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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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lower 70s right now. 71 muggy degrees in ft. lauderdale miami. 76 in key west. remember last week of you were all complaining that your hair was messed up because of how windy it was. now we're going to see calm winds moving out of the south and that's going to keep us warm and humid. here's a look at your morning forecast with temperatures expected to stay in the lower 70s until about 8:00. then they are going to bump up to the lower 70s and 80s. above-average temperatures as we get into the afternoon as well. possibly even the mid to upper 80s, near 90 degrees. currently the satellite and radar is dry with a little bit of cloud cover. i'll have more coming up. big sunday night in politics. democracy trying to win over ohio voters in thetown hall days before the state's key prima. >> donald trump made another south florida stop, this time holding a rally in bocaaton. >> the recent clashes between protestors and trump supporters around the country.
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rally even began. michael seiden was there. >>reporter: donald trump knows how to make an entrance, the g.o.p. front runner flew into his boca raton rally sunday night landing in his personal chopper. >> please elcome the next president of the united states mr. donald j. trump. >>reporter: minutes later he took center stage, thousands of his fans showing their support, cheering at the top of their lungs. >> i don't have anybody's money. nobody's going to tell us what to do. i'm working for you and i'm working for you. i'm working for you folks. >>reporter: fueled by the spirited and untamed crowd, trump wasted no time going after his two biggest rivals. >> lion ted cruz comes
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can't say it the right way. we got to go lying ted. no little marco. little. he's liddle, liddle marco. >>reporter: that was only one of about a handful of protestors who were escorted out after clashing with trump fans. trump clashing on a number of issues including foreign trade and building a wall at the border claiming mexico will pay for it. this week all eyes will be on florida, a winner take all state in tuesday's primary. >> it's very important to vote, but only if you're going to vote for donald j. trump, okay. otherwise, don't vote. >>reporter: and this rally was pretty tame compared to other ones in recent days, a big reason because trump's campaign
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they were able to keep the protestors out for most of the rally. i'm michael seiden, local 10 news. >the trump complain pushing back about how their protestors are handled at their rallies. friday protestors caused trump t t cancel a rally in chicago after violence broke out. they wasted little time in having the protestor removed. here police are using pepper spray to control protestors in kansas city. in ohio trump supporters using car alarms to drown out protestors. in reference the donald trump stance on immigration. after friday's violence in chicago. the campaign forced to cancel that event after fights broke out. at one point a man tried to storm the stage. the unrest has trump's opponents on both sides of the aisle pointing fingers at the g.o.p. front runner gaming
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the former alaskan governor making her rounds at a rodeo in arcadia yesterday. there she greeted voters and even snapped photos before heading to another campaign stop in plant city. she's scheduled for an event in the villages today in an effort to rack up votes for trump before the primary. trump leads the back -- pack right now. 22%. ted cruz right behind at 21%. kasich is fourth with 9%. the same poll shows kasich winning his home state of ohio, cruz 19% and rubio 16%. bernie sanders was first to hit the stage in columbus, just two days ahead of the state's primary. the senator wasted no
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donald trump and the recent violence at his rallies. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. our campaign and never will encourage anybody to trust anything. >> trump has been deflecting the blame back at sanders accusing him of upsetting protestors at eventsv hillary clinton made her final pitch in the buckeye state. >> donald trump is responsible for what happens at his events. he is the person who has for months now been not just inciting violence but applauding violence. >> even though mrs. clinton to peers to have the edge going into tomorrow in ohio, bernie sanders scoring a surprise win next week. that could indicate he will do well in ohio and other mid western states. >> local 10 has complete
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campaign trail. stick with us all weekend long. one person gunned down early sunday morning and we now know the person's identity. that was just one instance of the violence that cropped up all weekend. i don't know when it's going to stop. >>reporter: the grief-sticken mother bearing the tragic losos of her son anton. that trip to south beach saturday night into sunday morning ended with a pair of bullets being fired at tenth street and ocean drive. >> it was two guys fighting and one pulled out a gun and shot the other one. >>reporter: antoine was shot in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead before his mom could arrive. >> i could understand
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not to shoot him to death. >>reporter: the shooting happened as a heavy spring break crowd hit miami beach in overwhelming numbers this past@ weekend, catching the city offguard. at one point they called in reinforcements from crowd control. videos have popped up on social media wit party-goers clashingg with police a even fighting. a handful of arrests in court today, people charged with resisting arrestl public inxication. >> which university. >> and i know there's a gun up there-- the person who shot my son. >>reporter: after hours of questioning, detectives say that they have since let that person go but not before gaining some very credible information which would help t ease this family's pain. reporting from miami
