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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this street, stopping to photograph small children. area child care workers believe they've seen this man who tried week. surveillance cameras at the daycare captured video of the girl running away from her attacker. bso detectiv released this sketch of the suspect, the description given t/ them by the brave teen. >> he was just breathing really his car. >> neki: we concealed her request. she tolds how the man i i the tan suv tried to grab her, but her big backpack got in the way, and once she got away from him she ran for her life. >> he grabbed me around my waist, and i wrapped my fingers around his. i was falling the wrists away from each other and that's when i guess he gave up and i just kept r rning. he went back to his car. >> neki: the teen speaking about herrdeal so the community can stay focused on catching whoevev this is.
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they say he is in his 40s or early 50s, the tan suv possibly a ford explorer. again, police say anyone with information is urged to call broward county crimestoppers. that number 954-493-tips. live in pompmno beach tonight, neki mohan, local10 news. >> calvin: thank you. >> laurie: again take one more look at this man. he's described as having reddish brown hair and a thin frame had is n. his late 30s or early 40s. >> calvin: a a a u. man behind bars after another attempted kidnapping of a teenager in pompano beach. reports say michael walton threatened a young girl with a pair of scissors and demanded she get into his car and that led to a struggle. police say walton struck the girl several times and slammed her to the ground. he's now facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. >> laurie: miramar police need your help to find a a missing endangered teenager. police say 14-year-old caitlin king didn't return home after
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she was last seen wearing beige uniform pants, goldy sneakers, a white polo uniform shirt and a multi-colored plows. police say king is in need of medication. also right now a driver shot muppet times during an attempted robbery. this happening in lauderdale. the victim was picking up a friend in neighborhood when someone, approached his car and tried to rob hill. >> calvin: local10 news reporter terrell forney live now in fort lauderdale with details to the victim. terrell. >> terrell: and that shooting victim is a man. he was rususd here to broward health medical center but he is expected to be okay. in fact, we are told that he is already speak c with detective about that crime that almost took his le. multiple shots fired, leaving a bullet-mid-led quash gunman aiming at the driverf that white four door sedan. >> looks like itas attempted robbery. we don't know if he was trying to get to the car o something in the car but there were words exchanged atat the window of car. >> terrell: the victim behind
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the gunman then ran away from the scene, causing cops to place this lauderdale hill neighborhood on lockdown off northwest 56 avenue just oath of oakland park boulevard. >> i knew something happened when i came out from taking my child to daycare. >> terrell: neighbors say the turn of event are unsettling, considering the crime happened in broad daylight on this residential street. >> this is too close to home. this is right here on the corn. i stay right behind there. so i have a family the end of the day, i have kids, i have a high schooler who takes the bus, walks to the bus stop right here, so it's very concerning for me. >> i'm going to lock my door. i'm afraid for everybody andy nobody nothing else happen, man. that's all we can do directors again, that shooting victim is expected to be okay, recovering here at the hospital, but this afternoon police are still searching for that gunman. they have yet to release a description on the person that they are searching for. we are liviv in fort lauderdale,
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news. >> calvin: terrell, thanks a lot. a car nearly crashing into a home. sky 10 was above the scene along northeast 1 twisted street and 2nd avenue n north miami earlier today. police say the cab smashed the fence and ended p in the front yard. fire rescue crews had to free the cab dreyer who was tventually taken to a local hospital. >> laurie: a hazma situation in downtown fort lauderdale where fire rescue crews were working repair a gas leak. roughs loews boulevard was blockedda. residue kruse crews say the gas line was cut during construction work eye 45-story building. that area, though, glad to report is now clear. >> calvin: it is not big day in the the race for the white house. voters from both parties are casting their ballots in michigan and mississippi and republican are voting in i'd low hoe and hawaii. >> laurie: but the big prize remains florida where the plier will be held a week from today. it's such a critical state for
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today. >> michael: rubio said it all comes down to florida and republicans to have vote for hum if they want to stop trump. >> the only one that has any chance of beating frump in florida is he. >> michael: rubio's got that right. it does look like a two-man race in florida in the gop primary with rubio a decendant second. >> senator, you say your going to win florida. the question obviously is how do you win fla when in the most favorable poll you are down by 8 point and a new s svey usa poll shows you down by 20. how are you going to win? >> i'm not down by 20 point, that i promise you. >> michael: but he's down by 20 in a survey us a poll out today. they've got trump 22, rubio 22, ted cruz 17. >> for your campaign does the all come down to florida? if you don't win here, can you go forward? >> yeah, i think that would have been true no matter what.
