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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the new jetblue card. it's like having jetetue with you wherever you go. get three times points on jetblue purchases, two times at restaurants and grocery stores, and one time on all other purcrcses. the new jetblue card. . is we begin tonight wh breaking news at a dir bike accident. >> he is a nfl football player. liane has the story. >> local ten tovight sources including baltimore ravens, trey walker of the a baltimore ravens, his coach joe harbaugh
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and his family. he was drafted in 2015 by the ravens in@ the fourth round you have the nfl draft. he place quarterback is a native of miami and this is a ve look at the scene in northwest miami dade it was before 8 o'clock, that walker was riding a dirt bike along northwest 70 fifth street and 20 fifth avenue, he waslipped by a suv, miami police say he was wearing all black, it is unclear who is at fault and they have been investigating ever since. can see the dirt bike there number 25, that is the same number that walker wears on his team jersey. he was rushed here to jackson memorial hospital. family and friends gathering outside the hospital visibly
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just a short time ago, she told us how walker is doing tonight, and what they're asking of you. right now, he's in critical condition, he's in surgery, that is all we know at this moment. we ask everybody to pray for him, and the walker family. that's all we need now is we don't need no bad vibe around us. >reporter: police are look for a number of the new england patriots who have been there during this crash, but now is no where to be pound.e are looking to confirm other circumstances and details about this crash, as soon as we know anymore information about who was at fault, and how walker is doing, and he suffered head trauma and was brought here in
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we are outside jackson memorial hospit. >> also tonight, a pep rally becoming an emergency. the performer was burned, and the performance group was called performer challenge. it left the crowdd scheming in fear... >> we're learning the company behind that performance has been around for two decades, they have done performances for miami heat, that owner is recovering after that pep rally went wrong. >> it went from fun to fear in a flash, a stunt performer lights himself on fire in front of stunned students in dely beach. >> everything went to hell in a matter of second. the injured
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another performer jumped over him, the flame ignited him, the owner of performer's challenge, puts on shows incorporating fire, the company brought in by the school to entertain sdents for a pep rally, instead, they're on the floor trying t get the fire out, it was crazy. >> at first, his face was the rst thing to catch fire, he was rubbing all over his face to put it out. ricardo was rusd to the hospital, and several studentstsho complained of respiratory problems after the fire extinguishers >> he never lost consciousness. he says that nothi like this has happened in the 20 years the company was operating. >> the got caught in a fume, and it went up. >reporter: tonight charles continues to recover, we're told
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his face which you c cld see in the video. in the meanwhile, the school district is evaluating how this event got approved and whether events like this will be approved in the future. >reporter: the mcarthur cause way was reopened. westbound lanes reopened at 8 o'clock, and the eastbound lanes remained closed until 9, a woman was transported to miami jackson memorial hospital. >reporter: a suv, crhed into a restaurant in oakland park. take a look this surveillance video, can see a couple sitting by the window, right there the suv crashes through the front window, crash noose the counter into them. it happpped along northeast 6 second street, east of i 95. the
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control of their hospital, they were taken to the hospital treated and released. >> i had to protect my fiance at all costs i didn't care if i had to put my life in danger, instead of her getting hit, i got hit. >> as for the driver she was not injured, she was seen sitting in the back after deputy's vehicle after that crash, right now, it is unclear if she will faceny charges. >> two are in custody afterer a shooting in open a lock opalocka. they ended up plowing into a home in north miami and took off running. >> i think it was one guy, and somebody jumped out and ran around, it was so dark, it happened so quickly. >> i heard somebody walking away quickly,y,nd i don't know if they were trying to hide, and i
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side. my thought was that there were at leas two on my property. >reporter: at last check, they were in t`e hospital, and police are searching for two more men they believe is involved in the charges. >reporter: a man is facing numerous charges i've stole from a religious school. he is seen on this surveillance video, he is accused of stealing from la progressiva, school, he took $5,000 to be used for field trips. he confessed to a second school burglary in february where he's allegedly stole several tablets from lincoln marquis school. >> deeerfield beach an elderly woman and her daughter were robbed at gunpnpnt. the daughter was sitting in the backyard, and said that a young man wearing a hoody, opened a side gate, and
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went in the house, and pointed the gun at her 90 year-old mother. >> i was looking at a you tube video, and there was a kid with a gun in my face i am hypervision i hadn't, i don't sit with my back at the door in a restaurant door, and it is bad to have to live like that, but i refuse to be afraid to have a cup of coffee in my backyard. >> now for a traffic alert in the ultra music festival. traffic is being reroute, it starts at bay front park. traffic south bound business cane boulevard will be moved at noheast second avenue. all northbound traffic on business cane will be limit to two lanes. >> it is almost here, the 11th annual jazz and the gardens music festival.
