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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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as far as the conditions of the boy and his mother, still unknown. but as you heard in that piece, he looked like he was in critical condition. for now live in fort lauderdale, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: what a s story. michael, thank you. a very disturbing story from broward now where a man is behind bars after allegedly offering a five-year-old candy and then sexually assaulting her. lament may weather is accused of trying to lure the little girl with candy and touching her in the laundry room of an apartment complex in pop beach. >> laurie: wewre seeing now what it was like for driver of a garbage truck who somehow survived falling off of an overpass i-95 ght down to the street in miami last month. local10's glenna milberg is live for us in miami with more of this frightening video. glenna. >> glenna: split screen shows miami waste truck o orator kassim smith at the wheel
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7th street exit ramp. one dash camera angle shows hill looking out the window, the other the moment the t tck crashes through the guardrail in a freefall to the park below. >> how did he survive that accident? i mean, he fell 75 feet. he was ejected from the truck. the video c carly shows it. and still he survived. >> glenna: that smith survived this ordeal has even veteran investigators using words like "miracle" and "born again." >> and i heard a boom! thought it was going to explode. >> even more so because the multi-are ton garbage truck itself fell on cars marked in jose marti park below andnone of the people that is last president's day afternoon last month. and now almost thee weeks later you can see that light of colored concrete. that is the newly repaired guardrail up there oat southwe 7th street ramp over the park. and by now you know you can see that the dark color asphalt, t t broken bricks weeks that's still
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to normal. so a lot of things that this sh cam videos shows investigators is frame by frame what happened, what they think based on what they saw we will have in a report for you coming up in one hour. 'll see you hereet 6:00. i'm glenna milberg reporting news. >> laurie: so lucky to be alive. another man is in the hospital now after along control of his car and heading straight into a canal. this crash happened early this morng on keen road in davie right near orange drive next to florida's turnpike. is a crash causing major delays on the dolphin expressway this morning. sky 10 was over this scene a northwest 57th parch this guardrail. look at how heavily damaged it is. hospital. fire rescue says the guardrail was recently replaced after another car hit the very same spot earlier this year. >> calvin: four people are facingages after a toddler was allegedlybducted and taken to
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who did not have custody. local10's neki mohan in live with more for us. neki. >> ni: the good news is this baby is fine. he is in the custody child protective services in texas. but all the people he knew, who took care of him at this house, they're now in trouble withhe the law. 21 yiildy logan hernandez in the custody whiled protective services in incomes after his mother apparently took him to texas on a bus, violating a custody order. her pairment igigs had been revoked. last night rebecca rodriguez, hazard's boyfriend's mother, told us that s had temporary custody boy when he went missing. now she has been arrested along with her son juan pablo mesa and leddy betty hernandez's mother is also in custody, all charged with interfering with a child custody order and filing a false police report.
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of this silver mazda s s that mercedes-benz hernandez was said to be driving at the time of logan's disappearance. that is now in a miami immound police lot. >> it's in the child's best interests to be placed in dcf foster care. the current cariver as regard reported has been arrested. >> neki: when he returns to south florida he will be placed dcf custody while police figure out why his mother ran and who helped her. they are pardoning the details to return that little boy here to florida where he will be placed in dcf custody. as for hi his mother, leddy betted, hernandez, over in texas police say they didn't have an extradition der so they let her go, so no word on where she is andf she will be returning to florida to face charges. i'm live in miami, , ki mohan week local10 news. >> calvin: neki, thanks a lot. >> laurie: the number of zika cases in south florida, it just continues to grow.
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that police brings the total to 24 mauk for the most of any county the in state. there's also one patient in broward making for a total of seven there are have there. l of those cases were travel-related and there are a total of 50 sophic patients right now in florida but only four are still showing symptoms of mosquito borscht virus. >> calvin: the world continues to mrn the fast passing. former first lady nancy reagan. >> laurie: she touched so many lives both you, doo her husband's time in office and after. lauren lifter has more now from the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >> i have learned the public can tom to the library this wednesday and thursday to pay their respects. in the next few days we'll learn more about the dignitarieses survived and who will be attending mrs. reagan's funeral. flowers flowing in and preparations underway to lay nancy reagan to rest. the former first lady passing away at her los angeles home sunday. >>@ and she died very peacefully. it was her time. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol flags at half stap, a condolence book for the public's sentiments.
