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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning, you two. indeed it does. breezy out there and comfortable. we are seeing our temperatures definitely above average. mild and breezy is going to be the two words you're going to think about as you walk out the door this morning. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. we're going to keep this cloud deck in place. relatively dry conditions expected but we can't rule out a chance of a shower because of how strong the winds are moving off the ocean. not going to be overall a very warm day. look at this, look how windy it is. nd speeds anywhere between 11 and 18 miles per hour. we're waking up to1 degrees. you do the math. wind gusts down by the keys in the 20s and we are expecting another windy day. therefore, there will be that threat of rip currts for you beach-goers. i'll have more coming up. good morning constance. >> good morning, julie. we already have an
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this time it's on the i. here's a lookt i-95 northbound at commercial boulevard. it's between commercial and cypress creek road. you see the flashing lilits. we're hearing reports of only one lane of traffic blocked. noses affecting anyone atll. there's barely anyone out there. lots of green in our nortrtound lanes. those speeds clocking in at 63 miles per hou we're hearing reports of some police activity. this is off of i-95 northbound and davie boulevard. the story remains the same here, not a lot of folks out there. so it's not affecting travel speeds. construction concerns though if you're traveling south on i-75 and sheridan street. we have complete closures in place here obviously so we'e' not seeing any travel speeds off there. you're going to have to exit off of sheridan and loop back a aund to get on to i-75. we're hearing fm a 13-year-old girl caught on surveillance running for her life from an
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a man tried to abduct her in pompano beach. she says the man was driving by when she stopped, asked her where she was headed. that's when she says he turned around, tried to park his car and go after her. she says he couldn't get a g gd grip on her because of her heavy book bag. >> i was pulling his wrist away from each other. that's when like i guess he gave up and i just kept running. he went back to his car. >> police are searching for this m!n right here in the sketch. he was driving a tan s.u.v. at the time of the abduction. anyone with any information is asked to tall broward crimestoppers. remember you can remain anonymous. a train derailed in california. the train was traveling from san jose to stockton. four people seriously hurt.
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ficials say it was raining when it all happened but it's up clearr if that played a role inhe derailment. this happened along northwest second avenue and sixth street. the woman appears to have been shot by a pellet gun. as of right now no arrests have been made. police need your help finding a missing 14-year-old you see right here. they say katilyn king was dropped offfft a new renaissance middle school in miramar. she was wearing a white polo shirt at the time with beige pants and gold sneaker. rebecca rodriguez and her son juan pablo mesa, jr. were among those arrested. mesa is dating the boy's mother. the boy's grandmother was also arrested. the boy's mother was
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texas on sundada hours after the alert. she does not have legal custody and right now she's not in legal custody in texas. she still faces an active warrant here in miami. here's her s on being held. he will eventually be sent back to florida. caught on camera, police on the hunt for a man accused of stealing a credit card. take a look at surveillance video. it shows the man walking into a publix liquor store, reaching into a victim's purse and stealing stealing thahacredit card. that card was used at another store. if youave any information on what happened,all miami-dade crimestoppers. turning now to vote 2016, a new poll is showing senator marco rubio may have some catching up to do if he wants to win florida's presidential primary. 30% of likely g.o.p. voters backed the senator. florida's winner take all g.o.p. primary next
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rubio to remain competitive in this race since he's currently third in terms of delegates. trump taunted rubio on monday saying he will not win in his home state. >> t that guy, he couldn't be elected dog catcher in florida. >> i'm t t only one left that can unite us. >> meanwhile the republican candidates are preparing for today's primary elections. there are 150 g.o.p. delegates at stake today qn michigan, idaho and hawaii. the biggest prize is michigan with 5 delegates up for grabs. 166 delegates at stake in mississippi and michigan. florida's primary is just one week away. florida milliliaire michael bloomberg says he will not launch a third party run for president. if no candidate wins a majority of electoral
