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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that's where it came from. >> terrell: their bold acts are usually a big hit but aftft today's incident the pablo school district is now lookingng whether combustible acts are a good fit for school performances. >> it was something i've never seen before. it really opened my eyes. >> terrell: and from his hospital bed here at the hospital, we understand that ricardo charles is already up and speaking with thehe fire marshal, though he has some serious burns on his head, h h arms and his hands. thth company maintains that all of the students who were treated and taken to the hospital, suffered from some type of breathing difficulties was it was not because of smoke, they say. they say it was because of the fumes from those fire extinguishers that were used to put out the flames. we are live in delray beach, i terrell forney. >> eric: we have some incredible surveillance video of an suv right there slamming right into a pizza place in oakland park. there was actlly a couple sitting right by the front
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barelying right into them. local10's derek shore spoke with the victims. >> derek: it's incredible no one was hurt in hall of this. as you can see, crews are finishing up replace 10 windows out here. witnesses tell us that that driver never hit the brakes, rather, the suv stopped because it couldn't go any farther and it was all c!ught on tape. the video is incredible, a driver of a honda suv hitting the gas and slamming into the downtown pizza grill in oakland park. watch again in slow motion. two customers sitting at the counter against the window taking the entire impact, thrown nearly to the back of the restaurant. >> i just heard an engine rev, and everything just slowed down. >> derek: leoney and his fiancee were those customers. he said he tried to do his best to shield his fiancee felicia but there was very little time. >> all i know is after i got hit, i was just trying to make sure that my zahn fiancee was already i don't even really know
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i was discombobulated. >> derek: behind the that honda this driver an early woman with curlers in her heir. the witness said the suv never hesitated. >> never tried to stop. never hithe brake. >> derek: leoney and his fiancee rushed to a hospital left withth major injuries to thinks abdomen and his fiancee reportedldl left with sten staples in her arm and stitches to her face. leone i's dad too emotional to speak aboutis son's ordeal. tonight inas the cleanup continues, it's unclear in that driver will face any charges. >> if she's just just going to get away scot-free for putting two people in the hospital. shshcould have killed us. >> derek: it is unclear why thatt driver lost control. meanwhile the pizza place is back open, those victiti now recovering at home. we're live in oakland park, derek shore. >> janine: now to a safety alert inineerfield beach. an elderly woman and her daughter were robbed at gunpoint insidef her home. we're now hearing from one of the victims as police continue
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robbed them. the daughter was sitting in h backyard when she says a young man wearing a hoody opened a de gate and then pointed a gun at her. he then slipped io the on his and pointed a gun at her 91-year-old mother before takin her purse and phone and running off. >> he was looking at a video on youtube, and i lunged and there was a kid with a gun in my face. i'm hyper vigilant in public. i know how toch broward detention an atm. i don't sit with my back to restaurant doors. i know where um in a parking lot at all times, and it's bad enough that we have to life l)ve like that but i refuse to have a cup of coffee in my backyard. >> janine: broward sheriffs deputies, they were able to recover her home but they have not found the suspect, so take a good look that the this guyho applies are looking for. if you think you see him, if you recognize him or know anything about this crime, call the broward sheriff's office or broward crime stopser. 954-493-tips. >> eric: we have new information out a burglar who was caught on camera breaking into a school stealing a safe, that safe full
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wear hearing from neighbors who think they know who this suspect is, glenna milberg live with what they told her. glenna. >> glenna: actually, the neighbors helped police get to this guy, and they were not surprised he was arrested at all requesting but big surprise here at the school. light of people went home from school today, but the very first thing they heard was about the arrest of someone who stole all of their money. great surveillance tape from here helped, and you'll really be surprised to find that his own neighbors have surveillance tape, too. >> waiting for something p if nervous. >> glenna: the neighbors with camera say he uses the back way, hops over neighbor's fences even though they've warned him not to trespass. >> sir, you why arrested for burglary to an unoccupied structure. >> glenna: but the surveillance that led to the arrest of jose luis galdames is this one, the cameras that documented his one
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he came in scaling awnings, judas a fire hose to bust the windows and crawled through the ceiling. had a lot of work to get to the school's little safe. police believe jose luis galdames spent time, upended and most caught a surveillance. >> it's amazing they caught the guy. >> it's really bad that someone would dare steal from a school. >> glenna: from the video police made flyers and someone who swan, called in a tip to police about galdames and eventually his father helped pick him up. according to the police report galdames said he managed to take the safe were the children's money of 5,000 dollars to an area, to a guy named daniel but police never found a daniel nor the school children's money. but there is good news. everybody in the community who has seen the news reports over the last week donated so much money that the kids are actually
