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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in 1928, and he spoke at the national theater 88 years ago. i asked some cubans if the president's visit could lead to change. >>or the moment things have changed at least the image for the country and the people. >> i don't tnk there's there is much a difference. same. >> calvin: in the afternoon the president meets the civil protesters like the leader of the ladies in white who want more democratic reforms in cuba like free speech and the right tow assemble without getting arrested and more human rights. this man told me today he's with the ladies in white and says obama's visit won't change much. >> at this moment in time the political police and the government agencies, there's no change. there's alwawa repression and a march of bad things. the changes is for them, not for >> calvin: -before leaving cuba president obama will attend a baseball game between the cuban national steam and the tampa bay rays, the first time an american
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1999. is is a very interesting picture here. another president has arrived in cuba first, the president of venezuela, nicolas maduro, arriving for what he says is official business. venezuela is a longtime partner and supplier of oil to cuba. now, tuesday the president will have a very important meeting with the civil society. we're talking about anti-government protesters, people who are called the dissidents here, and miami exiles no doubt will have their isothat meeting and whom the president is going to be meeting with, who specifically the president will be will be meeting with. one persons hoe has a lot to say about that is antonio rod illes and he spoke with our hatzel vela. what did he have to say about this upcoming visit by the president?t? >> meteorologist: ever. so many feelings. antonio has been looking forward to thomas cotton something like this, and we sat dow for maybe half had an hour about some of
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to see when the president comes. he also talked about the meeting meeting on tuesday. he says he has officially been ached out to and that there will be a high-profile meeting on tuesday. he could not confirm with the president is going to be there but he says he has a lot to say if he is hes indeed there at this meeting. >> what do you say to him >> i will tell to him that cubans need to beespected, cubans need to be free. >> hatzel: this is what antonio hopes to tell president barack obam a applicable activist, one of several people who has wean been invited to me the with high of ranking fours on tuesday, likely the president of united states. >> i think that the main point here in cuba is the topic of human rights and the promotion of democracy. >> hatzel: he says so many poem are wrong when they say the economy a tool to get to democracy. >> if we don't have freedom you cannot talk about anything.
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>> how? >> because there are more violent. >> hatzel: representations and arrests are up, he says. the commission of the cuban rights in cuba reports more than 8500 arrests in 2015. in addition to him, here are other dissidents reportedly invited with meet to 'em obama. berto soler ladies in white. jose ferrer. yoani sanchez. >> we cans also have a dream, and our dream i i freedom. >> hatzel: he is referring to martin luther king, jr.'s i have a dream speech and the civil rights movement. >> what do you hope had visit accomplishes? >> to open a way for the freedom of cubans. >> hatzel: he says like every sunday, he will be there with the ladies in white hath stant arose tete all that's the church that they always march at in miramar, i should say. he doesn't know what tow expect. hehinks there might be some
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all speculation. >> calvin: you bring up an unting point because earlier today we heat are about the fact that the cuban police were going to the homes of some of the disdidn't and crank down on them, telling them not to leave their homes before the president comes here. >> hatzel: he did talk about that. he said he has heard from several his counterparts around just not inhavana but throughout the highland, that a lot of harassment, a lotf phone calls being made to these dissidents told not to leave their house that they're going to be arrested. yes is it crew berta soler did get a letter from the president? >>atzel: that is what he heard. we'll see what kind of interaction happens between her and the president. >> calvin: our hatzel vela on the story today. we also have something to show you here, the baseball game, of course, coming up on tuesday, something everyonees going to be watching. the expressway raise between the cuban national baseball team. the 55,000 seat latin-american stum has been under renovation
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the last game played between an american major league team and the cuban national team was in 1999 and the baltimore orioles won that game. alal primary fast is going to be a big day. the president is going to be out of here by that timim he leaves on tuesday. keep in mind friday more than 1 million people expected to attend the excerpt let's take a look at this big stage going up in the big field here in hana. this has been going on for some two, was a workers have been tryingo put up the stadium here, make go sure the lights will work for this iconic band to come here. it is a very famous band as we know. everyone loves the rolling stones with mix jagger. that's going to happen on friday, and hatzel vela is going to be there at that concert and wasteful a lot more on that story obviously coming up on friday. but for now report can live from havana, i'll send it back toou in the studio. >> janine: calvin, thank you so much. a busy time for you and the president, and we were know you're going to be there every step of the way. >> laurie: we will continue our live coverage of the president's historic visit to cuba on local10 news a 11:00. look for calvin, hatzel and victor.
