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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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krue krisreal-time closed captioningprovided by u.s.captioning kris off the top at noon the fight for florida. polls open across the state. here is a live loom from look fromprecincts in pompano beach as well as north miami. 4 million floridians are expected to cast their ballots today. it is crucial day for both party but especially for t e republicans.
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if marco rubio and john kasich remain in the race. it is not looking good for marco rubio in florida. the quinnipiac university poll released monday shows he is trailing donald trump by double digits. a reminder all candidates get 99 covered. we contitie coverage. in south florida. >> kristi: let's start with jeff weinsier on races across the country. >> reporter: it is calledne of the m#st crucial days in the race for the white house. the polls now open in five states with all eyes on ohio and florida. this pivotal moment in the race for the white house is now in the hands of the voters. >> i am asking for your support. i would be honored to receive it. i hope to be your nominee. >> this is a place i want to win. this is the place, this is going to do it. >> reporter: delegates are up for grabs in five states. it is winner take all in florida
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florida is a make or break state for marco rubio who is trailing trump by 20 points in the sunshine state. >> i think tonight what's going to happen is the last bastien of the establishment is probably going to lose and that's amazing about this race. >> reporter: ohio is a st-win for john kasich who caststis ballot this morning. if they lose their home states it could be down to a two-man race between trump and cruz. > feel terrific. do i seemer in just or uptight? >> always a complicated process, but i think we are going to do very well. we seem to be having great poll numbers. >> reporter: rubio, trump, clinton all have election night gathering right here in florida. rubio at fiu, trump and clinton in palm beach county. live in the newsroom, jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> kristi: we are goioi to continue our coverage right now turning to local precincts. >> constance: p pls opened across the state at 7:00 this morning and the precinct where
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livingston is at already had its share of drama. >> reporter: just a little bit. to look at pompano beach middle school right now the only indicaon that anything happened here is this single broward county sheriff's cruiser parked outside of the school here. school is still in session. the polling place is still open and people are coming to vote but we have seen a steady stream of parents coming out of this building base they were concerned about a threat that was called here this morning. we have some video or at least a picture i unstand from sty 10 over the scene earlier this morning after this was called in. we also spoke with a voter who was leaving when we got here a few moments ago he said he came around 7:30 this morning. everything was fine. he lives nearby and about ten minutes afterward he said he heard sirens. he saw patrol cars. all streets around the school were shut down and saw
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the threat was cled in. broward county sheriff says the threat was a hoax and they were able to let everyone inside. one young lady didn't get off the school bus she was on her way to school and ended up in a nearby park along with students and teachers and administrators from this school evacuated because of this reported threat. >> we were inside the bus and the bus left us at the park. >> reporter: you were on the bus? >> yes. >> reporter: i think somebody is trying to interrupt the process. normally when i vote here all the parents come by and drop off their kids. if voting is being done, they would vote. the atmosphere in there right now parents are collecting their children, although the all-clear has been given and the polling place is quiet. >> reporter: that's what we like. things quiet, peaceful and election days, not hindering the civic process. that man says he still voted, cast hit ballot for hillary clinton he tells us in this primary. back live here broward county
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we just saw a number of parts not too long ago when you were looking through the video walk out with more students. we were able to speak with one of the spokes people with the broward county elections board and she says only the governor it extend hours at a polling location. as far as she knows this polling location will close at the time it is supposed to close tonight no extended hours as a result of the time that was lost once this building was evacuated. now reporting live laren livingston, local 10 news. >> kristi: we are turning to aventura where ben kennedy is live. >> constance: ben, have you been out since before the polls place opened. how is it going? >> reporter: it has been a steady turnout in north miami. it takes less than five minutes to vote and people tell me it is about the issues, immigration, jobs and the economy. you can see behind me people are inside the north miami west fire rescue station taking a candidate who they feel will do
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>> it is very important to vote. >> it's your constitutional duty. get out and vote. >> reporter: good advice from voters who made their mark across miami-dade county where democrats have two candidates after their support. >> i voted. >> bernie sanders. >> reporter: why do you like him? >> feels like he cares about the american people. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders hopes to recapture some of the magic that brought him a big victory in michigan. >> people come out we will win in ohio. >> reporter: hillary clinton says the stakes of the election have her fired up. >> i am sop worried about our country and what could happen if we don't band together. >> reporter: the talk of banding together comes on the heels of violence erupting at recent donald trump rallies. both candidates sense an opening and plan to use that against the g.o.p. frontrunner. voters say it is about the issues and getting america back on track. >> i'm all for the bt person for this country.
