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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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thank you for waking up with usthank you for waking up with us. over to jennifer correa with a look at the forecast. carnivale on the mile. >> neki: we will be there, come join us. >> jennifer: a lot of sunshine for today. if you were headed out. if you were headed out to carnivale on the mile. take your sunscreen and water with you. temperature is warming up. warmrm than they did yesterday. and first here is a live look ouou of hollywood beach cam. nice and quiet. even the water looks nice and quiet, and not that breezy, but winds will pick up once that front passes through. it is very wek, almost a dry front. so not really making an impact here. miami, you are looking great as well with only a few clouds. temperatures at 65 degrees in miami, and ft. lauderdale has cooled down a bit more at 64 currently and still 65 degrees" in key west. there is that cool front. that is pushing thrugh and helping to bring back the sunshine for the rest of our sunday. todd? jennifer, thank you.
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31 people are dead following a suicide attack there. it happened 6 miles south of boston. a suicide bomber blew up a fu truck full of explosives. we are told most of the victims are civilians. we have more breaking news. this time out of massachusetts.. about police say seven people have been shotot inside a home in she ll is he. we are told that one of those ricks is in critical condition. right now one is in custody and no suspects have been named. we will bring you updates as soon as they become available. now vote 2015, the dates super saturday. five states and one territory making their royces heard and bernie sanders and ted cruz gained ground on the front runners. for the republicans, ted cruz started off the night with a big win in kansas. and a similar story in maine, crews take that caucus as well winning that vote as well. in kentucky, donald trump won by a narrrow mare gij. trump also wald away with a narrow win in louisiana. now to the d docrats.
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bested hillaryrylinton in the nebraska caucus. in kansas, sanderseasily won with 7% of the vote there. in louisiana, clinton had a huge victory with 70% of the vote there. the results did little to change the delegate map. clinton keeps her race. all of the candidates, of course, took time off the campaign trail to address their victoryvictories and losses on super saturday. >> neki: local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is covering this for us. she is in our newsroom, sanela. >> reporter: good morning, neki and todd. senator ted cruz and donald trump winning big and democrattrump winning big and democratic candidate hillaryclinton scoring a begin this a major key state. on the heels of a super tuesday win, donald trump had another strong night. he was in west palm beach celebrating wins in louisiana and kktucky. in a speech he congratulated
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and taunting senator mar rubio saying he should bow out. >> > want to congratulate ted cruz on kansas and maine. he should do well on maine because it is very close to canada. let's face. [ laughter ] marco rubio had a very bad night and personally i call for him to drop out of the race. you know i heard hillary today and i watched her statement tonight and her statement is "make america whole." that is a terrible statement. make america whole. i think she meanser about in a hole. we are in a deep hole. and we are trying toig out ware out. we owe $19 trilon. >> reporter: a strong night for texas senator ted ruz started the weekend off winning big and taking the state of maine. this marked a rebound from cruz from last week's super tuesday caucus. and marco rubio decided to
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campaign tops, puerto rico. the florida senator spoke in spanish to supporters at a rally and despite less than desired results. marco bio said his focus is on his home state of florida. >> more delegates awarded in florida than basically every state voted tonight combined. a winner take all state. the states that voted tonight are important. we will lead tonight with more delegates than we had yesterdaydelegates than we had yesterday. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders who was overshadowed by hillary clclton on super tuesday recovered a bit last night scorebit last night scing a pair of wins in kansas and nebraska, but it would be c clinton takebut it would be clinton taking a strong win in the delegatea strong win in the delegate-rich state of uisiana. despite sander's win last night holds a strong lead in t the delegate counts. now the candidates are looking ahead to priiries in several states including one right here in florida next weweek. but before then, democrat also face off tonight in a democratface off tonight in a democratic debate that flint, michigan. reporting live from the newsroom, sanla sabovic, local 10 news. developing now in northwest miami-dade. police say a man was shot after
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no word yet on the connection& between the victim and the suspect. this happened along 146th street and 9th avenue. the victim say was takento the hospital in serious but stable condition. as for the shooter e apparently took off running. police are trying track him down. now a one and only exclusive. we are hearing from a man who was allegedly blackmailed by a miami-dade corrections officersmiami-dade corrections officers. police say he is not the only victim. christie lassiter isis accused of pocketing more than $20,000 from cadets. she managed that catch, and she threatened to put those inmates back behind bars. later gambling away all the money she took at the hard rockk casino. >> i will basically get back out to nothing. i came here with nothing. and i am leaving with nothing. so it is like a lose-llose situation. who knows how long this has been happening like. i just went to boot camp in 2015.
