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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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beach this morning right at biscayne boulevard. we have reports of a& crash there. we're seeing a whole lot f green that shows us folks are traveling at posted speeds. the only areas where we're seeing a slight slowdown and no major surprises are off of u.s.-1. we're seeing that yellow and orange showing us just a little bit of a slowdown. >> thank you, constance. >> team coverage of this primary day in south florida. >> layron livingston showing us what the final vote looks likik for republicans. >> he joins us live from aventura. the poll increasing there. ben, good morning. good morning, ec and jacey, hillary clinton is favored to win right here in florida as well as north carolina.
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waking u early to make their mark at polling locations pretty much across the state including behind me here in aventura. polls show hillary clinton beating sanders with 6 of the vote. the last stop was in st. louis which is also holding its primary today. polling averages show missouri is the only state sanders has a lead in. polls show clinton and sanders just five percentage points apart.& >> if there's a door you can knock on, if there's a person you can convince, please do everything you can in the next 24-plus hours.
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ohio will be one of the states to lead this country forward to a political revolution. we have aood vote tomorrow. people come out. we're going to win here in ohio. >>reporter: back live to aventura this morning, you can see the signs are up, the pole workers are ready, sanders is expected to be competitive in ohio,issouri and illinois. the polls do open this morning at 7:00 a.m. reporting live in aventura, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thank you. > 99 delegates are at stake for the republicans in the florida primary and in a state where winners take all. doing his very best to lay claim to what he hopes same home team, home state advantage. more on senator rubio's rally. good morning, layron. >> he's going to have to make up some grod.
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donald trump leading with 46 here. cruz coming in with 14%, kasich with ten and of course those voters will be coming here at the poll, polling locations just like this one up early these poll workers are this morning. speaking of marco rubio, stopped by four florida cities yesterday but ended his campaign last night in west miami. he pushed people there will to vote today despite those polls showing he will fall to donald trumpn his home state and he will wrap up primary day in west palm beach. meanwhile cruz wasn springfield, illinois late last night where he greeted his supporters and it was the last stop of the day. illinois is where there are 69 delegates. a recent chicago tribune poll shows him behind trump. ohio besides florida of course is`@ne of those jackpot states that everyone is off.
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trump, campaigning there. 66 delegates at stake from that state. stiff competition that was right behind him. trump was died up with kasich in his home state. the two died at 38%, eachith cruz placing third. kasich was in ohio hoping to grab all of those delegates. of course we'll see in just a few short hours if all of the campaigning, the candidates, surrogates and these endorsements we've been reporting over the last weeks and months havead an effect here. whoever wins will be taking all of those 99 delegates that are much-needed to win this crucial primary here. we'll keep you posted on everything for now. live in plantion, layron livingston, local 10 news. >> we have you covered primary, team coverage throughout the day and night led by michael millberg. one-hour news cast tonight at 9:00. >> we are waiting to
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shot and killed in florida city yesterday afternoon. lice say the man was riding his bicycle at 14th street when he was gunned down. it's not clear if anyone is in custody and responsible. the investigation is ongoing. > an update this morning to a story we brought you as breaking news, the passenger in that hollywood publix crash is expected to survive the wreck that killed heroyfriend. police say it appears th driver david paul la mour slammed into the publix store. he died at the scene. his giwlfriend was taken to the hospital in critical condition. shes expected to recover. police say the driver was not wearing his seatbelt but she was. ththe chicago police officers are recovering after being shot in a drug related investigation. the officers saw a man and a wom they thought were suspicious and when
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them, the man shot at them. they shot back killing the man. the woman was tang in for questioning. now to a one and only exclusive, under cover officers say a man was selling large amounts of cocaine but he had another job covering it up. today he remains in jail on drug charges. torres was arrested back in november. authorities say he was trying to sell nearly $70,000 worth of cocaine to an under cover agent. >> he's a citizen. he has no criminal record. he lives with his wife. he has two children and he's been working 20 years for the city of miami. >> the judge denied the request. prosecutors say pedro torres had been selling under cover agents. a map disappeared sunday night, his jet ski was fnd at blue
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he was no where to be found. his family said he had a heart transplant and feared he may have had a dical episode while out on the water alone. president barack obama will visit cuba next week, making him the first sitting president to visit the island in 90 years >> this is not a matter of providing concessions to the cuban government. this is a matter of us engaging directly with the cuban people and being able to have candid, tough conversationsirectedly with the cuban government the same way we do with the chinese government, the same way we do with the vietnamese government, the same way we do with the russian government. >> we will be there for that historic visit. calvin hughes is leading our news team from havana. look for their live reports to start later on this week. and more historic change is on horizon.
