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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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delays in place. quickly checking our again. we are the only station here in south florida with real time data that of any slowdowns. we are seeing there's a little bit of a slowdown there off to the exit ramp, those speeds at 29 miles per hour. this time effecting our northbound lanes, i-95 northbound at sterling road but with our real time data i guess it's no you see those speeds at 63 miles per hour. >> this just in, look at this, a convertible catching fire at i-95 at miami gardens drive. fifi crews responding. right now it's unclear if anyone was hurt in this scene. >> we are movingloser to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> nowo our top story this morning, the front runner is winning florida. hillary clinton and
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their victories right here in palm beach county last night. >> both candidates beating out their rivals by double dim its. trump's total not as high but still enough to force marco rubi out of the race, winning florida's 99 delegates. it was crucial for rubio's campaign. what he hoped would be a victory party turned out to be the last event of his campaign. ben kennedy is live outside rubio's home. any sign of the senatat because we want to know what's next for him. >>reporter: jacey, eric, no. granted it's still 6:00 a.m. so he's probably still asleep behind me. it really was a shock to his supporters. we are live outside of his west miami home this morning where we hope to catch up with the senator later today. rubio dropped out of the race for president tuesday night ending his white house bid after a loss in his home state.
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prompted by losses in all but three of the presidential nomination contest. florida's winner take all primary proved the most devastating. it's in his home state rubio noticed all of his plans. >> today while my campaign is suspended, the fact that iad even come this far is evidence of how special amera truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensurethis nation remains a special place. >> locally the numbers were very different in miami-dade county. rubio got 63% of the vote while trump only got 22% but a big shift once you head north to broward. it's there that trump got 49% compared to rubio's 28. donald trump celebrated one of the biggest
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taking all of florida's 99 delegates. trump said there is quote something happening in the rereblican party that is being noticed all over the world and how he is bringing new voters to their party. he congratulated rubio on running a tough campaign. it was trump's double digit win in floloda that helped force rubio back out of the race. trump also won primaries in illinois and north carolina but not in ohio which means he h not secured the republican ticket yet. we'll b bak down those numbers coming up at 6:30. reporting live in west miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. florida was not trump's only victory. john kasich took ohio. the only state yet to be called this morning is missouri. 99% of precincts are reported. it's down to a .2% difference between donald trump and ted
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the texas senator ske last night saying it's a two-man race. >> to those who supported marco, who worked so hard,d, we welcome you with open arms. [ applause ] >> now the nt race for the republicans saturday's caucus in the u.s. virgin islands followed by utah's caucus. now to the decratic side, the night belonged to her, hillary clinton. she picked up an additional two million votes last night and hundreds more delegates. she racked up here in florida, north carolina and illinois. missouri a close call for the democrats. she leads by j just .2% of the percentage point. update on some of the other races coming up. remember you can always right there. you're looking at it, breaking news this morning from overnight. an american student has
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years of prison in north carolina. he was arrested in january. he was visiting. he admits he was trying to ste a banner with a political slogan from his hotel. he w arrested at the airport. despite apologizing to him in court. he was sentenced. developing this morning, a shooting near a miami metrorail station and the search for a possible shooter is undnd way right now. that's at northwest 7th avenue and 11th street. miami police say they have one woman in custodso far but they are still searching for another woman who could be involved. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information. police are still searching for the person who killed a mia-dade corrections officer. police have not released how he died but they are calling his death a homicide. a $7,000 reward is being offered for any informatioio leading to an arrest, and, if you know anything, please
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crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. now to the very latest on the hisioric change, new travel and banking restrictions between the u.s. and cuba starts today, less than a week before president obama visits. people to people travel which is basically humanitarian missions, for banking cuban nationals can open accounts here and send money back to cuba. companies will be able to hire cuban nationals who are non-immigrants. meanwhile miami mayor will be going to cuba this weekend leading a delegation of tufts university students from sunday to thursday. he denies he's going to be pitching to bring a cuban consulate to miami beach. >> there's no conversation about that right now. any decision will be meeting with the lgbt community, with the church, the dissidents. >> while the trip does
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obama's, he said his was planned before the white house made the announcement. calvin hughes, hatzel vela's reporting beginning on friday. who the president will nominate for the supreme court could come as soon as today. sources sayhe president and his team are finished with the vetting process to decide who could replace the late justice antonin scalia. who ever is confirmed will have to be confirmed by the senate led by republicans. this story we brought to you as breaking news on mondada morning. a driver crashing in the back storage room of that store. police say the driver lost control, struck a median. the car went airborne, ended up right inside that store. the driver died there at the scene. police say he was not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown if his car. his girlfriend was taken to the hospital. that's where she remains in critical condition this morning.
