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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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couple of days. >> we are expecting on this monday morning back to school and back to work temperatures above average, 67 degrees will be the temperature as the k ks head to the bus stop this morning. overall with an east breeze it makes it feel more comfortable. mix of sun and clouds greeting the kids as they head to the bus stop. for you this morning just a little bit of cloud cover but no precipitation is falling if those clouds. the atmosphere is very dry. with that s song east breeze in place though, dangerous rip currents for you beach-goers. boaters we had adadsories as well. not too bad out there, pompano beach, ft. lauderdale, pembroke pines. 66 in kendall. 70 in maratho i'll have more on the forecast coming up. >> good morning, south florida.looking good on a monday morning. hey you guys, if you'r traveling on the i, a new crash reported on i-95 and broward boulevard. it's well off to the shoulder though. if you're traveling northbound let's check to s what those drive
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no major problems there. however, we do have a problem right off of orange drive. we have complete closures in place between the turnpike and 441 after a driver loses control so you're not going to be able to travel in that spot. instead take griffin road if you're traveling out there in broward county. in addition to that we have some road debris that can slow down your commute. a slight slowdown at 57 miles per hour. we have breaking news right now. a driver taken to the hospital after losing control of his vehicle and going straight into a canal. police say that driver lost control down keen road in davie. it's still unclear what condition that driver is in but we're working on this for you. new overnightht a rollover wreck on i-95 at northwest 79th street. see this. it happened early thi morning. florida highway patrol confirms at least one person was hurt when
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its roof. we'll bring you more information as soon bs we receive it. developing right now, police on the hunt for three gunman after a 16-year-old boy was shot several times. it happened just after 5:00 last night near north west 71st terrace and 24th avenue. police say they are looking for at least three shooters. that teen taken to jackson memorial hospital to be treated. right now it's unclear what condition he he's in this morning. a mother is in jail in texas. she's accused of abducting her own sunday, sparking on amber alert that you received on your phone on sunday. she was found in laredo right near the mexico border. the baby's care givers say she was taken off from a north miami home, taking off in a mazda. we do have a live report with all the details and the charges she's now
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the search is on to find the person who struck and kille a pedestrian early sunday morning. right now they don't have a description of the car, they don't have the description of the driver either. if you have any information on what happened here, here's miami-dade crimestoppers's number, 305-471-tips. new this morning a man allegedly threatened and attacked several police officers with a ski pole in margate. it all started when the man you see here allegedly attacked a woman on a bike. he's now facing plenty of charges including aggravated battery and assault on a law enforcement officer. the search for a cruise shihi passenger who fell overboard has now been suspended. crews searched 1700 nautical miles near key largo for two d days.
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mossman fell 100 feet down from the tenth deck saturday. the circumstances of the fall still unclear this morning. >>trouble for boaters in the water off chicken key. the boaters using buckets to dump the water out but that was not enough. crews did bring in a pump to help pump the water out. a deadly attack in iraq that killed dozens and left even more injured. officials say a suicide bomber blew up a t tck killing 61, injuring more than 95. when tse killed 2r5eu were civilians. now the suicide attk is the second deadliest to take place this year. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailut where some of your friends destroyed
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>> excuse me. i'm talking. >> democratic debate you can see getting heated lifetime night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders disagreeing on s some economics in flint, michigan. they are gearing up the michigan's primary today. mrs. clinton only came ououon top in louisiana. meanwhile on the republican side senator marco rubio celebrated a victory in puerto rico this mning. saturday's races went to ted cruz and donald trump. the billionaire businessman was in our area yesterday.. he campaigned as he watched the doral classic at his golf course. there's a lot of talk about the way he rallied people at an event. take a look. >> we'll vote on or before the 12th for donald j. trump for president. >> those who are critical of trump comparing his call for supporters to raise
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their votes to nazi germany. our primary we remind you again actually o o march 15th. all of the candidates will be in soh florida for debates. democrats go head to head wednesday. don't forget yoy can vote early. we have all of the information you need. that's o our website right now, just check out the mayor of miami beach is set to make his debut on serious satellite radio. it will run for six weeks. it will focus on mayays and entertainers from around the u.s. former wwe wrestler is takinggn gawker over a sex type the "new york posted" four years ago. hoeing a aept suing gawker for $100 million
