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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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come forward to miami-dade police. we are live in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: liane, thank you. >> janine: president obama is getting ready to make his historic visit to cuba this weekend and local10 news is already in havana ahahd of his arrival. >> laurie: our team is showing you how they're getting the cuban capital ready for its big moment on the wld stage. our colleague calvin hughes joins you live now jrom havana to kick off our team coverage. calvin. >> calvin: laurie, it's been nearly 90 years since an american president has stepped foot on cuban soil, and in the areas where president obama will visit, cuba is getting to a major makeover. in fact, much like what we saw from september when the president came -- rather, when the pope came here for his visit. let's take a look at some of the video of what we saw today from front lawnsf buildings and in neighborhoods, the grass is getting a manicure, old building are getting a fresh coat of paint, and downtown streets and those around old havana are
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the latin-american baseball stum stadium has been getting a makeover for days, it's where the tampa bay ray and is cuban national team will play on tuesday. on sunday, of course, the rolling stones will play a concert, and that project in fact was hain going on for two weeks to build that massive new stadium. attend. president obama will be here along with the first family, also with john kerry, secretary of state, and also a congressional delegation will join him. let's take a look at now at what he's going to do over the next two and a half days when h h arrives on sunday. on his first day in cuba's capital city, the president and first family will take a tour of old havana. a place teaming with tourists and where cuba's culture and am char on full display. some expanse cubans say his trip could lead to a new day in their country. [ speaking in spanish ] >> for the moment things of changed, as the least the image
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>> calvin: the cuban government is paving new streets and putting up new roads, but these new roads as you can see only go so far. some are calling the big changes the big lie. >> i don't think there's much ofa difference. things seem to be exactly the same. >> calvin: early sunday meeting the president is programming to meet with jaime oega who played a key role in the ties. three weeks ago they gave ortega a letter and he hand-delivered you the to the leader fidel castro. in mow the morgue president obama will lay a wreh at one of the cuba's founding fathers. then it's to castro followed by a news conference. monday afternoon the president will serve as a panelist for the entrepreneur conference speaking with self-employed cuban and economic reform embraced by raul castro. oboba wants to encourage more
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his first full day will end with a state dinner with castro at the revolutionary palace. [ speaking in spanish ] >> calvin: he says it's good for this country and it's good for other nations, the president's visit coming up sunday at 3:00 when the president is expected to arrive. we'll have the second part of the president's day coming up at 6:00. now, here's what we learned today, and the timing is veryy interesting, you might say. venezuelan president nicolas maduro is in c ca arriving this morning with his wife. he's here on official business we're told to sign bilatal agreements to review social and cultural awards but make no mistake venezuela has been a partner of cuba and has been for a very long time supplying this country with a lot of oil. tuesday and saturday will mark big cultural days for cuba. that's when we'll have both baseball and of course we'll have a big concert on sunday, and my colleague here victor
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there's a lot of preparations going on for those big events. >> victor: it really is such a big week on the island and wait until you see the setup for the rolling stones. the stage is impressive. a lot of localsassing by all day long, and they say they've never seen anything like it. mix jagger and the rolling stones will be starting up and performing in front of the cuban people in a week. an a says she's waiting for the 25th. she can't wait to see the concert and ha that on its going to be great. the older generations remember their music fond ri while the younger groups will be getting satisfaction for the first time. alejandro is going to come with his mom and his aunt because they are rolling stones fanatics. they've been preparing the stage in havana's de porres teva for about two weeks now and expect more than 1 miion people to show. you not only will this be the rolling stones fares time playing on the island, but it will hand down be the biggest rock group to play in havana
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he says that this does not have a precedent, that this is something historic. meanwhile, the nearby latin-american stadium is getting a facelift of its own ahead of the ballgame between the tampa bay ray and is t`e cuban national team. i think this is great with carlos says. look hat how the stadium is, all these improvements. this has never happened. the game is set for tuesday. president obama will attend before leaving havana for argentina. pablo says that this game signify fice friendship between the u.s. and cuba, at least a good relationship. it really is such a big week here ape lot of people very excited everything is to come. one of the people walking by the setup for rolling stones told me in his lifetime in havana two big events, mope frances trip and obama and the rolling stones trip.
