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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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clipt squared off with sanders last night. >> laurie: all of the candidates have their sights set on florida. we are days away from the florida primary. >> calvin: we have team coverage on both the republican debate at the u u and how clinton and sanders are countries cost crossing the sunshine state. >> laurie: let's'segin with glenna milberg who is live at the sim room on the campus. >> glenna: once again, miami-dade county the center of the political universe, and this time it's the republican candidate's turn to mauk that last-ditch argumt, the last debate between each other, and to voters before the critical florida primary on tuesday. for the gop it is winner take all, and the stakes are so very high, especially for the hometown candidate marco rubio. >> thesedebates to me are getting very boring, if you want to know the truth. >> glenna: frontrunner donald trump expects the attacks toght but at what tone is the question. >> i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. we are going to the white house. >> glenna: florida senator marco
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his home state on a must-win primary night especially since texas senator ted cruz has won his say the flat this point i think marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospepes. >> glenna: cruz picked up his first senate donorsment today mike leif utah, a growing list of so-callll establishment republicans driving an anyone but trump movement, but the voter-driven poll numbers are not on their side. and marco rubio has held no public campaign appearances today. his peopl say he is in debate prep. no doubt he will come on strong tonight or try to. and no doubt he will not repeat any kind of of mud-slinging or getting down and dirt like we saw him do in some campaign appearances that he has since said he grets doing. m glenna milberg at the university of miami this afternoon, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. >> calvin: the democratic presidential candidates e blazing across the state on the
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and hillary clinton made stops across the sunshine state after last night's big democratic debate miami-dade's colleges kendall includes us and, and janine is in the newsroom now with exactly what the democrats upper to. >> janine: clinton and sanders had a ficely debate last night and today they are countries encloses crossing the state hoping to rong votes before they leave for north carolina. clinton even madad a surprise stop right here in south florida. hillary clinton making an unscheduled stop atat the famed fontainebleau on miami beach, surprising the staff there, many snapping selfies? >> as a cookie would never -- i would never expect to see the candidate for democrat to be the president of united states to be he with us in this moment. >> janine: from florida eases coast clinton traveled to tampa trying to lock in votes and remain her party's frontrunner but rival bernie sanders is stumping for votes, too. sanders wrapped up vate for gaineseslle where, donning a baseball cap, he rallied with
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>> and what this campaign is about is telling the truth! >> janine: and he has momentum after a strong debate performance last night. >> madame secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> janine: they got right to it, taking on the issues and each other. clinton hit with another question about her emails. >> if you get indicted will you quit. >> >> oh, goodness i'm note even answering that question. janine: in the last hour bernie sanders held a rally in kissimmee. we belie that rally is still going on as we speak. this actuallm marks first time he's campaigning here in florida. hillary clinton has dominated southern states but sanders wants to make a dent in that lead. we'll see what happens next week, calvin. >> calvin: 9t will be interesting, no doubt about it. let's go back now to the republican debate set to start in just a couple of hours at the university of miami. our senior political reporter michael putney continues our team coverage now from u um's campus with some analysis for us.
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>> michael: calvin, another day, another debate.this time, of course, the republicans here at u um, a relatively lux just setting lux you are just setting p it willbe broadcast tonight on cnn. all eyes will be on donald trump because all eyes are almost always on donald trump. he will be the center of attention as the frontrunner in this race. he likes being the center of attention. but for a lot o voters in florida, all eyes will be on marco rubio. he simply must win florida, his home state, or his campaign is over. it has been staggering along since tuesday when he came in dead last in four primaries, didn't pick up one delegate. rubio is betting it all on wynn florida, and he has closed the gap a little on donald trump. let's show you now the results of a newew poll out today from suffolk university.
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27%, a 9. gap. ted cruz is third with 19%, john kasich h 10%. marco rubio is ana accomplish debate are. the one thing i don't expect him to do tonight is to do what he did two weeks ago which was go down in the gutter, with crude and sophomoric humor in attacking donald trump. marco rubio paid a terrible price for that. his campaign has gone into kind of a death spin, a death death spiral since that time. he also has said he regrets. it so real see what tone this debate takes tonight. it really probably will be set, however, by y nald trump because he sets the tone in the campaign. we will be here for everything that transpires, calvin. >> laurie: michael we were talking earlier it's interesting to see some anti-kasich in commercials on our air and others all over the place.
