast track company and developed a digital bag tag. >> i have with one here. >> reporter: the co-fouvder tells us the device utilizes gps and bluetooth technologygps and bluetooth technologies and not only send an alert to your cell phone but what is happening to it. a senss can detect if your bag is open. >> at which point and which time local security has your bag. >> reporter: do you think your technolowy then will pretty much eliminate theft? >> yes, exactly. we make sure that you are always connected to your.pits
6:43 am
all the time. that would be great. >> reporter: check this out, lufthansa is testing a digital baggage bag in combination with company ramoa. you can check in your bag from home and he hope it to roll it out later this month. christina vasquez. the bag is. the bag is having a better vacation than you are. >> todd: when it is in puerta >> todd: when it is in puerta doing. >> neki: without you having ur clothes. if you are on vacation here today, guess what, you lucked out. right, jennifer. >> todd: we have a cold front coming through and carnivale on the mile. >> jennifer: yeah, come see us>> jennifer: yeah, come see us. nice and are sunny guys in south florida. boy, it will be a lot warmer today with all that sunshine that is headed our way, but right now we are still waking up to a few clouds out there. what it looks like out in ft lauderdale. there is a cold front on the way, and it is passing already south of lake okeechobee.
6:44 am
starting off the upper 60s where some of us. we have cooled down a bit. ft. lauderdale, miami, dropping now into 6 degrees. we were in the upper 60s a few minutes ago. 65 in key west. it has been that 65 for key west all morning long. also winds are petition ginning to pick up with the approach of that boundary. and at least homestead up at 13 miles per hour. up tohe northwest. 12-mile-per-hour winds in key west. here is a look at the radar. no rain on land, but there are few showers still developing offshore. i can't completely rule out a shower r two over south florida. that is because of a front. really this cold front is very weak a about right here and will pass through and will be the south of us by the late morning hours as high pressure builds behind this cold front. now let's look at the water vapor or the -- the amount of moisture or dry air over us. now this is a look at the mid- to upper levels of the atmosphe.
6:45 am
dry air is indicated by the orange color. that is sweeping behind that frontal boundary. now the boundary is really at the surface, but you can nd of see it aloft as well right there. so it is passing through already with dry air behind it. as far as cooler air, not so much, but it is nice and cool for tallahassee, up in gainesville with temperature starting off in the 40s and 50s in central florida. but it is not a dramatic cool down whatsoever behind this front. just reinforcing some dry air behind it. now for beachgoers today, keep in mind the rip current risk at moderate but can inease to a high risk with the front passing through and windspicking up. boaters small-craft advisory will be put intoeffect later on starting at noon. temperatures are risi fast and we will get to 73 degrees by 9 a.m. 81 is a high today. 79 tomorrow. the rain chances going way down for the start of the week. todd.
6:46 am
deputies in isconsin are trying to tracac d down a pack of bison that mmanaged to escape from a farm. check out this video. caught this video of a bison running from people. they believe a falling tree may havemay have damaged a fce e allowmay have damaged a fence allowing all 17 to get out. at least five were still on the run. still to come this morning in our sports wrap, the canes look -- 'canes look to wrap up an ac drshtion title last night against virginia tech. >> todd: pl the dolphins are
6:47 am
one signing (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so ourext president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. . good sunday morning, i am will manso with your local,10 morning parts wrap. we are deep near march. 'canes try t get deep near the tournament. they want a high seed. they can hel their cause by sharing part of the ac c regular season title, but jim larignaga 'canes had to deal with viginia tech or get help. first half. hits the 3. 7-0 run. miami had answer. 'canes lose 77-62.
6:50 am
to share now is 17th ranked duke. coach k's team had to beat carolina and it didn't happen. johnson had 18 points, 21 rebounds. tar heels win 76-72. they clinch the outright acc regular season championship. the 'canes will be the first in the tournament. and hoping to help the first-ranked team boasting their resume. and jessica thomas knocking down the 3 and all of a sudden we have a one-point game. notre dame will pull away. 'canes lose 78-67 and they are still expected to goo to the big game. we are expecting the heat to play well again toninight against philly. they will play good ball and win four straight games, 7-2-2 since the all-star break. 112-12. ets heat offense is clicking on a@l cylinders. game time tonight is 6:00.
6:51 am
free agency. the team announced ndamukong suh and linebacker carlnici restructured their contracts. the team cut wide rreceiver jennings. and along the offensive line and big name pass rusher to champ. mario williams talking to the dolphins. recently released on the buffalo bills just four days ago. the 31-year-old has 6 career sacks. after a while, rory mcilroy and rory gets it out of there. puts himself up in position to save par heading to the final round today. he iss three shots ahead of adam could the andcould the and dustin johnson. baseball players in manhattan cored a bunch of runs but show you defense. haward running back to the wall. check this out. what a catch. he fits it back. mentioning the run. he. they win 14-4. i am will manso. this is your local 10 morning sports wrap.
6:52 am
if you need something to do today, we got you cover. >> todd: we do.
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could be a missing piece for you. welcome back. there is a lot to do in south florida this weekend, and to keep you in.loop, local 10 the community calendar is here for just you. carnivale miami will be bidding adiosoday but not until later tonight. the event celebrating latin culture and cuisine wraps up on miracle nile coral gables. men of our local 10 news team will be there. join us and say hello and enjoy music an arts. fill lan tropic work of the kiwanis club. for all of you brainiacs, for all of you brainiacs. the family friendlyevent will
6:56 am
neuron from clay, play with visual illusions, compete in a brain jeopardy copetition and much more. the fair runs from 10 a.m. to 4p.m. and admission is free. and if you know of an event happening in south florida, we would love to hear from you. send us an e-mail at communitysend us an e-mail att community@local [neki humming "jeopardy" ttheme] a shake-u-up on the campaign trail. they fate like we do, folks. ted cruz and bernie sanders have a super saturday surge. all yor highlights and candidates' reaction. &a cruise ship passenger falls overboard. we are learning about that. a south florida officer accused of exploiting inmates for money. one of her alleged victims is speaking only to local 10. >> todd: we are goaltender
6:57 am
local 10 news at 7:00coming up next. >> neki: much more to look at. out tower cam.
6:58 am
6:59 am
what'ss right now on local 10 news at 7:00, a search at sea after a man goes overboard on a royal caribbean cruise. >> todd: a victim speaking out against a miami-dade correctional officer who took advantage of inmates. super saturday in the books super saturday in the books. five different states returning their results. who came out on top and which candidates are calling for another to give up. and believe it or not, another grantanother cold front coming our way. a weak one. but will we feel chillier weather here. jennifer correa has the information in a forecast. live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning, south florida. thank you for starting your& sunday fun day with us. i am neki mohaha
7:00 am
thank you for waking up with usthank you for waking up with us. over to jennifer correa with a look at the forecast. carnivale on the mile. >> neki: we will be there, come join us. >> jennifer: a lot of sunshine for today. if you were headed out. if you were headed out to carnivale on the mile. take your sunscreen and water with you. temperature is warming up. warmrm than they did yesterday. and first here is a live look ouou of hollywood beach cam. nice and quiet. even the water looks nice and quiet, and not that breezy, but winds will pick up once that front passes through. it is very wek, almost a dry front. so not really making an impact here. miami, you are looking great as well with only a few clouds. temperatures at 65 degrees in miami, and ft. lauderdale has cooled down a bit more at 64 currently and still 65 degrees" in key west. there is that cool front. that is pushing thrugh and helping to bring back the sunshine for the rest of our sunday. todd? jennifer, thank you.


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