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>> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. >> reporter: though frail at 94, john highbuster reagan presidential library says mrs. reagan's minin was still sharp. >> mentally she's been 1%. she's been fun to work with. >> reporter: she remain the chairman of the board of rickenbacker library until her death said to be a fierce guard yang of her husband legacy, one barbara walters said she very much contributed to. >> she was a dignified elegant woman. >> reporter: president reagan died in 2004 be with one of the last times mrs. reagan was s sn in public was here in a wheelchair at his gravesite on the 10th measures- passing, and that's where mrs. reagan's body will be laid to rest, beside her belov late husband. >> he would come into her office to talk to her he had to know where she was, find her and be with her.
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carried mrs. reagan's body from her home to make for a few days until she's brought to the reagan library where she will be buried. the fununal will be held this friday morning at the library, closed to t public but likely to be televised. lauren lifter, local10 news, simi valley. >> laurie: and we are now on verdict match aaron andrews -- erin introduce you hole spying trial. the jury will decide whether she should be compensated after her stalker secret recorded and published video online. he was at the national marriott where he spied through her at a ep hole. drupes last given emotional testimony about how it's impacted her life and career. that stalker admitted to his crimes ask wase sentenced to two and a half years in jail. >> calvin: well, after 18 incredible seasons once of the greatest of all time is call it career. will manso's here now with peyton's announcement. he only needs one name, will. >> will: we know him well.
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of football with little left have left to accomplish ininuding offer 5 have 500 touchdown passes. >> there's something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. >> will: after 18 years in the nfl, playing nor the indianapolis colts and most recently the denver broncos, the football great confirms the news. he is going out on top, calling this super bowl victory over the carolina panthers his last rodeo. >> it was not easy. it was. like i said, i loved football. >> will: with five mvp trophies and two super bowl wins, manning is considered one of the greatest players ever who also took hits off the field with reports of human growth hormones sent to his home and his name attached tie lawsuit against the universi of tennessee alleging the school created a hostile sexual environment. >> these unanswered questions are not going to go awayust just because he's retiring. >> i think it is sad that some people people don't understandd
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>> will: definally at) analysts say. manning kept soaring on the field closing out his career in all tillieeader in passing yards and touchdowns and tied for the wningest quarterback in nfl history. >> well, i fought a good figig. i've finished my football race. and after 18 years, it's time. >> will: next up for peyton manning will be in canton. he will likely inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 2021. >> laurie: thank you. right now it's time for us to get a check on the afternoon rush. of. i think we'd better check the roads for you. track of reporter sanela sabovic right here. >> sanela: laurie, a mess here this monday afternoon. takeke look at this. if you need to get on i-95 in the southbound lan at northwest 151st street, guess what? you'rereot going to be able to. there is a crash here that's blocking this. t's show you how it looks like on the map here. again southbound lanes, northwest 151st street, speeds
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hour. moving slow there. let's take it on out to the dolphin expressway 836 right around northwest 137th avenue. the are two lanes that are blocked due to a stalled war car. doesn't look like it's affecting traffic that much with speeds clicking on 47 miles per hour. not too bad. and i haven't forgotten but my broward county friends. there are a crash on i-95 southbound right around griffin road. speeds ccking here at -- they were 30 miles per hour when i was looking at my traffic data. calvin. >> calvin: sanela, thanks a lot. a bizarre traffic stoto from houston now where a woman climbed on top of a trick-or-treat and began dancing only in her birthday suit. this happened after a crash on the highway. it's unclear if she was involved in the crash and exactly why she climbed up on top of that truck. the fire ladder truck pumped to the front of that semito get the woman down. she is now in police dusted custody. >> laurie: rescue crews never know what they're owned going to find.
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in an emergency but could who do you call when a service manly needs help immediately? hallandale beach you could wall the same number, 911. coming up, our animal advocate jacey birch shows you how service animals are now getting emergency care. >> laurie: check trod, it's still a big problem here in -- check fraud is a big problem. but would you know what to do if it happened to you? consumer reporter christina christina has good tips to keep your money in your account. >> calvin: first a teacher is in trouble for calling a student names right in the middle of class.
