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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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fo right now noon, the day after the great debate at um, donald trump getting a big endorsement. ben carson giving trump his support. you marco rubio is on the campaign trail going through
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>> constance: kochb and ted cruz and john kasich at the university of miami. >> reporter: and layron livingston is at the university of miami where trump just held a news conference, layron? >> reporter: that's right. the ground of te estate that trump turned into a private club is a a turn in the presidential race and where dr. carson made things official. candidate trump and former candidate carson neighbors of sorts both with homes in the palm beach area acting about as neighborly as we have seen themneighborly as we have seen them. and today is something very, very special because dr. ben carson was respected by everybody. >> reporter: trump callink the neurosurgeon's life inspiring. carson calling trump intelligent. >> it is not about me. it is not about mr. trump. it is about america. >> reporter: the political hatchet. >> two different donald trump,
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and the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefullyconsiders things very carefully. >> reporter: the latter is the one carson said voter also start to see more of. we likely got a glimpse of that other trump last night during a much calmer, much nicer or as trump put elegant debate at the university of miami. >> donald trump talks a lot about making america great, but it is not just talk. he means it. >> reporter: time and votes wi tell whether carson's political support becomes a poicy influencing position, but trump says he hopes to work with carson on issues surrounding health care and education. >> such an honor to have ben. he ii a friend. he has become a friend and i really appreciate the endorsent, ben. thank u. >> reporter: and i was able to get a question over to mr. carson. mr. trump was standing right behind him at the podium. i asked him if he thistle be able to bridge the gap for the trump campaign for the evang
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mr. carson said he hopes to create equality communitiescreate equality opportunities for everyone going forward. he said he plans to do a little stumping along the campaign trail with and for donald trump and for last night's debate and debates going forward. mr. trump said he is overt. there probably has been too many of them and we likto move to a different spot in this political process. reporting life, layron livingston, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you so much. live pictures in palm beach where marco rubio is holding a campaign event. local 10 reporter amy vitari isthere and watching and listening to what senator rubio is saying and she will have a live report what he is saying later on on local 10. senator cruz is back on the campaign trail in miami. the presidential hopeful heading to orlando with a town hall for carly fiorina who endorsed him. senator cruz did not hold back throwing jabs at his opponent.
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they are washington. they are power. they are big business. they are corruption. ribz >> eric: senator cruz has been widening the goop meanwhile, john kasich campaigning later today in oho where he is the governor. >> constance: as we mentioned the republican presidential candidates areack out on the campaign trail today aftertaking to the stage here in south florida.a. they faced off at the university of miami last night, but thidebate was more civil. >> please do not talk over one anothth. >> reporter: and they didn't. no name-calling at last night's 12thh gop debates which many are calling the most civil debate. >> senator marco rubio of florida. [cheering] >> reporter: marco rubio got a warmwelcome from his hometown crowd at last night's debate. all the candidates being on their best presidential behavior. even donald trump. >> so far i cannot believe how civil it has been up here.