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present. saying quote that is not a risk i can take in good conscience. now to theery latest on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. senate lawmakers still asking to question a staffer who helped set up an e-mail server. he's declining to answer questions. senators say since he was granted immunity by the justice department there's no reason for him to believe he can be prosecuted. south florida remains a hot bed for cases of the seeka virus. a new patient bringing the total number of 24, the most of anyounty in the state. the number also up in broward. new patient brought in. all hamilton these cases are travel related. they are a tote of more than 50 patients in florida but only four showing signs of that mosquito borne virus. on saturday 120 miles north of the country's capital, officials say al-shabab
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to launch a big attack against africa or u.s. personnel. the group appeared to be in their final stages of training. an australian naval ship seized more than 2000 weapons off the coast of vermont. ak-47s and rocket-propelled grenades were among the weapons that were seized. the u.s. does believe the weapons were on their way to yemen's rebels from yemen. we are learning what sent a truck through a guardrail and crashing 150 feet below. the moments and the driver and the truck went over the edge. a teacher caught insuiting a student. the shock remarks he made. how they were trying to cover a tornado touchdown and it took a wild turn. if you're traveling on the i in broward county we have a bad accident here. at least one lane
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miami-dade cououy we're accident-free but construction crews could slow you down.
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other side of the break.tt2w`t3n
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the windows. >> there was a piece of glass right here on your neck. >> wow, that news crew let the man sit in their live truck until police d fire rescue crews arrived to treat him. wow.w. >> yeah. they became a part of the stotory. >> they did. >> nice job. >> i'm glad they werethere to help out exacacy when they needed it. d julie, we're wrapping up winter but at least it still feels nice. >> granted our temperatures are a above average. up fortunately our friends in texas going to deal with anothter day of severe weather. we are noticing these wind speeds picking up too out of the east anywhere between 11 and 18 miles per hour. temperature 71 degrees inn miami, ft. lauderdale and key west. warmest spot is pompano beach. i see you with 73. 70 in kendall. so the winds will continue to move in off the ocean.
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the heat, the humidity and some stratus clouds that are going to continue to move in. some sunshine will break through. now the wind speeds anywhere between 10 to 18 miles per hour with wind gusts in the 20s have been reported first time throughout the morning especially down by the keys and that will once again illustrate. it was a wet and stormy winter. no surprise, right. 36 to 43 day was measurable rainfall. normally during that time of year we only see 21 to 23 days. we had record rainfall for miami, miami beach, hialeah a redland and five tornadoes. you all remember that vere weather days that we were live on air 24 hours a day givingn you the forecast over portions of miami-dade, browd an the keys. five tornadoes were reported with that severe weather threat we had. we kept you posted
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broward and miami-dade. currently we have the wind speeds continue to bring us the stratus klum husband clouds. just like a drizzle that moved over coral springs and over the turnpike. we'll be mostly dry for the rest of t t day. high pressure keeping oureather fantastic. unfortunately, it's also feeding in the heat and humidity ahead of this cold front. severe weather threat they have a severe thunderstorm watch box in eect for central texas. there will be the possibility of enhanced tornadoes possibly from houston all the way up towards kansas. we've got the heat and humidity ahead of this front with temperature in the 60s moving in from the gulf of mexico and the cooler air behind the front. remember that is the trigger mechanism for the possibility of severe weather. for us high pressure will continue to bring us a brisk breeze. it will be beautiful again. you liked it yesterday. you'll love it again toy. unfortunately, it will keep that risk of rip
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the seas will be rough. we'll continue to warm up going through the middle part of the workweek. a couple degrees warmer tomorrow going into thursday and friday. a front will try to squeak into south florida. don't forget we spring forward, we lose that extra hour of sleep. it happens on sundayy at 2:00 a.m. but set your clocks saturday night. this weekend is call a kaaya ocho. road rangers on the scene, they are beginning to clear it out, this is i-95 northbound at commercial boulevard bebetween commercial and cypress creek road it. looks like the road rangers just left so not causing any major delays this morning. let's m ve over to the police activity. this is i-95 northbound right at davie boulevard. let's see what those speeds are. not looking bad at all at 63 miles per hour.