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>> todd: so far 19 victims have come forward. lassiter is facing several charges like bribery ad extortion. she is being held on bond. a family of a retired fbi agent is asking for help to finding him. robert levinson's loved ones held a rally. the agent went missing on a cia mission in iran. they believe the 67-year-old is still alive and they are demanding more aggressive efforts to rescue him. a $5 million reward for information on his whereabouts. a cuba diver is lucky to be alivealive after he was sucked into florida. lucie. the diver was stuck inside the pipe for f five minutes when he was spit out into the pond at a nuclear plant. he is suing florida power and light and the company said he area. >> todd:d: speculation will continue to build for the
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justice antonin scalia. new york times says berto jose jordan is being consideredjose jordan is beingng considered. he grew up here in south florida. the 55 father of two has been a federal circuit court judge since 1999. a deadly fire in washington claiming the lives of three young children.>> todd: just ahead, a community gathering to remember those young thrivev were lost. also local 10 investigates what you can do if the puppy you purchased in a pet store gets sick. animalanimal advote jacey birch has the support next. good morning, south florida good morning, south florida. carnival on the mile continues for a second day in a row. today there is a front passing through giving us a slight chance of a shower. but once it passes through, we are warming things up. it is becoming breezy. winds out of the north and lots of sunshine for this sunday expected for it to last even as we head into the new week. all the details on that when we return. >> you are watching local 10
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amazing grace >> a vigil was held last night in washington for three children whwo died in a fire. 12-year-old ben, 10-year-old madeline and 7-year-old sam were in n their home when it went upin flames friday morning. the thick smoke blocked their mother from reaching them while they slept in their bedrooms upstairs. family and neighbo say they are devastated. >> i couldn't imagine what they are going through. my heart hurts for them. >> they were so loving and so wonderful and smart and bright. >> todd: investigators have not determined the cause of the fire but they have confirmed it started just inside the front door. actress lena dunham is actress lena dunham is hospitat suffering from a ruptured ovarian cyst. she was admitt yesterday and will undergo surgery.
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about her struggle with endometriosis. she went to facebook to be open about her struggle with it. one dog learned how this drive a semi tractor-trailer. a labrador retriever appear to drive the semi across the road. the driver had left the truck running in a nearby parking lot when it somehow got into gear and then went to the parking lot across the street, over a curb. thankfully that dog is said to be okay. >> neki: i willtell you how this got unsecured. a tail. have you seen how hard a labrador can was a tail. it can knock over a small child. >> todd: don't leave a dog in the car with it running. >> neki: no. >> todd: when is the cold front coming through -- we should say a cool front. >> jennifer: actually noot even cool front. a boundary. a boundary where there is a change in the air mass as far as the amount of moisture
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that is what it really is. it essentially is a dry froront. now the reason it is a dry front is because it is not bringing you any rainfall. drier dew poi temperatures means lower moisture. we are going to feel nice anddry, but it is not cooling us down because temperatures are warming up, warmer than they did yesterday. now beautiful look over ft. lauderdale tower cam. i do want to point out it looks a little bit hazy. could be a few low clouds. other than that, it is beautiful, a gorgeous way to kick off our sunday and, of course, we are seeing a lot more sunshine now. the temperatures are in the low 60s. by the way that is normal for this time of year. 65 degrees in miami and key west. winds out of the west and northwest. winds are starting to pick up a bit because that front is a little closer to us. once it passes thrhrgh, the wind speeds are going to be up to date. 15 to 20 miles r hour. on the radar, do notice a few
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that's about it. no rain, just clouds way in thedistance and the actual boundary is still right around here just to the south of lake okeechobee, but it will pass through by 11 a.m. to the south of us. high pressure building in behind uus will allow for a nice and are dry weather pattern setting up starting today and through the beginning oour new workweek. here is a look natiwide. behind me on west coast. we are definitely still seeing the rain and even snow in the sierra. thihiis a big system here. mean andwhil, a threat of severe weather later on by the middle part of next week. the big story before then will be the temperatures. they will b b hot all across the south. todd. >> todd: all right, jen, thank you. it is hard to walk by a pet store without peeking in. but if you make the decision to purchase from a breeder or one those aninimal shops, what do you do if your pet becomes dangerously sick.
