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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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west. we can't rule out the chance of a stray shower today. i'll have more coming up. >> good morning, julie. good morning, south florida. happy monday. we we watching this police activity going on on i-95 northbound. this is rigight around sterling road. that police activity was blocking two lanes of traffic. as can you see from our traffic cameras we've got the all-clear which is what we love to see because it's monday. i-95 northbound that incident cleared up at sheridan street. however, as we check out dade county just got this accident in our system. this is i-95 northbound at northwest 151st street. we're getting reports that our right lane is blocked. doesn't look like that's impacting traffic too much though because speeds are looking great at 72 miles per hour. breaking news out of hollywood, that's where aa car has crashed right into a publix. >> layron n vingston is live at the scene with what we know so far. >>reporter: yes, if you're headed into work this morning, you're going to want t avoid hollywood boulevard. that's east of this
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highway. that's where this shopping center sits, ere this car ultimately went into the back of this buiing. on the other side of young's circle. there's a walgreen's and of course this publix store and police. the publix store where this car has gone through the back of this building. it is still wedged inside the hole you see in the back of the wall of this complex. police and firefighters were inside earlier today. accident investigators were inside of the building or outside the building taking photographs as part of their investigation. we know the man w was driving that car is still inside of the car, unfortunately dead this morning and trapped under some debris as a result of this accident.we know his female passenger has since been taken to the hospital and we're still working to learn the extent of her injuries. we're learning the
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what happened. this guy was traveling west here on hollywoodod boulevard and ultimately ended up in the back of the building. we'll stick with the situation is and update you as s sn as we have more information. but if you're headed to work this morning, you want to avoid this area because this roundabout here, portions have been shut off because of the portion of the investigation just east of federal highway. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. news out of southwest kansas where an amtrak train was traveling from los angeles to chicago with 8 passengers on board when it derailed at about midnight right outside dodge city. five cars were left on their sides. amtrak working to get those injured to their final destination. it's very important to vote b b only if you're going to vote for donald j. trump, okay. otherwise, don'tote. >> now to vote 2016, donald trump putting on a show during a visit to
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that rally the last sp in the state before the primary. security again an issue. several protestors kicked outefore trump even took the stage. he touched on a number of issues including foreign trade and building that wall at the border, also wasted no time going after his biggest rivals. >> lying ted,e can't say it it the right way. he's liddle, l-i-d-d-l-e, liddlemarco. >> more from the campaign trail including how democrats are trying to court voters at the primaries. that shooting punctuating a weekend of fights and disruptions
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crowds and ben kennedy is live for us at the police station with the latest on this investigation. ben? >>reporter: good morning, jacey. as you were talking about, no one h been arrested in this case has police were trying to track down witnesses who saw exactly what happened. let's take you back to that scene in miami beach over the weekend where someone pulled a trigger at tenth and ocean drive. it's there antione was shot in the chest. we caugh up with his mother who is now looking for justice. >> i don't know why. i could understand you have problems but not to shoot him to death. >> there's a gunun up there. when y find the person who shot my son. >>reporter: now detectives, they question a person of interest right here behind me at the police departmemt. but they did let that
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told they had some very vital clues and information to help catch the shooter. reporting live in meerchtion ben kennedy, local 10 news. that shooting happened as a a heavy spring break crowd hit miami beach in overwhelming numbers this past weekend. at one point police called in reinforcements with cro control. a handful of arreees appeared in court. a man still missing this morning after taking a personal water craft for a test drive. police say he was last seen on blue lagoon lake on saturday night. the family fears he may have suffered a medical emergency. we have an update on the deadly plane crash happening saturday near orlando. two victims have been identified as diane sheehan and james coast. police say they both died after the same plane camem crashing down
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in clairmont. an officer in maryland killed on sunday after being ambushed in what police are calling an unprovoked attack. the 28-year-old, a four year veteran, after the first shots rang out. several officers came out of the station and shot back. the gunman wounded but expected to survive. police expected to track down a second person. a motive not clear. at least 3 3 people are dead, 125 injured after attack in turkey. the turkish president vowing to bring terrorism to its knees after a car bomb went off at a bus stop in ankara. meanwhile al-quida has claimed responsibility for attack on the ivory coast that killed 16 people at a beach resort. the group calling thrhr of the gunman heroes. this is the third attack ininhe west african country since november. now to the latest on
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with more than 200 cases confirmed in the u.s. scientists are working on a radical new approach to combat the disease. the mosquito would carry a deadly gene that could kill the offspring but that idea doesn't sit well with anyone. the centers for disease control does warn zika could spread more quickly in the u.s. genetically-modified mosquitoes have been tested in brazil and so far results have been positive.( burglars swipe a safe at a south florida financial store. more on the efforts to crack this case. parts of california trying to dry out after el nino left cities drenched. >> after days of relentless rain and flooding in louisiana many evacuees face as they return home. on this monday we're waking up to some cloud cover but no
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frfr these clouds. thtre was afternoon storms yesterday. will we have them again today?