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routine, a lot of people looking to cash in on this moment is if they can. this is a moment that many are marking with these souvenirs and they are hoping they can really get some cash fro this. the president is very popular on the island. in fact, his approval rating are more popular than the pope as well as president cooler as well. one question people are g ing to be asking is will the president meet with the dissidents here on the island we'll have a lot morrow that coming up at 5:00.( i'll send it back to you, laurie and janine. >> janine: thanks so much. we will see you shortly. >> janine: and stay with local10news for more live news from cuba with reports from calvin, hatzel and victor coming up at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. weasel have also live coverage of the presidedts eats rile in havana on sunday starting a 4:00 p.m. >> laurie: we are still gathering adults of a police raid in belgium today that ended with the arrest of the mastermind of the pair terror takes. salah abdeslam was captured
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taken into consisted today. let's get to glenna milberg in the newsroom wet latt information. >> glenna: laurie, by by all accounts it was a fairly violent takedown. the last kno fugitive in the paris attacksy & , and he did not come out or give out without a fight. he is one of five arrested today by belgian police. the most wanted man in the world captured this afternoon in belgium. >> extremely significant from an intelligence standpoint. >> glenna: salah abdeslam wounded but now in the custody belgian authorities after a raid on this apartnt in a neighborhood in brussels. the arrest cull mun it's a a four-month international manhunt for the french national who authorities say is responsible for the november 13th terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people. >> the united states intelligence o oicials have been working close will you with french and belgian natiol security officials since november.
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this week after, it's believed, fingerprints were discovered in an apartment. federal prosecutors say abdeslam was automobile to escape in the raid allegedly happening just blocks away from his childhood home. >> he's probably been in that community for a numberf weeksks or months, and it's taken the authorities this long to fige out exactly wch location. there the capture is considered a victory against isis and a strong message to those who commit acts of terror. >> this capture sends a message to basically all extremist groups that the law enforcement and intelligence community will continue to look for you until they find you. >> glenna: abdeslam apparently hiding in plain sight all of these months. since november police have done more than 100 house searches, and they've arrested 58 people and french president francois hollllde said there are more arrests to come. i'm glenna milberg reporting in
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local10 news. >> laurie: huge developments. another defiant move by north korea. leader kim jong un ignored un resolutions by firing a medium range ballistic missile into the sea today. the launch came days after kim order weapons test as part of his crase pursuit a long range you missile that could reach the united states mainland. it crashed off the northeast coast. >> janine: and we are on verdict watch in hulk hogan's lawsuit over gawker. he is saga gawker for $100 million for posting a a video in 2012 of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. hogan contends it was a violation of his privacy. gawker says he spoke openly about his seconds life, making it fair game. wits you at going to be a packed weekend in downtown miami. tens thousands of electronic music fans, they're going to be jamming out at bayfront park for
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after a driver crashed into this apartment building and ran off. find out how this charges are laying out. for this crash and dash. >> janine: first we're hearing from a young mother whose baby was safed by a stranger when she
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seizure. >> janine: caught on camera in colorado, a convenience store clerk saving a baby whose mother was having a medical emergency.the young woman came into the store on sunday holding her baby and went up to the counter. the clerk noticed she was swaying and had blasty eyes. he reached out to grab the infant just befefe the woman collapsed. now we're hearing from that young mother who is so grave for the clerk's quig thinking p a bruise on the left side of jessica's forehead. >> it's kind of aiello now. >> laurie: is all she can remember from this terrifyg moment. >> the last thing i remember is the cashier holding my daughter. >> laurie: jessica was diagnosed with ep deeps leepsy at the age of nine had a seizure after walking g the gas station to.>> the scary thing is you can't do anything g out it. >> laurie: luckily the store clerk grabs jest casee daughter. what makes this terrifying for jessica she never saw you the coming. the epilepsy foundation said
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in the state living with the condition. >> i've nevereen myself have one. every time i watch it, it hurts. i wish i could have held onto her longer. >> laurie: this video 1st as close as she gets to understanding what happens to her before she blacks out. jessica ss just like many living with her condition she can't drive and has to always have someone around, especially when she is wither daughter, something she wishes she could change. >> it' sad not to be able to spend time alone with my daughter, have mommy-daughter time. >> laurie: just like any mom, jessic is so grateful for this gas station store clerk and grateful she was the one who took the hit and not her daughter. about 3 million americans living with epilepsy which has no cure. an estimated 60 million people worldwide also havevehe condition. >> janine: let's talk weather wouldn't it right now. we have apartment we have jazz in gardens. we have like thousands of spring