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jacey birch investigates. >> so cute. >> reporter: she baby>> reporter: s she babies her new puppy like he is a child. >> we are all so close to himm. he is member of the family. >> reporter: the past two months, she diddt know if this little guy would live or die. one night her baby boy baconon got so sick, he had to be rushed to the emergency room.>> so we did the emergency surgery, and she said that it is such a rare condition to have a stone with a puppy that is only not even a year old yetis only not even a year old yet. >> reporter: at just 9 months old there are puppy was diagnosed with bladder stones. >> they can die. their bladders can burst or it can get stuck in their urinary tract and be very painful for them. >> reporter: bacon was seen by threethree veterinarians and one bladder specialist. the stones were the result of an inherited defect, unusual for such a young dog. >> reporter: how much did you spend at the vevets office and all these surgeryall these surgeries.
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>> reporter: so halle reached out to the man she bought her dog from, martin leon. owner of beverly hills puppy. >> guranteed against genetic defects. >> reporter:r: she referenced. >> i called him last week he didn't know what i was talking about and to contact an attorney and leave him alone. >> reporter: that is when local 10 got involved and went straight to the store where bacon was bought. this is not your typical storethis is s t your typical storefront. first of all, you can't even see in the window to see dogs inside. then you can't go inside to buy any dog. you have to make an appointment. believe me, i haa made appointment. i have been cancelled on six times. we reached out by phone. this is jacey birch. i am the animal advocate reporter. are you familiar with a woman contacting you are he peatedly saying her dog had a genetic disorder and she wanted to you stand by the warranty.
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>> reporter: in addition to the contract guarantee protecting sick pups, florida hahaa pet buyer protection law. the law provides reimbursement for veterinary expenses relate to certified illnesses up to the purchase price of the animal. >> if there is a genetic disorder and this dog is under warranty, are you going to take responsibility? >> i'll have to see exactly what it is to be very honest with you. >> reporter:r:hat is the future for bacon. is he going to be okay? >> we don't know. we have to test him every year with an ultra sound and x-rays and pray that he's fine. hopefully, but it is not guaranteed. >> reporter: after local 10 reached out to beverly hills puppies and after haley provided this mound of paperwork, proof and vet bill records. martin leon provided her a full refund in the amount of $2789. even though that is the price she paid for bacon but does not
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future life-long medical bills. do your research, educate yourself and before you buy a pet, you can call me and i will help you adopt from a rescue or shelter. >> neki: one of the reasons she is so passionate about that. remember that powerball winner that walked away from our million dollar prize and came to our state for a fishing trip. >> todd: how dare he. >> neki: how dare he. >> todd: we are hearing from the winner himself. >> neki: he is a good guy. the mayor has named march cuban sandwich month. what is vote the best in the city. but first a look at our winning
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, t, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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looing for something to do today? you can be part of a good cause and bike ride down to the keys all in support of people suffering with multiple
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the bike away to key largo bbike ride. bike riders take off from the fiu stadium in miami and they will make their way down to key largo. they left at 7 a.m.m. registration fee was $40 bucks. the asian n ultural festival -- a great event -- the 26th annual festival at fruit and spice park in homestead. enjoy arts and crafts, food, music, dancing. the event begins at 10 and ends at 6:00. admission is $12 for adults and $5 bucks for kids. if your kids love science take them to the broward stem expo at the elementary school in cooper city. kids will learabout spy technology, robots, web design and mumuch more. the event from 1 until 4:00. free to attend but you have to register for classes. go early if you were hoping to get in on a wait list. we are hearing this morning from that pennsylvania judge who came down and walked away with this! a multimilln dollara multimillion a multipowerball. >> ioften said i wonder what
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big lottery winning because i never win nothing. i found out today. >> neki: that is the winner of this week's $291 mlion powerball. he happened to be in the keys n fishing trip with two friends when he stopped by the store to pick up some ice a a lottery tickets. he o. ed for the lump sum to split with his two friends. what a nice guy. each get $40 million. >> todd: oh, my god, he is a nice guy. >> neki: i know. varn carnivale miami is back, and is a much funner day because neki and i will bbe there. sponsored by the kiwanis of little havana. a lot for people to do not to mention meeting the whole local 10 team from from nonoon to it :30. i will be there with neki, clay ferraro and eric yutzy. and 2:30 to 5, glenna milberg, laurie jennings, michael putney