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presidintial candidates focusing more on policy issues like social security. >> doyle everything within my power not to touch social security. to leave it the way it is. >> reporter: to entitlement reform and immigratio >> we clearly have to control our borders. we can't have people jus walking in. >> reporter: how to handle the violence in the middle east.>> we need to do whatever is necessary to utterly defeat isis. >> reporter: trump was asked about his statement that islam hates the u.s. >> do you mean all 1.8 million muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. >> candidates can't say anything they want. they have consequences here and around the world. >> reporter: marco working the crowd hopecrowd hoping to capture his home state. a must for a candidate. >> if we capture these terrorists. they are not have a right to remain silent. or a court room in manhattan. they will goto guantanamo. >> i would have the embassy
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is struck and made by the united states. >> first of all, the embassy is a former consulate and will go building. second of all, i don't know if cuba sue us. but f they sue us a court in miami, they are going to lose. >> constance: hillary clinton is in california to attend nancy reagan's funeral. bernie sanders is campaigning in north carolina. a reminder early voting is under way in miami and broward county along with monroe. for details on early voting and all your election coverage, head over to you can get the latest results and analysis on air and online. in other news today, a developing story out of ft. lauderdale where police have been working a shooting for several hours now. this seen at northwest 30th avenue and first street. the victim has been identified$ as 39-year-old terrence mason. we are told he was shot several times. police were able to track down the suspected suv nvolved in it. it appears to be some sort of
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a police perimeter set up all around this home. the victim taken to the hospital in serious condition. so far no arrests have been made. two people escaped serious injuries after their canal went into a canal. thanks to a good samaritan, they are okay. local 10 news reporter ben kennedy has the story. >> reporter: this story is bound to touch your hearts. a facilities engineer at the lifetime helps one family whose weekend could have begann with tragedy. >> i would have died. >> reportrtr: jeff thomas is considered a hero to a father and his 10-0-year-old daughter. >> i heard a knococ on their back window. i said thank god they are still aliviv. i bust the window open. >> reporter: you pulled themspout once i bust them open, the little girl just jummped on my neck. i held her. >> reporter: the driver lost control l a sharp turn and crashed into a canal off of
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plantation. it is there that thomas was on his way to work and saw the van go under. >> i just jumped in -- i just jumped in the watr. >> pulled out both. i hear a faher and daughter. a 10-year-old. luckily she was okay. >> reporter: sky 10 was overhead as the cal@fornia -- car was pulled from the canal. the family inside wall be all right thanks to mommas. >> i am certain if i hadn't stopped, they would have died. >> reporter: our hero. >> i don't think so. it would be what any person would do. >> reporter: you can tell how much this family now means to thomas. yes, he was a little late to work and was not able to get the father and daughter's name. he hopes to reach out to police to some day very soon reunite with the pair. reporting in boca raton, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: all right, ben, thanks so much. sky 10 a seen in doral
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it happened along 87th avenue. a look from the ground. you can see the car went right through knocking a tree over. the trunk right there. the trunk. the driver was alert and pinned underneath the steering wheel. crews had to go through in the back seat to pull him out. he was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. right now we are working texas. that is where a suv crashed into a home in east texas. some vehicles involved in this accident. one of those vehicles went crashing into that home. look at the damage there. unclear if anyone was in the home or the vehicles or who was hurt here. a lot of information just comea lot of information just coming into the local 10 news room. and we will bring you the latest throughout the day. ormer first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest and her funerall will be held in simi valley, california. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband, former prident ronald reagan. 1,000 people will attend the funeral including ffur of the
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brandy hit reports f from the reagan library. >> reporter: in love andinsipid aable. roger sander captured these exclusive images of nancy and 50-year love affair. >> they were verytouchy, feely>> they were very touchy, feely, unabashedly so. a bus, train, airplane, they always sat side by side. >> reporter: now they are about to be reunited once agaiin when the former first lady is laid to rest. the most important request, to be as close as hysically possible to her ronnie. >> when her casketis lowered into the ground she will be as close as if they were to hold hands. >> reporter: 1,000 guests are attending the funeral service including first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton and george and lawyer bush. a ong list of celebrity from tom selleck to angelhouston, diane sawyer, gary s inse and
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close with mrs. reagan in the just say no campaign. >> what should do you when someone offers you drugs? >> just say no! >> reporter: inspired 5,000 people to line up in the hot son r sun this week to pay their respects. >> this lady meant a lot.she did wonderful things through the community. >> reporter: over the year nancy reaan planned every detail of her own funeral from the flowers to the music. the reagan foundation said she and memorable. brandy hit, smi valley, california. a check of the stock market right now. we are2seek a lot of green which is good. dow up 215 points to 17,209 dow up 215 points to 17,209. nasdaq up 63 points innasdaq up 63 points and snp 500 also up 27 points this mid500 also up 27 points this midday. and in south florida, taking a spn against drugs. thousands march this morning vowing to remain above the influence that ended with a big pep rally at pepper high school in sunrise.