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after the break.tt2w rm8v'`:o j# m/, tt2w rm8v'`:!!*n =/d tt2w rm8v'`:4!j# k90 tt2w rm8v'`:x#*&`:l7d tt2w rm8v'`:t#j'`:x7 tt2w rm8v'`:t#j)`:swd tt2w rm8v'`:p#j*`:dlx tt2w rm8v'`:p#j,`:%68 tt2w rm8v'`:l#*.`:,?4 tt2w rm8v'`:l#*0`:7)\ >> calvin: we're following some for the white house. >> laurie: christina vazquez is in the newsroom with the latest. >> christina: this is a big one. michael bloomberg, the former three-term mayor of new york city, the billionaire, the associated press is n n reporting that he is not going to throw his hat into the ring and mount a presidential campaign. for weeks there's been speculation that perhaps he is going to do it. twats reported that he had a team of pple that were going to be crunching the numbers, reviewing the first primariek, and there was a lot of analysts that thought this would be the wildcard in this already incredible race for the white house but there you have put up corning to the associated press, again bloomberg has decide not to run for president. >> calvin: boomer, thank you p a high school student in georgia says her teacher did the unthinkable, insulting her in front of her entire class. the ststent has an eye condition
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and one day a teacher called her dumb when she was trying to kuch work for a test, and she was able to record the teacher's insults with her ipad. >> and i have been around for 37 years and clearly you are the dumbest girl that i have ever met. >> calvin: in december she was recording a lesson a school-issued ipad when she says the teacher said things about her she'll never forget. >> >> it really hurt me inside because -- >> we all love you and we know you're smart. >> calvin: hunter wass surrounded by her mom and aunt when she was interviewed her attorney's office in greensboro. ben wyndham took on the case pro bono after hunt area mom approached the school trickett and was unsatisfied with the response.
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it's not a gray area. >> calvin: we asked the school district if it took action to discipline the teaeaer. >> this is about a school system that is failing our children and allowing these acts to go on. >> hatzel: c hunter told me the worst part was when the teacher drew attention had her vision problems. the junior says she's not the only one the teacher criticizes. she's just the o o who is coming forward, and she does not want to have to face him again. i don't think it's okay. i don't think he should be there. >> wegre gonna fight. we're gonna keep fighting until it's o or. it's not over yet. >> calvin: it is not okay. hunt's mother wants the teacher fired, but so far the school district has not taken that action. >> laurie: we can all speak as parents, ride, we'd be on that so fast. >> calvin: put me the front page of miami herald. that teacher -- don'tet get me
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you know how i feel. >> laurie: betty, you have a gorge week ahead. >> betty: we are here had to uplift. >> cvin: i need it. >> betty: that's what we do around here. let's take you outside. key west, we see you, we love you, you look awesome and amazing out there. we can see some of the sunshine, the birds flirting by. we like what we see by not only for key west but also miami. we have one or two more clouds than we'd like, maybe ten or 15 extra clouds through the lens of our miami tower camera but these are not pro contribution rainfall and it is comfortable out there with these temperatures running the in lower to mid-70s. 74 in pembroke pines and marathon. hialeah, how about that 74 degrees i` your neighborhood as well. and the numbers will tend to hang out in the 70s for the rest of the evening. mainly dry conditions. partly cloudy skies, we'll say. we have our winds flowing in from the east, coming in off the atlalaic. that breeze driving some of those clouds toward us as well. winds are sustain 15 to 20 mobles.