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dramatic video from the moments a man was saved from his overturned car. how much time he could spend behind bars for slapping a homeless man. for those of you on twitter asking if we had record heat because it was so far. they are not flirting with records. it's going to feel like the 90s thoavment we're forecasting a high of 87 degrees. 85 ft. lauderdale. 83 key west. well away from your record books but be prepared for a hot, humid day. plus a florida woman's fight to keep her pet alligator. she's owned him for years but coming up
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now illegal. >>reporter: goododorning. topping america's money. a queasy feeling for chipolte investors. customers have been slow to return to chipolte after several food related illss outbreaks. as of today the obama administration has all but removed restrictions on travel to cuba and opened the door to cuban athletes playing major league baseball without having to defect. >> best of all for some americans they can now buy cuban cigars and bring them back here. there will be a fifth indiana jones movie. >> yes, harrisen ford will be back as indy and steven spielberg will rect. the new one will debut in july of 201 a week
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turns 77. >> and that's ameriri's money. >> have a great day. a highway in northern california is now closed, look at this, after mud and water caused it to complete collapse right there. it happened in weaverville which is north of san francisco. the highway missing a huge chunk of roadway. other breaks and cracks are causing concerns and crews are working quickly to fix the issues. severe thunderstorms rumbling through illinois last night leaving quite a bit of damage behind. multiple tornadoes reported. trees were knocked down. power lanes came with them. overturned semis spotted at some of the interstas. okay. back here in south florida though, we are warming up just like we thought we would. winter was like a figment of our imagination. >> anh that green grass a figment of our imagination too. >> and the ac, come on. we were so spoiled for a good couple weeks.
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bring up that nice weather we usedo have. dope worry, we may see a little glimpse of it next week. dark and early out there. you notice these cameras are not moving. that's because the winds are so calm. temperatures 72 degrees inn miami. we should be waking up to 65. relative humidity 93% with the winds calm. we could see the possibility of some patchy fog developing. i don't anticipate it to be as thick put we will keep you posted throughout the morning as we get closer to sunrise. 69 in ft. lauderdale. relative humidity #eu% and in the keys 73 degrees with an east northeast wind at 3 miles per hour. relative humididy 100%, completely saturated down by the keys. we do have some clouds moving in from the gulf of mexico but those clouds are not producingng precipitation. high pressure is dominating our
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eping things very warm, very humid and mostly dry. here's the storm system that brought the severe weather. we'll do it again. the tail-end of this front is stretching all the way in towards texas where another area of low pressure is starting to develop. eventually it will be moving into south orida, finally bringing us a change in our forecast but until then it will be warm and we will stay humid. highs today 70 degrees above where it should be for ts time of year. you're definitely going to need lots o water and lotss of sunblock. a lot of you here for spring break. for us locals, this is warm, it's humid. we don't get to go to the beach and enjoy this weather. make sure you've got that sunblock on. kids, make sure that they are set for another warm, humid day. mom and dad, make sure you have an extra bottle of water, sunglasses. this weekend when the
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then we'll finally see the front clear, bring us one more brief break from the heat and humidity with lows in the 60s, highs in the 70s by next week. >> how are we going to wear green this morning with the green screen? palmetto expressway delays in place in our northbound lanes on the approach to i-75 due to the broken down car. it just takes one little car, one little piece of road debris to slow folks down. if you're traveling northbound this morning, expect some of that stop and go traffic as you're approaching the exit rara for i-75. the speeds clocking in at 29 miles per hour. now to broward county, another broken down car, this one on the i right off of sterling road affecting ourrorthbound lanes, really not at those speeds. looking good. we're now accident-free in both counties. let's get to i-95. cruising on over to u.s.-1, at this point