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sex tape of him and his best friend's wife. gawker says it is news worthy because he's a public figure. meanwhile hogan' op in clearwater beach was e eevacuated. what you need to know to keep your computer safe. and a stun gun used on an nfl star during a traffic stop. onlylyocal 108 news has photos of that takedown still ahead. it's becoming that time o year. we spring forward march 13th which is sunday. so saturday night set your clocks back because daylight savings begins march 13th at 2:00 a.m we have spring this begins the next sunday, march 20th. and easter after that. lots to look forward to in the month of march. we are remembering
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the former first lady passing away at the age
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we're taking a look at >>reporter: good morning. topping america' money, i recall involving nearly 5,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. >> the applegate's naturals chicken nuggets are being recalled after the retailer found small pieces of plastic in t t nuggets. the national average is up six cents over the past week to $1.81 a gallon. >> many of the experts blame growing demand and prices. gas still 70 cents a gallon cheaper than this time last year. finally a stampede
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>> all to see zoototopia. >> london has fallen was second with nearly million. dead pool dropped from first to third. that's america's money. a woman in california died as the car she was driving in ran into flood waters. the car that the two people were in was overcome by the water below the highway overpass. the driver was able to get out okay but the 48-year-old woman did not make it. > now to san francisco, those storms moved through dumping some of the much-needed rain in the area. however, even though they need it, the storm left downed trees and power lines. many areas are still cleaning up the mess right now. let's take a live look right now from our miami tower cam. enty of colors on the buildings. the sun will soon rise and when it does, you can hope it's like over the weekend. >> it was perfect@ all
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we don't want to saygood-bye to winter, that's for sure. >> it's amazing how fast spring is going to be sprung upon us. we're already seeing above-average temperatures this morning. that east breeze now moving in anywhere between 7 and 17 miles per hour. a temperature of 69 degrees inn miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. currently for y in kendall, 66 degrees. goodorning to you continue pompano beach. it's 69 and 70 for you in marathon. so the winds will continue to increase throughout the later half of the morning and into the afternoon. again, i will remind you that is going to spark a high risk for beach-goers. so a lot of you visititg for spring break, we're happy to have you to enjoy all the sunshine and beautiful weather. we w wt you to be safe so please use caution. we're waking up to dry conditions and you already noticed you can see the satellite showing the cloud cover pushing onshore because
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we can't rule out chance for a stray shower but the atmosphere is very dry thanks to high pressure located just to the north of us. so that will drive our winds in off thehe ocean. it's feeding into a couple storm systems. you heard jacey mention the shower at this point a lot of snow, something they love for this time year for our friends in california and the higher elevatitns. over portions of washington and oregon, more rain is expected. the severe weather threat today will be due to the clash of air masses. severe weather from texas up to the dakotas is possible. we have temperatures ahead of this front. the warm, humid air working in from the gulf. the jet stream has retreated towards the north across the nation's midsection into the southeast. temperatures for us comfortable in south
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across the nation's midsection from parts of mexico all the way up towards the north east. the 70s did i tomorrow. for us that high risk of rip currents will continue through the middle part of the workweek. as we look to the forecast we'll see a graduall warm up until the end of the week. we've got about two to three lanes of traffic blocked at universityrive southbound on the approach to pembroke road. as you can see there's at least two vehicles involved with this crash. i'd say, hey, if you're traveling in this spot you're going to be able to get by. obviously just a little bit of a slowdown this morning. let's get to miami-dade where we have two accidents to get to. if you're traveling eastbound atathe dolphin expressway we've got heavy delays just south of the airport here and the approach to 47th avenue. those speeds at 25 miles per hour. also if you're traveling off of krome avenue northbound and tamiami ail, a crash there but
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seeing west-bound delays. those speeds clocking in at 37 miles per hour. carnival on the mile took over the streets of crabs this weekend. >> thousands of people came out for the fun. local 10 was there too. stopping by to see us just one of the many things to do. there was live music, art on display and of course plenty of food and drink. i had an incredible challenge. the job, the unfortunate e of tasting what successful chefs were creating. said a tear for me. >> it was a beautiful day hanging out here. people were waiting, we were spinning the wheel of fortune for local 10 pens. >> thanks for coming down and saying hi.
