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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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change in the forecast. it feels a bit muggy because the winds are much calmer this morning. allleek long we've had the strong winds moving anywhere between 200 to 30 miles an hour. the temperatures are nine degrees abovehere we should be with 72 miami as well as ft. laududdale and key west. with the winds anywhere between 11 and 13 to 15 miles per hour. not nearly as strong as what we saw yesterday moing. we'll notice that east southeast direction. that direction is what'sgoing to pump in the heat and humidity throughout the morning into the afternoon. dark and early out there. a live look from o o mallory square camera. temperatures will continueo rise through the upper 70s. you're going to feel it as the humidity does increase. by the weekend we're talking increase i rain chances. i'll have the details coming up. we do have some traffic issue here on 95 southbound right at 26nd street. the express lanes partially blocked. i want to step out of
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what's going on here. stick with those regular lanes this morning if yore heading into miami. also a right lane was blocked. a whole lot of heavy congestion because we did see two lanes of traffic blocked. if you're traveling on the approach to this location, those seds between 14 and 30 miles per hour. again, this is i-95 southbound. those folks heading into miami this morning. also another crash earing up. this is the dolphin expressway west-bound at 107th avenue and finally got to get you back up to broward county, an earlier crash still reported in my system.this is 595 west-bound at the turnpike. now to vote 2016. that's where the fight for florida, it continues this morning. last night the republicanstation off one last time. later on this morning donald trump is expecting an endorsement from a former presidential candidate. layron livingston live this morning in palm beach with plenty of details.
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i just want to show you what we're dealing with right now. getting ready for this 9:00 press conference. secret service tells me they are about to conduct their security sweep in just the next few minutes. as you said we're expected to get some formal confirmation from the debate state. >> i was with dr. ben carson who is endorsing me, by the way. >>rerter: that's how the news broke. this endorsement from former presidential hopeful dr. ben carson. it came after trump and the remaining g.o.p. candidates took to the debate stage last night. aa much more camper and civil answer question the voters have seen so far this primary season. take this heated but rather tame back and forth between trump and senator marco rubio looking to keep the
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side speaking with the controversy surrounding the cuban embassy. >> i would probably have the embassy closed until such time as a really good deal was made and struck by the united states. >> first of all, the embassy, the former consulate is the same building so it can go consulate. i don't know where cuba is going to sue us, but if they sue us in miami, they are going to lose. >>reporter: much tamer thaha we've seen in past presidential debates. the mar-a-lagoest indicate has been turned into the c club. layron livingston, local 20 news. >> you can vote early developing right now, a teen intrude a homeowner shot and killed a 17-year-old after she allegedly
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home and now we're learning more about the suspected burglar. we do have local 10 news reporter ben kennedy live for us in northwest miami-dade with more details on this teen intruder that was killed. tell us what happened. >>reporter: we'reoping to talk to that homeowner this morning, hoping to get her side of the story. you can see the home is clear at this hour but there are still signsns of that investigation. it is here that police say a suspected burglar, a 17-year-old was shot and killed by the homeowner. officer say that homeowner, a 54-year-old woman left her house around 5:30 thursday night only to return moments later after her alarm went off. it is then that she was met by an intruder. the family says the teen killed was trayvon johnson. as detectives continue to talk to the homeowner. >> the lady said he seen him walking out of the house. the police told her
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but she's sll going in the house and searching for something. she was shot one time, shot in the chest. >> and that is the teen's older brother that we spoke to late last has been 12 hours since the shooting here in northwestst miami-dade. the investigation does continue. we are told the state attorney's office will now pick up the case. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. breaking news this morning, this coming out of germany.police in berlin have a man in custody who they say claim to have a bomb he was trying to take into the u.s. embassy. they cleared the area, said the bag only had personal items in the area like clothing. los angeles viters battled a commercial fire. enormous walls of flames could be seen. officials tell us at least 100 fighters were on the scene. no injuries were reported and the cause
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now to a family in weston out of a home this morning after a fire broke out there in their garage. these images show what's left of the homee on lavender circle. fire rescue says four people were home at the time including an elderly woman but no one was injured. they heard a large pop and that's when they found the garage engulfed in flames. this morning we are now seeing surveillance video of a car that was involved i a deadly hit and run. this happened last weend. hard to see but just one clue. >> the driver never stopped and now police risking those images of a car involved there. they are hoping someone out there can help lead them. police identifying the ctim as 49-year-old woman. if you know anything about this crime, you think you recognize that
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the deerfield beach mayor is under investigation right now for allegedly misusing her elected posotion. there's probable cause to believe the mayor accepted $1,000 in donations from an auto dealership and obstructed the city's code enforcement deposition. she allegedly used that position to obtbtn improper benefits for her church. she will be allowed to challenge those allegations through a hearing or settlement. federal agents raided an opa-locka city building on thursday. mayor myra taylor is under investigation for an alleged kickback scheme. former manager steve schrieber issued this statement. >> i pointed out several irregularities and things that didn't make sense about the financial systems there. at this point i hope and pray that our justice system will rapidly resolve this issue.
