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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we know here in south florida we have to worry about cliffs all the time because our topography is so -- all right. south florida. good friday morning. one thing you're not going to have to worry about as much is how gusty the winds are today it. moving our camera around. it's pumping in the heat and humidity. temperatures still above average. you won't notice the wind gusts as strong today leading into the weekend. we are definitely going to see the increase in our humidity. currently 71 in kendall. 72 in pembroke pines. 73 in marathon. anan as you see the winds much calmer this morning, yesterday at this time we were talking wind gusts in the 30s. as the kids head to the bustop, 73 degrees. we'll be warm and dry, a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. definitely feeling more humid in the afternoon. i'll have more in the forecast. i-95 southbound at the glades, we've got our express lanes completely blockededhis morning.
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the spot. ill kind of dark and early. you can't see a lot outthere but, hey, they should be reopening soon. if you're traveling off the dolphin expressway eastbound at northwest 45th avenue, we do have reports of a crash for our eastbound lanes here. those speeds clocking in at 48 miles per hour. miami-dade county another crash to get to if you're traveling off of miami gardens drive, reports of a hit and run crash. in broward county finally 595 west-bound at the turnpike, another little fender-bender. i don't suspect it's going to be affecting our travel speeds at all. no, 65 miles an hour. a suspected teen burglar is dead. police say she was shot and killed after a woman caught him outside her northwest miami-dade home. police say the 54-year-old homeowner left her home on thursday afternoon but then her alarm went off, so she returned, saw the intruder and that's when police say she shot him.
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the alleged burglar has 17-year-old trayvon johnson. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> it's very sad. she seen him walking out of the house. police told her don't go in the house but she still go into the house and search, then the laid came out, shot one time, shot name in the ches >> the homeowner is cooperating with police. we do have breaking news out of germany. police in berlin have a man in custody who this say claim to have a bomb he was trying to take into the u.s. embassy. they cleared the area and said the bag only contained personal items like clothing. the 23-year-old man's identity has not been released. republican candidates squaring off in the debate last night in miami. donald trump on the defensive about more
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>> last night you toll cnn quote islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >>reporter: the debate especially important for senator marco rubio whose campaign relies on winning here in south florida. he got cheers over his stance on cuba. >> i would probably have the embassy closed until such time as a really good deal was made and struck by the united states. >> first of all, the embassy's the former consulate. it's the same building. so it can go back to being called a consulate. we don't have to close it that way. second of all, i don't know where cuba is going to sue us, but, if they sue us in florida, they are going to lose. >> florida's primary is next tuesday, although early voting remains open through the weekend. which former rival now set to officially endorse donald trump today.
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west palm beach. also an update on where the campaign trail is taking the democrats. that's new at 5:30. los angeles firefighters battling a commercial flame which sent thick black smoke drifting towards east l.a. no injuries reported in the cause of the flames ststl unknown. and now to a family in weston. they are out of theirir home after a fire broke out in the garage. these images show what's left of that home on lavender circle. fire rescue says four people were home at the time including an elderly woman but no one was injured. the family says they were inside the home of they heard a loud pop. they found the garage engulfed in flames. an investigation is under way into what caused that fire. this morning you are seeing surveillance video of a car involved in a deadly hit and run.