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apple is under attack. maks had long escaped the target of ransom ware. >> we haha the details just ahead. and it's time to say good morning too our facebook friend of the day, elizabeth morales from fiu. looking good, girl. thank for watching local 10. still ahead, an arrest made after an ambe alert. a woman found with a missing baby from miami. her connection to him. the exclusive surveillance that may
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getaway. (vo) making the most out ofevery mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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an idaho pastor was shot outside his church a day after speaking ought a rally for ted cruz. the pastor suffered multiple gunshot wounds but is expected tosurvive. police say they do not believe the shooting was in connection to that cruz rally. a man hunt in new york city ending in an arrest. 23 yearly james dillon wanted in at least three violent attacks. police say dillon was involved in two stabbings, also set a man on fire insid of a liquor store. that officer is expected to recover. and developing this morning a shooter opening fir@e inside of a philadelphia restaurant on sunday all happening in a church's chicken. police say the custody and employee were arguingg that a man and
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near where a man was eating. at worker is expected to recover. it's unclear how the argument started. deliberationc begin today in ther engine andrews trial. a jury will decide whether she should becompensated. she's given emotional testimony so far about how it has impacted her life and her career. the stalker admitted to following her to three different cities and has already been sentenced to two and a half years in jail. the first ever ransom ware attack on apple users. the software encrypts files on the machines and then it demands nsom to get those files back. imagine going on
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enjoying the keys, the saltwater, the fishing. >> it's already perfect. >> now you're a multi-millionaire. >> that's actually what happened. >> this power ball winner in the keys. hear about that $291 million surprise up next. >> and who he shared it with glim a 16-year-old ic hospitalized after being shot near his miami gardens home. more on the gunman and car police are looking for. yoyo need to see it next. university drive southbound to pembroke road. there was a crash involving several vehicles. constance will have your alternate r utes.
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intersection is a mess. remember the lucky tourist who came to florida, left a couple million dollar richer. >> a coupl a few hundreds.
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we're now hearingrom the pennsylvania judge who went on a fishing trip to the keys with his buddies and he left with an extra special cast. the judge says he was eating at his favorite diner when he realized he had a winning ticket. he immediately hopped on a private jet and flew back to the sunshine state. >> he has money now. >> i said i wonder what it would feel like to hit a big lottery winning because i never win nothing. well, i found out today. >> you do now, buddy. you do now. he was with two friends when he stopped by a store to pick up some ice and a lottery ticket. he has opted for thehe lump sum. here's the best part. plans on splitting with the money with his iends, each of them getting 40 million buckaroos. >> he was with a couple guys on that fishing trip. >> lifelong friends. >> now everybody celebrated together. what's going on? >> we have three lanes blocked off of
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southbound and pembroke road. the tow trucks here which is the good news but heavy delays for our broward drivers. i'll get you around this in a couple minutes. the bigger the burrito,, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burriri --
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go grande with veggie or s ssage today.
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right now a baby safe and sound after an amberlert. an nfl star shot during a traffic stop. the takedown by police. we'll tell you what he's arrested for. plus remembering the former first lady after the death of nancy reagan. rare home videos, a rare look at the british
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released. good morning, south florida. i'm jacey birch. let's go buy some lottery tickets. >> hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. thank for beingith us here on this monday morning. >> are the keys looking as good as we are, lie? >> breezy with a bit of cloud cover currently over p ptions of key west but that cloud cover will continue to push away, so they are expecting lots of sunshine in the forecast. for us this morning we do have low-lying clouds temperatures i the upper 60s, ft. lauderdale. the winds moving this camera around, wind speeds anywhere between 77 and 17 miles per hour. temperatures are above average. with that strong east breeze, it makes it feel comfortable and mild. temperaturesein the upper 60s with the mix of sun and clouns. sunrise approaching us in about ten minutes. can't rule out a chance a stray shower but the atmosphere is veryy dry. we're expecting breezy
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conditions today. boaters, advisories as well. so please use caution. temperatures right now in the upper 60s from pompano beach down to homestead with the exception of kendall. i'll have more coming upup constance? >> let's get to this traffic alert in broward county. still have three southbound lanes shut down at university drive on at approach to pembroke road. tow trucks here. i do see one of those vehicles involved in that crash which is the good news. hopefully this will clear up in the next 10 to 15 minutes. this is university drive southbound. those speeds at 22 miles per hour. take douglas road for 72nd avenue. eastbound at the dolphin expressway at red road a crash there. speeds clocking in at 26 miles per hour and those delays stretching a the way towards the palmetto expressway, so you're talking about
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location. a crash clearing off of krome avenue northbound and southwest eighth street. developing right now anan infant is safe and sound after he was abducted from his care givers miami home. that little boy found all the way in texas. >> police say he was taken there by his mother. what appears to possibly be a getaway car. layron livingston is live this morning at the miami home where it all began. layron, tell us what happened. >>reporter: we're still trying to figure all of that out, get some information from authorities here. as you mentioned, i got that same alert on my phone after that child went missing here from here in miami. you're about to see more of that car police f@und in south florida. the mother and baby were found almos 1500 miles away if here in laredo, texas near the u.s.-mexico border.