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cruise ship line for carnival called fathom may bee the first american ship toock in havana's harbor. 700 people will be traveling to cuba on may first. the ship will spend a we visiting several cities on the island. new for you this morning, an officer under investigation after video shows him tossing a woman to the ground. what led up to this confrontation, that's next. a crook is on the run after swiping a safe from a south florida schoolol how much money the school is out. learn about a local doctor helping dogs injured in a ddly iditerod crash thousands of miles away. we're talking highs in the upper 80s. it will be seven degrees above where it should be this time of year old. feels-like temperatures could be n nr 90s.
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>>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. will she or won't she. >> the federal reserve kicks off its two day meeting, fed chair janet yell senate not expected to raise interest rates but investors will be on the loo out for clues. america's pot economy is shooting up like a weed and the impact of legal marijuana in the u.s. come could hit $4 billion by 2020. >> that's more than americans spend at taco bell and wendys combined. the true cost of true love. >> it takes an a arage of five and a half years of dating to find a partner. people will spend
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guys spent significantly more than women. >> that'sp america's money. 6:13 the time right now. what you're looking at is a cape coral police officer on paid leave after this video surfaced. it showed him tossing a 23-year-old woman down to the ground. investigators say the officer was trying to break up a fight between brittany fails a a man. she admits she's drunk but then says the use of force by the officer, you'll see it right here, she says this is unjustified. >> if there's anything that makes me mad about the whole entire video, it's how he nonchalantly like oh, my god, get over it. >> she has filed an excessive force complaint against that officer. cape coral's mayor is doing an investigation on the cas the number of zika cases in south florida
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that brings the total number of patients to 28. broward the second highest with eight. aa total of 60 people i i florida have been affected with the virus but only four are showing symptoms. happy tuesday, the time is 6:14. it is a warm one. temperatures in the lower 70s. 70 degrees ft. lauderdale. 73 key west. the winds calm in most of south florida's areas and reporting stations with the exception of ft. lauderdale. west wind at three miles per hour. regardless that southwest wind and those calm conditions we have in place will provide for the patchy fog as we approach sunrise. some of the commute could have to deed with inland patchy fog. currently 69 degree in pembroke pines. 65 for you in kendall. hey, homestead checking in with 66. warm spot 72 pompano beach. with the winds calm across parts of south florida. definitely feeling that humidity this morning. it feels really
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is verytagnant and still. you can see the satellite and radar composite showing dry conditions not just for us here in south florida but the whole state. asasou can see associated with the area of low pressure and a cold front extending as far west as minneapolis and in towards parts of chicago and then there's another front connected to that all the way down towards the southwest and into m mexico. we'll expecting the tail-end of a cold front to move into south florida and bring us changes in the forecast. until then we'll thank high pressure for keeping us warm, humid, with above-average temperatures. this is a perfect week for spring breakers to come join us and be at the beach. another place that t ll be great over portions of the southeast as the warmer conditions continue. business mk had hey high of 70s and that was 36 degrees abovewhere we should be.
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conditions will continue to fter in across the south. we'll stay warm ahead of that system as well. spring doesn't begin officially until sunday. high pressure will continue to build. we'll stay very warm going into your wednesday as woman. the only change comes by your weekend. once that front clears temperatures back t t where they should be. near normal by monday. i-95 looking great especially right nearby the golden glades. this is just past miami gardens drive and, as you can see, quite a few cars out there this morning. also a little bit of fog causing some minor travel advisories. that's supposed to be heading up to the air in just a few minutes. i just want to remind you about this crash here off of i-95. that's theheulia tuttle causeway west-bound at biscayne boulevard. we had some delays off of piss cane boulevard. those speeds at 59 miles per hour, not a lot to talk about. if you're traveling northbound at the
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we're seeing some heavy duty traff here as you're approaching u.s.-1. let's zoom on into our traffic data here to see what those travel speeds are. if you are traveling northbound on the turnpike on at approachto u.s.-1. a lot of congesting expected, our speeds there it between 22 miles per hour. not too bad but obviously stop a a go. police looking for the crook who made off with $5,000 after breaking into the presbyterian school in little havana. dlifs say the burglar crowd into a ceiling to get over the door. video shows the man trying to break a surveillance camera once he's inkide. he made off with a safe and all of the money stolen was being kept for students making field trips. when we come down, local 10's chilling calls for help. how witnesses described that deadly rampage in kalamazoo.
