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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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definitely feeling like spring even though spring doesn't officially begin until monday. we'll see 72 degreesuntil 7:00. 74 as the kids are heading to the bus stop. 73, 74 degrees. another warm, muggy start. make sure they have plenty of water. they are going to need it. wee continue the warm, humid conditions, mostly dry. we're going to notice that the atmospheric moistureres down by the surface. at least w w won't see a lot in the way of rainfall. pembroke pines, hialeah, down by the keys, low to mid 70s. we are seeing upper 60s in kendall and homestead. i'll have more on when we're going to r rurn to the forecast. >> good morningng everyone. roadways are looking good. we are accident-free in both counties but our express lanes are still closed this morning our northbound express lanes. southbound lanes getting by just fine. here's a live look at
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glades at 151st street. it's really quiet out there. you can hear the crickets ifou're traveling in that spot. at this point again we are accident-free. not a whole lot of construction cruise out there. any accidents out there, any delays, guess what, i'm updating twitter all day long. make sure you're following us at toeople in the pizza shop injured after a car came crashshg right into them. this is the scene in oakland park. this morning t tre's a big mess. >> right, eric. so according to firefighters and a man who watched this entire thing happen. this was an older woman who somehow lost control who flew into the pizza place right here. that's actually the counr that was inside this restaurant. this all happening around 12:30 this morning at the downtown
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we're off 62nd street in oakland park. there were two people who were inside the pises place. they were taken to north broward hospital to be treated. the woman was driving the honda crv. she was not injured. we saw her sitting in the back of a deputy's patrol car before or after being questioned. one of the delivery drivers saw this entire thing happen, said he never saw the driver slow down,n, never saw her break. >> it's unbelievable. looks like it happens in slow motion and you don't even have a chance to blink. shows you how precious life is in a matter of a second. >>reporter: and you can see this place already boarded up. it has to close much earlier today. coming up in the next half hour you're going going to hear more from the employee as he describes what he saw right here as the
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came smashing through. erica rakow, local 10 news. developing this morning, emergency in the everglades, look at this, a small jet going down not far from a raging brush fire. that landing and fire, it happened just two miles away from each other. that jet landing three miles west of the sawgrass expressway. it experienced an engine-related problem and was forced to land on a levee. crews are not sure how it was ignited. a witness of the crash said he didn't know anything about what was happening. >> he's making a sound like a sigh -- siren from a police vehicle. i was wondering are they in trouble or showing off? some people like to make a lot of noise. the f.a.a. is of course now investigating. forestry officials are working to determine if the emergency landing and the fire happened to be connected. not guilty verdict for a former ft. lauderdale police officer who was caught on camera slapping a
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victor ramirez, the officer, now cleared of charges. he had been facing prison time for two counts of battery, one count of falsifying reports. both men telling local 10 news they are relieved this case is over. >> i wanted him to stop. this is the second time he s owed aggression towards me. he just tried to turn on me. i had to take action. >> i'm a little surprised. but shocked, no. it's been a long, interesting journey and i'm glad it's over. >> ramirez no longer with the ft. lauderdale police department. two teenagers arrested in that shooting beth of king carter are pleading not guilty. 17-year-old irwin presley appeared in court on wednesday. presley along with adams are still in jail accused of shooting the first grader last month. the l ltle boy's family
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>> i did want justice for my grandson. who ever did it, i want justice to be done to them. truly it's a shame that his head be on m heart every day. >> he's charged with attempted first-degree murder and econd degree murder. they were trying to shoot another teen who lived nearby. now to a story you'll see only here on local 10.0. members of the cmca calling an ongoing problem, since january pembroke pines police have iestigated nearly a half dozen smash and abs. one victim says she was working out inside a facility when someone broke into her s.u.v. >> the whole window was shattered. i had my purse in the back seat but they found it and took it. >> i got a call from the bank saying a girl who looked like me was
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in an e-mailed statement the ymca says they do take safety carefully. we also encourage all members and program participants via signage to take their valuables with them and keep their vehicles secure at all times. the search is on for a serial armed robber caught on camera targeting 7-11 stores. this i i video from one of the robberies that took place last month. the thief using a machete to pull off that heist along with an accomplice. take another look. three days earlier detectives believe the same man robed two other 7-11s, this time armed well a gun. the president's pick for the next supreme court justice will visit capitol hill today to speak with democratic senators. republican senate vowed not to confirm any judge the president nominates.
