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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> constance: an i a breaking news at a high school in delray beach where an adult performer cacaht fire today. you can see this waindeed caught on camera. in fact several people were injured during that fire. >> constance: it happened at atlantic community high school. that is where local 10 reporter terrell forney is live this afternoon with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, most of those injuries are to students. this is atlantic community higig school here in delray beach. you see the school behind me here.
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scheduled, but let's te a look at some video that is now making the rounds on social media. we know that students were gathered in the gymnasium. this is where the basketball court was for what is being described as a pep rally among students. they brought in a group called inferno. let's take a peek at that next set of videos. the next set of video you will see is where things actually go wrong. a male performer is actually jumping through fire and then somehow he catches fire and sustains some pretty serious injuries. now that next piece of video is the response that happens right afterwards. a number fire fighters and paramedics rushing to the scenene to tend to the injured. we are told that about 13 people were rushed -- excuse me, 13 ople were treated on the scene for their injuries and another seven people were rushed to the hospital all because of what hapned here. we also spoke with a student
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he was a witness to it all. happened. >> he was not only blowing it out, but he was also putting it ononis head. he was putting it in his mouth. he was just trying test t te elements of the fire and i guess he pushed it a llittle too far and it happened. >> reporter: did you guys think it was part f the act? >> at first, yes, he had it on his body and he was running out and everybody thought, oh, he is doing that for whatever. but then people started screaming and he got on the floor and he was just trying to take everything off and that is when everybody started freaking out a little bit. >> r reporter: freaking out indeed. we are told by a number students who were inside that gym phase dwlawm it was pure chao, but, -- gymnasium that it was pure chaos. the male performer part of that act as part of the pep rally. he was shot a student. he suffered the most serious injuries. the other students were taken to the hospital and most suffered some type of smoke
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all of those students, we understand are expected to be okay. we are waing for a condition update on that male performer, but classes are resuming here that the high school following his wild scene involving fire. we are going to continue to gather the latest information and have that for you on and later editions of local 10 news. the latest in delray beach, terrell f fney, local 10 news. >> kristi: thanks, terrell. > video into our newsroom of a suv crashing into a pizza place it oakland park. the couple sitting in the front window annd the suv slams right into both of them and now the process of caning all that is up left to do. a man and his fiancee were injured after that crash that happened at northeast 62nd street east of i-95 last night. officials say the driver slammed through the glass windowof the downtown pizza grill after someh losing control of the suv. the people who were hurt were
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they were taken to the hospitalthey were taken to the hospital. they were treated and later released. >> i just heard an engine, and then everything just slowed down. i knew that i had to protect my fiancee at all costs. i didn't care if i had to put my life in danger. you know, i would have took it -- instead of her getting hit, i got submit basically i am standing next to my car here waiting for delivery, and i heard an engine just fl out go full speed ahead. i watched in car just go through the window, never tried to stop, never hit the brake. >> kristi: the driver was not even hurt at all. she was seen sitting in the back of the deputy'y'vehicle right after the crash. here is a look at the video again of that suuv slamming into the pizza place in oakland park. right w it is unclear if that driver will face any charge the shop is all boarded up. they boarded up that window and preparing to continue business as usual later today. and developing at noon, two
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still on the run after crash and a shooting in opioid. police say four mmen -- in opa-locka. four men fired a shsh at a man driving a bmw causing him to crash. >> constance: the gunman was involved in the crash. shyann male is live from op locka in the crash. >> reporter: it started in opa locka but ended right here in this north miami neighborhood. some of the tire marks left behind, it went speeding through the neighborhood leaving pieces of debris. you can see it check out parts of this mailbox here and then cross the street plowing right a power linene into that house. morning. >> reporter: david ross was not expecting this wake-up call thursday morning. >> i was -- you know, messing on my phone in the morning balking the bathroom and all of a sudden a car@ has crashed right into the side of the house.