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year brought together more than county. the goal is to keep kids on the right track and keep them away from negtive influences. calle ocho continues today. we are just two days away. are you ready to dance. >> constance: i am ready to dance in the congo line. >> eric: the biggest block party is this weekend. >> constance: a free festival. we will be out there. >> eric: come on. >> constance: the 40th year celebrating and this year they are dedicating a stage for a special reason. >> he a stage>> he a stage dedicated for the past kings and queens. we are doing a stage at 12th avenue that we jus dedicated to our 40th anniversary. >> eric: the wole stage for the carnival of miami and cuban actot and director andy garcia. we need to catch up with him of growing up in the city. how he feels about being crowned. you will hear from him midday here on local 10.
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by and see us at ca le ocho. between 15th and 16th. janine stanwood,janine stanwood, christina vasquez, ben kennedy, shyann malone, >> todd: >> glenna milberg, and drew per>> glenna milberg, and drew peres re, jennifer correa, also jacey birch, amy vitari, i will be there as well, hatzel vela and kristi krueger. >> eric: some on out, we look forward to seeing you this weekend. more news, a suspected burglar shot and killed. >> constance: the homeowner thax fired those shots. what led to the shooting. drone danger, why spring break is bringing up the concern of the unmanned aircrafts here in south f@orida. and we continue with the
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85 degrees in havana. san juan, puerto rico. i will have the rest of our forecast here at home. >> out the door, local 10 news live streaming right now on the
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florida senator marco rubio now. >> just wrped up a campaign event in west palm beach. >> aim same there and joins us
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florida senator rubio, what did he have to say. >> eric and conference. he is continuing to focus on his strong support for israel. something he has criticized republican front rnner for not doing, and he says he is going stand with israel as he continues those final days leading up to florida's winner take all primary in which he says he is very confident. we are in west palm beach at the temple beth el and a smaller event for invited guests only and here marco rubio discussed his focus on u.s. relations. came up in the debate for the university of miami and criticized donald trumpmpfor his position saying he would like to be more neutrtral when it comes to negotiating conflict in that region but maintaiaing he is a hugeal try israel. rubio said that posittn is anti-israel and a continuation of presididt obama's handling of that region which marco rubio said here today is a huge
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as i said last night mr. trump perhaps doeses not understand that his position is in fact anti-israeae i do not believe that is his intent, but thats the practical implication of what donald trump says his positionis. for infact every time the united states does not stand with israel, it in facts emboldens israel's enemyemboldens israel's enemies to take action against israel. >> reporter: rubio said he is not pursuing if he should be elected president. negotiations between israel and palestine saying vivience on the part of palestine that the two sides are simply tooar apart. an agreement. campaign events throughout here in flida again leading up to tuesday's primary. when we asked him about t nald trump still leading in the polls, he said he does not put muchch stock on the polls. they are not here on the ground talking to people and he feels very confident about his chances here tuesday. aim, local 10 news.
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much. crooks were caught on camera. police releasing new surveillance camera showing the two men installing the device at a gas station. this happened along 14th street earlier this week. police say that one of the men tually talked to a clerk. while she is distracted, the other places a skimmer near the register before taking off. a suspected teenaged burglar is dead. police say he was shot and killed after a woman caught him outside of her northwest miami-dade home. the family has identified the alleged burglar as 17-year-old travon johnson. local 10 news reporter shyann malone live in northwest miami-dade with reaction from johnson's family and the very latest, shyann, do we know what led up to this shoot something in. >> reporter: thths shooting is still under investigation and did just talk with miami-dade police department and they tell me that the homeowner is again a doe lynn genra. detectives were here for several hours. according to police the 5according to police the 54-year-old woman left her house around 5:30 thursday
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her alarm goes off so she returns opinion when she does, she is met by an iruder identified by police as travon johnsonn the two get into a scuffle and shots are fired. police arrive moments later but it was too late. the 17-year-old died at the hospital. local 10 news was there when his family arrived on the scene. >> the lady called the police and don't go in the house and still going in the house and searching and then this lady came out andhot one time and shot him ib the chest. >> reporter: who was travon to you? >> my brother. >> he called hee and said, mommy, you got money. i said not right now, son, i don't have a job. when i get a job, i will give you something. to him. house. now you can see the alarm force sign there this was likely triggered and made this homeowner return to her home. up at the top, we actually circled this home. we noticed several surveillance
12:21 pm
