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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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anyone-but trump movement. and the polls show an anyone-but-trump movement is losing in florida. what you're looking at right now on the big screen, these are google trends of the day, the very first time that google is actually tracking who searches what and whom in realtime. information. we'll talk a little bit more 6:00. but i'll leave you with this. florida, the state of florida is the number one googled state this week. i'm glenna milberg in florida at the university of miami in coral gables, local10 news. >> laurie: glenna, thank you. >> calvin: and kight live over the bankunited center where toyotas debate is just hours away now, and as glenna just talked about the stakes are very high, especially for florida senator marco rubio. >> laurie: ted cruz is supposed to have a rally outside that was supposed t t start right about now. if we see that g ghering we will take you right there. meanwhile let's get some specprotect you have the on
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>> calvin: michael putney joins us live from the so-called spin room on the um campus. michael week what can we expect tonight? >> michael: calvin and laurie, i think we can expect another good old-fashioned free-for-all debate like weave seen over the past few months unless, unless donald t tmp comes out and says "i'm going to be presidential" or implies he wants to be subdued, less flamboyant. at, of course, is not really his strong suit. hehe is full of braggadocio. he says that everying in his presidency is going to be great. the wall is going to be built. mexico is going to pay for it. and he will negotia much better trade deals than the one we've got. trump will be trump unless he is, as i say, might be a little subdued. marco rubio tonight needs a really outstanding performance, needs to prove he is still a viable and credible candidate who can win florida on tuesday.
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pretty much game over for marco rubio, a poll out today shows rubio has ground to make up if he is going to win. the suffolk university poll has trump at 36%, rubio 27%, nine points back, ted cruz at 19% and john kasich at 10%. now, here@ are some of the topics that i expect are going to come up tonight. this is not divine inspiration. you can figure this out as well. immigration, trade policy, climate change. they haven't radle talked about climate change in a couple of months. also i expect to hear a lot about national security, cuba. and then american muslims, do american muslims hate america? donald trump says no. but last night he told cnn's anderson cooper, "islam hates us." that is a question that i eect to be raised here by the
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debate to get underway about 8. 30. michael putney. laurie? >> reporter: speaking of the questions and the format you've been involved in so many debates. have you heard the format for tonight? will there be anything differ about it tonight in. >> not that i know of. in previous debates have been they've really brought audience members forward to ask questions. they can a little bit of that last night, very little with the democratic candidate i think some university of miami students may be apked to present a question or two, but jake tapper is the moderator, very smart guy. i think that he and perhaps the other journalists, the washington times, a newspaper, is one of the cosponsors of the debate alongith google. so they are probably going to be the ones asking the questions. >> laurie: all right. everyone will be gripped to it. michael, thank you. >> calvin: the democratic candidates really hit t t campaign trail today with several stopspsn our state.
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with more on their big day. >> janine: calvin, both candidates are crisscrossing the state today, and for bernie sanders this week marks his first to campaign here. >> the only way we transform this country is when we do it together! >> janine: late this afternoon senator bernie sanrs continued his florida tour in kissimmee, hoping to rack up vose ahead of next week's primary.earlier in the day sanders wrapped up a visit to gainesville where he donned a gator baseball cap and rallied with students at the university of florida. he whose momentum after a strong debate performance last night. >> madame secretary, i will match my record againstours any day of the week. >> janine: but hillary clinton remains the frontrunner. this morning she made an unscheduled stop at the famed fontainebleau hotel on miami beach, surprising the staff there. >> as a cookie would never see -- i would never expect to see the candidate for democrat
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nide to be h%re with us in this moment. >> janine: clinton then traveled to tampa. >> we've got to do more to bring back manufacturing jobs. we have to do more to create small businesses and help them grow. >> janine: clinton has dominated southern states, and polls show she is way ahead in the sunshine state. sanders is expected to make another stop in tampa today. clinton is getting ready for a rally in north carolina. that is another state that's holding itsts primary next week. laurur and calvin. >> laurie: and do stay with local10 news for more live reports leading to toyota debate um.immanuel and glenna will be right back here at 6:00 and tn tonight at 11:00. >> calvin: don't forget, florida primary is five days away. your vote counts on march threatened. early voting is still underway. >> laurie: now to a federal raid a opa-locka city hall today. sky 10 above that scene as f before it agents were seen carrying items out of building. ey were apparently looking for evidence of public corruption. however, authorities aren't saying if this is related to an