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15 minutes to get there. your average drive speed about 54 miles per hour. shocking video from that prison break right out of thehe movies of you see it. >> inmates hitching a ride on a helicopter. we're going to show you this wild escape coming upight after the break. and we continue to follow our top story this morning, the front-runners winning florida. donald trump and hillary clinton are both celebrating coming out on top. we're going to let you know how close the parties are to securing their nomination. good morning facebook friend of the day. this morning it's melissa petinino. thanks for starting your
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local 10. 60 right now. we have newly-released video of a prison escape from back in 2014. it shows them making their way out dangling by a rope from a helicopter. they say two accomplices when ijacked a helicopter and forced them to fly to the prison where the two were waiting. they were recanted just two hours later so it didn't work too well. a plane carrying ecuadorian para troopers crashed killing all 22 people on board. that plane crashed in a jungle. 19 para troopers were being flown out for training whether it happened. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the legal showdown between hulk hogan and gawker continues today in a south florida
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hogan says recording and putting the tape on-line violated his pryce. >> you think that the public's right to know is as important as a public figure's privacy? >> i think it's a balance and ultimately i think the publilis right to know usually trumpmp the celebrity's privacy. >> hogan has said he did not know he waseing recorded. he claims the website posted the video to defame him. we all love our pets, right, and of course we want to protect them. one woman is fighting to keep hers and here's the thing, it's a six foot gator. he wears clothes, rides on the back of a motorcycle and has her own bedroom in mary thorn's home in lakeland. she has a license to have this alligator but fdc came in and said
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safe. she said even if she had enou land to how's this gator, rambo can't be left outside because he's sensitive to sunlight. >> i live in that neighborhood and t tt's my biggest concern, rambo being left outside because of his sensitivity to sunlight. >> he's not an albino. unss he has a skin issue. i'm surprised she has him all that time and hasn't been snaed at. animal advocate blown away. i've never seen anything like that. you might not have ever heard this. >> but a neighborhood is saying those reptiles are ruining their homes. that is an issue that has led to a million dollar state grant. has going on there? we'll tell you coming up. a suspect's dangerous drive coming to an end but it's right
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led to an arrest. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. lolo. it's what makes a subaru,
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good samaritans wrestle a carjacker to the ground. this is in california. >> at first she thought it was her co-worker taking her home but two people actually saw what happened and they been after the car. the chase came to an end when the suspect crashed and that's of a city councilman was nearby and stepped in to help. >> i was able to help that kid, told -- hold him, restrain him to the ground. >> how did that happen? a group of local government workers happened to be having a meeting inside the cafe where the carjacker crashed. he's facing three felony charges includingkidnapping. we have a crash to
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the crash is not here on camera angle. take a look at this. see the cluster of lights. that shows us we have some slowdowns in place.
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this in a few minutes. righgh now front-runners in flax. marco rubio out of the nonation. >> this morning we are live outside his west miami home. verdict watch, an officer stands trial accused of slapping a homeless man. >> flashountain mom, she speaks. now she's explaining
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here. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. that's the face i make when you spill my coffee. >> is that right? it didn't happen today. >> the exact same grumpy face. >> that was yesterday. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda here this morning with a look at the forecast. >> maybe ice coffee, julie. >> i agree with that. i know unsweet iced tea was something of my favorite yesterday, obviously for the baby. one of these days i'll be able to have that caffeine again. it will be nice. you all drink it up for me. feeling like spring, uncomfortable. so do what you can do, do your part to stay cool. it is going to be warm. maybe have a slurpee. that sounds really nice. it's going to feel like spring as we get into the afternoon hours. this morning already we're seeing temperatures abouteven degrees above where we should be.
