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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> >> calvin: sanders stunned clint clinton by winning thetate of mitch by a narrow margin. >> laurie: a new poll those donald trump leading in florida ahead of next week's primary despite it being the home state of senator marco rubio. the new cnn roc poll shows trump ahead. ted cruz 19%9% john kasich at 5%. >> calvin: we have live team coverage for you. our senior political reporter michael putney is atendall where the democratic debate had been edel will be held tonight. >> laurie: and local10 news reporter liane morejon. michael, let's begin with you. >> michael: we are in the spin room at the miami-dade college kendall campus. the debate itself will be held thataway and we expect a crackling good debate tonight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. last night in downtown miami bernie sanders held a raucous rally, a couple how to people showed up to cheer the american
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some of them even delivers his applause lines before he could, kind of funny. this was bernie sanders' first visit to florida as a presidential candidate. he has not campaigned in the state at all, and he is a distinct underdog, but he's got momentum coming out of that big upset victory yesterday in michigan. hillary clinton had a big win in mississisii as calvin and laurie said, and she is way ahead of sanders in delegates to go to the convention, and she is also ahead in three, count them, three new polls in florida. here are the results of a cnn poll. it has c@inton 61, sanders 31. obviously a 30 point lead. i think the big question, though, the other two polls, by the way, are very similar. shis way ahead of sanders in florida. the big queion, laurie and calvin, i think tonight is what is the tone of this debate going to be.
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aggressive? he was kind of aggressive in flint the other night. he can be brusque and feisty. and hillary clinton, of course, doesn't take criticism lying down. she fought back. ishis going to be a kinder, gentler debate or are we goingto see the gloves come off? we will find out when it gets going about 8:30. calvin and laurie.e. >> calvin: and if we can take a step back and look at last night, that was truly a stunning victory by bernie sanders. how do you make political senseof that? does it means he stays in the race longer? does he raise more money? what does it mean for him to win michigan? >> michael: you've named it. i think that it is a hugein game changer for bernie sanders. it means he goe all the way to the kevin. -- to the kevin. he raised $40 million in february maps got enough mon to go forward, and hit the sort of changes the tone of how hillary clinton, who counted on
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quite as inevitable. l michael, we have a lot to become your brain on tonight. meantime on the republican side south florida marco rubio is also holding a rally in south florida tonight. >> clay: let's move to hialeah where we can find local10 news reporter liane morejon. >> liane: laurie and calvin, took take a look. there is a crowd. this is mylander park in high lee. take a look at that long line, all rubio supporters getting ready to take their seitz seats in time for this prahm if you pan over to the right you can see all the media getting ready to shoot this. we've got media from allll over the country here, national medi local media, you nam it. this is crucial becasse marco rubio is really counting on florida to give him those delegates he needs to fight for the republican nomination. the hunt for delegates is on. donald trump now at heels of wins in mississippi, michigan
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called super tuesday two, the frontrunner pointing out attempts by his opponent to stop his momentum. >> $38 million worth of horrible lies b b that's okay. it shows you how brilliant t t public is. because they knew they were lies. >> liane: meanwhiley ted cru earned himself a win in idaho, the only candidate within striking distance trump. he reminded supporters of that during a rally this morning at miami-dade college's downtown campus flat this point o campaign has beaten trump not once, not twice, not three times but eight separate times! >> liane: cruz also picking up an endorsement from former candidate carly fiorina. >> and so when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he is too much of a fighter, he won't get along, i say, you go, ted. >> liane: senator marco rubio remains third in the countnd seems to be betting bug on his
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a rally is moments away w wle governor john kasich has his sights set on a victory in ohio. and speaking of kasich, he held a rally in lyle, illinois today, hoping to drive turnout among moderate republicans in that state. it was a town hall setting, about 500 people in attendance. kasi has the fewest delegates of the four remaining republicans who are seeking their presidential nomination. now, back outive to mylender park in hialeah you can see that line of people, they're now streaming into their seats getting ready, the rally is getting set to start in less than an hour at 5:00 and, of course, all of the republican candidates will be debating tomorrow night at the university of miami hosted by univision and the wawaington post. we are live in hialeah, liane morejon, localal news. >> calvin: we will have more team coverage of the democratic debate and rubio's rally on local10 news at 5:00 and throughout the evening. and then don't forget tomorrow night our political team glenna milberg and michael putney will be live at the university of the miami for that republican