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on chaos. okay. 6:18 right now. it's our time of the morning to say hello to our facebookriend of the day. today it's roy robinson from miami.
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get out there and vote. we are now hearing the 911 call made during the kalamazoo shootin last month.
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cracker barrel and there's guvshots inin the car. >> has anybody been hit? >> two cars have been shot up. there's threeee people in one car and one guy is not moving. >> six people killed, two others injured. investigators say dalton is claiming the ride sharing company is to blame for what happened. he said the uber app was controlling him lucky a puppet. he is set to undergo a mentalnvestigation. an amtrak derailment hasow gone up to 32 and we know two are in critical condition. the amtrak train derailed in southwest kansas on monday. an engineering noticed a bend in the track and hit the emergency brake. investigators are now looking into the conditions of the tracks and possibility that a car crash may have left
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an iditerod musher allegedly attacked by a snowmobiler. the veterinarian who treated those dogs is from here in south florida. you can see here right there checking on the pups. she says she was sad about the incident but happy she was able to help out the injured dogs. the driver of the snowmobile is facing plenty of charges including third degree assault. still to come this morning the very latest on today's fight for florida. >> primaries in five states including ours. a look at what's at stake for all of the ndidates. emcee mr. president with a mash up of
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that's next. the cast of broadway's hamilton came by to visit barack obama but that's not what everyone was talking about. >> free-styling with the help of the president. here it is. >> all right. drop the beat. e's throwing up some words, i'm getting to say some free-styling with words you never heard, constitution >> free styling off the cue cards provided by the president. at the end he drops the mic. the president says it's going to go viral. local 10's producer alex, he is the musical director ofamilton, a big reason why the show is so big.
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a very, very talented gentleman. the show is out of control popular right now. you know what else is popular? our weather as many of you will be headed out to the polls today. >> julie says it's going to be hot out there. you might want to bring a bottle of water. what about the roads, constance? >> i thought you guys better free-style that camera and say something to it. >> we're not that good. >> i'm not going to breakkt down with this traffic because everything is smooth sailing. a live look here on the macarthur causeway, cameras facing towards the beach this morng. we had an earlier crash at the julia tuttle causeway tha just cleared up about five minutes ago.
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the push before the primies, florida one of five stakes in a high stakes politic contest today. we're going to look at how the candidates are fighting for florida. the latest on the search for the shooters. strengthening security, the plan to stop more company attic outbursts. and a racey chase. a driver bears all while trying to outrun police. what she admitted to when she was finally caught in her birday suit. hi, south florida i'm eric yutzy. it's primary day. about 30 minute from now the polls will open up. >> good morning. i'm cey birch. of course many of you will be traveling to the polls. check your voting card and bring your driver's license but julien charge of bringing us the weather forecast today. >> the weather's going to cooperate for us. we're expecting warm, humid conditions. with that said patchy
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over inland broward and miami-dade. temperatures right now with seven degrees above where we should be. 72 in miami, 70 ft. uderdale. we have 73 in key west with the winds calm and the clear skies and that low level moisture you're feeling in the way of humidity. it willrobably hang around until 8:00 since sunrise ip an hour later. we'll stay warm and muggy throughout the morning. once that patchy fog starts to develop, we will see it in inland broward and miami-dade. near the coast a lot of sunshine expected. highs rapidly warm up to the upper 80s. 70 degrees above where we should be this time of year. >> here's a live look at i-95 southbound at 119th street. you see the flashing lights there, all of our travel lanes are open this morning but this accident scene is off to thth shoulder. obviously you see the road ranger there causing some flight delays.