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police on the roadways moving over a lane. that's the law. that's what you're supposed to be doing. we've got a new crash to talk about this morning, this one happening on the i as well. for some reason we are seeing delays reported in our northbound lanes for some reason. you see those speeds clocking in at 21 miles per hour. in addition to that we've got to talk about construction. it wouldn't be 5:15 in the morning if we didn't hit that. if you're traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway as you're approaching the airport, we do have one lane s st down right at 37th avenue. those speeds not affected though, those speeds at 62 miles per more construction concerns if you're traveling south on theturnpike on the approach to i-75. not at all. cument you love this real time data. you can see exactly how fast folks are traveling. as soon as we have any accidents out there, i'm updating twitter. maybe sure you're
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local 10. i have been around 37 years and clearly you e the dumbest girl i have ever missed. >> that's a recording of a girl saying that's her teacher insulting her in front of her class. when she was trying to catch up before when i test she says in that recording that she was called dumb by her teacher. the student's mother says she approached the school district but was unsatisfied with their response. >> this is about a school system that is failing our children and allowing these acts to go on. >> the man does not need to be teaching young children. it's not a gray area. end of story. >> unclear what kind of discipline reaction, if any, that teacher received. new this morning the
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>> coming up next what platform you could be watching the big game on soon. good morning, south florida. hope you're having a good start to your tuesday. we've got you covered, everything you need to know before you walk out the door.
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minutes. >>reporter: hey there in today's tech bytes, a big bidding war for the right to stream nfl games. >> how big are the akes? nbc and cbs are paying about $00 million combined for two years of thursday night football on tv. sony has unveiled the worod's smallest
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times optical zoom lens, a flash and retractible viewfinder. the price tag $350. and take a look at the all electric car that has set a new speed record. >> this heavily modified corvette hit a top speed of more than 186 miles an hour. the kept space center in florida place tag for this car if you want it, 330 grand. sounds like a steal. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. comedian and late night show host jimmy kimmel set to host the emmy awards. emmyominations are set to be announced later this year in july and the actual awards show is scheduled for sunday, september 18th. remember you can always watch jimmy kimmel live here on local 10 every weeknight after the local 10 news at 11:00. one community
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their parking ticket situation appears to be a prank. the mother arrested for making a dangerous decision. ahead at 5:30 the shococng surprise police found in the back seat before she was arrested for a d.w.i. constance says there is a crash here. doesn't appear to be slowing traffic at all but she's got a better eye on this than all of us. she will have the answers here o o your morning commute just moments away here on local 10. i think we should've taken a left athe river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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north carolina prankster going to great lengths. >> someone's been leaving fake tickets on people's cars in ashville. the part of this that everyone's talking about, a code that you scan with your phone,
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appeal, this is what you get, never going to give you up. the prank is called getting rip rolled, causing confusion with people. the city says it will return the money if someone decides to pay it. someone hoping they will give that up. >> as long as you dope pay, it's funny. if you pay, m mbe not so funny. watch out for that. let's get to our top stories on this tuesday. a 13-year-old girl nearly abducted in pompano beach this week is talking about those terrifying moments. she was talking home from school when will a man went after her. it was her back pack. it was so heavy it did not allow him to get a good enough grip. overerght several people hurt after a train derailed in central floloda. at least four people hurt while several others sufferere minor injuries. it appears the train hit a tree that h h fallen
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severe weather. three people under arrest after a toddler is allegedly abducted by his mother. the boy's grandmother also arrested. we're just getting going here on this tuesday morning. we know you are too so stick with us as local 10 news at 5:30 comes up next. >> and also comes a check of your traffic and forecast. don't miss it.