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>> laurie: again, the florida my primy is just six days away and your vote counts on march frances. early voting is underway in miami and dade counties. for details about election coverage head to our website, it's your vote 2016 so we're always trying to bring you the latest results and analysis on air and online. >> calvin: we have an update of tragic crash at a oakland park bus stop involving a mother and her son. today weearned themore mother has died from her injuries. this is this scene after the woman was hity an suv. police say deborah etienne died at the hospital.& her 14-year-old son remains in critical. jamison was walking with his mother along northeast 56th street and north dixie highway when they were hit. police say the driver veered off the roadway and struck a all the pole near a bus stop. >> laurie: now five mistaken chewer horses were on the loose today. they went on quite an adventure horse can around. >> calvin: and at one point they
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thought that thathase was over. >> laurie: but moments later they made another great escape leaving the a aa through an opening they found, these horses stopping at times for some horsepepy but the crews send, they sent them a wild chase. >> calvin: l todd tongen with their journey today. >> todd: cal, this farm sits adjacent to the turnpike so when they got out they did case problem for the morning commute. you cann see these miniature horses are about the same size as a large dog, zoe when they saw ahold in the fence, they were off! the brazen breakout happened along the turnpike extension just west ofofed road in miramar during the morning rush hour commute. >e had a high speed space, about five donkeys on the highway. >> todd: we'll want it was five miniature horses. they saw daylight and made a run for it. but the flori hoyt was quickly on their tails and the hunt for
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>> how did they get out? >> there was a hole in the fence on this empty property next door and they ended up on theighwhw right here coming off the side road. >> it wasn't easy to contractual them, though, was it? >> >> thank god we had the officers on the scene to hold them down.n. >> todd: the horse's neighbor and the owner tried to help round up the rascals but they were a slippery bunch, getting out of another hole in the fence p as you can see on their farm the owners appear to be quite fond of horsepower in small packages. at one point one of the little guys celebrates his freedom by playing in a pile of leaves. >> nobody's hurt? >> no, nobody's hurt except for a little cout finger. that's all right. we're good. >> todd: in the the end sinko "el chapo"s were chap toured. >> everybody's home. everybody's safe. >> did they try nike at a run for it, though? >> i believe so. freedom!
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of freedom but as you can see they look pretty happy. they also look pretty worn out from that morning journey running all up and down the turnrnke, thankfully, though, everyone is safe. we did try to talk to the owner of the horses. he didn't want to speak to us. frankly, i think he might have been a little embarrassed that his horses got out. his miniature horses. in miramar, todd tongen, local10 news. >> calvi now to the latest on the historic change in relations between the u.s. and cuba. the cuban god of unleashing a far was of word ahead of president obama's historic trip. heats get to our victor oquendo in the hues newsroom with this. >> victor: according to reuters the cuban government keep it firing in this editorial this morning posted in governmental newspaper granma. in the editorial cuba demanded washington stop meld in its affairs. the editorial said cuba will almost presidentarack obama to havana later this month but that cuba does not intend to change its policies in exchange for normal relations with the united states. president obama is set to visit havana on march 20th.
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this morning made it clear that cuba has a long list of grievances with the united states starting with the longstanding trade embargo. cuba also objected to american support for its political dissidence. they also wrote "we will not renounce our ideals of independence and social justice or surrereer even a single one of our principles or concede a millimeter in the defense of our national sovereign ty. we will not allow ourselves to be pressured in regar to our internal affairs. we have won this solver sovereign right with great sacrifices and at the cost of great risks." >> victor, thanks a lot. strong words there. tonight on the forget we will be live in havana during that historic visit to cuba with the president and secretary of state john kerry. look for our live reports coming up in just a couple of weeks. >> laurie: the public has the chance to pay their respects tow former first lady nancy reagan as she list in repose for the next two days. meanwhile, family and friends gathered for a small and intimate ceremony in santa monica, california to remember her today. reagan's keats was then movedo
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library for a two-day public viewing. the public will be allowed to view reagan at the library until 7:00 tonight and then throughout the afternoon tomorrow. nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband ron oh friday, she loved calling him. she died from heart failure on sunday. she was 94 years old. >> calvin: letet turn to track of, rush hour getting started. let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: it's ten minutes after 4:00. you know those roads are alreadycooking. what d d you see, jenness is? >> jenise:%at i-95 northbound this is the view from davie boulevard where you're starting to see traffic get by. no need to take an alt mat but we are seeing draws. this is s northbound at broward boulevard with speeds right now 22 miles per hour. as we cruise on to dade county we've got two accidents we are wear watching 1 the first on the palmetto expressway. this is as yourr heading south right ash miami lakes drive. there is a s sulder b bcked in the southbound lanes.