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will go we need sunshine. >> reporter: we need something to absorb all the sweat. >> betty: don't forget the birthday of parties. >> janine: and the barbecues becoming and the list goes on and on, and a big sweat today. 89 was the high in miami. what's average for this time of the year. >> 80. that's the number we would generally expect to be at around this point in the season. key west made it up to 82 and 85 in fort lauderdale. still finding some upper 80s in hialeah. 88 out there. 85 in kendall and homestead. pompano beach, lower 80s at this point. so no question about it, it's going to be a warm evening, a few clouds, and a light warm breeze, some upper 7 finally showing up around 9:00 tonight. this is the doppler radar. not a single shower out there to help us cool off. but that could change by tomorrow as we will start toy see a little better chance for a few showers. at this point high crowds clouds streaming. the rainfall over pensacola
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that's really starting to weaken but there will be a reinforcing shot of cold air and the fringes of which will finally get down into south florida this weekend. but ahead of all that we see our rain chances going up tomorrow. so saturday is going to be steamy. really warm. and then we could have some showers popping up with daytime heating. then by sunday here comes our cold front getting closer and helping to trigger showers, won't reel out a few storms in the forecast, too, this window. finally, once we get out of that southerly wind no at the surface and get a northerly wind flow coming in by monday, that will make all the difference in our temperatures. but before we get to that point, we got too get through these 80s tomorrow. so mid to upper 80s possible again tomorrow. the difference will be there could be a shower in a few of your neighborhoods to help cool us off. by sunday even a greater chance in the forecast for rainfall. the rier, cooler air arrives just in time for the spring season.
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and tuesday morning. afternoon highs only reaching 70 on monday and are then upper 70s on tuesday. so from above average to below average. janine. >> janine: if you're into skimp clclhing and electronic music, you're going to lof these live pictures. this i idowntown miami. this is the massive have have mass of hanity that was descend ode downtown miami just off biscayne bouoevard, bayfront to watch ultra and to experience it and do all those other things. i don't know. i've never been. >> laurie: whatever u do. look how packed. the gates just opened and it' already jammed. >> janine: a lot of humans and a lot of cars, too, i imagine. >> laurie: okay. a lot of worried parents out there wondering if their kids ar live down there. just text your parents wons once in a while. a tick connection with, say i'm alive. it's 5:20. let's check on the friday rush. we know downtntn is crazy. traffic reporter jenise fernandez is right here. >> jenise: crazy is a good word. nervous.
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alred is speaking those of you heading into miami beach. crash at the julia tuttle causeway with speeds at 12 miles per hour. biscayne, around bayfront park is where you're going to see those heavy delays. speeds are just at 5-mile-perours. so only two northbound lanes on biscayne are getting by for southbound traffic. you're being detoured starting at fourth street, and that detour is going to take to you northeast second avenue, so pack your patience. it's going to be slow out there. >> janine: still ahead, we are now hearing from a man who was badly burned during a pep rally stunt gone wrong. he spoke out from the hospital where he is being treated for burns and he has a warning for everyone. >> laurie: also ahead for you we have a story about a nun charged with an unholy act. she stole from a supermarket, and this nun was caught on camera. we'll tell about you the punishment she is now facing. >> clay: happy friday, everyone. time for clay's clowns, including a special fa
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what's he d >> clay: time to send in the clowns. you know, drake is one of the most famous rappers in thehe world. he's also famous for his love have sports, especially teaea that are good p. he doesn't have any problems jumpinin on a band wagon and he also hasy no problem making himself part of the game. check out drake at number 5. with his hometown raptors. drake won't stop talking to holliday. he's called for a five second olation. he turns to the ref and says "can he do that?" hat number four cody eaton of the dallas stars is going to sikora goal. he's excited. he's pumped up. maybe a little too pumped up. he'll still take the goal, though. at number 3 timofey mozgov of
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doesn't quite get the tunk. mozgov and take on the heat. number two, this is why it's springraining. david nava makes a catch in left field. one problem. there were only two outs. stephan ramiro of the mariners is awarded two bases. then things get crazy when he was called out for not tang up. boom line, none of this happens without nava throwing it outs. finally finally at number one, michael bourn taking on you justin burr verlander. you got to see this again. hits him in a place tt it really, really hurts and he seems to be okay. justin verlander giving him a hard-time about it. as long as they're laughing about it, that's all that really matters. >> janine: and we have to show on the on let me. boor poor guy. >> clay: i may have replayed it a little bit just to make i crcrge. >> laurie: guys be relate. we're just getting starred here on local10.