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the driver never stopping. police releasing images of the vehicle involved. they are hoping the public can help lead them to the driver responsible for this deadly crash. the victim died at the scene. if you know anything about what happened here or if you think you recognize that vehicle, give police a call. the deerfield beach mayor is under investigation for allegedly misusing her elected position. the florida commission on ethics says there's probable cause the mayor accepted $1,000 in donations from a auto dealership and obstructed the city's code enforcement regarding that deposition. e also used her position to obtain improper benefits for her church. federal agents raided an opa-locka building on thursday hauling away several boxes. the mayor myra taylo is
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an alleged kickback scene. former mayor who brought up concerns about the city's financials issues a video statement. >> i pointed out several irregularities and things that didn't make sense about their financial systems era. at this point i hope and pray our justice stem will rapidly address this issue. >> when contacted by local 10, mayor taylor said she had no comment. miami leaders are stepping up their efforts to reduce gun violence through a buy-back program. those leaders speaking about the need to address the ongoing violence in the community. >> small children finding guns in the park, finding gas pumps in their homes and shooting their best friends by accident. >> not shooting each otr up. that's crazy. >> anyone turning in their guns this weekend
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certificates. all exchanges are anonymous. an arrest and a toddler tragedy is made. who is behind bars for one-year-old jacksonville boy and the message that family has for the suspect. a one and only exclusive story on local 10. a woman opens her eyes for the very first time after a c coma. where fish are
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the streets. good morning. 5:10 right now. police have made a second arrest in the death of a toddler caught in the cross-fire of a gang shooting. he is the second person arrested in connection with this january death of 22 monon old aiden mcclean mcclendon. >> whoever did it, we forgive them because we can't go around and just be hating them as much as we want to hate them. >> the family says they believe those responsible should be punished. the police are looking for more suspects believed to be involved in this shooting. a man attending a donald trump rally, police say 78-year-old john mcgraw was charged with assault and disorderly conduct at
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police say he punched a protestor in the face as he was getting kicked out of the venue. mcgraw told inside edition he was attacked looked. >> we know he's not acting like an american. next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> that's not going to work. mcgraw is expected to be in court next month, as charges. investigators are conducting an internal review to see if the police officers should have immediately arrested mcgraw at the rally. severe weather drenching parts of the south yesterday. it was enough to turn streets into rivers quite literally. several fish there swimming there in the flooded street. the heavy rain has forced evacuations all across the region. scary stuff, julie. >> torrential downpours for two days straight, going on three as we'll see it on the satellite
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due to that same system that sparked a tornado outbreak earlier in the week. are we thankful to have high pressure in place. hasn't done much to our weather pattern. it's been pretty tranquil all week long. the transition is coming, esescially throughout the later half of the morning throughout the afternoon and this weekend. high presssse will push away that will allow that tight pressure gradient to loosen. wind speeds between 10 and 15 miles per hour. no wind gusts reported where the last few days we've had wind gusts in the 20s and 30s. with the east southeast wind direction is pumping in the heat andnd humidity. lower 70s will be greeting you all across the board from pompano beach and homestead. we should be waking up to 64 degrees. we haven't seen that on the map all week long and we won't see it until we get in the weekend and early next week. wind speeds anywhere between 8 and 15 miles per hour. that is also providing for the cloud cover to
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time throughout the morning. the atmosphere is very dry thanks to high pressure, that same high pressure that's kept us pretty m mh safe from that storm system that kept us safe for parts of the deep south. dry in miami-dade all the way up and down south florida. thee wind feeding in this massive storm system we've been talking about. severe weather threat from texas again, louisiana, up towards the ohio valley and east coast through the system. behind it high pressure in place drying out the rockies. a new system pulling in towards the northern portions of california, nevada and in towards for us high pressure will keep it dry, mainly breezy throughout the later half of the morning and throughout the afternoon but not windy. with that said we're keeping that threaea of beach-goers. will be in t forecast saturday as the winds relax. it wl definitely be warmer and more humid. today is not looking too
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saturday not badt all. by sunday for calle ocho, you have to pay attention. you might want to bring your pop. o. we will see that chance of showers increasing by the afternoon hours on sunday and then going into monday as well. >> all right. let's talk about the palmetto expressway this morning. if you're traveling southbound on the approach to tamiami trail, we have reports of construction crews block all of our lanes. this i at northwest 58th street it. traffic moving just fine in both northbound and southbound lanes. let's get to these accidents this morning. most of them are clearing up. traveling eastbound at the dolphin expressway heading towards miami at 49th avenue.those speeds at 59 miles an hour. also an earlier crash, a hit and run crash off i-95. at this point it looks like it's also clearing up. those speeds between 30 and 39 miles per hour
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595 west-bounin the turnpike. >> constance, thanks. another update on your commute, the danl dade boulevard bridge will be closed. the bridge was expected to reopen in just two days but quinn construction said they found several components saying they required the replacement of greater repairs. if it's not done by the 12th the company will have to pay a $10,000 a day fine. a company goes airborne in a los angeles crash. we're not joking here. you're going to see the twisted metal all over the roadway. a red car blows through a red light slamming into a s.u.v. waiting for the light to change. six people were seriously injured. police are investigating. it helps that they have that video. maybe it's pizza night in your house tonight.
