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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> something we've been talking about since the weekend. a change will come by the weekend. not sure you're going to like it though because it does increase the chance of showers. we'll get rid of the windy conditions by then. temperatures in the low 70s miami, ft. lauderdale, key west. that means the wind is providing for the heat and humidity and allowing our tempererures to be about nine degrees above where they should be this time of year. may be giving you a little bit of a headache as the winds are moving in anywhere between 13 and 22 miles per hour. wind gusts in the 20s down to marathon. it's elevating the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. please be careful out there. just stay safe and stay on shore. temperatures rapidly warm up to the low 80s by lunchtime with a slight chance of a shower on the breeze. we're not expecting anything in the way of shower activity really going into the forecast today but all of that will change by the weekend.
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morning. construction delays of course on the i. that's sitting with a game at 5:01 in the morning. two to three lanes of traffic blocked here off of pembroke road. broward county some closures in place here as well. if you're traveling right off of sunrise boulevard where it meets at u.s.-1. slight delays reporting here. as you're traveling up north, those speeds clocking in at 27 miles an hour. a vehicle fire on the palmetto expressway northbound near kendall drive. we're seeing some slight slowdowns you saw between 39 and 47 miles per hour. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for florida. the democratic candidates square off in a debate.
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several major issues dealing with immigration and donald trump. the debate ran in both english and spanish as the candidates push for support in the sunshine state. one of the major focus points, immigration reform. >> i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> can you promise not to deport immigrants whodon't have a criminal record. >> i can me that possible. >> mrs. clinton favored by a 2-1 margin. as republicans turn to a debate and they willquare off on the university of miami. on tuesday some of the candidates were holding rallies right here in south florida. on wednesday afterno you see this, guys, senator marco rubio. he`was in hialeah speaking to a crowd joined by his wife on stage.
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he's optimistic about his chances here in the sunshine state. he said he's determined to take the nominatio senator ted cruz held a rally just hours before in mime. there was a twist to his event. cruz received an endorsement fm carly fiorina. north carolina will be lding its primary the same day as florida. trum spoke with anderson cooper. >> i don't think he's a good debater. i think he's frankly, the way i look at ted, i think it's very phony. i think ted is actually a bad talker, pretty good debater, bad talker, can't talk and ted is ted. these debates to me are getting very boring, if you want to know the truth.
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poll shows donald trump in the lead. right behind him is marco rubio with 24% and then you see ted cruz and john kasich. >> our little experts michael putney and glennaillberg will have the latest on the run to the white house from um tonight. the fight if florida culminates on tuesday. log on to for information. early voting continues to cover the candidates as well. other news this morning, a viewing continues today for nancy. the former first lady lying in repose. some 3,000 visitors came to pay their respects yesterday. president obama will not be attending tomorrow nigh's vigil. nancy reagan died sunday failure. five people have been killed in a pittsburgh.
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during a backyard party. the gunman barged in and opened fire. four women and a man were killed. at least three others were in a hospital this morning. no suspects were in custody. health officials here in florida they have confirmed the firir case of sexually transmitted zika in the state. the world health organization says sexual transmission of zika is more common than they previously thought. florida has 32 cases of the virusus the vast majority of them are in miami-dade. a man accused of groping people from his bicycle is now behind bars. police say he groped at least six different women on a bicycle and took off. he's now facing several charges including aggravated battery. a monroe county corrections deputy is behind bars after he offered an inmate favors
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26-year-old zachary ins offered him a cell phone. he was booked into the same jail he works in. he has been s spended without pay pending the investigation. > e miami-dade police department aiming to improve the public image of its officers with a federal bias training program. officers learning to recocoize various biases. the training program earning federal support after a police shooting rerelting in an unrest of ferguson, missouri. >> harmless here as well. so when there's strained relationships in other cities, we tend to feel it as well. it took place just a day after the county approved training measures. still to come on local 10, a south florida teen is behind bars for his alleged threats. >> how investigatorsrsay
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school for sending him nude pictures. the capture of the suspecec is caught on camera. plus distract and grab. a couple thieves taking advantage of a couple women in a grocery store. hey, south florida. headed to the bahamas or caribbean? very warm across parts of the dominican republic with the upper 80s and upper 70s. i'll have a lot more coming up here after the
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geico motorcycle,