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field trip. they actually leave tomorrow. and bonus for police, they say galdames also confessed to stealing from another school not too far from here last month. they got a two-for-one on this one. i'm glenna milberg in miami report live this afternoon, local10 news. >> eric: thanks for tha the governor of mitch grilled on capitol hill today testifying at a house hearing about that flint water crisis. governor rick snyder said he did not find out out the water was con tam lated nated with lead nearly 18 months after the city began drawing money from the flint river in. lawmakers didn't buy it. >> this was a failure of government at all levels, local, state and federal officials. they all failed the families of flint. >> you were not in a medically induced coma for a year, and i've had about enough of your false con tricks and your phony apologies. >> eric: the head of the epa also receiving a tongue-lashing as well for the failure of her
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>> janine: world is announcing to the this endingments controversial yorka breeding program in addition to. orca breeding program. they received pushback after the lease of cnn document document rise "blackfish." but the ceo of world is said that will be coming toon end. >> giant orcas under our care will be the last yes, at world is. err going to phase out our theatrical shows we have had in the past. >> misthis is something that every animal victim in the nation can celebrate as progression. >> janine: the company said that shows at world is orlando will come to an end in 2019. >> this is an't lo news special report. historic visit, president barack obama into cuba. >> yank as we do prepare for the president's historic trip to cuba this weekend we are lowering more about the connections went the island and the state of florida. >> janine: especially when it comes to baseball. today local10's' hatzel vela explores the histories of baseball and company immigrants in tampa.
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>> hatzel: baseball is part of tampa as dna which is why they're building a museum, that chronicles thehe game for more than 100 years. when the cubans calm what his brother they brought baseball with them. >> hatzel: these were cubans who migrated to tampa, to ybor city to work in escobar f ftories. >> it was part of the culture. it was part of the recreation. >> hatzel: that's when this museum will show, and you'll find it all at the childhood home of al lopez. tampa as first major league player, the first tampa native have native to be inducted into the hall of fame. lopez's parents are from spain but lived in cuba before migrating to tampa. once again, tampa baseball and cuba are reconnecting. since president barack obama announced changes in picy towards cuba, the tampa bay rays will be the first major league baseball team to travel on the
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>> we've got a lot of knowledge about the baseball game. >> hatzel: catcher riv a who is cuban knows the passion for the game in the caribbean. from the te they're born, he says, they love and know baseball. so we want to go down there he says and share our love with those people. >> >> i've got your programs. >> hatzel:`latin americans who love baseball always know what's happening, who is playing, he says, the players' background. that applies to cuba where people live for baseball. >> [ speaking in spanish ] >> hatzel: it doesn't matter if we win or lose, he says. what matters is the new friendship we're building. in tampa, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> janine: and local10 news is in cuba for the president's historic visit. calvin hughes, victor oquendo and hatzel vela will have live coverage from cuba start offing tomorrow. we'll also have live coverage of the president's arrival in havana on sunday at 5:00 p.m. >> eric: it is time for to us
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rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. what do you see out there? >> jenisis we're still watching this accident on i-95 southbound hath many sa road. that accident t s moved off and we're still seeing one lane blocked. traffic is getting by but we are seeing delays. again thisiss i-95 southbound sample road. we've got just one lane blocked at this time but still seeing those heavy delays at 13 miles per hour. as we zoom on out those delays seem to be starting at glades road and it looks likekehey're going to last for what teams to be about seven miles. so if you've got some early evening plans, maybe somest. paddy day plans you may want to cor taking an alternate, the turnpike or us-1. also this accident on us-95 southbound at pembroke road where seeing delays with speedss at 22 miles per hour. as we check out dade c cnty we're watching a lebron down cat on palmetto expresswawa heading south at 125th street there is a is there lane blocked with speeds at 1212iles per hour. >> janine: today was a very ecial day for some very special students. you see, they were honored by police f f doing the right
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get to go on a trip. the story coming up a little bit later this hour. >> eric: a whiled san joaquin on the streets of opa-locka today, a driver being ambushed by a shooter with an assault rifle. we h he details at 5:30. >> janine: but first, dozens of students be trapped when two school busesre rear end bide