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power to nominate' placement for late justice should go to whoever wins the upcoming election in november. an isis hacker is claiming responsibility for personal information. the kill list inclules a name, e-mail address for dozens of officers all across the state. officials say more than a dozen u.s. military personnel have been disciplined for the breakdowns that led to the mistake in bombing for a civilian hospital last year. the disciplinary action as well as results of that incident will likely be made public this month. the doctors without borders hospital where 42 people were killed. singer frank sinatra, jr.,as died. he passed away unexpectedly of cardiac arrest in daytona beach yesterday. his family said he was there on tour and set to perform last night. he was 72 years old. an intruder is dead after he picked the
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breaking into. >> who was inside that home when the attempted break-in happened. and the dangers of tailgating. a brake check on the highway right before a crash. we're going to tell you whose facing a ticket this morning. officer charged with theft. what they allegedly ate on camera during the raid. south florida, if you're headed out of town, maybe f f a beautiful cruise to the bahamas today. we're talking 90 degrees in havana and all the way down towards punta cana. i'll havell the
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tt2watu#@m4 bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->( tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watat@m4 " jntq \.$ tt4watu#@m4 " lzt& dcx the d2iver in front hits the break, spins out. police say the driver who crashed was cited but now they are trying to find the driver who did that brake check and drove offff because that driver could also face a citation. miami's metrorail station has been taking passengers. not for much longer. is is what the new fleet of metrorail cars will be like by 201. the new cars will feature wi-fi, led lighting and bike racks. sensors will be able to tell what's wrong on the tracks. >> awesome. how exciting. 2018 right around the corner in south florida. something you're going to deal with today is the heat and humidity. you can't break this because of high pressure
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we should be wakin up to 65. 70 in miami or 70 in ft. lauderdale. the winds are calm this morning. weould see the possibility of some patchy fog due to that low-lying moisture again in the way of humidity you're feeling again as you walk out the door. 68 kendalllls well as homestead. 71 in pembroke pines. you k kw what that means, it's going to set the stage for another warm, humid day. we are expecting mostly dry conditions. you can see the cloud cover moving in from the gulf of mexico, not producing precipitation. only gen you're seeing on the satellite andnd radar composite on the way of showers is right along the leading edge of a front. this is front that brought all of the severe weather across the midwest. another system going in frfr canada that's going to bring more snow
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so the tail-end o of this front will eventually push towards the east northeast. as it does so, it's going to change the forecast. if you like the weather, especially for you spring-breakers, enjoyit for at least one to two more days. severe weather threat is isolated over texas, louisiana and in towards the panhandle today. all of the shower and thunderstorm activity should stay to the north of us. we'll be hot. we'll be humid. it's definitely going to feel like spring here in south floriri. as we're approaching friday, we'll increase the chance of showers slightly.otherwise rain chances don't really increase until the weekend because the front will move in, stall out and finally clear by sunday nightnto monday. take a look at the seven-day forecast. once we begin spring, it's going to feel more like winter as lows will be in the upper 50s and 60s tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. things are still l looking good on our roadways, no
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we have construction slowdowns, a friendly reminder, if you're traveling off the hallandale bea boulevard, we have closures on the dixie highway. the highway on i-95 nice land clear. stick with broward county. two things to get to. we had some construction concerns on the turnpike northbound on the approach to sunrise boululard. we had two lanes blocked. at this point it looks like it's cleared up. those speeds back up to 64 miles per hour. also nearby on the turnpike northbound on at approach to 595 we had some reports of some police activity. we are seeing just a little bit of a slowdown, those speeds at 30 miles per hour. miami-dade county no construction crews out there to slow you down or accidents. >> constance, thanks. an offduty dallas police officer who shot and killed a 16-year-oldld and wounded another teen, that officer is behindars. police say he saw the car being burglarized, started chasing the
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the cars spun out, there was an altercation that d to the shooting. officials say there's probable cause to arrest that officer as they continue to investigate. thre california police officers are facing charges for allegedly stealing pot-laced food during a raid and here's the kicker, it was all caught on camera. the surveillance video shows the officers raiding a marijuana dispensary. the video shows the officers right there eatingarijuana edibles. however, the district attorney says there's no evidence of that so the officers are being charged with petty theft. we're learning more aboul the arrest of one of the stars of reality show pawn stars. they were there last wednesday because of sexual assault investigation. during the search they found a dozen guns. learningng cursive practically extinct, soon learning to tie
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that way too. the self-tie it go shoes.