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a substitute teacher in seminole county out of work this morning after police say another teacher in the school noticed her acting strangely. when an adminiktrator went to investigate what was going on, she allegedly slurred her words, smelled of alcohol and fell over of she tried to stand up. the 52-year-old was charged with disorderly intoxication. those students are not in danger. >> okay. a suspect take university is caught on camera after a detective jacksonville. police say it all happened after an offduty detective was caught in jacksonville. he pulled the car over and that's when he opened gunfire on the 19-year-old and the detectivev row has fled and police began chasing him. his girlfriend said
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got int an argument and threatened of hurt her and himself. his mother came to her son's defense. >> this is not him. i know he's in so much trouble but, please, he's not this cop murderer. i swear to god he's not. >> the officer shot by him is in critical but stable condition. he's charged with attempted murder and assault on an officer. a fast-moving wildfire leaving several homes damaged. this is in palm bay. take a closer look. all of it started as a structure fire. it grew into a powerful brush fire. 45 acres were scorched. four homes were damaged. you see that pick-up truck skidding off a bridge landing upside down on a muddy
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me were hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries. flooding came after severe thunderstorms drenched the state. we tell you time and time again, fast standing water, don't pass through. >> turn around, don't drown. more rain is going to effect the same areas that have been hit hard with severe weather, the heavy downpours and strong storms. for us here in south florida we think thank the high pressure for the warm temperatures and strong east southeast breeze. 73 right now in miami as well as ft. lauderdale, key west. the camera moving around, east southeast wind between 13 and 21 miles per hour. for you in pembroke pines, 73 in hialeah. 74. 73 is your temperature in your neighborhood in homestead. with the winds moving in off the western atlantic, we will keep that in place. you won't really feel it as much because of how strong the winds are.
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you'll definitely feel the warmer temperatures. currently we have wind gusts in the 20s from miami down towards the keys. that is elevating the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. as we go to the satellite and radar composites, we do have those clouds moving in off that east southeast breeze. you'll notice the clouds are not producing precipitation. we are dry. waking up on this friday eve. planning out our weekend. you may have baseball games, you may have to do some plans outdoors for some events, maybe calle ocho. the high p pssure is going to push towards the east but it's not going to be a wash-out. that high pressure is keeping us dry and feeding into that storm system. right now nothihi but showers and storms from texas all the way up towards the great lakes. another high behind it drying things out for the rockiki and another system will move in from the pacific northwest. the jet stream will continue to stay towards the north. that's going to bring
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of the south and east coast. for us in south florida it's going to keep us dry and warm wh that brisk breeze in place. it's going to still feel comfortable. we are going to watch some of tt moisture from the gulf of mexico head towards northern florida going into friday and saturday and sunday. that's why we're going to increase our rain chances slightly. the weekend won't be a wash-out. it will definitely be warmer. we lose that hour of daylight savings sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. join our local 10 crew at calle ocho on sunday. >> it will be raining during calle ocho? >> slightlz. >> we'll be dancing in the rain. good morning, south florida. hey, we still have construction crews off of i-95 and broward boulevard. or pembroke road i should say. you see quite a few flashing lights. they are supposed to be out of there around 5:30 this morning. at this point not affecting travel speeds at all. the only thing i have to
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vehicle fire affecting traffic on the palmetto expressway. we're seeing slight delays off the exit ramp. those speeds coming in around 39 miles per hour. i quickly want to goat to some drive times. no accidents reported, no accidents there. traveling eastbound starting at i-75, cruising to the bigs this morning, your average speed about 55 miles per hour. giant baseball cap similar to the one donald trump wears was stolen. >> that cap reads make your hair great again which is the play on trump's campaign sloganon america. the cap being stolen from outside a california hair salon. the hat sat on a tomorrow -- topiary sculpture. the owner says the hat is worth about 2000 bucks. >> what are you going to do with that thing?
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up on social media without a doubt. >> $200000 you're talking big crime there. still to come this morning a fight for survival. >> yeah, how a cuban dissident who lived country is recovering florida. live from our mime tower cam, it is moving and shaking. julie durda setting us up for yourrhursday forecast.
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minutes, south florida. 5:19 the time right now. we have a recall alert to tell you about right now involving a
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i think there may be pieces of glass in those bottles. clear 12 ounce bottles, the composite labels in the u.s. and guam. the company says there have not been any complaints or heard of any injuries. to see the defective codes, go to and see our top stories. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, google gives android users a sneak peak of its operating system. several new features including split screen mode and improved power sang mode. no word yet on an official launch date. check out the high-tech cousin of the good year blimp. 300 foot long aircraft could be used to carry people and cargo. the first real flight could happen as early as next year. facebook wants to make your selfies more unique.
