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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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back and vote. in the same place. >> so you have your fingerscrossed and you're going to try it again. >> yes. french and within the hour we got the forums-up from victoria puts who returned here to the george english center and park to cast her ballot, and that's wh she was able today successfully. we are monitoring the situation here in broward county, but again overall they say smooth sailing. we're live in fort lauderdale, i'm drel drel, local10 drel drel. >> laurie: let's head to doral now in miami-dade. >> calvin: we have air team coverage primary day here in florida. amy. >> amy: it has been a pretty easy process so far today for voters at the firefighters memorial building in doral, that is where we, and fighters tell me hates been a trickle all day,al by the a steady trickle. we got this information in just the last hour. you can see it has been pretty much one voter at a time since
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people getting in, voting, and gets out within just five minutes. lok officials say they have made big changes since 2012 when the county saw long lines. one change is the compupurized check-in process, so voters can swipe their driver's license. voters had no complaints, though. one told us she did not want to identify for which party she voted but she did make her prediction. back out here live, she said she predict hilary will be the democratic winner here in floridaa and predicted marco rubio despite what the polls are saying. she said this is his home state after all. she also told you florida has several key issues on which politicians need to focus with plpl immigration as well as benefits for the large senior citizen community heree in our state. we're live in doral, amy viteri, local10 news. >> calvin: now let's take a look at what the candidates are doing on this primary day. our senior political reporter michael putney here now to
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>> michael: calvin and laurie, most candidates were outn the campaign trail today asking for votes and making sure that their supporters get to the polls. >> let's get, out to vote. >> michael: today voters get their turn. 4> we need a change. >> michael: five states are voting. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> i'll tell you in a few hours. >> michael: theseypi primaries, especially the in gop contest. if donald trump can win both florida and ohio, he would be unstoppable. no brokered convention, a clear path to the nomination. >> if donald trump sweeps, there's not going to be a contested convention. >> michael: trump's biggest challenge today ohio. >> this is a place i want to win. this is the place, this is going to do it. >> michael: going into today trump is tied in the polls with governor john kasich. >> we're going to win. i feel terrific. >> michael: also counting on homeim state advantage florida's marco rubio. >> it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> michael: rubio trails trump
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will pin florida and its 99 delegates. >> if you're marc rubio, if you don't win your home state of floriba, you are in a disastrous position. >> michael: on the democratic side hillary clinton starting the day ahead in the polls but carefully watching ohio where bernie sanders hopes to pull another big upset. >> if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just great. >> michael: and it looks like there will be a large voter turnout in ohio. if bernie sanders should win there and get its 66 delegates, he will then campaign right up to the democratic convention this summer, but if hillary clinton wins florida and ohio, she will have the nomination pretty m mh wrapped up. calvin, laurie. >> laurie: speaking of hillary clinton, do the polls still look like she could lose illinois her once home state? >> michael: it's been half a century since she's bn a girl the in suburbs chicago, but demographically illinois is the most like mitch of ana of these
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bernie sanders has a pretty good chance there. we'll see. >> calvin: michael, thank you. >> laurie: and local10 news has you covered for florida's primary results. we'll have a special one-hour newscast tonight at 9:00 as the results roll in. our team will be led by michael d glenna milberg. >> calvin: more historic change happening today aboutife days before the president's trip to cuba. the white house is relangs more restrictions, now allowing up to 110 non-stop flights dale between the u.s. and cuba. relaxing restrictions. our victor oquendo is in the video port with more for us. >> victor: this was announced this morning, major modifications when it comes t travel and banking. days before president obama's historic visit to cuba, the white house announced some extensive modifications. in order to travel to the island, you had t to fall under one of several categories, andthink. has been changed. people-to-people travel which is