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starting t see that stop-and-go traffic in our flound lanes with probably onlookers as well, 10 miles per hour speeds. checking out the airport expressway we've got an accident there as well westbound at northwest 27th parch we've got a left lane blocked here with speeds clocking in at 24 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. developing this afternoon a building explosion that injured nine firefighters in seattle. firefighters were sent to the building for a reiffert natural gas leak, and then moments later whwhe they were investigate the building it explode ped the blast sent debris scattering across the neighborhood even caused windows of other ildings nearby to shatttt. take a look at all of these photos of fhe damage in that area. authorities say the firefighters were treated for minor injuries. fortunately, no one else was hurt. >> reporter: a heartless crime about ray driver hits a child and takes off. it was all caught on camera. >> laurie: a small plane falls from the sky with a pilot and his daughter inside. how a parachute mayayave helped save their lives. >> calvin: coming up at 4:30 that void falling victimo any irs tax scam.
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know about.
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it's all new at 4:30. >> laurie: right now caught on camera a father-daughter excursion nearly ends in disaster when the plane they were in fell 2,000 feet to the ground. >> calvin: a parachute helped guide the crash landing. let's go to victor oquendo who will pick upper the story. >> victor: fortunately no one s hurt in plane when it fell out of sky in long island. it was a father and daughter. they were flying together in the plane's engine lost power about 2,000 fefe in the sky, and a surveillance camera caught that aircraft crashing onto a grass area of an industrial park. you see that emergency chute it was aached, it helped guide that plane's landing. both the pilot and his daughter survived the crash with barely a scratch, and there is that
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behind them. the ntsb and faa are investigating. father and daughter just fine. >> laurie: never seen such a thing. >> calvin: they should play the lotto tonight. lick. a live look at our fort lauderdale tower exam talk about luck w we are so lucky to be living in south florida. >> laurie: it stard out gray and windy, betty, you moves done a sundance or something. >> betty: uh-huh, like that. that makes the sun pop or the. and it sure did. we still see it going strong as we stare beyond the keys through the lens of our mallory square camera. hope it's been a great day for out there. it's absolutely beautiful even in miami. we do have few clouds but certainly we are seeing breaks of blue out there. temperatures rising to 80 this afternoon. ght now it's 77 in miami, winds from the east-northeast inner 20 miles an hour so quite the breeze out there. we're going to stay mainly dry for the rest of, of course, the evening, partly cloudy skies around 8:00 tonight with temperatures in the mid-70s. winds flowing in from the
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hour, just like yesterday, the day before we were stuck in that east breeze. the weather story has not changed mu for us. we are still dominated by this area of high pressure offshore, and the flow around that. meantime check out what's happening here through texas all the way up into the mississippi river valley, ohio river valley some rain starting to sneak in there. lots of rainfall, flooding potential for some through portions texas texas, arkansas, so really hefty rain and storms in that area. that system causing that weather will continue to head eastbound. not going to touch us tomorrow, though. our story stays the same. it's all about that brisk breeze over the atlantic winds sustained 10 to tonight miles an hour tomorrow. if you're heading to the beaches the rip current risk is going to stay high, temperatures climbing toward the lower 80s. tomorrow afternoon, friday afternoon more low 80s on the way for saturday, too. my sunday a frontal system heads in our direction. that could bring as you few thundershowers showers.
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-time next tuesday we're back into sunshine and not as breezy next week. >> calvin: doctors tow cleveland clinic who formed the first ever uterus transplant u.s. have had to had it the reset button. turns out the new uterus has failed due to complications. >> laurie: the woman who received that transplant is recovering after it had to be removed. christina christina has more of the details on this in the newsroom. >> christina: as with any organ transplant with doctors staih@ they were aware of the risk of complications. what was to be a big breakthrough ended with that uterus beingemoved. the 26-year-old woman received the e uguay, she had functioning over us but no uterus. she said when she was 16 doctors toll her she would never have kids. she hoped the new uterus would allow her to carry they are her oh own biological child. doctors have note detailed the study but say the study will go forward. there is no word at this time when the next transplant will
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other countries have performed the before. sweden last performed five successful transplants. >> calvin: learn from their mistakes. coming up at at 4:30 caught on camera two men stashing a shopper and then distracting the victim's stole from her. find out what they got away with. >> laurie: a six-year-old boy getting off a aus is hit by a car and the driver keeps going. >> clay: goooo afternoon. i'm clay ferrero. nfl free agency has kicked off if dolphins macing all kinds of news.