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after the break.tt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2wmrst@! p!!*n \ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2wmrst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:98h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:`:, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:d9p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 second body pulled from the hudson river yesterday after a deadly tugboat crash. three people on board the boat when it crashed into a barge earlyly saturday morning. crews have called off the search for the second victim. severe storms caused by el nino created hazardous conditions on the road. northern callie was hit
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be back to sunny skies as this week begins. this morning they are returning to pick up the pieces. here's some video out of louisiana where severe floooong is forcing families out of their homes. you can see just how bad that flooding was. that car hear submerged. even a propane tank gently flooding down those streets. >> our house was surrounded. by the time we got out, the front and back met and we knew it was over. we knew that it was coming in the house. >he flood waters did finally make their way out and they continued to do so this morning. but the problem for those returning home, not even close to over. many deali with the mold and just the mess left behind. >> starting over. roughened to the weekend for them. for us it was pretty nice overall. >> it was warm. there were a couple spotty showers occasionally. overall, it was a pretty nice weekend. >> indeed, it's feeling like spring.
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forward with those clocks. you'll notice this morning to our sunrise will be at 7:30, not 6:30. so definitely darker throughout it the-morning and tougher to get up. maybe have that extra cup of coffee or tea. temperatures well above average. it's 73 degrees in miami. we should be waking up to 65. relative humidity 93% and it is muggy out there. south southeast wind at 9 miles per hour. in the keys we are waking up t 76. for you in pembroke pines, good morning, 71 degrees. 75 in marathon. now our winds are going to continue to filter in from the south. that's the warm air connection we're going to feel all throughout the day. we will see cloud cover and possibility of isolated showers. momo of the shower and thunderstorm activity still staying well to the north of us. we do have an area of
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showers over rtions of central florida. so here's yet another system that is soaking parts of louisiana, mississippi and in towards tennessee but eventually this system will start to migrate towards the northeast merging into another system bringing showers and storms to the great lakes, new york and washington, d.c. we'll see the rest of the shower and thundersto activity over portions of the west coast head eastward bringing them a little bit of a brief break from the showers and storms we had to deal with last week. aid to the dry conditions we are expecting across south florida for quite some time. as you can see, most of the dry air is located just to the south of us but it's going to lift towards the north and combine with some m me dry air just north of our area. the combination of the two will provide for not a bad day but a very warm day here in south florida. our feels-like temperatures will be in the upper 80s. we're not the only ones dealing with the heat. the whole south is dealing with the warm conditions.