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mayor regalado has named march cuban stand witch month. the cuban sandwich smack xwloun afd our own andrew perez was one of eight judges. he knows a great sandwich when he see it it. the top pre went to the cuban press. call us. we haven't tried you yet. it goes on to the international-cuban festival. i think they need to be on next weekend because i need to be a judge. >> todd: i love a cuban sandwich. >> neki: you wouldn't share that jackpot if you won. you know will change ourr relationship. you think you know someone. the search at sea for a man who rereportedly fell overboard from a royal caribbean cruise ship nebraska schenectady more at 7:30, information on the victim that they are l looking for. the results are in. some say the momementum of the vase now shifting. the reaction from the
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florida. good morning, key west. our mallory square cam. it is gorgeous. winds are picking up. temperatures at 65 degrees. we will have your full sunday forecast when we come back. remember local 10 news is
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local 10 ns starts right now. >> neki: tae>> neki: taking a live look at 7:28 out of our ft. lauderdale towe cap. we like to take this shot because of e sun coming over the atlantic. >> todd: beautiful sunshine rays coming over the cloud cover. >> neki: a picture perfect sunrise. if you were not lucky to be out at the beach, bam, we bring it to you. >> jennifer: beautiful north and west. check it out, todd and neki. cam. it is breezy and winds have picked up in key west at 13 miles per hour. conditions.
7:29 am
north. 65 degrees right now. lots of sunshine. by the way, there is still that weak frontal boundary passing through. not cooling us down but allowing for lots of sunshine. high pressure builds in across the sunshine state behind that front. by the way, if you want to make it a beach day, use the sunit a beach day, use the sunscreen, no doubt about it. a lot of sunshine but also keep in mind moderate rip current risk is going up a level to high. please be careful out there. the -- the reason -- the main reason is due to this front. winds are picking up 15 to 20 miles per hour by this afternoon out of the north. temperatures also warming up into the low 80s for our daytime high. todd. >> todd: begin with breaking news out of iraq. the death toll after a suicide bombing attack is 47. the attack happened 60 miles south of baghdad and officials say a suicide bomber blewp a fuel truck full of explosives. 39 of those victims are civilians. more breaking news out of
7:30 am
seven people have been shot inside a home there. we are told that one of those victims is listed in critical condition. police said the victims were having house party at the time of that shooting. right now no one is in custody, and no suspects have been namedand n nsuspects have been named. we continue our coverage of vote 2016 with the result of super saturday. bernie sanders and ted cruz shifting the momentum of the race with big wins in several states. looking at the results for the republican. cruz started off with a big win in kansas. a similar story in maine. cruz takes the caucus winning half a vote there tgo. to the democrat where is senator bernie sanders bested hillary clinton in te nebraska caucus. in kansas, another sanders win with nearly 7% of the vote. sander s had a huge lead over hillary clinton. meanwhile, donald trump and hillary clinton did not exactly walk away empty-handed. the nightwas a much bigthe night was a much bigger.victory for rivals. >> neki: local 10's reporter sanela sabovic has more on the
7:31 am
>> reporter: big victoryy for senators ted cruz and bernie sanders. both trying to rebound both leading the pack are not slowing down taking a win in a key state. super saturday victorysuper saturday victories for two candidates are not the front runner opinions texas senanar ted cruz claiming major victims in kansas and mainesaying he can take on donald trump. >> we are the only campaign in can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> reporter: meanti@me, trump back in south florida celebrated his win in westpalm beach securing victories in louisiana and kentucky. a bit of tsar was number his voice when he congratulated his rival ted cruz on his double wins. i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas. he sdhoud well inaine because it is close to canada. let's face it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: giving florida senator marco rubio a bit of advice after a grim night not winning any state. >> i think marco rubio had a very, very bad night and personally i would call for him
7:32 am
