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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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good afternoon i >> kristi: right now at noon republican presidential candidate donald trump and democrat hillary clinton remaining on top afterer another big primary night. trump one contests in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. hillary clinton won the mississippi primary but her rival, bernie sanders, won michigan's primary. ted cruz carried the idaho g.o.p. primary as well. right now ted cruz is campaigning h@re in south florida and he just received a major endorsement. the democrats will go head-to-head tonight at miami-dade college followed by the republicans. they will be debating tomorrow at the university of miami. >> constance: a new poll shows donald trump is leading florida ahead of the primary despite it being the home state of senator marco rubio. the new p pl showed trump with a 40% lead there, rubio at 24%, ted cruz at 19%, john kasich is at 5%. we have team coverage this noon. local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is at the ted cruz rally
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reporter erica raco is at themiami college ahead of the democratic debatat let's start with them. ben kennedy good afternoon. that rally drew hundreds of supporters for ted cruz. former presidential candidate carly fiorina endorsed him today up on that stage right here behind me. you can see things have died down a lot. in fact, it just wrapped up here at miami-dade college at wilson campus. ted cruz is fresh off a win in idaho but fell short to trump in mississippi, michigan and hawaii. this is before next tuesday along where with ohio where the vote is crucial for republicans. it will be a winner take all for the first time in the race. the texas senator has put up the toughest fight against donald trump painting himself as the best person to beat trump for the g.o.p. nomination. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. he can even print that on the
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but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? at this point our campaign has beaten donald trump not once, not twice, not three times but eight separate times. >> when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he is too much of a fighter,e won't get along, i say you go, ted. >> reporter: and florida senator marco rubio says hehe is confident he will have home state advantage despite trailin in the polls. the republican debate will take place tomorrow night at the university of miami. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> kristi: thank you. hillary clinton is leading in florida just ahead of the primary. the cnn/orc poll out today showing g r with 61% of the vote compared to bernie sanders at 34%. and clinton and sders will
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they will be right here in south florida. >> constance: we pick up team coverage on vote 2016 at miami-dade college in southwest miami-dade. >> reporter: constance and kristi, it will be a one-on-one gym tonight. the remaining democratic candidates have their eyes set on florida. away. the stage is set, security in place at miami-dade college's kendall campus. >> everything has been monitored really like even the parking situation has been a little crazy. >> reporter: it is here tonight former secretary state hillary clinton and vermont center bernie sanders will go head-to-head. >> this campaign is about -- is thinking outside of the box, quo. >> reporter: sanders is coming off a big rally at the james l. knight center last night. his first time campaigning in crowd. his plan to make public colleges and universities t ttion free,
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audience tonight want to hear more about. >> i would also like for him to clarify his position how he is going to raise the money for free college, free health care. taxation people leave the corporations. >> reporter: hillary clinton comes to the sunshine state with 29 more delegeges picked up from her win in mississippi. >> i want to be the presidede not for those who are already successful. they don't need me. i want too be the president for the struggling an a a the striving. >> reporter: her focus yesterday on voters in ohio another state that will vote with florida on tuesday and in florida the pol showing she is ahead, especially with democratic women. >> i think the democratic debates help. since it is two candidates you can hear both of them clearly. it is like a civil debate. >> reporter: and they're meeting here tonight, the second
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the focus this time on economic 8:30 p.m. >> kristi: thank you. we have complete coverage of the democratic debate for you atmiami-dade college. local 10 senior political reporter michael putney will be there along with local 10 news reporter glenna milberg. you can also get the very analysis online. st go over to and click on the vote 2016 section. don't forget the florida primary only six days away. your vote does count on march 15. early voting is underway right now in miami-dade, broward and monroe counties. >> constance: breaking news in west miami-dade where at least one person has been hurt in a crash. you see sky 10 above the scene on palmetto expressway northbound just before state ride 836 that's the dolin expressway. we know that exit ramp for the don shula is also closed down in that area. please stay up-to-date online and also at to the latest on historic