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next in sports >> clay: we had a pretty good idea that the dolphins would give herr roster a massive facelift starting today 1 the first day of nfl free agency, and so far it looks as if they will be saying goodbye toy couple of hometown guys. '05 avernon hooks as if he is
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the fins took the transition tag off the defensive lineman without which means they're giving up any head coach rere-signing him but they will get compensation back if they lose him next year. another former hurricane is lamar miller. the running back has agreed tie deal what the houston texans worth $26 million over 24 four years according tow espn. the fins like miller but didn't want to pay that price. two men they are bringing to town defensive back beisch maxwell and kiko alonso. a trade was almost called off because of health concerns with maxwell and his shoulder, you but it has all been worked out. the fins and eagles will trade pecos in the first -- the down year this past season and the lins fins let him go at exactly 4:00 p.m., first minute of the nfl league year. the fins are bringing in defensive end mario williams, officially a dolphin today.
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time ever as a fin over a conference call. he says he is excited to be coming to south florida. and it looks as if the fins will also be keeping cam wake in town. the team reportedly asked him to take a pay cut. though he declined the team wants to keep him around despite the fact he suffered a torn achilles last season. the heat taking their five-game winning streako milwaukee where they will take on a a bucs team that is rejuvenated and rerolling since shuffling along their line-up. coming up at 5:00 we know that dolphins free agency stuff can be a lot confusion. we're going break it down to make at a a little easier for to you digest. >> calvin: tough to keep up. looking for forward to your report. let's check in now with victor. >> victor oquendo: here's a look at what's coming up all new at 4:30. >> laurie: thieves caught on camera stealing from a shopper. what they did to distract her. >> reporter: a parent's worst nightmare as a child is hit beau a car and that driver takes off. we'll tell you that you boy is doing.
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steal from a cab driver is spoiled tnks to the person behind that cab. we'll explain ahead. >> victor: we're also following breaking news, a high-schooler accused of extortion for sex. >> laurie: we'll have those stories and much more plus ed betty's forecast for you.
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we'll be right back. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> laurie: right off the top at 4:30 breaking news. a high school student arrested, accused of extortion for sex. >> jeff: prey unbelievable story. he is 18 years old be a homestead high school student and he is charged with extorting fellow students for sex. let's take a look at his mugshot. he is 18 years old. according to the state attorney's office his name is terror fenalin. he would text messages 15 and 16-year-olds for nude photos and when he refused theyy said he would hurt their familie so the victims in fear not only sent him pictures but state attorney's office said they agreed, 15 and 16, performed to agree oral sex acts on him and
4:30 pm
right now he is charged with sexual battery withh oh coercion and extortion. we're live in the newsroom, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> laurie: jeff, thank you. and the first s sually transmitted case of the zika virus in florida has been confirmed. doctors have confirmed now that sexually tramitted case here in our state today. so right now there's a tot of 52 cases in florida, 24 of those cases are in miami-dade, seven are in broward county. the mosquito-borne virus is said to have a connection with microself cephal necessity newborns. the florida department of helped haset up a hotline, the number on your screen. (855)622-6735. >> victor: now to a miami-dade police officer involved that a hit-and-run in miami. sky 10 was above the scene of this cruise are crash along northeast 12th street and first avenue. the officer wasn't hurt but that other driver tookh off. police later located that jake mercedes c300, abandoned near an
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by that car. involvement. no arrests were made. >> laurie: sky 10 also above this scene, another accident in miami, this one affect traffic on i-9- southbound. that's where two cars and a motorcycle collide near the airport expressway exit. the crash sent the motorcyclist airborne. he was rushed to the hospital. critical condition. several lanes were also blocked off while crews worked to clear that scene. >> victor: and sky 10 above the kind of bad crash on the palmetto in west miami-dade. take a look at that car on the side in the northbound lanes just before the 836 overpass. crews pulled out a stretch per it's unclear how this crash hurt >> laurie: now we have a traffic alert coming out of miramar that volves a very bad wreck. >> victor: let's get over to one. >> jenise: we've the guy lot of wrecks out there. let's start in miramar. this is miramar parkway westbound, a route a lot of you
4:32 pm
between arcadia drive and island drive. again miramar parkway westbound closed. ardia drive and island drive, due this bad wreck. we're hoping to get information on that. but we've got a lot of accidents to talk about. staying in broward 595 eastbound approaing i-95. we've got two lanes blocked and we're starting to see traffic build up with speeds a 17 miles per hour. let's take to you dade county. look at this mess. this iss the palmetto expressway northbound right at i-75. that accidenen is actually on the palmetto at northwest 57th avenue. look where those delays are starting. so this area just ful of red, big traffic jam here. palmetto heading east, this is northwest 57th avenue. we've got two right lanes blocked. speeds hardly moving at all, 8 miles per hour. ananwe have also got in broken-down car on i-95 northbound. that broken-down car in the express lanes it's right at northwest 151st street with speeds at 10 miles per hour. >> thank you.