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yanktonyeah year rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. is all happened in the panhandle and people livinin nearar rushed to help the students, some of whom were trapped ininhis wreckage. patricia barbs said she willl innovator the cries for help. >> it was awful to see the children being that sort of pain. >> eric: several trapped in the wreckage after this semi bus slammed into the back of the school buses. the sound shook barnes and her neighbors sending them into the street to help. >> one guy ran in isf jumped inside one of the buses and he was hand the children out. >> eric: florida highway patrol troopers say one school bus was stopped on the highway so students could get on when a big rig ran into the back of the second forcing it into the first. >> it took a while to get the children in the back of the bus out but it wasn't the firefighters' fault. they were working a hard as they could. >> what we saw were injuries to
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i know there were several students that had to be extricated by fire peschel, extricated out of bus which is not uncommon in a collision they are severe. >> eric: lieutenant jonathan strickland called the crash a major catastrophic event involving 66 people. more than 100 first responders and volunteers took dozens of students and drivers to jackson coty hospitals. medevac helicopters took at least three students to a tallahassee hospital. >> we had a lot of good samaritans stop out. >> eric: beem people like barnes who said her close-knit communityill overcome this. >> we all came together, pray forward for these, and i we know the lord was on the scene. he took care of them. >> eric: still no worth driver of the tractor-trailer. charges charnes against him are spending; today is st. patrick's. the way. did you remember to wear your green, justy? st. patrick i hear also like navy, by the way. take a look at the fountain.
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washington, dc, where this fountain has been dyed green for the white house. >> eric: janine stanwood refusing to succumb to the peer pressure. celebrating her individuality. >> janine: it's all in my mind. i have green in my mind. >> betty: i. have i have green behind. you at home can't see it, trust me there's a lot of green behind me. happy st. patrick's and it's a good night to head out and get into something. here's miami looking down at the beach. i'm sure it's packed because it's so warm out. lower 80s from miami to pembroke pines and hialeah. homestead and marathon 81 degrees and the evening will be mainly dry. a few clouds out there now and there will be a to you around 7:00 tonight as well, winds becoming lighter by 9:00 this evening, upper 70s will show p in inform have some of your neighborhoods. so far not much in the way of rainfall bubbling up. i think i may see a tiny shower getting going o out over the everglades but high pressure continues to control our weather
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quiet settled and that has been what we've b bn seeing today and see a it yesterday and the day before. rain, though, it is pouring around daytona beach. some spring brbrkers probably not happy right now. even att gainesville as well. we're seeing these rains as a cold fronttarts to judge down toward na florida. ate least we're not seeing an outbreak of herb vee weather. the weather, though, severe or has the potential to be where we see this severe thunderstorm watch. all of these storms around jackson, mississippi on over toward pensacola could produce damaging winds or hail. thankfullye don't have anything like that head for us tonight or tomorrow. in fact, forecast models indicating another hot day and main dry, but on saturday as a cold front finally starts to slip down toward virginia florida our rains chances start to go up. on saturday, i knowy, jazz in the gardens, there could be some showers out there and a better chance of owers and storms
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tomorrow, though, it's mainly dry, the rain chance only going up to about 20%. we start the day with patchy fog. we end certainly warm with a high of 86. and then noticed saturday, sunday from the to 60 percent chance for rainfall as we push a cold front through.& once the front gets through, drier and cooler. check out those temperatures. eric. >> eric: love the sound of that. today not only st. patrics day, it is the opening day at the fair. >> janine: we love the fair. so many rides. so much food. here's the trick. you do the rid first and then you eat food. don't do it the other way. today's opening day included some st. patrick's day parade, there will be fireworks tonight. this is a at the fairgrounds a florida international university. the fair is going to be open until april 10th accept march 29th and april 4th. >> eric: a lot of delicious deep-fried bad decisions out there. >> janine: love it. only this time year. we are now seeing the
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pizza place being slammed by a runaway vehicle. a couple enjoying a few slices had no time to get out of the way. we'll show you more coming up at 6:00. >> eric: and prescription drug abuse a big problem in florida but some actually need the pills to manage their pain. what can youou do when the pain medication start hurting you? that's coming up in t our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. is highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we e e giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously
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i know, it's likethey're always on television.