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myra taylor and her husband over an alleged kickback scheme. so far no arrests have been made. local10's derek shore is going to have a live update for us a 6:00. >> calvin: an officer accused of extorting boot camp inmate for thousands of dollars to feed her gambling habit is going to go on house arrest untiler trial. local10's liane morejon live now at the jail withore for us. >> liane: calvin, laster is still here at the jail though not for much longer. since we brought you thisp story, we've heard what the state is alleging, we've heafrom the victim's father be with even one of the vtims himself about the today we are hearing laster's sued of the story b way of her attorney who said that laster did nothing wrong. officer christie laster back in court, a jung allowing here her to go home on house arrest after six days in jail. news met with tears in the courtroom from laster's family. >> i'm very pleased, she's very pleased and obviouslyly the family is thrilled about it. >> liane: laster w w arrested
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according to investigators, 19 cadets who wentt loo the miami-dade boot camp program and got out on work release were victims of a shakedown by laster. investigators say evidence photos show cadets being forced to hand over the money they earned in fear of being locked back up. attorney david brawn says taking that money was part of laster's job dcription, and that money is supposed to be returned to the cadets at the end of their work release. >> once she took tho moneys from the cadets, which she's required to do, she placed them in the box. then where did they go from there? >> liane: the state attorney's office believes the 35-year-old veteran officer used that money to feed a gambling habit at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino where she has allegedly gambled away nearly $40,000. and while brawn admits laster does frequent the casino. >> she is not partying. she enjoys playing cards. >> liaia: he insists she never used the cadets' money to play or stole it in the first place.
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ta anything from those cadets luggage oh lasasr was given two options for house arrest, pay a bond of $443,000 or a agree to gps monitoring and to surrender her passport. we're told she agreed to the latter.( her arraignment is scheduled for the 24th. we are live@ in west miami-dade, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: a big spike today in the number zika cases in florida with unfortunately. six new cases wereeported just today, three in miami-dadecounty which leads the state with 27 now. one case is in broward bringing the total number there of patients to eight and two of these new cases are in osceola county. there are a total of 58 patients in florida. only four are still sowing symptoms. >> calvin: in the area of aging time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with local10 news traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: we'e' watching this broken-down trial, palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading south right at northwest 122nd street.
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always a highway where we see a lot of congestion, and this is really not helping. again a very lane is blocked as you're heading south, northwest 122nd street, 23-mile-per-hour speeds. and we've als got a broken-down car i-95 southbod right around ives dairy road where there is a left lane blocked on the exit ramp and speeds there are at 16 miles per hour. and just a bit furtherp staying on i-95 southbound, this i'm hallandale beach boulevard there is a crash there with speeds clocking in at 15 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: okay. jenise, thank you. we want to remind you about this weekend's big block party, and we're only three days away from calle ocho. >> laurie: we're getting our dancing shoes on because you will find the whole local10 team at a booth righting a coach coach between 15th -- calle ocho between 15th and 16th avenue. this sunday march threaten from 11:00 to 1:30 you can meet janine stanwood, christina vazquez, carlos suarez and ben kennedy. also shyann malone, neki mohan, todd tongen and eric yutzy will be out there t greet you and
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from 11:00 to 1:30. >> calvin: then from 1:30 until 4:00 you can talk politics with glenna milberg, andrew perez, liane morejon, jennifer correa to derek shore. jasey birch, amy viteri, constance jones, hatzel vela andkristi krueger will also meet you on sunday afternoon between 1:30 and 4:00 p.m. if you're going to come in this afternoon fof that, join the local10 conga pool, yes, check them out on that graphic, from 1:00 to 5:00. you can dance with a million of your closest friends. conga with us this sunday, oh, yes, just like that. >> laurie: ooh. we're going to have to do some stretching to get ready for that one. if you want can't make it out i can sure to tune in to our calle ocho special sunday n nht at accepting p.m. right here on local10. >> calvin: still to come an air boat captain heading home afterr a long day on the water ran into quite a roadblock, t ts big guy was blocking the road and he wouldn't go away. we'll show you how they finally got him to move along.