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the sea of red on the highway.y. tapping on my brakes. if you're traveling in this spot, let's see what thehse drive times are again. the speeds clocking in& 22 to 47 miles per hour there at 11th street. an earlier crash now cleared up. this is the julia tuttle causeway west-bound at biscayne boulevard. another crash to get to if you're traveling eastbound. we have reports of a crash reported right off 17th avenue. those speeds at 21 miles per hour. broward county at this point we're accident-free. >> there's a phone call you can make, if there's a dooooyou can knock on, if there's a person youcan convince, please do everything you can. >> people come out, we're going to win h he in iowa. >> delegates in five dates including right here in florida up for grabs.
6:31 am
want to win. >> the g.o.p. field still crowded. they are hoping to grab voters in both of those winner take all states. >> we're following all of the candidates for you. ben kennedy is live in aventura with a look at where the democrats stand.. >>reporter: we've been here almost as long as some of those polls. they are working setting up this polling location here and one of them came over to us with some measuring tape to make sure we weren't 100 feet within the campaign line because some serious business going on here this morning and these candidates will hopefully be capturing some serious votes. >> we're going to win. i feel excited about it, thank you. >> his own neighborhood, a block party of sorts
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rubio hopes will lead to a hometown, home state win. over the course of his whole career, marco has been under estimated. >> the senator spent the day working to secure those much-needed primary votes. >> i'll definitelyy give him my vote for that. >> the senator counting on all the support he is muster. polls show him losing to rival candidate donald trump by double digits. all of the candidates still jockeng for the ultimate decision. >> donald trump in some of his rhetoric in these reallies that i jus read yesterday was the first time i read them is atrocious. >> it will be abundantly clear to everyone this is a two-man race. i think after tomorrow it will be officially a two-man race. >> look, i know there are people that like this stuff because he
6:33 am
be able to say. presidents can't say whatever they want to say. >> you heard those candidates there going after the front runner ck live heene in plantation where he will continue to get ready for thehe voters to come here this primary day. they are all aft those candidates or all after those 99 crucial delegates here from the state of florida. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. ben kennedy live this morning with which candidate is projected to win right here in the state of florida. ben, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, eric. hillary clinton is favored to win right here in florida as well as north carolina. pretty much across the state including the public library here behind me in aventura. >> i hope very much that ohio will be one of thestates to lead this country forward.
6:34 am
in three states on the s supertuesday that brought him a big >> people come out. we're going to winhere in ohio. >>reporter: on the flip side hillary clinton hit two states of her own telling supporters the stakes of the eleion have her fired up. >> i'm so worried about our country and what could happen if we don't band together. >>reporter: clip is making the push to states that vote today. >> to be able to stop not only unifying the democratic party but unifying our country. that talk of unity coming on the heels ofviolence erupting at recent donald trump rallies both democratic candidates sense an opening and plan to blast the g.o.p. front ruer.
6:35 am
love alwaysrumps hatred. >> the signs are up here in aventura. the pole workers are inside. we're just waiting for some voters. sanders is expected to be competitive in ohio, missouri and illinois. the polls do open at 7:00 a.m. ben kennedy, local 10 news. while campaigning for donald trump yesterday, sarah palin sounded off about the protest that got out of control in chicago. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk's little thuggerie stuff that's been going on with these quote unquote protestors who are doing nothing but wasting your time. >> her visit was cut short though aer her husband todd was
6:36 am
snowmobile crash. the crash happening of wasilla. he is expected to have recovery. just about 22 minutes and 54 seconds until theolls are set to open right hire in florida but more than two million voters are made their choice for president in today's winner take all primary. those were either absentee or early end person votes. protected four million voters will participate in today's primary. we'll have live team coverage led by the day with michael putney and glenna millberg. >> we have a special one-hour news cast that begins tonight at 9:00. wilter man noars police say a man armed with a stick held it up. no word on if anyone wasas hurt or what was stolen
6:37 am
we'll bring you moreinformation as soon as we gather it for you. firefighters put out the flames of a fire. the homeowner tells us he knew something was wrong of his ac unit started smoking. he and his wife, they did make it out okay. in miami beach they are adding another layer of security. they say they will be adding addddional officers on bikes, atvs. also large crowds will be cleared from the beach at sunset. two people shot over the weekend, that& includes antione decade who died, several people were arrested friday night. large crowds left piles of garbage all along the beach. it happened right near northwest 17th avenue and 173rd street. milton morrison was gunned down for his wallet on his way to a
6:38 am