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tie your shoes. 5:1 the time right now. the miami countyy fair starts at 3:00 this afternoon. the fair, yes, s sll at tamiami park in southwest miami-dade. tickets on-line for 14 bucks. a 21 day admission pass is $25. unlimited rides $28.
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being band and it's not just over safety issues. >> thehe may infringe on second-degree waypatents. >> they will have to be almost faulted entirely for now plan to rise feature asks users what time they want to arrive at a location and calculates the exact time they should depart. idea. time magazine has come out with its lift of the 30 most influential on the internet. it includes 87-year-old fashionista helen van winkle whose instagram account has 1.8 million followers. that's impressive. >> it is and with outfits like that, who can blame them. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day, everyone. breaking news nike is bringing us back to the future. that's right, they say the first power lacing shoes will go on sale
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the n ne hyper adapt 1.0 prettyimilar to the ones worn by marty mcfly in the film. they will come in white, black and gray but they will only be available to nike plus members, the company's running app. so you've got to become a member, then you can buy the tenneys and then your arm won't feel so -- what is it, luke the bunny ears. how much, put your guess in. >> oh,an. $200. >> at lea. a bride-to-be's wedding d nearly ruined. get this, she was punched in he face days before her wedding. we'll tell you what happened here and who saved the day. a car crashing right into a pizza place. a driver had to go to the hospital.
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5:30. a bride-to-be punched in the facee days before the big day. >> t t attempt would not go up recognized. this happeningngn california. the woman punched carmen rivera after she tried to stop the fight where she works. after it happened the people pooled their money together to help her get a makeup artist for the big day to cover the bruises. >t was really caring of them. happy ending for her. not so much foror the woman who allegedly hit her. she's facing charges including battery on a police officer. but still looks pretty good. >> she looks great. nice job there. 4his is one lucky dog there. shepard mix rescued after falling off a boat in the pacific ocean.
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named luna missing for about five weeks. somehow they managed to swim to san clemente island. the island operated by the u.s. navy found the& dog. they think she fell off like 80 miles away.p >> unbelievable. and she swam all the way back. >> got to get home, got to get home. >> that dog is my hero. we do have breaking news to report to you. the driver of an s.u.v. lost control of that vehicle crashing right into the front store o a pizza parlor in oakland park. two people in the shop were also struck. they were taken to the hospital in unknown condition. the driver is okay. recalls are working to determine if an emergency landing and a brush fire are connected. fire is burning. two people on board the plane were not hurt. a police officer
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slapping a homicide map wasfound not guilty saying he had to use force in ordrd to protect his gun. happy saint patrick's day. local 10 news at 5:30 is next.
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named constance and we are breaking news right off the top. the tables are turned on a would-be robber. mixed opinions over president obama's trip. they continue using
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j j ucialtionz highs today in the upper 80s with only a chance of a shower. roadways are still looking great this morning. we had no accidents to report in both counties, just minor construction concerns. i'm still hearirg reports of construction crews off the turn pike northbound at sunrise boulevard. those delays are off to the exit ramp. that's where their speeds are so slow at two miles per hour there
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we have reports back to breaking news right now. that's where we find erica rakak to tell us more about this dangerous drive. >>reporter: two people taken t the hospital were found inside this pizza shop when the s.v. came crashing through. this is the pizza shop already shuttered up as you can see. the downtown pizza grill in oakland park. looking inside, its a tal mess. it was about 12:30 when firefighters say an older woman driving the honda crv lost control and plowed straight through the glass, through the front of this pizza place. she was not hurt. we saw her sitting in
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car, pajamas, rollers in her hair. the place usually opened until 4:00 in the morning so there was still a delivery driver on duty. he says he was standing right in front of the store in a parking spot right next to where this woman came full speed through. >> basicly i'm standing next to my car here, waiting for delivery and ieard an engine just flat-out go full speed ahead. i watched this car just go through the window, never tried to stop, never hit the brake. >>reporter: right here you're looking at the aftermath. clearly this place not opened and won't be until all the repairs get done. that's the counter that was inside the shoh. right out front that red piece that you see. 're waiting to find out if the driver of that s.u.v. is going to be facin any charges. we're live in oakland park this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. now to a story you saw first here on local 10, a story ending with
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he came face to face with a homeowner who was also a police officer. investigators say the officer was inside with his children when he saw the alleged intruder. >> i saw at least five or six sho, they were very fast, very consecutive. i saw like a flashlight kind of going around and then less thanive minutes later i saw police and emergency people show up. >> moments before another attempted break in also reported in the same neighborhood. police investigating if these situations a e connected. >> we're seeing surveillance video, part of a crime spree in miami-dade. a person pointing the gun at a driver of a minivan. the driver of that van sped off before anything else happened. this is a map of all the spots police believe the criminals hit. it involved two shootings and four robberies this past sunday. its connected police believe to the murder of milton morrjson. police recovered the pick-up truck involved