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minutes. off the top at 5:30, the terrifying moments when a man attempted to abduct her. shocking video. what it told investigators and how that dver's doing this morning. a woman's dangerous decision landing her
5:28 am
who police found in the back seat while she say she was driving drunk. police go out on limb to pursue a car. dash cam video you've just got to see. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> happy tuesday. i'm jacey birch. we need to get straight over to our weather authority meteorologist. julie's talking about this nice weather. >> it's breezy. >> check out the tower cam jacey, eric,. so it's moving and shaking. something you need to do to get yourself going. we have temperatures in the low 70s. that east breeze the culprit for the humidity you're going to feel but the winds so strong it actually makest feel a bit comfortable even though the temperatures are a bit deceiving. i want to remind you because of how strong the east winds are, we do have thehe elevated risk of rip currents. temperatures could drop
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still above average as we should be seeing 64. can't rule out a chance of a speedy shower. overall the atmosphere is relatively dry. highs in the upper 70s. constance, how are knows roads? >> roads are okay. i think that's the best we can say. we have a hit and run crash on i-95 and ives dairy road. our northbound lanes also have some closures in place. that explains the delays on our map. let's zoom on in to see exactly what our traffic data is looking like. we saw some delays northbound and southbound but since it's cleared up. that's okay. those speeds at 64 to 61 miles per hour there. that w i-95 and ives dairy road. there's stiti some police activity. we're going to take to you broward county. if you're traveling on 595 east bound starting at i-7maybe cruising all wait over to the airport or beaches at u.s.-1. your average speed at this time of the morning, 56 miles per
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now to that safety alert we're hearing from the young girl caught on camera running for her life as a man tries to abduct her. this is the man she described to police right here. we need you to keep an eye out for him this morning. the middle schooler is crediting her heavy book bag for allowing her to get away. sanela sabovics live in pompano beach with more on what the little girl had to say. >>reporter: good morning, jacey and eric. this teen fighting for her life running throughout the streets of pompano beach just to cape an attempted abduction. we hear her brave story in her own words and just what might have helped her break free. it's something no c cld should have to go through. >> run away and scream. >>reporter: and run away she did. surveillance video capturing the harrowing moments of a 13 6 year-old girl running in fear of her life and away from an attempted abduction.
5:31 am
i was scared. >>reporter: and now? >> i never liked walking. >>reporter: you can see in the video she is looking back at the tan s.u.v. while that man tails her. the near abduction happened last week as the middle school a high school. the driver of that s.u.v. seen in this sketch stopped and asked the teen where she was going. she ignored him and before she knew it, he grabbed her. her heavy back pack might have played a role in saving her life. >> i was pulling his wrist away from each other and that's when like i guess he gave up and i just kept running. he went back to his car. >>reporter: the teen ran to a relati's house in tears. >> she was panicked. she was scared. she fought for her "life of pi" and she beat him. now all we have to do is catch him.. >>reporter: temperatures are
5:32 am
if you think you may have seen the man in the sketch or the car that he was driving in, you are urged to call broward crimestoppers, the number 954-493-tips. news. nono to another disturbing crime in pompano beach, a man behind bars after allegedly offering a five-year-old candy, then sexually assaulting her. lamont mayweather accused of trying to lure the little girl with candy and then assaulting her in the laundry room of the apartment complex on sunday. a truck going right over the edge of i-95 and the guardrail there. we're getting a first look and what went wrong from the driver's perspective. he survived that more than 100 foot fall. many have wondered what sent that dump truck crash in the first place and thiss helping investigators figure that out. erica, this is stunning
5:33 am
>>reporter: absolutely, eric. investigators keep calling the outcome of is crash a miracle. that's because this park is clod right now. when this place is opened, it is packed with people. the driver s survived. the guardrail now repairir, the concrete guardrail and she is already at home recovering. >> the video speaks for itself. >>reporter: this is a point of view you've probably never seen, kassim smith at the wheel of a miami waste truck, plows through a guardrail and falls 75 feet. >> 28 years doing that, i have never seen an accident where of such@ magnitude where he falls off from a highway on to a park and he survives. >> and i heard a boom. >>reporter: smith was driving on a busy southwest seventh street exit ramp high above the park.