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volunteer mission will now extend to individuals rather than just groups. changes to banks will also be made, too. cuban nationals can open accounts here and send money back to cuba. u.s. banks will also be allowed to exchange cuban money for u.s. dollars. also companies will be automobile to hire cuban nationals who are non-immigrants and give them a salary. >> of the 54 countries i've been in, cuba really is one of the most screwed up place mis i've ever seen. >> victor: also alan gross an american contractor held captive five years in a cuban prison and releaued in exchanges for pbs of the have members of the cuban five. he spoke about the president's upcoming trip and also touched on the one thank would have made him upset about his visit. >> i asked if he was going to be meeting with fidid castro because i would have been really upset if he had met with fidel castro. and the answe was no, he will not be meeting with fidel
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he'll meet with president raul castro. >> victor: gross also said he supports all progress between the two countries me. also called for congress to end the embargo, get that embargo lifted all the changesesent out take effect tomorrow. laurie. >>aurie: a broward court bailiff has been arrested ar police say he stabbed and assaulted a prostitute in miami-dade. 45-year-old kendrick busby is now facing second degree attempted murder and sexual battery charges. busby allegedly picked the woman up at a gas station on signed street west of 95. police say he pulled a knife on her and stabbed her several times in the back and panned if woman says she was able to escape the car and shehe spotted i apportion of busby's license plate when he drove off. local10's derek shore is going to have much more on thik disturbing story live at 6:00. >> calvin: we have new surveillance video of a car extra, nigh publix supermarket in hollywood with tragic results. you can see the car smashing into the back storage room of
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andist debris driving everywhere. police say the driver that of cadillll lost control and struck a median before the car went airborne and slammed into the super market. driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was rejected at t scene. his girlfriend was taken to the hospital where she remains in critical condition but is expected tow recover. thrhr chicago police officers are recovering today after they were injured in a ootout with a drug suspect last night. that suspect was killed in the gun fight. police say the officers had sn the man and a woman acting suspiciously and decided to investigate, and police had to chase the couple and they staih the man opened fire befor officers shot and killed him. the woman so far has not been charged. >&> meanwhile, we are learning more about a maryland police officer killed by friendly fire when a man started shooting at officers outside a police station yesterday. undercover scary jacai collison was not wearing body aprilor and was driving an unmarked car tet of the attack. policeay michael forward
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being shot by other officers. his two brothers were arrested after maki recordings of their firefight. >> laurie: anoth nuclear threat coming from north korean leader kim jong un. kim said the north will soon conduct a nuclear explosion warhead test and launch rockeke capable of rear carrying atomic warheads. the country does not have a reliable missile capable of hitting the u.s. mainland. a driver was killed in a bomb explosion in berlin early this morning. police say the explosive was either inside or on the vehicle that cause this had blast. there's no word yet if this incident may be docketed a possible terror attack. authorities are trying to figure out the dead man's identity. >> calvin: the los angeles police department is now investigating the knife ported reportedly found on the former estate ofom simpson. the knife was found on his former estate in brentwood.
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his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman were stabbed to death in 1994. police have never connected the night of to murders but detectives say theorensics tests on the knife have not yet been completed. and right now it's 5:10 so let's get a check on the afternoon rush. here's local10 traffic reporter jenise fernand. >> jenise: if you have any early evening plans, you'll want to avoid the palmetto expressway. your southbound lanes look great but look at your northbound lanes not even moving at all, and there is an accident that's not helping in that situation. that accident is on the palmetto northbound a northwest 74th street and just look at all that red there with speeds at 12 miles per hour. for those of you trying to leave miami beach and take th macarthur causeway there is an accident around biscayne boulevard so you'll run into those delays as you're trying to leave the beach with speeds at 14 miles per hour. we'll we've also got an accident on the airport expressway westbound right around lejeune road p.