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you walk out the door mid 60s kendall and homestead. we could see the possibility of patchy fog again this morning. happy to tell you we're waking up to dry conditions but it's going to be another warm one. >> durda officially sai it, slurpee weather, you guys. traveling on the i, we have a crash reported at 103rd street. you can't see it from the camera angle but what you can see, take a look at this, this cluster of lights. when you see that, it shows us we've obviously got a slowdown in place if you're heading into miami. let's quickly check our traffic graphics and it shows us in real time. shows speeds between 35 to 40 miles per hour right at that accident scene. we still have that broken down car affecting folks traveling off the palmetto northbound at i-75. we're seeing the speeds clocking in at 33 miles per hour. broward county at this point we'reaccident-free. now back it our top story this morning,
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clinton, they win the@ fight for florida. the front-runners rolling over the rivals by double digits on a crucial night of the campaign. he called off his campaign in frontf a crowd of supporters in southwest miami-dade and local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is live outside rubio's west miami home. this is a big change for the senator this morning. >> good morning, jacey and eric. it has been nine hours since senator marco rubio suspended his campaign, a shock to his supporters and this morning we are live outside of his west miami home. so far no sign of the senator where we hope to today. rubio dropped out of the race for president tuesday ninit ending his white house bid after a loss in hisis home state. rubio's zig was prompted by losses in all but three of the presidential nomination contest but flori's winner take all primary devastating. it's in his home state rubidedicated all of
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during the final week of the american campaign. >> i asked the people do not give into the fear, we can d dagree with public policy. we are a hopeful people. we have every right to be hopeful. >>reporter: switching gears to donald trump who celebrated one of the biggest nights of his campaign taking all of florida's 99 delegates. trump said this is quote something ppening in the republican party that is being noticed all over the world and how he is bringing new voters to their party. he con congratulated rubio on running a tough campaign. it was the double digit lead in florida that helped force rubio out of the race. >> to win the states that we won and to win by the margins. this is my second home, florida. to win by thatt kind of a number is incredible. we had a fantastic evening.
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thought this could have happened. >> and here is a look at the delegate counties. trump has 640 delegates while krause has four or five. kasich has 148 and rubio has 170. 1,237 are needed to get that nomination. back live to rubio's house in west miami where things are very quiet, trump also won primaries in illinois and north carolina but not in ohio which means he has not secured the reblican tickets. reporting live in west miami, ben kennedy. >> we'll check in withyou later, thank you. speaking of that win for john kasich, it is huge for the ohio governor's campaign. just like florida ohio is a winner take all state which means he won every single 66 of those delegates. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. we've got one more
6:33 am
coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. thank you all very much. >> kasich's win prevent aid near sweep for trump who also won in north carolina, illinois and the north mariana islands. missouri is still too close to call with 99% of the precincts reporting. the democratic primary is just as close. >> even without missouri, clinton the winner on the other side. she has 1,568 delegates out of the 2,683 needed to win. that number right here does include super delegates. even with last night's results, bere sanders said is he standing strong. he said his supporters are motivated and will carry him through this campaign. >> what excitit me so much as i go around the
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incredible energy of hundreds of thousands of people who love this country but know we can do so much better. >> senator sanders speaking if arizona as he looked ahead to the primary there. that's next tuesday. remember local 10 a team we have here. we are the ones you want to rely on for this election season. check out plenty more on the local refefendum voted on as well. those are just minutes away. > the crooks involved una dangerous crime spree. local 10 reporters erica rakow i i live in miami laking with this story. >>reporter: righhere i'm looking at a long list of crimes that miami-dade police officers ju here in the north end of the county are investigating. by looking at the descriptions that these victims gave of the bad guys, it looks like this could be a couple of guys, if not a small group of them that all committed these crimes
6:35 am
morning. let me talk to you about where all of this happpped. two people shot on northwest 95th street at little river drive and north west 91st street and northwest 27th avenue. six minutes ler sunday someone robbed a few streets over northwest 131st. the next robbery 30 minutes after that at a chevron gas station on 103rd street. fast forward jukt a couple of hours and police a two more people were robbed. this time it was two people waiting at bus stops just blocks away from each other. the victims in thesecases gave police very similar descriptions of the crooks andnd vehicles they were driving. the two shootings and robberieie of people walking along that street and in that gas statio police were told it was two membership in a white pick-up truck. police say they have found that ford-250 already and it was stolen.