5:34 am
speeding and he's not texting. after seeing the video investigators say he hits the left curb a couple of times before turning the wheel too ickly to the right. >> he made contact with the left curb twice where he overcorrected. >>reporter: smith looks out the window as he over-corrects and as his train crashes through the lanes. hehe objected, free-falling for three terrible seconds. >> he definitely has, i i very passionate about the work he performs on a daily basis, that's why it's kind of shocking for us to see something like thiss take place. >>reporter: smith has worked for solid waste for 13 years and as a satisfactory record. after the crash he spent two weeks in the hospital. >> he was born that day. d if he doesn't go to church, he just started going to church. >>reporter: and the city of miami is still reviewing thi case but says it's happy to know
5:35 am
out with the investigation. it shows no other vehicle was involved. smith received two tiets, one for careless driving and another one for n wearing his seatbelt. erica rakow, local 10 news. leave me alone. >> we just want to get your side of things. >> this stay at home mom and former teacher shielded her face from our local 10 cameras as she was bonding out of jail. local 10 the only station there to capture her release. the mother is accused of driving drunk on i-95 with her two-year-old son asleep in the back seat of her car. she appeared before a judge on monday. troopers say they found her parked in the hall. in her arrest form the trooper wrote sha she had slurred speech, bloodshot and glossy eyes and her appearance was disheveled. her front zipper was down and her interior of
5:36 am
according to the troopers she told them she had drank two weirs and took a disoal zoloft with dinner. the teen has been green. was shot multiple times outside his home on sundayight. authorities say at least three people got away ina red pick-up truck with no license plate. green taken to the hospital and he is expected to recover. we're awaiting an update on condition of a teenager hit by an s.u.v. and pinned byby a utility poll. 14-year-old boy walking with his mother when they were hit. police say the driver veered off of the roadway, struck the utility poll near a bus stop. >> i saw a vehicle go right into the wall and also i see this woman i the street and i was in shock. >> the teen and his m taken to the hospital. there's no word yet on theironditions. the driver also taken to
5:37 am
^he teen accused of killing a rabbi still behi bars without bond is going to stay there for now. charles accused of shooting and killing rabbi raskin in 2010. appealing a judge's ruling a week after apple decided -- the case is similar to a california case in which a judge ordered apple to unlock an iphone used in the san bernadino shooting. funeral plans for former first lady nancy agan have been announced. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan library. she died of heart failure sunday. she was at home. nay reagan was 94 years old. > maria sharapova
5:38 am
how can it make ann appearance here in south florida. and how long this dog was stranded before
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from the ice. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidas
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, aner the call already. just about 4:41 the time right now. the chilean navy rescued a woman from a sailboat during a storm. she was traveling alone and said she suffered extreme abdominal pain. now she's recovering in the hospital. also caught on camera a dramatic rescue of a dog trapped inn icy river in utah. you can see the rescuers reach in. they grab the struggling dog out of the icy water
5:41 am
the dog had reportedly been out on the ice for five days. can you believe this? we now know he's safe and apparently in good health. that is a trooper, that dog. >> looks like a black lab. they are strong. i know, i've got one. they like to swim and unfortunately, that's the water they d't want to get in. breezy to june right windz conditions. temperatures are in the low 70s running 70 degrees above where we should be. we should be seeing a temperature of 64. wind speeds between 11 and 18 miles per hour. so again that's goingo cause that elevated risk of rip currents foror you beach-goers. we're all waking up p the 70s. unlike yesterday we did see some upper 60s. the heat and humidity will be pushed onshore from the western atlantic. that's currently 71 for you in pembroke pines. our warmest spot is pompano beach. temperature of 73. that east breeze makes it feel a bit more comfortable each though
5:42 am
