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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 530AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> mr. trump just arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforce thant for the safety of all the tens and thousands of people that have gathered around the rally, tonights rally will be postponed until another date. chicago police contradicting trump saying they had adequate resources to control the crowd. >> we were informed the event was being canceled. the chicago police department had no role. >> the man himself speaking cnn via phone. >> i'm not a person that wants to see violence. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. >> his gop rivals weation no time for weighing noovmenthe responsibility lies with protesters who took violence into the own hand but at any campaign, responsibility starts at the top i think mr. trump has to own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used is the climate he has had iother rallies.
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time violence erupted at a trump rally. at 11 protestor hurt and another hurt. go home to mommy. get them out, trouble make ear. >> reporter: andnd trump says he is considering rescheduling the rally in chicago. five people injured in the protest and two offered sers hurt in the scufffe. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: we're just three days way from the primary election. remember, you can vo early. today is the last day to vote in monroe county. and lir sloaght indications in miami-dade and broward. >> neki: nor than 63,000 voters have cast ballots in the last # weeks in miami-dade and justver 58,000 have cast ballots in broward county. 40,000 ballots cast in palm beach already. we have where you need to go, what to bring and much more on
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>> todd: a one and only exclusive disturbing video of a father disciplining his terrified little boy and the child's mother seeming to do nothing about it. witnesses say the parents were angry because their son was homework. the video from february shows the father whipping the child hi anna and reynaldo were arrested with child abuse and neglect. we went by their trailer on friday night to get their side of the story but someone elsecame to the door. the couple are out on a combined il of $5500. >> neki: florida international university continues to investigate all imaiftionz sexual miscondndt against the head coacht woman's basketball team marlin chin. but school says they have firedclin for another reason n. a statement the school says the tle nine investigation into the other serious gailingses made against chin by student athlete will continue. officials added nationwide
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>> todd: now tie safe tai lert for one of hawaii's most wanted fugitives was spotted here in south florida. luke jay warner was spotted stealili from a target and michael's store in miami. he goes by lice ma nettie is wanted for skipping out on a ten year prison sentence for mej trtrfic. and a ten throw dollar reward leading to informationonor his arrest. >> neki: and today is your chance to turn in weapons. turn in weapons, turn in a gun. no questions asked and get gift cards in exchange change. a mied county effort to make our streets safe eempmpt turning over a working gun will get you a 100-dollar gift campletd nonworking ones are 50 bucks. and head to the church in liberty city on 12th avenue from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. today. this is your chance to safely get rid of any weapons. no questions asked. >> todd: a bank robber who struck the same bike twice is
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the robber walked into the bank on east sunrise boulevard in fort lauderdale friday. he told the clerk he a weapon and demanded cash. teller hand over the money and the man walked out. they believe this guy robbed the same bank branch on tuesday as well. if you know anything about the robberies call 954-493-tips. a skimming scheme caught on camera and wait 'til you see how quickly the crooks can look up the card readers. surveillance video from a chevron gas station shows a man talking to a clerk in what police say was an attempt top the distract her the man reach nootz bag and places the skimmer counter. if you know either of these men call police. >> neki: we're just one day way from calle ocho. miami's biggest block party is tomorrow. >> todd: from 11:00 'til 1:30 come out and hang out with neki, cheyenne and eric jut si
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>> neki: and christina vasquez and carlos will join us in the booth. >> todd: glenna milberg, andrew perez. liane morejon. jennifer correa. they takeover from 1:30 to 4:00. >> neki: that's right. jame if i jacey birch bish and dris ti kreuger will be there as well. if you can't make it down to 8th street tune in and enjoy the fun. tune in tomorrow night for our calle oc special. we'll bring you all the fun to your tv and it starts at 7:00. >> todd: flying drones is n diswrie you have one. >> todd: i do but have you stofly them responsibly. dangerous. >> neki: and you could put the lives of people in planes at risk. heated new proposal for no drone zone and how they aim to keep us all safe. >> todd: and water risk. currents are high. what you need to know befofe you head to the beach. >> i'm chef person steefnlt
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this week on south florida taste joo and michelle person steen fills us in on the delicious saving treatment it airs at 10:30 right after the local 10
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>> todd tongen and (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americananwork hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> todd: heavy rain caused mudslides and flooding brazil killing at l lst 60 people.