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you're out, you arar so going to notice that breeze. it's going blow your hair to one side and it may cause to you want a sweater at times. high pressure in control of our weather situation, that high centered along the carolina coast and with this in control, that pretty much guaranteeing as you dry evening. however, once we have the winds floatingngff the ocean as we're seeing with time we may see a little better chance for a shower on the breeze but i don't think that's in the cards for tonight. if you want rain you're going to head back into dallas and places like tulsa, oklahoma where we do see some moisture, rainfall returning into those areas ahead of a front syste that system is going to spread some stormy weather toward the mississippi river valley this week. for us tomorrow it's all about high pressure and a brisk breree around that high, and clouds continuing to mix with the sunuhine. so get used to that east wind. it's going to have some staying hour. winds tomorrow sustained 10 tot tonight miles an hour. we'll start the day with temperatures in the upper 60s. highs will land in the upper 70s, not too far away from where we should be ts time of
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and it is that time of the year when the high temperature should be right at 80 degrees,s, and that is what we are finding in the extended forecast. next frontal system comings along by saturday, brings as a few showers, and hopefully sinned behind that w dry out just in time for callecho on sunday smoke is out for calle ocho. >> laurie: come on down for the big party. and we're learning more about a shocking crash that shut down part of i-95. the driver of a garbage truck somehow surviving this frighting fall after y y a overpass. >> reporter: and a i driver very trouble negotiating the drive-through a checker's was caught on cameme. we'll tell you why the road was over just after this video was taken. >> will: bernie the heat's mascot had big am bigs for his
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wear going to break down >> laurie: we have breaking news right now coming out of nashville. we want to let you know that there is a verdict. the jury has reached its 30 erin andrews hotel spying trial. this is a big case against the nashville marriott. >> vicicr: have. >> calvin: it's a civil lawsuit where andrews is seeking $75 million from the m mriott. it off a 2008 nude video that is was taken fromer room. we'll have a lot more coming up. as soon as we get the verdict,
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will manso. >> will: all right. kampf, the heat won their fifth straight game on sunday but that wasn't the most memorable part of the game. instead it was the heat's mascot trying an incredible aerobic basket feat to say the least. it didn't go as planned. >> it's bernie's birthday! >> will: it started as a joyous day. bernie, the heat's loffable mascot, celebrating his birthday. but in one ill-timed just a ouch-day. >> oh, my, bernie. not what we would call -- >> -- a picture perfect landing. >> will: bernie was attempting to break a mascottum jing world record. yes, that exists. and he came up a tad short. taking the brunt of pain c. panther. someone who east plenty of big hits onhe ice at least
5:25 pm
proper position. he appeared to be fine. even tweeting "i play hockey. you know i'm fine." a little bit further we see it's actually carnival cruise line fun ship freddie who takes the real hit. the ship appeared to sustain damage to its main cabin. but these new ships are b blt turn of ever, and late today cavern cruise tweeting this update on fun ship freddie. currently relax go on lido deck. nothing a little vitamin c can't fix. good to see eveveone's doing fine. should be interesting next year what bnie has up his sleeve. homohopefully he stays on thth ground and celebrates with cake. everybody is doing all right. >> calvin: he's that's a lot going on, not going on, rather. >> laurie: breaking news out of nashville, tennessee. the jury is just being seated again coming back with their verdict they be deliberating all
5:26 pm
now a 7:30 just at about 5:30. they had closing arguments on friday in this hotel spying trial. >> calvin: this is a look at erin andrews right here. the sade profile of her there. she is a fox sportscaster who used for work for espn, is seeking $75 million in damages from the management and owners of the nashville mayotte haven't university. she had testified for two days at the two week trial saying since the video went vile in touchdown she has experienced a number of issues. let's listen in. >> and as defenennts as well as michael david barrett. they queution number one, will the jury answer the question was the defendant michael david barrett at fault? answer yes. question number two, did the left lindsor capital incorporated to be at fault? answer 12, yes. unanimous. correct? >> correct. >> question number three, do you find that winds ower pap capital and the -- [ not audible ]
5:27 pm
yes, 12 to zero. all of you said that about j yes. >> question number four, defendant micel barrett sat fault if you find winder capital to be also at fault in this case. what is the percentage? a total percentage of the defendant's do you find to be at fault. 100%. windsor capital was 49 per at fault and that michael david barry was 51% at fault. correct. >> >> correct. >> what a damages to you or the plaintiff erin andrews. $55 million, correct? >> yes. >> extrapolated, that turns out to be a judgment against mr. barry for $28,000,000.00 -- $20,000,500 against winsor daal $26,750,000. why. >> correct. >> would you like to poll the jurors?
5:28 pm
if you so find please say i do. [ reading names ] >> laurie: it looks like the verdict has reached its 7:30, award be erin andrews a $55 million in damages in this hotel spying trial. >> calvin: it is likely that the hotel chaun will prorobly appeal this ruling here but a massive ruling for erin andrews in her civil lawsuit against not only her stalker from several years ago, michael david barrett, bu@ also from the marriott chain. we'll have a lot more coming up onhis stowre at the bottom of the hour. we'll take a break and come right back. these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregugur heartbeat
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they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor ififou need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or deneal procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding.