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who, if anyone, that raid targeted. when contacted b local 10, the mayor said she had no comment. the countdown to calle ocho continues this morning. two days away now from south florida's biggest street festival. >> this year they are dedicating atage for a special reason. >> we have a stage dedicated to former, past kings and queens. we're doing a stage at 12th avenue dedicated to our 40th annnnersary. >> a whole stage for the king of carnival miami and this year, i love him so much, cuban american actor and director andy garcia is king. do we get to meet him? >> i hope. so laurie did. >> i'll be at 14th and 15th avenue to say hi. >> stop by. >> we'll talk to him about how he feels about being crowned. i' so jealous of laurie
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that's ahead at 6:30. >> drop by and see us. local 10 will be there from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30, janine stanwood, christin vazquez, carlos suarez, ben keedy there be there along with shyann malone. todd tongen and i will be out all there. >> from 1 0 until 4:00, andrew perez as well as me and amy viteri, constanceones, hatzel vela, kristi krueger. we all want to say hi to you. i really hope i spot andy garcia. i'm going to be a fan girl saying can i take a selfie. you blew me away in "when a man loves a woman." >> i love him in "the untouchables." a woman i a coma making serious moves forward. >> we're going to tell you about her road to recovery.
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there's something south. >> fish literally swimming in the streeee. we'll tell you which frozen meals you should be tossing out this morning. make different plans if you're going to do a
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good morning. topping america's money. stamp prices could be going down. >> the decrease is happening on december
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>> the postal service is fighting it saying two cents a stampecause of its pooj financial conditions. lean cuisine meals after customers reported finding glass in their food. >> details at the fast food breakfast wars. >> the chain is offering a $1 breakfast menu. the ten items special menu will be available from 10 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> that's america's money. have a great day. let's take a look at the severe weather drenching parts of the south sterday enough to turn streets into rivers. look at this, louisiana, you can see several fish there swimming right there in the middle of a flooded street. heavy rain forcing evacuations all across that region. for us quite the
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we're calming unafter ourain and winds and everything we wereexperiencing. >> that torrential downpour will continue across the mississippi valley. it's been june right windy at times. that's all going to change today. we are noticing the wind speeds much calmer. waking up first light over the horizon. sunlight officially just after 6:30. 6:15 on the clock and it's 72 degrees. definitely above average. with the winds calming down you're definitelygoing to feel the humidity as we notice that east southeast breeze. with an increase in humidity, it feels it's going to be warmer today than what eve seen all week long a a leading into the weekend. 71 in kendall. 73 for you in marathonn and we are see org winds moving in anywhere between 8 and 13 miles per hour. we've got that lingering are cloud deck around. the atmosphere is still dry.