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the disappearance of south florida retired fbi agent roberto levinson. he was held cabtive during a c i have thea mugs in iran. five years ago a family member got an email of his holding a sign and inn an orange jumpsuit protesting the holding of terror suspects in guantanamo bay. the pys secretary releasing this statement today in part saying "find go mr. levinson remains a top priority for the united states, and we continue do spare no effort to bring him home." and senatat bill nelson tweeting out this, "today marks nine years since bob levinson went missing in iran. it's time for iran toinally fulfill its promises to help us bring bob home." the irs has just issued an alert about a new phishing escapee, witit a p-h, sweeping the country. scammersers trick go employers into giving out employees
4:34 pm
investigators reviewing these new cases in which hr professionals think they're responding to a email from a company asking for list of ployees and social security numbers only to learn later it was a fake email and they instead gave that to psyc criminals. this is the latest scheme in what has been a record year when it comes to scammers trying to fool up. the irs tracking a -- listen for it -- 400% surge in phishing and malware incidents so far this tax season, and many of you continue to share with us the calls you are getting from those irs impoverties. here's what one of those scam calls sounds like. >> to get more information about this case file, please call. >> christina: thank you to huh local10 viewer eileen for sharing that call with us. should you call the number left on that voice mail? absolutely not. call the ors directly if you think you owe money, and since these scammers are getting pretty good a spoofing emails
4:35 pm
they are purporting to be before responding with your and somebody else's personal infofoation. in the newsroom, christina zquez. >> victor: two baltimore schools police officers are charged after video surfaced of one of them slapping and kicking a teen at a school. we first showe you this very video last become. officer anthony spence is charged with second degree assault and child abusese another officer is seen is charged with asslt and misconduct in office. >> laurie: a man suspected of shooting and wounding a idaho pastor has been arrested rht outside the white house. pastor tim remington wasas shot six times sunday outside had you chchching a manhunt for this suspect. consciousness. that's the good news. so police surin toucheh they are sites on 30-year-old kyle odom who they say shot remington. officers say odom suffers froro mental illness and left a manifesto detail p how t pastor was part of a martian
4:36 pm
nane odd turn of events odom was arrested outside the white house, flowing flash drives and other items over the fence. >> victor: ateast seven people were injured after you car slammed into a bus stop in phoenix. authorities say two cars collided on the road sending one of those cars into that bus stop. the victims were inside the cars. no pedestrians were hitter. >> laurie: you hate to hear these stories. a california more arrested after allegedly leaving her kids in a car. >> victor: what's more, she's a pediatrics. a two-year-old and nine-month-old were found crying inside that van. police say moms was seeing patients and left them unattend possibly up to four hours. the kids are said to be doing okay police were initially going to release them to the father but found that home unfit. they're now in protective custody. >> laurie: coming up today scary moments when a schild hit by acar and the driver in this case -- look at him -- he just takes off >> victor: ahead in our health
4:37 pm
a big promise for hearty health. >> laurie: an armed crookumps in a cab and demands cash but failed to see who was behind the wheel. >> victor: also it seems the prices of prescription drugs are continual going up but coming up at at 5:00 our consumer reporter
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how to someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all theamazing technology
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mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> laurie: we have breaking flues involving ap amber alert case from over the weekend. let's get back to jeff weinsier in the newsroom. >> jeff: she is a mother who was on the run. she is now in the miami-dade county jail. we're lking about 29-year-old lily betty hernandez accused of kidnapping her 20-month-old son logan over the weekend. the abduction occurredd on sunday. she allegedly abducted the child sunday morning about 4:00 with
4:41 pm