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of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. de effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa,
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better than warfarin a >> victor: right now 5:30 scary surveillance video from pompano beach. it shows a young girl running away from a stranger who is trying to get her in his zurich she ran and yelled for help and was able to get away.
5:32 pm
about other children who may not be as lucky and, that suspect still out t tre. local10 news reporter's andrew perez is life live with this safety alert. >> andrew: this story went national over the weekend. girl is seen running for her life and authorities say this could have ended tragically. on top of finding this guy, authorities a saying now is the time to have that conversasaon your child each if you have already had it before about stranger danger. northeast porch away. sees a lot of traffic 1 a lot of students would you be walking home.>> walk with other people have have and have something with you. >> andrew: many students talking about this shocking surveillance video, a 13-year-old, her book back still on her back running after deputies say someone tried to grab h h. >> what business do you have with a child, a random child. >> andrew: the driver of the tan suv seen hot hor tail investigator say called for her, and when she ignored him
5:33 pm
in front of pompano beach high school. that's when she fought h'm and ran. the video went viralal since airing this sketch and images of the tan suv, investigators say they've gotten so many tips and leads that they're following but say they still need more help frothe public to make an arrest. so we've been showing that you stech that youa. can get a-day-old look at that suspect on our website in the meantime if you have any information at all no matter how small you think that information is call crimm stoppers. you could be eligible for an up to3,000 reward. we're live in pompano beach, i'm andrew perez, local10 news. >> laurie: the search for a shooter who took aim a teenager over the weekend continues. police say end ska-yr-old michael green was shot outside of his miami gardens home at 171st terrace sunday night.authorities searching for at least three people to whohoot away way in a truck with no license plaut.
5:34 pm
stop had nonsense. right now we're looking for a red pickup truck which is involved with multiple subjects inside the vehicle. >> laurie: green was taken to the hospital where we're told he's expected t t recover from his injuries. >> victor: former wwe wrestler huck hogan testified today in his sex tape trial. honing is suing the website gawker for $100 millioio and he claims that that tape is a violation of his privacy. but gawk are says it's news worthy because he's a public figure.the high profile case kicked off monday in spheresburg former wrestler super star hulk zoning suing the website gawker for def nationmation anger they invaded his privacy by post p a portion of a seconds tapap >> it's torn my world upside down. strategies she had the video was recorded during a messy divorce when hoping turned tow his then clem hogan said clem and his wife had an open major and when
5:35 pm
comfort, he said the couple propositioned him and taped the encounter without his permission. >> my gutas telling me this is off, this is wrong, and from the feeling i had, i said,ur, a you're not filming this are you? he just slashed into me. what the mel shelley wrong with you. i'm your f-ing best friend. hohodare you say that to me any would never do that to you. and it kind of just froze me in my tracks, and that's how i ended up staying in that situation. >> victor: hogan is suing for $100 million but gawawr's attorneys say the site didn't profit off the post. >> look at are in daalerio's postst hold in it your hand. you will not see any ads. the advertisers, they don't like their ads to be notion tow stories like this. >> victor: bubba the love sponge denies any involvement inexposing that tape. >> laurie: doctors at the cleveland clinic performed the first outer transplant in the country. this surgery changed the life
5:36 pm
long been told she would never have children. our medical specialist kristi krueger is in the video port now with this exciting news. >> kristi: really is very exciting. it's a medical milestone to say the very least. antern for women who have either been born without a uterus or perhaps lost their uterus do to a disease let's take to you cleveland where this exciting news was released today. they held a news conference to share the wort of successful surgery. the woman identified as lindsey was told from the age of 16 that she would not be automobile to bear children. she has three adopted little boys, but lindsey say she prayed for years too be able to finally give birth. >> i am so thankful to this amazing team of doctors and all of the nurses and staff who have worked roup the clock to ensure my safety, and i feel like i've found a new family in hall of them. >> we are grateful for the recipient and the donor fore being part of this stud. their help we're advancing medical knowledge about infer
5:37 pm
families hope for the future. >> kristi: thiseil a new front teener tear. lindsy is going to have to u uer why go monthly examines and she has to wait an entireroo before she go try to get pregnant with in vitro fertization. then she will fertization then uns with lindsy is able to have one or perhaps two children, this uterus will be removed so she won't of to have a high of-time of tacking medications. this has been d de in and our in sweden they have had five successful deliveries of adorable little babies. >> laurie: how unspire page temporary transplant. amazing. thank you. >> victor: with the growing concern about cyber scams, you may forget that check fraud is still a big problem. fewer have few of us may be using checks but forgery isstill rampant. >> laurie: and when a local10 viewer found national weather service the victim of trek fraud she called christina vazquez for help and here's her story and