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>> will: with playoff push continues for the miami heat as you see right behind me, some of the guys including josh richardson the rookie working on their jump shot. goran dragic hereras well. the charlotte hornets one game behind the standing. there's another big story in sports you probably of heard of. but that is a professional baseball player retiring when his team doesn't allow his son to be around the cluluouse the entire same.
5:23 pm
white sox and you are our clay ferrero has me on the story. >> a it is out of herer >> clay: today adam la roche shocking the sports world. >> chicago white sox first baseman adam la roche surprised his -- >> clay: walking awayrom $13 million all because white sox team management asked hum to stop bringing his 19-year-old son drake to team practices and their clubhouse want least not every day. the white soxeam president saying "all i'm asking you to do with regards to bringing your kid to the ballpark is dial it back. i don't think he should be here 100% of the time, and he has been here 100% every innate clubhouse." la roche announced his retirement on twitter saying "thank you, lord, for the game of baseball and for giving me way more than i ever deserved. >> i think t tt he is obviously a man of great cononction, so think we're going to necessarily see a change of heart from him.
5:24 pm
36-year-old as played 12 seasons for seven different teams and his son has been with him practically allots tomb. drake each has a locker right next to his dad's in the white house understand clubhouse, but do kids in the workplace distract from keeping your eye on the ball?l? >> every day is too much. i don't care if you're a dad and you work at a bank or aewsroom or at the rock quarry, i don't where you kaur where it is. ever day is too much. it's a workplace. it's not a daycare. >> clay: that was clay ferrere reporting. p a lot of strong opinions out the on the story. the opinion that matter most, thou, maybe the one in the clubhouse for white sox. it was interesting most of the players coming to the defense la roche, so much so that there was reportedly a heated argument and discussion with them. the ayers of the white sox and the general manager, the man who made the decision, ken williams so they have certainly shown support for la roche who does at this moment remain proprietary for now report.
5:25 pm
>> eric: that one very interesting. the news continues here at 5:30. some o o today's top stories, a driver ambushed this morning in opa-locka. the shooter using an assault rifle to spray dozens of bullets at a car. a life report on this coming up just minute away. >> janine: and tens of thousands of electronic music fans will be packing south florida florida. >> eric: and new at 6:00 we're hearing from performance after a performer was caught on fire right in the middle of a high
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we get started after this short >> janine: that driver tried to get away after the gupman started scraping his car but ended@ up crashing in north miami. >> eric: police say police chased victim and shot up the car again after the crash. shyann malone live with more. >> shyann: you can see traffic is flowing behind me right now. it's hard to imagine this was the scene of a shooting, a major
5:29 pm
let me step out of the way and walk you through it. a driver was driving southbound on northwest 22nd avenue and a pickup truck full of four men starts unloading rapid fire, according to witnesses and then e pickup truck takes off and end up in a north miami neighborhood. the front end smaed, airbags deployed. this back bmw ribdle with too many bullets to count. police say four meniding in this ford fh250 are responsible for the drive-by shooting unloading dozens of rounds of bullets likely from high-powered rifles. the driver lost control of the car, slamming into a truck. the impact causing a three-car collision. >> too close for comfort. >> shyann: it started in opa-locka but ended right here in this north miami neighborhood. you can still see the tire marks left behind from when neighbors tell mow this pickup truck was speeding into the noshed taking out pieces of this mailbox and cross tech street, plowing over
5:30 pm
>> this guy muts have been going 60, 70 miles an hour. >> thom: the driver crashed into david ross' home and took off running. >> i think it was just one guy, and somebody jumped out, ran around. as it was so dark. >> shyann: billy mac said the shooters ran to his backyard. >> i hear someone walking that way. i don't know. they were just trying to mind then i heard other steps walking the other way. my thought is thehe were at least two on my property. >> shyann: officers managed to capture on two of the the men. the other two still on the run. >> i'm ya'll, don't ya'll have dogs? my dog could havee found h'm in two pints minutes. he was going crazy. >> shyann: dogs to have great instincts. we do know the vroom last check is nil still in the hospital. the had to two men are still on the run. reporting live in opa-locka. >> eric: the newschannel mix music winter conference is
5:31 pm