police believe she was headed for mexico before she was apprehended. she did not have custody her 20-month-old son. again, right now she has tururd herself in. she is in the miami-dade county jail being held o o half a million dollars bond. there you see 20-month-old. the amber alert issued for logan on sunday. a 20-month-old. three others alleged will helped in this abduction, all three have been arrested. we're live in the newsroom, i'm >> laurie: jeff, thank you. and right now thies targeting, actually targeting an elderly shopper at a supermarket in cooper city. those crooks didistract the woman so they could steal from her. >> victor: local10 news reporter andrew perez is live in cooper city with the latest. andrew. >> andrew: i spoke to this victim abo 20 minutes ago. she is a firecracker. 92 years young. she was saying these guys are so cowardly they didn't even confront her. they did it while she wasn't paying attention, that is what
4:42 pm
i want you to take a look because we have all of it on surveillance video. this is caught on several different surveillance cameras while she was shopping at her local publix in griffinoad. one man asked her about medicine in one of the aisles, asking what it's used for. she said she was polite. didn't think anything of it. the other goes into her purse and takes cash, cards, and then just takes off, even took her license. but it actually gets worse. if you take a look at our second piece of video, the men are then seen at a best buy in pembroke pines beug an xbox, buying computers with her hard-earned money. there is up to $3,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest. bso. but we're going to show you her interview. yoy're going to hear from her directly. you don't want to miss this interview coming up at 6:00. we're live in cooper city, i'm andrew perez. local10 news. >> laurie: der fying moments when a driver hits ap eight-year-old boy and takes off. >> victor: this all happened in
4:43 pm
camera. calvin's in production control with this o. >> calvin: we are so familiar with hit-and-runs here in south florida. the boy is okay but police are still trying to track down the driver who hit him. >> i'm very irate. i'm very disturbed. angry. frustrated with everything.. >> calvin: it's the unthinkable. a child struck by a car and that car simply takes off. >> whooes that tie childld? >> calvin: jaime campbell's son zion just got off the bus, crosses the street on his skateboard when he's hit. >> you could have taken a child's life. >> you can see in the video, the vehicle knows they hit somebody because they hit their brake satellite composite then they take off. >> calvin: zoe zion escaped request his life. just a few nasty scrapes and a fractured foot. >> he has injuries. he's going to have to live with this the rest of his life. >> calvin: the focus is now on trying to find the person who hit littlee zion. >> that was a very hard hit, and you need to come forward. >> calvin: police don't have a
4:44 pm
they only know that a female passenger was inside that car that hit little zion. incredible video. >> laurie: calvin, thank you. so glad he's all right, also caught on cameraa a dramatic water rescue in expectant body pearl camera footage shows a police officer klum over a guardrail, then down the river. he walks through the river to get closer tie car on the you roof. the rescuers found the driver is still inside so they force the door open to bring that man to shore. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but he is expected to recover. >> victor: now to a bizarre sight out of pittsburgh. >> laurie: that's where a suv made a crash landing a grocery store, it went through a brick barrier and a fence before ending up on the roof. no one was hurt. a crane had to be brought in to remove the vehicle but exactly how did the driver get tre? >> he claims that he was run off the road. but as you can see,y by the distance he was going too fast to make the corner anyway. >> i've been living here my
4:45 pm
a lot of speed to get oning to that roof. >> laurie: the crash cause gas to leak into the store. the business had to close for the day. as for the kiefer, he was cited for care cited for careless driving. it's moving and shaking out there. >> victor: it's windy. another bustle beautiful day. e. a little bit of wind. no big deal. let'sring in our chief meteorologist betty davis. betty, we like it. >> laurie: it's just gorgeous, betty. this is what we want to take through the weekend. you got to fix or it calle ocho yo know. >> betty: springs is in the air. how about a few spring showers for calle ocho? that still in the forecast plan though it could change. but there is that chance for showers. it's the month of march and we're lovg what we see, and a lot of things to think about this month. we spring forward this weekend so don't forget to set the clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed saturday night. the official start to spring starts on march 20th, and then easter sunday will be here
4:46 pm
we take you back outside now through the lens of our hollywood beach camera and we see people strolling the broadwalk, leisurely walks out there. temperatures mid to upper 70s. winds are strong from the east-southeast 10 to township miles an hour and the wind will stay on the stronger side for the resof the day, and in fact tonight that breeze is going to be noticeable if you're taking a walk along miami beach, winds from the east-southeast sustained around 15 miles an hour. and temperatures holding in the 70s. we're getting that flow, same flow all week long around an area of high pressure just off the southeast cst, clockwise flow around the high. i know you know by now i've bn saying it is for so many days. we are looking at the warm, moist air still feeding into a frontal system that's bringing a lot of rain and stormy weather for parts of texas, arkansas, storms crowding she have port, louisiana right now. we're not going to have that type of weather here as we're rounding out the week. it's all about the high pressure. the flow around the high, and