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dads want something easy. there's a recall alert yo need to hear for dejorno. >> got to make it home made or delivery. let's take you outside. this is our miami tower camera. >> i'm come over and bringing all the kids. >> better get a lot of pizzas for that. this is how you start your friday morning.
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all morning long. we have two recalls you need to know about. bags of wonderful pistachios are being pulled off shelves due to a possible salmonella outbreak. they we are sold under the grand name wonderful, paramount tarms and also trader joe's. they were sold nationwide and in canada.
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section to find out more details. here's what eric was talking about. nearly three million boxes of digiorno pizzas, stovers lasagnas after pieces of glass were found in them. the glass may have come to the spinach used in the recalled products. you can find more specifics on n nestleusa's website. >>reporter: the event takes place a day before apple goes back to court in its fight against the government. >> under armour launched its first ever training. >> claiming to provide ultimate stability for intense work-outs. price tag $300. if you're in the habit of quitting all
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iphone and apps to preserve your battery power. apple says it does nonoing for your battery power. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. an exciting unveiling in californini this is boeing showing off a flashing new drone. the echch voyager says this drone will be instrumental in under water missions such as searches for crashed planes which of course is a a big story. >> bigger than the drills we're used to seeing lately. >> tens of millions of dollars. pretty cool. just ahead on local 10 news, we've got to tell you about a man over the edge. >> long border's dangerous ride caught on camera. the malfunction that sent this kid flying right off a cliff. he's a daredevil but he didn't mean for that to
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later a man accused of groping women goes before the judge. hear how one of the
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trauma she endured. caught on camera a teen in texas lost control of his skateboard and he went sailing off of as ship. >> two weeks ago he's riding down from the top hill going about 45 miles an hour when all of a sudden he had the biggest scare of his short life and long boarding career. >> then my june hill wheels whipped up andnd don't know why and i went flying off the side of the sleigh. after that i just slid on some loose gravel and dirt and loose cactuses. >> yikes. >> as you can imagine he was banged up pretty badly. a big smile on his face. >> thanks god he had jeans on.