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variety of filters, masks and special effects. >> face swap, take a look. we tried it out. >> not so horrifying. i would rather have no hair. >> i do like the hair. >> those are your tech bytes. have a good day. a pup stuck under a patrol car. how a dog ended up there. running wild, the efforts to wrangle a pack of mini horses to broke free right near the turnpike. a live look at the palmetto expressway near 17th avenue. there's a crash in the west-bound lanes. constance has the situation for you
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local 10. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso.
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welcome back. 5:23 right now. a stray dog in arizona got himself into quite the tight spot. >> he somehow wound up in the undercarriage of the police cruiser. he honked his horn trying to get them away. but one of the dogs got spooked, crawled underneath that police car. >> i'm a dog owner and a huge animal lover in general, particularly when it comes to dogs. part of our job, public service regardless is somemef our four-legged friends, trying to keep them safe as well. >> he says he's not sure if the pup was stuck or stubborn. not microchipped but now up for adoption. >> and no burns, which is amazing. >> no. just hanging out under there. >> he was small enough to wedge into there. >> finding shade i'm sure, get me out o this heat. we need to update you on what's going on in the world.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they debated last night on miami-dade college's kendall campus. they said they would stand against the deportation of immigrant children. presidential candidates set to debate each other tonight at the university of miami. ahead of that showdown senator ted cruz gaining an endorsement from former rival carly fiorina. and florida has its first confirmed case of the zika virus being transmitted through sexual contact. this is in polk county. the state has 52 confirmed cases of zika but the majority have been reported in miami-dade. plenty more ahead. >> including your forecast with julie, traffic forecast with constance. we're almost towards friday.
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republican rivalries, g.o.p. candidates prepare a battle in the south florida debate. a teen accused of bullying schoolmates into sending himim nude pictures and much worse. how he threatened girls using an app. >>distract and grab. this 92-year-old woman says she will never be a victim again. minimum ur horses tied up officers during rush hour. they wante to get away. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. i was thinking they were having dreams of being wild stallions, running down the beach with hair blowing in the wind. >> like black stallion running races. you know all about that. >> indeed i do.
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it was a great day,, great weather to be outside. temperatures above average thanks to that east southeast breeze. the wind flow moving off the ocean between 13 and 21 miles per hour. these temperatures are nine degrees above where we should be this time of year. 73 is the actual temperature when we should be waking up to the mid 60s. are we going to see the 60s on this map. unfortunately, that's something we haven't seen all week long. 74 for you in hialeah as well as palmetto. 72 in kendall. at about those wind speeds. let's check them out. wind speeds anywhere between 9 and 21 miles per hour. our wind gusts much stronger. what does that mean for the kids heading t t the bus stop. another breezy to june right windy day. it will be warm as temperatures will be in the lower 70s at the bus stop with the mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. the good news is we are expecting dry conditions as high pressure is going to continue. wind gusts right now reported in the 20s. that will keep that elevated risk of rip currents for you
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boaters we'll have advisories as well. big changes for the weekend coming up. dolphin expressway west-bound at 27th avenue. we do have reports of a crash blocking at least two lanes of traffic. here's a live look from that accident scece. obviously you see the flashing lights. at this point i'm lookinin pretty closely. i'm not seeing traffic getting by at all. this is the bextra west-bound as you're leaving the golden glades. again, this is west-bound. at this point still really you early so we're not seeing the delays clocked in. your best bet is maybe just to exit a little bit earlier and travel west on miaia gardens drive. i'm going to keep my eyes on this vehicle fire. earlier it was reported at the palmetto but obviously these speeds affected here at 10 miles per hour. this iss the don schula expressway where it meets at kendall drive. an earlier vehicle fire from roughly 30 minutes ago obviously sti
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turning now to vote 2016. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both traveling for florida and the democratic candidates squared off right here in a debate in kendall. things got pretty heated as they push for support in the sunshine state. this is all ahead of next week's primary on tuesday. immigration reform and the candidates' stances on deportation. >> of the undocumented ople living in our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. >> i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> can you promise not@ to deport immigrants without a criminal record? >> i can make that promise. >> he would not answer if they believed he was a racist. the latest quinnipiac polls shows clinton with a 2-1 margin. >they've been doing some stumping around town even before heading
5:31 am