4:47 pm
of east-southeast wind sustained 15 to 20 for most of us so an outright breezy day and warm day, too, oar temperatures climbing to 81 in miami this afternoon. we'll have some 80s out there tomorrow as well. if you're closer to beaches, the temperature gets up to about 78. water temperatures 71 degrees. but beware ififou are thinking about jumping into the atlantic town, the rip curnt risk is going to be high. it's been high today. it's going to be high tomorrow as well. and and if you're taking the boats out small craft advisory is going to continue off miami-dade and broward, wind east-southeast 20 to 25 knots. bays rough and seas running four the six plus feet. tomorrow morning lower 70, kind of like this morning. highs make that run into the lower 80s with winds east-southeast 10 to 20 miles an hour so you're going to notice the breeze again. friday partly cloudy skies. ghs in the lower 80s. and look at how low the rain chance is, just 10% for thursday, friday. 20% on saturday. so not bad at all.
4:48 pm
by sunday we may squeeze out a few showers. but don't let that keep you from calle ocho. so many fun things happening for sunday. monday we're going to put in the slight chance for a thunderstorm as temperatures climb into the mid-80. and then tuesday, wednesday sunshine, drier weather but stilllarm with highs in the lower 80s. oh, yes, spring and then some. victor. >> v vtor: sound about right. thank you. topping today's health news ainy vitamin can hold big promise for heart health. our medical specialist kristi krueger has the details in our health cast. >> kristi: some recent studies have underscored the benefits supplementing with something called vitamin k2. now, cardiologists from right here in south florida dr. slaver said research has found that vitamin k2 can shuttle calcium deposit out of your art eyes russer where it can cause big problems into into your bes where it debelongs. >> there is growing evidence
4:49 pm
coronary calcification and may prevent against accord vascular disease in addition to the protection against bone loss. >> kristi: along with k2 other supplements for heart health are hawthorne and eau bic win nol. hawthorne can relax nur blood vessels while ubiq uinal is a antiox can't. >> why do we take antioxidants? thth neutralize the free radicals in my bloodstream that is the root use of inflammation. that's another reason people get plaque built up in herr art rise, one way to reduce inflammation is access take antioxidants. >> kristi: he said it's important to look out for over the counter medications that can raise your blood pressure and even small doses of antiinflammatory medication can rarse your risk of having a stroke. and be sure to consult with your doctor pharmacies about any underlying health issues you have, especially if you're
4:50 pm
medication on a regular basis. and that's today's healtast. >> laurie: this is a great story. a north dakota zoo worker going leaps and bounds beyond her normal duties. >> victor: that's cause one staffer now hopping in as a mom to an orphan kangaroo. me the barclay. her mom died unexpectedly last week and that's when zookeeper amanda took on the role so the two are essentially attached at the hip as the four-month-old spends most of the day in that custom pouch. >> also, the development actually happens in the pouch. every day something is different and she's getting personality. it's just really fun. arts a really cool experience. >> victor: so barclay will need to stay in thatt pouch for about six months to develop her lungs, sight and hearing. after that, the zoo hopes that she'll be able to join her fellow f fell roos in the the exhibit. do you know how many people would do have to be amanda duekart that trainer? >> laurie: and then this
4:51 pm
kids got the chance to play doctor for a day. the young kids switched roles with their doctors and nurses at d. st. joseph. doctors say the it helps t t dits kids feel more comfortable in the hospital and have more fun where they normally wouldn't expect to it. >> just gives our patients a chance to play with some of the hospital equipment, kind of normalize the environment, add a little fun to their day. >> victor: and there's d dtors, they play a patient very well. they laid back and lethe kids treat their pretend illnesses. the program is in its 13th year now at the hospital. >> laurie: so it really works. what a great idea. >> victor: and we turn now to south florida's annual big block party. we are only four days away from you now from calle ocho. >> laurie: come up out this sunday. you can find us at calle ocho between 15th and 16th avenue from 11:00 inhe morning until 1:30 you can meet jahn jahn, christina vazquez, carlos suarez and ben kennedy. >> victor: shyann malone, neki