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serious road burn. >> good advertisement for them. >> maybe he gets a endorsement. morning. south florida brought out more civil side of the republican >> front runner donald trump grilled about his previous comments about muslims and he and marco between the united states and cuba. later on this morning dr. ben carson is expected to endorse donald trump. and family members identified the 17-year-old killed by a homeowner in northwest miami-dade as trayvon johnson. police say he broke into her house. officers are now questioning that homeowner about the shooting. new surveillance showing a car suspected in the deadly hit and run. this happened in north miami beach. police hope those images can helpp lead them to the driver who is responsible. local 10 news on this friday morning is
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>> we have a lot for you, contact is watching
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in a few minutes. from rivals to allies, which former g.o.p. presidential candidate is set to officially back donald trump in south florida today. teen shot and killed. what caused a homeowner to fire her gun. a woman beaten into a coma, what her family is saying about the moment she finally opened her eyes. a student with special needs left behind on a bus not once but twice. find out whose paying for this big oversight. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we made it, folks. it is friday. >> victory. >> it is. >> every time you get through it. >> i was just cheering. i thought you were going
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do you want to talk to julie. >> julie, come on, i know can you talk. >> indeed, there's always something to talk about here in south florida, especially on this friday. a lot when you have weekend plans. we've had a very tranquil week, breezy to windy contions with the winds moving in 10 to 15 miles per hour. over the week it's been as strong as 20 to 30 miles per hour. transition starts here with the winds starting to calm down. you're going to notice an increase in humidity. remember how it felt oh, so nice. that will be changing as we go into the later half of the morning and you'll notice is in the afternoon and weekend. current temperatures nine degrees above where we should be this time of year and you're definitely going to feel it. the winds will start to subside. highs rapidly warming up to the mid 80s. it will start to feel like spring as we go into the weekend. i'll have more details on that coming up. >> julia tuttle causeway
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here's a live look at our eastbound lanes. as you can see folks heading to the beach at this point. i'll tell you, all the bridges are looking good. no major issues. just a little bit. it's right off the dolphin expressway east bound, those folks heading into miami this morning. that one reported right off of 45th avenue and those speeds between 51 to 61 miles per hour. outside of that let's go to broward county, an earlier crash now clearing. this is 595 west-bound at the turnpike. remember this, follow us on twitter. as soon as we have an accident, i'm updating it on local 1 police still learning more about what happened before a teenager was shot and killed. local 10's ben kennedy in northwest miami-dade with the latest. what happened in this confrontation? >>reporter: good morning, eric. the scene h now cleared out this hour. in fact, there's yellow
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surrounding this home. this is@ where that suspected burglar was shot and killed by a homeowner. >> i hear you got shot but i don't know how you got shot. >>reporter: miami-dade police say he was a suspected burglar, a 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a homeowner in northwest miami-dade. >> she observed a subjectxiting the home through the rear. at that point there was some type of a quick confrontation, shots were fired. >>reporter: officers say the homeowner, a 54-year-old woman, left her home around 5:30 thursday nig only to return moments later. after her alarm went off. it's there that she was met by an intruder. >> the lady came out, shot one time, shot in the cst. >> who was trayvon to you? >> my brother, my little brother. >>reporter: trayvon johnson was shot and killed. it's notlear if he had
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>> there's any type of situation where you believe you'rereeing robbed or there's a burglary of any sort, then you have an opportunity to avoid the situation and let the police handle it, we're trained for these type of situations. this is wt we're here for. >>reporter: we are hoping to talk to the homeowner. it looks like she's sleeping at this hour, to get her side of the story. the case has been turned over to the state attorney's office. ben kennedy, local 10 news. and now to a story you saw first here on local 10, the woman police say was beaten into a coma by her roommate. she met o o craigslist. she actually opened her eyes for the first tim this week in nearly a month. andrew perez tells us about the remarkable gain she's making but also the rovery that still lies ahead. thumbs up. thumbs up.
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family members now, even reaching out to her younger brother. >> she wants to aive you a hug. >>reporter: it's a miracle says the family of danielle jones whose been in a coma for almost a month now. a savage beating landing her att ryder trauma. >> doctors couldn't tell me if she ever would wake up. for 28 days i did not know if danielle would make it. >>reporter: she did and her recovery would see nototng short of remarkable. it was on valentine's day she was attacked by byron mitchell, a roommate danielle found on craigslist. she lived tether for a week before something went terribly wrong. her mother overjoyed. she's slowly getting her daughter back. >> she tries to talk and at times i can h hr her say i love you. >>reporter: mitchell who remains in jail for attempted murder claims it was self-defense.