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the uned states and cuba. cuban government unleashing a war of words ahead of president obama's visit. jeff weinsier is in the newsroom with this one. >> reporter: according to reuters the cubub government came out firing in an editorial posted in the government-run newspaper. in the editorial cuba demanded washiniton stop meddling in its affair of the editorial says cuba will welco president barack obama to havana later this month but cuba does not intend to change its policies in exchange for normal relations with the united states. president obama, of course, set to visit havana on marchch 20. the editorial posted this morning made it clear that cuba has a long list of grievances with the united states starting with the long-standing trade embargo. cuba also objected to american
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disaccidents staying united states should exclude fab rating those paid for u.s. . x pairs. there will be a team of reporters for the visit l l by anchor calvin hughes. look nor team coverage later this month. live in the newsroom jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you. a distraction for drivers this morning after several miniature horses made a run for it near the turnpike. they were seen roaming near the highway this morning near red road. >> kristi: todd tongen is live in miramar to let us know how they got everything under control. you are a guy who likes to horse around. >> reporter: yeah, buddy. we rounded them up, kristi. we are directly adjacent t the turnpike right now, and these horses when they escaped actually really slowed down the morning commute for a lot of folks. they are back in their corral beyond that stand of trees. we have seen them come out a few
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tuckered out. the brazen breakout happened along the turnpike extension just west of red road in miramar commute. >> had about fiving donkeys on the highway. >> reporter: actually, it was five miniature horses. they say daylight and made a run for i but the florida highway patrol was quickly on their tails and the hunt for the gang of five was on. how did they get out? >> there was a hole in the fence of the property and ended up on the highway. >> repepter: it wasn't easy to corral them. >> thank good for the officers. >> reporter: the owner and neighbors tried to round up the running rascals but they we a slippery bunch hoofing it out another hole in the fence. as you can see on the farm the ners appear to be quite fond& of horse power in small packages. at one point one of the little guys takes a moment to celebrate his freedom by playing in a pile of leaves. >> nobody hurt? >> nobody is hurt.
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good. >> reporter: in the end the cinco el chapos were fine. >> everybody is home on safe. no accidents on the highway. >> did they try to make a run for it? >> i belieie so. they were looking for freedom. >> reporter: well, they had a fleeting taste of freedom. they are back now grazing on grass beyond that stand of trees behind me. we tried to talk to the owner about this. he really did not want to go on camera and speak. frankly, i think he was embarrassed that his five mimiature horses got out to begin with. todd tongen, local 10 news. >> kristi: thank you. an abe parent hazmat situation in hialeah to tel you about. sky 10 over this scene off of east oak hoe bee road. five people were detained and we will bring you more information when we get it in the newsroom.
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sky 10 was above the scene of a cruiser crash along northeast 12th street and first avenue. the officer wasn't hurt but the other driver did take off. police later located that vehicle. it was a mercedes c-300 abandoned near the i-95 entrance ramp. they questioned two men standing xt to the car but both reportedly denied any involvement. at this point no arrests have been made. sky 10 above the scene of another accident in miami affectct traffic on i-95 southbound where two cars and a motorcyc collided near the airport expressway exit. the crash senthe motorcyclist flying in the air. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. several lanes were blocked o o while crews worked to clear the scene. >> kristi: now on to a developing story. a building explosion injuring nine firefighters in washington state. firefighters were sent to the building on the report of a natural gas leak and just moments later while investigating inside that buildingngt exploded. the blast sent debris scattered all across the neighborhood and
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buildings nearby to shatter. officials say the firefighters were treated for some finor injuries. luckily no one else was hurt. today marks nine years since the disappearance of agent robert levinson. levinson went missing on a cia ago. a family member received an email with photos of levinson posing in that orange jump suit and holding signs protesting the detention of war on terror suspects at guantanamo bay. u.s. cfficials believe the iranian government was behind his disappearance all along. the press secretary released a statement a short time ago saying, quote, finding mr. levinson remains a top priority for the united states and we continue to spare no effort to bring him home. senator bill nelson tweeting out today marks nine years since bob levinson went misng in iran. it is time for iran to finally fulfill its promoses to help us bring bob home.
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stock market right now. dow jonesp 62 points to 17,026. 4,667. s&p 500 up about 11 points. >> kristi: let's talk sports. dolphins proposed trade with the eagles is now a done deal. the dolphins will g corner back byron maxwell and alonso. the deal was in jeopardy a aer reports maxwell did not pass hisphysical because of a shoulderr injury but he is good to go and the deal. the dolphins will trade down several spots in the first round of the upcoming nfl draft. the dolphins also removed transition tag that i from vernon this morning. that means the pass rusher will be a free agent. vernon played at the university of miami is expected to get a huge payday once the free agency starts.