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weather and increasas the chance of showers by monday. >> thank you, julie. i-95 northbound at northwest 151st street. i did see an accident in the northbound lanes. it was blocking a right lane. looks like they switched that camera view. as we zoom on into our map, it doesn't seem like that's impacting your commute this morning. speeds looking great at 72 miles per hour. all right. how about some drive times. if you're at i-95 southbound starting at hollywood boulevard and you're heading to the golden glades, it's going to take you just six minutes from the golden glades to downtown miami, just eight minutes. >> thanks for that. new try get to begin later today over the general motors ignition switch controversy. hundreds of lawsuits after the company continued too file stars with the defective ignition switches. today's trial a result
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orleans where a driver said she could not stop her car. a busy interstate shut down after a series of crashes involving dozens of cars. authoritieiesay more than 100 vehicles were involved, 20 people were injured. none of the injuries were serious but police say wet roads could be to blame. time travel becoming more of a reality. we'll tell you about an app that lets folks hop through history. 5:16 at 73 degrees. make sure your clockss are right as you get
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morning. good morning. it's about 5:19 on your monday. it's pi of course 3-14. if you're a math whiz who loves a different kind of pi, pizza hut offering three years of pizza for whoever answers correctlily three math questions. it will be put on their website. >>reporter: a new smart phone from microsoft. >> it features a five-inch hd screen and access to the cortana digital assistant. price tag $199. could the dreaded circle of death soon be a thing of the past. rearcher at m.i.t. and harvard say they've come up with a way to load web pages 34% faster.
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no word on when the new technology called polaris could be put into practice. the star of the show at the south by southwest festival was pepper, a human robot able to respond to a human's mood. >> it analyzes gestures and voice tones and it's talking to people. it's already being used in some japanese stores. >> those are your tech bytes. >> what do you do if you're angry, if you're an upset customer? i'd like to meet pepper. new this morning, you can now go back in town and experience a lilile history using the app and headset. it's called time looper. it allows tourists to see what historical sites in london looked like centuries ago. >> our demographic certainly helps with that as well. we have a hugely international demographic. don't want to be translating endless
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it to be visual and immersive as possible. >> it launches in april. tourists will be able to see the area and what it looked like before the bridge even existed 360 years ago. >> and happy you're not there now. >> or you could just watch the movies. >> you mention meeting pepper, that robot. >> you'll get up close and personal real soon. >> eric thinks robots are going to take over the world one day. >> only a matter of time. just ahead sniffing out danger. >> we'll explain how this dog nose saved h young friend from a serious medical emergency. the latest for a search for a man who groped and robbed a man in crabs. this is oakland park boulevard. you can't really see it but you kind of see the flashing lights but there's a broken down car right there. looks like traffic is getting by okay but
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in minutes. okay. an incredible story of a dog that will have you saying how did he do that. >> the black lab named jedi used his sense of smell to save a young boy. luke has diabetes and while he slept his blood sugar plummeted. somehow just aheadie sensed that and alerted his mother. >> he laid on me. i thought i have to get up and check luke.e. i think there's an issue. >> just aheadie is able to smell when luke's blood sugar drops or spikes. luke who was asleep at the time was able to get his insulin shot. he is a service dog. he is trained to do something like that. that's his job. >> just the capability
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warning, that'@s amazing. >> that's why i don't understand how people have such respect for animals. many times they are more capable than us. >> jedi master. >> exactly. miami police are searching for the shooter who killed antione dekade over the weekend. donald trump reiterated his plans to build a wall along the mexican border to keep immigrants out. amtrak derailed in kansas city. it happened about midnight 20 miles west of dodge city. no word yet on what caused the train to come off the tracks. another check of your forecast and traffic. we have you covered, south florida. a big reminder something's happening in hollywood, a car into a publix. it was a fatal accident
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it. breaking news right now, a car careening into a publix leaving people injured. donald trump's message delivered to supporters as he faced accusations of stirring up violence at his rallies. south beach shooting. the search for a gunman after a man is shot in the street. attacker on the run. what you need to know about a local 10 safety alert. calle ocho all wrapped up. details on what could make it one for the history books. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. did you conga? >> i did not conga with betty then but we're breaking it down into the streets like that yesterday. >> don't disappoint me like that.