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terrell forney, local 10 news. authorities say the victim was walking along grenada boulevard when she was groped and& robbed of her belongings. the attack ter believed to be around 35 years old, five-eight, five-ten, medium build, last seen wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, blue and yellow sneakers as well. anything, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. trouble on the water in key biscayne. thut boat veered into shallow waters and came to a sudden spot. >> they were in an area they cld go full throttle. >> the victim air-lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. a second person suffered a broken arm. offifials say alcohol was not a factor. a man still missing this morning after an
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personal watercraft in miami. >> crews searching through the night. they were unable to locate him. the 46-year-old's family said they recently had a pacemaker removed. new this morning we are seeing surveillance video through a burglary. this happened in southwest miami-dade. police say there were four crooks, three men and a woman. the company offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading t@ an arrest. now to brazil where anti-government protestors poured into the streets. they are calling for the president to step down amid the country's economic crisis and two separate corruption investigations, all of this playing out just months before brazil hosts the olympic games this sun. calle ocho took over little havana this
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south florida's biggest block party drew thousands of visitors on sunday. we're talking about calle ocho. ten stages set up featuring performances by along list of stars including the king of carnival himself, andy garcia. all right. south florida. did see some showers yesterday and we will do it again today a a the atmosphere is very moist. it's humid out there, the winds are calm and we will see the possibility of wet actitity. it is muggy out there. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. south wind anywhere between three and seven miles per hour. dada and early. how are you guys doing with that time change? i know, it's rough. definitely going to be rough this morning. don't wor, we'll get you through it.
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darker throughout themorning so we're not going to see that beautiful sunrise live om our camera shots during our morning show. i'll give it to you during "good morning america," don't worry. degrees, that's our coolest spot. that's in homestead. 75 in marathon. so with the winds out of the south, it will continue to pump inhe heat and humidity but you'll notice how calm they are. we are expecting that wind flow to continue today so it will be another warm, humid day. yesterday we had highs in the mid 80s. thatat five degrees above where we should be this time of year. we are waking up to some cloud cover but those clouds are not producing precipitation. we have ann a area of disturbed weather starting to fizzleut over lake okeechobee. dominant weather feature going into the first half of the workweek and into the weekend. then we'll see finally some changes. until then all the atmospheric moisture in what's going on with the stalled-out fronts staying well to the north of us.
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systems to get to south florida. currently we have a system pulling in towards the rockies. we h he one right now bringing the possibility of severe weather towards tennessee and more shower and thunderstorm activity reported over portions of the northeast. for us here in south florora, we will see a mixture of sun and clouds in the forecast. we will see a slight chance of a shower starting to develop by the later half f of the afternoon. we're talking more about a drizzle over parts of miami-dade and broward. an isolated sprinkle going into your tuesday as well. en as we go into wednesday, we'll notice a lot more cloud cover and we'll w watch for an approaching front to move in by the later half of the weekend and into the weekeke. again, it's going to take some time andnde need that energy from the upper levels of theatmosphere. enjoy the next few days, it will be w warmer and humid. you wawa to head to the beach, today will be a great day to d do it. boaters, no advisories, and it's going totay this way throughout most
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the bays will be at a light chop. anywhere between one to three feet. only a 20% chance of showers s the forecast again today. as we good into the week, we are expecting temperatures to stay above average and we'll increase that chance of showers by sunday. >> julie, thanks. for the lighter side of vote 2016. protestors stood up at a marco rubio event outside ofcala. he said rubio tried to steal his girlfriend. theean said his love interest in new hampshire hadot looked at him the same way since. the accusation was met with laughs from the rubio crowd. as you can see, his argument fell on deaf ears. he was escorted out. >> i'm going to go with no. calle ocho is behind us so all eyes turn into another major festival
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>> neki mohan previews
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festival. just less than a week away from a major international music festival taking over sun fe stadium, jazz in the gardens. >> neki mohan shows us how jazz in the gardens continues to bring in big business to our area. >>reporter: it's that time of year again when live music in miami gardens brings tens of thousands to the party at sun life stadium. jazz in the gardens draws crowds of upwards of $50,000 people in the parking lot of the stadium. it's now in its 11th year. what started as the party here in the parking lotot of sun life stadium is now attracting international super stars. following those super
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audiences. >> this year we have usher, one of the greatest entertainers on the planet right now, and aretharanklin. >>reporter: and all those attendees traralate to big business for the vendors at the event and everyone around it. >> it's bringing people into the city. people are spending the night, they are spending money in the hotels. it's just another great event attraction for the city to promote. >> i've beenn coming for the last seven years and it's gotten better. >> we'll bring up the incredible ll cool j. >>reporter: : st year's had sold out. the festival a big draw for music lovers who seek south florida winter warmthnd national sponsors connecting the brands to make the event a big business boom for everyone. >> what it means to the city. the city makes money off of them but it's it can engine.