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our friends across parts of the lower mississippi valley will deall with another round of severe weather. another system moving in from the pacific northwest broht them some damaging winds yesterday now moving in towards the rockies. here's the set up for your friday. it won't be as breezy. you'll notice that it will be more humid. temperatures will be in the mid 80s but we'll stay mainly dry. it's sunday that you notice the big transition, our in-house model developing until around 2:00 and the 5:00 hour and going into the 7:00 hour. with high pressure in place we still have@ a high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers today. spring forward as daylight saving is sunday at 2:00 a.m. so set the clocks ahead saturday so don't forget calle ocho on sunday. we have a newew crash to get to, this time on the palmetto expreway northbound at 122nd street. two to three lanes of traffic blocked right here.
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flashing lights there. two lanes getting by. even our southbound lanes notooking too good this morning with rubber neckers s swing down to see what's going on. quickly looking at our system here, we are obviously seeing some delays with this one, speeds between 14 and 19 miles per hour on the approach t# that accident. another accident to get to also in miami-dade county, if you're traveling on the i southbound at northwest 26nd street, we had two lanes blocked there, our express lanes partially blocked. broward county accident-free. >> constance, thanks for that. a c cafeteria confrontation between students but they are not the only onesn trouble this morning. >> why an assistant is in hot water along with the two girls fighting. republicans facing off one more time between the endorsement
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later on today. 6:20 is the car right now. twisted metal all over the road. that white car blows into an s.u.v. the chain rction crash involved three other cars and seriously injured six other people. police continue to investigate what happened this morning. caught on camera, this is a fight at a middle school. this is happening in georgia. a parent there says an assistant principal usedexcessive force here trying to break that fight up. the girl says classmates constantly pick on her and she just got to her breaking point. the girl's mother says she found pictures of
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>> he picks her up and swings her on the ground that was just too much. >> it's like he did more damage to her than hear and the lirl girl fighting her. >> the girl has pen suspended. the school district says th principal in the video has been removed pending the outcome in the investition henry hayes the fourth was taken into custody on thursday. he's the second person could be arrested in the january death of 22 month old aiden. despite the tragedy mcclendon's family says they harbor no hate but says the person should still be punished. back here at home a family is stepping up their efforts to reduce their efforts in a gun buy back program. leaders spoke about the
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city. >> you have small children finding guns in the park, finding guns up their homes and shooting bestriends by accident. >> that's crazy. >> anyone who turns over their guns this weekend will receive gift certificates, 50 bucks for guns that d not work, 100 for those that do. all exchanges are kept anonymous. >> what led up to that gunfire. that's coming up at: 30. >a man finally free after spending two decades behind bars. what he was wrongly imcars rated for. we'd like to say good morning to our faceok friend effort day. it's tgif for sandy.
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jersey. audiences a new york man is finally free after
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of his life in jail for a crime he didn't even commit. >> the man spent 25 years behind bars. this morning he's a free man. the only evidence in the case, an eyewitness testimony who changed his story and that shaky evidence led to a 25 year incarceration. >> my mother died, m m little brother died when i was in here. i'm strong. >> his release came thanks to efforts from the district attorney's conviction integriry unit which is already responsible for 1 overturned convictions. his first move as a free man, a steak dinner. let's take a live look outside. this is our mount sinai tower cam. sure looks cloudy out there. you know whose the expet on these matters? julie durda. she will be back with a
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weekend. the palmetto expressway our northbound lanes are blocked at 122nd street. maybe aittle difficult to see but you see those flashing lights csing issues for our northbound drivers and our southbound drivers, those folks tapping on the brakes causing
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i'll right off the top at : 30, a teen intruder shot and killed. they are calling this a medical miracle this morning. fight for flax, the prez candidates back on the campaign trail following the republican debate. who's eected to endorse donald trump today. plus it's frida we're looking ahead to
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your weather authority here with what you need to know right now. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> good friday morning. tgif. important reminder. >> i know a lot of you are making your plans not only for today but the weekend. we have julie durda here in the studio. >> we are are noticing this morning not nearly as breezy conditions even though it the palm trees are blowing in the wind onhis friday. wind gusts for most of the week were in the 20s and 30s. that will not be the case this morning. you know, it looks a little hazy from our lens but i'm telling you that's because it's been slammed with sand all week long. there a some clouds in the distance as we do break through some of the sand on the lens. all of usre waking up to some cloud cover but those clouds are not producing precipitation. here's what it looks like from a live look from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. temperatures are in the low 7 70s.