local 10's layron livingston is live in coral gables to show us w those candidates have been fighting for >>reporter: some of those candidates have been here and most of them, all of them, will be here this afternoon here and of miami. we've seen all of the campaign and these candidates have been getting along the national campaign trail. all of those eyes will be focused here in south florida at this particular campus later on tonight. south florida now part stretch. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. >>reporter: in hialeah marco rubio announces optimism before the florida primary determined to clinch the nomination. the math favors his opponent donald trump still leading in the delegate trump following wins i i michigan
5:32 am
texas senator ted cruz rallied for votes at miami-dade college after winning idaho on super tuesday t and an endorsement from carly fiorina who says if anyone can beat trump, it's cruz. >> i think they are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. it is a simple question of math. >>reporter: ohio governor john kasich hosted a rally in illinois. >> $38 million worth of horrible lies but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the pububc is because they knew they were lies. >>reporter: in the meantime candidate trump was up in north carolina where he was interrupt bid protestors. he gave his take on the entire debate process calling it boring. the front runner defended his request for supporters to pledge their support to him during a rally last week saying the supporters were all l lghing and having fun responding to
5:33 am
situation to nazi germany. >> we got a call like two nights later. >> does that have anything to do with nazi germany. i said are these people crazy. >>reporter: and we're alreadyseeing signs of extra beefed up security. we also plan to speak with some of these voters as they come out to speak with some of these candidates. layron livingston, local 10 news. right now homestead high school student is behind bars. he's accused of sex extortion. police say he made threats against girls and their families to get them to send nude pictures. ben keedy is live at the jail with more. this is just terrifying for parents to hear. >>reporter: terrifying and incredibly disturbing story. the teen used the kick messenger app to get x-rated pictures and force the victims too sex acts. the good news he is behind bars this morning
5:34 am
could be more victims. 18-year-old terri fenelen is locked up. the high school student is accused of sex extortion. >> some people say he's innocent. some say he's not. >>reporter: he used the word dre on the app. he said he would harm the girls unless he sent them nor x-rated videos. he even described where her six-year-old niece gets off the school bus and stated that if victim number one wished to see her again, she would comy to his demands. in one case a victim even agreed to perform oral sex on him to keep the images private. >> it's bizarre. it's somomhing that shouldn't happen. i understand there's kidsds our age now doing sexual activity. that's your body.
5:35 am
see what is yours. >>reporter: officers say the two teens were@ vic to the same person and it's then they alerted school officials who released this statement, the details in the case are extremely disturbing. although social media has many positive uses, the incident serves as a good reminder that parents need to monitor their parent's social media activity and warn them of the negative consequences when it isn't properly used. fenelen is charged with sexual battery and extortion charges. he is set to meet with a judge. in the meantime he will remain behind bars with no bond. reporting liviv in northwest miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. a woman accused of triggering an amber alert accused of abducting her son behind bars this morning. police say she fled to texas w@th her 20 month old son over the weekend.
5:36 am
alert because she does not have parental custody. this morning it is a sad update to t ts crash. remember this was oakland park involving a mother and her son. well, that 55-year-old mother has died. meanwhile her 14-year-old son j jamison is fighting for his life. it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle or if he will face any charges. the former director of the north miami museum of contemporary art iss meeting with officials. a lawsuit listing the city of miami, interim and city director, the former director was fired for sexual harassment and office misconduct after an employee came forward and maintains that he is@ innocent. turning now to just a despicable crime. a pair of crooks targeting an elderly
5:37 am
at publix. the two approach 92-year-old betty swanson. one asked her about a certain medicine but that's just a distraction. swanson says she was enraged by this crime. she called those crooks cowards. >> ty had been in front of me doing that, i'd have hit them with the cane, i really would. >> you go girl. i don't blame you. 92 years old, s s could probably give them a scare but that pai wasted no time. they were later spotted at a best buy purchasing an x-box and two computers. she says she is de wearing a purse. now she has all her valuables on her body. president obama will not be meeting former cuban leader fidel castro. in the meantime the cuban government
5:38 am
morial. cuba also rejecting any support for its political dissidents. local 10 will have complete coverage of the president's trip to cuba. the white house is getting ready to host a lavish party for canada's prime minister. justin trudeau will be the guest of honor. this will be the first state dinner highlighting canada in years. a big medical break through, fortunately there's been a fall-through in this breakhrough. plus the big break of people of flint are getting as the city is dealing with that toxic water crisis. >> a free agent switchup. whose in and whose out for the miami dolphins. a big weekend. here we are going to have a change in the forecast for calle ocho.