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>> reporter: clinton is favored to win today inflorida. now i interviewed a very small handful of voters, and there was really not one candidate that stood out that ever was going for. granted, this is just one location. odds are bound it will be a very busy day throughout polling locations in the sunshine state. constance and kristi? >> constance: ben kennedy live for us. >> kristi: division n elections telling us more than 2 million floridians voted before today's primary. nearly 1.2 million republicans cast their ballots early democrats. and more than 83,000 of those voters cast their ballots during the two weeks of early voting in miami-dade. broward voters had five fewer days to votearly but nearly 82,000 people did come out and cast their ballots. remember, you do have until well. go to the precinct your voter registration card says to right there on that piece of paper.
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10 news at 4:00 for the complete coverage for the fight for florida. senior political reporter michael putney and glenna milberg will be bringing you updates throughout the night. >> kristi: of course, you can always find the very latest updates at as well. be sure to download that free wplg app for your smartphone to get the results sent right to your phone as soon as we get them in. >> constance: election day started off foggy across south florida. here is a view from our mt. sinai medical center tower cam as the sun began to rise this morning. from our hollywood beach cam a bit of fog out there. >> kristi: let's take a live look from the hollywood beach cam where it is nothing but sunshine out there and lots of pretty umbrellas and people enjoying the board walk. >> julie:: with the light winds no advisories for beech goers and boaters. a second day in a row for all spring breakers. hopefully you went to the polls first and got your vote in before you headed to the beach to enjoy the sunshine.
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light winds and we had that relative humidity. it felt so moist at one point wewere saturated completely in ft. lauderdale and that provided for that patchy fog to lift from the ground and eventually it started to burn off just afterhe 9:00 hour. now we are seeing plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up. 82 degrees miami, 81 ft. lauderdale, 80 key west. for sunshine in ft. lauderdale and looking fantastic from the hollywood beach cam and seeing most of the sunshine this afternoon. current temperatures 83 muggy degrees in pembroke pines, 80 in marathon, 81 in pompano beach and factor in the relative humidity to the air temperature. we have feels-like temperatures in the mid 80s and we are not even there to the actual forecasted high today. we are forecasting highs in the upper 80s. here is your voting forecast. by 2:00 we reach the upper 80s. feels-like temperatures could be near 90 degrees. keep the extra bottle of water vote. make sure the kids have presentee of water if you are taking them to sports events tonight practice, soccer practice or maybe they are outut
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also keep in mind we could see the possibility of a spotty shower because the seaea breeze is expected to develop. weave an upper level wind flow moving from the southwest to the east..& the storms could hug the metro and coastal areas. they will be eye lated. it won't be a washout. when will we see the possibility of a washout in the forecast. that's coming up. >> kristi: too the latest on historic change days before the president's trip to cuba. the white house announcing it has relaxed for restrictions. the gogornor will allow up to 110 non-stop flights daily between the u.s. and cuba. jeff weinsier is in the newsroom with an update. >> reporter: the biggest change coming to travel a banks. to travel to the island of cuba you had to fall under one of several categories and one has gotten a modification. people-to-people travel which is basically humanitarian or volunteer missions will now extend to individuals rather than just groups. changes to banks will also be made.
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accounts here in south florida and actually send money back tocuba. u.s. banks will also be allowed to exchange cuban money for u.s. dollars. companies will be able to hire cuban nationals non-immigrants and give them a salary. these thingies are less than a week before president obama is set to visit the communist country. he and the first lady will start their visit on the 20th. he will become the first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit. of course, the visit is the first since relations between the u.s. and cuba were restored back in december of 2014. this announcement of those new ties remain after american prisoner alan gross was released in a separate exchange made for the release of the remaining membererof the cuban five. a short time ago alan gross who you see here spoke to the national press club about the president's visit and the one thing that would have made him upset about the trip.