>> reporter: despite the losses>> reporter: despite the losses, marco rubio is still looking ahead to florida. >> more delegates arded in florida than basically every state that voted tonight mbined. it is a winner take all state. the states that voted tonight are important. we will leave with more delegates than we had yesterydelegates than we had yesterday. >> reporter: and on the democratic side. bernie sanders who was overshadowed by hillary clinton on super tuesday celebrated his double wins in kansas and nebraska, but it will be clclton to claimed a major victory in the delegate-rich state of louisiana. she took to the pod glum michigan looking ahead to the state's primary on tuesday. >> i am thrilled we are adding to our pledged delegate count. i am grateful to anyone who turned out to support us, but now a eyes turn to michigan. >> reporter: but before that primary, sanders d clinton will face off in a democratic debate that flint michigan. reporting from the video port, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. now to asearch at sea. the coast guard searching for a man who reportedly fell
7:33 am
caribbean cruise ship. officials believe the man may have fallen off of the coast of key largo as the ship was headed back to port everglade. >> todd: local 10 reporter lay>> todd: local 10 reporter layron livingston is live at the with more. >> reporter: the man's name david mosman 46 years old from the hoston area. we are hearing he was travelling with his mother on this cruise ship. we learned that the coast guard has been searching since about 3:00 saturday morning by boat, by plane, and by helicopter after this man reportedly fell from the deck of his cruise shshp. it was another passenger on royal caribbean navigator of the sea that alerted crew's staff they had seen another guest go overboard. the coast guard said david moththe coast guard said david mothman from the houston area fell 100 feet from the 109 deck of the cruise ship. we spoke to the coast guard tuesday evening. >> for now there are mo reports of david being found, but we are still searching. we have two aircrafts that werde
7:34 am
the coast guard cutter that was searching and they were there throughout the night. >> reporter: on-board surveillance and started searching along with the coast guard about 35 miles off the coast of l le key largo. the ship was on its way back to port everglade. >> we are doing ourrery best and we have -- we have a lot of assets on scene and we are trying to do the best we can to bring david back home. >> reporter: as of last night@, that search covered 1,000 uare nautical miles and continues this morning. as i said there -- and we anticipate that this search is ongoing. anything further we learn we will let you know at and local 10. eporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. pair boaters rescue on the water and the coast guard responded to that distress ll six miles off of hallover inlet. a small boat took on some water with two people on board. crews got them to safety. no one was hurt. the vessel was towed back to
7:35 am
a driver in a stolen car making a run for it in central florida. a helicopter was trailing this one. you can see the dputyyou can see the deputies discovered it was a stolen car following this driver. he was speeding -- speeding through the town and then he finally gets out of the car and tries to make a run for it.he tries to make a run through that neighborhood, but eventualthat neigigorhood, but eventually they caught up to him and he surrendered to an officer in a canine. the latest on the flint water criss. investigators looked at a family of three living in flint to see how the impact was. residents have to live on bottled water. this specific family of three uses 150 bottles, 50 per personuses 150 bottles, 50 per person. 53 for cooking. another 36 for washing air. the rest drinking and various activities doing dishes and ushing teeth. here is the kicker, the epa the averagee american uses 777 bottles per day 700 more per day than each member of that
7:36 am
accused of fatally shooting a co-worker is in custody. 47-year-old has turned himself in. police say he shot and killed34-year-old darren johnson on thursday after an argument turned physical. officers who responded to that shooting were also shot. faces several charges including first and second-degree murder. opening statements begin in hulk hogan's 100 million trial against news web site gawker. a jury will decide if they violatedhis right to privacy when publishwhen published a video of the former professional wrestler having sex with his best friends life. gawker says since he is a celebrity it is news worthy. and charged with asslting a freshman on the day the team called no gay thursday. the three 17-year-old students held a 14-year-old boy last october and allegedly assaulted him with a broomstick. the head footbaball develop was suspended pending an outcome of the investigation but they
7:37 am
staff knew about the assault. >> and knowing the kids and knowing owl score, i just -- i think it is false. >> the football players you know, you don't think they are capable of that kind of activity? >> i don't think so. >> you wonder abo morals and ethics anymore and how kids are brought up. >> reporter: the suspects are being charged as juveniles. among the charges of assault, conspiracy and unlawful straint. a powerful blast leaving two injured in a texas refinerytwo injured in a texas refinery.>> neki: coming up we will tell you what caused this dangerous fire. a herd of bison on the run.