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some of the biggest names in music. >reporter: the best part it is life in our backyard. >reporter: before a super star takes the stage at jazz in the garden, they have five days to make a parking lot of sundlight stadium into the hottest musical experience for the crowd. >> they say come in here and make a fabulous festival. >> we start off with a parking lot and some grass, what we make it into is applause i can festival, a stage, and great time for the city of miami gardens >> scott gardener is the producer, he is responsible for the entire experience. performers, receipting for the tenshof thousands, the stage is almost complete, and on this day, they're reducing the roof. >> we have 35 climbers that go up and raise the roof. and they will be setting up the video
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>> we find people who want to climb 60, 50 feet in the air to string electrical cables. >> it takes a special person to do that kind of work. >reporter: no detail is overlooked. the vendor booth are going up, and the food service areaill be placed out back. with a massive renovation way, the producer of jazz at the gardens has to make sure that everybody was accomodated and very creative about the of with the parking spaces. each year, the head lingege get bigger, and bigger. they are involved in every aspect. even in full filling the extra super star demands. >> there was a specific artist, who demanded that they had a specific pin ball game placed in their dressing room, and we found it, and put it in the dressing room, and there it sat
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>reporter: that is the length that this crew will go willing through to make it happen. each year it gets big, and better, and we're excited. >> in miami guauaence, mickey. >>anchor: local ten will be there from 5:00 p.m. to 8, and then on sunday come by and say hey to eric, myself and terrell. >>anchor: still ahead more fallout from the black fish documentary. major changes for seaworld, and orcais. >> we will hear about the canes, and how they experience the difference. >reporter: i'm going to show you the long time connection that comes between tampa, and
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>>anchor: tempatures in the
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that comes between tampa, and and the cuba could be willing to do a way with a penalty. theyey told reporters that they could rid of that penalty, with allowing cuba access to the international banking system. they said that cuba will try to make a 0 eats of transactions in the next coming ays, if so, they will remove the penalty making it easier for tourists to spend money in cuba. >> with the president's visit. we are learning more about cuba, the history of baseball, and
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is part of their muse history, they are chronic willing it to, these are immigrants that migrate today tampa to work innee ybor. the first tampa native to be inducted into the hall of fame. lopez's parents are from spain, but lived in cuba before migrating to tampa. you once again, baseball, tampa it and cuba reconnnnting. now that policy has changed with cuba. they will be the first team to travel to thth island, and plala
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>> miguel rivera knows the paband for the game in the caribbean. from the time they're born, he says, they love and no baseball. so we want to go down there, and share ourove with those people. >> i've got yr programs. pan americans who the love baseball always know who's happening, who's playing, a player's background, that applies to cuba where the people live nor baseball. it doesn't matter i i we win or lose, what matters is the new friendship we're building, local ten news and the local ten news is in cuba for theeresident's visit. we will have live coverage from cuba starting tomorrow, between will have presidential coverage in havana of the president's arrival, it starts at 4:00 p.m.