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crazy out there with jenise. >> biggest block party in the world, a million people. you were a part of that. >> let's talk about the weather. i think a lot of people were taking you at calle ocho yesterday. >> i'm sure they had a great time rain or shine. it seemed as though we did see showers move through the area across parts of south florida but not everybody had to deal with the rain. i'm happy to tell you we were rain-free. currently we have temperatures in the low 70s. this is well above average for this time of year. we should be waking up to 65. 70 ft. lauderdale, 76 key west. culprit, the winds are calm moving in from the south southeast. currently you have temperatures in the low 70s kendall, pembroke pines, pompano beach. 70 degrees right now in mestead. you see we haven't seen the 60s in quite some time. we have the winds continuing to move in from the south light this morning. today will be a great day to head to the beach. it's going to be a warm one. high wills rapidly move up to the mid 80s.
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above where we should be this time of year with lots of sunshine. jenise, how are the roads? >> thank you. we have some broken down car on oakland park boulevard. you can see the blinking lights here but again trafafc is moving just fine which is, hey, it's monday morning. you really can't ask for much more. i-95 northbound oakland park boulevard, we're seeing the green. speeds look great, 74 miles per hour. believe it or not we have another broken down car. the green there which is awesome, 66 miles per hour. all right. some drive times for you, if you're on u.s.-1 northbound starting at lejeune road heading to brickle, it's going to take you seven minutes. from kendall drive to brickle, going to take you 14 minutes. we have breaking news this morning out of hollywood. that is where a car has crashed right into a publix. we're told this crash is deadly. >> layron livingston with the latest on this investigation. >>reporter: indeed that
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way behind me. we do know one person is dead, the man who was driving this car and his female passenger have since been taken to the hospital. we're still looking to learn the extent of her injuries. this car was heading west on hollywood boulevard just on the other side of young circle in the shopping complex. this is where this sits on the back of this roundabout where the walgreen's and the ultimate pet store sit here thin complex. police tell us this man went into the back of the publix. this roundabout fear, there are signs posted here directing traffic to the turn here but unfortunately this man went through, hopped up the sidewalk into the building. police here say they got some video just a few moments ago. that shows this car and its taillight, this cadillac still wedged into the back of this building. at the time we did not know that there was meone inside that car and then a police officer eventually came
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yes, one person was dead on scene, still inside the car as this accident investigation got under way. nonoord on what may have caused this man yet to continue driving this turn and to end up in the back of the store.that's all something police i'm sure are working to get some information on and hopefully, as soon as we get that information, we'll be able to pass that along to you. if you're headed to work this morning, you'll definitely want to avoid hollywood boulevard heading west here towards federal highway just east of young's circle where this acdent has happened this morning. as soon as we get nor information, especially to the condition of the woman taken to the hospital, we'll pass it along to you on local 10 and layron livingston, local 10 news. the personality, they don't love it so much but that's okay. who cares? who cares? who the hell cares about that? >> donald trump makes
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florida on sunday making it clear that the opinions of critics are not weighing him down. security again, it's an issue as several protestors were kicked out even before trump tooct stage.. >> he wasted n time going after his two biggest rivals. >> you want to know the truth? i'm a better person than the people i'm running against. and i'm a better person than hillary. hillary is not good. >> trump gotome help on the campaign trail from former vice-presidential candidate sarah palin. the former alaska governor shaking hands with the people at the rodeo. donald trump is catch something flak for this tweet he posted on his twitter page. it wrongly lists the secret service did an
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the maniac running to the stage. he has ties to isis. he should be in jail. trump has since take then link down. an awkward moment for marco rubio, a man accused him o taking his girlfriend. he says his girlfriend hasn't looked at him the same way since she met him in new hampshire. new poll numbers show trump on track to win the florida primary on tuesday, leading the swabbing with 43% of those surveyed in a poll rubio second at 22%, ted cruz and john kasich third and fourth. the same poll s shows kasich winning his home state of ohio with 39. there donald trump is in second place, ted cruz and marco rubio third and fourth there. now to the democrats, the candidates faced off at a town hall last night and branders was first to hit the stage in columbususust two day as
5:34 am
the senator taking shots at rival donald trump. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. campaign does not believe and never will encourage anybody to disrupt anying. >> trump has been deflecting the blame back to sanders accusing him of sending protestors to disrupt his event. and hillary clinton had her turn in the spotlight. clinton too had some harsh words for trump. >> donald trump is responsible for what happens at his events. hes the person who has for months now been not just inciting violence but applauding violence. >> even though clinton to peers to have the edge going into tomorrow, sanders scored a surprise win last week. our primary is tomorrow here in florida. we're one of five states holding races.