packing bayfront park for the ultra music festival, and that means major changes when it comes to getting around downtown. local10's li lu live this afternoon to explain. hi, li anne. >> liane: hey, eric. good afternoon. nice to see you at this time of day. things are still normal along biscayne boulevarded. you can see the traffic is moving just find,d, and right beyond thers ca ultlt music festival. i don't know if you can hear it, i think it's hard to miss, though, the beat is pumping and they're doing sound checks, all the final preparations. later tonight, though, biscayne boulevard northbound wilbe closed and there's some things you need to know before this weekend. ready or not, ultra fuchs music festival is back in town. start, am to, 55,000 people are expected to palk bayfront park for each day of festival when runs through sunday. >> largest edm event planet. it's'shere it all started in
5:32 pm
>> shyann: a stretch northbound biscayne boulevard will close tighten 9:00 p.m. with closures stretching thought the weekend. >> biscayne boulevard will cse tonight at 9:00. but 38 be several serious to ensure if you node to be rerouted you will be rerouted. >> liane: pub safety in mace, they hundred officers will be in and around the festival on foot and on bicycles and also undercover. >> we're looking for people underage, illegal drinking, illegal narcotic being sold or being done, and they will also be looking for any criminal activity that's taking place duringhe entire event. >> liane: for those needing help miami fire resese is on the move using small mobile units on get around large crowds. >> you have probably 70 to 100 firefighters that e staffed out here. first aid stations that are being staged with personnel, as well as transport units that make it very easy for to us transport people out of this area to the hospils. >> liane: measures in place to
5:33 pm
the safest and most fun ever. >> we really try teed our best to balance the needs of the festival with the needs of downtown. >> liane: can remember last year they implemented that rene forced fence to make sure no one can jump over, no one can get trampled this. that is still in place. the people who are going to be going there are still going to have to be 18 and over. of course, we know that all of the traffic closures are going toake place later on tonight, and so you can expect a lot of people crowding bayfront park starting tomorrow. we're live in miami, liane motejon, local10 news. >> janine: north miami police have unveiled a new area where people can go to safely exchange goods purchased over the internet. police referred to a 2009 incident with the safely a watch led tow a man being killed. that's why law enforcement wants people to be safe when conducting business online with someone you may not know. >> here from our department you have the cameras that are located and mounted o othe building right there as well as dispatch and people that are just yououan wang by, so it's
5:34 pm
area where you can come out, do your transactions and have a safer transaction. >> janine: the exchange zone is clearly marked with signs and looated right in front of the police department. >> eric: there was chaos in the courtroom today when family members of a 17-year-old burglary suspect who was shot and killed by homeowner had their turnn front of a judge. local10's erica rakow has our unal one and only exclusive. >> erica: this stemmed from the shooting death of train of johnson while e lice say he is was trying to rob a house. local10 learned he was in foster re, lived with two other siblings in a home on the same block where this happened,d,nd now the state is faced with trying find a new place for his two slings to live. a week ago today police say this teenager trevon johnson broke into had a home in liberty city. when the alarm went off the homeowner 54-year-old called police but also o shed home. she found johnson fleeing and shot him. >> the lady said she called the police. the police told her don't go in the house. she still went in the house
5:35 pm
this lady came out and shot him in t t chest. >> who had complication to the alreadaduniversity of situation. that brother and sister are still living with a foster parent in a home on the same street as the woman who shot their brother. because of the proximity and other living issues with their foster mother, moving them is a priority. but the teens refuse to go to a group home. >> and i don't want the same thing to happen to your brother to happen to youou do you understand. >> erica: mom was at this hearing. she removed herself from the courtroom, leaving the department of children and families tooind a place for her children to now go. while police continue this investigigion. >> . trevon johnson's funeral is this weekend so the judge decide that thinks two siblings can stay where they are through the grieving process and through the services. next week they'll have to come world p a permanent solution. from ground miami, erica rakow.
5:36 pm
office is still doing views interviews. 9 n.l. how the they have not charged jennet. >> janine: caught on camera in north carolina a couple of crooks using a blow toror trying to cut their way into a gun store. they are hoping police can catch the bad guys neff strike again. it was a site matt couldn't believe. today he showed us a hole in thinks security door where t men tried to break into his gun shop full have guns and ammunition. it happened before 3:00 this morning and he caught it all on video. >> notice hate black vinyl sop to. >> janine: the owner believes the car is a light colored grand marquee with a vinyl top. both men get out. one quickly opens the trunk and grgrs the torch connected to the large gas tanks. within second you'll see the flash of torch reflecting off the other suspect who is wearing a mask and keeping a lookout.