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lane with speeds clocking in at 15 miles per hour. >> laurie: the mayor of miami beach, he has some secret plans for cuba. find out what he told local10's hatzel vela when he asked about those plans in a one and only exclusive all new at 6:00. >> and ahead at 5:30 an iguana emergency in miami lakes? some residents say the reptiles are destroying their process and putting their homes a risk. >> laurie: first we're hearing from a flood survivor on a a mission. she is collecting memories she found washed awayne by one, hoping to return hem to the
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this naptt2w`t3n > laurie: today she has a bag full of pictures, and she's trying to find out who they belong to. >> i would be happy if someone returned some photos to me. that was by my biggestoncece,
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you have those memories, but, i. are different. >> laurie: smith who was also affected by the flooding has even found photo album in creek. >> you can see the whole year. you've got christmas. you've got thanksgiving, halloween decore,e,ll of it, birthdays, all of it is. it's down the creek just washed away. >> laurie: they're all mud-soaked reminders of the long road ahead, but smith saysthrough her search she's hoping to make that process a little easier. >> i haven't been too long so i don't know a lot of families yet. i hate to have to meet them this wawa but you hope to get to meet some of these families and get to return them and share our stories and know that we're all in this togher. >> laurie: and she will meet them. dilgore city leaders say that they're we're of the items in the creek but their first priority is take go care of the affected familie and homes. this evening they're having an informational meeting with help victims with recovery efforts. belinda smith plans to bring all
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that meeting and see if she c hook they will up with the owners. >> calvin: let's check in now with our trent aric and find out idea oven door is s wide open and letting out all this heat. >> laurie: it's at least 350 out there. >> meorologist: mother nature is baking some tourists bottom line. our temperatures should be right around 80 this time year about we're up to 88 degrees in many located here across south florida, and the beach today has been packed. you can see a few stragglers along the coastline. broadwalk will get use even after sunitset as people are enjoying our beautiful weather and beaches and they're down in the florida keys as well. this is a live look from the mallory square cam where mallory square should fill up later tonight. right now the winds are out of the south the at 7 and temperature 80 degrees. radar is quite quiet accept southern al-qaeda. the 18 mile stretch south of homestead and florida city over the past few hours, we have watched a few swers pop up and they're beginning the dissipate now. broward county is quiet on 595
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same thing for the northern part of dade but you can see these dying thundershowers showers and thunderstorms from homestead mainly west of the 18-mile stretch although we do have a few showers in the southern part of biscayne bay. the next couple of days theheeat will continue. today we made it p to yen degrgrs here in town. our normal is 80. key west was 4 above your normal another 82 degrees. and as we go through the next couple of afternoons the heat will continue. the wind will start to shift just a little bit. as a matter of fact, i want to point this out. pembroke pines went from 88 degrees up to 90. so the heat continues to rise here in town. once the sun sets tonight it is going to take a while for these near record breaking temperatures, the e cord in miami is 90 degrees going back to 2008. and if you look at the low temperatures tonight we'll settle in the upper 60 to around 70, a will it. >> more mild for marathon and key west where right now the wind is out of south.
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steering our weather pattern is this area of high pressure, two storms systems off to the north and is as the wind will continue east tomorrow it's not enough to cool us down and not enough to bring us a significant chance of rain. all of that is locked up in the east from maine to info scope of, and a little bit more susstantial system moving through wisconsin and iowa. this watch box popped up in the@ last few minutes from illinois west of chicago. we'll have a little more on that in just a moment. but looking at the upper level winds and mosh, we'll see rain in time for the weekend. notice it comes up saturday to 40%. it will continue to be at 40% on sunday as that area of high pressure starts to move off toward the east. big weekend across south florida if st. patrick's day celebration is on thursday. the ultra music festival friday, saturday and sunday, and also the first day of spring, and we're going to feel more like summer as we get closer to the weekend. best chance of rain in the afternoon for the weekend. calvin. >> calvin: do you think you know college basketball?
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challenge and you couou win a freef log onto local10 autonomyy and enter our bracket challenge to win a 65-inch hdtv from brands smart usa. with you local10 personaties will be competing so here's a chance to take us on. >> laurie: we can compete, too, with will. meantime, a court officer accused of a horrifying crime. ray broward bailiff is charged with attempted second degree murder for allegedly attacking a prostitute we'll have adults of what the victim says he did at 6:00. >> calvin: plus be a wild toned a high speed police chase when the driver gets o and starts running down the highway naked. >> will: one practice in. there's already a new feel around corruption. mark richt's first spring breaks the 'canes head coach.
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>> will: a new era started down at the university of miami this afternoon with head coach mark richt starting his first spring example richt and thecanes don't play a game in many september but they're already trying to set the tone mere in march. youaw a lot of physical football today. defense sufficient players getting down the ground between plays. the 'canes wanting to make sure they're in)prime shape and have the ability to finish games in upcoming year, something they have struggled to do in the past. coachicht speaking of the past, it was special to return to his alma mater. >> it was definitely an emotional time, just thinking -- as a matter of fact, i didn't sleep hardly at all last night. i didn't think i would be that way about the last night i just couldn't get -- i got my eyes closed but you couldn't s sep. every single thing is brand new, but, you know, we want the players to know we're organized, we want the players to know wee on our game. we expect them to do it so we've got do it as coaches. >> will: as for those players, many of the players said afterwards that the new 'canes
5:23 pm
remember this is only day one. off the lo work to be done. richt and his staff, plenty of time to equipment plem their new system before the 'canes play a game that understand counts. the spring game is in mid-april so they've got work in the next month to do. >> calvin: the thing about him is he is such a proven winner. >> will: 15 seasons. his resume does not light. >> laurie: miami beach police say they have a plan to prevent more spring break chaos on south beach. >> calvin: let's to go victor and janine with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> janine: residents state spring break partying is out of control this year. there's been a deadly shooting, fights with police, and trash littering the sand. we'll tell you how police plan to keep it froro happening again. >> janine: homes along a canal in one miami lakes neighborhood are in danger of erosion, and residents ai assault o iguanas digging in this dirt are making things worse. >> victor: all new at 6:00 we have the disturbing charges again a broward bailiff who is accused of attacking a prostitute.