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good for him. mario williams has reach add two-year contract with the fins. he is set to make about a mere $8 million a year. good for him, too. the dolphins announced william's signing last night and welcomed him to miami on twitter. the defensive lineman was released by the billsls just last week. lots of football news. >> running back lamar miller may be on the w texas. they are reportedly making a big push to sign miller. the dallas cowboys have expressed some there. the 24-year-old played at miami killian high school and the u as well. lots of football. >> constance: a lot of football news news. items stolen from a church after thieves broke in and the charges two officers are facing after this video went viral of one of them slapping and kicking a teen at a school. >> julie: south florida we are seeing temperatures in the upper 70s continuing to warm up
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breeze direction. wind speeds between 16 and 23 miles per hour, wind gusts even stronger. when will we see a change in this forecast? details coming up. you're watching local 10
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>> open the door the door was open and saw the windows broke in the bedroom and this one right here in the back. and so we find out the guy come in and rob everything from us. >> constance: a west park church is left cleaning up the mess today after a suspected break-in. a viewer actually called us at local 10 saying that she arrived at a church last night, her church, and found musical equipment had been stolen. it happened at the iglasius moore efay near pembrook road. a guitar, keyboard and mixer are missing. two 15-year-old boys were robbed at gunpoint and police believe three other teens were behind it all. the robbery happened at northwest 21st avenue and west flagler street. police say three suspects approached the teens and threatened them with a gun. one of the suspects, 18-year-old
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others believed to be behind the crime are 16 and 18 and on the run. >> kristi: severe weather turned deadly in oklahoma and texas where two people drowned. the powerful storm was caught on camera across dallas. cell phone video showing heavy rains pounding the gas station as the winds made off with the canopy right there. check out this severe flooding. this is dallas in the fort worth area. a s.u.v. got stuck in high water, lots of mud. rescue crews had to help that driver get out of the vehicle. louisiana hit by the very same storm system. the storm dumping up to m foot of rain in some ports there. rising waters forced a number of school closures in shreveport and 30 homes were evacuated. a flash flood watch has been issued in the area for tomorrow. >> constance: my sister lives in dallas and had to deal with that. >> kristi: nothing like that here. more sunshine in the sunshine state. >> julie: we are living up to our name. we still have some cloud cover
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be precipitation. the storm system is an aggressive system continuing to bring severe weather threat to parts of texas, louisiana, mississippi this afternoon. i will show it to you in a second. let's take a look at what it looks like as you walk out the door in miami. not bad. we do have clouds around but some sunshine peeking through. 79 degrees is your temperature with a relative humidity of 48% that east, southeast breeze makes it feel like 80 degrees though. you notice over the next few days including this afternoon that our humidity levels are going to start to rise. currently 79 in ft. lauderdale, relative humidity 45%, look at that breeze moving the camera around. wind speeds 23 to 25 miles per hour with wind gusts in the 30s. it feels like 80 degrees once you walk out the door. where we are seeing lots of sunshine you can see from the camera. 77 right now. beautiful, bright blue skies in key west and breezy as well and winds out of the east at 20 miles per hour. here is what it looks like over hollywood beach.
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to the beach but i would like to remind you we have high risk of rip currents for beach goers. please stay out of the water don't make our lifeguards have to worry about you. these are dangerous conditions to be on the waters doing boating. if you are going to the beach stay on land. enjoy the east, southeast breeze. it feels comfortable especially along the coastline. down right windy as wind gusts are reported in the 20s and 30s this afternoon. no surprise. we have a tight pressure gradient occurring because of an area of high pressure located overover the western atlantic. the satellite radar composite is showing clouds moveing from the east southeast pushing on shore but no precipitation is falling over south florida.. that's because clouds are not producing precipitation thanks to high pressure tha is drying out the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere as well as the surface. eventually this high will continue to aigrate toward the east and this high is feeding into the nasty storm system we just heard kristi and constance talking about bringininthe possibility of severe weather
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look at the moisture fuelingn from the gulf of mexico all the way to chicago and great lak. the reason being we have clash of two air masses. ahead of the system warm and record-breaking heat. the big severe weather teat will be severe thunderstorms embedded in those thunderstorms uld be tornadoes and damaging winds. so the jet stream has retrereated to the north over the nation's midsection up toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast. not only are the south states dealing with the possibility of record heat but stretches as far north at ohio to washington, d. c. up and down the east coast. it is feeling more like spring or they would call sumummer where us in south florida we are taking temperatures because it is comfortable and hpy that high pressure is providing for a strong breeze. we will contie to stay breezy as this high feeds in that storm system tt stays to the northwest. thursday. then we notice our rain chances start to creep back into the forecast as our winds start to subside by the end of the week. our temperatures will warm up as well. we have to spring forward. for us morning people we lose