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5:30 p a man hoe posted nude videos and photos of his ex-gunned on social media after she broke up with him, he's going to jail. what the state attorney said about this revenge porn case. >> janine: broward county teachers are angry wh their union over pay. >> laurie: and new at 6:00 we're speaking to the man who accidental set himself on fire during a high school pep rally.
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few@minutes. >> janine: right now 5:30 a miami beach man is sentenced to jail time in a venge porn case. prosecutors say he admitted to sending nakeded pictures and videos of his ex-girlfriend to her employer and other people after she broke up with him. >> laurie: and now he'going to be spending time behind bars for his actions. local10's glenna milberg iin the newsroom to explain his seence. >> glenna: a month in jail, laurie, janine, instead of a
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by all accounts what antonio gene sanity did was demeaning was it was malicious as well as illegal,land he pleaded today guilty to voyeurism and in one, return got much more serious charges likes child pornography dropped. >> oftentimes people behave in ways thatted up doing lasting damage to people that they cousin once cared for. >> glenna: antonio read his apology in open court, said he took responsibility for the damage. the democrat, unnamed in the proceedings for her privacy, has his longtime significant other. she agreed to his plea bargain, hoping that it will become a public awareness tool. she endured a public shaming hat his hands, revenge porn they call i will, compromising photographs he had of her upload are foul a to see on the internet, dispatched a messages to her family and friends and coworkers, social media accounts.
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in some she was underage and unaware. he was arrested for pornography and companion charges wheninvestigators traced the transmissions to gene santes a partly. >> on the record he apologized, i spoke to the victim and she understood that going into today and was okay with that and realized that it probably would wind up helng more people than having him sit in jail for a number of years. >> glenna: that attorney is part what's called the cyb civil rights legal project as part of giansante's sentence and his fines. he must donate 2500 dollars to that project and also to project phoenix at klil us house that aids victims of human -- camillus house that aids victims of human trafficking. janine: restaurants northwest miami-dade apartment complex getting a rude awakening when a car slams into a building, and this is not the first time. this was the sceneh cat 17th avenue and 17th street early this morning. police say the driver was speed
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this is. second time in four months that something like this has happened. >> he was coming across that railroad track late at night. they don't stop. they don't pay any attention. >>he car came across the railroad track airborne, hit the column. >> janine: one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. part of that building has also been deemed unstay of. deemed unsafe. the woman was arrested while trying to walk away from the crash. two people are dead after a plane crashed at a tampa airport. authorities say the cessna 340 was headed for pensacola but crashed while takingg off. the identities of victims have not yet been released. the faa are investigating. >> laurie: president obama makes his hibbert visit to cuba this window and local10 news is in havana ahead of his a rifle. while his trip is being embraced by so many young cuban americans, most older exiles
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senior political reporter today. >> michael: no change will come from the president's visit said have i sent blanco at the bay of pigs museum. flex rodriguez is chairman of the bringing aide 25 on 6 veterans. >> the president's trip, do you think it will accomplish anything? >> nothing. the only thing it is accomplishing is for the prolonging the ago northeast cuban people. >> michael: older cuban americans who were forced out of their country by fidel castro think the president's visit is just a show to cement his legacy as the president who opened up cuba.. >> in the long run it will serve to recognize further the castro gime. >> michael: assaultive is a founder of women's against reinvestigation family group that supports dissidents in cuba like the ladies in white. >> when i see him, president obama, with his family walking through old havana, likso many
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tourists and the like, i will think of the countless nbers of families that were uprooted, separated, their lives destroyed. >> michael: she was a passenger on the one brothers to the rescue plane that served served the attack bying ba mig fighter jets in 1996. four miami men died. >> they were murdered on that day in broad daylight without any justification, and that crime remain unpunished. >> michael: cuban exiles who lost their country and their possessions to the revolution don't see anything good coming out of the president's visit. the only winner, they say, is raul castro. michael putney, lal10 news. >> laurie: and do stay withn't lo news for more live coverage from cuba with reports from calvin hughes, hatzel vela and victor all coming your way at 6:00 and tonighw at 11:00. we'll also have live coverage of the president's a lively in