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complete coverage on the day y ft. lauderdale. a family wants to know who is responsible for killing their loved one over the weekend. the 20-year-old gunned down at tenth and lahoma. ben kennedy live at the popoce department. ben, what's the latest on this investigation? >>reporter: so far this morning no one has beeee arrested in this case but there were lots of witnesses to this soting. in fact police here in miami beach are trying to track them down to get their side of the story. >> a mother is in pain after the tragic l ls of her 20-year-old son antione whwas shot and killed during a violent weekend in miami beach. >> the celebration turned deadly when someone pulled a trigger at 10th and ocean drive. it's there that antione was shot in the chest. >> it was two guys, they
5:36 am
one pulled out a gun and, you know, shot the other one. >>reporter: he was rushed to the e.r. but it was too late. it took place during the spring break of crowds hit the beach in overelming numbers catching the city offguard, at one point even having to call in reinforcements for crowd control. i don't know why. >> i could understand you have problems but not to shoot him to death. >>rfporter: detectives did question a person of interest but they were allowed to leave. we're hearing they gave officers some very good continues to catching the shooter. reporting live on meerchtiti ben kennedy, local 10 news. and the shooting happened as a h@avy spring break crowd hit miami beach in overwhelming numbers this past weekend. at one point reinforcements were called in for crowd control.
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arrested appeared in court on sunday. they were charged with resisting arrest, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. authorities say the victim was walking alolo grenada boulevard when she was groped and robbed of her belongings. medium build, bald with brown eyes and bushy eyebrows. police say took off in a white s.u.v. or van. that sounds familiar.if you know anything about what happened, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. this morning we're getting a look at surveillance video showing a group of crooks that broke into a store andade off with a safe. that break-in happened early saturday morning and now a larger reward is being offered with anymore information. a reward o upto $25,000
5:38 am
information that leads to the arrest. one woman thrown from a boat after the boat ran aground it veered into the shallow waters and c me to a should sudden stop. >> unfortunately, they made a turn sharper than you're supposed to and that's where they hit bottom. >> that victim air-lifted to the hospital in serious condition. a second person suffering a broken arm. believes say alcohol was not a factor. 16 cube cuban migrants were sent back to south florida. the coast guard says last month 169 migrants tried to rch the u.s. they also say there's been an incree in the last 15 months since the u.s. announced a restoration of diplomatic relation was cuba. one event that hahaened at the big
5:39 am
explained next. the miami hurricanes, they learn where they wi be playing in the big dance. be continue to follow breaking news. a deadly wreck in hollood, a car crashing into a publix. look for updates here and on-line at good morning, south florida. there will be the possibility of a stray shower in the forecast. will it be as wet as we saw yesterday? i'll have the details
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break. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons.
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at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i like the music. south florida's biggest block party happened on sunday. local 10 was there to celebrate. >> people if all over showing up for the music, the dancing, ofcourse great food. check out our own betty
5:42 am
time, leading the congressa line. >> calle ocho also known for breaking world records for its 40th anniversary. they break the record for, get this, the most signatures on a birthday card. i didn't know it was a thing but it is now. the record is 13,000 john hancocks and we have to see if the record-breaking attempt succeeded. >> here's a picture of me. thank you so much to all of you who came out to say hello. it was hot but it was worth it. good looking owd. >> i appreciate that. i tend to agree. >> i didn't say you were. i said the crowd. i'm just kidding. >> progressively worse as we get to the right-hand side of the screen. >> stop. what did you go crazy over for food? >> there were so many great things. >> what's youravorite, jules? >> i didn't get to go out the yesterday.