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s.u.v. rolls on to a dark street, then what appears to be a man hops out, take something out of the back seat which appears to be a blanket. we watched as that same s.u.v. was eventually towed. the silver mazda cx5 that became the focus of an amber alert. logan hernandez went missing from the home. from the get-go authorities thought it the boy was taken by his mother whose parental rights had been revoked. she says her son and the baby's mother are dating, live together righttnext door. the mom could only visit with supervision. some time overnight she ran off with little logan. have you talked to police at all? we went back by the house lifetime night where another relative dodged our questions. logan's crib and toys were pretty much undisturbed.
6:32 am
to learn is who was in the video, who else was in the car and what all their involvement is in all of this. as soon as we have the answers to those questions, we'll definitely bring them to you here on local 10 and the baby is in protective custody in texas but could be on his way back home here to south florida. the mom is on her way back to south florida where she will be facing charges that are pending. layron livingston, local 10 news. police on the hunt for a gunman shot multiple times. the shooting happened at 24th avenue. explains they are looking for at least three people in a red pick-up truck. the keep was taken to jackson memorial hospital. developing now, police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in miami shores. investigators say it happened yesterday at motel shores on biscayne boulevard.
6:33 am
black '90s cadillac seville. anyone with information is asked to call miami shores police. a driver taken to the hospital after losing control of his vehicle and heading straight into a canal. the driver lost control next to the turnpike. it's unclear what condition the driver is in this morng. flags flying half staff at the capitol after nancy reagan died of heart failure. brandi hitt has more from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >>reporter: their's was a love story spanning more than 50 years. from hollywood all the way to the white house, nancy reagan never left ronald reagan's side. our love is here to stay >>reporter: the firster first
6:34 am
sunday morning. outside the ronald reagan presidential library, families are leaving flowers. reaction pours in from across the nation. the president and michelle obama tweeting this photo saying our former first lady defined the role in her time here. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies, an extraordinary human being. >>reporter: nancy reagan famously launch the just so no anti-drug campaign. she was also her husband's most trusted adviser and at times accused of controlling him. two years after ronald regan revealed he had alzheimer's, she spoke at the 1990 con revenges. mrs. reagan became his caretaker until his death in 2004, seen here
6:35 am
casket one last time. honor. a large funeral service is now being planned for nancy reagan here at the ronald reagan presidential library. she will be laiai to rest right next to herhusband. brandi hitt, abc news, seem see valley, california. former president jimmy carter says he no longer needs cancer treatments. the former president said he will seeoctors regularly and will also resume any treatments, if necessary. back in december he was declared free from an aggressive form of melanoma that had already spread to his liver and brain. speak laying continues to build for supreme court justice antonin scalia. he is a cuban american who grew up here in south florida.