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from florida but because of t importance of the state. >> michael: rubio is campaigning in the sarasota area today, a wellteau republican stronghold that helped elect him to the senate 95 years ago, but trump is wite front in rural florida and among a wide array of gop voters fed up with politically correct politicians and washington gridlock. >> we're going to keep fighting and we're going to win florida. it's going to be close. it's going to be hard but we will do it. >> michael: we shallee a week from today. as for donald trump he's going to hold a press confence tonight up the coast in jupiter,im while democratic candidate bernie sanders holds a rally at the james l. knight center inniami. local10 news has you covered for both events. we are innhe newsroom, laurie, send it back to you. >> laurie: so glad you got that interview today, michael. thank you. here's the official countdown to the florida pry player. again it is just a week from today. you can also vote early in miami-dade and broward counties. for detail onhat head over to our website.
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>> calvin: the cause of duh major fire in chicago an indoo and outdoor flea market remains a mystery today. more than 100firefighters had to take on this large fire. take a look at allllf that smoke that could be seen from miles away. the fire started before 10:00 a.m. today and at least one person was rescued from building. there wewe no reports of any injuries. >> laurie: officials staih a mudslide may have caused a train derailment in california. this train was headed from san jose to stockton monday when it hitt a tree on the tracks, and that's when the first two e. cars derailed with one ending up in a creek. >> i just prayed that everyone was going to be okay. it's scary. it's still secondary. but, you know, somebody was watching over us tonight. everybody got out. and everybody's going to hopefully be okay. and, you know, all i can say is we've got light to be thankful for. >> laurie: someone was watching out for them because out of 214 passengers on that train, only nine were hurt. >> calvin: and caught on camera, there a close call foyer news crew that was covering that
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a local fox affiliate news camera was hit by an out of control driver during a live broadcast. take a look. oh, high. reporter alex savage almost getting hit boy a car live on the air today, and again he was reporting on the stsry that of train derailment when a driver turned right into him and his photographer. savage credits his photographer for yelling to get o of the way. and that reporter jumped to the right and the car ended up on his left side. >> laurie: baltimoreolice officer william porter will be forced to testify in the cases against his fellolo officers. all in the aftermath of the death of freddie gray. his trial ended in a hung jury and he is expected to be retried. his attorneys argue that compelling him to testify would violate hits 5th amendment rights. a maryland appellate court jected that argument saying his testimony in these cases will not be used in thinks retrial. freddie gray died in april of
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cord injury while in police custody. investigators say he wasn't restrained properly while being transported to jail, we hent into a ca and died a week later. >> calvin: let's turn back locally now. rush hour getting started so let's get a check on the traffic. >> laurie: jenise fernandez is right here with us you with how those rotes are looking. >> jenise: a few things out there, let's start in broward i-95 southbound oakland park boulevard. you can see that extent is off to the shoulder so it's not blocking any lanes but unfortunately we're still seeing stop-2 go traffic in you are why southbound lanes as well as this your northbound lanes. that accident oakland park boulevard heading south but it is doesn't look like they impacting your community. speeds are at 41 miles per hour. looking at your northbound lanes not doo great there at 26 miles per hour. in dade county for those of how take the dolphin expressway gustavo twl accidents to be aware of. first heading west on dolphin right around northwest 27th avenue where there is a left lane blocked, seeing pretty heavy delays with speeds thereat 15 miles per hour.