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after this. >> victor: right now on local10 news at 5:30, and only on local10 homeowners living in in miami lakes neighborhood say that they have an iguana emergency on their hands. their homes are all situated along a canal whose banks badly eroding. >> janine: and the homeowners say the reptiles incessant digging is making mattersrsorse. local10's michael sized is live to tell us what's being done to fix the problem. >> michael: good evening. all the homes along this canal start least a half million doars, some of the thunderstorms are $1.5 million. but tonight those homeownerstell me that their reports under attackblaming mother nature and some unwelcomey guests. theyoam around freely in this upscale miami lakes neighborhood, but dozens of homeowners living along the cacal tell us these iguanas upled with the erosion long the bank of the canal are hurting their property values,
5:28 pm
>> what is your biggest fear as a homeowner. >> >> well, my biggest hear fear wod be that the house kind of collapses. >> michael: jose said she's fed up with his unwelcome neighbors claing his brought is under attack. >> little by little if you can e along the coast it's falling apart. we try to stop it with some wood and some rocks. the iguanas burrow in and make holes. >> we haven't had a hurricane for about ten years so if we get that one you can unlucky matter where you have rising water levels and a lot of rain, that could continue carvingng up and go right into the structure my home. meteorologist: he said he has been working around the clock were councilmembers, some of whom traveled to the state legislatures where they secured a $1 million grant hoping the fix the problem. >> we've already identified some of the worst hit areas and we're going to be doing that work this year if. >> the town of miami lakes came up with a grant, so we're going to pay, the town is going to pay with the grant to stabilize the canal banks and save every one
5:29 pm
thousands of dollars. >> michael: okay. so as far as the iguanas, there's really not much these homeowners can do, but tonight at 6:00t their town hall the mayor and his council will be sitting down with residents. they're gointo be talking about that $1 million grant and what they can do to fix the problem. again, if you live in miami lakes, they are hoping you will turn outtfor the meeting. for live we are in miami lakes, i'm miael seiden, local10 news. >> victor: letters at 5:30 miami beach police are planning strengthen security long oce drive during i spring break after this past quote quote weekend. the city held a number of weekends to come up wi a comprehensive plan to deal with the spring break crowds. two issues plan to reinstruct cars and security checkpoints on the beach. >> for spring break we're not doing you a closure of the entire ocean drive. it's where the spring break crowd tends to concentrate.
5:30 pm
the interaction with motor vehicles can be very dangerous. >> victor: and authorities are trying to control the trash beinlot of beach over the weekend. this new plan comes after shooting on the@ week, one left that i 20-year-old dead. a man accused of operating an illegal slaughterhouse in northwest miami dade has received five years probation. gregorio santa ana faced 23 counts of animal cruelty cases system a 2015 bust p about h he was one of four people arrested and charged. authorities say 9500 in an were found during the march 13 operation. more than 3,000 of those animals were in such poor condition that they had to be euthanized at the scene. the northwest miami-dade slaughterhouse was demolished in april of last year. >> janine: back to our coverage of primary day, here in florida the latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton out in front but you nev know what could happen. local10's andrew perez live at the pablo convention convention center where the clinton camp will
5:31 pm
>> andrere clinton definitely the mo wasting any time today, trying to get those l lt-minute votes even after she landed here in west pablo. i want you to take a look at video we got into our newsroom a short time ago. she landed and she went straight for a dunkin' donuts, shaking hands there in west pablo, encouraging voteru. sheheen stopped har that large iced coffee so shes definitely getting ready for tonight. a lot on the line here for both clinton and bernie sanders. the stage is set, teleprompters polished, media in place on a very busy primary day. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton began her day in north carolina where she made a last-minute push for votes. >> everybody should come out. there's so much at stake in this election, and i hope everybody in north carolina votes before the polls close. >> andrew: five states go for the ballot exotic the sunshine state is hugging a lot of that spotlight. >> if there's a phone call you ca make, if there's a door you can knock on, if there's a person you can convince, please
5:32 pm
>> andrew: clinton will end her day here at the pablo county sketchings center in west p!blo where she will await election returns. those polls showing clinton leading vermont senator bernie sanders. south florida and north carolina be expected to go to the former secretary of state. the others are had it-and-miss. after sanders' surprising victory last week closing a decent gap polls, the nation is waiting and watching to see how this all plays out. sanders has been very busy on the campaign trail especially today. he will anybody phoenix, arizona tonight. clinton is expected to speak at 9:00 p.m. we're live in west pablo, i'm andrew per, local10 news. >> victor: ask. donald trump had a uncle did digit lead in the primary. he has scheduled a news conference for at 9:00 p.m. tonight at his mar lago estate on west palm beach. carlos suarez has more.