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the mid 70s today. currently 72 miami, ft. lauderdale, key west. these temperatures are well above average for this time of the year. as we go to atemperature outside your front door. pembroke pines, 72. 71 in kendall. 73 in marathon and 72 in homestead. as the kids head to the bus stop overall the clouds will be in the forecast. we will see temperatures in the lower0s feeling more humid and definitely warmer as highs today will be in the mid 80s. we'll take a look at the roadway was constance jones. >> several things to get to this morning as you are traveling off the northbound. we have a crash reported at22nd street. here's a live look from the spot. twtw lanes blocked and by. our southboundnd lanes, you see all that red, well. southbound lanes obviously early in the morning. let's check and see what those drive times are coming in at. very slow. orange and red shows us there's an indicion of a slowdown there, 24 miles per hour.
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southbound in the approach to the airport expressway right at 26nd street. those speeds at 43 miles per hour. dolphin expressway west-bound at 27th avenue. we've got some road debris. some gravel on the roadway there causing some issues right off to that exit ramp at 27th avenue. those speeds a a 23 miles per hour. miami-dade county we have several accidents, broward county we're accident-free but the police activity in ft. lauderdale could slow you down right off of 31st avenue and 19th street. here is some video we just cut a few minutes ago. it looks like off of mlk boulevard we have some lanes closed. this is going to be traffic delay. this is near dillard high school. right now a would-be burglar shot and killed by a homeowner. that alleged burglar just 17 years old. this morning worry learning more about the moments that led up to that gunfire. andrew perez is here with more details.
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and jacey. it has been 12 hours since that shooting i i northwest miami-dade. the scene is now clear but there are still signs of this investigation. this is here that a suspected burglar was shot and killed. >> i hear he got shot but i don't know how he got shot. >>reporter: miami-dade police say he was a suspected burglar. she observed a subject exiting the home through the rear. at this point there was some type of a quick confrontation. shots were fired. >>reporter: a 45-year-old woman left her home only to return moments later after her alarm went off. it's there that she was met by an intruder. >> shot one time, shot him in the chest. >> who was trevon to you?
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>>reporter: the teen killed with trevon jnson. it's not clear if he had a weapon. >> if there's any type& of situation where you believe you're being robbed or there's a burg will he of some sort and you have the opportunity to avoid the situation and let the police handle it -- we're trained for these type of situations and this is what we're here for. >>reporter: we're hoping to talk to the homeowner when the sun comes up to get her side of the story. at this point the case has been turned over to the state attorney's office. ben kennedy, local 10 news. first on 10 a look at the road to recovery for a woman who was beaten into a coma b b her roommate. family members are calling it a medical miracle. that woman fell victim to the rampage of that roommate she found on craigslist. andrew perez spoke to her family members and let us know about what lies ahead for her. >> thumbs up.