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meeting with fidel castro, because i would have been really upset if he had met with fidel castro. and the answer was no, he will not be meeting w wh fidel castro. he will meet with president raul castro. >> reporter: gross says he supports allf t t progress between the two countries and he thinks the embargo should be lifted. all of these changes are set to take effect tomorrow. jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> kristi: we will be there for the historic visit. calvin hughes is leading our news team from havana. look for live reports beginninging later on this week. >> constance: north korean state media is reporting the couny plans to conduct a nuclear war head test in the nearest future. the north korean leader plans to test missiles that are capable of delivering those war heads. the threats now follow new u.n. sanctions that came off nuclear test long-range rocket launch earlier this yeaea
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the north koreans do not yet have the capability to strike the u.s. mother teresa will become a saint on september 4. the announcement about her cannonization ceremony was made this morning by the vatican. pope francis signed off on the decision back in december. mother teresa died back in 1997 after dedicating her life to caring for the poor in indiaia >> kristi: let's take a quick peek at the stocks right now. the numbers are down at least this noon hour. dow jones is down over 31 points at 17,197.66. the nasdaq is down just over 29 points and the s&p 500 is also down almost 11 points. miami polole are making overtown look a little prettier. >> constance: how knew recruits are transforming the area and the greater mission behind it. plus, how a ft. lauderdale vet came to the aid of helping dogs injured at the i iditarod race in alaska.
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news with kristi krueger andtttt`t3n
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when without his permission. abc news, new york. >> kristi: right thousand major flooding hit the french settlemenen air in louisiana. a drone video showing the river overflowing around several homes. the flooding because of big rain storms that recently hit the area. water levels are also rising in texas outside of houston. a nearby river has been rising in recent days. it is already causing a whole lot of problems for people. they had to move out of affected areas and the flooding is threatening to damage their homes. >> constance: i have a girlfriend in texas dealing with that water. >> kristi: does she have a boat? >> constance: maybe a canoe. look at it in miami. totally different picture. >> kristi: nothing to complain about here. beautiful blue skies. >> constance: a little humid though.
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>> kristi: just whining here view jew i. >> julie: agree. i walked outside and you were all feeling it. kristi, i know you felt it for your workout. it was stiky and felt uncomfortable. this is the first time it has felt like that in quite some time in south florida. the last couple of weeks we had strong winds which kept it feeling comfortable but that's a thing of the past. we continue warm, humid conditions as we go through the middle part of the workweek before a big change comes into the forecast as we officiallybegin spring. it is feeling like spring and we are just at 82 2 degrees in miami. we are expected to warm up to 87 today. soole feels like 84 once you factor in the relative humidity of 60% and winds are calm. that's the biggest issue. with the calm wind the air is stagnant and sticks to you as you walk out the door. very uncomfortable conditions for us. that's why we live in south florida because everybody that gets to enjoy spring break ormaybe get a break during the
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make sure you have the sun block on. uv index is high.-81 in ft. lauderdale, relative humidity 60%, winds calm and feels like 83. for you in key west bright blue sasa. beautiful by the keys. temperatures in the lower 80s. it feels like 84 with relative humidity at 76%. so the cloud cover is moving from the southwest to the east anannortheast noticing down by the keys we haven't seen much in the way of cloud cover or precipitation. with that said the influence is because of thesteering flow could bring some showers. we are talking isolated activity like what happened yesterday as the sea breeze develops in later today. we are not expecting a washout but i don't want you to be alarmed if you happen to run into a shower hhe or there. otherwise the surface map showing high pressure in place drying out much of thehe state of florida an where it is located is just south of us and winds are moving in from the southwest. we have a series of fronts from parts of the northeast stretching all the way in towards minneapolis, chicago and then all the way towards the southwest.