5:39 am
of our local 10 celebrities from our local 10 celebraraon. low to mid 80s by 2:00. it's really going to warm up. we could see a stray ower. it won't be a wash huff out but changes will come this weekend to the forecast.
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after the break. >now to flint, michigan. they will spot billing for water. lawmakers are sending $30 million to flint to pay for a portion of the water bills. people living there are using bottled water or filtered water after switch of the water source to the flint river@ exposed them to high levels of lead. look at that.
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>hey are excited and it does look pretty cool you can hear all of the passengers going crazy. look at it. the solar eclipse is when the moon complete covers the sun. we're told passengers convinced the airline to delay and adjust the course of the flight so they could see the eclipse. >> and they complied. to get a look like that, wow? >> that's pretty impressive. more impressive they were able to say fly this way, stick around a little bit longer. >> andndf you get everybody on a plane excited all at the same time, how rare is that? >> no complaints on that plane ride. no complaints on this& weather. >> it's been breezy and warm. how are you this morning? >> a little active this morning. i feel myself running back and forth wondering what's going on, kind of like what's going on
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wind speeds anywhere between 13 and 20 miles per hour. temperatures right now nine degrees above where we should be this time of year. 73 is what we're waking up to in miami, ft. lauderdale and key west. 74 degrees. 72 in kendall. 74 in pompano beach. these winds will continue moving in off thth ocean. the southeast direction will pump in the heat and humidity. you'll notice just how strong the wind speeds are. that's because we're expecting a very tight pressure gradient. this cold front bringing the severe threat over the mississippi valley and great lakes. the high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. we've had this since the beginning of the workweek and not much will change today. take a look at the vital composite. overall the precipitation is limited. just an isolated sprinkle starting to develop by the upper keys.
5:44 am
dry, not only at the surface but in the mid to upper levels, it's going to be another nice day. if you'dike the workweek forecast so far, you'lllike your thursday. unfortunately@ they've got showers and storms from houston all the way up to the great lakes. severe weather threat again for them. another system will bring the westoast more rain. providing for the heat and humidity ahead of this system, possibly record heat anywhere from havana up to washington, d.c. today. also florida dealing with some warm conditions. for us here in south florida, the temperatures only a few degrees above where it should be. with that breeze it will be another windy day. otherwise we're expecting dry conditions until the weekend. then we're going to see a big change as high pressure will finally weaken. we will see the chance of some showers. not rain chances wide-spread but isolated showers gng into saturday and sunday. thanks so much. palmetto expressway west-bound as you're
5:45 am
accident scene.. earlier we were showing you these live pictures. looks like one is blocked at this time. they are clearing the scene but weare seeing some slight congestion there. it's really early. the good news is you're going to get by. the traffic speed traveling in at 59 miles per hour to 54. not too bad at all. that's right at northwest 2 2h avenue. earlier this morning we had reportsts of a vehicle fire affecting traffic on the don schula expressway northbound at kendall drive. we are still seeing some slight delays in the spot. `hopefully this scene will be clearing up soon. those speeds at 37 miles per hour.r. at this point things are looking pretty good on your roadways. guess what, i'm updating twitter. make sure you follow us on wplg local 10. >>reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. we start with the heat. was current longest run in the nba. they also had to take on
5:46 am
been scori a lot of points lately. how about josh richardson, the rookie throwing that one downt with one hand. how about another vicious slam, this one by hassan whiteside off the spin move. 13 rebounds for him.. heat had a lead in the fourth in this one but they could not hold it. chris middleson can get the floer to go and that would seal the deal >> for this team we can't come out with the w, but i thought there was pockets of the game where weatured and we stuck with it and look like we could have went the other way. >> nfl free agency and a lot of losses yesterday for the dolphins. it starts with vern who leaves miami and signs with the new york giants for a reported $85 million deal over five years. so new in south florida another former hurricane run back lamar miller who heads to
5:47 am
teported four-year $26 million deal. anotr dolphin derek shelby leaving as well. he gets a few-year deal that can be worth up to $21 million to head to atlanta. the 'phins rashard matthews on wednesday, titans giving him a three-year deal after his break-out in miami. cut brent grimes. the quarterback made the pro bowl in each of his three years in miami and saw his play fall off a bit in 2014. the 'phins have officially signed mario williams to help ease the sting of losing revengen and shelby a bit. a trade for a couple of more potential starters on defense, maxl and linebacker kikko alonso coming over from the eagles. the teams will trade first round picks as compensation in the deal. the marlins, third inning scoreless until dee gordon gets involved. he would score on an