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heading east trying to rampon to i-95 a left lynn blocked there as well with speeds clocking in at 26-mile-per-hour. calvin. >> calvin: developing right now a police pursuit is reportedly underway outside phoenix with arizona, after a man allegedly stole a motorcycle. you can see hum there about to go through the intersection. phoenix police say that officers tried to stop the suspect for allegedly stealing that motorcycle, but they say he refuse today pull over and then that chase began. we will, of course, continue to watch this as itty develops for you, and from phoenix, arizona, once again live pictures of a police pursuit that's going on there. >> laurie: the world continues to mourn the passing of former first lady nancy reagan as a public prepares forer to be laid to rest. nancy reagan is going to be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library this friday. at leg of a.m. she will bee laid to rest next to her husband. we're told first lady michelle obama will be attending the funeral. >> the extraordinary love that
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>> she made sure he had good people around him, and when they weren't good, she had to get rid of them. >> laurie: nancy reagan died of heart failure on sunday at her home. she was 94 years old. >> calvin: let's take a look at wall street. here's how the numbers fared today. the dow down nearly 110 points closing just below the 17,000 mark. the nasdaq down nearly 60 points closing at 4648. and the s&p 500 closing down today 22.5 points, coming up a tall tree sticking out a car grille and police say the driver was drunk and going the wrong way. we'll have more on thisizarre incident. >> laurie: plus, crook hauling away an entire atm from a store. the whole machine. it was caught on camera. >> calvin: also a wild night for actor cuba gooding, jr. here in south florida. his wild behavior at a miami
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we'll show you. >> laurie:e:wo people are without a home this afternoon after their condo caught fire. take a look at these flames. fire crews were called out to the shaker village condos between commercial boulevard and mcnab road. thth was this afternoon. crews were able to put out the flames, and no one was hurt. >> calvin: hazmat crews also at the scene of a w wehouse fire in pompano beach this afternoon. smoke could be seen coming from a metal manufacturing plant along southwest 30th avenue. firefighters were forced t t use a special substance to put out the flames after it was declared a hazmat situation. more than 100 employees had to evacuate the building. but a wild nigh for actor cuba gooding jr. he was caught on camera having a hole lot of fun at a miami beach nightclub. >> laurie: maybe a little tlo much fun. i don't know. let's get to victor oquendo. he is in the video port with the actual video. >> victor: too much fun, that's one way to put it. this video was obtained by fitzpatrick and in it you will see cuba gooding, jr. taking hi
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there is cuba gooding, jr. doing a strip teases at live nightclub at the fontainebleau in miami beach. he is dancing on tables. couches. he loves lliv. somebody han h'm a cell phone and he almost swallowed it. and later that come woman seen dancing with him. wear not sure what it's all about. it could be the fact thatis new show "the people versus o.j. simpson" is doing really well so he decided to celebrate it. had a really good time. that's. >> calvin: this is what people do on south beach. >> laurie: if you're going to dance on barstools. >> calvin: it didn't look like sheas was dancing. it looked like he was hoeing her up. >> laurie: more than he could handle. this is not more than we can handle. absolutely gorgeous on the beach. >> calvin: breezy. look at those trees out there. breezy, a little cloudy today but overall it's about a c if i were grading it.
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>> laurie: i'd say a minus. >> calvin: a minus? >> betty: you are so fired. lvin hughes. this is an a+. would you not agree wit that? we're taking you the you out on mallory squa right now, a few people gathering, enjoying that nice breeze we have up and down the coastline. miami we do have those clouds but the sunshine managed to get through as well and temperatures made tt move into the upper s as we did pras for today. 77 the current number in miami. hihieah 78. kendall and homestead at 76 degrees. the forecast for the resesof the evening, it will stay mainly dry, even though we have those clouds out there. we'll call it partly cloudy by 8:00 tonight with 74 degrees about the really no weather problems, no huge ones for us. with that breeze coming in from the east and being so strong, winds sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour. i know there are moments when you feel like you need a sweater and you may feel that way this evening, too, even though the temperatures overall are going to be pretty mild.
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dominating feature for us and we're cut in the flow around that high pressure keeping our weather oh, so quiet. not quiet as we check out things along the, a law text. look at the rain and storms pounding east of dallas, toward houston, tornado watch in effect here. this frontal system producing all this weather will continues march toward the east-northeast overnight into tomorrow but we'r still stuck in the flow around high pressure, and the influence of high pssure which keeps our weather easy, breezy. thursday more of the same winds from the east-southeast. partly sunny skies. storms, though, impacting the lower mississippi river valley and start tongen croach upon the panhandle of florida say late thursday but for us it's mainly dry weather in forecast. so tomorrow let's do it again. s to start the day, a high near 80. rain chance at at any time per. strong breeze wednesday, thursday into friday as well. high temperatures getting into the lower 80s.
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sunday we may have to deal with a few showers. we'll be fine tuning that over the next several days, but the one thing that is certainly consistent, it's going to be on the warm side. lalaie. >> laurie: we'll be ready. thank you, betty. hulk hochan took the stand the in second day of trial in his def nation lawsuit against gawker. the website gawker attorneys played videos of hoganan whose really nail is ter velae during interviews with tmz and howard stern and pressed hoping about whether he asked interviewers not to raise to issue with the sex tape. >> i didn't have a problem discussing it, you know, i was on his show entertaining in character, we knew he was going to dig, take the good with the bad, and i was trying to move through the interview as best i could. >> laurie: hogan is suing gawker for $100 million arguing that they violated his privacy by posting a portion that of sex tape. faulker said they had i's right to publish because hoag is a public figure.