5:33 pm
waterway from the mar lago estate where donald trump is keeping a low profile ahead of tonight. they are confident they built enough of a lead that florida was never really in play. now, if polls hold firm, trump will celebrate with a strong group of supporters here at mar lago. trum spent primary eve in tampa where he held a town hall. he didn't have aingle campaign event today. the trump folks will have a good well of how well trump does tonight once numbers come in insuburbs across the state. the campaign is keeping an eye on on south florida and how well ted cruz performance there. the more votes tt cruz splits with marco rubio in broward, the bigger one trump says he will have tonight. now, the bag drop is expected to make its own news, and that's because trum is going to celebrate with the largest crowd of celebrators we have seen here at mar lago. the 20200 square foot ornate ballroom is far bigger than the
5:34 pm
could easily pass this is a palais versailles itits also where donald trump married melania in 2005 and where the late maya angel ewe celebrated her winter the trump folk gave everyone the boot for a security sweep. ed all the media had to come up here tonight. once that security sweep is over co the top of the hour we will be allowed to go back inside, afd frump is scheduled to take questions from reporters from 9:00. we're@ live tonight in pablo, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> janine: and today is make or break day for senator marco rubio. >> victor: if he doesn't beat donald trump right near in florida most political analysts say thinks campaign is pretty much over. glenna milberg is live with the camp in southwest miami-dade. >> glelea: it's true. without nose 99 electoral votes marco rubio does not have the math and has no rea clear path to the nomination, but the
5:35 pm
there. he has been saying no matter what happens tonight, he will be in utah tomorrow heading on the way. rubio finished his campaign with one las campaign rally. it was last night on the basketball court in the neighborhood of west miami where he grew up, whehe he lives, her his neighbors are and where he faced one of the most supportive supportive crowds we have seen for him yet. rubio is counting on the largege county in the state, miami-dade, his county, to bring it in numbersseally today and to overcome what the polls have shown to be a double digit lead by donald trump. did t. numbers vary from poll to poll but a double digit spread is pretty csistent. so let me sw you here in the lobby really of the fiu arena is where marco rubio plans to talk from that podium a little bit later on. it's a very small space, as you see. there is notot a lot of room for un audience. in fact, it's mostly room for
5:36 pm
is here to mark what a lot of people think may be the end to marco rubio's campaign, except that's not what the candidate is saying at all. he should be here around 9:00 tonight and el want here, too. i'm glenna milberg live at fi u in southwest miami-dade tonight, local10 news. >> victor: and another reminder here, local10 news has you covered for florida's primary results. we'll have a certainly. one-hour newscast. our team coverage will be led by our senior political reporter michael putney along with glenna. you can look for more live reports from them all night long. >> janine: a autonomy, florida woman is crediting a hillsboro deputy, safed her life. she said he sacrificed his own life. she said a suv was speeding toward her caron saturday morning when the deputy passed her and crashed into that wrong-way car instead. >> this man put himself in frontof us as a human shield.