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officials say a # year-old boy was among the victims. a 16th century church resurfaces during a severe drdrght in mexico. the church was biltd and thehe flooded for the whole town to make way for a dam in 1919. since then the church has been sese only three times. the town hasn't seen rainfall thisisear and that's why the church is reappearing. the dam benefits 247 cities in the region. >> neki: we have a aater twoorng tell you about where you head out to the beach this weekend. a rip current warning in effect in fort lauderdale do to high nds. lifeguards have saved several swimmers who were getting caught up in the rip currents. i believe we h five today. five yesterday and if you go wack to last wednesday we're looking at a dozen or so. >> officials advise thaw speak to the lifeguards on duty and fifi out exactly what the conditions are and those red flags are a aays a big hint. >> todd: you know what if you're a local andndut on the
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that is visiting that doesn't know about these things. give them the heads up. >> neki: yes. >> todd: yeah. >> neki: j jt let them know and hopefully the winds will die down tomorrow right jen. >> jennifer: and they are subside because of high pressure that's been in control is actually brairkt. however t is still breezy enough out therer the seas are still stirred up and especially right onshore. for today. it will definitely be a beach day. so beachgoers please be cararul and use caution out there. temperatures also starting off a bit warmer than usual m in the low to mid 70s. actually 75 degrees in hialeah. that's a warm start. also in marathon at 75 degrees. 74 in miami. 73 in fort lauderdale. now, the breeze that we've had the past couple of days has actually made the air feel a tad cooler. not too humid ride but that willll change, especially by tomorrow. and here's a look at the wind
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still breezy out there. especially right along the coast in fort lauderdale 15 miles per hour winds. 13 miles per hour winds in miami. 17 in key west. gust. a report of wind gust out in miami but it has less ond. so no wind gusts currently at the moment and we'll c ctinue to see the winds subsiding as we mentioned. no rain on the dramplet couple clouds out there nierk a mostly cloudy start for u u high pressure still dominate owrg weather across much of the sunshine state and then here's the system over texas with a included froro. very complicated set up to say the week. aa weakening front across the lower mississippi valley. but either way thaha moisture continues to pump up from the south across the deep south. louisiana. mississippi. alabama. up t to kentucky. you'll still get batches of rain today but it is much,, much less coverage compared to the last few days.
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back here at home rain chances today. 10% tomomrow. tomorrow tomorrow it's up to 30 to 40%. for calle ocho we expect a gentle breeze but we expect tt temperatures to hit the low 308's in the afternoon. it will be warm. maybe a bit humid but we'll smeed need the sunscreen. if you're heing out to the beach today i want to emphasize th high rip current risk. and the bays with a moderate chop and again, the chance for rain today isout at a 10% and that's about. it highs getting to 83 today and tomorrow. lows in the low 50e6789s now tomorrow will be the best chance to see a few showers out tre along the sea breeze. but again t is very isolated so we may just mit out on that, monday 30% chance for a few showers. neki. >> neki: thanks a lot jen. several spring breakers behind bars after getting out of control and a lot of it caught on camera.
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instagram that shows hundreds on the beach singing and dancing and another video shows police cars on the beach evacuating peevment and another shows a crowd surrounding police officers and a woman who is seen angry in front of a red car on ocean drive. police are stage on high alert. >> todd: aviation officials and politicians coming together to talk about new measures to keep drones way from the airport 40 million passengers travel through mia each year and it's the no. 1 economic engine in miami-dade county so they are creating no drone zone for safety. >> miami is the 4th in the nation in drone incidents with aircraft in the past year. >> our message will be clear. don't fly a drone within a uiefl the airport. >> todd: now the faa tells us in the most recent statistic, they are had nor recent sieghtz in the last ten months.
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turning into quite the fish tale tale in south florida. >> todd: you think? their catch wasn'just big, it was a great white shark. >> a submarine with a tale is how they described it. pair fishing off the coast and snagged a 14-foot, 2500-pound shark. as you can imagine reeling it in wasn't that easy we were both exhausted. i fawlt fought it for a while and then he fought time. can't feel the left side mif body today about it was worth it. >> i sent some peks to me dad. it was fn next he said why don't catch something beggar that we did. >> neki: four hours l le we fd in. they tagged the great white and released it back into the water. tale. >> todd: and good for them for releasing the shark. >> neki: yeah, but they dragged him for a while. >> todd: they are tuvment they fought with him for a while.