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the zika virus. the world health organization said transferring the zika virus through sex is more commonhan first thought. >> laurie: check out this video. the driver is going the wrong way with a tall tree in the car's grill. it's all caught a dashboard camera. >> will: i'm will manso. the free agent is going will. lamar miller is drawing all sorts of attention.
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in sports. >> will: it has been a busy few days for nfl free accessible in the market is growing. the miami dolphins have been right in the middle of the action. that ts our daily sports shot. running back lamar milr texas. that's right. reporting the houston techs ancestor make ache strong push to sign the free agent. the dallas cowboys have also
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the 24-year-old has played his entire career in south florida.remember he went to consolidate high school at killian and played college ball at the university of mmi. the pass rusher seems to be for mario williams. the dolphins are trying to strike a deal with the defensive lineman who was recently let go by the buffalo bills. many with has 96 career sacks. according to bleacher report case jaceyon cole. williams deal wl be worth $8 million when he ends up signing. signing williams could also allow the dolphins to release wake. coming up off an achilles injury.wake entering the final here ye-contrt. if the dolphins release wake they would save over a quarter million dollars. the dolphins wrapping up a trade for the cornerback who played for at the eagles last season and seattle befefe that.
4:25 pm
tight end jordan helped save the dolphins money. he agreed to restructure his contract. he spent his if you are fore seasons for the browns. thruru 35 catches three touchdowns. bad news for the marlins pull ben. the tommy john procedure expected to keep caps a flamethrower, who throws oveve 100 mile-an-hour but he has a very funky delivery that sometimes causes issues to that bell elbow. how about this? the heat are the hottestst team in the nba. that's right. the longest winning streak in the nba currently five games. check in the with the heat before they hit t road coming up for you at 5:00. >> calvin: thank you, will that.that'll do it are for ronald news at 4:0:0 let's economic in with laurie and victor. >> victor: here's had a loooo hat what's coming up all new at 4:30. >> laurie: body cameras.
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for the miami dade police department. >> calvin: thieves hauling away an atm from a store. >> laurie: plus, a delivery is the under arrest afterer going the wrong way with this tall tree in the e ille of f e car. oh, yeah, a buzzar scene. >> victor: those stories and so much fore coming up on local10 now at 4:30.0. >> laurie: we'll be right back. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference beeen making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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l right off the top at 4:30, police in miami-dade county may soon be equipped with body cameras. commissioners taking up that issue today. >> victor: and local10 news reporter jenise fernandez is in the video port n to tell us what was discussed. jenise. >> jenise: miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez has been pushing r these body cameras for quite sowm time, and today commissionons did have a few questions and concerns but overall they approved the contract thaha would allow miami-dade police to have those cameras, believing that they will benefit the community is help make a police officer's job more efficient. here's video of miami-dade police on a house call, this whole thing captured on a body
4:30 pm
mild police joining the police other police departments across the country that are making body cameras a part of an officer's everyday duties. >> seconded by commissioner suarez. >> jenise: commissioners a moved a five-yeye contract cogs moree than $5 million for 1500 cameras. the goal is to have 1,000 of them up and running by the end of this fiscal year. miami-dade police have been in the process of getting these since 2013. >> we are not reacting the ferguson. we were wayhead of ferguson. it's just taken us a long time to get the procurement, get the right camera, get the procedudus in place, change the law up in tallahassee to protect privacy, and now we're at this point. >> jenise: m mmi-dade police director juan perez said having these cameras will allow police to get evidence of what really happens during a call. he saidhat evidence will enhance a citizen's trust in police officers and als protect the officers. >> less assault on police officers. less battees on police officers. and less instances of a uses of force on our part because
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officer and the perpetrator knows that it's being videotaped. >> jenise: here's how the camera looks. you can s how small it, it's actually very light weight. there's a clip on the back allowing officers to clip this on their uniform, and to turn it on you just move this panel down and you're rolling. at the end of every shift officers replace the cameras on a docking station@ that automatically downloads the video. some commissioners were concerned that officers have to remember to manually turn on the cameras and dock them. althoughy perez mated clear assistance these cameras will be a part of the job description the department will impreempt disciplinary action if an officer forget to press "play." the company award this had contract has contracts with other contracts across the country including the oakland police department in california and charleston in south carolina. they say they have had much success and they're hoping for the same here in miami-dade. that's the very latest here in the video port, jenise fernandez. local10 news.