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straight from the island. we'll have also live coverage of the president of's arrival to cuba on sunday during a special weekend edition of local10 news at 56 4:00. >> janine: also on the the one woman exclusive interview with a manho caught fire during a school's pep rally, local10 catching up with him a a he left the hospital. ricky charles is talking about the terrifying momentsts and saying she is he is thankful to be alive. >> laurie: he was performing in front of students at atlantic hihi school when a stunt went horribly wrong. local10 news reporter amy viteri with an exclusive interview. >> mostly people we just siting there. >> amy: ricky charles talked exclusively with local10. he hugged his team member, a ton cheeks. watchas video is covered in flails as cheeks jumps over him to dunk a basketball at a pep rally thursday at atlantic high school? delray beach. afterward cheek rushes to put
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his friend. >> i'm going to dive in front of a live audience. it's like i'm being burned alive in front of a live audience. i look, and i'm almost crying again. it's terrifying. >> amy: he's recovering from second degree burns on his face, arm and leg. it's a routine charles, along with his company inferno's challenge, has perform from years but this time he made a switch from lighter fluid and changed to la terp fuel fluid. >> it's a heavy oil. when i'm tryinto get this flame out of my face and i turned around, i saw an explosion and i'm on fire. >> all i saw was him run out. that's the first thing i saw, he runs out and he's lit on fire. th thing to do was to take this fire out on his arm. >> i'm like, somebody save me. this guy saved me. that. was amy viteri reporting. and this just in.n. sources from nfl telling us that this nfl player with south
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a dirt bike crash. we are working to confirm that with family members. we're talking about baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker. >> janine: local10 news reporter liane morejon is live at jackson memorial hospital with the latest. >> liane: janine and laurie, such sad news. just a day after this dirt bike crash we are hearing several reports that tray walker has passed away. we are still working to confirm that withhur own sources here at local10 but that news seems to be supported by thehe fact that just in the last few minutes weave seen ray lot of family membercome out of the how much showing outward signs of grief, lots of crying and praying and hugging outside of thishospital. we do know that walker was brought here yesterday in critical condition. we know that his conditionas very assess. he suffered severe -- very serious. he suffered severe head injuries and was rushed into surgery. now we are hearing from multiple reports that he has passed away. ravens cornerback tray walker is in the fight of his life.
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suffered head injuries and trauma after crashing his dirt bike last night. his family, friends and agent all rushing to his side. >> we're here. the family is here. the friends are here. we're all praying that he can pull through. >> right now we need prayer a's. >> laurie: just before 8:00 am p.m. thursday the crashed happened in miami-dade. >> tray walker was on his dirted buick traveling westbound on 75th street when he collided with a ford keep that was traveling southbound on northwest -- >> you think about a human body, you know, going up against a car and how serious that can be. >> liane: we're told walker was in town for the off-seasgn getting workouts in before heading back to baltimore. >> we actually had a plan in place for him for a couple of weeks to be down here training. he was scheduled to go back to baltimore next week. >> liane: police say walker was wearing dark clothing and
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plates the search for witnessesis still ongoing as walker recovers from his injuries. loved ones now praying for a miracle. >> i'm hopeful. i'm just kindf leaving in it god's hands. >> liane: and, of course, we'veve just learned in the last few moments that sadly that miracle would not come true. tray walker, according to multiple reports, pronounced dead earlier today here at jackson memorial hospital, obviously aorrible time for his friends and family and of course his agent who youjust saw in that story just moments ago. as far as the investigation goes, we do know that witnesses are still crucial. police still want to talk to people who were there when this crash happened, including one witness who we're told by sources who is a player from the new england patriots. thth're looking to catch up with that person as well as any other witnesses. so if you have any information on that, police are hoping to hear from you. for now we're live in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: moriah he will have broward health today.
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the agency's chairman of the board.dave dipietro while the office of inspector general continuth investigation. that agency runs five hospitals including flagship broward health medical center. here is video of dipietro. the officerff of the inspector general also informed could the that the review so far has foundh serious improceed proprietors at broward health whicheceives about $150 million in tax dollars every year. >> laurie: a nine-year-old girl was taken to the hospital after she was injured by a flare gun. police say she suffered a minor injury to her hand in her uderhill home. both she and a 17-year-old sibling whoas caring for her were taken to the hospital. >> janine: a search is underway for a man police saul a witss during a shooting. police right now are looking for for this man who y see on your screen. his name is the christopher huff. 20-year-old antowain decabe was
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drive this past weekend at around 1:00 a.m. this is another look of a huff. we're learned that he has a criminal record that goes back to 2010 and that includes armed robbery. if you of any information on think you might know where he is you're urged to call police or miami-dade ice cream top wears 305-471-tips. >> laurie: residents of had a northwest miami-dade apartment cocolex getting a rude awakening when a car slams into their building. polili say 27-year-old can i restaurant a role was speeding when she lost control and crashed slep was rey while trying to walk away from that crash at 17th avenue and viers street. part of the building has been deemed unsafe. >> janine: two people are david plane crashed at a tampa airport. authorities say the cessna 340 waste headed for pensacola but crashed while ting off. the identities those victims have not yet been released. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. >> laurie: the tenth paris terror suspect shot and captured in belgium.