video footage that will likely help in this case. so it is still under investigation. she was questioned by police and she is fully cooperating but no arrests have been made. we will continue to follow thhis story as we get new informationstory as we get new information. weill get it to you. reporting in northwest miami-dade, shyann malone, local 10 news. thumbs up. >> thumbs up. come on. [cheering] >> constance: all right, first on local 10, her family -- she was attacked by her craigslist roommate, she wakes up after 24 days in a coma. she has been at jackson valentine's day. her family said she woke up on wednesday morning. her daugmter is now smiling, whispering and hugging her family mbers. >> i couldn't believe it. doctors couldn't tell me if she would ever wake up. they couldn't give me a prognosis. for 24 days, i did not know if
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>> constance: the man d. >> constance: the man accused of ttacking danielle is in jail accused of of attempted murder. he snapped and tried to cut off h lips and eyelids. mitchell claiming self-defense in ts case. he told investigators he had no choice but to attack jones. it is still a long road of recove for jones. she will have to learn how this talk and walk again. the family se up a go fund me page for medical expenses. go to for more information on how you can help her. this is bbeing called a revolution in liberty city. a new state-of-the-art velopment in the heart of the city and promoting education. that is its focus. local 10 jenise fernandez live in miami right no where a topping off ceremony was just held. jenise. >> reporter: if you have driven here in liberty city, you probably noticed all this construction. now this, of course, is affordable hhsing, and it will be so much more than that.
12:23 pm
is going to become a safe havenn for children. the tree of hope has been plantthe tree of hope has been planted symbolizing what this complex will be. as the saying goes, it kes a village, and the village are apartments in liberty city is more than just the flies go home. >> iberty city needs it because it is based on the news of t t day. it is something is broken. the children are killing each other. >> reporter: this $40 million state-of-the-art residential community along 59th street con vis of 150 units. units from one bedroom to three bedrooms. each will have top of the line amenities with security gate and exercisese. now the project has become full circle. now a educational initiative. >> it's going to help us improve our schools. it is going too help us improve the pirations of our young people. >> reporter: at the e 3, i>> reporter: at the e 3,
12:24 pm
a educational village of program. when children are done with school, they can come back here and continue learning. a meaningful project for this construction worker who is part this center. he grew up in liberty city and knows how valuable it is for the community. >> the project is good. the company is good. and i am employed with them. and i am thankful for the situation. i know that people who are he side here in the future will be thankful as well asthankful as well. >> reporter: so many people involved in this project are thankful. what you are looking at right is now a palm tree that was placed on top of the black. as you know that symbolizes that the structure is good to go. so they are expecting to get that affordable housing under way in the next six to seven months. reporting live in liberty city, jenise fernandez, local 10 newsjenise fernandez, local 10 news. now to fiu. the school has terminated head coach of the women'k basketball
12:25 pm
sexual misconduct. it comes after marlon chinknowingly violated ncaa bylaws. chinn was adduced of sexualallegations by the team's captain. she was arrested for theft. thousands of people have been evacuated all around louisiana as water rises over cars and homes. more than a foot of rain has fallen. schools and many businesses remain closed because offlashflood warnings. >> constance: weather proven to the deadly. monday. 35 others have been eacuated by boat and air. crews have been working around the klo can 4o keep l e+ vees from overflowing. many neighborhoods have become completely submerged. >> the lastp time we had waters so high was in 2008 when gustav
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>> constance: my goodness. not over yet. people in the area are bracing fofomore storms that will roll through this weekend. >> eric: hopefully the resultsare not as severe. meanwhile here in south florida, how do things look the next couple of days? right. beautiful all week with nice and dry weather thanks to high pressure, but we are going to start to see som@ changes, constance and eric and that is coming our way the secondhalf not just yet. we still have at least today and saturday for -- for very nice conditions out there. a beautiful day out there. maybe a little hazy, but you will notice not as windy as yestetday but still breezy. temperatures right now at 79 degrees. ft. lauderdale, miami, own into kendall, 78 degrees in key west. meanwhile, 80 for marathon up north into bomb pan know beach. wind speeds at 21 les per hour and at 22 in ft. lauderdale. winds are generally out of the east but every now and then they will ip-flop between
12:27 pm
wind gusts are up a26 miles per hour in ft. lauderdale. and currently in homestead, 23-mile-per-hour wind gusts. still breezy and if we chair to yesterday and the day before, not as windy; however, that breeze will gradually die off throughout later today and even into tomorrow. and that high breaks apart. no rain on the radar. just a few clouds and few puffy cumulus clouds and they are not rainmaker. not dry for the rest of the lunch hour and into tonight. but check out these bands of heavy rain, and it is a huge area covering the border of alabama, mississippi, all the way down into the gulf coast. we just talked about those heavy downpours causing major flooding in these areas and you know what, it actually sll continues. it is not moving anywhere. th high is blocking it and stopping from this system to move up north or to move to the east. so it is just there. this rain is hanng around for the south for quite a while.