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get that extra hour o daylight. daylight saving begins at sunday at 2:00 a.m. spring forward saturday. don't forget c cef chief ctified meteorologist betty davis is back at 4:00. >> constance: thank you. to a lunar eclipse creating quite a sight in the sky. it could only be seen across the pacific. we are on the east coast. nasa said indonesia had the best view marking the country's first eclipse in three decades. singapore and hawaii got a look. the next solar eclipse is august, 2017. we are turning to south florida's big party. four days in kiaocho. >> kristi: come join us from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30. meet janine stanwood, neki
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and others will be there in the morning. from 1:30 to 4:00 chch with glenna milberg, liane morejon, i will be there, burr burr, developing develop and many others. we will be between 15th and 16th avenues. should be lots of fun. chipotle is getting in hot water again. hard to say that word. >> constance: the latest restaurant closures today over concerns of the norovirus. helping you plan your day, meteorologist julie durda only on local 10 news your weather auththity. today we are whipping up surprisingly simple sweets. carlos revealing secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookie. mario has a dessert not just delicious it is on fire. i'm making a refreshing citrus
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>> kristi: neweat noon more problems for chipotle. a restaurant in massachusetts is now temporarily closing its doors right now after one of its workers was diagnoseded with the norovirus. two other works are suspected of having the virus. no customers have reported getting sick. reaction is mixed from thwse eating there. >> have you to have gloves. i didn't see kids using gloves like you are supposed to. >> close everything down, throw everything outut start again, sanitize. they have great new protocols in place for cleaning everything. >> i feel confident they will get everything unde control. no big deal for me. >> kristi: the new problem comes off a chipotle restaurant nearby this latest one closed after 150 customers were diagnosed with the norovirus in december. and the restaurant is still reeling from an e. coli outbreak at several of its u.s. locations.
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moment keeping your baby healthy. he tells us what new parents should ask their doctor. >> hi, i'm dr. oz. well-child visits are important part of your baby's fst three years. during visits the pediatrician will check for growth and development and record height and weight. certain tests like vision and hearing will also be part of the check-up. mom and dad should attend the first visits to get to know your doctor and ask questions. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 on local 10. >> kristi: home depot is settling a class-action lawsuit brought on those by a massive credit card brch belonging to 56 million customers. the home improvement retailer says it is willing to pay as much as $19.5 million to settle the lawsuit. the offer includes the creation of a $13 million fund and that fund would compensate some customers for their out-of-pocket expenses such as reasonably traceable fraud.
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legal fees and associated ex presences. >> constance: youth league pop warner is settling a suit over concussions. lindsay davis has the details. >> reporter: the nfl is known for its big hits on the gridiron which can result in big injuries. but it is no longer just the nfl that's being affected. now the youth football ganization pop warner just settled its first-of concussion-related lawsuit. pop warner is the largest youth football organization in the united states. more than 250,000 kids play each year. 25-year-old joseph chernak at 11 years old played four years with pop warner then ten years later committed suicide and later diagnosed with the brain disease caused by head trauma, cte. >> i just couldn't understand why a happy kid turned into someone so depressed.
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>> we just want children to play. we don't want children to engage in combat. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims pop warner failed to enforce limitations on hitting in practice stating their conduct was deliberate, an actual disregard of the plaintiff's right to safety, health, or life. since 2010 pop warner now benches any child who is suspected to have a concussion and is general unable to play again until they are cleared by a qualified physician. >> constance: an indiana murder suspect is tracked down at the white house.
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came to an end at our natios >> kristi: a series of stabbibi attacks in israel has now left five people dead includg an american student. this all comes at vice president joe biden visits that region. molly hunter is in jerusalem now with the very latest. >> reporter: the attacker sprints up the road swinging his knife stabbing people at random as he goes reaching into car windows, weaving in and out of traffic. after nearly 20 minutes, police officers close in.
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the attacker is shot dead, identified as bashar massah a 22-year-old palestinian from the west back and a member of hamas.he injured at least 12 people and killed american graduate studt 28-year-old taylor force. a first year mba student at vanderlt the university said. he was in israel with classmates on a school trip. an eagle scout and a graduate of west point, he served tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. just one mile away vice president joe biden was meeting with former israel president tuesday night. >> we take very seriwusly, the united states as you do here, the death of every innocent civilians act of terror. >> reporter: biden voiced his unwaiverring support for israel. >> let me say in no uncertain terms the united states of america condemns these acts.