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the suspects had also been driving a silver nissan rogue. if you have any information call crime, call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. two armed meme held a gun on a baby while robbing a mia convenience store. surveillance video shows the gunman ata the register and police say they waite to buy a bag of chips. one of the men pointed the gun at that woman and her baby. this all happened at the christianana grocery store. the mother and baby were not hurt but the men are still on the run. crooks stole more than $10,000 worth of sunglasses. surveillance video shows one of the men sitting at the lens crafters store. the other picking up frames from the display and taking them. if you think you know who they are, give
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police say a man allegedly choke aid woman during an argument at the miramar home then locked her in a room for two hours. the 44-year-old arrested and charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment. he has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. they were so intense at one point two firefighters had been treated for exhaustion. the bar's owner said he knew bad things were ahead when he spotted road. two in critical condition. it appears an electrical malfunction was to blame. fears of zika are spreading in cuba. the country has its first case of the virus country. a 21-year-old wan who had not traveled outside of cuba has bfen diagnosed. cuba has h thousands of soldiers, police and volunteers looking for
5:35 am
fumigating since last the trip will not include a meeting with castro's brother fidel. on tuesday he will deliver his speech to the cuban people and then meet with distents. hear the final touches being put on the stadium in havana. construction crews preparing crews outside the stadium. the grass fixed, the did you go-out swept inside.
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55,000 poemthth said okay you can hang out on the beach for a little while. >> a really big catch off the coast of honolulu. two families caught an 823 pound marlin.
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between 200 and 400 pounds. they work every pouou to get it in. now it heads to the fish auction. >> poor marlin. >> i knew you were goi there. >> when you're that big, i think you should have a chance of life at little bit longer. let's get some better news. my husband was fishing yesterday. i know how you guys are. >> give i i to julie. what about people going fishing today, julie. >> the weather will cooperate. no advisoriek for beach-goers. i've been hearing from spring breakers. they have been loving this weather. us locals, it's a little warm and it's come too soon for us here in soutut florida. we've got to hang with the heat and humidity for a few moreays and then we'll see some relief from the heat due to some showers andnd storms associated with a wreck front that will bring our tperatures back to where it should
5:42 am
going into next week. one thing we need to know, we're waking up dry. waking up arm and humid though. temperatures r rning seven degrees above where we should be in miami. 74 in key west. 68 kendall and homestead. 71 muggy degeges in pembroke pines. and the national weath service indicating there are some areas with patchy fog this morning. no surprise since we've been under the same atmospheric condition allleek long. we've been waking up in a haze we would like to say in those foggy conditions. homestead down by the keys and that will continue throughout the morning as well. visibility is limited in kendall. seven mile visibility, so far not affecting pembroke pines or hialeah and along the coast we're looking good but that couldldhange as get closer to sunrise which will be just before 7:30. we do have clouds moving in from the gulf of mexico but those clouds e not producing precipitation.
5:43 am
the gulf coast states due to a front that stretches up from the gulf to the coast. this second system is what's going to bring us a rnforcing shot of cooler weather by next week. from texas in towards the panhandle so will it be hot and humid thanks to high pressure. showers and storms continue to develop along the leading edge of this front over northern florida and the south. tomorrow we could see a shower, we're increasing the chance of storms as we go into the weekend. once the front clears by sunday, it's going to feel more like winter as lows will be in the upper 50s and low 90s by early next week. >> i want to take you guys out to the macarthur causeway where things are quiet. obviously in a few showers things are going to change with ultra music festival. eastbound no issues for the folks who are heading towards the
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sad story out texas. 67 dogs killed in that fire crews think was caused by a drier. humane society looking for donations for the animals that did survive. aboutt 200 animals inside the building have died. the alleged kalamazoo shooter suing uber for $10illion. dalton telling investigators the app took over his body and
5:50 am
in a hand-written complaint filed this week, he says his week is seeking a divorce because of uber. dalton went on a shooting rampage killing six people and injuring others. we're learning former subway spokesperson jared fogle was pched in a prison fight. he ended up with a bloody nose and swollen face. he was angry because mogul is a child sex predator. mogul sentenced to 15 years in prison after popoessing child pornography and also crossing state lines t to pay for sex with under-aged children. mogul had no words about the attack. this is in jackson county in the panhandle and yesterday morning florida highway patrol says a bus was stopped
5:51 am
another bus right behind it and a semi hit the bus in the back sending it right into the other. more than 30 students were hurt in the crash. it w w a race to save a pair of toddlers from a burning car. the children were with their baby-sitter ronald williams and they were driving down a washington hhway. then another driver saw a fire underneath the r, got his attention. the the car lost power. the men worked together to save the toddlers from those flames. >> when it burst into flames, i was like oh, my god. let me get these kids up out of this car. >> i'm trying to get the seatbelt off the car seat.. >> thank goodness those toddlers are just fin this morning. you know the saying it's hard to find a needle in a haystack.