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fronts brings showers, storms and some snow. severe weather threat is minimal today but ohio has to deal with showers which could affect the polls and minneapolis and this system in the southwest will eventually be pushes ito south florida impacting our local forecast by the weekend. let's get you through the afternoon. you see temperatures@ rapidly warming up across the south. it is warm in dallas and memphis. they will see temperatures in the upper 80s as well. feeling like spring for a few of us in the south.we call it the spring sizzle early on before spring begins. that occurs on sunday. going into wednesday we stay warm with southerly wind flow in place. want to head to the beach enjoy. slight risk of rip currents for beach goers, boaters no advisories. we continue the warming trend in thursday. do we have the luck of the irish? if you don't want it to rain we are l lcky. otherwise rain returns to the forecast going into saturday and
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front moves in. there will an brief cool down as we go into monday of next week. ladies? >> constance: thank you. miami police recruits took over overtown this morning to took on beautifying the area. those recruits planted trees, cleaned up the stree near northwest third avenue and eighth street. the commanders of the police academy said the project is important to build bonds between the officers and the community they serve. >> this area needed some beautification and invited a volueer project with police recruits to bring them out here and clean it up and make it beautiful again. we felt that it was a good project to intduce recruits to the community. >> constance: ii total 26 recruits showed up to help with the project. >> kristi: we have new video this noon of the iditarod race. dallas crossed the finish line
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fourth overall title in five years. his only loss was to his dad in the year 2013. dallas cam in second that time. what will lely be remembered from this year's race sadly is the tragedy on e course. >> constance: the man of accused of purposoly crashing his snowmobile into twoeams claiming he was drunk when he killed a dog and injured several others. >> kristi: one of the veterinarians who treated the injured animal is from ft. lauderdale. the doctor is a veterinary the race at the time. now the doctor says one dog she treated was sufferingrom serious shock, another had a leg fracture. the suspect meanwhile faces a number of charges but wasgranted a $50,000 bond. >> constance: a deputy killed in a wrong-way wreck. we are now learning he may have crashed on purpose. >> kristi: the woman says her life was saved because of his sacrifice. what she says happened on that florida road coming up next.
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meteorologist julie durda only on local 10 news, yr weather authority.
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bringing five-ingredient meals. and three chicago police officers are being treated after being shot during a narcotics investigation. polili say the suspect ran from officers when they approached him last night then pulled outa gun and began firing. at least one of the officers fired back killin him. the officer suffered non-life threatening injuries. a woman who was there with the suspect is now being questioned. >> kristi: a woman is crediting a hillsborough county deputy with saving her life. she says he scrificed himself trying to stop the wrong-way driver who ended up killing him.
12:30 pm
speeding toward her car on saturday morning when deputy john kaflaugh passed her and crashed intentionally his ca instead. >> this man put himself in front of us as a human shield, absolututy. he definitely saw what was going on when i take a step back and look at the way everything occurred. he absolutely was a human shield for us. >> kristi: what a person. the driver of the s.u.v. was killed in the crash. it is unclear why he was going to the wrong way. toxicology reports are pending. >> constance: 911 calls from a deadly rampage from michigan have been released. the calls came from three separate places with are dalton opened fire on strangers between giving rides as an uber driver. >> i'm at the kalamazoo cracker barrel and there is gun shots in a car. >> has anybody been hit?
12:31 pm
three people in one car and one guy is not moving. >> constance: dalton allegedly killed six people and injured eight others. investigators now say he is aming uuber claiming the app was controlling him like a puppet. a judge has ordered a mental evaluation. for the first time we e seeing a photo of one of the victims who survived. her family posted this p photo of the 14-year-old in a hospital be with a younger sister. she is in a rehab facility. her family says she is slowly regaining her ability to speak. >> kristi: a maryland woman is being treated for minor injuriesafter her car fell from a parks garara. the aide -- audi s.u.v. landed upsideown after driven off the fourth floor in baltimore. it is unclear phow it happened. in new jersey a car going underground when a sinkholeopened up. a man's mazda had to be lifted out by a crane when a water main
12:32 pm
he said he just paid off that r and replaced the battery just last week. bad luck, guy. crews are working to repair the break and fix the road as well. >> constance: we have had all medical emergencies when a regular doctor isn't around. what do you do? do you go to urge care or the emergency room? dr. oz has tips to help you out. >> hi, i'm dr. oz. urgent care centers are popping up all across the country but when do you need urgent care or e.r.? for difficulty breathing broken bones go to the e.r. for illnesses and sore throats minor cuts and burns and injuries like sprains choose urgent care. >> constance: don't miss dr. o* every weekday afternoon at 3:00 and local 10. >> kristi: super bowl champ is benefiting from a first of its kind stem cell procedure. chris white has taken a lot of hits for the new england patriots and buffalo bills damaging his knee. he has had multiple surgeries