his family members say he was shot multiple times. >> please just stop. >>reporter: after being shot the 42 6 year-old managed to run back home before he died. we now know the maryland police officer shot outside of his department was killed by friendly fire. now this morning, three brothers, they are in custody. 22-year-old michael ford got to the staying, started shooting a officers. the four year veteran got to that scene. he was wearing civilian clothing and was mistakeney shot. he later died if his juries. ford's brothers also under arrest. hulk hogan's sex tape trial depose into the second week. >> i was amused by it. i decided i was going to write about what i had
6:39 am
that i was going to do a commentary on celebrity sex tapes in general. >> he planned he never agreed to be recorded nor did he agree to have the tape distributed. gawker claims the first amendment gives him the right to publish any content about him. mother teresa will be canonized in rome. pope francis signing off on that decision to make her a saint last december. a deputy killed in the line of duty is being called a hero this morning. how one woman sayse gave up his life to save hears. and driver in the nude giving police a run for their money. plus a southern storm packing lots of hail. where the ice pallets battered cars and homes. and south florida back hoax here, we are expecting another warm day. highs will be warming up
6:40 am
it could feel like 90 degrees. you're already noticing the humidity that took place this morning. papahy fog could be developing in your neighborhood. i'll have more details ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways toave at the same place you love to shop.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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6:43 the time right now. a deputy lost his life because of a wrong-way driver. a woman who witnessed it all says that deputy saved her life. she says the wrong-way driver was coming towards her, she saw the deputy pass her, go infront and cash instead. >> this man put himself as a human shield. absolutely. he definitely saw what was goingng on. when i take a step back and look at the way everything occurred, he absolutely was a human shield for us. >> that deputy, here he is, killed in that crash alonwith the driver, toxicology tests, they are pending. new this morning and s.u.v. crushed right there and upside down
6:43 am
that vehicle, the driver inside drove right offthe fourth floor of a parking garage. this happened outsi baltimore and you see a car landed on the sidewalk below. she is expected to be okay amazingly. still not clear how that crash happened. also new this morning, it looked like snow. it's hail falling in south carolina. en't y y glad that isn't your car in the middle of it. we've had our fair share happening in south florida but this is on the west side of the state. plenty of power outages also reported. yeah, that storm system has pushed off towards the northeast. for us here in south florida we're waking up warm, waking up humid and we have patchy fog developing over inland areas of miami-dade. the national weather service stating that we'll@ keep the patchy fog around until 8:30 this morning. so far no advisories but
6:44 am
look at this, 72 degrees right now in miami. we should be waking up to 65. it feels like 72. relative humidity 100% so we are completely saturated. you're going to feel it as you look out the door. we should be waking up to the mid 60s. with clear skies, dry conditions and light wind, you'll feel the humidity this morning. thth air is very moist. with that said we will keep that chahae of some afternoon spotty to isolated showers possible jus like what we saw yesterday. even though we have high pressure in place to the south. that's providing for our winds to move in from the gulf of mexico. you can see we've got a series of fronts located over the n/^theast stretching in towards minneapolis, chicago and all the way towards the southwest. we're going to keep our eyes over thing really far because eventually going into the weekend
6:45 am
front move into south florida increasing our rain chances and bringing our temperature back to normal by early next week. until then it's all about the heat. not just for us but across the south. temperatures in the 60s right now for houston in towards san antonio. they couldld flirt with temperatures in the upper 80s for us.s. spring doesn't officially begin until sunday. we'll keep highgh pressure in place going into tomorrow. very warm conditions. great weather for all of you spring-breakers. doing into saint patrick's day, we'll keep temperatures above average. rain starts to return to the forecas by weekend. golden glades not looking too golden this morning. hey, if you're traveling towards the glades on the palmetto expressway we've got some stop and go traffic. here's ave live look off of 17th avenue, cameras facing east. you see traffic barely moving. obviously on accident scene here.
6:46 am
you're headed towards the glades this morning you're going to face some issues here on the palmetto. those delays stretching all the way past leune road. in addition to that, if you're traveling assassss on the i, in earlier crash at 113th street. that scene is beginning to clear up but obviously that mixed with morning congestion not helping things at all.finally the don schula expressway northbound, at approach to killian parkway as well. broward county we're still accident-free. aa bizarre chase on camera in mexico. as you can see no clothes on. she's naked the entire time. police say she was driving upwards of 100 miles per hour as they were chasing her. they tried to pull her over for throwing things
6:47 am
eventually she did crash. there she goes. she admitted to police she was on heroin at the time. coming up a first of its kind surgery performed on a super wl champion with a serious injury. how it could get him back on the grid iron again.