5:37 pm
he definitely -- he definitely saw what was going on. when i take a step back and look at the way everything occurred, he absolutely was a human shield for us. >> janine: the driver that suv was also killed. it'snclear why he was going to wrong way. toxicology reports are spending. >> victor: a cape coral particular is now on paid leave after being investigated-for-getting rough with a drunk woman and this was caught on camera. the woman is h hrd screaming at a man to give her a pack of cigarettes before that officer grabs her and throws her to the ground early sunday morning. the woman who was shoved on the ground said it wasn't necessary. >> if there's anything that makes me mad but whole entire video, it's not as even being thrown on the ground, it's how he just none chal analystly, oh, my god, get over it. >> and e.2-year-old brittany fails was arrested for public intoxication. she is foiling a report alleging consecutive foce. >> janine: right now it's time
5:38 pm
afternoon rush. in. >> jenisis we've got an accident on i-95 northbound approaching the julia tuttle causeway. the express lanes moving nicely about the your regular lanes, you've got that stop-and-go traffic.c. zoom on in to our maps you can see that consent as we're approaching the julia tuttle causeway. airport expressway watching this accident heading west at lejeune road. there's a right shoulder blocked and heavy delays here as wl with peds 8 miles per hour. checking out broward county we've got an accident on i-75 northbound. that accident right around pines boulevard. although it does look like traffic is starting to pick up here. speeds at 45 miles per hour. staying in broward we've also got this crash on i-95 nortound just as you pass sheridan street with speeds there clocking in at 17 miles per hour. victor, janine. >> janine: his job to is to help keep the peace in court but now one bale sufficient accused of some very bad behavior. the man is charged with attempted second degree murder
5:39 pm
prostitute. we'll tell you thehe threats that she claims he made against her all new at 6:00. >> victor: policee confronted boy a driver. in her birthday suit after a high-speed chase. we'll that i will officers had to do to get her into custody. >> janine: plus, are you having trouble seeing clearly? we will tell you about a common condition that can effect men, women and children ofll ethnicities. >> victor: first as wy head to a quick break a life pictures from tower mount sinaj medical center tower camera in miami beach.
5:40 pm
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>> victor: we e ve some there's been a bad accident in miami gardens. let's get back to janise. >> jenise: that's right, victor. we have what sees to be a multi-vehicle crash northwest 191st street and northwest 37th avenue. you can see the live, i pictures right now. it looks like we've got an ambulance on-scene. i'm seeing a car, looks like that car crashed into a tree and we also have another car facing a completely different direction. look at the debris. a tire fell off, a door fell after as well.we also saw someone get on a stretcher so it does look like this accident does involve some injuries as well.l.
5:44 pm
northwest 37th avenue. 191st street. it looks like one lane getting by. if you're heading that direction be awaral there be delays. >> janine: keep up poted. in today's health cast we turn our attention to a common but troroling eye condition that can effect men, women and children o of allages and ethnicities. local10 medical specialist kristi krueger takes a look a blepharitis. whatauses it. >> kristi: redness, puffiness, itching and flaking. these are all the warning signs of blepharitis, a condition eye doctors see in 30 to 40 percent of their patients. >> this is a condition of the eyelid right at the messenger of the lid, and -- marriages it oh considers where the -- margins and it occurswhere the lashes come out. >> kristi: jill struggled suffered for several weeks. >> nobody wants to have red eyes and be constantly age of their eyes. >> kristi: blepharitis can be
5:45 pm
bacteria on the 61 that gets out of control or by a tiny mite that actually eats the skin. treatment can be as simple as good eyelid hygiene, carefully watching the eye with warm compresses, but in extreme cases medications might be needed. >> there are a couple of different product for managing blepharitis. all involve some form of cleansing, and some of the other differences are the ingredients, some of the ingredients in the products will help kill either the bacteria or the mite, and others are more friction-related, just cleaning. >> kristi: jill used hot compresses and medication to help get her every e. blepharitis under control but she's awfully glad to be seeing clearly once again. >> i have had no problems, so everything is great. >> kristi: so it's so important to get a handle to this blepharitis because it is the leading cause of dry eye strom,
5:46 pm
that can become chronic as well as progressive. with your health news today i'm kristirueger. >> victor: kristi, thank you. [ sirens ] >> victor: this bizarre chase was cook county caught on camera in new mexico. totally naked. she was ally legendly driving more than 100 miles an hour w wn deputies try to pull her over. away. when she was taken into custody she had to be covered with a tarp and mask because deputies say chez was s stting as the them. she laterdmitted to using heroin, taking spills and drinking whiskey before getting behind the wheel. >> janine: a man who took his five-year-old son from his mother's home in alabama and 2002 and lifted had with him in ohio upped false identities pleaded guilty to kidnapping and other charges.