5:43 am
good, the food looks good. >> the video exists somewhere. jenise can attest to this. >> all right, south florida. hope y all enjoyed the weekend, rain or shine spring is less than a week away. temperatures in the low 70s. 76 degrees inn key west. east southeast wind anywhere between five and seven miles per hour. even though it's warm and muggy out there, waking up to dry conditions. 71 degrees in pembroke nes as well as kendall, 70 in homestead. 75 in marathon. that south breeze between two and seven miles per hour. we're going to continue keeping that south wind in place pumping in the heat and humidity you feel today. precipitation starting to develop over the florida straits. if that holol it could head towards part of the florida keys. now we do have a coupleof areas we're watching, an area of disturbed well just north of lake
5:44 am
that should fizzle out. another system bringing more showers and storms towards tennessee and mississippi. one more system pulling in from the pacific northwest will finally push away from the west cot bringing our friends up and down the west coast, a breakrom the rain from the middle part of the workweek. the gold coast states waking up to the 60s and 70s. 40s and 50s on this map. usually we'ree seeing the 30s and that's not something we're going to be seeing with the airmoist and humid. we wilil see some cloud cover but mostly cloudy skies will continue over portions of central florida where those showers will continue to develop by tampa and just north of lake okokchobee. for us we'll see a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. u thought yesterday was warm? today is going to be very warm asell. make sure the kids have an extra bottled water and probably that sunblock. if you want to head to
5:45 am
advisories. it's a great day for it. we'll see an increase of a chance of showers on sunday. i don't think my baby bump would have ma it in that conga line. >> you would have made it. u would have had a blast. i will be the witness. eric, i saw you on the conga line and also saw you salsa dancing. i'm your witnene. i saw it all. the broken down car on i-95 northbound. this is on oakland park boulevard. i-95 northbound oakland park boulevard, speeds clocking in at 68 miles per hour. this is sterling road with the right lane blocked. speeds blocking great there at 70 miles per hour. dadedeounty got this accident that just popped up. right around lejeune road there's a left lane blocked but we're seeing the green.. doesn't look like that's impacting your commute. speeds at 54 miles per hour. >>reporter: good mop morning. i'm will manso with your
5:46 am
wrap. can um's basketball team repeat its sweet 16 run of 2013? canes finding out last night where they will be dancing this week. have a listen. canes hoops, look at that, seeded and doing a little there. the senior-led squad, a three seed in a verer tough south region. tip offn providence, rhode island. 6:50 scheduled tip time it. coach already h his dancing shoes on. >> you get a chance to show what you can do during march madness. the big dance is where you want to be dancing and you want to dance a lot.t. >> it's a great opportunity for us to go into the tournament. >> this is the time to have fun. we just got selected to go to the tournament. it's a great feeling. >>reporter: you can get caught
5:47 am, signing up for a local 10 brackett challenge. we're giving away a 65 inch hd tv from brandsmart usa to the winner. you'll get a chance to face off with me. give it a shot, go to college to the prose, all-star dwayne wade could miss the second straight game tonight. you'll have to wait and see. wade listed as questionable as that bruised left thigh thaha forced him to miss the overtime loss in toronto. joe johnson picked up the s sck on saturday. jj scored a t@am high 28 points. but heat cantill feel pretty good about themselves as they return home to host the nuggets, hornets and the cavs in a three-game homestead. >> unpredictable team as far as whose going to scoreehe basketball. we're not predictable and have aig night.