5:37 pm
second later for an unknown reason, the suspects leave, only to return again 20 minutes later and then leave again with nothing. still, the owner wants these men caught. >> he may, you know, have some sort of affiliation with a metal working. >> janine: t t owner wasn't able tow get a tag number the suspects put a plastic bag over the license plate but he pointed out the missing had you been cap were the rear passenger wheel and hopes someone will come forward with iormation. >> we just do not node these firearms in the hands of the wrong people. >> janine: that gun owner says even if the crooks had actually made it into the store, they probably wouldn't have been able to steal any guns because every night when they close up shop, all of the weapons are secured in a safe. >> erica: 5 havehe 38. it is the middle -- 5:38. let's getet check on your traffic with jenise fernandez. >> jenise: the accident on i-95 southbound a sample roa looks like it's about to clear up. the tow truck is there stitl there.
5:38 pm
getting by but we are still seeing those delays. hopefully hopefully it will be an all clear soon. right now we're looking at heavy delays on i-95 southbound at sample road, 17 miles per hour. staying in broward county and staying on i-95 southbound, we've also got a crash aroundd harlan dale beach boulevard with speeds there at around 23 milesper hour. checking out dade incro we are watching this broken-down car on the palmetto expressway. this is southbound right around northwest 25th street. there is a center lane blocked here with speeds a 33 miles per hour. your northbound lanes, that's just your stop-and-go track of. hardly moving at all, 8 miles per hour. eric. >> eric: we are seeing new video of a fiery incident in a south florida high school that happened this morning. the performer accidental set on fire during a stunt at a pep rally and now we are hearing from students who were there. >> janine: and storms washing away a section of highway in northern california trapping residents in unsmall community. we'll tell you how long it could take to repair the road. >> eric: and many people rely on
5:39 pm
their pain but what do you do when the the painkillers themselves become the problem? >> janine: but before we head to break we want to get a peek outside from our mount sinai medical center camera. if you're drinking green beer, be safe.
5:40 pm
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>> eric: in today's healthcast a puzzling conditions that doctors staih often goes undiagnosed league of patients miserable and unable to go to work. it is all starts with narcotics prescribed to treat pain put as you're medical specialist kristi krkrger shows us tows had drugs can sometimes surprisingly have the oppose effect. >> kristi: many of us of the occasional back ache or stiff neck but 53-year-old market lifted with that pain 24 hours a day. the married father of 3 has dejenn trautive disk disease and for years the pain was managed with heavy narcotic like fore morphine. when the pills stopped working patrick's doctors suspected it was something called opiate induced hyperral geezia. >> we're not as sure p the narcotics can actually start stimulate pain and you can have escalating dosages of pain not because the condition is getting worse but the narcotics themselves are causing pain. >> kristi: the idea that his painkillers were causing the pain was having that patrick found shocking.
5:44 pm
belief that if i didn't take the pain m mication, my pain would be worse. surgeries. what next? so i continued to use the narcotics even though the dose angst were just through the roof. >> kristi: finally, in pain and unhappy with his growing dependency on painkillers, patrick was willing to try something new. suboxone therapy. >> when you stop the medication for 24 hours, you're going to go through withdrawals, you're going to haveausea and vomiting and shakes, tremors, irritability, total body ache. you start the suboxone it immediately stops the side effects of the withdrawal. >> kristi: suboxone reliefs some pain while blocking the effectsts it is used in the treatment after dixie with good results. today patrick is treated with anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers as well as the occasional steroid injection, and now h quality of life has
5:45 pm
>> i feel physically good. i'm mentally clear without a doubt. i just, i feel like i can pursue things that i couldn't you know and i'm enjoying life much more than i was before. consistently that's a good thing. another note here, the fda does require tt doctors give very special training to administer suboxone. patrick has been narcotics free for several years. good for him. >> janine: take a look at this mess after a car crashed into an emergency room in north carolina injuring foureople. this happened in greenville earlier this morning. police say the drivevewas actually headed to the hospital and likely experienced a medical emergency. that car went through the emergency department lobby. several people were inside at the time. that driver and three others were hurt. and a big mess in northern california where a 40-foot stretch of highway collapsed during heavy rain on monday making life really difficult and miserable for residentsnd first responders. it's each keeping some kids from
5:46 pm