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scene. four men were in the truck when bullets started flying. the target, a man driving this black bmw. after dozens of shots, the driver slams into a truck. the impact causing a three-car collision. the bad guys make a u-turn and come back to finish the job shooting at the black bmw several times more before speeding off. >> iicrashed right through these bushes. pretty thick hedge. they smashed our neighbor's mailbox made out of cement. this guy must have been going 60, 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: officers tracked them down this north miami neighborhood. >> too close for comfort. >> and i think it was one guy and somebody got out and ran around. it was so dark i didn't realize what was going on. >> reporter: a live look now. you see fpl is still on the schiano. after thisneighbor and several other neighbors lost power because of the power line being taken out. now as for the victim, we do know he is at jackson memorial hospital getting treated.
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on that coming up, but we do know two men are still on the run. reporting liven north miami, shyann malone, local 10 news. >> constance: all right, shy>> constance: all right, shyann, thanks so much. > the man accused of breaking into a little havana school earlier thiseek is now under arrest. police say he broke in through the ceiling and all caught on camera. nower about learning this isn't the first time he hs been targeting a school. local 10 news reporter glenna milberg is live in miami to tell us about the suspect's confession to police. >> reporter: you know constance, in the grand scheme of crimes that are tried in this building, this may not be among the mostst serious, but everyone here agrees, you don't gett much lower than stealing from schoolkids. he is 35 years old.his name is jose luiz galmez. actually he did tell police according to them he has de it before. stole from another school tablets last month. helped police find him. >> reporter: he came in scaling
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to bust windows and awl through the ceiling. a lot of work to get to the schoolol little safe. police believe that he spent time looking for a keyy and up-ended everything in the process, most caught on surveillance at la probecita presbyterian. >> for me it is pretty sad. 99% of our kids are on scholarship program. a big deal for them because money that they saved. >> reporter: from the video, police made flyers and someone who saw one called in the tip to police and led detectives to galdemez who live with his parents and evevtually his father helped police pick him up. according to the police report, he took the safe that he managed to deal with the schoolmanaged to deal with the schoolchildren's $5,000 to an area around southwest 23rd avenue to a guy named danel. you know detectives went there, and they say they have found no daniel and more important, they found no safe containing those kids' $5,000. galdamez is expected here in
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i am glenna milberg live at criminal court in miami this afternoon, local 10 news. >> constance: alalright, glenna, thank you so much. a safety alert in deerfield beach after an elderly woman and her daughter were robbed at gunpoint in their home. the daughter was sitting inside when a man pointed a gun and slipped into the house and pointed a gun at her 91-year-old moother before taking her purse and phone and running off. broward sheriff deputies were able to recover her phone, but they haven't found the suspect. if you think you have seen him, call the broward county with the number 954 the number 954-493-tips. just amazing announcement toda from sea world. the marine world is ending its practice of killer whale breeding. follow years of controversy of keeping killer whales in captivity. >> reporter: they have been swimming in criticismtismswimming in criticism civil fo the last several years following the death of one of
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the 2013 documentary "black fish." >> you look into their eyes you know somebody is home. >> reporter: ceo sea world announceannouncing a change in the tides. all the signature orca show also be coming to an end.>> current orcas under our care willbe the last. we will phase out our theatrical shows. >> reporter: changing its breeding policies too. >> we are e eding breeding as of today. >> reporter: now working with an unlikely ally, the humane society, previously one of sea world's biggest critics. >> something that any animal advocate in the nation can celebrate as progress. >> reporter: the 51-year-old company was shut down its one ocean show in san diego. now other similar acts will follow suit by 2018, including in orlando where a trainer was killed in 2010 by a popular orca. >> you think that these changes were the natural results of what happened in 2010?
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that is a very horrific moment for our company.donna's death is something that none of us will get over. >> reporter:he 129 killer whales at sea world wl be in captivivy for their own safety. >> no whale born under human care has been released successfully. >> it is impossible to unring that bell. >> reporter: the company announcing that "blackfish" did have an impactct >> whether a movie or customers writing us. there is no doubt the mind set of society has changed. i think we have to change withit. >> reporter: they are hope>> reporter: they are hoping this is the first step in a long partnership to help the whales. >> it's not perfect. we do have disagreements, but don't want the perfect to be the enem of the good. >> we love them. we are trying to do the right thing for them. >> kristi: we understand sea world is changing the breeding
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killer whales will be released. they ve a show with lolita the killer whle. we will see if they have any reaction to the brand-new sea world policy. waiting to hear from them. the us. is resuming direct nile cuba for the first timen decades, president obama has taken the opportunity to write a letter t a 76-year-old cuban writer. we have a picure of the president actually signing that letter. it is -- actually pat of the first batch of mail that is going to be flown to cuba the first time in more than 50 years. flown out yesterday. president obama sent this letter after writing ilana letter after writing ilana yarez. he wrote a note saying she was excited for the president's trip to cuba and was hopetrip to cuba and was hoping to meet him personally, even offering him a cup of cuban coffee. the postal worker snared a moment of excitement as they prepared to send that letter on the way. in it president obama thanked her for her kind words and said he hope there is time to take her up on that offer.