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his way out, yet until we we get to ohio we're people eating considering him still a presence. >> michael: i'm not sure exactly who is running these anti-kasich commercial. the big surprise tow me, laurie and calvin, is what ted cruz is doing. he quietly opened ten campaign offices in florida. he's got a good ground game going. he had that rally yesterdrd. he doesn't think that he can win florida, but he thinks that he can keep marco rubio from winning florida, a and then cruz gets exactly what he wants, whicis a two-man race with donald trump. we'll see if that happens. a lot of variables at play night. >> laurie: sure is. great to have you there for us. michael, thank you. >> calviv: we will continue our team coverage now of the republican presidential debate on local10 newat 5:00 and for the rest of the each. a reminder, the florida primary is just five days away. your vote counts on march 15th. the ides of march. early voting is still under way in broward and monroe counties lunch for details on early
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election coverage head on towerer website at it's your vote 16 so we're always bringing you the latest result and analysis on air and online. also federal agents swarming buildings in opa-locka earlier today.fbi had searched search warrants at the opa-locka municipal complex. they were apparently looking looking evidence of public corruption. >> calvin: local10 local10 news reporter derek shore live for us. derek: federal agents are still here with been here since 9:30 this morning going through this building, looking evidence. what they're not telling at this t. hour is if this investigation has anything to do with the ongoing investigation into the city's mayor. fbi agent spending all day searching opa-locka city offices for evidence public corruption. >> we glad to see the fbi because the citizens don't trust any of the commissioners up there. >> derek: steven barrett is a former vice mor for the city.
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>> this is the most corrupt city anywhere in americaalmost like running a community u.s. country. >> derek: indeed, opa-locka has long been plagued with financial problems and accusations of misauction cash the mayor myra tailor sunday investigation for an alleged kickback scheme. she refused to comment today. we asked city attorney vincent brown this. >> is there any misconduct or publicly corruption going on that you know of? >> i won't comment on anything else. thank you so much? i don't have a problem with it. >> derek: longtime vice mayor the iestigation. >> i'm not shocked, you know. all i can tell you is somebody is doing something wrong in the government, clean it up. >> derek: and i want to reiterate here we did take speak to mayor myra taylor. she told me she had no comment another at this hour. the fbi telling us thth had noe arrests or at least mon none to
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investigation is con ongoing. the live in opa-locka, derek shore. >> calvin: rush hour getting started. your time just about ten after 4:00. >> laurie: jise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking on this thursday. >> jenise: it's an exciting day in south florida and you can expect our roadways are busy. let's start in broward county. this is i-95. those cars heading toward you traffic moving nicely those are your northbound lanes, but we're watching the southbound lapse where there is a rooster be accident that is causing a back u. i-95 southbound right around pembroke road. speeds right now clocking in at 17 miles per hour. chececng out the turnpike because we do have a crash there as well, this is southbound right around while there is a left lynn blocked. lookok like things are starting to pick up a 46 miles per hour. checking out dade county he do have an accident on i-95 northbound right around northwest 79th street with speeds c,ocking in at 26 miles per hour. for those of you trying to leave miami beach, the marthur causeway, this is right around
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blocked with speeds hardly moving at all, 5 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. we have a developing story out of pav five people have been killed in a shooting in suburban pittsburgh and investigators say the gunman is still at large. shooting happened last night during a backyard party. four women and a man were killed in an attack. >> calvin: the public continues to remember first lady nancy reagan as her body lies in repose at the ronald reagan presidential reisch. this is the second straight day reagan's casket has been placed out for public viewing. reagan will be burieie next to her husband tomorrow. she died from heart failure on sunday. nancy reagan was 94 years old. >> laurie: the white house honoring diplomatic twice when the u.s. and canned. president obama welcoming the canadian prime minister
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this is his first trip to the united states hins. it will be the pirs one highlighting canada since 1998. >> calvin: and to sports now good news involving miami heat star chris bosh. we're finally hear frequent the all-star about his health secure and if he will return this company season. our sports anchor will wil has more. >> will: chris bosh final released a statement today ying his condition not life-threatening and that he is optimistic he can return on play for the heat again this season. now, in that statement bosh says that he's feeling great. clots. bosh missed much of last year ter blood clots spread through his lungs, and after the all-star break in this year reportedly because of another clot but it doesn't appear as serious as that one. for now, thougug the heat still have no comment on bosh and no update yet froro his recent statement. bosh says he is still work week the team, "i remain positive that i will be able to return
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i truly appreciateveryone's concern and support." meanwhile, more sports news this afternoon, two hurricanes' football players have been arrested for resisting officers without violence. one of them trevor darling started all 13 games for the 'canes at left tackle last year. one of the other jahair jones a highlilit recruited junior college transfer who sat out last season.n. they were blocking traffic in miami beach and putting themselves in a dangers situation. however, the cause against jones has been dropped and darling's case is expected to be dropped as well. laurie and calvin. >> laurie: and coming up an alligator who is way too comfy hanging out on a broward highway.the this is a ten foot gator, and he doesn't want to move out of the way. >> calvin: a substitute teacher in trouble after police say she showed up to class drunk. find out how intnticated they say she was. >> laurie: a thief dressed up in disguise as he robbed businesses. >> calvin: and a fight on a flight caught on camera.