6:36 am
for a nissan rogue used in twoobbebees later that night. both of those victims told policit was two men in that s.u.v. they both said the guys were wearing black hoodies. police in miami gardens also believe these same people could be responsible for killing a man early sunday momoing. milton who are riskson said he was walking to e bus stop to catch a ride to wor he was a security guard, in full uniform when detectives say he was robbed and shot multiple times. he died at the hospital. again police say that truck has been found but the shooters have not. another scary part about all of this is most of these victims have been able to tell police it was two guys with a semi automatic assault rif. if you know anything crimes, call crimestoppers again.
6:37 am
remain anonymous, 954-491-tipss that phone number. live in miami-dade, erica rako local 10 news. new this morning, police they arrested two people involved in a spreef car burglaries throughout miami-dade. police say they spotted tavaris goldman in an s.u.v. that's when he allegedly got into another car and sped off. sportily after officers found that car abandoned. they were able to catch up with him. broward county bailiff facing charges this morning after he allegedly stabbed a prostitute. kept rick buzby acced of trying to kill a prostitute. the victim was able t get away after being stabbed in the abdomen and back and she drove herself to north shore hospital and had to be transferred to jmh because of her injuries. buzby faces some serious
6:38 am
attempted second degree murder. a police officer caught on video slapping a homeless man, jurors will be back to decide the fate of officer victor ramirez. a bystander caught the whole slap on cell phone video. ramirez confronted bruce la claire before slapping him in the face. if convicted he faces less than a year in jail. good samaritans coming to the rescue. we'll show it to you coming up. my biggest fear would be e the house collapsed. it's falling apart. >> homeowners concerned that their homes could collapse and they are blaming the issue on iguana how they say the reptiles are ruining their neighborhood. that!s still ahead. hi, south florida. we're waking up dark and early, warm and humid.
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yesterday is continuing in our forecast. you can see in the distance a little bit of cloud cover. i'll have a lot more on the forecast that you'll actually be able to see
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break. donald trump and hillary clinton won the florida election primaries. the hot button issue on miami beach whether or not the city can release property for a convention center. it fell short, only 54% of the vote. meanwhile in miami voters approving a referendum to relse a parcel of land on the miami river. it will be developed to continue the miami river
6:42 am
an entertainment destination. and a referendum in monroe county to renew flexible for schools to pass. remember you can get all of the results, so all of the race that's matter to you, check out our website you can only catch this story hee on local 10, homeowners in a miami lakes neighborhood are having and iguana emergency. the homes are situated along the canal wse banks are eroding. they say the constant digging is making things worse which is hurting their property values and threat threatening their homes. >> that one unlucky matter where you have rising water levels and a lot of rain, that could just continue carving up and go right to the structure of home. >> homeowners did receive a grant to help fix the problem. now they are trying to figure out how best to
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>> it was nice sunning yourself weather the last couple of days. >> yes, it has been hot. we're wrapping up winter saying hello to spring nice and early in the weather department. >t's 72 degrees in miami. 69 in ft. lauderdale. 73 in key west. the winds are calm and the relative humidity is on the increase. you're going to feel it as youalk out the door. that's muggy conditions in place. with that and clear skies, we will have that possibility of patchy fog again this morning. i don't think it will be nearly as thick and affect your commute as much as what you saw yesterday. still use caution in inland broward and miami-dade. it's 71 degrees, 72 in hialeah. hey, pompano beach i see you, 7 7 degrees. 67 in kendall. our cooler spot,t, homestead at 64. the winds are light moving in from the north northeast and we will see those calm conditions io the morning and afternoon. again, you heard me mention we are going to be feeling more like spring with temperatures