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five months violence here has killed nearly 30 israelis andmore than 180 palestinians. most while attempting attacks or suspected of attemptptg attacks. in the last 24 hours alone eight people have been killed, seven palestinian assailants in addition t the american tourist. molly hunter, abc news, jerusalem. >> constance: right now ceremonies have started for former first lady nancy reagan. it has been three days since her passing. family and friends gathered for a small ceremony in santa monica, california to remember r. she will be buried next to her husband on friday. a public viewing is set for tomorrow. >> kristi: a man suspected for multiple mders is under arrest in missouri. he was taken into cususdy earlier today after an extensive manhunt. now he is suspectcted of killing four people in kansas city, kansas and possiy one more in
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the man is an undocumented immigrant from mexico. there is record of his deportation from the united states in 2004. it is unclear though when he returned to the country. >> constance: a man who was on the run for allegedly shooting a pastor in idaho has been arrested in washington, d. c. kyle odom is accused of shooting pastor t t remington six times in a church parking lot. after the shooting he allegedly got on a plane and flew to washington where he was arrested after throwing items over the white house fence. now police say that the items contained some sort of manifesto but investigators havav yet to announce a motive. the pastor still remains in the hospit in fair condition. >> kristi: missouri state senatorsave put an end to a 39-hour filibuster over a religious freedom bill. that bill proposed by republican state senator bill onder would grant protection to businesses against same-sex marriage on religion grounds. it would protect clergy refusing
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it started on monday. nine ohio teenagers are suing the secretary of state over the right to vote. the 17-year-olds allege to the secretary of state is refusing to allow them to vote in next week's primaries. they say state law allows teenagers to vote in presidential primaries if theyey are 18 at the time of the general election in november. they believe ohio's election manual was changed specifically toorebit them from voting in the primaries. >> because i'm not 18, i turn 18 in june, doesn't mean i'm not old enough to be, you know, allowed to vote in the primaries. >> this is the way it has been. we didn't make it up. there is nothing new here. >> kristi: senator and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders fileded similar lawsuit in federal court. he says ohio is trying to prevent certain 17 years old from voting in the primary election. a florida mom shot behind the wheel. >> constance: h her 4-year-old son got a hold of that gun and fired that shot from the backseat.
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kristi krueger and constance
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10 news. >> constance: an id is mother is recovering in the hospital after she was shot in the back by her 4-year-old son while she was driving. >> reporter: this is the area where deputies@ say they saw the stopped car here at state road 20 and rowland avenue. the deputy says when he proached the car he saw a woman motions for his help and a 4-year-old cing uncontrollably inside. >> her young 4-year-old son came into possession of a handgun inside the vehicle and accidentally shot her throughgh the driver's seat. >> reporter: right now the putnam county sheriff's offffe say they have a lot of questions after 31-ar-old jamie gilt as shot by her son at this
12:43 pm
>> one of our deputies was on patrol at state road 20 year the intersection of rowland avenue and came across a truck towing a horse trailer stopped partially in the roadway. as he began to slow to check on that vehicle, he noticed that th lady in the driver's seat was motions to him as if she needed assistance. >> reporter: according to authorities the woman's son, a 4-year-old in the backseat, accidentally shot his mother through the back. she was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. the deputies say this family has gone through enough foroday. the sheriff's office will soon have to make big decisions after these questions are answered. >> the questions center around hoho is the firearm secured? where was it carried in the vehicle and exactly how did the young boy come to be in possession of t`e firearm? >> reporter: the florida department of children and family services has been notified and is investigating how the child got a hold of that gun. >> constance: the sheriff's office plans to consult with the state attorney's office to decide if any criminal charges
12:44 pm
>> kristi: two baltimoreschool police officers are facing serious charges after cell phone video surfaced showing one of them slapping and kicking a teenager right at school. now we did show you this video lala week of officer anthony spence. he is charged with second degree assault, second degree child abuse by a custodian and misconduct in office. the female officer in that video also charged with second degree assault and misconduct in office. both are on paid administrative leave while the school dtrict and city police investigation. a california mother arrested after allegedly leaving her children in a car. the 2-year-old on nine-month-old were found crying inside a van. what's more mom is a pediatrian. police say she was seeing some patients and she left them unattended for about one to four hours. >> with the heat beingnghe way it is, you just never know the temperatures inside of a car and
12:45 pm
>> kristi: a pediatrian no less. the kids are okay. police were going to release them to the father but found the home unfit. they have been placed in protective custody. >> constance: a california highway patrol officer is being called a hero after saveing two kids from a burning car. his brave actions were all you cat on camera and we have the report. >> reporter: this heroic rescue caught on video by monterey herald newspaper photographer vern fisher. is shows a chp officer pulling two children, a boy and girl, from a smoke-filled car. >> all of the sudden i see ten feet of flames shooting from under the car. >> reporter: the officer was driving and highway 1 and the car began to smoke. he told the driver to pull off at t next exit and got to work. >> my first thought was get everybyby out of the car as quick as we can in case it would engulf in flames. >> reporter: but it wasn't easy.