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buying that due to the severity of her injuries. they have been at the hospital when they are not in court. you can bet this is only the beginning. this young woman. she's going to have to learn to walk again, talk again. still a long road to recovery. the family set up a go fund me page to help wi these medical expenses. you can head to ourur website for more information. i'm andrew perezezlocal 10 news. after securing the endorsement the former president of chris christie. >> i was withh dr. ben carson today who is endorsing me, by wait. >>reporter: trump saying yesterday the debate held her in south florida and now the announcement will be made a little further north in west palm beach, a spot the two both own homes in. it's unclear if carson will be there. last night's debate
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marco rubio aiming to secure the 99 delegates at stake here in the estate. last night you told cnn quote islam hateses us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> i know p people find in says. >> whether or not last night's debate was enough to narrow the gap remains to be seen. early voting continues through the weekend. on the democratic side hillary clinton was herself. she made stops in north carolina and illinois but she began the day here in florida a aer an appearance yesterday morning in miami beach, it was off to tower cam. the democratic front runner talked about raising the minimum wage. she says she's ready to
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candidate is nominated. and bernie sanders also in the sunshine state marking the first time the democratic hopeful has campaigned here. sanders chris-crossed the state stopping at the u.s. and gainesville before heading to kissimmee and finally finishing the day at a rally in tampa. haz-mat crews called to the scene yesterday after raters of a suspicious substance found around those headquarters. after about and hour thatcene was cleared and no injuries were reported. the fbi involved with this investigation. a former for former first lady nanc reagan will be held in california.. there will be about 1,000 people in attendance including first lady mimielle obama, former president george w. bush and presidential candidate hillary clinton. president barack obama will not attend.
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respts again as nancy reagan laid in remows at her husband's presidential library in california. she will be bied beside her husband. >a miami-dade corrections officer is arrested for allegedly extorting money from boot camp cadets and now has been granted house arrest. now the program did not allow the cadets to have cash on them. so laster's attorney says she wasas just following the rules. however, prosecutors say she gambled away nearly $40,000. and the justice dertment says there's probable cause that a locked iphone used byy one of the san bernadino killers contains evidence of the attack. federal prosecutors say that the government and community need access to this phone and they say apple must make the device available. at a hearing on march 22nd, lawyers for apple and the justice department say they will argue their case before a federal magistrate. health officials say nearlyly 200 cases of zika
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in t t u.s., all traced to travel abroad. the officials are pleadingor congress to provide 1.9 billion to fight the virus in latin america. some of the money would go to puerto rico whwre some cases have been reported, three in miami-dade county and one in broward. cuban dissidents all coming together to protest the historic trip to the communist island. a march will take place the same week the president makesn historic trip to cuba. two of the most active anti-regime coalitions both in and outside of cuba. >> we believe that those thousands of men and women who have died, that those thousands of men and women were fighting for cuban freedom and the desire for at any time because
5:38 am
of the cuban peoplplto be free. >> referring to the group's exclusion from a meeting to be conducted by deputy national security adviser ben rhodes. local 10 will have complete coverage of the president's historic trip to cuba. that starts next week right here. when we come back a student is left behind again. >> how the boy with special needs ended up all alone on a school bus and who is facing charges for thihi now. a big win for the canes. who they will now face in the acc tournament. and later big shark sighting for science. where his huge cash ended up right there on this fisherman's boat. the weekend is upon us and we have changes in the forecast. come on out to cal qua and meet all o o our local 10 celebrities. you might want to bring
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you can dance no matter what rain or shine. come on out.