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>> laurie: a stubborn gator in the road refused to give us his position e eily so officers were called in to help force this gator off us-27. right here the sawgrass recreation park in weston. this is aubray guy with a big stick. the gator just won't budge. somehow the officers eventually managed to move him off the road, and he finally went back into the everglades. >> calvin: leave h'm alone. >> laurie: caught on camera, a robber, a intntesting disguise, a thief dressing up as he rbed businesses in winter park. >> calvin: let's go to janine in the video port with w`at he was exactly wearing. >> janine: camp, that crook hit up businesses last month and in both cases he was dressed like a captain. the take a look at this. here you see a picture that of
4:17 pm
with ears sewn onon it. we're told me robbed a clothing stololand a mcdonald in winter park and in both robbers he implied he had a weapon, demanded cash. nobody was hurt, but i think cats around the country are probably a little offend by that. >> laurie: i guess he want to be the cat burglar. >> janine: and he is still on the loose so if you see anybody abouty with ears on his hoody. >> calvin: category weird. neighborhoods in louisiana killing three and forcing thousands to ecuate flash floods. several people have been evacuated by boat. crews are working against the clock to prevent thibaut bayou from reaing nearby homes, but some of the hardest hit areas of seen some holt completely underwater. it's not over yet. another round of storms is expected to roll in throughout the night. >> laurie: and lock at our mallory square camera, the opposite of that. >> calvin: you almost feel guilty talking about the mallory square camera shot versus what we just saw, but but, you know,
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florida as our betty davis likes to say. >> laurie: and with the debate here, betty, you keep seeing the national everybody here, networks, and it makes miami just look glorious. >> betty: are they going to be debating outside? >> calvin: they need to might have outside. >> betty: get out to a stadium or something and make it happen. this is our mallory square camera again pav we've got today a double take it's so pretty out there. we so mallory square is going to be packed in about an hour or so as people gather to watch the sun go down. fort lauderdale, look at you, mother nature showing all around just a few harmless cumulus clouds out there, a fantastic way to step into the evening if temperatures are in the upper 70s. they are just right. weave that quick breeze out there, too, winds sustained anywhere fro15 to 20 miles an hour. the forecast for the evening, breezy, mainly dry, partly cloudy in some of your neighborhoods and temperatures in the mid-70s around 9:00 tonight. winds as i said from the east-southeast sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour.