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attention sometimes. this is parof the right attention. >>reporter: in miami gardens, neki mohan, local 10 news. >> it's estimated the jazz in the garden festival creates an economic impact of nearly $3 million. for more information head over to our website after a long college basketball season, the march madness brackett,& they are set this morning. >> things are looking good for the canes. we have reaction from
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the big dance. >>reporter: good monday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. canes finding out last night where they
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have a look and listen. canes hoops, look at that seeding. their seeding was announced. the senior-led squad, a three seed in a very tough region. they will tip off in providence, rhode island against buffalo thursday night. coach already has his dancing shoes o >> you get a chance to show what you can d during march madness. the big dance is where you want be dancing and you want to dance a lot. >> it's a great opportunity for us to go deep into the tournament so it's really exciting. >> this is the time to have fun. we just got collected to go to the tournament. it's a great feeling. >> you can get caught up in the madness by going to, signing up for a local 10 brackett challenge we're giving away a 65 inch hd tv from brandsmart usa to the winner.
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college to the pros, dwayne wade could miss his second straight game tonight. wade listed as questionable for tonight's home game against the denver nuggets as that bruised left thigh that forced him to miss saturday night's overtime loss in toronto. joe johnson picked up the slack on saturday. jj scored a team high 28 points in the losing effort. but heatt can still feel pretty good about ththselves as they host the cavs in a three-game home stand. >> we're not predictable in whose going to have a big night. we he a lot of guys very personal offensively and defensively. >> got to spend a day with indycar racing legend mario an a andretti. tannehill got the start.
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seat of andretti's two seat car. >> matt harvey fish getting fried by harvey. it's only the spring but harvey gets through, take a seat. harvey then overpowers, one of the reasons, he's one of the best in the business. the fifth cuban sensation. wasn't in town for calle ocho. he missed out. i had fun at calle ocho though. he feasts on those. mets go on the blow-out. marlins win 11-0. honored the '96 stanley finals trip on sunday. jaromir jagr adding to it. lo at this ridiculous assist there. just amazing stuff to watch. cats picked up an important win after their road triptarts
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i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. donald trump stumping in south florida. >> the message he
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supporters. breaking news, a deadly crash endnd with a supermarket. donald trump talk it go tough two days befofo the primary mock his rivals right here in uth florida. search for a sheeter. what we're learning about the man begunked down in miami beach over the weekend. some say their idea is like opening pandora's box. new worries after days of dangerous flooding. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch.
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stories in just a moment. hopefully you guys got enough sleep with the time change. i do not like spring forward, not a fan. >> warm weather popped up here and there. julie durda, what does monday look like? >> we are going to see warm, humid conditions. this is well above average for the time of year. >> we should be waking up to mid 60s. as the kids head to the bus stop, be prepared. the winds much camper out of the south. we'lo see temperatures in the lower 70s as we head to the bus stop. we're expecting highs today to reach the mid 80s. continuing thearm, humid conditions throughout the afternoon. currently you have 73 degrees right now in miami. as you heard me mention, we should be waking up to 65. south southeast wind the culprit anywhere between five and seven miles per hour. we do have a little bit of cloud cover in place. those clouds are not producing precipitation. we're dry from lakeke
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west. we can't rule out the chance of a stray shower today. i'll have more coming up. >> good morning, julie. good morning, south florida. happy monday. we we watching this police activity going on on i-95 northbound. this is rigight around sterling road. that police activity was blocking two lanes of traffic. as can you see from our traffic cameras we've got the all-clear which is what we love to see because it's monday. i-95 northbound that incident cleared up at sheridan street. however, as we check out dade county just got this accident in our system. this is i-95 northbound at northwest 151st street. we're getting reports that our right lane is blocked. doesn't look like that's impacting traffic too much though because speeds are looking great at 72 miles per hour. breaking news out of hollywood, that's where aa car has crashed right into a publix. >> layron n vingston is live at the scene with what we know so far. >>reporter: yes, if you're headed into work this morning, you're going to want t avoid hollywood boulevard. that's east of this


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