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central florida where a substitute teacher has been arrested for being falling-down drunif her elementary school classroom. >> calvin: first we'll show a new way to keep thieves from swiping your deliveries from your front door, and you can
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phone.,tt2w`tiy %4. bt@q5f( tt2w`tiy %4. "a@q%jl tt2w`tiy %4. bm@q.a@ tt4w`tiy %4." dztq ub0 tt4w`tiy %4." entq %fp tt4w`tiy %4." gzt& > calvin: surveillance cameras can let u keep an eye on your deliveries but what can you really do to keep thieves from stealing your stuff before you get home? well, one inventor in seattle thinks he's come up with the answer. seattle ininventor said the inspation fors his new creaks came from serious perspiration. >> i was like, there's got to be a way to protect a box on your porch. candidate be that that hard. >> reporter: it all started w wn mike was taken by porch pirates. he noticed the news coverage. if no one is around. >> because i can't stop them. i know i can't stop them. >> calvin: mike's idea ask called a package guard. when packages of delivered they go on top of the guard. >> they'll do this. still okay.
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off. >> calvin: did packagege guard sinned a text and you respond by phone. >> the dent is the sound it. turns into a very loud alarm. >> calvin: the alarm's tone is still being worked out but when it goes off you but another text motel. >> the minute thaha alarm goes off they're not going to be walking back to the car. ey're going to run to the ca and most likely drop the package. >> calvin: mike says when theyey go to mass production they'll sell for about $50. >> it's really you tryingo take cougher your stuff, and that's where this came from, me trying to talk care of myself. >> calvin: grab hand has started a $46 million kick sta campaign -- $46,000. the guard is available for a $40 pre-order on kick start. >> laurie: we have three recalls.
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attach years being pulled off store shelves afterer being richard to a salmonella outbreak. there are cases of 11 people getting sick across nine states, two were hospitalized the piss atta yos were sold under wonderful, paramount and trader joe's and sold in the united states and canada. they can be identified buy a 13-digit lot code number found on the lower back or bottom animal pack paneling maybe-time@ another crawl involves corona beer. i certain packages may contain small eces of glass. the issue was found after a routine quality check at two different breweriey. no injuries, though, or complaints have been reported. and nearly 3 million boxes of frozen debjoern oh pizza, stoffer's lasagna and lean cuisine memorials being recalled as customers say the found pieces of glass in those. gano injuries reported but the
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spinach used in the recalled products. >> calvin: let's take your mind off of all that by talk about the forecast outside. what i dodger gorge day. >> laurie: it is sparkling lies blast. no glass to harm once just gorgeous. >> betty: you may as well start your weekend right now. start it now and get some of this. look at the view from the lens of our mallory square camera. it keeps get better and better. the birds are flying by. fort lauderdale be, you're one of our favorites spots to look at, too, awesome blue sky, you will you can still see sunshine, but miami also always be our main squeeze, especiallllwhen you are offering up hardly a cloud as we're staring down toward miami beach. temperatures in the upper 70s now. we did make that run into the 80 earlier this afternoon. miami hit a high of 84. it's now 77 for the mia, fort lalaerdale at 79. marinated, we see you out there in the middle keys, 78 degrees your current temperature. the forecast for the evening wewel be right back look quiet, dry but it will be breezy.
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winds from the east-southeast near 15 miles an hour sustained right now. that same flow coming around an area of high pressure off the southeast coast, clockwise flowaround that high, thus we're stuck in that atlantic breeze for the rest of tonight. and then look at this return moisture into the lower mississippi river valley easing over into middle tennessee. rrential rainfall for those areas associated with apron system, a system that's slolong going to creep eastbound but totorrow we are still controlled by high pressure and the flow around that high. that means our friday is going to be mainly dry and breezy. then by saturdayy still a before it a breeze out there. winds flowing in from the east. southeast clouds mixed with the sunshihi but it won't be until sunday when we see a little better chance for showers and thununrshowers. this is what we're going to do for tomorrow. morning lows lower 70s. highs reaching the lower 80s. winds southeast been to 2020 rain chance low.
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by calle ocho we're still introducing a better chance for a few showers in the area. we don't want to keep you away from the party. there may be a thunderstorm on monday. warm, low to mid-80s here to stay. >> laurie: let's take to you a live picture now from the university of miami where the stage is the set for the big republicanresidential debate before the florida primary. >> calvin:ust hours away now and, of course, the stage is set as laurie just talked about,nd for donald trump, of course, going up against ted cruz, john kasich andof course, marco rubio, a very big night for him as the stakes are very high. how lell will he do will determine if he stays in this race of course. let's check in with our will manso and today's sports.