5:47 pm
guilty the tampering with records in cuyahoga county. his now 18-year-old son did not attend the hearing. hernandez's ruse were found when discrepancies happened when the boy was a replying for college. his certain attorney will ask the judge for probation. take a look at this suv resting its on roof after the driver accidental detroit off the fourth floor of a parking garage in maryland on monday morning. incredibly, the woman who is behind the wheel was not seriously injured. but her ride, as you can see, is ruined. no word if she's going to face any charges for the accident. >> victor: another hot and sunny day. this is exactly what every spring breaker who is down here, a lot of them were looking for. >> janine: present, here in soututflorida there's really no spring. it's either cool and breezy, and now it'sust week bam, hot. >> trent: and way too soon. we started off this winter very warm in december and then we had several weeks nice in south
5:48 pm
mother natureas decide tow turn on the heat. the beach islearing out. a lot of people are getting in, sheboygan up, getting ready for the evening. it's going to remain hot and toasty here across south florida. we're prepare fong air beautiful sunset in key west where right now temperatures are holding near 80, winds out of south at sense of. as we look at the radar we're we've been focus go our attention on the southern part of miami-dade where he e. we saw a couple of showers and thunderstorms developing south of homestead and florida step. broward is quiet and she is showers are continuing to diet just to the weses of 18 mile stretch heading downn toward key largo. we officially had yen. pembroke pines had a readi at 90 degrees just this hour. 84 pompano beach.yen fort lauderdale. still in the low 80s from marathth to key west as well. once the sun sets tonight, give us some time but eventually we'll cool down do 70 to start the day tomorrow and we're going totoo it all over again, warm breeze coming out of east,
5:49 pm
upper 80s. tonight the wind is scattered, a southeasterly breeze in home stet at 12, a west window in fort lauderdale at 8. same inning in thames but at 10 miles per hour. we're looking at two eppp areas of low pressure. one over the central part of the u.s., another exit t coastline of new england. but this area of high pressurur is going to drive our forast the next couple of days with all the moisture moving throu maine and info scope of. tonight severe weather watch box. this is the northern parts of of ilnois as we have another line thunderstorm moving through central iowa and another line moving through the great lakes eventually toward green bay and mar xcept ha we're going to watch here locally is the moisture start to increase as we get closer toward the weekend. 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms both saturday and sunday, and it's all thanks to this area of high pressure. now, as far as what you can expect here tomorrow, yen degrees. st. patrick's day will be warm. 86 degrees. i guarantee you a lot of green beer being drunk on thursday.y. then as we go through the cracked weekend a lot of deejays
5:50 pm
wraps up before the winter conference startssext week and be the first day of spring on sunday. finally quay get tie little cooler weather. >> green beer and deejays. what could go wrong? let's look at incredible weather. scientists a stanford university of created a team of six tiny robots that are strong enough to pull a car. tiny robots use mroadhesion and team load sharing and conquer the weight of this arly 4,000-pound car. >> >> janine: and strength. these big bun us represent a new way of thinking when it comes to therapy imals. betsy and walter are phlegmish giant rabbitsnd they're both certified that you are animals. their owner got idea to use rabbits to help patients a few years ago when she was going to i. through a rough patch in her own life. >> i would stay on the couch and cry all day and she snuggled me and i figured if she could help me she obviously with a good therapy candidate. >> janine: is on the rabbit say
5:51 pm
therapy animals than dogs or cats. there are only four certified therapy rabbits in wisconsin. >> victor: and there are hundreds of animals in need of good homes right here in south florida and todod our animal advocate jacey birch has a mother and son team who want tomete you. >> jasey: hi. are you kings my ear? that's someeerious love. you are excitable. can you tell this one's a pupy? five-month-old andy is a terrier mix. i jus want tike home, you're so delicious. hi, everyone. i'm jasey birch. we're here with bookery pines animal rescue. terry ann, you can tell i have the puppy. you have the mama. >> i have matqie. mattie is the mama but she's very vivacious. she likes to play but she'slso a great dog for someoneneho is a senior and doesn't wt to have to go through this puppy stage. >> jasey: i've got to rambunctious one who just wants to play and you have the one that's a littte more settled. >> so whatever anybody wants if they want to start with a pup oh want the one that's already gone
5:52 pm
>> we're here to please. we are here to make that match. that's what i'm in charge. i'd like to help you right now. go to, click on adopt a pet and all these little fuzzy faces from barker pines are right there for you to enjoy. what do you say? a few home? are you ready to go home with someone special you? need toys, bones. you're in charge. he wants to go home with you today. >> janine: err woo following briefings news in north miami area where an armored truck has some how collidedith another car at i-95 southbound at 125th street. you can see two or three lanes are cloed blocked. fire rescue on the scene. no doubt this is goingo cause a huge traffic dry i-knife southbound. if you are traveling in this area you could s@ delays. as we get information we will let you know. today is primary date and the local10 newsroom is hard a work. here are some oflthe stories that we have coming up. a broward bailiff busted, accused are going after a prostitute with a knife.