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>> calvin: also. >> victor: also charges dropped against a man involved in had a sex crime crime. >> laurie: dean dennard said the accusations cost him his job. local10 news reporter derek shore is live in fort lauderdale with that story. >> derek: that m m was facing life in prison. he says he is releafed but now he has to pick up the pieces after thehe charged were dropped. >> from the night i was arresesd until this day i always toll my attorney, m m family, my friends that i'm innocent. >> derek: and we met with an emotioiol 47-year-old dean dennard. he was charged with multiple pell nee charges lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery on a child under 12 years of age, a child he had access to. he was arrested in late january. dennard, according to his attorney, maintained his innocence and now more than six weeks later his lawyer reports the state attorney has notified them they will not be going forward with a case against
4:33 pm
in the meantime however, denardhas lost his job of more than 20 years. >> the broward state tortious office recognizes that they cannot go@ forward on these criminal charges, and since you are always presumednnocent to this day my client is actually innocent, and now he wants future his life back together. he's been fired from a job that he had for 20 years working here in broward county. he's never been arrested before in his life. >> i was always innocent. those who know me vouch for that. and i just want to thank everyone that supported me, my attorney always believed that i was innocent, and thahat made a big difference. and i just wantt to move forward in my life. it's going to take some time. >> derek: it is going to take some time. in fact, dennard said he isn't sure if he wants to stay in broward county. again, he lost his job. he said this is the first time he was ever arreste he says there's likely more to this story as to w w these
4:34 pm
or the alleged accuser, i shoululd say, in all of this and they also didn't want to get into that story. the headline here, though, that the charges have been dropped against dennard and now he's trying to move forward. for now we're live in fort lauderdale, derek shore, local10 news. >> lrie: derek, thank you. >> victor: we turn now to a health alert. new details surunding the zika virus. >> laurie: the world health organization announcing that sexual transmission of zika is more comn than previously thought. so let's get to our medical specialist kristi krueger. she's ping up the story from here in the newsroom. >> ksti: the un health accessible said today there is increasing they have had spike in disturbing birth defects is indeed caused by the mosquito-borne adviser we know as sophic. reports and investigations in several countries suggest that sexual transmission of the virus is a lot more commonly than previously assumed. the ancy just last month said the outbreak in americas executes a global emergency. now here are the current numbers here locally, the zika cases in
4:35 pm
told cases in sunshine state. miami-dade has 24 of those cases. broward seven cases. we're told again, a and i stress this, those cases in florida all travel-related. the florida department of health has set up a hotline, though, to answer any of your concerns or questions about the virus. that number on your screen, it's (855)622-6735. and if you have traveled overseas and if you've come back, you're feeling some o those common symptoms of a virus, things like a fever, fatigue, maybe a loss of appetite we'll be right back might be a really good idea to see your doctor. laurie. >> laurie: kristi, thank you. a dog rest cured being tranned stranded in a west miami-d-de lake is recovering. lily the lab is now resting and recovering after the rescue yesterday. she is six years old. she appearso be a pure-brediel lab, lily does have a micro chip and a companyas been contacted to try to find her owner. she is beautiful. the dog was in distress and
4:36 pm
when crews arrived at the scene at southwest 134th street and 157th avenue. and rescue driver was able to jump the in water and get her out just in time. witnesses say little waste swimming for at least 20 minutes out there. >> victor: today marks the last day for families of those onboard mh 370 for file for compensation or stew menasha agers following the plane's -- sue mal arab airlines. this planene disappeared two years ago today. vestigators never discovered what wentrong, and they're still searching for wreckage in indian image ocean. >> laurie: now tow a recall alert outside of florida. starbucks is recalling one of its prepackaged breakfast sandwiches due to frs of listeria. the fda said the six pound of sausage, egg and cheddar cheese sandwich may be contaminated. >> victor: the first mcdonald's in the country of kazakhstan now open. the grand opening led to long lines earlier today. the franchise owner says that
4:37 pm
people, and the costp to build that up, $3.5 million. >> laurie: the legendary rock band acdc is postponing tour dates because its front man brian johnson sat risk of going deaf. tac/dc website said doctors told hum to stop touring right away or he may completely lose his hearing. they were schchuled to playy. bb&t. the band said they will probably make up thehe shows with a guest vocalist. >> victor: take a look this fiery rescue all caught on camera. an officer pulling would children right out of burn car. that officer happened ton driving behind that car when he saw it catch fire. thtt car pulled over and he got in action. the driver was able to get out by climbing over the passenger's side. thankfully all four family members were treated for smoke inhalation and are doing just fine. those are very very, very small
4:38 pm