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nob[ not audible ] >> will: heat fans have been waiting about a month for this day. waiting to hear something abobo the health of chris bosh who has been slow for a second straight beer year by blood clots. today the all-star broke his silence saying he's optimistic returning to the game this season. big fellow said there were active blood clots in his leg but bosh did not mention the timetable for his return. just said he continue to work with the heat medical staff. bosh released a statement today through his public sisis keep in mind the team itself has not commented at all. bosh's statement reads in part "i remain positive that i will be able to return this season. i truly appreciate everybody's concern and support." without bosh, the heat have fared very well of late. in fact they ran nigh buzz saw at the bucs last the night in milwaukee.
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acquiring joe johnson. dwyane wade said they just had too many mistakes. >> too many turnovers as a steam, i had way too many, but what they beat us at was getting the second poison chance and slowing us down at the free throw line. >> calvin: the dolphins push signed broncos running back c.j. anderson tie four-year offer sheet worth $18 million. now, it's not a contract because the brokers now have five days to match that offer. anderson played for new dolphins coach adam guest in denver. two pushing hurricanes football players have been ready for resist officers without violence. according to the miami herald be with controversial darling and jahair jones both offend linemen were blocking traffic in miami beach last night, place can themsesees in a dangerous situation, however, neither will be prosecuted. > march madness kicks off for coach jim larranaga if hisis hurricanes playing in the ac c
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that beat them in virginiaia tech over the weekend. 'canes meanwhile had a chance at a share of the regular season acc title but they lost that game. gators play in arkansas, second round of the sec tournament today. john here playing with a hand injury scored eight points, ninee rebounds off the b bch. one point game with under aminute left casey hill with a clutch lay-up for uf. he had a game-high 18 points off the bench. gators win 68-61. they will face texas a&m tomorrow. on the ice panthers host was senators tonight at 7:30. catsts in a bit of a slide, they lost five of the last six. dropped them out of first place the in atlantic division. panthers, though,h, are just two points out of first behind the bruins and the -- calvin and laurie.. >> calvin: pris in coral gables making arrest after several women were grabbed by a stranger. >> laurie: gest let's get to janine in the newsroom. >> janine: calvin and laurie, all of those victims were out
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were assaulted, and today we're hearing from one of thosevictims 5 we have a live report coming up in just minutes. and a substitute teacher trying tow avoid the news cameras after she was arrested r being drunk in her elementary school classroom. we'll tell you how she was caught. and all new at 6:00 the angry alligator blocking the road and did not want to move. lonely news at 5:30 coming right back. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our r xt president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> janine: right now at 5:30 this man is now behind bars accused of repeatedly growing women in the coral gables area. his victims were all out exercisingy when they were assaulted by a man on a bicycle. >> calvin: cops say some were even chased and attacked. we're hearing from one of them. terrell forney has her story. terrell. >> terrell: this female victim says that she still is suffering, both physically and mentally, because of what happened to her. this neighborhood is south of southwest 8th street along pons de leon boulevard and things got so bad that detects of used undercover officers wo
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to be beneficial. >> every time i turn into the dark street he always rides after me. >> terrell: the woman who is still frightened to show her face said her nightmare began last wee walking her dog off pons de leon boulevard. >> i just hold my head, saw him bleeding and run screaming to the other side to place i knew the people to calls police. >> terfell: after being tailed for nearly 30 minutes she said rodolfo col-torres picked up a large rock and hurled it right at her head in an unprovoked attack. >> i tri not on even to look at him. i looked at him. i tried not t# i have give him tooks. >> terrell: today torres is injail after being linked to six different attacks against women. >> i am sorry that he is -- i am happy to hear that. >> terrell: two of those
5:31 pm
another two of of those incidents involving women who say they were groped. , all of the victims pointt torres out of ay photo line-up. >> i'm thankful that he didn't touch me, but then again i'm on pain pills. my head is like crazy hurt. >> terrell: and right now torres is still in jail. he's been charged with four counts of simple battery, one count of assault, and oneount of aggravated battery. in today's bond court appearance he suggested to the judge that he has a history of mental illness. we are live in cables, i'm terrell forney. >> calvin: we're following some breakingews right now. trouble at the texas office of a republican presidential candidate. >> janine: laurie is in the newsroom with the latest on this. laurie. >> laurie: we are talking about ted cruz. of course, texas is his home state. he carried that state. right now as he greatest for the debate here in miami, he has to be thinking about this, a
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so was found at cases texas office in southwest houston. you see these fire crews on this scene, quite a presence. this all started happening an hour ago. it's about an hour ahead there, it's 4:30 there in houston and these crews have been working the scene for the past hour. we have not received any corporation yet what kind of substance this was or is and how it arrived, whether it's in a package or an envelope, but you can see authorities are taking it very seriously, closing off the roadway there with yellow tape. our sister station kprc reporting this information and bringing us these pictures. right now cruz and his staffers are trying to get ready for the debate right here. he's running behind trump and rubio and he has a who the on his mind tonight to do well be but this is a big distraction. we will certainly keep an eye on for you and let you know as soon as hazmat crews mauk their finding. calvin and janine, back to you.