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4:00 p.m. >> janine: kay contract controversy rhyming teachers in broward county. they are angry about the pay raises that were negotiated by their union representatives have and filed a omplaint with the state to get that deal thrown out. investigator bob norman has the story you will see only on local10. >> our workload has increased. cost of living has gone up. and our salaries have not. >> bob: broward public schoolteachers took their case to the state in a bid to overturn what they say was an unacceptable 2% raise last year. >> we can't afford to teach anymore. >> were you ever@ shown the actual contract changes that were being put out for ratification vote? >> no, i was not. >> bob: roughly 20 teens of who went years without getting any raises at all testified at a leaguer before the state pub employees relations commission in a bid to overturn the vote and renegotiate a new deal.
5:34 pm
were able to vote about 2,000 voted. >> bob: she said the turnout was so low because the broward teachers union failed to properly notify teachers of the vote and failed out voting forms turning spring break last year. >> 2% rates. that's weak. i believe we should at least 7% or higher. >> no, it's not weak. we are fighting tooth and nail with the district for the best increases we can. >> bob: teachers union president sharon glickman said teachers were properly notified. >> we have done a good job. we can't help it, we can't always be happy. i myself, i get the raise. that's the only raise that i get. of course we wanted more. >> bob: she said the district and superintendent roberto runcie won't budge. >> the district dubs doesn't want to cooperate. they have the money. >> bob: this is all going to be decide bead the public employees relations commission in tallahasase, and it's a process that could take months. at the broward county teachers union, i'm bob norman, local10 news. >> janine: bob says this is not
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over broward teacher. a this year's raise is as the an impasse with the district offering a 1. 8s% pay increase about the june demanding a hike of 2.5%. >> laurie: two suspect robbers are dead and two others are hurt after a shootout with police in houston. five people in all wereallegedly robbing a furniture store when officers confronted them. police say they were forced to fire when the crooks reached for their weapons. no officers were hurt. three people are behind bars after a high-speed chase involving a stolen car in dallas. police say w wn officers tried to pull the driver over, that person sped off and led them on a 45 minute chase. the driver eventntlly pulled over and surrendered. she and two men were taken into custody. >> janine: a frightening flight. a plane packed with passengers heading to new york flies right through a storm and then gets hit by lightning. american airlines flight carrying 59 people was headed from raleigh, north carolinin to laguardia airport when it was forced to make an emergency landd ang jfk. officials say there was visible
5:36 pm
at least two places. >> it's the first time for me. >> wow, never experienced this before. >> it was a flash of light, and big explosion. a plane dipped about 100 feet. i don't know. coaster. >> janine: nobody was hurt. the faa is investigating. aige construction worker in loaning was careful falling from a high-rise that was under construction. witnesses say that man fell 53 stories and landed on top of a moving car. the woman who was driving was not injured but was taken to the hospital anyway for evaluation. >> laurie: coming up on 5:38 now. let's get a check on the afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: the big story ultra music festival going on and we are seeing delays as a result so biscayne under into between northeast 1st street. photographic is being diverted to northeast 2nd avenue. nur northbound lanes you've got
5:37 pm
10 miles per hour. i want to take you to a broken-down car in broward county that is blocking two lanes caption heavy lanes on 595 westbound right as you're approaching you use of us-441 with speeds clocking in at at just 5 miles per hour. >> laurie: and our parents always warned us, right? don't play with fire. a man who was badly burned is begging to heed that warning. he spoke out today from the hospital where he's recovering burrs from his face and arms after a pep rally. >> janine: a clerk fights back against an armed robber and wins. we're going to show you how a customer helped. >> laurie: just, a shoplifter caught on camera stealing from a supermarket and cops say she should have known better. she's a nun. >> janine: first as we head to break a live picture fromur mount sinai medical center camera and you can see the julia tuttle causeway. it is pretty busy. it's friday, after all.