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news titan 6:30 l also ahead it's ultra weekend. lots of music, lots of fun, but also a lot of traffic. what you need to know if you're
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>> laurie: alma mater music festival is takingver downtown miami. thousands of people are expected to flock to the three-day festival. you know ha that measures, ultra traffic downtown. >> janine: local10's shyann malone braid the crowds p she is here tow tell us what you can expect. >> shyann: you can hear the music behind me. yes, traffic means a mess for a lot of people. our other yu coming down to meet us, took them quite a while. foot traffic, let's show you some of the people flong the 17th annual ultra musicfestival. they are ready. we caught up with some of them who are getting their party started early. >> ultra, ultra, ultra! >> shyann: the crowd getting high blood pressure early friday afternoon.
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>> shyann: 55,000 people are expected to show up for the three-day concert. fans from all over the world ready to jam to some electronic dance music. >> they say elbows up, he put elbows up. >> shyann: these guys were here last year. >> whatever the deejay wants us to go today, we dot. >> it seems like people come from all around the world and the country for three days a year. >> we've bn planning for this for several months. all we ask is anyone living or coming here have a lot of patience. >> shyann: dozens of police cones and 300 police officers here. these steel barricades there for pedestrian protection. a little congestion on the streets, though, isn't stoppinin these electronic dance music lovers from getting in on the action. >> let's just put it like this. we walk out on sundaynd we're already thinking of what's going to happen next year. >> shyann: if you're heading
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rerouted. this@map gives you an idea of what to expect. traffic southbound on biscayne boulevard has been diverted over to northeast second avenue starting at fourth street palm northbound track of on biscayne will be cut down to two lanes. here's a live hook at some of the pedestrians walking, heading into the concert andnd traffic has just been stop and go for most of the day. we've been out here since about 11:00. it took us quite a while to make our i. was down here. again wants officir cruz said, avoid the area altogether if you don't plan to coming to the the concert and if you do not have tiet, it's already sold out. buck buckets hear theusic from several blocks away. report can life from ultra, shyann malone. >> janine: shyann, thank you. you know ultra is not the onlyy big music festival this weekend. jazz in the gardens is alsoexpected to draw some really big crowds. >> laurie: but first it was the ladies' turn the in the miami gardens head of the women's impact conference and luncheon
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this afternoon of empowerment gardens stival which does kick off tonight. do know local10 will there at jazz in gardens from fight of to 8:00 on saturday. you can say hi to me, collins, neki mohan and betty davis right there, and then on sunday from 5:00 to 8 8:00 come by to see eric yutzy, shyann malone and terrell forney. >> betty: hey, everybody. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. the weeke forecast is the coming up on hot, hot, hot. more hot for the weekend. some showers and then a cooldown.
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>> janine: if weekend is upon us, and by the look of all the people in shyann as live shot they were enjoying it and enjoying. the weather. >> laurie: it's so hot they don't need anything more than a quarter inch of clothing, betty. >> betty: that's all you want to have when it feels like that outside. we almost hit 90 degrees in miami. but you know what? it's okay. it's friday night. everything is all right, and it looks beautiful out there. from key west to the mia, this is our view staring out at miami beach, and i know it's still packed with spring breakers just enjoying all of this, all the warth. 85 right now in miami. pembroke pines and hialeah. kendall holding on to 86 degrees, some lower 80 of the keys. and not a drop of rain to be found over the overseas highway. so the forecast mainly dry for the rest of tonight. by 10:00 temperatures finally slipping down into the upper 70s. the breeze is going to be light. not really providing a lot of relief a southerly air flow keeps us
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will be another very warm day. we will have a better chance for seeing some showers saturday and sunday as a cold front gets closer to south florida on sunday, and then finally we push that front through overnight sunday and colder air, cooler air starts to move in on a northwest wind. stow there will be a big switch-up in the temperatures as we're getting into the spring season. but at least for tomorrow steamy is the word because we are forecasting highs to agaga hit the mid to upper 80. rain chance 40% tomorrow, and then 60% on sunday. and then by monday we'rerying out and we're cooling down. >> >>anine: that means by south florida standards we're going to need a sweater. next week wi ni way. >> hatzel: after investigate it out this weekend. >> janine: we thank you for joining us and hope to see you again tonight at listening.
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our crew in havana. realtime closed d ptioningst text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news this friday nqght. captured alive. the most wanted man after the
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during a dramatic shoototo. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather acrs the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to new york. passengers describing the jolt. and breaking now -- the drone, the jet -- and the close call. vestigating tonight. and the threat sent to his son. and diane wyer with the famous actress. did she lure in one of the most hunted men in the world? the interview right here tonight. good evening. we begin tonight with the breaking news, the dramatic % shootout.
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men after the terror attacks in paris, now captured alive. a series of explosions, smoke, several arrests, including the man believed to be at the center of a manhunt in europe. salah abdeslam, wounded but alive tonight. and authoriries plan to grill him. here's alex marquardt with the question, who was helping him to hide right there with authorities had been for months? >> reporter: tonight, gunshots ringing out as heavily-armed s.w.a.t. teams moved in. residents running for cover as one of the world's most wanted men is cornered on this brussels street. salah abdeslam, believed to be the man in the hooded sweatshirt, dragged off the pavement by police. shot in the leg, you can see him limping as they force him into the car. the special forces training their guns on nearby buildings, looking for possible


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