5:53 pm
now facing. >> victor: the mayor of miami beach has some hurricane chan plans of his own. the details in a one and only exclusive report. >> janine: plus a different kind of street sweeping operation today. we'll show you how these police recruits are helping ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i shld. and i will.
5:54 pm
weekly ad flippin', couponing mamtermind. who's saving big time? this girl! cai help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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5:56 pm
>> janine: miami police recruits at work this morning in overtown tackling a community beautification program. they planted trees and cleaned up debris. >> victor: the commander said it important to build bonds between
5:57 pm
they serve.>> we noticed as a whole that this area needed some beaut if i cation so people barked out a volunteer project with the police recruits to bring them out here, clean it up, land cape and the make it beautiful 15, and we felt it was a good project to introduce the recruits to community policing. >> victor:r:nd a total of 26 recruits showed up to help out with the project. >> janine: you kno sometimes a little green, those plants can lift the spitzer. >> victor: it was a fice day for it. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >>ictor: here are laurie and calvin back at 5:30. >> laurie: right now the fight for florida. the polls close on. >> calvin: hillary clinton was arrived in south florida to watch the resul tonight. we have live team coverage on all of candidates. >> laurie: plus a bailiff busted after a disturbing crime. >> calvin: futility of a supermarket crash. the surveillance video showing the impact. >> laurie: plus a south florida
5:58 pm
cuba and possibly something more. the news at 6:00 starts now. right off the top at 6:00 the fight for florida. we are just an hour away now from polls closing in south florida and the coming up tonight down clock. >> calvin: there it is. this is how it looked across south florida today as voters cast their ballots in the primary. a lot is at stake in the republican race for the white house as snay up with take all state. >> laurie: hillary clinton is the democratic frontrunner. new video aft 6:00 of clinton arriving inn west pablo getting coffee at a dunkin' donuts. >> calvin: not far from there republican frorunner donald trump-a-news conference in west palm beach and the ballroom is ready to go. >> laurie: it's going to be a big night for florida and fr other states. >> calvin: that's right. the results could decide from our tome hometown marco rubio and senator john kasich will continue their campaigns. the lest poll numbers show it's not looking good for rubio.
5:59 pm
showing he's trailing donald trump by doubling digits, and remember it's winner take all, that's all 9 anybody delegates. >> laurie: we have life team coverage across south florida. local10's terrell forney has more. >> calvin: and amy viteri is in doral. terrell 1 let's begin with you. >> terrell: calvin, good evening. i can tell you that no major problems have been reported here in broward county and we have ababt an hour to go before the polls close. this polling location at some points through this evening appears to be picking up as people get off of work to stop by the polls. let's show y y some video because we visited a couple of locations today. most voters gave us the thumbs-up with their voting experience, bute've heard of a couple of cases where some voters were turned away with what is being described as a computer glitch. this i a closed primary so only registered democrats and repuicans can vote, but for some reason a couple tells us that their info was being sloan in the system as an indep@ndent.
6:00 pm
you that couple that we interviewed, they were able to vote successfully after working phone. we're live in fort lauderdale, eye terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: from there let's headsouth to miami-dade county. >> calvin: our team coverage continues now with local10 doral. amy. >> amy: calvin, it has ben's pretty painless process for voters here athis location where we are. we're at the firefighters memorial building in doral, and if you take a look behind me, you know cars in the parking lot but it has been pretty much a trickle of people going in there today. we got video inside is the polling location, and you can see from our shot it has been one or two voters at a time. there is only one selection to make, of course, on the ballot, so most people have been in and out within just five minutes. eleltion officials did ask us to remind people what terrell just mentioned. this is a closed election. however in miami beach and surfside there are other issues


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