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the florida commission ethics has filed a complaint alleging five counts of corruption beach. the complaint alleged mayor jean robb accepted $1,000 in decades from an auto dealership and obstructed the code enforcement regarding that dealership. she also allegedly used her position to obtain improper benefit for her church. robb will now be allowed to challenges those allegations >> calvin: north miami beach police are now looking for a car that was caught on camama after a deadly hit-and-run on sunday. the victim was cross can the street when she was struck and killed. local10's shyann malone is live now with a look at the car police are trying t track down. shyann. >> shyann: calvin, not on do weave new information on that vehicle, the car police believe was involved in this deadly hit-and-run, we're also learning the name of the victim whose fe ended along this weighs busy road. lilia mejia lost her life early sunday morning. it was just after 2:00 a.m. when
5:34 pm
crossing the s seet in north miami beach when she was hit by a car heading northbobod on 177th streeeenear northwest 19th avenue. the driver never stopped. >> that pedestrian is a local miami beach resident. >> shyann: these are pictures from surveillance video nearby showing the car police are searching for. the vehicle is hard to make out in the photos. sergeant jason ochoa, though, gives us a brief description pledges allegiance. >> the vehicle possibly involved if this accident is a late model 1999, early 2000s honda civic, silver in color, hatchback. that's the vehicle in question. >> shyann: police are still reviewing the video and theed your help tracking down the hit-and-run driver who ended lilia mejia's live life. this is a live picture here. officers just handed me this photo. this is not the actual vehicle involved in this incident but they b@lieve it looks similar to this. for another look at a, visitus
5:35 pm
reporting live in north miami beach, shyannalone, local10 news. >> calvin: the council on american islamic vessels demanding an apology from donald trump who recently said "islam hate us" and they're going after governor rick scott after appearing to a national talk show and not denouncing trump's remarks. our investigator bob norman has more. >> bob: another controversial statement from gop frontrunner donald trump last night. this time pigeon holgate an ebtire religion. >> i think islam hates us. >> bob: it led to a media uproar and this mobning florida governor rick scott was asked about it on msnbc's morning joe show. >> do you think muslims in the state of florida hate america? >> well, as you know in florida we're the best melting pot in the world. we love everybody coming to our state. >> bob: it wasn't a direct answer. and three more times the question was asked. >> rick, wick, rick.