show above average. wind speeds will continue to move off the ocean. if you liked yesterday, you're going to enjoy today. basically a carbon copy. we saw somehowers move through parts of broward earlier this morning. wind guststsill stay in the 20s again t tay and we'll keep that threat w wh the advisories in effect for beach-goers and boatersrs on and off throughout the day. so southwest tenth street dealing with an isolated drizzle by coral springs. otherwise we are seeing dry conditions. that will continue today and tomorrow. we'll slowly push eastward. that's moving in towards the nation's midsection. severe weather over portions up and down the west coast over the weekend. right now we have a severe thunderstorm watch box in effect forparts of south texas. they could possibly deal with damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding concerns as we are expecting the
5:43 am
enhanced severe weather threat in houston today. look at these temperatures ahead of the front feeling like spring anywhere from texas all the way to the southeast. we've got temperatures in the 60s. highs for@ them today will be in the upper 70s, low 80s. behind that front temperatures are in the 30s. remember that's the trigger mechanism for that severe weather threat. it will be brisk at times, gusty at times as well with a mix of sun and clouds s our forecast. not much will change going into wednesday. temperatures will gradually warm up. we'll see highs in the weekend. don't forget we spring forward. we lose that extra hour of sleep. we still have that i. here's a liveook behind me. blocking one lane of traffic. we're seeing some slight
5:44 am
the scene is beginning to clear up. in addition to that we have a new csh to get to happening in miami-dade county as well. if you're traveling off of red road, we have reports of a little fender-bender. a lot of green on the map that shows us folks are traveling at posted speeds. if you're starting at lejeune road heading into miami traveling north, at this point only going to take you seven minutes but obviously as the morning moves on, a whole lot more cars are going to be on the roadway. it's going to take you between 12 to 16 minutes to get into miami. gl. >>reporter: good tuesday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. miami dolphins on the verge of making a big deal. the 'phins are finalize ago trade with the eagles that would bring quarterback myr
5:45 am
the trade would also include pico alonso. sun centinel reporting that if the pro bowl quarterback does not take a pay cut, the dolphins will cut him. nfl legend peyton manning calling it a career on monday. manning was thanked by several members of the broncos organization. eye-popping 266 games over 9,000 passes, more than 71,000 yards and over 500 touchdowns. not to mention the two super bowl rings. run over and hit hard at sunday's heat gave with that collision on midcourt. he says i'm okay, bernie. on the ice panthers did not le this against boston. they fell behind eatly. the aeast by i can't go i can't go passes gordie
5:46 am
they had been trailing 4-1. cats coming all the way back but in overtime. here comes boston with the g ge-winner. panthers lose 5-4 in overtime.they do though get a point. marlins fans holding their breath right now. the marlins still wondering how giancarlo stanton is doing. stayed behind with soreness in his right knee. that's the same knee that staon had surgery on in 2012. beat the sixers on monday night. got t t love that on the other end heat won by five. now they turn to three as in a three-game road trip starting tomorrow night in milwaukee. last night oh, you
5:47 am
with the guys. one more. fumbled that one. give it another shot. coach has got it. looking loose and ready to go. the miami open just over two weeks away. big tennis news yesterday. woman's star maria sharapova saying she failed a drug test in australia. it's an performance-enhancing drug of sort. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. i'm sure you heard this one, make like a tree and leaf. >> someone took that a little too literally. police chased a driver
5:48 am
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built for business. welcome back. hulk hogan also cross-examined later today as the defamation lawsuit against gawker continues. he testified on monday that he went to his friend's house for comfort during a messy divorce. he says that's when the couple propositioned him and then videotaped the encounter without his permission. that tape was then obtained and publish bid gawker. >> my gut was telling me that this was off, this was wrong and from like the feeling i had, you're not filming this, are you? and he just slashed into me, what the hell is wrong with you, i'm your f'en best friend. >> gawker claims they have the right to
5:51 am
senate a public figure. a courtroom victory for tv host andports caster erin andrews, took the jury just seven hours to remember that decision. michael barrett offeredded to may $28 million while the management company of a nashville march rot must say 27 million. police in california are trying to find two burglary suspect who were caught on camera. detectives believehe thieves knew the layout of the floor. detectives say based on their behavior they seem to have experience doing this. the damage includes several thousand dollars not including the atm machine or the money inside it.