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first lady, her mother and the bombs daughters will b visiting cuba with president obama. they arrived -- will arrive sunday land stop at a cathedral to meet with a cuban cardinal. on monday the president will visit the jose marti memorial and meet with cuban president raul skas throw. the meeting will not include a meeting with fidel. on tuesday, the big day, he delivers his speech to the cuban people and meet with dissidents and attend a baseball game between the tampa nationals team. the final touches are being havana. bases were put down, the grasswas fixed and dugout swept as ey made repairs. the mlb shipped over 60 tons of `clay, equipment, bases and much more for the big game. the stadium can fit 55,000 people. and it appears the cuban people president's trip. we know shirts, flags, buttons and all kind of items are now popping up for sale.
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cuba for the president's historic visit. anchor calvin hughes will be joined by victim victim and hatzel vela. our coverage starts tomorrowow and live coverage of the president's arrival on sunday at 5 p.m. new for you at noon, secretary of state john kerry has announced that israel is guilty ocommitting genocide in iraq and syria. 2014 the terror group trapped, killed and enslaved thousands of women and sold them at auctions all because of their faith. he has said, quote, without our interresidential, it is clear that the people would have been slaughtered. >> the united states will strongly support efforts to collect documents, preserve and analyze the evidence of atrocityatrocities. and we will do all we can to see that the perpetrators are held accountable. >> kristi: he last time they declared a genocide in darfur.
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representatives unanimously passed a resolution to these that term t describe the isi attacks. fox news cancellin its republican presidential debate following donald trump's decision to not attend. at least three more states in its wind column, trump is now really the only candidate with a father of grabbing the nomination. on the democratic side. hillary clinton is focusing on trump after a clean sweep in the primaries this week. >> in the gop race for president, a debate over the next debate. donald truru backing out prompting ohio governor john kasich to do the same. >> i had more attention in the last two weeks than i have had in the last six months. so it is fine. anan i am pleased with how it is all going. >> reporter: debate host fox nene then cancelling monday's event? salt lake city, utah ying obviously there needs to be more than one participant. ted cruz firing back. meantime cruise is firing back at iffferent, the republican
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to block his nomination will lead to chaos at the conventionlead to chaos at the convention. >> i think you would have riots>> i think you would have riots. i think would you have riots. i am representing a tremendous -- many, many millions of people. i think you would have problems like you would never see beforelike you would never see before. i think bad things would happeni think bad things would happen. i really do. >> reporter: also attacking hillary. releasing this video mocking her as a weak leader in foreign affairs showing her barking like a dog. overnight, clinton getting the last laugh literally appearing in comedy central "broad city." >> it's a she. >> constance: remember we have you covered this election season from everything from the latest polls and results as they come in. stay with lal 10 on air, online, and also the free wplg app for your smart phone. one person who will not be running for president is the first ladyfirst lady michelle obama. she made that point very clear spwaebinng at the southspwaebinging at the south-southwest festival in texas. >> i will not run for president. no, no, not going to do it.
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because i have got these two young people at home. and being the kids -- the daughters of a president, just think about it. come on, young people. not so easy. they have handled it with grace and with poise, but enough is enough. >> kristi: michelle obama has pursued a wide range of causes with children's health and she will continue in that capacity when she leaves the white usewhen she leaves the white house. time to check out our stocks and see where things are going. sort of a med bag. the bag is up over 94 points. that is good to see at 17420. the nasdaq is down however. it is almost 8 points. the snp 500 is up closethe snp 500 is up closing in on 7 points. and fibal preparations are under way right now for the ultron music festival. >> constance: i can hear the music already.