12:33 pm
part in a research project that will use his own stem cells to treat the injury. >> i had a lot of things. >> the hope is the introduction of stem cells can stimulate a more natural healing response, get more tural cartilage that is going to perform like the knee was originally. >> kristi: doctors pull the cells fr white's femur and injected it back into his joints. they are now focusing on complete recvery. >> constance: for get about same-day delivery. a store is coming to your rescue. it will print the books while you get a cup of coffee. it uses a printer to print them out, bind them and print the books. as for the quality, the coversare sticky compared to
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the book store save money but not stocking unwanted books. clever idea. i wonder if they are cheaper, too? you don't have the hard cover and stiff. >> kristi: a woman's wild ride has a wilder ending when she tries to ditch her car. >> constance: turns out she was nude behend the wheel. the dash cam of her naked getaway coming up. take local 10 online with you wherever you are headed. "like" us on facebook and d llow us on twitter for the latest
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interaction. >> constance: breaking news right now. a broward county bailiff is in trouble with the law. this is kendrick busby arrested on sexual battery, attempted second degree murder and aggravated battery. he just faced a judge today. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. [sirens] >> kristi: this was a bizarre chase caught on camera in new mexico. a driver bearing -- baring it all. she is naked. that woman was allegedly driving
12:38 pm
deputies tried to pull her over. they followed her for a while. that's wheheshe crashed and got out of the car and tried to run away. when she was caught, she was covered in tarp and a little mask. deputies say she was spitting at them. she admitted to using heroin, taking pills and drunking whiskey before getting behind the wheel. now shee faces a long list of charges. >> constance: also caught on camera a woman being pushed to the ground by a florida police officer. did he go too faf? you see this right here. trying to get this intoxicated woman under control. an investitition is underway as that video goes viral. we are now learning more about what started to the encounter and what's next for that officer. >> we have an excellent police force. >> consnce: cape coral mayor speaking out for the first time since this videoeo surfaced. showing an officer trying to break u this fight before
12:39 pm
sales to the ground. >> someone said that's uncalled for and that's when the officer was like oh, she's faking it. >> reporter: the mayor spoke out hohos after the arrest. the girl said she asked for her car keys. >> if there is anything that makeme mad about the whole entire video is not even being thrown on the ground. it is how he nonchalantly, get over it. >> she is out, dude. >> she is not out. >> reporter: she was arrested for public intoxication filed a complaint claaing excessive force was used. the department confirms the officer is on paid leave as they investigate internally. they won't release the n ne of the officer, the mayor says it is far too early to make any judgments. >> i know we have a zero tolerance on our force. we have an excellent police force and we will be as transparent as possible. >> i wish someone would have introduced themselves to me or came up and separated me from
12:40 pm
forcing me to the ground. >> constance: cape coral police say the internal investigation could take up to six months. >> kristi: march madness is finally here but one florida team is still fighting to get into the big dance. >> constance: that's right. details on the match-up and where the miami hurricanes
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before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. >> kristi: the earliest round of the ncaa tournament gins today. the first four games of march madness begin toniggt. these are the games two of the 11 seeds and two of the 16 seeds. florida gulf coast university is fighting for one of the 16 seeds. the eagles take on dickinson tonight for their chance to return to the big dance. everybody wants to be there. don't forget to join the cal 10 bracket challenge. head over to you can fill out yours for a
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brandsmart usa. you can also get to see ow your bracket stacks up against the rest of us at local . more exciting news to tell you abou`t. the miami basketball program women's team is heading to the big dance at number five. the canes start out in california where they take on south dakota state at 6:30 on saturday evening. >> constance: from college to the pros, thhe miami heat pulling off a big win right here at home. chris bosh is back on the bench for the first time being sidelined with a health scare. taking on the nuggets, the heat were behind but caught up by the fourt winslow a steal and layup bringing score 98-97 for the heat. richardson and wade bringing up the score. the heat win 124-119. up next for the heat the charlotte hornets come to town on thursday for a tip-off at 7:30. >> kristi: the panthers are continuing their road trip right now on the ice in brooklyn.
12:45 pm
into the third period but they blew it. longo gave up three goals and islanders win 3-2. the panthers head to montreal tonight. the puck drs at 7:30. >> constance: a stunt for a british horse festival going vial. the four-legged mascot was wearing a three-piece suit. >> kristi: jeanne moos talked to the designer oo this outfit better for a runway than a racetrack. >> reporter: this is the story of a horse that didn't win by a nose. he is a winner for his clthes. >> morestead is like the model of the world. >> reporter: it took a month for costume desr emma king to make morestead'sweed suit. the former apprentice to alexander mcqueen did three fittings. >> a friendly horse and i think he liked the attention.