12:46 pm
was jammed and the driver had to climb out the passenger's side and the back doors were locked. >> i had t t reach through and unlock them and get the doors open as quick as i could, unbuckled out of the car seats and out of the car. >> r rorter: the officer says every second counts. even a simple act of unlocking the door can meet the difference between life and death. >> it makes your heart race. you disregard anything that might be dangerous. that's just our job. that's what i seed up for whenn i started so it is nothing special. >> kristi: all right. a zoo keeper is hopping into a new roll for an orphaned kangar. >> constance: how she stepped in to help with the care for this animal coming up.
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we will bee right back. >> constance: renowned record producer and musician sir george martin passed away at 90 years old. he was known as the fifth beatle and helped with the legendary band reaching international fame. he was responsible for arranging several famous beatles songs. the news was first b bken on twitter by beatle drummer, of course, ringo starr. he said god bless george martin, peace and love to his family and
12:50 pm
he will be missed. he tweeted out this picture of mamain and the beatles with the caption thank you for all the love and kindness. a series of instagram posts tanding fifth cent in bankruptcy court. he is set to face a judge in connecticut today over photos like this one where he is seen posing with piles of money. the problem? he actually filed for bankruptcy last summer. now he says it was fake money and used photo shop to create the pictures and he doesn't have anan assets.s. he is only worthth about that. >> kristi: former massachusetts governor and presidential candidate mitt romney made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. >> constance: romney talked about speaking out against donald trump so as part of the show's main t tet segment if you have seen it, him and kimmel
12:51 pm
take a listen. >> mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero@and quit. why are they spokesman against me? sad. got zero. god zero. the only people i know who got zero are the ones who paid 25 grand to be at trump university. >> kristi: they have fun on the show. a biblical tale t td in a big way of kings and prophets aired last night. janine maxwell son plays a princess in the saga and her family had a watch party in their miami home. she is in los angeles promoting the show. you can see "of kings and prophets" on local 10 every tuesday not at 10:00 and tune in
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outside from the miami tower cam. a fewlouds in the distance but a good day.
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come right back. >> kristi: a zoo in north dakota is going leaps and boundss beyond the normal duties. >> constance: one keeper is steppipi up for the role of mama for an orphaned canning reuters.this is barkley and, unfortunately, his mother passed away unexpectedly.
12:55 pm
kangaroo.she has a one in four chance of survival. the zoo keeper is taking the orphan into her pouch for the next six months. the devevoping baby will essentially be attached at the hip to this new mother. >> i'm working all the time but still have a baby to take care of. i can sympathize with working moms now. every day something is different. she is getting persolity. it is fun and a cool experience. >> constance: this is uber cool. the new mom wears the pouch custom fitted by another staffer. at ten months the kangaroo should be able to leave the pouch. julie you have five months? >> julie: no, three months. three months that's it. that's interesting. everybody should experience that. the last six months has been pretty incredible every day, literally, every day. all right, south florida as we take a live look outside we have stubborn clouds around but they are not producing precipitation. we will stay dry and temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s with an east,
12:56 pm
the threat of rip currents is high again today. beach goers and boaters with advisory, wind gusts in the 20s, even seen the 30s down by the keys. highs today will be in the lower 80s, a few more degrees than yesterday. we will see the sunshine breaking through from time to time. overall it is not going to be a bad day just breezy and warmer than where we should be with our temperatures. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more on this who is also a mom at 4:00. >> kristi:ulie looks like she swallowed a basketball. >> constance: : basketball sitting on her belly. >> kristi: that does it for us. thank you for watching. "the chew" is next. >> constance: we are back at 4:00. webb for breaking news all day long. real-time closed captioning
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