6:36 am
federal i circuit court judge since 196. 22-year-old trai mason plays for the rams. he's spending his offseason here in florida. two tourists saw what was happening and then stard snapping pictures. >> my husband and i being photographers and coming from a very small community in nova scotia, we don't see action like this. we started taking pictures. mason was arrested on traffic and marijuana charges. we reached out to mason's agent but so far he has not commented. two super bowl championships and five mvp awards later, peyton manning is set to retire. >> news of his retirement broke on sunday morning. there's no doubt manning will be remembered as one of the all-te greats after his
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you can say congrats for sure. >> going out on top. scary surveillance video of a burglary. a car slams right into a business. but it's what the bad guys got away with that makes it even more frightening. south florididis it's june right breezy to windy out there. i know it feels nice and it's going to be one of those days, you may want to think about heading to the beach. please use caution. the high risk of rip currents continues with high seas as wl. still ahead,
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pressure -- welcome back. these break into a gun store, this is in northern california. it happened near san francisco and the surveillance footage
6:40 am
the front of the store, then they jump out, they steal plenty of guns before they drive off. police are searching for all four of those thieves. a crash sending several people to the hospital. the crash didn't happen on the track though. 43-year-old abbey kinney arrested for plowing her pick-up truck into six camping outside.. police say she was drunk and admitted to have drunken three beers. >> she kept on going. and then she had another camper and she bust right up into it. at first she didn't know where sh was at. e came out of the truck and was stumbling, didn't know where she was at. >> kinney was charged with driving under the influence. at the time of the rescue of three surfers, wind gusts were more
6:41 am
the three men are doing fine this morning. lady gaga took a polar plunge in the freezing waters ofake michigan in chicago. >> lucky her. the pop singe and her fiance right there, taylor kinney. al roker was also in attendance along with 6,000 other people. organizers say celebrities are the reason for the event's record turnout this year. >> dudesesn kilts out there playing. all right. >> i wonder if i could do it. >> you think so? >> i think i could do it if you jump in and jump out. >> apparently for you, it only counts if you go all thehe way in. >> you can't get your hair wet. >> some hair dries faster than others. speaking of hair days, the wind's blowing lucky crazy. >> definitely has beeee windy for quite some time.
6:42 am
the hair spray, it won'ting holding. camera around. it looks nice out there. can you see first light over the horizon. 69 degrees inn miami. temperatures are about four degrees, five degree above where we should be miami, ft. lauderdale. it still feels nice though because of the breeze. 66 mild degrees in kendall. 69 pompano beach. that east wind will continue. we have that elevated risking for r currents. up and down the east coast. look at this beautiful shot from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. you can see the sunrise in the distance breaking through some cloud cover again. just a beautiful way to start the new workweek. granted it is going to be breezy to june right windy. with that east breeze we can't rule out a can chance of a stray shower. there's no precipitation falling if those clouds that may be overhead as you walk out the door. we'll thank high pressure for our forecast. our winds will continue
6:43 am
headed towards three fronts, one, two and three. all of them all affecting the west coast. the first one now moving into the rockies- the second one continued to bring some snow for the higher elevations of california and lots of rain up and down the west coast up towards oregon and in towards washington and another front is about to move onshore by tomorrow for them. for us we'll stau high pressure in place and keeping us quiet. where it's locate saudi providing for the we're weather threat to stay around texas up towards the great plains because of the heat and humidity moving in from the gulf of mexico ahead of the system. behind the system cooler, comfortable conditions. we treating over the nation's midsection and the east coast providing for the warmup. temperatures today in the 60s. tomorrow they will be rebounding to the mid to upper 70s. it will be a a warming trend for them. for us that high presesre is in place providing for that high risk of rip currents for
6:44 am
a lot of you come and visit us forpring break, please be safe, use caution, stay out of the water and we lose the extra hour of sleep saturday night. >> thanks so much. back to our traffic alert. three lanes still blocked off of university drive. a pretty bad crash here. we did see a tow truck obviously on the scene. they are clearing it out. hey, broward drivers, pay attention. let me show you what these delays are looking like. we're see something delala in our northbound and southbound lanes here. those speeds between 20 to 23 miles per hour. if you're in a hurry this morning you don't want to take university drive, take douglas road for 72nd avenue. we saw this reallyy bad fender-bender effecting our eastbound lanes at the dolphin expressway on the approach to lejeune road. our eastbound traffic several miles of delays, lejeune road is where it's reported.
6:45 am
all the way to the palmetto expressway about thr miles. the iditerod race gap in alaska. 85 mushers with an average of 16 degrees. nearly 1,000 miles long. they had to use the spot because of the lack of snow. the eventntxpected to take about nine days. >> 6,000 humans and pets, mostly pups, showed up for the mile long walk on saturday. we raised a lot of money for the rescue animals. there's my husband with our new rescue dog radar. if you're wondering how much we raised, we're talking $515,000 and counting. it is the humane society of broward county's biggest event. it's kind of what keeps them funded all year long. thank you for coming out.