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week of weather, it already getting hot. >> this isechnically spring, but it is spring in florida and the they like it like this, they like the heat turned up a notch or two when they visit from the north, and we me it up to 87 again in miami, that'sbove average, 80 our normal high for this time of the year. look at us tonight miami, 75 degrees, partly cloudy skies, and a light south wind, the weather is actually pretty nice, on the warm side of side. for those of you about to head out, the spring breakers, the weather looks just fine, it is warm out. high clouds streaming inin if you want the rainfall you have to go up north as we check the skies around toolzall, toward jacksonville, we are finding some scattered showers, even around pensacola, some storms blowing through there tonight,
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a cold front that is slowing down as it gets closer to north florida, we will be wl ahead of most of that action, forecast models suggesting we won't even see a lot of rainfall over us on friday, but by saturday this story is going to change, because finally a cold front gets a nudge on down the peninsula, and our atmosphere becomes more unstable. if you are out on saturday at jazz in the gardens, it could be warm and muggy, we could have showers, don't bother getting a here's ointment, saturday and sunday, better chance for rainfall out there. cold front will finally sweep the area by monday and then you'll like the changes ahead i i the 7-day planner for tomorrow it is going to be the better beach day with the rip current risk being low. dry weather, nice and warm, as i mentioned we will s sp it up to 86 degrees in miami, after ststting the day in the lower 70s, the rain chance only
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tomorrow, but it 40 percent on saturday, and 60 percent on sunday, and, oh, by t way, sunday, we officially kickoff the start of the spring season, and with that the cold front comes through, and drops our temperatures below normal, and dryer cooler air getting in here on monday, we may need t(e sweaters again, and highs in the 70s, your weather authority is always watching and tracking, meteorologist julie will be here tomorrow, with me information with the weather changes ahead. cheyenne and the everybody getting in on that saint paddy's day except for janine. >> that hurt. >> i'm just dding, there are marching bands, the marlin even
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runs until april 10th and the the flint water crisis taking center stage, the michigan governor's testimony is coming up. and what's on jimmy kimme live. >> here's what we have for you on saint patrick a day. >>anchor: good evening, south florid if you're traveling northbound on the palmetto exdressway, all lanes will be closed at tammy and i trail southwest expressway. head east to get back on to the paetto, those delays will be in place
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you can get your ten >>. >>anchor: seaworld today announced it will end its orca programs. they have received pushed back after the release of a c cnn documentary black firefighters it says seaworld orlando willll come to an end. >>anchor: testifying about the water crisis in flint. >> this was a failure at all levels. local state and federal officials, we all failed the families of flint. >> you are not in a medically
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>> governor rick scott did not understand that the water was contaminatededntil april of 2014. >> a thriller thursday for the ne seniors. and the heat battle the hornets, the one thatt went down to a final shot coming up.
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several upsets usually take place. luckily the miami had your canes weren't one of them. angle rodriguez, 23 points. a sheldon with 22. games now advanced to play in the second round on saturday against the winner of the arizona wichita state game. >> we kept fighting and fighting, and it seemed like that play waive the team a lot of energy, and that's the beauty of this team. we just need one ttle thing to get us going. >> i thought i thought, angel, and sheldon were good. >> 15 point lead but they would
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quarter, kendal walker with a three, gives the horn it's two point lead. the fourth heat down three, they go to the shot. he really struggled three of 13, just 11 points. heat fell 109-106. >> with4a team like this, you're going to coast on a 15 or 20 point lead. every time we play them, it's going to to be a battle to the end. >> evere game really counts, so i think this was a big one, and we have another big one coming up on saturday. >> in the meanwhile we try to celebrate saint patrick a day, with the power play goal made it 1-0. he shoots it off the defender's i guess rear end is that the best way to put it. take another look, that's what i mean. right there, wtever works it goes in. he ads an
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another empty netter of that-4-1 final. getting rejected by a free agent, p j anderson had tried to come here and now they the finns are talking to the veterans. but they keep on -- >> by the way, w 're all looking at our bracket. mine was busted early. how's yours. >> there's still hope. depends on how you look at it. >> never even existed. you don't win or lose.
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cc1 test message >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy,'m the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.
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i see a lot of green shirts in the audience. here in l.a. we celebrate a little differently than the rest of the places. we don't have pots of gold, we have pots of pot here. we call them medical marijuana dispensaries. st patrick's day in america is e best day to be irish and the& worst day to be an uber driver. legend has it, i looked this up, st. patrick used the image of a shamrock, the three-leafed clover, to teach the doctrine of the holy trinity, the fath, the son, and the holy ghost. then he got everyone totally smashed, really super drunk, and they told holy ghost stories the whole rest -- did you know after st. patrick trove the snakes out of ireland he went to mexico and drove theorms into the tequila bottles? >> guillermo: that's right, you're right. >> jimmy: how much have you had to drink today? >> guillermo: two shots. >> jimmy: t shots of what? >> guillermo: of tequila, of courur. >> jimmy: yes, the traditional st. patrick's day drink.


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