5:38 pm
>> christina: nola said her mom with leash yeah wawa the victim of check fraud. >> i was very maddening for us to get that money deducted from our bank account. >> christina: gone from her account, $2,349 hereafter they say a bad check was cashed, forging her signature. >> it's money that we needed, and it's money that it was there not for somebody else to take. >> christina: at the called the bank andnd filed a police report, but what seemed to them to be an obviouscation of fraud, they say turned into a nightmare. >> this is the initial letter that we received saying that my parents did receive the benefit of the funds in question, and they did the investigation with the fraud department. >> they have to act fast. there are -- there's a time limit between 30 days and a year. >> christinanathen the team called christina for help and a leash yeah as a case is n/ surprise p corning to the 2014 association for financial professionals survey, paper checks are still leading the
5:39 pm
susceptible to fraud. >> if you are charged for a bad check that somebody gave you, you are a crime victim. >> christina: that's consumer protection attorney jason weaver. >> to have have they have tow act fast. there's a time period. you be immediately want to contact the bank and see if it. >> christina: we asked the bank to eek take another look. they did and realized the signature on this check did not match alecia's which went that $2,349 was put back into her account. >> we received this letter saying that their research indicated that the traps action was processed uncorrectly and was not authorize. >> thank you, christina. >> christina: you are most welcome. ththk you for reaching out. remember, your a check fraud victim, notify@your bank and police immediately. timeoes matter on these. small business owners, we have you covered, too, on the "call christina" page of local10 guam we post expert advice on how to spot a bad check. in the newsroom, i'm christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: good advice as alwaysal. right now it's 5:40.
5:40 pm
the afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter sanela sabovic. >> sanela: we're in the thick of it all. if you're heading toward miami beach taking the macarthur causeway, heads p you a right lane is blocked due tie stalled car. speeds heading into 35 miles per hour. now, cruise on up a smidge north if you're coming from the beach heading westbound on i-95, julia tuttle. there's a crash right before us-1 right there. speeds not too bad this clocking in at 49 miles per hour. now, let's take you west to now there was a crash reported on the a26, the palmetto expressway ght before i-75. you can see right there the approach speeds there clocking in at -- they were clocking in at 39 miles per hour earlier. no they're moving down to 18. two lan are blocked there so avoid this. >> laurie: sanela, thank youou the driver of a garbage truck is still recoverin after a horrific crash, and now we are seeiei just how bad it was from his pointed view. this surveillance video shows
5:41 pm
caffein that truck when it went flying flying off the side of a highway overpass. >> victor: mortuaries giving us a glimpse into the life of britain's royal family great spot light. we'll show you the next generation, too, coming u u taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. terally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your weweness goals. cigna.
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>> victor: we continue following breaking news. a verdict in the erin andrews hotel spying case. >> laurie: christina vazquez is
5:45 pm
>> christina: let's get to images from the couroom taken just a short time ago. she was asking for $75 million in the civil suit. the verdict came back wander $55 million. you saw her there brushing back some tears.thth follows two weeks of very emotional testimony in this case.. again, what the jury had to decide, what they were deliberating on is whether the hotel companies involved here were responsible after her stalker was able to use a hacksaw to basically modify the peep hole in her hotel that she was staying at in nashville taking newt nude photos of her and then releasing it to the internet. again the jury coming back week listening to all of that and deciding to award $55 million. west-to-be hotel partners that owns that national marriott at vanderbilt university, they believe solely the stalker that is convicted and facing two and a half years in prison, that it was solely his responsibility but obviously the jury sided with her. inside the courtroom abc news
5:46 pm
quartered award that judgment and she took autographs and pictures with the jurors. >> victor: an illinois woman w w arrested for allegedly driving drunk after she slammed her van into a drive-through lane at a checker's restaurant. a teen who was taking a driving course nearby used his phone to record thaha driver, bang into a red safety pole before your honor lurching forward and slamming into the building and then taking down a light p pe. police were called out and they arrested the van's owner for driving unr the influence. thankfully nobody was hurt. and police in pet loom a, california are looking for for suspects in a gun store burglary that was all caught on camera. the thieves broke in by ramming they are car into the store on saturday. four thieves then walked in, stole a number of firearms, and the impact from the vehle hitting the building disabled that store's security system. >> laurie: betty is right here with gorgeous weathther outside. store soured to spend the afternoon with a fluted tire tire. >> victor: i did.