authorities say it can take up to eight weeks before vehicles are allowed back to that road. that collapse, by the way, has cut off the tiny community of trinity center. the only way to get to the closest town of weaverville is a 200-mile detour that takes five hours. that's terrible. >> eric: let's get back to openingg day at the fair. >> janine: let's take you live right now, live p ptures from the fairgrounds a florida international university. you see some people checking out the ride, maybe the food. there's interesting food. >> eric: you were just regaling us with stories of buffalo chicken ice cream. >> janine: bowl of chicken ice cream, bake op and bacon chocolate on a a banana. >> eric: myself, i have a hard time turning down a deep-fried oreo cookie. the fair is open until around 10th.. exception acess mar 28th and 29th and april 5th. otherwise gout and have a good time at the fair. >> janine: take it from me. rides first, then food. rides first, then food. >> eric: not only will you thank
5:47 pm
on the rides will thank you as well. >> betty: i think snow cones air hot knotted out there this afternoon.n. knot commodity. mii made i it to 80 degrees. definitely a hot one out there. we are now stitt still sitting in the lower 80s. a south-southeast breeze near 10 miles an hour and we'll have that light breeze with us to carry us through the evening. we are painting mainly dry skies on this sky cast model andndy 8:00 tonight there should be upper 70s showing up in some of yo neighborhoods. it's still going to be warm, though, but you know what? it's try. so if there's something you want to do outside, maybe the kids are out until the end of next week, spring break getting started, the weather looks good. i have been keeping an eye on the e ppler radar, and out over the everglades a couple of showers are trying to bubble up but they are simply not having a whole lot of, and we're not looking for looking at a setup where if these did get going
5:48 pm
to be marching in our direction. so those showers impacting no one. high pressure still the am couldig dominating 15 of for us and we generally associate it with high pressure. there's a cold system comomg in on the gulf coast and ahead that of showers and storms fpom louisiana into mississippi, and across areas of north florida, too,l we see jacksonville and down toward daytona beach looking at some rainfall right now but the threat for severe weather appears to be mere the lower mississippi river valley. we'll be tracking that front. it's not going to reach us tomorrow. in fact, this forecast model showing that the balance of any stormy and rainy weather we have on friday will likely light up across north florida, areas look jacksonville in that zone to perhaps pick up a bit more warm weather where we stay mainly dry until saturday and sunday. so if the beach is in your plans for tomorrow, the rip current riri is low and the temperatures of kind of hot. we'll start the day in the lower ants.
5:49 pm
the mid, perhaps upper 80s. we're forecasting 86 tomorrow for the high in miami. the rain chance only at 20% so it's pretty low. by saturday and sunday 40 to 60 percent. keep that in mine as you're taking your weekend plans. take the umbrella if you especially if you're doing an event outside. cold front moves through monday, tuesday. cooler and delighted weather in this forecasts. eric. >> eric: there are hundreds of animals in need of good homes here in south florida. told animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of little dogs love a loft do have have love to share. >> jasey: hi, bindy. lock hat this chihuahua face. you are aeautiful by the i'm going to find you a home. does that sound like a plan? hi, guys. i'm jasey birch. i'm here with saving grace and her furry friends. i am my nervous bind but highs a cuddle bug. jeanie be w wh outgot my cute conehead. >> i do. this is scrappy. >> scrappy's been through a lot.
5:50 pm
he came into mia-dade animal services w wh a big wound in his abdomen and we pulled hum and got him medical treatment and now he's been sewn up. he is going to have his drain removed and neutered and will be able to go to a new home. >> you can't tell he has had any medical issues because he want to play with bindy. i'll mauk a play date, i promise. in the meaime can i fiend a into pet parent because you need a home? yoy've got to check out blindy and scrap oat you can look at all the furry faces with saving grace and her furry friends. discrepancy, let's shake on it. give me that paw. in two weeks you get this cone out and then you're ready to go home i'm on it. in the next two weeks i've got to find scrappy and bindi a new home. hopefully it will be with y u. 6. >> janine: we want to remind you to come out and me the our consumer reporter christina this weekend. on saturday demoment design and remodeling show in miami from noon until six p.m., so she's
5:51 pm
christina" kwonsumer protection seminars on what you need to know before hiring a contractor. >> eric: we have a lot more news still to come. here are some of the top stories we're work opening. students in shock after a performer was accidental set on fire during a pep rally and he wasn't t t only one to be rushed to the emergencyoom. >> janine: and we have new video of a suif barelying into a couple of customers in a pizza place. >> eric: plus we'll sigh you special discounts.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