5:48 am
there. marlins win this one 5-3. the soccer, u.s. women hosting germany at fau. u.s. was down 1-0 in t first whether alex morgan scores an amazing goal. score of 2-1. and that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. miami countdown continued yesterday with a dominos domination. the kiwanis club hosting its annual tournament. close to 200 players participating in some friendly competition. >> the people from calle ocho, we've got thousands of tourists which is very good for the city of miami that come in and enjoy first ofll our weather. >> don't forget to come out and meet our local 10 crew starting a a 11:00 a.m. our booth set up between
5:49 am
you know how to play dominos? >> i'm not courageous enough to play with them. >> canou play with me? >> you play? >> my grandmother and mother used to play every summer. maybe i'll have to kick your but in dominos. >> game on, jacey birch, game on. let's talk about celebrating our heroes. >> it's an unique way one florida town is talking about honoring those who serve our country. it's breezy, windy, gusty out there. ten until 6:00 a.m., 76 -- 73 degrees. >> we have you covered right here, south
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a strong show of support outside the las vegas court house. his sons also facing charges. those two part of a separate standoff in oregon. a sad update to a medical break through we told you about. the woman who received the nation's first uterus transplant had to have it removed because of medical complications.doctors have not said why the transplant failed but they say their study will continue on. now to a developing story, a cuban dissident fighting for her life this morning after being hit by a car. she's known for speaking out against the cuban government. on friday while waiting at a bus stop she was struck. >> it's hard to say her this way because i've seen her the other way and i wouldn't want her visit here which was so wonderful to end up this way but what can we do? >> she arrived in the u.s. back in january
5:53 am
learn more about the democratic process. this morning she remains in the icu at jackson memorial hospital. parking spots around broward county there being reserved for people who served the community and they are calling it super hero parking. threepots in front of city hall have been reserv for veterans, active duty veterans. neighbors love the idea. >> i think it's awesome that you're acknowledging the vets, active duty as well as the police and the fire. >>e absolutely love our veterans and our public safety officers an wanted to, wanted to make sure we recognize them. >> in all the sheriff's office says roughly ten more signs will be added to precinct parking lots. >> i'm all about it. everyone should have that. when you see people in the military uniform, i love to salute them. police officers and firefighters sitting
5:54 am
coffee, i say thankou so much. >> it's the small perks that go a long,ong way there. >> still to come on local 10. >> this is not your average chase for fhp. troops able to wrangle horses on the run. >> they were miniature horses. is is near 17th avenue. we do have a crash blocking the west-bound nes but constance has all the details she will let you know if there's any issues getting
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> don't go anywhere. you just want to stretch those legs, take off. miniature horses on the run after escapingheir enclosure.
5:57 am
during rush hour on the turnpike. florida highway patrol troopers had to chase after them. sky 10 was on the scene chasing after them. they enjoyed a brief taste of freedom before they were eventually corralled back home. they didn't cause any traffic problems. >> that's good news. >> it was more like escape artiststsn the run. >> sometimes you just need a b reak. >> we enjoyed watching it. nice break from some othe stuff stuff we usually see on the roads. there's more ahead for us at 6:00 a.m. will we come back, we have the debate night preview.
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ready to square off. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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right now at 6:00 republicans ready for the debate ahead of florida's primary being asked to step out. >> the jabs they had for each other and the words they had for donald trump. guire erupts an south miami neighborhood. now the searc is on for the details. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. things are really heating up in the race for the white house. >> a lot for you this morning. we'll get to that. julie durda, how do
6:00 am
>> eric, jacey, south florida. another windy start. we are seeing temperatures above average as well in the mid 70s. 9 degrees above where we should be. moving our camera around, temperatures are in the low 70s. how about you in homestead. in your neighbor you're waking up to 72. 72 in kendall. 73 in pembroke pines. 74 in pompano beach. got 73 for you in key west. what about the winds all across town? as you walkut the door in homestead, winds at 13 miles per hour. 12 mile per hour wind in there. so as the kids head to the bus stop, you've heard it all week long,warm and breezy with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. mostly dry conditions, temperatures in the lower 70s. i'll have more on the forecast and the warmup we're expecting. let's get back to the palmetto expressway. if you're traveling west-bound leavingng the golden glades. you're going to see these flashing lights


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