6:33 am
family members now, even reaching out to her younger brother. >> she wants to give you a hug. >>reporter: it's a miracle says the family of danielle jones whose been in a coma for almost a month now. a savage beating landing her at ryder trauma. >> doctors couldn't tell me if she would ever wake up. she couldn't give me a prognosis. for 24 days i did not know if danielle would make it. >>reporter: shshdid and her recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. it was on valentine's day she was attacked according to miamipolice by byron mitchell, a roommate danielle found on craigslist. prosecutors say he snapped, even tried to cut the lips and eyelids off the 23-year-old. her another overjoyed to get her daughter back. >> at times i can hear her say i love you. >>reporter: mitchell claims it was self-defense and called
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jones' family not buying that due to the severity of her injuries. they followed the case every step of the way and have been at the hospital when they are not in court. >> that was local 10 news reporter andrew perez but it's still a long road to recovery for jones. as she mentioned she will have to learn to walk and talk again. if you'd like to see that or find out more information about this story, head on over to road 201, donald trump is expected to get an endorsement from a formerandidate, one of his rivals. theepublican rivals went head to head one more time before the florida primary. a news conference for donald trusp will be held not too long from no good morning, layron. >> good morning, eric. it's supposed to start
6:35 am
beautiful m mar-a-lago mansion. we all of a sudden got confirmation from the candidates himself. >> i was with dr. ben carson today whose endorsing me, by the way. >>reporter: that's how the news broke. ended with trump casually tauting another win of sorts. of course it came after trump and the remaining g.o.p. candidates took to the debate stage at university of miami last night. a muchalmer, more civil question and answer session voters have seen soar this primary season. at one point we saw seemingly subdued trump defending more comments about muslims and the much less messy exchange between the donald and the freshman senator looking to woo the hometown crowd. >> last night you told
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did you mean all 1.6 llion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> i know a lot of people find appeang what donald says because he says what they wish they could say. a presidential candidate just can't say whatever they want because it has consequences, here and around the world. >> we know mr. carson and trump both have homes here. again, it will s srt at 9:00. secret service doing a security sweep. we'll be here for all of us and update you accordingly of course here on local 10 and layron livingston, local 10ews. on the democratic side, hillary clinton very busy on thursday. she made stops in north carolina and illinois but she began the day right here in florida.& she was straight off to tower cam. the democratic front runner talked about& raising the minimum wage and guarantying equal
6:37 am
she said she's willing to take on whichever candidate was nominated. bernie sanders making the first time the democratic hopeful has campaigned here in the sunshine state. he chris-crossed the state before heading over to kissimmee and finally finishing the day at a rally also in tampa. sanders hoping for another upset like the one he pulled off in michigan earlier this week. the primary is only four days away. early voting is still happening in miami-dade, broward and monroe counties. an emergency situation erupting at senator ted cruise's office. after about and hour t t scene was cleared, no injuries were reported. thee fbi now involved with this investigation. and a miami-dadad corrections officer arrested for allegedly torting money from boot camp cadets has been granted house arrest. the program did not
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cash on the prosecutors say she gambled away nearly $40,000. health officials say nearly 200 cases of zika infection have been reported here in the u.s., all traced to travel abroad. the recalls pleading for congress to provide $1.9 billion to fight the virus in latin america. some of the money will go to puerto rico where 159 cases have been reported. in florida six new cases also reported. three in miami-dade county and one in broward. the cuban national baseball team was on the practice field. that game marks the first matchup it an mlb team and cuban national team since 1999 when the baltimore orioles travel to the island. here in south florida several cuban dissidents to mark the president's historic trip to the communist island. organizers of the
6:39 am
assembly of the cuban resistance and the rightht and freedom forum, two of the most active anti-regime coalition both inside and outside of cuba. >> those thousands of men and women fighting for c can freedom, then the desire for real change in c ca cannot be left out of any meeting, out ofny conference table, any negotiating table at any time bebeuse that is the sacred dream of the cuban people, to be free. >> gutierrez referring to the group's exclusion of a meeting to be conducted by ben rhodes at miami-dade college later today. the white house has confirmed president barack obama will meet with cuban dissidents during when i trip. local 10 will have complete coverage of the president's historic trip to cuba. calvin hughes will lead our team cerage beginning next week from havana. this year cuban american actor and
6:40 am
the king of calle ocho. >> he's never been there as king. laurie jennings sat down with garcia learned though it's his first year, it's not like organizers haven't asked m to be a guest before. >> over the years they called me a couple times they called me to come and be king. when they called this time, i said pfect. >> you can learn more about andy garcia and see more of the interview in our special that airs at 7:00 p.m. >> why do you men get better and better with age? >> it's one of the rare skills. >> seriously. >> yes, all of us age quite as distinctly as andy garcia. new for you this morning, apecial needs student left behind in a school bus. it has not happened once but twice. who in the school system is in big trouble for this. is chris bosh returning to the hardwood.