6:44 am
the mid to upper 90s. those clouds are not producing precipitation. the atmosphere is relatively dry thanks to high pssure where it's located. showers and storms talking about the severe weather threat right over the midwest and into the great lakes. this area is low pressure so the culprit. now ahead of the front some very warm, humid conditions acrosos the gulf coast states and we're going to watch this front because eventually this tail-end of the system will be moving into south florida, finally bringing a change in your forecast by the ekend but remember it's only wednesday so we have to get throughtoday, tomorrow and friday before we do see a change. continuing to se that warm breeze in place will provide for the heat and humidity and feels-like temperatures near the upper 80s and low 90s. tomorrow will be a sunny day for saint patrick's day and the outdoor activity you have. the sea breeze could develop but overall it's going to be hot. make sure you have plenty of water.
6:45 am
thth sunblock. boaters no advisories as theays will be at a light chop. for you just headed to work andetting the kids ready for school, make sure they are going to stay hydrated with an extra bottle o water. highs in the mid 80s for the wee that rain will start to cool us off just a bit. highs in the low 80s. this front clears by sunday allowing for our low to see drop down to the low 60s with highs only in the 70s for next week. constance? >> looks great, julie. it's going to be nice out there. good morning, everyone. traveling off the palmetto expressway eastbound heading towards the glades we do have a crash reported right off of 27th avenue. kind of difficult to see at this point but you see those flashing lights right there, that's the actionnd it's going to slow you down as you're heading towards the turnpike, 441. taking a look at our traffic data here, those speeds are clocking in at about 17 miles per hour. sticking with the
6:46 am
time a little further down south, nor doral we have a crash reported at 25th street. broward county we've been quiet pretty much all morning long. so not a lot to talk about that. an earlier crash still causing some delays so i've got to talk about this one. this is i-95 southbound 135th street. those speeds at 34 miles per hour. live pictures from our nation's capital right now where commuters will have a more frustrating morning than usual. the city's entire subway system is shut down for inspection that leaves nearly 700,000 commurs who use it daily struggling to find a new route to work. extra buses are being provided in the busy areas and you can best lyft, uber and taxis are offering special deals to work things out. a series of electrical fires took place on the tracks. the ncaa tournament under way.
6:47 am
university movinin ahmadinejad beating dickinson last night. the eagles wilil take on number one seed north carolina the tarheels. that's tomorrow night. don't forget enter the local 10 brackett challenge. log on to our website right now. you can fill out your march madness brackett. that's free. just checkut as we continue to watch this and the ncaa tournament continues this week. you can take on me and jacey and the rest of the local 10 members. bring your best, see what you got. a new era has begun at the university of miami.i. new head coach mark ricks held his first practice. >> trying to set a tone to lead miami to more wins. >> it's a blessing. it's an honor. i don't take it lightly at all. it's a little bit surreal. to be here and to
6:48 am
of miami and represent the family means a lot to me. >> this was just the first of the capes' first 15 spring practices. the official season gins september third against florida a&m. how would you like your bad mood to be seen by millions? no hiding this one. it happened to one mom who wasas not so happy during a trip to disney. >> n n we're hearing from that angry flash mountain lad why were you so grumpy at the happiest place on earth? >> we'll let you know as we continue our ection coverage. donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winns this morning as marco rubio suspends his race for the white use.