5:52 am
for a couple that accidently threw out that diamond ring. how much trash they had to dig through to get it back. i think it's easier to find than most diamond rings. >> plane makes an emergency landing. this as a fire burned two miles away. details in the emergency
5:53 am
5:54 am
ahead at 6:00. a video man thought would help drivers ended up getting him a ticket. it showed people a shortcut he found to avoid a local highway. it got a lot of attention but a wk later it got the attention of police. the violation sent police knocking on his door. >> is this where we're at? can they use videos from
5:55 am
traffic violations and can they do that to everybyby? police say if you're putting out a video for everyone to see of you breaking the law, there are consequences that go along with it. >> so you don't have to be caught in the act? >> what? >> it's happened before and certainly a gray area we're trying to clarify too. >> running a stop sign? >> the u.s. just got a new citizen with really good hair. fabio now an american citizen. fabio an italian citizen. he said it was the happiest day of his life. the 57-year-old recently hit it big in the u.s. in the '90s. he's often on the covers of romantic novels and commercials. any time you need someone handsome with nice hair. >> i thought that was just drawing on the books. >> they are all hair. your wedding ring precious, just about anyone would b
5:56 am
it. >> a missouri couple dug through garbage. she took off her 1 carat ring and her tuesday cleaned up and accidently tossed it in the trash. she freaks out, calls the garbage company for help. >> we had white jumpsuits on, helmets on, mask was gg lez. >> like ghost busters. >> it took a long time. they didn't care. in the end they weree just grateful to the company for lead letting them dig through the trash and they found it. 12 carrots, i'm digging as fast as possible. >> not me. i'i' calling the insurance company. a drive turns dangerous overnight. >> we'll hear from the man who witnessed the chaotic moments and feels lucky that he was not hit. an iconic local roller-coaster had its final ride. what happened now that
5:57 am
5:58 am
been leveled. two people hospitalized after a car slams into a restaurant. >> a jet iss forced to touch down as a brush fire burns nearby. plus a former officer learning his fate after he was caught on camera slapping a homeless man. >> the verdict from that case. >> deputies say he is
5:59 am
kind of store. hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jaceybirch. and it's saint patrick's day. >> it is. happy st. patrick's day. i'm very irish so i can't wait to start pinching everybody whose not wearing green. >> meteorologist julie durda, doesn't have the option to wear green. how are you doing, julie? >> i'm good. i hope you're all enjoying your morning. jacey is going to be around the news room pinching people. be prepared out there if you're coming to the news room later today. we'll be seeing that occurring. everyby's got fair game though.h. everybody that doesn't wear green with the exception of my huge green screen behin me should get pinched. it's the warm, humid conditions. temperature right now in the low 70s. this is 67 degrees above where we should be this time ofear. 6 in ft. lauderdale. 65 in key west. light winds possible. we are expecting patchy fog which has already been reported over
6:00 am
tchy fog will continue until about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. we wilil stay dry. as the kids head to the bus stop make sure they have plenty of water. i'll have more on that and when rain chance wills return to our forecast coming up. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. i'm going to pinch you. i wore bluish green that could work on the green screen. good afternoon, everyone. hope you're having a faastic morning. if you're in your closet trying to figure out what to wear, go ahead and lay in the closet because you have extra time. we're accident-free in both counties. roadways looking fantastic. as you can see roadways arar nice and clear. folks traveling along without any issues, no build up at all. the only area again where we have some slight concerns is the turnrnke northbound on the approach to 55. reports of some police activity. those speeds clocking in at 59 miles per hour. ouoside of that this morning, let's quickly get to some drive times on the dolphin expressway. if you're traveling


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