6:41 am
the blood clot that sidelined him the second time around. police have set u u a perimeter there. we're watching this sky 10 flying high above
6:42 am
6:43 am
ririt here the white house rolledded out the red carpet thursday for a state dinner. >> that's right. for the first time in more than 20 years the white house honored the diplomatic ties between the u.s. and canada by hosting newly-elected prime minister justin trudeau. he praised president obama saying he is a man of tremendous heart and tremendous intellect. first lady looked good. >> yeah, she looked amazing. what a beautiful dress. sorry, the presidentnt looked great as well. i see eric shaking his head over there, hello,
6:44 am
everybody looked fabulous. one thing that's looking good is our weather. granted you're going to notice the change that our winds are much walmarter this morning. humidity on the rise. temperatures in the lower 70s miami, ft. lauderdale and key w wt. yesterday at this time we were talking winds in the 20s to even 30 miles per hours as it was moving in from the east southeast direction. that will continue with the wind direction and that's what's going to keep us warm. temperature 72 for you in pembroke pines. good morning to you in kendall at 71.1. with an east southeast wind we will continue to see the cloudss move in first time. these clouds are not going to be p pducing precipitation. you can see sunrise just in the distance. beautiful shot from our ft. lauderdale tower cam and a break in the cloud coveve will continue first time. again, we are keeping thth elevated risk of rip currents for beach-goers.
6:45 am
satellite and radar composite. looks like dotted showers continuing to develop over portions of the middle keys. slight chance of a shower starts to incrcrse going into saturday and a pert chance of storms by saturday. currently the torrential downpours will continue over the mississippi valley. for us it will be dry. it will be mostlyly sunny to partly sunny throughout the day. breezy at times. checkkut your sunday forecast. we are expecting a better chance of storms rolling in the area around 3:00 in the afternoon sunday for calle ocho. so just grab your poncho as you com out to see our local 10 pepeonality. saturday night as dayligig savings begins on sunday morning. >> thank you so much. palmetto expressway we still have these lays northbound between 12nd street and 103rd street. here's live look from the spot, obviously you see the flashing lights, several delays for anyone traveling in this location.again, northbound lanes on the palmetto expressway partially blocked due to an
6:46 am
happening south of hialeah gardens. our speeds between fe and 15 miles per hour. so a traffic headache for anyone traveling there. also another crash to get to. this one happeng right off the dolphin expressway eastbound just past red road, 57th avenue. those speeds at 3miles per hour just south of the airport. i already know there's a lot of stop and go traffic. finally an earlier crash still causing delays for us on i-95 southbound at northwest 62nd street. those speeds at 40 miles per hour. broward county we're accident-free. >> constance, that's good new so is this. miami heat all-star chris bosh revealing the blood clot in his left leg, it is gone and he's working to rejoin the team this season. he released a statement that reads in part quote i remain positive that i will be able to return the season, i truly appreciate everyone's concern and support. without bosh he had been playing well but bounce
6:47 am
loss to the bulls. they lost in milwaukee on wednesday. they played the bulls tonight after struggling with a shot against the bucs, dwayne wade, he blamed himself posting on twitter as the leader of this team, i have to be better. >> it's a nasty game. it's a junk game so you never have a rhythm, and i felt that we didn't play our best game. we too a lead. we had control of the game and then it just went after that. >> tipoff at 8:00 p.m. parents in shock after special needs students had to hitch ke home. >> who will face charges for leaving this young man behind on a bus. broward sheriff's office confirming a shoong took place near northwest 31st avenue and 19th street just before 6:00 this morning so about an hour ago. we do know one person was shot and taken to
6:48 am
we do have a crew on the way to the scene. stay right here with local 10 and we'll have all the
6:49 am
for you. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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6.51 the time right now. reagan's children will speak at the service. there will be 1,000 people in attendance including first lady michelle obama, former president george w w bush and hillary clinton. president barack obama will not attend. he's speaking in texas. more than 150 people $1500 people paid their respect aga as nancy reagan laid in repose. she will be buried right
6:51 am