7:39 am
7:40 am
more on video when we come back one person is recovering this moing after an explosion
7:41 am
it happened in pasadena near houston. people in the area felt thepowerful blast when it happenedpowerful blast when it happened. you see fire crews working to put out the large flames. the company's spokesperson says an issue with the compressor caused the blast. one person suffered burns to their hands. deputies in wisconsin are trying to track down a pack of bison that managed to escape. chopper video caught the bison running from people and a fallen tree may have damaged a fence having the 17 bison get out. several were rounded up but a least five are still roaming the plains. the cia is looking to hire a librarian and you will be surprised of the pay and benefits. between $1 and $18 0,000. if you wanted to could be james bond-like responsibility. and you need a master's degree. a library experience and pass a background check, psychological exam and a lie detector test.
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across the bay area in california. wind gusts reached as high as 80 miles per hour in some parts80 miles per hour in some parts. trees were toppled over. the power was knocked out in some areas, the good news is the drought-stricken state got much-needed rain. the only problem is, if the ground is dry, it is probably not, you know -- dries up quickly. >> jennifer: ey runoff. the soil is so dry it causes major flooding. the good news is they are seeing the rain. this will not put them m t of that four-year drought, but for the west coast, they need as much rain before the dry season returns later nonapril. so hopefully they can see a few more rain. just know know that there could be some flooding. south florida, waking p to allot sunshine.allot sunshine. gorgeous shot of our sunday. a live view. temperatures dropping to a normal low for this time of
7:43 am
the area. similar temperature from broward to miami-dade and all the way to the key. a look at the radar. not going to talk about rain. you don't have to worry about that. here is that frontal boundary i hahe been mentioning. very, very weak. a dry front passes through that is allowing for drier air behind it tosettle in and this will be the weather pattern for the next few days. high pressure in control across the southeast. it is actually eventuallit is actually lily going to push over the atlantic and the high will be strong enough to keep any systems from the west pushing in to all the way into south florida. so the high will be domint, and it will keep us nice and dry for the art of the workweek. and meanwhile, across s e nation, there is a low setting up near the rockies and a big system that is producing the rain and the snow. not only in california but across portions of the four corners and up to the pacific northwest. but eventually we are going to be talking about some active
7:44 am
the week. the jet stream is dipping all the way far south allowing for a strong push of cold air behind it. moisture, warm air ououahead of it. a great set-up for severe threat. possibly tornadoes that could break out tuesday to wednesday from texas up into the central plains into also the midwest. also no doubt, it will be raining a lot. accumulations talking about 7 to 10 inches of rainfall in afew spots in the central part of the state. of the united states. so back here at home, i mentioned the high pressure that being with us. heading out to beach today. high rip current risks. small-craft advisory will be in effect starting at noon. the seas 2 to 3 feet and increasing higher than that. so once that frontal passage is over us and south of us, that is when the seas start to stir up a bit.
7:45 am
> this morning's sports wrap, the 'canes looking to lock up a acc title against virginia tech last night. >n neki: plus the dolphins considering a free-agent siing with a former number one overall pick might be coming to miami. >> todd: (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's sersonal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the wowst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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good sunday morning, i am will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. we are getting deeper into march. 'canes try get deep near the tournament. they want a high seed that can help their cause by sharing part of the acregular season title. jim lalarigga to take care of
7:49 am
or get help. start with this game. the hokingthe hokies up with the first half. hits the 3. 'canes with a 7-0 run. miami had no answer. biggs knocks down 3 of hi19 points. 'canes lose 772. only hope is 17th rank duke. rivals had to beat north carolina and it didn't happen. 18 points, 22 rebounds. tar heels win and they clinch the outright acc regular season championship. the 'canes will be the first tournameme. on women's side. boast their ncaa resume. jessica thomas knocking down the 3 and all of a sudden a onethe and all of a sudden a one-point game. notre dame will pull away. 'canes lose 78-67. they are still expecting to go to the big dance. we are expecting the heat
7:50 am
they continue to really playsome good ball. they play four straight games. 7-2. until they beat the sixers tampa 1212-12. it is clear that the heat is clicking on all cylinders dolphins clear up money for free agencies on saturday. the offensive lineman ndamukong suh and linebacker carl nicci restructured their contract and cut yeing gregg jennings. along the offensive line, welcome big name pass rusher to camp yesterday. over to davie was mario williams talking to the dolphins. recently released by thebuffalo bills four day ago. the 31-year-old had 96 career sacks. and rory mcilroy. and rory gets itut of there. puts him self in position to save par. heading into the final round today, he three shots ahead of adam scott and dustin johnson.