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call it that. the breeze being so very strong, making for a high rip current risk and also keeping that small craft advisory in play for boaters. high pressure still the dominating feature for us. a sluggish storm system still taking control or having control over areas like louisiana. now can see some of that rainfall into mississippi. so still some messy weather elsewhere across the south but not here. more of the same on the way for tomorrow. rain chances low. we'll start the day with temperatures in the lower 70, highs reaching the lower 80s, breezy weather still between friday and saturday, not as breezy on sunday. the trade off on sunday a better chance for some showers in the area, and we'll talk more about that coming up. calvin. >> calvin: look forward to it. caught on camera here, fists flying during a midair brawl. the fight happened on a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angeles. apparently it was all over a boom box. police say two women were playing music loudly when other
4:20 pm
instead of being nice and turning down the music, those leads turned up the sound. five women were escorted off the plane once it landed, however no one was arrested or charged. >> laurie: speaking of chaos a substitute teacher in seminole county is out of a job after she was allegedly teaching her second grade class drunk. another teacher noticed holly joel act strangely. she reportedly smelled of alcohol and fell when she tried to stand. you officials say she was so intoxicated she didn't even know what date of week it was p. authorities also found prescription pills in her purse and a water bottle with alcohol. the 52-year-old was charged with child neglect and disorderly intoxication. >> calvin: several victims coming forward as a man accused of groping women faces. >> laurie: a home collapses with people inside. how they were able to get out. >> will: coming up in sports, the dolphins working today on
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in houston. >> will: as we told you earlier from the news, mimmi heat all-star chris bosh finally speaking out breaking his silence regarding his recent health scare. bosh released a statement saying he rails confident he can return to the court this season. the heat topping our sports shot at this hour. unfortunately last night theheat lost for the first time sips they signed joe johnson, a cuff tough one in milwaukee to open a threeame road trim. hassan whiteside had another double-double in the loss but they fell short with a bad fourth quarter up. next a trip to chicago tomorrow. the struggling bulls team hoping to have jim butler back tomorrow from injuries. dolphins making headlines that's hosted broncos running back c.j. anderson.
4:25 pm
agent, meaning dench has five days to match any offer made to him, whether by the dolphins or someone else. dolphins, of course, looking for a vert back now that they lost lamar miller to free agency to texas. march madness ding off tonight. the 'cas play in the quarterly finals. ip time 9:00. lookinfor pay back against a virginia tech team that added beat them on the road this past weekend. that loss kept virginia from clink the acc. and the ottawa senators on the eyes, the cats in a bit of a slide having lost five of the last six to drop them out of first place in the atlantic division. the panthers are two out of place behind the bruins, and that's sports. >> laurie: still want to take my kids to a panthers game. they're doing great. will, thank you. and victor is off so camp is ining janine for local10 news at 4:30. >> calvin: laurie, thanks a lot thanks a lot. >> janine: nice to have puppy baby p here is what's coming up
4:26 pm
>> calvin: a safety alert a man accused groping women facing aing j today and we have new information about the alleged victims.s. >> janine: one woman make donation demand. she wants the church t t give back the money she handed over, she is requesting you the refund for something the church didn't do. >> calvin: plus, chaos in they court mouse. an employee is in a fight with an --
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it'sovered by most health plans. >> janine: right now 4:30 a man accused of groping women in coral gables face aid judge today. sevevel victims also coming forward. older col-torres now facing serious charges. >> calvin: local10 news reporter terrell forney is live in coral gables with the safety alert for us. terrell. >> terrell: these crimes have been traced back to the beginnnng of february. in each case the suspect description was thee same, a man on a bicycle literally attacking women in this coral gables neighborhood, which is along pubes de leon boulevard south of southwest eighth street.
4:30 pm
all to police, and now they are pointing the finger at the very same man. rodolfo col-torres is the man accused of terrorizing women in this coral gables neighborhood for t better part of a month. the 22-year-old face still frightens one victim. >> the second i saw him, i don't know, i just -- automatically i was cryryg because i saw his picture, i saw his face. it's something thatou can't forget. >> terrell: this woman, who doesn't want her face shown, said her nightmare began last week while walking her dog off pons de leon boulevard. she said torres followed her for nearly 30 minutes. >> every time i turned onto a dark street, he was right after me. >> terrell: then the man struck taloga large rock that hit the victim in head. >> i just hold my head, saw that i'm bleeding and i'm screaming to the other side to someplace i knew the people there to call the police. >> terrell: torres ran away but
4:31 pm
him earlier this week for an arrest which is how he wound up in court today accused even groping two of the six women. and in that bond court appearance today torres suggested that he as a history of ellen in illness, but for now he is -- a history mental illness. he has been charged with four counts of simple bat, wi one count of assault and one count of aggravated battery. i'm terrell forney-j. >> janine: six new cases of zika are being reported here in 58. mild county now has 27 cases. broward county has eight. the zika virus causes mild flu-like symptoms and it's suspected of causing some birth defects, but that link has not the florida department of health has set up a hotline to answer your questions o o concerns about the zika virus. the number is on your screen (855)622-6735.