12:46 pm
was a p.r. stunt for the festival but who can resist a horse with a white shirt and tie weweing a tweed suit with pockets. what was in the pockets? >> carrots. >> reporter: are they real pockets? >> no. he didn't think he needed to put his hooves in there. >> reporterthe horse suit required 21.5 square yards of fine harris tweed from scotland. we haven't seen anything thisis snazzy on a horse since the time scotland's tourist issue commissioned cardigans for a pair of shetland ponies. i myself once dressed in plaid to match an outfit worn by a horse but this takes horse dressing to another level. a last-minute alteration. >> should it go between the years or around the ears and we decided the ears should go through the hat.
12:47 pm
horse resemble a private detective and if we could have a worse with a talking horse. >> what fool i have been. >> reporter: you're not a fool, morestead. are yoa clothes horse. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> constance: he looks better than some anchors, just saying. i'm not saying who.>> kristi: we're not naming names. >> constance: not at our station. >> kristi: stars of badway hit musical "hamilton" made a trip to the white house. >> constance: it turned into a performance with the president. we show you next. >> kristi: first here is a look at your (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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>> constance: "the bachelor" made his final choice and this moing we heard from ben and his fiancee. if you have not seen it turn down the volume. we have a spoiler alert. n delivered the final rose and an engagement ring to lauren bushnell. they appeared on good morning
12:51 pm
moment and fill us in on what's next. >> i think the day he did get down on one knee and told me and was totally honest, i think from that day we really just made a commitment to move forward. >> let's try to make things as nonoal as possible for me right now. >> constance: kind of romantic sort of. no word yet on when they plan to tie the knot. as for their immediate plans, ben says he has a special night planned for lauren to celebrate tonight since they are finally able to be public about their relationship. for all the fans. jo jo she about be on next season of "the bachelorette." she will search for love and it premieres may 23. >> kristi: didn't he say he loved both of them? >> constance: he did. i would be upset if i saw the whole show i love you, i love you, too. >> kristi: i love this.
12:52 pm
house and met the president but they even taught some skills, too. >> constance: this is the coolest show on broadway. the yetor actually freestyled his y with help from the commander in chief. take a listen. >> all right. drop the beat. >> constance: he is pretty good. at the end he drops the mic and so does president obama. of course we have a shameless plug right here our local 10 producer brother alex is the mute cal director of hamilton." we are proud to have the south florida connection. >> kristi: we would like for free tickets when we goto new york. >> constance: it is a sold out show. the hottest show right now. >> kristi: a great show.
12:53 pm
great weather. here is the mallory square camera in the keys. perfect day to head to the keys. julie is back up with the tuesday forecast and to hump day coming up next. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more.
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more adventures. >> julie: the time is 12:56 and temperature is 86 degrees. we will reach 87 in miami, 82 in key west.
12:56 pm
get out to the polls before the showers start to develop. isolated showers possible later today. don't worry, it won't beea washout. ladies? >> kristi: that does it for now. we thank you for watching "the chew" is next. >> constance: see you back here at 4:00 and don't forget we've got you covered all day this primary day.
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online for all election results. >> announcer: if you're tired of complicated recipes, have we got the show for you. get ready for five-ingredient gourmet meals. i'm teaching you how to re-create the perfect desserts you see online, at home. then, we're putting michael to the test to see what he can whip up using mystery ingredients from our audience. plus, mario's going on a cooking adventure with the amazing jurnee s sllett-bell. and she's brought one of her signature recipes. we're about to get our easy gourmet on, right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] hello, and welcome to "the chew." now, i am so excited, because today's show is all about how to create something amazing with only five ingredients.
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be a five-ingredient gourmet. [ cheers and applause ] i love when i get to do that. it makes me feel very good about myself. so today's dishes all have five ingredients. but there is actually a bread recipe that is blowing up on the internet and pinterest right now. and it is called cloud bread, and it only has three ingredients, and it is carb and gluten free. [ cheers and applause ] >> it looks fascinating. >> it doesn't look like bread to . >> it's not a a ead, no. >> this is -- >> i'm not saying it's blowing up in my kitchen. i'm saying it's blowing up on pinterest. >> can they tell us what the three ingredients are? >> i can, absolutely. eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar. [ applse ] one piece has 31 calories, zero grams of carbs -- >> come close on my face for a second.


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