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downtown miami thanks to the music festival. a plane makes an emergency landing in the everglades. what forced it to land there. hey, is there, south floriria. happy thursday and happy st. patrick's day, no rain on the radar. by the way temperatures are heating up. already in he low 80s. they will get even hotter.
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let's get to the heart of the matter we now have even better access to world-classsseart care than ever before. right here, at home. that's why cleveland clinic florida is here. call us today if it's urgent, walk in to our emergency department, 24/7. we're here to care for you anytime, anywhere.
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a close call after a partial building collapsed on a school bus in philly. officials say debris from a construction site fell over on the bus after 9:00 in the morning. the driver said he just dropped off the elementary students before that incident. thankful fleethankful thankfully no one was hurt. to south miami-dade where sky 10 was above the scene of a police perimetetr. three police cars along southwest 105th and 66th terrace. police say they were serving a warranant when that person took off. a hazmat situatn of deerfield beach. sky 10 over that suation northeast 2nd street. a nearby building was evacuated. we do know it all happened between a 1 a and northeast 2nd street to palm beach county li. it was also shut down while crews work to cap it. and a pilot is forced to make an emergency landing in the everglades.
12:22 pm
u.s. 27 three miles from the sawgrass expressway. we are told there was an engine issue of some sort as the planet went to ft. lauderdale executive airport. neither of the two people on board were hurt and wouldn't say a lot as witnesses shared what they felt. >> it was a jet. it was very low. about 200 feet or less. it was making a sound like a siren from a police vehicle. i was wondering they in trouble or just showing off. >> kristi: the faa is investigating to see if the emergency landing and the brush fire burning nearby may somehow be connected. also new for you at noon, a man wanted in connection with the death of his tranged wife is now under arrest. police say joe pageant confronted his estranged wife at his mother's home in southwest miami-dade. they say there was some sort of argument. and that pageant pulled out a gun and simply bbgan shooting. his wife was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead late to at the scene.
12:23 pm
he is now charged with firsthe is now charged with first-degree murder. new at noon a broward teacher was fired after showing up to work drunk. lynn singleton was fired by broward county. according to a court document singleton wasseen stumbling by another teacher. the breathlize her an initial reading of .35 and ler .23. both more than double the legal limit. and several students in miami-dade county are being honored today for doing the right thing. >> constance: local law enforcement is rewarding them for their good deeds. local 10's jenise fernandez is live in miami where a special ceremony was held for those students. jenise. >> reporter: kristi and constance the things these students are doing to help their pee rs keep their school safe is pretty amaze inspecting program has been around for 20
12:24 pm
students for doing the right thing. >> reporter: a joint ceremony honoring police officers for their hard work in the community and student for doing the right thing. reporting inappropriate posts on facebook and helping other class nights need. ten miami-dade students were recognized for their roicrecognized for their heroic acts. one those heroic acts came from 4th grader kalia smith. kal i's breast best friend lost her father and she wanted to hurt herself to be with her dadhurt herself to be with her dad. she told one of her guidance counselors at her school that she was in trouble. >> i am her besty and i didn't want another die. i wanted to help her. >> reporter: another good deed came from mmartin castillo, a senior at miami beach senior high school. martin is the captain of his wrestling team and has beenen helping one of his teammates who also has a learning disability. >> sometimes i go to his -- his special ed class and help him
12:25 pm
some of the assignments. in wrestling when we have stud hall i stay afterschool and help him some. >> reporter: a student was recognized by the police department for turning in a loaded gun he found at school. since then the program has impacted 2 40 students in several schools across miami-dade county. >> the winner is martin castillo. >> i knew i was coming here today to -- to receive an awd and a plaque, but i -- i had no idea so much other things would happen like winning a trip to d.c. >> reporter: and this program recognizes ten students from miami-dade county every month, and at the end of the year they have a big banquet for all the winners to celebrate. reporting live in miami, jenise fernandez, local 10 news. some breaking news right now to tell you about. two schools in broward county are in lockdown in cooper city. police are looking for a burglary suspect in the area.