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>> jane: his the a shocking story from pennsylvania where a nun was caught on camera shoplifting from a supermarket. store workers are now talking about how they could not believe it when they watched that surveillce video. >> and the lady behind the corporate actually saw her remove them.
5:42 pm
outlet points out the womanan shoplift proposing the store. the surveillance video was taken around 3:45 p.m. monday. >> another customer came to me over in aisle f. and said i'm in the sure what i'm seeingg but i think a woman is stealing, and he said already left thehe tore but at the time i went out to pursue her. >> janine: workers were able to get the license plate number from the car. statist police say that car is owned by the nuns at st. cyril and methodius convent in danville. then came the biggest surprise. state troopers say that thief is a nun. such 8-year-old agnes who lives at the conventnt >> i was shocked to say the least. i couldn't believe it, that i nun would actually do something like that. >> janine: investigator believe she planned to steal from the store. they say panino brought the store's red grocery bags and her purse to take the stolen items out of the the store. >> yes, she had red grocery
5:43 pm
this was planned. >> janine: the video shows her leaving by he front door when someone coming triggers the automatic door open she makes a run for it taking tweeds worth of coffee, snacks, shampoo with her. >> waiting for someone to come in the door. when they came in the door, she ran out. >> terrible. humanity has gone to hell. to put it bluntly it's not good anymore. >> janine: the convent refused@ to comment on the nun's arrest. she's bee charged with a summer ri offense. if she pleased guilty she'llton pay a fine. >> laurie: also caught on camera in california a requiring store robbers fights been an armed robber and wins. the crook is seen trying to shoot at the store owner but the gun keeps jamming. the owner dreekes strikes back. another customer runs in and grabs the masked man. they held him hymn do you and that would-b robber is now charged with attempted murder and robbery. people livin in one
5:44 pm
carolina are having to take precautions every time they stopt their front doors because of an aerial threat. a pair of hawkes are taking anyone, anything they thihi might be threatening their eggs. these hawks are federally protected and their nests can't be disturbed with eggs in them. >> i have to mauk myself loooo bigger and i've never been hit. >> a few days ago he was out there weeding and he saw a shadow go over him and he kept on weeding and pretty sign it came and nudged at his head. >> threw over two or three by the creek and the bird wasn't damaged. it was like i had been hit about a basketball. >> meterologist: everyone has their helmets and umbrellas out. this is the sixth year those hawks of returned to this area to nest, and residents are hoping it will be the last. speaking of nests, look hat this. there iss that eaglet we've been waiting to show. you this baby eagle, the bald -- baby bald eagle i should say,
5:45 pm
you are actually looking live at what's called the dc eagle cam. it's at the u.s. national arboretum and ts is -- electronic, you specific watching the mom and dad eagle named mr. president und first lady. they've been chomp down on fish heads. mom was sitting on top of the eaglet but now mom is stretching r legs. >> laurie: showtime let us get a view of the baby. we showed you this around 4:00. people from all aroundthe country have been watching this amazing video and now we g our first grills. just so you know there is a healthy new bald eagle in dc. janine: this road collapse in northern california is getting worse. we first reported this yesterday. a chunk of highway 3 slid down the mountain side about ten miles north ofe'reville. the damaged stretch of highway is 500 feet long and that the hole is 300 feet deep.