a judge said there's probable cause a locked iphone used by the san bernadino killer. at a hearing to take place on march 22nd, lawyers for apple and the justice department will argue their case before a federal magistrate. and the search continues for the people responsible for a deadly ambush in a pittsburgh suburb. two men killed five cookout. another shooter who was waiting fired on the ak-47. school bus driver and attendant there facing charges after they allegedly left a special needs student alone on@ a bus not once police say the first time this happened earlier this month the driver and attendant got off of the bus, they
6:52 am
13-year-old was asleep. this week same thing happened again. >> i want to introduce you to two people who will not be the school bus driver and attendant of the year for the polk county school system. >> both times the keep had to hitch hike more than 30 miles back home. the sheriff said they are very lucky that boy made it home safely both times. >> unbelievable. >> incredible. >> i hope the parents are okay and obviously the boy's all right, thank goodness. a would-be burglar shot and killed when the home's owner found him on her property. >> we're following breaking news this morning. a person shot not long ago. we have a crew on the
6:53 am
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hi. good friday morning, south florida. the time is 6:55. temperature 73 miami. 72 ft. lauderdale. definitely warmer and muggy as you walk out the door. the winds are still
6:55 am
it will be breezy but not nearly as breezy as what we've seen. wind gusts in the 20s and 30s today. this will transition into a more humid, more moist weather pattern going into the weekend. you'll be feeling it. a better chance of storms in the forecast by sunday. palmetto expressway northbound at 122nd street, we still have about two to three lanes of traffic blocked. you see the flashing lights and it looks like traffic's moving, just some slight delays. those speeds are pretty slow between 17 and 20 miles per hour. dolphin expressway east bound a crash reported at red road. >> now to our top stories on this friday morning. we do have breaking news for you. one person was shot earlier this morning near ft. lauderdale. that victim taken to broward health medical center. just about an hour ago. a local 10 news crew is there. we will bring you all the updates right here and on
6:56 am
shot and killed by the home's owner. police say the woman found the 17-year-old suspect on her property. the circumstances leading up to the gunfire almost clear. that's what led to those shots being fired. the homeowner is cooperating with police. the woman in acoma for a month after allegedly being bacon by her roommate has woken up. byron mitchell and mitchell remains in jail right now. he is charged with attempted murder. republican candidates squaring off in the debate at university of miami last night. the remaining g.o.p. hopefuls battling for the 99 delegates at stake in tuesday's primary. marco rubio's campaign relies on his winning here in the home state. the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held. there will be about 1,000 people in attendance including first lady michelle
6:57 am
>> the news does roll on next with "good morning america." we'll stay working for you and we'll be back in about 30 minutes with an update. >> i have to say, it looks like we all got dressed together today. >> once in a while the stars will align. >> when ladies stick together, they start to think alike. >> come hang with us this weekend at calle ocho. >> we'll see you then. have today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to tururlocal produceinto a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop.
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make every adventure every moment every day truly epic with a universal orlando annual pass grab a coke and get up to 3 months free so you can enjoy two amazing theme parks and great evevts like this spring's mardi gras it's all kinds of amazingg all year l lg
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cc1 test message good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last night's dete. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marcoubio and ted cruz front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what'ss going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south. the national guard rescuing more than 3,000 families.
7:00 am
in to save drivers as the mayor says this storm is worse than a hurricane. the woman behind sean penn and the drug lord taking on hollywood. scared to be alone with the kingpi and told us about the moment she wanted to die. the canadian prime minister comes to washington charming babies and even sasha, malia and justin fever takes over the white house. happy friday. a little bromance between the minister. >> a romance going on with america, i think. >> yes, absolutely and justin trudeau and sasha and malia obama also attended and the president got choked up as he talked about his daughters and how much they've grown up. we'll have what he said. >> his daughters looked stunning and so grown up. really remarkable.


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