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weekend to enjoy. a school bus driver and attendant are facing serious charges after th allegedly left a special needs student alone on a bus n once but twice. police say the first time happened earlier this month up aware that the 13-year-old was asleep inside. he managed to climb out a window and actually hitch hiked his way home, if you can believe that, but then this week it happened again. >> i want to introdu you to two people who will not be the school bus driver and attendant of the year for the poling county school system. >> both times the teen had to hitch hike 30 miles to arrive back
5:42 am
the driver and attendant are charged with child neglect. they are lucky that boy made it home safely both times. >> they are furious. we'll keep you updated on that. winds ripped the siding the to front of the building. flying debris didn't hit anyone but the wind did cause damage to itemsall around that story. >> makes our windy weather the last couple of days like child's play. a lot of people setting their plans in motion. >> it will not continue. it's not nearly as windy. we do have wind speeds between 10 and 13 miles this time. we had wind speeds between 20 to 30 miles per hour. with unfortunately the winds starting to subside. i told you all week long we were lucky to have those wind gusts. that means the winds are
5:43 am
the relative humidity is going up. definitely ann increase and you're going to feel it. temperatures nine degrees above where we should be this time of year. we have the lower 70s for you in pembroke pines. 71 degrees kendall. hey, marathon 73 with the winds moving in n om the southeast wind direction and that's going to keep in t heat and humidity. as you heard me mention the wind speeds are not nearly as strong. the winds will not believe nearly as strong as what we see for the last week. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. there a a some clouds around but they are not producing precipitation all thanks to high pressure. still our dominant weather feature. it's been hangingn all week long and we haven't been complaining because it's provid for some beautiful afternoons. with that said it's going to push towards the east. the change in our weather pattern will continue to begin. the system will feed into a major system
5:44 am
bringing torrential rainfall. today all the way up towards the northeast. because this high is so strong, it's not able to push into florida. we're expecting to keep the high in place today and tomorrow. for us here in south florida we will see the cloud cover but those clouds will not be producing precipitation. another day with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. definitely warmer and more humid. that will continue going into saturday but i want to bring your attention into sunday. it is calle ocho but i want you to get out there and enjoy. those showers will continue to lift towards the northeast. there is a possibility it could clip parts of the metro and coastal areas of broward and miami-dade. we lose that hour of sleep this weekend. i know for all husband morning people it's going to be rough. daylight savings begins at 2:00 on sunday so we
5:45 am
clocks ahead one hour saturday night. if you're traveling south at i-95, take a look at this congestion. the camera is now turning so you can see at least two lanes blocked on i-95 southbound at 62nd street. now you see clearly what that picture looks like. for anyone traveling in to miami, that's the message you're going to face unfortunately. this one popping up literally five minutes ago. since it just popped up, we're not seeing the delays. those speeds at 65 miles per hour. something else to get to, if you're traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway, a crash reported at 107th avenue. i have to take you back up to broward county because this crash is still reported in my system. this is 595 west-bound right at the turnpike. >>reporter: good friday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. dolphins officially announced they have
5:46 am
anderson to an offer sheet. it just an offer sheet, not in official contract because the broncos have five days to match the offer. anderson is coming off a super bowl win. senators scoreless in the first. jaromir jagr changes that. his 20th career 50 point season. jagr takes a stick to the mouth, chips his front tooth but he scored another goal in the third. jagr and the cats win it. all smiles. 6-2. one of the greatest right there. miami heat all-star chrisosh revealing that the blood clot in his left leg is gone and he's working on rejoining the team next season. bosh has been sidelined since the all-star break for the second time in as many years. he released a quote
5:47 am
appreciate everyone's concern. a bounce back tonight in chicago. the heat captain posting on twitter quote as the leader of this team, i have to be better. >> it's a nasty game. it's a junk game so you never have a rhythm and i felt that we didn't play our best game but we took a lead. we had control of the game and then it just went another way after that. >> gators playing arkansas second round in the sec tournament yesterday. eight points, nine rebounds off the bench. casey hill had a clutch layup for uf. a game-high 18 points off the bench. gators win. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. the number 11 canes
5:48 am
washington, d.c. first half newton, he is back if his suspension, the rip coast to coast. trail by one in the secondalf. angel rodriguez, he takes off. not one, two, but three. he had 19 points, canes win. they advance in the semi finals against virginia. a possible set back. >> you're haying to hear theestimony from a witness that could count
5:49 am
5:50 am
gend. we are now hearing from one ofhe women assaulted by alleged gropers uncoral gables. torres was tracked down by detectives aft
5:51 am
different attacks against women. >> one of the women says after being tailed for nearly 20 minutes, torres picd up a large rock and hurled it right at her head. >> every time i turn to this dark street, he w w right after me. hold my head, saw i'm bleeding and run screaming to daughter's side to some place i knew there were people there to call the police. >> police say two of the crimes involved rocks. all of the victims pointed him out una photo lineup. he has been charged with four counts of simple battery, one charge of assault and one charge of armed battery. a journalism professor taking the stand saying there is news value behind a public figure having a sex tape. >> you say is it news that a sex video that a famous professional wrestler exists. do you see that?