5:52 am
video of the car with its tree struck on the grill. they decided to release the dash cera video when people began questioning the auenticity of that photo. the driver was arrested and charged with d.w.i. the bottom line they are trying to get across the drivers, don't drink and drive. >> it's a good start. >> could you imagine still driving with that tree in front of your car. >> you've got to be pretty gone. right now a woman distraught after she experienced a truly unholy act. her purse was stolen in church but there's only one thing she wants to get back. why it's irreplaceable to her. a man still on the n after he attempted to abduct a young girl. hear her describing terrifying moments why
5:53 am
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5:55 the time right now. a woman who survived the boston marathon bombing has died a car crash overseas. both of the womom were on their way back to bali. they were riding in a yellow ferrari when it mcgrath was only 100 feet away when one of the bombs went off and was rescued by a firefighter. the mexican government says d dg lord joaquin el chapo guzman is trying to loosen the security measures at the maximum security prison he's in. this comes after he told the guardian his escape in july was an agreement with the mexican government and they betrayed him. guzman was recanted in january after escaping from prison through a mile long continue. theresa bradley left@ her purse on a bench during mass.
5:56 am
gone. inside it very valuable items, her late mother's rosary which had been blessed by pope john paul and in memory of the late husband. >> part of my husband's ashes which i can't replace. so those two tngs because they are basically irreplaceable. >> bradley's daughter post aid photo on her mother's facebook hoping whoever stole it will return some of those items inside back to her. a safety alert a young girl telling us about the moments where she was almost abducted. what she says helped her get away. > us look at this, a medical break through we need to talk about. the u.s. has its first uterus transplant. what it could mean for
5:57 am
5:58 am
health. escape from abduction, a girl grabbed on her way home from school. breaking overnight, train off the tracks, passengers hurt when train derails, crashing right into a creek. the l lt-minute
5:59 am
get your vote. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your tuesday. this is our look outside right behind us with our tower camera and let's send it straight over to meteorologist julie durda with a look at your forecast. >> that's right. this picture tells a story, june right breezy, the windy conditions. east southeast wind between 10 and 17 miles per hour. that wind and the wind direction is pumping in the heat and humidity. we're waking up to 72 degrees in miami. 71 ft. lauderdale as well as key west. wind gusts reported in the 20s. throughout the morning we've been seeing the 20s from the keys up towards miami-dade and broward. with that said w w are expecting breezy conditions to continue throughout the day. we have the high risk of rip currents for you boaters. currently the temperatures 72. we should be waking up to 64. we'll continue to warm
6:00 am
cloud cover. we're not expecting record temperatures even though the east southeast breeze is persistent. constance? >> all right, julie, thanks so much. love the good news and i bring good news too. that hit and run crash completely cleared up. we had some closures in plpce in both northbound and southbound lanes. as you can see witit these live pictures, no concerns this morning. nothinin to really talk about on the eye at that point. the only crash we are watching for you is down in miami-dade county, down south off of red road. really not affecting our travel speeds at all. this is at red road at southwest 16 mg street. speaking of the i, let's talk about some drive times. broward county traveling southboundnd starting at hollywood boulevard heading towardshe geds or the g.g. as i like to call it. if you're at the glades heading into downtown miami, about eight


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