6:46 am
at animal events all ekend long. >> how do you keep them in track? >> trent keeps them on track. he's trained. the family says barking is what woke them up in the middle of the night and that's when they realized the house was on fire. the homeowners, three children and all their dogs were able to get out safely. >> secure what we hadad to secure and showed up trying to save the rest of the house. >> the family i displaced but they are all alive and okay. thank goodness for those pups barking. the conk republic tooting its own home. >> the annual event challenges contestants to toot their own horn by making music using
6:47 am
you've got to listen. >> okay. talented. >> he's good. >> the winner of the women's division, janee from delaware and the man corey from florida, he earned the victory on the guy's side. it's been tracked in the keys since the 1800s. i don't blow the conk to ke the sound. i just put it up to my ear. >> get to your happy place, south florida. the heat may be full of star players but the mascot, so the so much. >> bernie is well intentioned. big blooper from bernie and now ware hering from one of the mascots who landed right on top of him. we continue to
6:48 am
story this morning. a woman in custody. she's acacsed of abducting a son she does no have custody of and leaving the state. where that baby was found. the details still ahead. we're looking at pictures of sky 10 at the scene, northwest 57th avenue, that's red road. consnce telling us about this. part of the guardrail is missing. looks like@they are trying to clean that up with a tow truck. police are s sll blocking some lanes. she will help you get
6:49 am
6:50 am
back. new for you this morning, a rare look into the personal lives of l royal family.
6:51 am
ii,laying with prince charles which he was just a toddler. this video as released in honor of britain's mother's day which was yesterday. a big honor are for the hurricanes basketball ce. the canes head coach now getting the team ready for the acc tournament. um will have the number three speed. >> miami heat have a few days off amid a five-game winning streak. last night here's will manso reporting but of course that's not will. that's his beautiful daughter helping out on kid's day. let'set right to the action. look at dwyane wade. vintage d-wade right there and goran dragic hits a big three from the corner.
6:52 am
the night, bernie's epic fail. he landed right on top of a couple of them. one of those victims, don't worry about him. he twewted i'm fine. i play hockey. believe me, i'm okay. >> poor bernie, wipe-out. >> staey is feeling the pain. >> true, but the embarrassment. the miami dolphins are searching for their next set of cheerleaders and this morning they are in argentina. >> more than 100 women came tout to try-out for the squad in b buenos air eases. a missing baby found safe and sound after being abducted from a miami home. only local 10 has surveillance of the alleged getaway. why his mother is now in custody.
6:53 am
u are looking at the dolphin. that is the 836 where we have a crash there. let's go ahead and tell you what we know. this is at red road. that's at 57th avenue. this is the eastbound side. the accident scene moved over to the right lane and the shoulder. three lanes are getting by.
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and back to our big traffic alert, dolphin expressway east bound, that's where we had three lanes blocked and red road. we have some heavy delays in place. let me show you from our traffic maps here. if you are traveling in this s st this morning, it's the dolphin expressway east bound at red road. we have those delays stretching all the way towards the palmetto expressway. if you're heading out,
6:56 am
we're waking up drierks warm with temperatures above average. 70 now in miamimi 6 in ft. lauderdale. east breeze makes it feel comfortable. wind gusts in the teens and 20s today. that will keep that high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers andboaters we'll have advisosoes as well. we'll leave you with this look from our mount sign eye medical center camera. we begin with breaking news, a driver hospitaliziz after losing control ending up in a canal. this man lost control at keen road in die. that's up clear what condition that drive is in. a woman is in custody in texas, accused of kidnapping her son she does not have cususdy of. 16-year-old in the hospital this morning after being shot multiple times in miami gardens. police searching for three gunman who opened fire near 24th avenue.
6:57 am
have gotten away in a red pickup. no word yet on that victim's condition today. former first lady nancy reagan has died. she passed away from heart failure in h er california home. she will be laid to rest next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. >> what a couple they were. surely our partner at "good morning america" will reflect back on mrs. regan's life of they take over just a few minutes awawa we'll be back just before 7:30 with a live, local news update. is always there for you and also
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have to leave loc cc1 test message have a great day. good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side. >> everything is about him.
7:00 am
to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fiery face-off overnight. >> excuse me, i'm talking! >> if you're going talk, tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> the democrats drawing a sharp divide as the gop looks to narrow the field. >> i want ted one-on-one. >> donald trump calling on marco rubio to drop out even as rubio scores a big primary win. a terrifying close call caught on camera. 13-year-old brbrks free from a would-be kidnapper. peyton manning's big announcement. the superstar quarterback about to leave the game for good.


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