4:32 pm
commission oathics has a five counts of corruption against the mayor of deemed deerfield beach. the janane robb is accepted $1,000 in indigestion from a aunt dealership then restricted the code enforcement regarding that dealership. she allegedly used her position to obtain improper benefit for her church. robb will be allowed to challenge those in a hearing on settlement. q. police have vals images of a i car they believe vuk a woman. the 67-year-old mejia was pronomnced dead's scene after she was struck. police say this is the car that fatally struck mejia. you can see it's a a silver older model car. if you have any information about who was behind the wheel, call police. >> calvin: well, a trial date has been set per to former cooper city baseball coach accused of molesting children. david solomon's trial will begin july 18th.
4:33 pm
pleaded not guilty to child momostation charges. solomon remains behind bars withoutnd bo. police say who will sol moan molestation two 11-year-old players while he coached a youth baseball team. he was arrested on similar charges in 2000 while working as a teacher at hialeah elementary school. those charges were eventually dropped. >> janine: now to an upkate on that amber alert. leydibet was in bond court. police found her in texas over the weekend after she allegedly took her one-year-old son who she did not have custody of from his caretaker in miami. little logan hernandez is now safe and sound. his heir was order to surrender her passport and she's being held on $50,000 bond. also right now, the dania beach bridge will remain closed for repairs. it was shut down in january, and officials were hoping to reopen think it month, but more work needs to be done. >> calvin: local10 news reporter todd tongennive now in dania beach with the bridgework that will soon be underway.
4:34 pm
that is out was expected to reopen in just two days, but now the florida department of transportation says it could be as much as a month until early april some time before it reopens, and all of this is happening during peak tourist season. business owners and local residents like that bridge, are up in arms. the sound of progress on a $5.75 million dania beach bridge renovation is the sound of pain for many others. >>t kills business because not only the noise because they're making so much noise and all the customers don't want to sit here. >> todd: jimbo's sandbar sits right next the the brickell and this is the peak season. >> we are slammed. we usually have every single table full. >> for us it has really shut down all kinds of potential buyers. >> reporter: a boutique cdo and development along the intracoastal. he also president of the area's homeowner association and he
4:35 pm
nothing but track of trouble. >> what was normally a quick commute here is now a battle. the weekends, you do not want to come here. >> todd: now the reopening has been delayed. fdot said quinn construction discovered several mechanical and electrical components that require replacement or more airports than originally determined. that will take time. the contractor has recruited additional workers and they are work can around the clock.and that construction company will face fines every day after march 12th that that bridge is not reopened. coming up at 5:30, we hear from the mauer of the dania beach about w w he thinks this was really poor planning on fdot's part. we'll also hear from fdot about why they say this was actually the best window of opportunity for them to get this job done. in dania beach, todd tongen, local10 news. >> calvin: it is 4:36 and rush underw.
4:36 pm
here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: there will be problems laughing miami beach from the macarthur causeway punk see that backup there. we usually see that backup at his time but you add an accident in the mix, not really helping things. so that accident right around palm island. there is a left lane blocked, seeing a lot of red all along the causeway 6 miles per hour, eastbound not looking much better with speeds there at 11 miles per hour. i-95 northbound there is an accident right around nororwest 7 nevadath street, heavy delays at 13 miles per hour. checking out broward county we are now watching this broken-down car on i-95 northbound right around commercial boulevard, so really not helping with that afternoon rush. there is a shoulder blocked with speeds as the 25 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: officials in miami, they will continue working this weekend to reduce gun violence in the city. >> calvin: a gun buy back program will be held saturday a jordan grove missionary baptist church on northwest 12th
4:37 pm