there. wow! >> laurie: and he didn't hesitate. >> victor: got right in there. thankfully everyone is all right. >> laurie: have you heard russell mania is coming back to performed world wrestling star john is there to help the mayor orlando make the buys announcement this morning. >> i believe a place like orlando embodies what wwe is all about. you guys have a talkingng relationship between mice, dinosaurs roam the earth, and we can get swept back into a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away. the point is orlando welcomes people and makes the impossible possible. makes dreams reality. >> laurie: okay. i don't watch enough wrestle main autopsy might john zina. now i've got it right. and wrestlemania 33. if you're a fan it's going to be held april 2, 2017 at the orlando citrus bowl. that's the same facility that hosted the last wrestlemania in
4:39 pm
orlando beat out more than a dozen other cities to host the event which brings in tens of thousands of visitors, and millions of dollars, so it's pretty big. >> quite the scene. >> victor: impressive. right now rush hour is about to get underway. here's jenise fernandez to tell us how the roads a going. >> laurie: jenise, do you know who he is? >> jenise: laurie, i'm on your side. i don't watch wstling but after that speech i may start to watch. sound entertaining. what's not celebrating is this accident on i-95 southbound. reports of a vehicle fire, and this is the view from sunrise where you can see really cars moving at a crawl. so let's see how this looks our maps because we are getting reports there are several lanes blocked. again this is a vehicle fire i-95 southbound a broward county boulevard it. looks like speeds hardly moving the all, 7 miles per hour. i would recommend taking us-441 or us-1 answer alternate. we've also got this crash on
4:40 pm
we're seseng the green. doesn't look like it's impacting your comomte, 60 miles per hour checking out dade county this some t te as your heading north fifth street. we usually see these delays -- 95th street. speeds looking for in at 22 miles per hour. coming up, cameras rolling as thieves steal an atm? just minutes. the damage they caused. >> victor: and dash cam video capturing a wrong-way driver with a tree in the gil of a car. >> laurie: the upcoming cast of "dancing with the stars" is revealed. so who is going to be competing for that mirabal trophy on the
4:41 pm
4:43 pm
on local10? >> laurie: caught on camera, thieves hauling away an entire atm from a mini-mart in california. >> reporter: and that crime
4:44 pm
california is in production control with the theft on tape. >> calvin: the crooks are still out there but police are hoping that surveillance video will help track them down. an in our and aaalf after a fresno mini part marty closed for business thieves pulled up in a tan chevy silverado. surveillance videos caught the fourinute long crime as it happened, and the last few seconds of the break-in were so witnessed by a passerby. >> he was driving on the road but when he saw something going on, he backed up and came, and by time he was here they were already gone. >> calvin: legislative detective detectives believe the thieves knew the lay out of store and were fully prepared to pull out the bolts from the floor. police out. the license plates on the truck help switched. >> the first dignitaries 7d as in david, n as in norah but that's going to bebe not the proper plate because that's for a car. so it's either a stolen truck, which most likely it's stolen
4:45 pm
on it, or it is the vehicle but it's surprising they damaged their vehicle. >> calvin: the crooks both white gloves it's hard to see their faces so officers are working to enhance the video. detectives say based on the burglars' behavior, they seemed to have experience. >> they appeared to though what they were doing. they were relatively quick. >> calvin: besides stealing that atm the crooks caused thousands of dollars in damages. we're talkinin about the metal frame and the large glass windows were all destroyed and will have to be replaced. >> laurie: calvin, tha you. and now to illinois. this has to be the video of the day. this dash cam video shows a driver being pulled over with a 15-foot tree sticking out of the car's grille. can you hear that driver, officer, is there something wrong? did i do something? this all happened back in january. that driver, no surprise, is being charged with driving under the influence.. the fire department of roseel, illinois first posted this photo on the facebook page and finally released theash
4:46 pm
questioning whether the photo to be real. >> victor: a kindergarten teacher in washington state has been fired after allegedly drinking on the job. school officials say a student went to the nane offife last month to report that teacher clara bowman appeared be intoxicated. bowman was reported will escorted after that campus after a container was found with alcohol inside. she has now been fired. bowman is appealing the decision. >> laurie: thousands of bees werely he said had a tennessee road after a tractor-trailer full of bee hives overturned. the truck away wear go 443 hives when i i flipped over yesterday so beekeepers were called in to deal with al this danger. the road had to be shut down through the morning before it could reopen but drivers are still being urged to avoid that area, play it safe. >> victor: the national weathe service has confirm a tornado touchdown in texas earlier today. that storm property rain, hail and high wind. at least a couple of homes in a town i have the 45 minutes west of fort worth were severely
4:47 pm
some areas reported high waters and flooding. p one person near houston was reportedly killed. >> laurie: a news rue crew, charles kuehne felt strong winds liftfup his car and shatter his windows. he was stranded until the news crew found hum on the side of the road. >> all of a sudden the rain stopped and -- >> i don't mean to interrupt you, sir. there's a piece of glass right here on your neck. >> laurie: the news crew let the man sit in their live truck until police and fire rescue got there to treat hum. he was just in shock. horrible. >> victor: what a scare.. makes us happy to see this sight back home. let's take a life lk out of our miami tower cam. yeah, we have clouds all day but compared to what they had in texas, we'll live with those clouds. >> laurie: it is still a really nice week and, betty, you kn you're going to show you the keys at some point. it's glorious down there,@ right? >> betty: we're going to take you back there the next half hour, laurie. i don't know if they can handle that.