5:36 pm
because you are friends, but can you answer the question or should we scoot? >> well, i can tell you that, you know, i'm glad everybody is in florida. we're doing well here. >> bob: the lack of an answer governor from the showowow wavering. >> bob: scott's performance garnered plenty of media attention today as well as the condemnation of council on american islam relations. attorney wilfredo rues. >> we feel betrayed by a governor that we were expecting from him nothing else, nothing but standing up for equality. >> bob: what should scott of done? >> stand for the over half a million muslim that live in florida. saying, no, there are muslims today protecting me, protecting our citizens, surfing our nation. >> he chose not to answer. he cheese to be weak. >> bob: bob norman, local news. >> calvin: bob requested a
5:37 pm
clarif his position yet again but had not received one priorto this report. >> janine: a substitute teacher in central florida was arrested for allegedly being drunk in her second grade classroom, and corning to police she was so drunk she did not even know what day of the week it was. 52-year-old holly joel was swarmed by reporters when she bonded out of the seminole county jail. joel is now off the job as a substitute teacher with seminole county public schools after sanford police say she was intoxicated. the incident happened tuesday at bentley elementary school. >> wow. that's bench scary with the kids in the classroom. >> janine: police say a teacher at the school noticed joel was acting strangely tuesday morning. that teacher then told a school resource officer, who went to the classroom to investigate. we're told the officer asked joel to stand up from the desk, and when she did, she fell into a window. the officer also noticed joel smelled of alcohol and was slurring her words. she couldn't even answer what
5:38 pm
>> i'm in shock right now. and, you know, with all due respect, you know, i just hope at the courts prevail and they do whatever they got to do to make things go the way it's supposed to go. >> janine: the resource officer also said hee found prescription pills in joel's purse along with a water bottle filled with an alcoholic beverage. bentley elementary school's principal said that at no time were any students in danger or unsupervised but some don't see it that way. >> for t tm to witness it in a, supposedly a, you know, a pristine environment away from drugs and alcohol because that's not the message we're trying to get across to our children. >> janine: joel is charged with disorderly intoxication, child neglect and disturbing the peace. right now it's time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. how is it looking out there? >> jenise: we've got a few things out there as you can see from this picture, really big baup on i-95 right around atlantic boulevard p. northbound-southbound lanes getting by slowly.
5:39 pm
northbound lanes as we zoom on in maps. this is i-95 mound at atlantic boulevard with speeds in northbound lanes of at 21-mile-per-hour. southbound lanes not inge looking much better with speeds at 16 miles per hour. we're still watching this accicint on i-95 southbound as well right around hallandale beach boulevard with speeds a 23 miles per hour. and checking out dade county we have a broken-down car i-95 northbound this is northwest 103rd street. this is there is a right lane blocked here with speeds clocking in at 26 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thank you. a gator on the move causing some traffic trouble. well, this big alligator parked itself right down in the the middle of the road and would not budge. we'll show you what it took to finally make him move coming up at 6:00. >> janine: the hot convict whose mugshot went viral now a free man. we'll tell you what's next for this guy. >> calvin: is that is that antibiotic you're take actually hurting you?? find out why cipro could be a
5:41 pm
5:43 pm
in today's health cast. >> calvin: in today's holidays potential problems with a drug that is supposed to make you feel perpetrator sip vo a common antibiotic that is prescribed to treat a number of bacterial infections butted as our medical specialist kristi kruegery tells us there is growing concern for cipro bowing a danger.
5:44 pm
i ran five miles a couple of times a week. i used to do zoom by a with my daughter and i have five children so i was a very act of mother. >> kristi: but that was before hannah wiesenthal elias was prescribed a certain antibiotic to treat a virus. today this once healthy mother often struggles to stand up long enough to cook dinner. lila has a similar experience. >> i couldn't walk at all. i would crawl, and that lasted for probably about three or four weeks. >> kristi: both women were different given cipro a popular antibiotic but one that is listened to toxicity. dr. charleston bennett is a drug safety specialitiesy the university of south carolina whose been studying these adverse reactions for years. >> and then they can't concentrate, they can't see the computer screen, they have a lot of pain, sometimes tendon pain
5:45 pm
>> kristi: hannah has had several tendons spawnsly rupture. she also feels a crushing, rning pain throughout her body. >> it's hard because i can't go for a bike ride with them or go rolling skating. there are a lot of things i'd like to do, and i just want to them kitchens better what patients have been doing is turning to social media, forming groups and spreading awareness. many have taken their fight to washington, dc, and in november a small victory, an fda advisory panel called for stronger warnings for antiburgs like cipro and levaquun because of their sometimes devastating side effects. dr. benefit calls it's eye good first step. >> we can have every physician and every patient and every pharmacist and every nurse knows when a patient takes a drug this will not occur. >> kristi: but is been three months and no such changes have been made leaving patients like lyle out vowing to fight on.