12:28 pm
warnings out there, it does extend from loisiana, even up through the mississippi river into tennessee. back down into the gulf coast and into southern alabama right there. near the panhandle. asar as getting heavy downpours like that into the weekend, that is nothat is expected. what is expected it high pressure to stay around today, tomorrow. tomorrow, we will have a mix of sun and clouds. then by sunday, that high starts to break apart, and then the sea breeze kicks in, which along the sea breeze we could have a few showers. that's why we are going to see the rain chance go up on sundaythe rain chance go up on sunday. if you head out to the beach, use that sunscreen but be careful, a high rip current risk. small-craft advisory operators exercise with caution. th bays are still choppy and our calle ocho forecast. i expect it to be warm and muggy, no doubtbout it. a few more clouds and sunshine and we can't rule out a shower or two. overall great to head out to
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today's high 82 degrees. tonight. saturday night we spring forward, and sunday we have our calle ocho. also by the way, spring forward, that means we will lose an hour of sleep, but that is what happens. weather is keeping you on trackweather is keeping you on track. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back to talk about that weekend forecast at 4:00. >> eric: nothing we can do about it but she said it with a big smile. >> constance: that's why i love jennifer correa, she is like, hey. whipping winds are causing concerns. >> constance: may lead to people flying dlons at miami international airport. todd tongen is live with more on the drone danger. >> reporter: we are one of the fastest-growing sectors in retail tech. drones are flying off the shelves, especially because the prices of these things are coming down, and the faa is taking notice. they want to get the word out
12:30 pm
flying drone. >> miami is the fourth in the nation in drone incidents with aircraft in the past year. >> reporter: today, aviation officials and politicians came together to talk about new measures to keep drones away from airports and the traveling public. mayor carlos gimenez say 44 million passengermillion passengers travel through mia and the number one economic engine in miami-dade county. they essentially created what they are calling a no drone zone. >> our message will be clear, don't fly a drone within a mile of an airport. don't fly a drone within a mile of an airport. don't fly a drone within a mile of the airport. >> reporter: he highlighted the. >> if a seagull which is webbed feet sucked into a jet engine
12:31 pm
down, you can imagine what plastic and metal will do when sucked into the jet engine. >> reporter: technology like an invisible electronic fence that can take over a drone's light if it entered restricted airspace, but deployment of those tools are well down the road while the popularity of these drones continue to soar. >> the faa tell news their most recent statistics they had over 700 citeings in the last ten months around airports. >> reporter: a scare in the air over mia january 27 when an american airlines pilot reported a drone crossing its flight path at just 500 feet. >> reporter: and if you own a drone you will have to register that drone with the faa. if you were caught flying in a restricted area you can face a $500 fine. officials are looking at finding out if they can have -- have some more serious punishment in the future. maybe even criminal charges if
12:32 pm
at mia, todd tongen, local 10 news. >> eric: todd, thank you very much. todd knows this, a baby item that can be expensisi. >> constance: to make diapers more affordable for familymomo affordable for families. details after the break. hey, guys, answering all the questions you ever wanted to ask "the chew." mario has a party appetizer in two minutes. working with two crafts and i
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fabric diapers. in dr. oz moment, dealing with anxiety. tips on how this overcome it. >> hi, i am dr. oz. if anxiety is holding you back, try tips. identify your anxiety triggers by keeping a journal can help you spot patterns. set aside several minutes each day to worry about them. outside of that time, no worryoutside of that time, no worrying allowed. if you need more help, consider speaking to a license the therapist. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every afternoon at 3:00 here on local 10. fists start flying at a donald trump rally. >> constance: who is facing charges after a brawl is caught
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then join laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11:00. developing right now at noon, police have detained a man who is accused of threatening a security officer at the u.s. embassy saying he had a bomb in his suitcase. officials later determine that the suitcase did not contain any harmful material and police are not identifying the 23-year-old man, and they are looking whether he will be transferred into a psychological situation. justice department says probable causesethat a locked iphone from the san bernandino killers does contain evidence