doing the right thing. >> janine: a very special ceremony in miami today honoring south florida students for doing the right tng. >> eric: there were some pretty sweet rewards to go along with it. >> jenise: the things these students areing to to help their peers and keepp their school safe sa absolutely amazing. this program has been around for more than 20 years and they've recognized hundreds of students for doing the right tng a joint ceremony award p police officers for their hard work in the community and also students who are doing the right thing. from reporting inappropriate posts on facebook to hemming other classmates in need, a total of ten miami-dade students wewe recognized for their heroic acts. >> . one of those heroic acts came from f frth grader calia smith. her best friend recently lost her father and told cal, ia she
5:56 pm
hopes being with her dad. calia told one of the guidance counselorsrshat her friend was in trouble. >> i'm her best friend and i didn't want her to die so i just wanted to tell somebody so she can change her mind. >> jenise: another good deed from martedy castillo a senior at miami beach high school. he is the captain of his wrestling team and has been helping one of his teammates who hays lieutenant general disability. >> sometimes i go too his special ed class and help him pronounce the words and help him with his assignments. in wrestling i stay after school d help him some. >> jenise: the do the right thing was started n 1990 after a student was recognized by the police department for turning in a load gun he found at the school. since then the program has impacted -- >> the winner is martin castillo from miami beach senior high. >> i knew i wasoming here today to receive an award and a plaque but i had no idea so much other things were happening like
5:57 pm
>> jenise: in our this program recognizes ten students every month, and at the end of the year they have a big banquet for all of the winners. reporting in miami, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: right now 6:00 pep rally emergency when a stunt goes horribly wrong and a performer catches fire. >> eric: a burglar busted after a school break-in caught on camera, and neighbors say he's also stirring up trouble elsewhere. >> janine: and caught on camera, a car goes flying not a pizza place right of a customers sitting at a counter. >> eric: marco rubio getting a standing ovation days after they drops out presidential race. >> janine: rides, food and fun. the miami fair opens today. >> eric: pep rally emergency. a performer catching fire after a stunt. you can see it goes horribly wrong right in front of student body it. happened in gym of atlanta high school in delray beach. >> janine: some of the students
5:58 pm
drel drel has the scary moments. >> terrell: tonight a representativerom that company tells us what those students likely breathed in were fumes from the fire issue curbs used to put out the flames, eight people in all rushed to the hospital including that circus-like performer who is suffering from very serious burns. a pep rally at atlantic community high school featured a fire-breathing act. students were entertained until an adult performer caught fire. >> he was just trying to test the limits of the fire, i think he pushed at a little bit too far. >> terrell: ing paic sets in in the school gymnasium. >> he was running around trying to put out the fire. s face was the first thing to catch fire. >> terrell: the adult fire breather ricardo charles was the only one bob ton pushed. h actually owns the company called inattorney's oh challenge. >> it just hapapned. >> what went wrong?
5:59 pm
usually whee spits the fire, he puts it out. >> terrell: late this afternoon ricardo's right-hand man told us it's the first time something like this has ever happened in the companies 20-year history. the janet light oil when evaporates as it burns. >> maybe a little spritz came out. i don't know. he went to tap it out and it reignited, and that'swhere i came from. >> terrell: their bold, ar usually a big hit but after today's incident the palm beach county school district is now looking into were whether combustible acts are a good fit for school performances. >> everyone is running around the courtyard trying to make sense of it all. >> terrell: and from the hospital here that victim ricardo charles is already speaking with the fire marshal about this accident. no word on how long he will be in the hospital. as for all of the children involved with we're told each one will be okay. we are lye in delray beach tonight i'm terrell forney. >> janine: an suv crashing right into a pizza place in oakland park and it was all caught on camera.
6:00 pm
you can see a couple sitting right there by the front window of downtown pizza grill. that car crashes right through the glass window andlams into the counter, and right into them. the man and his fiancee were injured. that happened along northeast 62nd street east of i-95 last night. the driver crashed after losing control of her car. the people who were hurt, those are ones inside the restaurant at the time. they were taken to the hospital, treated and released. >> i just heard an engineev, and everything just slowed down. i knew that i had to protect my fiancee at all costs. i didn't care if i had to put my life in danger and, you know, i ended up taking -- instead of her getting hit, got hit. >> janine: that driver was not injured. she was actually seen right there sitting in the back of a deputy's vehicle after that crash. right now it's unclear if she'll face any charges. crews, they're hard at work today now functions the mess left behind, and repairing those


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