5:46 pm
get even worse. repairs are underwa and crews are working on a nearby dirt road being used as an alt mat route. it's expected to be open next week but highway 3 not expected to reopen for at lease anothth two months. severe weather has shut down theth fort worth zoo on thursday. a hail storm forced visitors to n for cover. at least seven birds were killed by the hail. some attractions and buildings, they were also damagag other animals were injured by the hail, some of which was the size of golf balls. > and check out this wild center of a souped-up vw just tearing through the streets of san diego. so the video earned the driver millions of views on social media, right? but also a trip to jail. at video posted in january shows that hotrod ripping thereon neighborhoods, jumping through intersections. well, the driver plead guilty to reckless driving among other charges. he got 45 days in jail and three years probation. >> laurie: yikes.
5:47 pm
souped-up vw do it on a closed course. i don't know. not terrorizing the poor neighborhoods. >> laurie: we haveve weekend ahead of us and ultra is pked so we need betty to keep the sunshine around. >> janine: what do you think, betty? >> betty: i lot of people will probably be heading to the beaches. there will be some sunshine put there is also the chance for ray few showers in the forecast after what has been a d week. 83 right now in fort lauderdale. miami at 84. a wm breeze out there. the people are hanging out. -mile almost touched 90 this afternoon -- miami almost touched 90 so it's hot all across south florida. the evening's goingo stay warm. by the about 10:00 tonight is when somo of you may to see upper 70s on your thermometers with a light southerly breeze 5 tow 10 miles an hour. a few clouds around. not planning on rainfall tonight. so if you are doing something outside like heading outed to at big music festival you should be good to go. no rain gear necessary. we need an umbrella and more
5:48 pm
where we see the showers and storms congregating and then through portions of mississippi river valley, parts of of texas some storms starting to fire, and this is where we s s the severe thunderstorm watches in effect. for us, we'll continue toeep track on the potential for showers tomorrow and also a push of some cooler air. there's already some snowshowers flug across s rts of the plains, and then look at our temperature map. we seeee those shades of blue bleeding down the plains and spreading on down into parts of the midwest as well, places louk st. louis getting into the blue. that a sign of some cooler air on the way. the northern branch of the jet stream is going to take a dip over theheast down over the east it goes carving out a troughh by early next week over the east. and that a sign of cooler air trickling down and moving down in our direction, in fact, the fringes of this is going to get to us. so monday morning if you have business to handle around chattanooga, tennessee, the morning colothere will be 29 degrees -- morning low will be 29.
5:49 pm
62 degrees. yes, that is sweater weather by south florida standards. then by tuesday morning we're forecasting a low of 60 for miami. there may be some inland areas in the upper 50s. so spring is actually going to start on a cool note. how interesting is that. if you're heading to the beaches tomorrow, the rip current risk is at moderate, surf one to two feat feet. tomorrow is going to be a steamy day. sunday mid-80s. watching out for the rain and drier and cooler by monday. >> janine: l customers will be able to steak a picture or short video of themselves to authenticate a payment. amazon an facial recognition system would ensure it's the actual customer making a purchase, and to prove that you're real the system would troyer blink, smile or tilt your head when sustaining a picture. but amazon isn't saying when if ever they're going to be able to implement plement in new
5:50 pm
>> calvin: 50-cent is trying something newspaper the rapper/actor/entrepreneur is going going to produce and host a variety network called 50-cent presents. it will include combed sketches, stand-up, music,ings ding and celebrity guests. 50-cent plans to bring his a-list friend and have them show off their unknown skills. tonight on 20/20 diane sawyer has an exclusive interview with mexican actress kate del castillo who facilitated the meeting between sean penn andell chap oh. he said the world's most wanted drug lord steamed to have a crush on her or at least one of the crashers she plays. >> i don't think it was necessarily me. he probably had a crush on mendoza. >> had a crush? >> we'll have to ask him. >> wait a minute. >> maybe. i don't know.
5:51 pm
i think maybe an admirer. i don't know. okay. maybe yes. >> janine: do not miss diane sawyer area exclusive interview with kate del castillo tonight on 20/20 at 10:00 right here on local10. then sway stay with us for local10 news a 11:00. >> laurie: it's a busy flit local10 news room. here are some of the stories we have coming up on. we're hear p from the fire performer who seriously injured himself during a pep rally constituent high school in delray beach yesterday. >> janine: tens of thousands of music fans are packing bayfront park for ultra. >> laurie: first we're speaking with a lovely nfl star who is
5:52 pm
to win the mirror ball trophy on yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings.