community leaders spoke out about the need to address the ongoing violence in the city. >> we have small children that are finding guns in the park, finding guns in their home and they're shooting their bestfriends by accident. >> let's celebrate have lieu of, not shoot and kill one another up. that's crazy! >> calvin: those who turn over their gubs that don'tork will receive gift certificates valued a $50. for any woror can gun they will receive a $100 gift certificate. and all exchanges are completely anonymous. officialsay no questions will be asked. they just want to remove those guns from the streets. >> janine: the american red cross is helping nine people who were displaced after a home collllsed in philadelphia. two people were inside while it collapsed, but the goonews they managed to get out safely. several from a neighboring home, they also affected plug including five children. the cause of the collapse sunday investigation. and now to a local10 news investigation, a south florida woman is calling it an unholy
4:38 pm
a donation of she made. >> calvin: that donation was supposed to bebused 4 a new church building but years after she handed over her hard-earned cash she claims little has been done, and now local10 investigator jeff weinsier found the churchas made little progress. >> the church is m foundation. >> jeff: katie millage is a believer, so much so she used the take the church van to pick up the homeless and bring them re to st. ruth's missionary baptist church in dania beach to worship. >> in spite of all my failures, the word of god hats kept me. >> jeff: sohen st. ruth as decide it was timer for a new location millage decided to donate. >> i live eye fixed income like everybody else. they needed a new sanctuary. i bought into the vision. >> how much did you donate to the church. $970. gems of that was backn 2012. now, four years later st. ruth's new location on northwest 9th avenue in dania beach still
4:39 pm
in fact, the church was actually renting this property to a construction company to store heavy equipmenen for an unrelated project. that was until code enforcement issued a violation for that. >> by now i thought it would be some signs, it would show some signs of something. back. >> i went to them in private. i went to them in private. they ignored me. >> jeff: so millage called an attorney. emails went back and forth. her attorney demanding the church return the donation of. the church's attorney claiming the project has not been abandoned. another letter to millage says "davis are made in good faith and will not be returned." >> this is so sad it has gotten to this point. >> do y feel like you were ripped off? >> yes. i feel like they defrauded me. >> jeff: local10 went tow dania beach city hall, and while the church did submit plans for the new location, the city kicked back those plans and asked for
4:40 pm
church has submitted nothing new to the city since september 2014, no revisions, no new plans, nothing in 17 months? >> our official comment is no comment. >> jeff: ernest jones is a church trustee and ministry chairman. >> why not just give her her money back. >> >> again, our comment at this time is no comment. >> jeff: in papers filed with the@ state, jones claims $92,000 has been spent on plans, soil testing, surveys, and per muts for this property, but millagehas lost faith. >> do you think they'll ever be a church built? >> never. not in my lifetime. >> jeff: in dania beach, jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> janine: millage filed a complaint with the florida division of consumer services. dania beach advice mayor is a memeer of the church and state records show he is the treasurer. he did not return local10's calls are for comments. >> calvin: coming up, chaos in
4:41 pm
breaks out between an attorney-client kinks and just about all of us have been touched by cancer. ahead in our health cast out genetic testing in certain patience can temp help save a lot of lives. >> janine: plus, say cheese.
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4:45 pm
how this moment was captured. >> laurie: 's attorney investigator outside a courtroom on the depth floater courthouse. >> he slammed my head into the bench and then he proceeded tow assault me and punch me eight to ten times in the face, and i wasn't fighting back. i wasn't assaulting him. >> laurie: crawfordy said he doesn't know his attacker. he said the other man lost histemper when he heard crawford talking to a witness. >> ale was simply trying to do was talk to a witness and give her the informatiti she needed so she would could make her choices. he started commenting that attorneys were slidesy and i reminded him that the district attorney's office wasn't much better. >> laurie: crawford was talking about the use of jailhouse informants. his client convicted murdered henry rodriguez was recently granted a new trial. prosecutors accused of this of illegally using a jill informant..