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and the acc championship dreams are dashed. >> todd: how they got knocked out of tournament and what it means for march madness ahead in
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geico motorcycle,
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>> good saturday morning everybody. i'm clay fir ar ro with injure local 10 morning sports wrap. one of the most enjoyable parts of watching the heat this season is watching new stars emerge and play at play off level as the
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and dywane wade would play despite a deep thigh bruce. he a rough night you could tell here. and he will take it down. heat dune seven points but richardson and the young guys i and richardson knocks down a three and goes for 23 points. and hassan on the right side. heat win 129 to 86. facing 29 boints points from dra imish and richardson and his bag of tricks. >> to be a contribute ter to this team and the success is big. and they told me to play with confidence. eve i've been in theym two months soy came out and let it all show. >> meanwhilehe heat have no time table for a ten shall return for chris bosh. on thursday the heat all-star released a statement he hopes to play at some point this season. eric spol ser ter says said they
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>> he is working out now in miami and more than anything else, he is in a good place mentally and we don't have any thyme kind of time table or anything anything like thoofnltd virginia in the acc tour na nefnlt canes trailing most of the night angel rodriguez cuts down the lead of uva to three but they pull way here. malcom scoring there and hurricanes falling this 173 to 68. the game day yesterday yukon in cincinnati. triple over time. john sofnt bearcats knocks down the three. this game is over right? keep watching. garntion less than a second to go and jay lynn add asms u-- lon con. off the glass and the huskies would go on to win it 104 to 97. >> to football now where the dolphins keep looking to add to
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they hosted josh robertson yesterday and the bears also hosting quarterback wee done. and grimes has a new team. the fins released grimes on wednesday. his wife who has stirred up quite a bit of controversy with the dolphins in the past has since deleted her twitter account. and jagr will be back to work after taking a stick to the mouth and chip higz tooth during the win with the senators. and he comes back and afterwards shows us a partial toofnlgt he four teeth knocked you out wit same teamness next december. i have to check the schedule when we play against them again. did you chip. >> it's five total now. did you chip the fake toofnlgt this is stuff. it's still mine. so nefers in thereo it's sore.
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that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: and in mexico members of the team are there dp plorring the sites and redpriewrgd new squad maissments the fins held auditions i argentina, brazil, columbia head of events here in south florida ierkts search for a missing pilot begins todayut man has not been seen in decades. >> neki: that's right. he disappeared in 1972, so why is this investigation justgetting started. we'll fill you in just head.
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(church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>> todd: welcome back. the search for a pilot who has been missing for decades picks up again many maine today. billy hogan went mission while flying banger maine on may 2nd . it is believed he got lost after the radio was filled up with a imus ta beacon which was out of service at the time. the woman says she may have seen that wreckage after hiking in mount waldo. >> i wish now i could of saved that family a lot of wonder alg these years. >> well, i just want to bring him home. bring him home and put him to rest. >> todd: no one has fou that wreckage or the body. >> neki: an oregon man was denied a drivers license after wearing a bizarre hat which lookededike in his id photo. >> todd: what most people think say sill\ hat is a
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he wears a hat with a fox on it as for the spirit animal and they say the dmc vrks violated his religious freedom. >> it shouldn't matter if it's a yeye macaw or silly fox hat as the man at the dmv wants to call it. >> todd: the bisis om was left without a license for nine months and the dmv said they were justollowing protocol. >> neki: we're just getting started here this morning >> todd: here's what we're working on in the local 10 news. neki: saved we a stranger. the man and his daughter crashed into a canal and sharing their story with local 10. >> todd: and details on a rely race that is getting you in shape and raising money for research at a same time. >> neki: and getting behind the wheel of onef jerry seinfeld's cars. details head here in south florida. >> todd: and we'll have those
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> neki: right now on local 10 news, rally range. a trump event called off after violence breaks out. the new updates from police coming in over night. >> he said don't worry, god will come our way. don't worry god will ce our way. >> todd: and a child rescued after a fily's car crashing into a canal. she sharesher story of survival with the one and only.
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deputy caught on camera dragging an inmate leaving her battered and bruised. >> todd: and new this morning, the woman who danced her way at the white house honored with a special surprise. we'll show you the celebration. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning south florida. we're up and adam. >> todd: yes we are. well. >> neki: well, he is getting there. >> todd: yes i am. >> neki: it takes him a while. >> todd: i'm slow but i'll get there. >> neki: and slow and steady wins the ah race every time. >> todd: iement tortoise, she's the hare. >> >> neki: happy saturday every one. it will be a warm one jen. >> jennifer: and whatever you're drink. i want a drink on that too. i need the energy. all right guys. good morning s. the temperatures in the 70s we have dropped a bit in hialeah witit75 in the past hour. now it's at 73. basically starting off mild. temperatures above normal for
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as you can see wind speeds a tad breezy. fort lauderdale key west with winds topping at 16 miles per hour out to the east. if you want to head to the beach laterton today, it will be a beach day for sure, use the sunscreen. keep in mind high rip current risk is in effect. however, this could change. winds could subside but that will be at a moderate resting. stay safe out there. operators exexeise with wawtion cawtion. bays with a moderate chop and more on the forecast in a few. todd. >> todd: jenenfer thank you. donald trump saking up about not stopping hisrally do to the protest and the reas. >> the video sho the police officer injured in that chaos hit in the head way bottle. he needed stirchls but should be okay another officer and two civilians were injured. >> here's what trump had to say over night i think we have a very dividedountry and it's been that way for a long time


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