12:40 pm
the govovernment and community they say need access to that phone. they also saythat apple must make the device available. apple says technology to unlock the phone will put the privacy at all iphone users at risk. lawyers for apple and the justice department will argue their case before a federal magistrate on march 22. back to vote 2016. these are live pictures in rilethese are live pictures in riley, north carolina where bernie sanders as you can see late to is holding a rally. this is at the performing arts center of the town. again, live pictures out of north carolina. meanwhile, a man attending a donald trump rally has been arrested and charged after police say that he punched a protester. take a look at this video. police say that 78-year-old john lagraw was charged with assault and disorderly conduct at wednesday's rally. policice say that mcgraw punched a protester in the face as he was chanting or telling him to get out. mcgraw told "inside edition" he looked.
12:41 pm
we knowwhe is not acting as an american. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. you. >> constance: my goodness. mcgraw expected to be in court next month. they are conducting an internalthey are conducting an internal review to see if the police department at the event should have -- if the police officer should have arrested mcgraw at the rally. putting on high heels. >> conance: that will be funny. >> eric: i would be tipped over like a tree that has been chopped down.
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right now, trying to determine the cause of a massive fire in los angeles that broke out last night at a commercial building. an enormous wall of fire can be seen that sent a thick black smoke clolo into the air. it drifted into east la. 100 fire fighters were on scene100 fire fighters were on scene.
12:45 pm
part of flight 370 may are been found in africa. a man said his teenaged son discovered what appears be a piece of that plane on a beach in mozambique. if that name sounds familiar because anotner man said he found debris there just last week. the boat parts have been turned over to aviation experts in australilifor inspection. tuesday marks two years when that plane disappeared with 230 people on board. in georgia, a parent said aprincipal used excessive foforce to break up that fight. right now an 8th grade girl issuspended for fighting. the classmate constantly picked on her and she got to a breaking point and the girl's mother fou video of the fight on facebook and the mother is upset of how the administrator physically handled hher daughter. >> picks her up and swings her on the ground. that was just too much. >> when i wake up in the morning hard to sit up. >> like he did more damage than he and the little girl fighting each other. >> too much for a grown-up to
12:46 pm
>> the principal has been suspended and the girl in the video has beenenuspended pending an investigation. a missing woman in philadadelphia, the 20-year-old was abducted from a bus stop after a man pulled up i in a car and started yelling at her. the bus driver said he even punched the window where he satpunched the window where he sat. when she got off the bunch, he punched her several times and forced her into the car. police believe this may be a case of domestic violence. school bus driver and attendant are now facing charges after they allegedly left a special needs student on the school bus not once but twice. police say the first time it happenededarlier this month when the driver and attendant got off the bus unaware thahat the 13-year-old was asleep. he managed to climb out ahe managed to climb out a.window and hitchhiked his way home aand a week later happened again. >> i want to introduce to youtwo people who will not be a school bus driver and attendant of the year for the polk county school system. >> constance: both times that
12:47 pm
miles to get home. the driver and aendant are charged with child neglect. the sheriff said they are lucky the boy made it home safely both times. you have likely heard the expression, walk a mile in someone else's shoes. >> eric: of course you heard that. some mail service didid just that only the shoes were high heels. wanted to bring attention of how female servers are treated differently so they had the men don short dresses and heels outon the job which apparently had soso of the customers feeling little handsy. >> i was juggling them the first time nd at that point, i don't really want to do it.not that i feel hurt about it it right now. >> seeing men walk by in tight mini skirts and heels really hits it home how crazy it is to ask women toto do that. >> eric: not only did it hurt the guy's feet buttheir ability to do their job. the men forget orders, took twice as long to serve tables and even stopped bringing rerells.