4:46 pm
who helped provide evidence to. he said he doesn't know what triggered his anger. there were witnesses and the sheriffs accident investigating. >> at this point it's probably up to the attorory general's office because i don't know if the da's office, they shouldn't be handling it. they have a conflict. >> laurie: meantime the association of orange county deputies sheriffs say that the attorney's claims are one-sided and they're conducting an investigation of their own. >> calvin: parents ar calling a san diego teacher a hero today. she was walking outside with her elementary class when a tree branch came crashing down. the teacher reportedly heard the cracking sound and warned students to run for safety but the branch landed on top of the teacher. she was taken to the hospital with a serious head injury but is expected to be okay. talk about sacrifice. >> janine: no kidng. talk about unfortunately boo weather. look at this. a live look from our hollywood beach cam, i do not see a cloud in the sky, people are enjoying
4:47 pm
it's a little breezy out there so you might get whipped around going for an afternoon run. >> calvin: if we had to nit-pick, a little breezy. >> janine: i'm not trying to nit-pick, betty. i'm just pointg it out. >> betty: best day so far this week. at least i i think so. miami-dade made it up to 94 degrees this afternoon. we did not shatt a record. the record for this date for if mia is 89 and that 84 never felt so good because of that breeze very strong, winds flowing in still from the east-southwest suststned near 20 miles an hour right now. and the temperatures have now fallen o into the 70s. fort lauderdale, we see you out there. you look great, too, 79 degrees the current temperature. the forecast for the evening does show there will be a few clouds out there with winds still going strong from the east-southeast near 15 miles an hour. temperatures holding in the 70s tonight. so fantastic weather. whatever you have planned outside, we are not plannin on rainfall. high pressure still the dominating feature just off the southeast coast. we're stuck in the flow around
4:48 pm
necessarily a bad thing for us. now, the wther is bad for places look new orleans where the rain is starting to move in, jackson, mississippi just getting pounded right now by heavy rainfall, so quite the frontal system still work over some of the same areas. we don't have to worry about being touched by that system tonight or tomorrow because of high pressure still dominating, in control. the flow around thqt high guarantees another nice warm day. tomorrow we are expecting to reach the lower 80s in miami. if you're heading to the beaches, the rip current risk still is running high. if you're they cannini the boats out, small craft advisory. that's still in play until tomorrow as well with those winds frfr the east-southeast off-mile and broward sustained 15 to 20 knots. choppy on those bays and seas running three to fife feet. in the morning we'll go start the day in the lower 70s, a littlelereeze for you out at the bus stop. then the afternoon briris our temperatures marching up into the low 80s. there may be a few mid-80s well see tomorrow afternoon.
4:49 pm
40%, and then it look like we're saturday. we're steppi into the weekend on a really nice weather note with our high temperatures in the lower 80s. rain chance still low object, only 20 perts saturday but sunday, calle ocho day, a 20% chance for showers so right now we're still saying there be could some showers out there. i don'want to say it's going to be a washout but can't rule out showers, and by monday can't rule out a little thunderstorm. look at theys temperatures even monday beyond monday. stays warm with the highs in the mid-80s. and as for that breeze that's bothering you, janine, it won't be quite a strong by sunday. >> calvin: we have tow mentionsomething. >> janine: we are goes also thinking about the weekend and florida's days away from calle ocho. >> calvin: come out this sunday and join us. you can find on us coach between 15th and 16th avenues from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. you
4:50 pm
stanwood, christina vazquez, carlos suarez and ben kennedy. >> janine: shyann malone, neki mohan, todd tongen will also join eric yutzy to greet you at the local10 booth at a that time. >> calvin: from 1:30 until 4:00 you can chat with glenna milberg about politics andrew perez with liane morejon, jennifer correa about the weather and derek shore. >> janine: also also also say hi jasey birch, hatzel vela and kristi krueger. you can find us along calle ocho which is southwest 8th street between 15th and 16th avenues candlelight vigils check this out. if you're going to come in that afternoon, in fact, and join the local10 conga crew from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. you can dance the dayay away with a million of your closest friends. conga with us this sunday at calle ocho. >> janine: i may have to stay late for that. if you want can't make the down to 8th street for all of t fun we have you covered with our local10 calle ocho special airing at 7:00 bringing you all
4:51 pm
turning now to health news, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the united states. extended on by heart disease. in today's health cast liens medical specialist kristi krueger looks at how end jetic testing in high "likes" patients can help save lives. >> kristi: this year thousands of people are expected to lose their battles with cancer but mounting evidence does show that a third of all those deaths could be prevented through really detection and treatment. now, dr. steven pokelaw of who is the execucuve director of women's cancer research foundation necessities many cases genetic testing can hemdetect ahrens at its earliest stages. he uses a test called the cancer intercept which can detect mutations, small ones in the blood. >> that's where the area of personalized medicine is going, is to find the earliest time to intervene and to find the earliest p pients that we can detect. >> kristi: also in today's health news some growing concerns about younger children and eating disorders.