7:51 am
show you defense. jacob hayward running back to the wall. check this out. what a catch! bringing it back. he gets it. i mention the runs. they have plenty of those. they win 14-4.. i am will manso. that is yourlocal 10 morni sports wrap. >> todod don't go anywhere. a look a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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coming up next on "good morning america" the results in for super saturday. what is next on the campaign trail. ted cruz and bernie sanders close the gap. a father and daughter rre lucky to be alive after their plane came crashing down in new they were able to walk away from the wreck. and a bad nanny caught on camera is in court on a felony child abuse charge. what parents need to know about the web site she was hired off of. a lot is going on in south florida this weekend and to keep nut loop, here is our local 10 community calendar. carnivale miami will be bidding
7:55 am
one last day to enjoy latten cuisine and culture wraps up at miracle mile at 10. we will be there at noon. come on down. say hello. todd has a great salsa. enjoy the music, art, carnivale miami supports the fill lan trop cause of the kiwanis and free and open to the publ. brainiacs, a brain fair at the bank united center in coral gables. the family friendly event will have kids build a neuron from clay, digital illusions, brain jeopardy and much more. the brain fair from 10 to 4. aission to this one is free. if you know of an event happening in south florida, you want to tell us about it. e-mail us. it is that simple, communityit is that simple, is the address. well, from cut willer to cash and lots of it. >> neki: wow, tell me more. a family in e south unpacked a major find in their great grandpa's home. the family around -- they found -- wow, they found seven
7:56 am
famed detroit tigers outfielder ty cobb. previousl\ only 15 of these cards were known to exist. it is not clear wha the exact value of the card is, but experts suggesting somewhere well into the seven figures. >> todd: wow, and the family is staying anonymous. >> neki: i will stay anonymous too. a lot of ticket in itself. >> jennifer: for news the weweather department. it is beautiful. outdoor events, don't worry about rain. nice a and sunny over key west and ft. lauderdale. basically all across south florida. a few clouds, but by the way, that front is passing through. you might not even notice it. a dry front, but help to pick up the breeze. behind it, high pressure is building. nice and sunny. so it is warmer today. the high -- the forecast h hh for today, 81 degrees. and head out too carnivale on the mile. join us the last of the day event. but also if you were joining usbut also if you were joining us, we areoing to be outside so you will want to wear the sunscreen, reapply thth.
7:57 am
for beachgoers, the risk of rip currents is going up to high because the winds are increasing behind that front. >> todd: and neki is giving up free hugs. >> neki: a lot of hugs for carnivale on the mile. >> jennifif: i won't be there when you guys will be there. >> todd: you guys talk amongst yourselves. we will be back in 30 minutes. >> neki: we get a break because our coverage continues th "good morning america." for news, traffic and weather any time of day log on to (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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good morning, america. breaking news. ted's huge night. cruz trouncing donald trump in two states. as record numbers turn out to vote on super saturday. >> today has been a very good day. and rubio's disastrous
8:00 am
his rivals calling on him to drop out. is this now a two-man race? >> i want ted one on one. plus, bernie, pulling out two wins. can he catch up to hillary clinton? adly storms. the west battered by rain and ferocious winds. a double assault. from crumbling cliffs to daring rescues. plus, the major flooding threatening the plains right now. what's in store for the week ahead? a scare for a star. lena dunham hospitalized. the actress facing surgery with complications from a disorder she's battled openly. the update on her condition this morning. and miracle landin a father and daughter's close call as their plane loses power midair. five alpha romeo, your request? >> 5 alpha romeo. >> forced to deploy the parachute. >> feel very lucky. very lucky. >> how they managed to pull it off.


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