12:48 pm
inin their little black dresses and heels. all the ladyall the ladies here wear high heels. it will be nice for you guys to wear high heels. >> eric: clunky shoes. >> constance: we will work on that for you eric. the dog whisperer is under investigation. >> constance: why they want to talk to him after being involved in possible animal sdmrult details after the break. but first a look at your winning lottery numbers. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less.
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we don't use msg, bha, bht or partially hydrogenated oils. why? because if it's not a better ingredient, it doe't make a better pizza. it's that simple. new for you here at noon. dog whisperer cesar milan is being investigated for animal cruelty. a dog bit off a piece of a pig's ear. sheriff deputysheriff deputies and investigators with s angeles animal control visited his dog psychology center yesterday to talk with him about the incident but he wasn't there. m an now has 24 hours to get in contact with those authorities. if you were a fan of jerry
12:52 pm
of porsches. my husband does, of course. now the comedian is putting up his collection for sale. that's right auctioning off 18 of his luxury cars at a auction tomorrow right here i iflorida. one those cars is a rare 550 spider and expected to fetch about $5 million >> eric: good luck getting in that game. two days away from calle two days away from calle ochc. cuban director and actor andy garcia is the king of calle garcia is the king of calle ocho. he has been there including first one ever held. >> constance: but he has never been the king. organizer s shave been trying to bring him back for years. >> over the years they called me a couple of times to come and, you know, to be kng, but the timing just was off. so when they called this time, i said, perfect. >> constan: super exciting. you can learn more about garcia and learn more of the interview
12:53 pm
i nominate eric for king next year. >> eric: you think so. you got to earn it. if andy gaarcia waited all this time. i will wait a little more. come see us at calle ocho on saturday and sunday. >> constance: a live look outse from our tower cam. a few clouds in the distance. oking nice.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
jennifer with more on th
12:56 pm
happy friday. check it out. mallory square cam. o, yeah. breezy out there and boaters, keep in mind ther is that small-craft advisory advisory out there and the bays are pretty choppy. winds 20 miles per hour in key west with a temperature of 78. by the way calle ocho is sunday. and highs in the low 80s. >> eric: don't let that scare you from coming out and seeing us on sunday. "the chew" is coming up next. >> constance: remember for your breaking
12:59 pm
burning kitchequestions, just ask "the chew." all hour-long we're bringing you tips, tricks, and expert answers you won't want to miss. need a last second party app? mario's got an delicious dish you can make in a minute. then when a "chew" viewer has a crafting conundrum, it's clinton to the rescue with a fabulous solution. plus, chef roble is about to get cheesy. >> i'm here at billings dairy farm with these pretty ladies about to get some milk so we can make some cheese. how you doing? >> announcer: we're about to serve up delicious dishes and amazing answers, right now on
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hey guys, hello. welcome to "the chew." [ audience shouting ] oh, do you hear that? it sounds s ke they've got a lot of questions. all right, you guys, you've got our undivided attention. we're going to answer anything you throw at us, because it's an hour of ask "the chew." >> that was extremely >> i don't know what was going >> it's like being a beatle or something. >> i want to be a beatle. >> i've got a question for you guys. when you are out on the street and you're taking the subway or walking down, whatever, through soho, what is a question that people ask you most frequently? >> do you really like each other as much as it seems like? that's -- truly, they think we're just great actors. and i have to tell them we're all terrible actors and we really genuinely love each other. >> yeah, you can't fake this. >> most often i hear, "is clinton kelly as handsome in reality?" >> that too.


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