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we are talking about cooper city elementary which is near pioneer middle school. they are right there together. they are both on lockdown. students are inside and safe, moms and dad. stay with us safe on air and online for any updates from that scene. crews get ready for ultra music festival. the event starts tomorrow at bayfront park in downtown miamibayfront park in downtown name and brings tens of thousands of people to south florida. i live in downtown miami and i am getting ready for all of that. the traffic alert. of course,of course, the reroutes begin thth evening in downtown miami due to ultra. it starts at 9. all southbound traffic on biscayne boulevard will be detoured west at northeast 4th street and north east 2nd avenue. northbound traffic will be reduced to two lanes.the three-day electric musical festival stars on 4:00 continue to friday. last year the fesival was considered tame fewer arrests than they had in 2014. they increased security and refused to let 18 and under
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n to an eerie sight out of louisiana. dens of caskets have been seen unearthted by the relentlessed into be. rains poured to the south causing several rivers t overflow. crcrs have gone out by boat to receive seven caskets so far. officials stay could take weeks to recover the rush and identify each one. whoa, and strong winds leaving a mess behind in milwaukee. a glass bus stop was ripped from the ground sending debris flying right into a car. several big trees were also toppled over in other neighborhoods. good news, no injuries have been reported. we are doing what we do every day. we are looking outside to see the sunshine. >> constance: sunshine and a little humidity. jennifer, may be rain for the gardens this weekend. please say no. >> julie: i know, i won't say
12:28 pm
rain constance and kristi. i know. i will try to my best to make mother nature know. a live look outside of mount sinai medical center gorgeous and glistening over the waters as you can see. by the way, head out -- if you are a boater and tata your boat out today. it is actually pretty nice. nice and smooth, liht chops in the bays. great day to do some boating. use that sunscreen and a loof pn. surs hitting 80s. 83 in miami. 82 in ft. lauderdale. you head west. pembroke pines atat 84. 8 83 down in marathon and very light breeze. with light and variable winds out there, it doesn't feel ite cool. if feels very hot. no wind gusts to rport though and no rain to report either. now we do have lower humidity today. that i because the dew points have lowered. but eventually th humidity
12:29 pm
especially by this weekend. there is plenty of rainfall going on right along the gulfcoast of the panhandle of florida. even some gusty thunderstorms. this is associated with a boundary, a stalled frontal boundary.z and actually doesand actually tthe storm prediction center put out an severe threat t@o the north of new orleans. look into centrallook into central mississippiinto louisiana. the yellow the slight rrisk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon abd that includes pensacola on the west end of the pan handle. yes, those are stationary front. they will stick around and continue to dry in that moisture rye along the boundarymoisture rye along the boundary.high pressure to the north and a small impulse i should say in the upper levels of the atmosphere. rain over the arklatex as we speak.
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florida all the way to the carolinas, 10 to 20 degrees above average. and for us we continue with the heat one more day, mainly a shower. that cannot be ruled out. especially with the daytime heating but models are showingng that the rain still stays well to the north across south florida, and -- north florida and that will go our way. rip current risk. no advisory for boater. seas are oneseas are one to two feet. no advise hes. beautiful day. and, again, temperatures right now in miami, 83 degrees undnder fund. and the rain chance for today ststaying at 10%. temperatures will drop tohe upper 70s by around 6:00 and low 70s tomorrow morning with a high of 86 on friday. hehe out, jazz in the gardens. will be starting tomorrow and through the weekend on on
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the official start of springthe official start of spring. we have the equal amount of daylight to nighttime and we expect rain that day. uite soggy weekend. youryour weather authority is keeping you n track with the latest forecast. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be here at 4:00 to talk about the rest of the week and the weekend. >> those will get out of town before the rain. they have been packed. >> constance: they have been busy. a major announcement behind cheese. >> what will soon be coming to most of your cars after its a standard feature. details after the break. >> todd our ultimate st. patrick's day plan. and kim catrall joins the
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great desert all coming your automakers and u.s. government have reached an agreement for automatic brakes standardon most cars by the
12:35 pm
the system uses cameras, raar and other sensors to actually see objects in the way and sloww or even stop a car if the driver doesn't react quickly enough. the feature is available on newthe feature is available on nenewer number of cars right now. it is estimated that it can cut rear-end craaes by 40%. it not only helps you relax but t today's dr. oz, tells us the other benefits of that sajsthe other benefits of that sajs. >> hi, i am dr. oz many of us think of that sage as a luxury, but i consider it a necessity. did you know a massage can lower stress hormones and boost your level of feel-good endorph ins. aid in circulation and a healthy massage can help you sleep better and reduce pain. >> reporter: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday at 3:00 on local 10. the opening day for the miami-dade county fair that starts at 3:00.