4:48 pm
pretty awesome open out there. hollywood beach we will take it. there are a lot of people on the broadwalk, 1 guy is gettingng in exercise, the palms are swaying, breeze is up, win sustained from the east near 20 miles an hour. temperatures hanging out in the mid-70s right now. if you are making today or the rest of the day a beach day, the rip current risk is high. that's going to be a rung theme in our forecast over the next several days. tonight breezy at the beaches, temperatures holding in the 70s, and we will tend to have some of those clouds out there. but very little in the wayay of rainfall in this forecast. high pressure continues to dominate. we're caught in the flow ash that higig means pretty decent weather here. but as the southerly inds with infused more warm moist air into a funnel system it means stormy weather for parts of texas, and now that systemy weather threat, the tornado threat moving into louisiana. that is where the weather is at its worst. we're going to stay on the better side of thing with the quiet weather, and cower biggest concern will be how strong will
4:49 pm
starting to get muggy outside. dewpoint temperatures right now, that measure of moisture in the lower level of the atmosphere, not too bad. we see 56 in miami, key west at 65, though. so what does that mean for you? well, when we see the number between 56 to 60, the air is still usually pretty comfortable. soomfortable out there for the evening. but once we start to get above 60, it gets a little sticky. we may creep up into the 60s come tomorrow afternoon, so it may not feel as comfortable tomorrow as today. but at least we'll have a breeze going to help keep that air moving. so winds from the east-southeastover the next few days. that breeze is gunpoint stiff. clouds will mix with the sunshine. temperatures warm. rain chance is low. the rip current risk high. if you're taking the boats out small craft advisory, chop oh on the bays, seas four to six feet. we'll start near 70 degrees in the morning. the breeze is with us all day.
4:50 pm
rain chance at just 10% with 20% thursday, , iday. maybe we get a stray shower the on breeze. otherwe it is a mainly dry forecast. better chance for rainfall, though, by sunday as we're head toward calle ocho. 'll talk more about that and take you to the keys in the effects in half hour. >> laurie: deal. we want to see the palm strees and folks out@ there with their little drinks. >> victor: keep going. i'm heading out there now. >> laurie: it's that time of year, march madness. >> victor: and we want you to join our break checking. the the sole winner will win a 65-inch sharp hdtv from brandsmart usa and you can you sign um right now at it's on the right side of your scen. the tournament teams will be announced on sunday. >> laurie: it is that time of year. it's march madness. but that also means a lot of colds and other viruses are out there, right? it is still wintertime so in today's health cast medical specialist kristi krueger looks at ways to boost your immune system. kristi, yukon talkingaturally, right? >> kristi: i am indeed.