4:52 pm
join yeah, eric at that time. >> laurie: from:30 to 4:00 chat with glenna milberg, liane morejon, jennifer correa and derek shore. also say hi to jasey birch, amy viteri, constance jones and kristi krueger. again you can find us at calle ocho between 15th and 16th avenues. and if you can't make it down to eighth streett for all fun and we'll be taping a whole special there, calvin and i and the whole contribute we will have our special sunday night a 7:00 bringing all the excitement of florida's biggest party. >> victor: tire maker goodyear is reinvestigating the wheel applicator the company sayay it working on eagle athletics a new except that brings fires full circle. the tires would be able to use in any direction, connect to the car using magnets. you won't be seeing these on a car a a time soon but goodyear said it is working on a smart tire for self-driving cars that
4:53 pm
all new at at 5:00 a tgic update to a crash that critically injured a teenager and his mother died from his injuries. michael seiden will have a live report. >> laurie: a crook jumpsps into a
4:54 pm
4:56 pm
>> vicr: ut >> victor: it turns out a police officer happened to beight behind that cab. the officer approached, saw what was going on andrrested that crook right on the spot.
4:57 pm
treated to a solar eclipse last night but only a select few got to see it from the sky. passengers on alaska flight 870 got the chance of a lifetime on their trip from anchorage to honolulu. an astronomer convinced the airline to delay that flight in order to catch this rare sight. and again they were flying to honolulu so they beauty the whole wayhere. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. here are calvin and laurie back th what's next at 5:00. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 the fight for florida has already begun. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in a debate in south florida tonight. >> laurie: meanwhile marco rubio is holding a rally in hialeah right now qnd ted cruz picked up a surprise endorsement from a former rival today. >> calvin: a tragic update to a crash that put a 14-year-old boy in the hospital, his mother has now died from her injuries. >> laurie: and forget about those creams and medicated wipes. we're going to show you a new way to zap your sits so they
4:58 pm
>> calvin: presidential frontrner r nald trump and hillary clinton are expanding their levered rivals. trump almost had a clean sweep winning primaries in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. clinton snatched mississippi but bernie sanders pulled off a stunning interest in state ofmichigan. ted cruz carried idaho last night and picked all surprise endorsement this morning in miami when former rival carly fiorina showed up to support him. >> laurie: a new poll shows donald trump with a big lead. a new cnn orc poll showed trump with a 40% lead over marco rubio's 24%. ted cruz carrying 19% and john kasich just 5%. on the democratic side hillary clinton is leading in florida ahead of the primary. she has 61% support to bernie sanders 34%. >> calvin: wives live team coverage of the fight f f florida today. our senior political reporter michael putney is live at a miami-dade college w wre the stage is set tonight for the democratic debate. >> laurie: but let's begin with liane morejon. she is live in hialeah where
4:59 pm
right now. liane. >> liane: calvin and laurie, that rally scheduled to start routine. people are ready for him. and if we show you a i live picture from our riser, you can also see what the media sees, media from all over the nation, and right now this is crucial for mamao rubio. him making thistop here in florida, a place where he's extremy familiar and well-liked. he's trying to make sure that this will spread throughout the state of florida so he can dethrone trump as frontrunner. ted cruz stumping for votes in downtown miami today on the heels of super tuesday two i haddie cheered on by supporters at miami-dade college. >> easy to talk about making america great again, but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. >> liane: the physical senator winning idaho tuesday and scoring an endorsement from a
5:00 pm
>> i. say, you go, ted. >> at this point i think both marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. it is a simple question of lath. >> liane: cruz taking a swipe a marco rubio, the florida senator hosting his own rally at mylender park. he hopes to de leon donald trump as the frontrunner no hazy easy task. >> $38 million worth ofhorrible lies, but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies. >> liane: ohio governor john kasich hosting a rally today in lyle, illinois hoping to attract moderates republicans in that state and hoping he will do well with voters in the midwest. and back out live here, a look at the stage, empty right now. senator marco rubio has not yet arrived. we did hear some associates just


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