6:48 am
6:49 am
coming from the n a big win for miami heat last night. the team went head to head against the denver nuggets. he returned from the bank for the first time last month. justise winslow, the steal coast to coast for the layup put the heat up by one.josh richardson, you see him high-flying before. how about him going base line. 105-101 the score at that point meant dwayne
6:50 am
heat get a win 124-119. um earning a number five seed. be sure t@ sign up for our local 10 brackett challenge on we're giving away a 65 inch hd tv from brands mart usa. we all submit our brackett. >> good luck. i'm going to win. > for the first time a senior nfl official acknowledged there's a link between football related brain injuries and cte. >> do you think there is a link between football an degenerative brain disorders like cte. >> doctors research shows a number of retired players were diagnosed with cte, the answer to that question is certainly yes. >> that's a big admissioio >> cte can only be diagnosed after death. it has been detected in several former nfl players. a super bowl
6:51 am
from a first of its kind stem cell procedure. >> he's taken hits. after multiple injuries he was recommended to take parts in this research. >> probably for like a year and a half and then i finally popped something in it in my final game. >> the hope is the introduction of stem cells can stimulate a more natural healing response, more natural cartilage that's going to heal naturally. >> they are focusing on his complete recovery and hopefully get him back on the field again. >> pretty amazing,, modern medicine. >> okay. our top stories tod, the prez primary countdown continues for us right now. we're just seven minutes away from polls all across the state from florida.
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"good morning america" gets start in just minutes right here on local 10. >> yes, it does. >> good tuesday morning, eric and jacey. big electrics in five key states today. a primary showdown that could change the course of the race for the whitee house. will donald trump solidify his front runner status. trump and john kasich join us this morning all next on gma. south floridada i've been warning you about the patchy fog all morning long. we've been hearing reports tt we have visibility less than a mile due to the humidity and as yo can see clear skies and calm winds. all the ingredientsd there over portions of homestead, kendall, less than a mile visibility, hialeah as well. moreisibility over portions of pompano beach, pembroke pines, there. use caution as you drive into work. everyone. we still hav heavy delays on the palmetto expressway eastbound
6:55 am
it's almost a parking lot off 17th avenue and that's due to an accident scene. we're seeing heavy delays with those spepes clocking in at 7 to 10 miles per hour. an earliererrash clearing i-95 southbound at 11th street. those officers were approaching a map and woman they deemed suspicious when they man shot at them so they shot back killing >>reporter: i'm layron livingston in plantation, three g.o.p. hopefuls trying to take down the front runner across these primary states today, especially here in florida and in south florida. a quinnipiac poll now shows trump leading with 36 hers this those votes. rubio coming in second with 22% of those votes, cruise with 14 and then kasich with ten.
6:56 am
couple hours yet before we know who that i can see florida and these crucial delegates going forward in this presidential race. >>reporter: i'm ben kennedy at a polling location heren aventura. the signs are up. pole workers are inside. hillary clinton is favored to win today in florida and north carolina. the latest poll shows hillary clinton leading senator bernie sanders with 60% of the vote. sanders only has 34%. he is expected to be pet
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
cc1 test message good morning, america. primary showdown. a make-or-break day as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rarallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio. >> a fight to the finish in some of the tightest races yet. donald trump and john kasich join us this morning. breaking overnight, severe weather alert. a tornado tears through the midwest, rain, thick fog and hail lead to dangerous driving conditions as the south tries to clean up from those massive floods, now, the new dangers beneath the water.
7:00 am
former guard who calls o.j. his prison best friend speaks out about the juice's privileged life behind bars and who o.j. told him really knows the truth about those murders. hey by i think i want to marry you bachelor ben pops t t question after telling two women he loves them. >> lauren, will you marry? >> yes. >> inside his decision and the live wedding that almost happened. ben and his new fiancee lauren here live telling us all about "the bachelor's" biggest night ever. >> and good morning, america. if it's tuesday, that means another crucial day in the race for the white house. and we see voters already out early there in raleigh-durham, north carolina. voters head to the polls in five big states, and twof them


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