4:51 pm
for hundreds of years in chinese medicine and man can prevent or relieve common cold symptoms. eye proven. th first one is the herb astragalus has been shown to reduce the frequency as well as the severity of the common coal. its antioxidant activities shot to boost your immune system and defend against those nasty free radicals that damage your creams. then there are medical care mushrooms. they've also been used in eastern cultures to prevent all kinds of illness. >> medical mushrooms are wonderful because you can take them actually as a supplement and they've been used as immune mod later for again thousands of years and are very helpful in supporting immune health. >> kristi: and and rowgraphous is a h hb to kill viruses and bacteria, stimulates your immune system. the doctor said this should not be used if you are also on a blood thinner p also in today's health cast the latest information out from the centers for disease control and prevention shows the flu
4:52 pm
this year in fighting infection. that's pretty good. e cdc says that means getting the vaccine has reduced the risk of having to go to the doctor by about 60%. flu activities started a little later on this season, though, so be careful. the rates have been lower than the three previous years but the cdc says act of on the upswing right now and it's expected to continue for the next couple of weeks. so beware. wash your hands and while the flu vaccine effectiveness can vary the cdc recommends getting a shot every year because it's the best way to protest geens the seasonal flew which causes illnesses and death every year, and that is today's health cast. >> victor: we have a traraffic alert for you here. this isn the fort lauderdale area. a car fire on i-95. let's get to jenise fernandez with more. >> jenise: that's right, victor. right w you're take awning look at i-95 southbound. this is right around broward boulevard. you can she there was a car on fire there and they are towing
4:53 pm
a four lanes blocked only two lanes getting by so you can expect traffic to be really slow at this time. look at sky 10 just pans out there. the big backup this mess is causing, just twoanes getting by, four lanes blocked a broward boulevard.d let's see how this looks on our maps because we're seeing a lot of red. traffic harl moving at all with speeds clocking in at just 6 miles per calm your friends, your family, tell them to take an alternate instead, us-441 or us-1. victor, l lrie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. coming up at 6:00 on the one anddnly new video released in the case of a mother accused of driving drunk and resisting arrest all while her two-year-old was in the back seat. >> victor: a dramatic rescue a sea caught on camera.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a storm. from the palm of your hand,
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lock your doors, control the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all events. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and slomin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, thermostat or door lock. shield your home, the slomin's shield! >> victor: caught on camera, a
4:57 pm
in chile. they rescued a woman from a sailboaturing a storm. this woman who was traveling alone act visited an emergency tran despond ore that boat of a sufferin extreme abdominal pain. three navy vessels trail more than 200 miles to rescue her. she was taken to the hospital. and country legend dole part op is hitting the road with someme of her newest and biggest hits. the 70-year-old singer is said to embark on her biggest tour in 25 years. parton is expected to hit morep than 60 cities. the legend revealed she will never retire because she still loves her job. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. laurie and calvin back with what'sness at 5:00. >> laurie: right now on local10 news at 5: a driver rushed to the hospital after being shot several times during a r@bbery in lauderhill today. >> calvin: a showdown at cooper city hall to decide who will take over fire rescue services. >> laurie: and being tall and thin may be the ideal figure for
4:58 pm
putting your health at risk. find outut more in today's health cast. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. ctioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 now, take a look at the bullet holes rideling the driver's side door of that car in lauderhill. >> laurie: the man behind the wheel was taken to the hospital after being shot several times during a robbery this morning, and now people living nearby y e just compared let's ghetto -- let's get to terrell forney live with more. >> terrell: the shooting incident could have very easily taken this man's life but he is surviving and in fact he's already speaking with defect from his hospital bed here at broward health medical center about this attempted armed robbery. >> i knew something happened when i came e t from taking my child to daycare. >> terrell: some neighbors heard the gunfire. others just saw the aftermath which involved this bullet riddled white car. >> is too close to home. this is right on the corner. i stay rht behind there. so i have a family at the end of
4:59 pm
i have kids. >> terrell: the victim here was the man behind the wheel who drove to this diarrheal neighborhood of a northwest 56 avenue south of oakland park boulevard to pick up a female friend. when she hospitalized in is when a gunman approached the vehicle. >> it looks like it was an attempted robbery. we don't know whethere was trying to get to the car or something in the car with be but they h he words exchanged at the window of car. >> terrell: the white card speeds off but the suspect manages to fire multiple rorods at the car hitting the stunned driver. >> the victim takes o in the car and rounds the corner, and happens to come@ across one of our officers who is there on another situation who is also heard the gunshots. >> terrell: the entire neighborhood is then placed on lockdown as officers try t t hunt down the gunman who ran away, but by mid-afternoon their efforts turned up very few leads. >> i'm going to go in my house and lock my door and pray for everody and hope knowing else happen, man. that's all we can do.
5:00 pm
in that community are certainly describing an unsettling feeling knowing thth that person is still out there. defect at this point have not yet released the description on the gunman that they are still searchingor. the detectives have not released the description. the good news is that the shooting victim is expected to be okay. we are live in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: terrell, thank you. ananit is 5:00 on the dot. so let's get a check on the afternoon rushsh there are some big backups out there. jenise. >> jenise: that's right, laurie. this is i-95 southbound right at broward county. only two ins +- broward boulevard. all due to a vehicle fire. it does look like they were able to tow that car away but the cleanup is still underway, and as we pan out look at that backup. we're tataing about miles and miles of delays. if you're fighter se of your loved ones to get home this evening, you're going to be waiting for quite some time if their stuck in this ness. pick up the phone and tell them


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