4:52 pm
experts say children need more protein, more fat intheir diets than we do as adults, and when kids mimic the diets that their parents are on grandparents are doing, they can really set themselves up for nutritional problems. the key is to recognizeze a problem. again as early as possible. >> if someone expresses concern about an eating disorder, take it seriously, gethat person evaluated. they may have normal lab evaluation. they may have a normal physical exam but still have life-threatening disordered eating attitudes and behaviors. >> kristi: and behaviors to watch out for in children include things look a sudden diet change such as b boming a vegetarian out of nowhere or cutting out all the fats inn their diets, competitive picky eating or starting adult-type diets and food restrictions. children, like adults, need a healthy diet with everything, everything in moderation. i'll have more on an antibiotic and the new danger to look out
4:53 pm
>> calvin: two utah women say they were given the cold shoulder during a performance of disney's frozen on the ice. >> janine: even though they have since received an apologies, they refused to let it go. you see the pair dressed up as elsa and -- they had tons of people in the audience asking for pictures and autographsn at intermission however the production company asked hem to leave. >> they said they were uncomfortable with our presence there and that was it. >> i felt singled on it. i felt embarrassed and humiliated in front of all of these people. >> we weren't doing anything did i go orderly. we were customers simply trying to enjoy a disney show. >> janine: the company says the costumes were distracting from the performance. the women have since received a refund and ticket to another show. the stage is set and we are hours away from he republican presidential debate at the university of miami. our live team confirming continues at 5:00. >> c cvin: an 80-year-old tortoise is saying cheese and posing for a selfy.
4:54 pm
this picture was made possible. ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? deed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to op. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay to it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
4:57 pm
>> janine: okay. selfie you cannot help but doctor at a affects zoo did just that when this bit camera curious. the doctor said he was initially recording it to examine hiccups but he noticed the tortoise seemed t t be looking at himself on phone, and so he snapped this picturee instead. which i think looks pretty cool. so if you ever wanted to know what a tortoise looked like up close, there you go. that's going tdo it for the news at 4:30. laurie and calvin are back for the news at 5:00. >> laurie: animals and baby, they love their reflection. >> calvin: right now local10 news at 5:00 the republican presidential candidates are getting ready for tonight's debate at "the u" and we have live team coverage. democratic candidates are
4:58 pm
their showdown last night. >> calvin: miami-dade corrections officer accused of extort ousts dhows from boot camp cadets may be going to jail. >> laurie: this looks like a frisbee but it may help package thieves from steali your deliveries off your sandor step. off the top at 5:00 st. bernard's holding a rally in gains vile while hillary clinton@ made a surprise visit to miami beach. >> calvin: and the republican candidates spent the day preparing for tonight's debate here in south florida, while ted cruz picked up his first senate endorsement. >> laurie: we have live team coverage of the race for the white house with then glenna milberg and michael putney. jab jan has the latest on what the the democratic candidates arardoing. glenna, let's begin with you today. >> glenna: calvin and laurie, the fight for florida comes right here to the university of florida and the stakes knot be any higher especially for the hometown candidate.
4:59 pm
he is down in the delegate map. he is going to be what some consider to be delivering today his closing arguments to voters. >> this is the first day that people -- that states can go winner take all so you're having a huge amount of delegates allocated on one day. florida i igoing to decide a huge a things for one of our candidates or all of our candidates and can really shape the race one way or ather. >> glenna: and tonight could be a race-shaping debate. >> these debates to me are getting very boring if you want to know the truth. >> glenna: frontrunner donald trump expects the attacks tonight but at what tone is the question. >> i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. we are going, going to the white house. >> glenna: florida senator marco rubio is behind in the polls in his home state on a must-win primary night, especially since texas senator ted cruz has won his state. >> at this point i think both marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. >> glenna: cruz picked up his first nate endorsement today, mike lee of utah, a growing list of so-called establish am
5:00 pm
anyone-but trump movement. and the polls show an anyone-but-trump movement is losing in florida. what you're looking at right now on the big screen, these are google trends of the day, the very first time that google is actually tracking who searches what and whom in realtime. information. we'll talk a little bit more 6:00. but i'll leave you with this. florida, the state of florida is the number one googled state this week. i'm glenna milberg in florida at the university of miami in coral gables, local10 news. >> laurie: glenna, thank you. >> calvin: and kight live over the bankunited center where toyotas debate is just hours away now, and as glenna just talked about the stakes are very high, especially for florida senator marco rubio. >> laurie: ted cruz is supposed to have a rally outside that was supposed t t start right about now. if we see that g ghering we will take you right there. meanwhile let's get some specprotect you have the on


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