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in northwest miami-dade. tickets oline at $14 or at the supermarkets for $10. a 21-day admission pass will cost you 25. p_p card for the unlimited ride. that will be $28.lots of choices. >> constance: lots of choices. $ is not too bad for unlimited. of course you know is st. patrick's day. you may be sport can your green -- i have a little green here. if you plan to celebrate do it safely, a aaa driver. tow and go. a program that can help you an your car get homeyour car get home safely within ten miles of where you are. >> the party is under way at the pond. in ireland they are embracing st. patrick's day. thousands are showing up to the famous temple bar in dublin. looks like fun. i wish out there partying. >> kristi: they have their green on.
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tonight. in laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11. frank si fastball at that the tra jr. has died. the son of the musician with the same name passedway of cardiac arrest in daytona beachcardiac arrest in daytona beach.he was set there on tour and he was set to perform. 76 years old. the president 'pick to be the next supreme court ws will be on capitol hill. circuit court judge merrick garland is meeting wh senate democrats. but the trouble to be nominated will not be from him but republicans who vow not toto confirm any judge that the president nominates. the power to appoint a he replacement for antonin scalia should be for the upcomi administration instead. the michigan governor of testifying on oversight and reform. the flint water crisis and in the hot seat, the governor -- governor snyder receiving quite a tongue lashing from members
12:41 pm
>> you were not in a medically induced coma for a year and i heard aenough of your false contrition and phony apologies. >> a failure of government at all levels, local, state and federal officials. they all failed the families of flint. >> kristi: the water crisis began after state officials switched the city's water supply to save a little money. the move led d to high levels of lead and an outbreak of legiononires' disease as well and that sparked an unprecedented ppublic health emergency. a newly released document show soldier bewe bergdahl have been diagnosed with apsychiatric disorder. people with this disordererrcan have social anxiety and mishave social anxiety y d misinterpret intersngs. the taliban captured him after he left the base in 209. he faces charges of desertion
12:42 pm
his trial scheduled to begin over the summer. a lawsuit filed against uber in the kalamazoo is a bogus one. jason dalton enies filing the $10 million lawsuit and the handwriting doesn't match his. he claims that his work caused him psychological damage. he told investigators that the app took over his body and made him shoot at targets in a handhim shoot at targets in a hand-written complaint he aid that uby discriminates his mental health division and that his wife is seeking a divorce because of uber.>> kristi: dalton>> kristi: >> kristi:ton went on that shooting rampage all while picking up fares for that online ride-sharing. many celebrity many celebrities count on the internet to have quite the impact.
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magazine vote 2016 and off the campaign trail and back to
12:46 pm
senator marco rubio receiving a standing ovation in the halls of the u.s. capitol as he returns to his office. he suspended his campaign -- he stopped there and waved before heading into his office. rubio suspended his campaign after finishing second in the florida primary. and washington d.c.'s subway system is back open today. despite prediction it is would be a real mess out there. turns out traffic ended up not being all that bad. extrbuses were provided and ride-sharing serves offered deals to get people through the predicted chaos. officials have closed all lines for service following several track fires. most issues noticed during the inspection were fixed but some questions do remain what is actually causing the problems in the first place. new at noon, a car crashing into a north carolina emergency room right there. police say thats with heading together hospital andlikely suffered a medical condition or emergency and that why the drdriver crashed into right into the er.
12:47 pm
several people inside at the lobby, he driver and three others were hurt. and spring break backlash for nama city beach. the crackdown on college tourists have defitely taken a toll on businesses that depend on the large crowd and alcohol is banned on the beach following the alleged sexual assault and shooting that injured seven people. now the people -- many of the students who did not show up were largely a big disappointment. restaurant, bars and other tourists received a 75% hit. miami beach no shorge of crowds. people were called in to break up crowds. several crowds that led to seven arrests. they plan to increase staffing this weekend including adding checkpoints to prevent alcohol from entering the beaches. a rare find to tell you about after a powerful tornado in the midwwt.