5:47 pm
weekend outside of that one flatit tire. >> will: at least you had a of breeze. you look fabulous, victor. welcome. hi ever. hollywood brech was the place to be as it was a nice day. a know at times those clouds make a little air force base and you wonder is it going to start raing. that hasn't happened. the atmosphere is pretty stable e`en with those clouds hanging around. those temperatures in the low to mid-70s right now. an east breeze near 20 miles an hour. you can dinitely feel that breeze out there. for the evening mainly dry conditions expected. winds are going to stay up so that breeze won't beelaxing altogether. an east wind fanning fanning the coastline sustained 15 miles an hour a a temperatures hangg in the lower 70s. not a drop of rain falling out there in miami-dade, broward and the keys. our rain is take nice vacation, and that's nice to see when you consider just how active the weather was for theinter season. meteorologist spring started
5:48 pm
we're thinking pring into the season, but it was a w and stormy winter. we don't have to tell many of you hat. some 36 to 43 days of measurable rainfall. normal, what would be normal for that time frame just over 20 days of measurable rainfall. so mother nature outdid itself. rainfall records setted for miami, miami beach, hialeah, so many areas, and remember the five tornadoes between broward and miami-dade counties? so there was a lot to remember about this winter. we can only hope f a really quiet spring. noaa has put out its outlook for the upcoming spring season. they're pointing to wet earn normal conditions, so we'll see what happens for south florida but we may have to contend with momo rainy days. at least on it short term it's all about rainbirds be, high pressure and an east-southeast breeze. it's ray weather scenario that keeps the rip current risk highand causes the small craft advisories to be in play for
5:49 pm
chap oh those bay be, seas running four to six feet. highs make it up toward the lolor 70s. winds strong from the east 10 to 20 miles an hour. the rain chance really lowowor the rest of the week. rain chance goes up on saturday as a frontal system approaches that much could bring as you few showers, doesn't really cool us down. more spring-like warmed in this forecast. >> victor: let's check out this amazing video of a new species of octopus. it was discovered eye deep sea dive mere hawaii. thisay was found sitting on a rock. no one was seen this kind of october a pod before help many. his unique efficiency inclu thisy ghostly appearance due to lack of pigment cells. he has one row on his arms rath than this typical two rows. >> laurie: someone keeps putting fake park can tickets on cars and introduction in downtown asheville, north carolina. some weird prank. but more than one driver has
5:50 pm
these bowings ticket under the windshield wiper. the ticket look officiall except the fine is ten times what it should be and the tickets also have a qr code which real parking ticket in asheville don't puppy baby when you scan the code it takes toy a music video neverp gonna give up note. >> are they rick rolling with tickets? that's atrocious. we got pats the '80s, i thout. that's pretty booed bad. >> laurie: they're getting rick rolled. the fake tickets had the city hall's address. if someone does pay, parking officials say the money will be returned. >> victor: now a rare glimpse into the home right. royal family this is prince charles as a child in 1949. can see queen elizabeth who was then princess elizabeth playing with the then one-year-old little prince. she is tickling him, waving b as he posed outside for photographers. this video was released in ohrn of great britain mother's day which was yesterday.