5:48 am
guys that make plays offensively and defensively. ryan hannah hill got to spend the day with indycar racing legend mario andretti. got the start in the indy series riding along in the back seat of andretti's two-seat indycar. fish getting fried. good news for don mattingly and his gang. harvey overpowers. it's one of the reasons he's among the best in the business. the fifth cuban sensation wasn't in town for calle ocho. he missed out. i had fun at calle ocho though. he feasted o those. mets go on to blow out the marlins 11-0. cats honor the 96 dailyy cup finals team on saturday. what a great scene it
5:49 am
jaromir jagr adding to, lookok at this surveillance assist there against the flyers. just amazing stuff to watch. alexander barkov with the assist. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. well, a high-speed chase in califorora is caught on camera after a driver sped off in a stolen polole car. >> the chase lasting more than an hour spanning several cities. police were able to end it. we'll tell you what happened here coming up next. a live look right now from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. good morning, south florida. ten until 6:00 a.m., 76 degrees. we've got you covered, starting the week off
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here on local 10. a high speed chase in california caught on tape right here. the driver sped off. the chase lasted more and an hour and spanned several cities. officer pinned the driver inside a stolen cruiser. police say this was a police-involved shooting. there are conflicting reports on whether the pep who took the car was hit. a man went in swinging a match et. that's where a customer pulled out a gun and shsh him. the customer has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. a 104-year-old california woman, 104, stood her ground when a burglar tried to break his way into her home. >> it disappeared. he must have run away. >> you scared off a burglar? >> yes, i did. i guess i did.
5:53 am
she says she saw a shadowie figure trying to cut through the screen on window so she flicked on the lights and he took off but it was no big deal to her. >> remember we had the 94-year-old won saying she tried to beat somebody with a cane breaking into her house. how about breaking the box office over the weekend. >> details an how much this animated film raked in over thehe weekend and we'll have all the top films that rounded out the top three. a little blurry but there are flashing lights there right in the middle. we're told there's a broken down car he. doesn't appear to be slowing traffic too much but jenise, she's got you covered with the
5:54 am
local 10. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's a ailable 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chaes? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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let's talk weekend box numbers, shall we? the animated comedy held on to the top spot by bringing in $50 million. in second place ten cloverfield lane. the fill it mean brought in 25 million bucks. and in third place dead reynolds. million. calle ocho maye over but we have another big event to look forward to here in south florida. >> jazz in the gardens going on next weekend in miami gardens. the festival atracks tens of thousands from all over. officials estimate it brings in an economic revenue of about $3 llion. if you wanan to buy tickets for the event, we set up a link at >> you're going to be there, right? >> sunday night. >> monday's going to hurt. i'll help you out.i'll bring you some coffee. >> i appreciate it.
5:57 am
follow breaking news for you. this is out of hollywood. >> a car crashing into a publix grocery store. trouble for a man accused of crashing his snowmobile. hear from the man hose dog was killed because of that wreck. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's whamakes a subaru,
5:58 am
we have breaking news, a driver losing control, crashing right
5:59 am
a driver is killed while celebrating a birthday in miami beach. why donald trump was canceled a south flori stop. forecast. your weather authority is helping to get you out of bed on this second day of daylight savings. we're going to start to feel i now. >> i am. it's 56 a.m. i have to tell you, i woke up and i went to change all the clocks but trent had already changed all the clocks. i i s two hours ahead. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. as our bodies are still recovering from that spring forward, they say it's really detrimental, you have to get enough sleep. even though it's 56 a.m., it feels like 5:00. let's head over to julie durda. >> we can't see the sunrise. we gof used to it. >> that's the worst for us morning people knowing it's going to be
6:00 am
sunrise is not official until 7:30. we're not going to see it during our actual morning forecast. we break in right at:25 during "good morning america" so we've got you c cered all morning long. you'll definitely notice it's warm and humid as you walk out the door. spring officially begins in less than a week. so we're already feeling that taste of it with temperatures in the low 70s, ft. lauderdale, miami. we should be waking up to 75. the culprit the south, southeast breeze, m mh camper and lighter than what we started our workweek last week. high wills rapidly warm up to the mid 80s. >> thank you, julie. we're still watching this broken down car and i-95 northbound at oakland parkk boulevard, a little blurry. tting reports it is blocking two right lanes. i-95 northbound oakland park boulevard, that's wher that broken down car is, not impacting


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