6:49 am
6:50 am
straight ahead. about eight minutes until 7:00 a.m. this morning. we have been filling youin on election results
6:51 am
votersad to be evacuated during a bomb scare at pompano beach middle school. they were let back in after it was deemed a hoax. in orange county six precincts didn't print enough ballots. organizers were able to get ballots delivered in from other precincts but not before people justleft. behind bars after flashing a gun at a bowling station. witnesses say the 45-year-old waspset for improperly -- he responded someone was quote going to die. the man faces multiple charges including having weapons on a disability. the race to the rescue after a car crash in miami. take a look at some good good samaritans rushing to turn the driver out of an overturned s.u.v. last night.
6:52 am
holding a bloody towel off to his head. his conditionon is not known this morning but about job by those good samaritans. all she wanted right here was a trip on her favorite roller-coaster and her husband by her side but when one new york mom didn't get her wish, she put on quite the frown. >> most people know her as the angry flash mountain -- splash mountain lady. >> he said he was tired, had to sit this one out. >> kind of practiced it the whole way.. by the time we got to the last drop, i didn't know where the camera was. >> when she first showed me the photo, i just lost it. the husband posted the photo on-line. it's made a splash on-line. it's been viewed a couple of million times
6:53 am
>> i think she accomplished what she set out to. >> she's practicing that future scorn for that little boy growing up. >> that's the face you make -- i want to get what i want, make it happen. >> fellas we've all seen that place. >> suck it up. the result of tuesday's races, they are in. that's our top story this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton remain the front-runners today. >> marco rubio is out of the race. what it means for t t fight for the white
6:54 am
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it's another warm, humid start, my friends. we do have the 60s in kendall and homestead. highs in t t upper 80s. get ready for a hot day, constance. >> we've got a traffic alert for our broward drivers. i-95 after atlantic boulevard blocking twolanes of traffic right there. it's hard to see that accident scene but there are heavy delays in
6:56 am
just expect some stop and go traffic on i-95 southbound and atlantic boulevard. ourdelays are stretching way past the similar sample road. now to our top stories on this wednesday morning. donald trump and hillary clinton are the winners in the fight for florida. the front-runners defeated their rivals by double digits. each also won primaries in illinois and north carolina. clinton also won ohio where john kasich came out on top for the republicans. >> marco rubio suspended his effortsts last night in southwest miami-dadad that narrows the field down to three candidates. asking for your help with a series of robberies and shootings. they are looking for a silver nissan rogue. >> we'll keep working for you throughout the morning. gma is next. >> hope you have a good wednesday. it was along tuesday. we have everything you need to know about the praries and the continued election to president on
6:57 am
vote 2016 is big and you can click on it right there. >> have a good day,
6:58 am
quick shout out.
6:59 am
good morning, america. split decision. donald trump winning big in florida. >> we're going to win, n, which, and we're not stopping. >> and john kasich scoring his first victory in his home state of ohio. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> as marco rubio drops out. >> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. the race now entering uncharted waters as hillary clinton moves closer to locking up the democratic nomination and takes direct aim at the gop front-runner. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass. >> our team breaks down the winners and losers and donald trump joins us live. and breaking news. president obama announces he's decide who he's nominating for the supreme court. the very latest right now. also breaking overnight, twisters tearing through the midwest. nine reported tornadoes touch
7:00 am
as hail, lightning and severe storms wreak havoc on roads now there are new warnings out this morning. we do say good morning, america. big night in the racee for the white house. both hillary clinton and donald ump winning big. we'll have more on that in just a moment. >> breaking news right now, president obama has just announced he's made his choice for the supreme court. abc's terry moran is at the supreme court with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, let the battle begin because that's what it's going to be. at 11:00 in the rose garden president obama will reveal his choice to replace justice antonin scalia who's been the cornerstone ofconservatism. the front-runners down to three, sri srinivasan considered the leading choice born in india, raised in kansas, a judge here on the appeals court.


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