5:46 pm
them, then i should do it as a human being. >> kristi: and this rell is an issue of growing concern responsible patients have recently filed a lawsuit. this group another group met with representatives of cdc and p. and dr. benefit tells me he and others are continuing to push for not only stronger black box warnings but also studies into why certain people are affected, and also there's a concern that these very strong antibiotic are overprescribed for very minor infections like bron kites and utis. we'll keep on top of this one. >> janine: let's talk weather right now. it's not too early to talk about the weekend, right? >> calvin: no, not too early considering there's a big party going on that everybody is invited to. >> janine: betty, if there's a litt bit of chance of rain on sunday, that's not going to spoil the party, right? >> betty: no, come on out and get your conga on, right? we've got big plans going on for sunday. this is our south florida for the rest of the evening. look at that. , a mainly clear view of
5:47 pm
on the broadwalk getting in some exercise, a few people out on the sand. the rip current risk is high so the sand the is the best place to be. temperatures in upper 70s right now after reaching the low to mid-80s this afternoon. the breeze has been strong all day, and it's still kicking out there, these winds from the east-southeast sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour. that will be the case through the evening. our sky cast model showing just a few clouds but outside that of rainfall not in the forecast for the evening. high pressure, that has been the big story all week lock, that high anchored offshore. flow around that, we're still caught up in the there's moisture still returning into this lower mississippi river valley, so some rainfall creeping in around new orleans, jackson be with mississippi getting dampened up tonight as well. we don't have to worry about that system reaching us on the short-term but maybe by sunday we get a few showers but not tomorrow. it's all about high pressure being in control. as i said, the flow around that high means we stay in an east-southeast breeze even on
5:48 pm
are again expected to make that climb io the 80s. miami hit 84 this afternoon. forecasting 82 for tomorrow. it's all good. winds from the southeast 15 to 20 on the waters. rip current risk is going to be high for all you beachgoers still tomorrow. well. off the mild and broward seas running three to fife feet, chop on the bastes bays. i know with that breezy you feel like you want a little sweater, and then by the afternoon, boom, there we go, low 80s. we're we're good to go. 10%% chance for a shower tomorrow. i wouldn't even take the umbrella with me. saturday, don't forget to spring forward, saturday night temperatures in the lower 80s. decent by. by sunday here comes that frontal system bringing a better chance for a few showers in the area. we're still getting our calle ocho on. by monday we won't rule out a storm, and the forecast rails warm over the next seven days, 80s. >> janine: apparently the most interesting man in the world is
5:49 pm
actor jonathan gold smith has delayed the dos equis spokesperson since 2007 but now he needs to find another job. the beer company is replacing him with another younger actor. the final ad has the most interesting man taking a one way trip to mars. dos equis will reveal the new most interest manning later this year. i nominate calvin. be on that list. a reality star is behind bars after being busted in las vegas. chumley from pawn stars was arrested on felony weapon and drug charges. police say chum leigh who is real name is austin lee russell had one gun at his home while serving a search warrant. jeremy meeks is now raw free man. the convicted felon was released yesterday. meeks became an internet sensation in 2014 whehe yes, this mugshot went viral and, well, at the ladies loved it. and he was given the name hot
5:50 pm
>> janine: there you go. >> calvin: i don't understand. okay. >> janine: he has an agent. >> calvin: and he's ting to start a career in modeling and acting. that's what it takes. >> janine: turning over a new leaf. there are hundreds of animals in need of good homes right here in south florida, and today local10 animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of dogs that would like to pal around wiwi you. >> chalupa likes belly rubs. you're such sweetheart. i'm in love with you. i'm going to find s sebody else who is in love with you, too. hi, guys. i'm jasey birch at the humane society of greater miami. this is a chiweenie. she's three years old and a love bug. i'm here with laurie@ and you've the guy fice at the little one. >> i do. he is likeso run around. it's marcos and he's five years excelled he's looking for his forever family. >> you have the greatest animals here but for t tse of us who can't adopt and can't foster you have come up wane credible idea.