5:52 am
>> and you conclude that the fact that a video actually exists is probably news. you see that? >> i do. >> hogan's attorney calledournalism professor but the defense claimed foley's no expert seeing he hasn't worked in a news room in 20 yrs. >> news value? that's an interesting thing to happen in court? >> blended news and entertainment so much you have to part and parcel what's out there. >> thahas true. very interesting to see what happens in court. we have a new take on road rage. >> wildlife workers finally got the stubborn gator from out of the streets. the white house puts out its finest for the state's dinner. that's coming up live at 6:00. 54th street. there' actually a crash at northwest 62nd that'ss blocking lanes. not moving very fast.
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get around this (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, apping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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chalupa likes belly rubs. i'm in love with you. i'm going to find someboby else whose in love with you too. hi, guys. i'm jacey birch. she's three years old. you can see she's just a love bug but i'm here with laurie and you have a feisty little guy over there. >> he e kes to run around. he's marco. he's five years old and looking for his forever family. >> you have the greatest animals here. for those of us who can't adopt and foster. >> bark around town. this one wants to be adopted. people want to foster but can't take them home with them so they can spend the day with the doggy. >> i want to gethem to you so you can get kisses all the time.
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to our website there you'll scroll down and see that pet section. boy, can you look at all the furry faces all day while you're at work. just don't tell anybody. >> i'll find you a home. can i pay attention to her too? >> all right. pay attention to all of the dogs here. just goo to new this morning a south carolina man has quite the fish tale to tell after he caught a 2500 pound great white shark. he says that after a four hour battle he was finally able to bring the shark boatside. the fisherman was named the shark wild cat. here's the point. he wasn't hurting theshark. he tagged it with a tracker for science because, as you know, great whites are a vulnerable s scies. he set it free. >> brag about reeling
5:57 am
that's amazing. a so fwc officers called in, this was on thursday to, help force this gator off of u.s.-27 in weston. that gator would not budge. officers did manage to move him off the rd and back into the everglades. gator run elementary is not that far away. i think he's a little late for career day. there is much more news ahead coming u u at 6:00. >> what that could mean for his campaign. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
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republicans are fighting for your vote ahead of florida's primary. the debate on historic change. a critical clue to find a driver who struck a woman in the street kill her. the car involved that was cauaut on camerer the corruption investigation that led to boxes of evidence being hauled out. waiting for friday since monday. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. that's a good way to put it. ready for the weekend. we've got a lot to talk about right here on local 10 news but first, let's sta with julie.
6:00 am
change in the forecast. it feels a bit muggy because the winds are much calmer this morning. allleek long we've had the strong winds moving anywhere between 200 to 30 miles an hour. the temperatures are nine degrees abovehere we should be with 72 miami as well as ft. laududdale and key west. with the winds anywhere between 11 and 13 to 15 miles per hour. not nearly as strong as what we saw yesterday moing. we'll notice that east southeast direction. that direction is what'sgoing to pump in the heat and humidity throughout the morning into the afternoon. dark and early out there. a live look from o o mallory square camera. temperatures will continueo rise through the upper 70s. you're going to feel it as the humidity does increase. by the weekend we're talking increase i rain chances. i'll have the details coming up. we do have some traffic issue here on 95 southbound right at 26nd street. the express lanes partially blocked. i want to step out of


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