5:51 pm
next earnings justifier of royals, the duke and duchess ofim cambridge are chair sharing he is photos of their family's first ski trip. ere is four-year-old prince george's and ten-month-old ince prunuses charlotte vacationing the french alps.these tickets were season by associated press photographer john stillwell. >> laurie: you can just watch forever. they are -- >> victor: really photogenic. >> laurie: -- beautiful little babies. mom and dad aren't too bad, either. what a busy start to the week. here are some of the stories still ahead for on you local10 news. we're now seeing the terrifying moments of the driver that of garbage truck when he lost control and went off the side of an overpass on i-95. >> victor: police bucket of a couple of harf board bandits were goinground rocking people at the library. >> laurie: first how service
5:52 pm
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>> victor: local10 ate animal advocate jacey birch shows you how this initiative could not only save the service animal but also the human they're helping. >> the way do generally, do everything. >> jasey: she may be bound to this wheelchair but paulette does not let her disability get her down. >> i broke my neck when i was 12 years old john kasich a quadriplegic now she credits most of her independence to this girl. >> brandi. couch. come here, my good girl.
5:56 pm
brandu for the last 12 years. >> pick it up. good girl. hop up. yay, i. >> jasey: but one day she nearly lost her support system when brandi was mauled by another dog. >> and she pinned her town. my dog was bleeding on the ground. yeah while this injured dog was injured the in street, paulette sat helpless. eventually this beagle-lab mix was rescued but end by then the damage was done. >> the service animals are the lifeline for our disabled. >> jasey: hallandale beach city commissioner michelle lazaro goods the orthopedists which passed unanimouslyn october understand. broke my heart. that made me sad to think there was a dog suffering and a person who is was suffering watching that happening and being powerless to do anything about it in that moment.
5:57 pm
injured service animal will have the same support from 911 as their human owners. >> police officer with a patrol car, and we would respond. we have blankets. we have emergency equipment. >> jasey: the serce dog would be lushed for a vet clinic. >> your service dog be ever can be life or forth. >> you absolutely. in every way. >> jasey: i'm jasey birch, animal advocate for local10 news. >> victor: doral is the only other south florida florida city that has this law on the books. remember this is only for service animals. any abusiveness law could incur in a fine or evenn jail time. any puse of this law. >> laurie: rant at 6:00 over the edge, heart stopping video. join the dramatic moment a gashing truck fell off i-95. >> victor: a95 our weeks cooler weather about to end. our weather authority is
5:58 pm
>> calvin: and robbers on hoverboards. the bizarre getaway that police said these guys made after ach burk people at a library. >> laurie: plus it's a side of donald trump you have never seen before. it's another bob norman exclusive. the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: right now at 6:00, a truck falling more than 100 feet with the driver still behind the wheel. now we're seeing the dramatic video of that frighting fall off i-95. tonight at 6:00, a driver going over the edge. that dramatic video may shed light on what caused this accident that could have ended tragically. >> laurie: local10 news reporter glenna milberg, she got ahold that of video and she's joining us live with what it shows. glenna. >> glenna: laurie and calvin, it is a good bet that not a lot of people are ever going to have this point of view, and it was probably the longest three seconds of smith's life.
5:59 pm
literally through it outside his truck. you see where the light colored concrete is. that is where it has been replaced. and what happened has even veteran investigators using words like "miracle." >> the video speaks for itself. >> glenna: the ordeal lays plays out frame by frame in a space o o ten seconds. miami waste truck operator kassim smith at the wheel heading south over the southwest 7th street exit ramp cresting over the miami river and jose marti park. a veer to the right and concrete guardrail doesn't hold. >> 28 years doing this, i have never seen an accident of such magnitude where he falls off 75 feet from a highway onto a park and he voice of? and i heard a boom. i thought it was going to explode. >> glenna: this video allowed investigator to examine what went wrong and decided smith starts too far over to the left. >> he made contact with the left curb twice where he overcorrected. >> glenna: he pierce to look out
6:00 pm
the right and as his truck crosses lanes and smashes through the concrete, he is ejected, free falling independent lif his multi-ton truck for three awful seconds. >> he definitely has -- is very passionate about the work that he perps on a daily becauseis. that's whyhyt's shocking for us to see something like that take place. >> glenna: snathe 13-year veteran with. with a solid satisfactory work record. he spent two weeks in the hospital and comes away with this for ticket. >> for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. >> neki: and that's the spot where the truck fell in the park in sort of a parking lot area. the park is now open by now. people have come to understand what a miracle this was, the word everyone is using. no kids were in the parkhat day, february 15th. no one else was hurt. the city of miami is still looking into its employee's actions, risk management and the


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