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how far a wedding dress flew today, today, you want a new reason for hope. to know your fight, is our fight. is our fight. that's why, cleveland clinic florida is here. we feel better knowing we have even better access to world-class cancer care right here, in south florida. the maroone cancer center at cleveland clinic florida is here for you anytime, anywhere.
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it's here. march madness is finally here. the big dance under way. they a will have in providence ahead of tonight's big match-up. playing again 14th seed buffaloplaying again 14th seed buffalo. kickoff tonight. i know you will be watching 6:50 this evening. now over to the pros and double congratulations to chris bosh and his family. his wii adrian have givenn birth to twin boys. we haven't seen pictures but tweeted out photos. the bosh abies -- the bosh family have three other children. a whole family. the heat are getting ready for a match-up against the charlotte hornets. she nearly broke the internet and now she is being called one of the most influential by "time "requisting magazine named kim kardashian one of the 300 most influential people on the internet. her husband kayne west is on
12:52 pm
j.k. rowling and rapper drake are also on the list. the magazine picked the 30 of the most social media sites to -- because of their ability to drive news. >> it is easy to say but when you get naked, it is kind of like. >> kristi: it is kim kardashian, i guess. taking a live look outside. if anybody looked how i did. >> constance: i don't know, kristi krurger. >> kristi: you don't never know. a look outside at the miami tower cam. a beautiful day out there in the magic city. not a cloud in the sky, but
12:53 pm
we will be back wit yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself.
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look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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in the midwest they are cleaning up after several tornadoes whipped through the area this week. >> kristi: one was reported in rid city, illinois. it was so powerful, in fact, it blew debris including a wedding dress across the state lines. yeye, this is true. a satin and lace weddi gown had turned -- was turned in to the leclaire ppolice department that is in iowa. it was found in a box on a hill ababe a river. it was believed to have been blown over from mississippi from illinois. and now the police department is looking to find who it really belongs to. how about that. >> constance: how about that. >> julie: at least it was just thdress. not the bride too. >> kristi: that would have`been a wrob julie dwlooul would have been a big problem. a beautiful live look out of
12:56 pm
79 out of ft. lauderdale. 82 in miami. still very warm. 85 in pembroke pines. no rin on the radar and we do expect quite a change thihi weekend. we are seeing a few showers. your weather authority keeping you on track. betty davis will talk about
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> kristi: that grab a shamrock, because we're bringing the emerald isle
12:59 pm
ultimate st. paddy's day party plan. mario's got a dish that'll get the party started in no time. plus, i'm in the kitchen with the fabulous kim cattrall, and we're whipping up a sweet treat that'll have everyone buzzing. st. paddy's day party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> top of the afternoon to ya! thank you. welcome to "the chew," everybody. you think we're looking a little green today, you're right. no, we aren't under the weather. we're feeling fun, festive and fresh, because we're having a st. paddy's day party around here. [ cheers and applause ] happy st. paddy's day. >> happy st. padad's day. >> any irish at the table besides myself? >> yeah. >> some irish? >> i'm a quarter irish, i guess. my mom's half-irish. >> oh, your mom's half? makes you a quarter. >> she's a quarter irish, i'm an
1:00 pm
any irish is all irish. >> first in math comes up again. [ laughter ] >> help me out, rutgers. help me out. >> i think it's a state school, it's an 1/8. >> well, to help us celebrate, we have some of the best irish soda bread we've ever tasted. our executive in charge of production is a man named bill hurley, very nice gentleman. his mother's recipe, which is available on for irish soda bread, is delicious. >> delicious. >> you want a bite of that. i'm gonna take a nice bite. >> and so good. >> soft irish butter is the only way you can eat this bread. it is so delicious. >> lather some of that right on top. >> hello, hello. >> hello, hello, hello. >> all right. so -- >> yes, i am. >> let me get to that. want a bite of that. >> thanks. do you have enough butter there, daph? >> no. >> all right. >> i can tell you, it's equal parts butter to bread. >> it's so good, bill. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. >> i must say, because i've eaten a lot of this over the years, tried to enjoy it. >> yeah. >ill's is without a doubt the best. >> it really is. delicious. [ cheers and applause ] sometimes it's really crumbly,


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