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5:55 pm
l we are just days a ay from the start of 22nd season of "dancing with the stars." >> janine: among those competing ask nfl star antonio brown who is a miami native. jens got a chance to rub with him today. >> jenise: he's known for showing off his moves on the football field. now pittsburgh steeler antonio brown is ready to bring that famous touchdown dance to the dance floor. >> football, just want to move asuick as possible, and in the dance room you got ab to able to move as quick. >> jenise: he and his partner ever great-for the premiere of "dancing with the sta." the miami native is splitting
5:56 pm
l.a. and south florida practicing at the studio on sterling road. >> any time you're here in miami it's as a great time. >> jenise: there may not be obvious similarities for fool and dancing but athletes are known for doing well on the show because it requires hard work and therein d)scipline. but he's got quite a challenge ahead of him. his first dance is the quick step. >> he's gots so much to learn. he's never danced before. so i have to teach him the fund aptal dance and he's got to do one of the most difficult dances we do on the show. >> i'm familiar with moving it's been a challenge. i'm getting beater. >> jenise: antonio is feeling especially lucky being sparred with sharna. she won last yr being paired with backstreet boy nick carter. she sees the potential in her partner although she warns there's a lot of hard work ahead. >> he has steeler nation behind her.
5:57 pm
she's been doing it a long time. she's a savvy veteran. >> jenise:enise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: lining gooped. again "dancing with the stars" pierce this monday march 31st at 8:00 p.m. on local10. >> laurie: right off the top at 6:00 local10 is live in havana as the president prepares for his historic tripe tow cuba. >> calvin: i'm calvin hughes in hurricane watch, cuba. he have a lot of news at 6:00. we're talking about a hoeft people looking for the president to mauk had a lot of checking out island with his visit. we'll have that and much more all coming up at 6:00. >> janine: plus on the one and only local10 speaking exclusively with a performer who caught fire on a pep rally as he got out of hospital. >> laurie: and an nfl player had a different bike crash. and ultra weekend underway. the tips you need to know to get
5:58 pm
the news at 6:00 starts now. right off the top on local10 news at 6:00, local10 is live in havana, cuba as we are just two days away now from the president's historic veto island. >> janine: this will to be first visit to cuba by a u.s. president in 88 years. we have live team coverage from havana. let's begin with anchor calvin hughes. >> calvin: a lot has led up between 2 two countries for this very moment. president obama's visit, as you said, will mark the first american president coming to cuban n il in 88 years; we saw something today that really sort of signifies how much change has taken place on the island. todada it simply says "welcome" but it's a pictures of obamama and president castro side by side on that billboard. a lot is goioi on in terms of trying to spruce p the place.
5:59 pm
sunday. let's take a look at how much change has beenn nays place around hoppe. you have seen lawns being manicured workers are putting a fresh coastal paiai on buildings, on some of those old buildings. streets are get repaved, but not all streets, especially in some neighborhoods, are getting repaid. a national speech for the cuban people. let's take a look. the president will mauk ace his final diet island all about the cuban people. at the national theater next to cuba's capitol building, obama will deliverer a speech to several huhured people including speculated people united by the white house and dignitaries invited by the cuban government, and thepeech will be broadcast live on tv, something unthinkable severallears ago and especially under the leadership of former cuban leader if i kehl castro the last time an american president
6:00 pm
in 1928, and he spoke at the national theater 88 years ago. i asked some cubans if the president's visit could lead to change. >>or the moment things have changed at least the image for the country and the people. >> i don't tnk there's there is much a difference. same. >> calvin: in the afternoon the president meets the civil protesters like the leader of the ladies in white who want more democratic reforms in cuba like free speech and the right tow assemble without getting arrested and more human rights. this man told me today he's with the ladies in white and says obama's visit won't change much. >> at this moment in time the political police and the government agencies, there's no change. there's alwawa repression and a march of bad things. the changes is for them, not for >> calvin: -before leaving cuba president obama will attend a baseball game between the cuban national steam and the tampa bay rays, the first time an american


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