5:51 pm
youuill we dogs with blue vestsaying "adopt me." people who want to foster r t can't take them home. >> and we have two dogs that are trying to gives kisses, so i want to get them to you so you can gettists can all the time. all you have to do is go to our website there you will scroll down and see that pet section. can you look at all the furry faces all day while outa work, just don't i tell anybody. i promise i'll find a home. but i've got to infind chalupa a home, too. pay attention to all the dogs at the humane society of miami. >> janine: the localal newsroom is busy on this thursday afternoon. here are some of the stories that we're working on on. an air boat captain heading home after a long day on the water ran into quite a roadblock. find out how this big guy was finally convince today move along. >>8calvin: miami corrections officer accused of extort thousands from boot camp cadets maying soon getting out of jail. >> janine: first the bridgework is having a nearby impact on
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:55 pm
be done any >> janine: crews are still work can on the dania beach bridge which will remained railed closed to traffic for some time after worker found addition problems that still need to be fixed and that news is notsitting well with business owners who say their stores suffering. todd tongen live to explain what's going on. >> todd: janine, an estimated 10,000 cars a day travel across this bridge, and so the fact that it is still out is really bothering busines orthopedics and local residents.
5:56 pm
bridge, are up in arms. the sound of progress on a $5.75 million dania beach bridge renovation is the sound of pain for m my others. >> it kills business because not only the noise becse they're making so much noise and all the customers don't want to sit here. >> reporter: every year tourists flock to the nearby beach. now the reopening has been delayed. fdot said quinn construction discovered several mechanical and electrical components that require replacement or greater repairs than originally determined. >> for us it has really shut down all kinds of potential buyers. >> todd: john owns seaside village, a 3ment .3-acre boutique condo and single team family home developed along the intracoastal. he's also president of area's homeowner association and he said the bridge closure has been nothing but traffic trouble. >> what is norm will a quick
5:57 pm
weekend, you do not want to come here. >> todd: mayor of f nia beach said some of the closure sting could have been d of have soph end. >> i think they would have been could have been more considera of the local businesses and residents. >> todd: the work began in october andn fdot said they chose these dates because the temperature was to close it during hurricane season. there is an sin of for this construction company devote this thing finished, and that is thereeill be a $10,000 per-day fine after march 12th up to $110,000 fine levied against this company unless they get it done. they've got crews working 24/7 and they have recruited more construction crews to try and get the job done quickly. dania beach, todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: we'll see what happens. that'll do it for local10 news at 5:30. calvin and laurie are back for news at 6:00. >> laurie: right now 6:00 the stage is set for the great debate um. can ted cruz or marco rubioio cut into donald trump's big lead in
5:58 pm
crisscrossing florida and one mauking a surprise stop at a south florida landmark. >> laurie: raid at city hall.@ why armed federal acts stormed inside this morning. >> calvin: it's back for court for a jailer jailed and accused of extortion. >> laurie: a giant gator stopping traffic and not budging. >> calvin: plus, can chris bosh return to the heat just inn time for the playoffs? the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >>alvin: off the top at 6:00 the stakes at the university of miami where the fight for florida continues tonight with what could be the last debate for wont republican presidential candidates. >> laurie: and ted cruz getting a big endorsement from air fellow senator. >> calvin: it is the all-important i. florida primary all right. and lom news as l le team coverage ahead of tonight's debate right here in florida, so let's begin with local10 news reporter glenna milberg. she's live inside what's
5:59 pm
already. the fight for florida combines in just a few hours. figuratively. whether that will be literal as well remains to seen. people are already early voting for this debate before tuesday's all-important florida primary is really critical, especially for the hometown candidate marco rubio. >> get out of here. go home to mom. >> glenna: frontrunner donald trump expects attacks tonight but at what tone is the question. cell phone video of the latest clashes at his events don't phase him, nor, it seems, does the gathering collective attacks by his opponents. >> this is the first day that people -- that states can go winner take all oh you he a huge amount of delegates allocated in one day. florida is going to decide a huge amount of fate for one of our donates or all of our candidates and can shape the race. >> i will campaign as long as and as hard as it takes. >> glenna: florida senator marco rubio is behind the polls in his home state a must-win primary
6:00 pm
senator ted cruz has won his state. >> i think at this point both marco rubio and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. >> glenna: cruz picked up his first senate endorse today mike lee of utah, a growing list of of so-called establishment republicans driving an anyone but trump movement. >> if you block, if your goal is to try to keep him from getting the gel delegates then you're going to alien at a time at a a lof people who have supported trump. >> glenna: and a real tomb look at with whom the interest lies in google searches. >> this selection is the first time we've had -- it's always been like a few days behind. so we can see florida trump is consistently the most searched. but then number two is between rubio and cruz which kind of reflect what's going not broader sense. >> glenna: you know if you've been in front of a television for any length of time, and we hope you are, you've seen the


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